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  • This is a copy of the page List of Matoran (other versions), which Wikipedia has deleted (about deletion) Gwen Gale deleted List of Matoran because Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/List of Matoran. — “Deleted from Wikipedia - List of Matoran (deleted 01 Jun 2008”,
  • Shop for Matoran Toys and read product reviews. Find cheap prices on Toys from a selection of Lego, McDonalds, and Disney brands and stores Amazon Marketplace, eBay, FAO Schwarz, and Babies R Us. — “Matoran - Toys - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Buy matoran at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “matoran - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • OAFE reviews Bionicle Phantoka: Matoran toys from Lego In this world (or galaxy, or whatever) of perpetual warfare, the Matoran are the poor sods who're mostly just trying to eke out a living while giant armoured battle creatures twice their size and five times as insane as them go thundering about. — “OAFE - Bionicle Phantoka: Matoran review”,
  • Bionicle: Matoran Adventures Release Date: October 29, 2002 Genre: Action Style: Side-Scrolling Platform Similar Games: LEGO Bionicle (Game Boy. — “Bionicle: Matoran Adventures: Information from ”,
  • The Dragon Matoran were the original inhabitants of Dracos Nui, an island far to the west of the Northern Continent. However, they are physically stronger than normal Matoran, as demonstrated by Dylok. — “Dragon Matoran - Utwiki”,
  • Matoran is a constructed alphabet that appears in the Lego series Bioncle. It's used to write the Matoran language. — “Matoran alphabet”,
  • Buy bionicle matoran, Toys Hobbies items on eBay. Find great deals on Video Games, Antiques items and get what you want now!. — “bionicle matoran items - Get great deals on Toys Hobbies”,
  • In the story, the Matoran are the chosen people of the Great Spirit Mata Nui[1] and the most common race in the Bionicle world. The Matoran live by the three virtues that Mata Nui gave them: Unity, Duty, and Destiny.[3] All Water, Lightning & Psionics Matoran are female;. — “List of Bionicle characters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bionicle: Matoran Adventures Game Boy Advance at GameSpy - Check out the latest Bionicle: Matoran Adventures cheats, cheat codes, walkthroughs, guides, videos and more!. — “Bionicle: Matoran Adventures - Game Boy Advance - GameSpy”,
  • Gavla met haar massieve klauwmessen en zwarte vleugels wil zich wreken, omdat ze jaren lang door haar eigen volk is gemeden. Combineer met 8692 Vamprah!. — “BIONICLE Producten - Matoran : 8948 Gavla”,
  • The Matoran have a work based culture and uphold many virtues, primarily Unity, Duty and Destiny. The Matoran are also the chosen people of the universe's protector, the Great Spirit Mata Nui. — “Matoran | ”,
  • GameStop: Buy Bionicle: Matoran Adventures, Electronic Arts, , Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots. — “Bionicle: Matoran Adventures for | GameStop”,
  • The villagers of Mata Nui are known as Matoran, while villagers of Bara Magna are Agori. Kirop is the former leader of the Matoran of Light. Karda Nui - Photok. Photok is a warrior who has been longing for something to fight for millennia. — “”,
  • Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on - Search Results: matoran. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other consumers on - Search Results: matoran before you decide to buy. — “ - Search Results: matoran”,
  • Shop for Kids Popular Toys & Collector Action Figures like YuGiOh Cards, Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters, LEGO Sets, Bakugan Balls, Transformers, McFarlane Sports Figurines, Pokemon Card Game & Disney Club Penguin Plush. Huge Selection of Series: Bionicle Matoran of Metru Nui. — “LEGO Bionicle Matoran of Metru Nui Mini Figure Set #8607”,
  • The number one complaint I've seen from members over the past 1.5 years has been the lack of Matoran availability. While you are building each additional Matoran, you will not need the instructions anymore because it almost becomes habit. — “Bionicleâ„¢ - BZPower News, Reference and Discussion”,
  • "Matoran workers have always been among the most important inhabitants of the universe. Without them, the will of the Great Spirit Mata Nui could not be carried out. main inhabitants of the Matoran Universe and the chosen race of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. — “Matoran - BIONICLEsector01”,
  • Matoran were the chosen species of the Matoran Universe's protector, the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They were the most important race in the universe. Although not one of the stronger races, Matoran were the most common and possibly the most. — “Matoran - The Bionicle Wiki - The Wikia wiki about Bionicle”,
  • Official site from LEGO. Features bios and information on products, accessories, and games. — “Bionicle”,
  • Find Bionicle Matoran Adventures Game Boy Advance, 2002 and a huge selection of other items on . About Bionicle Matoran Adventures Game Boy Advance, 2002: BIONICLE Matoran Adventures offers a fun character-switching feature to help. — “Bionicle Matoran Adventures Game Boy Advance, 2002 - Get”,

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  • How to make a bionicle matoran the first vid. i took with my isight camera. sorry about the stuffy nose--I have sinus problems.
  • Bionicle #8 Matoran Rescue The Toa plan a daring rescue to save some Matoran whom are captured by the Piraka. This series is cancelled at a total of 10 episodes, due to the fact that I lost interest and I hadnt planned things out enough. Still feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the episodes. And yes I know this series was pretty lame, especially the early ones......
  • Hakann's Movie&Matoran's Band This is stop motion movie. There are two stories in this Movie.
  • Bionicle Video Review: Matoran (2003) [English] Bionicle video review of the six matoran also known as moltoran released in 2003. Sorry for my english accent, remember that I'm french. Any advice? Comments on this video. Any set request? Ask me on my channel.
  • Matoran Adventures:George's Radioactive Dinner Forks pt.2 It's pat two of radioactive madness.When George mutates one of Hahli's good friends,Matoro,strangly,he enjoys the new power!When Defilak sees the two together, he screams and gathers the others to investigate.ENJOY!!!
  • BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures - Ta-Wahi A walkthrough video for the Ta-Wahi level of BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures game.
  • Matoran Instructions (Haku) MOC is a very good matoran design if you want to use it.
  • Bohrok Invasion 1: Tahnok Surround Po-Koro, Matoran Lost In Fray Hafu hailed as hero By Takua Hafu, the famed carver from Po-Koro, was trapped outside the village today in a desperate attempt to protect his home and fellow Matoran from a rapidly approaching Tahnok swarm. "The last I saw, the Fire Bohrok were closing in on him," explained Huki, "but the smoke and the ash were so thick that no one was able to see what happened." Scouts from Po-Koro had spotted the Bohrok earlier, but the swarm was moving so quickly that Turaga Onewa had no time to evacuate his village. The only alternative was to block the entrance to Po-Koro by using the stone carvings on the Path of Prophecy. Hafu, the carver who created the Path, volunteered to topple the giant stones in order to save the village. Turaga Onewa was gathering Matoran to protect Hafu when he heard the commotion. "The Tahnok reached us much faster than we anticipated," said the Turaga. "Fortunately, Hafu kept his head and acted quickly. His bravery may have saved the village." When asked if he thought that Hafu would be found, Turaga Onewa reassured the villagers. "Pohatu, along with Gali and Kopaka, have been defending Po-Wahi against a particularly fierce group of Tahnok - which is why we had a much smaller swarm to face today. I'm confident that once Pohatu returns, he will find Hafu and bring him back to us safely."
  • Matoran Adventures: The Les Paul IM BACK!!! in this episode bob finds something that really gets phils attention but henry doesnt think its so great.
  • Bionicle MOC: Matoran Maxos This is a new matoran of fire moc, maxos. he is my cousin's self moc, i might do more self mocs for other cousin's (they asked me, and i would think about it). he has much weapons and wears zamors in his back, and unlike my other matoran mocs, i really like him! btw, he has my costum body design. Bios: Maxos is a matoran that travels a lot, that's why he wears so much on his back. he has a gun, a sword, a (kind of) hook to climb, fishes to eat and grenades.
  • Bionicle Matoran Adventures: Part 4 - BOSS FIGHT! D: ok, this game isnt as bad as I presumed previously lol enjoy!
  • MAKUTA #11 ~ One Matoran, Many Plans ITS FINALLY HERE, YEAH!!! Im so sorry, it took so long, my fans, because my computer was overloaded with crap, and other unimportant stuff, but thank you for your patience and now I present you with MAKUTA #11 which will focus on Vultraz, the Shadow Matoran, and the Av-Matoran. So watch and I hope you enjoy another suspenseful and thrilling episode of MAKUTA. Everything is copyright to me (TSO1)
  • Matoran Adventures:George's Radioactive Dinner Forks Pt.3 Its part three of the radioactive series. This time Matoro find that Hewkii as also been mutated.Meanwhile,the matoran try to rid George of his pie addiction.But then he strangly dissapears! Enjoy this silly Bionicle classic!
  • BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures Finale The final battle with the Bahrag and celebration from BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures game. As you can see, the Bahrag have Muaka heads, which is incorrect in many ways. After the game has been completed for the first time, other Matoran than Kongu become playable, depending on whether you have unlocked them by finding the pieces of their Kanohi in the levels.
  • Matoran Adventures:George's Radioactive Dinner Forks When George finds a pair of radioactive dinner forks,chaos strikes.He changes everyone he sees,but when he changes Hahli,He wishes he didn't...
  • Bionicle Heroes Soundtrack - Matoran Enclave (Day) Theme taken from the Bionicle Heroes Original Soundtrack. Music by Ian Livingstone. Download link coming soon. Subscribe to be notified when new tracks are uploaded! I do not own or claim to own this music, and all copyright reservations etc go to The LEGO Corporation and Wanderers Tales.
  • Let's Play Bionicle Heroes Part 1: Stupid Matoran Welcome to the first REAL Let's Play of Bionicle Heroes. Cause it seems no serious LPer does lego games so the duty falls to me. =P My friend Andrew joins me as a cohost also. His channel: NEW! Follow my facebook page for the most recent updates on current and future LPs! =D
  • Matoran Adventures: The Movie Theater Henry,George,Phil,Christine,Bob,and Cornelius,the idiotic matoran go to see the Simpsons at the Movie theater,but pie-obsessed George wants to watch the pie channel.Henry screams at everyone,and nothing goes right. ENJOY!!!
  • French Lego Review: Bionicle Matoran of 2004 01 Video Review of 2004 matoran also called Metruan.
  • Bionicle Matoran Adventures: Part 1 - Understanding The Hatred I officially understand why ppl HATED this game!!
  • French Lego Review: Bionicle Matoran 2001 part 01 Lego Review of Matoran from 2001 aka Mctoran or Tohunga. In part 1 I review Jala, Matoro and Maku. Ps: I want to know what sets you want me to review in english. Post your requests in comments, thanx.
  • Bionicle Video Review: Matoran (2004) [English] Bionicle video review of the six Matoran (also known as Metruan) released in 2004. Sorry for my english accent, remember that I'm french. Any advice? Comments on this video. Any set request? Ask me on my channel.
  • Matoran Adventures:Family Reunion Bob decides to have a family reunion with his friends.George's brother Joe,Phil's brother Kevin,and Bob's sister Missy.Henry's step-brother soon appears too.Chaos strikes.Joe and George keep on going poof,Kevin goes to try to kill Phil,and Missy tells on Bob.Enjoy this Bionicle classic!
  • Iron Matoran pt 1 Sence Section: (works best on full load) Trebor Title: 0:01 Iron Matoran Title: 0:16 Home Again: 0:43 Nice Day: 1:23 Project Start: 1:51 Basic Test: 2:00 TV Bored: 2:20 Rocket Legs: 2:25 Arm Strong: 2:50 More Stuff: 3:03 Flying on ground: 3:18 BOOOOOM!!!: 3:52 Thok: 4:27 Whats this?: 4:33 Quick koli: 4:42 Finishing Touches: 4:50 I finally got part 1 done! Part 2 is about 80% done, and I have more picutes no telling how long it's going to take. IMPORTANT NOTE: I made a script for a certain part of IM2 but I lost it!!!!! when I find it IM2 should be finished. this is the first real bionicle movie I have made. I started it long before ANOTHER DAY AT McDONALDS but I got that up before this, if you get what I'm saying
  • Matoran Adventures:Radioactive Swords When Henry takes over the weapon shop,he gives George two swords for free for helping him take it over.Soon he realizes he makes a big mistake,cause George turns them radioative and causes chaos.Laugh your head off in this Bionicle comedy!
  • How to Build PCshark7's Matoran This vid shows the instructions to my matoran.
  • Bionicle Classic Review: The Tohunga 2001 (McDonalds Matoran Promo) The first of the Bionicle Classic Reviews! I hope this helps you get the DOWN-LOW of things this summer! STAY TUNED! The TOHUNGA from 2001. They were McDonalds promos and I don't know why they never did this again. It would have been awesome to see a bunch of these little dudes on the shelves, but they never were....EXCEPT FOR ONE! COMING NEXT FRIDAY: BIONICLE POWER PACK!
  • BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures - Po-Wahi A walkthrough video for the Po-Wahi level of BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures game. Sorry for the poor playing.
  • Matoran Adventures: Bob is a Pet Sitter when henry dumps his pet something at bobs house, bob is forced to care for it...even though he hates animals...
  • How to: Matoran (Standard) How to make my style Matoran, that has not become a Shadow Matoran. Music: "Caught up in a Dream" by AIK Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
  • my own matoran/agori design: how-to (basic) this is my self made matoran or agori design. it's quite easy to build, and i hope you use it. you don't need my permission to use it, but please tell me if you do. NOT: the wings kinda suck, and so does the agori head design. he can barely turn his head! :S NOTE:I used these stupid arms and legs because i don't have 2008 matoran or agori :(
  • Mata Nui Online Game: Part 5 - Ta-Matoran are Weird Download Bionicle Games: I LOVE DOING THIS! NEW ANIMATION COMING OUT NEXT WEEK HOPEFULLY! & NEW CONTEST NEXT MONTH! :D
  • Matoran Adventures: The Singing Monkey Special thanks to robomaniac7 for this hilarious idea about when the matoran go to see a monkey sing.
  • Bionicle Phantoka - AV Matoran Solek My Bionicle Phantoka Review of the AV Matoran Solek. The name of limited Edtion set was Mutran & Vican.
  • Bionicle Video Review: Matoran Combiners (2001) [English] Bionicle video review of the three matoran combiners from 2001. Sorry for my english accent, remember that I'm french. Any advice? Comments on this video. Any set request? Ask me on my channel.
  • BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures - Onu-Wahi Part 1 A walkthrough video for the Onu-Wahi level of BIONICLE: Matoran Adventures game. Onu-Wahi is the last region in the game and also the longest. Therefore the walkthrough video has been split in two parts.
  • Bionicle Matoran Adventures: Part 3 - Slow Progress GHFJKDLSGJKLFDSHFEILS:....lawl
  • GameBoy Advance - Bionicle - Matoran Adventures Intro Intro of Bionicle - Matoran Adventures for GameBoy Advance
  • Bionicle Video Review: Matoran Combo (2003) [English] Bionicle video review of two combiners model from 2003, made with the Matoran parts. Sorry for my french accent, remember that I'm french Any advice? Comments on this video. Any set request? Ask me on my channel.
  • book_group: Bionicle - Guard The Secret Activity Book: The Piraka have enslaved the Matoran of Voya Nui by posing as Toa ...
  • ikxy: Nabildovani matoran francusku ljubi zategnutu iskvarcovanu gospodju. Jiooj

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  • “"They are De-Matoran," answered Jerbraz. " Matoran of Sonics. Very sensitive to noise, so loud for a being with normal senses, beyond devastating for the Matoran of Sonics”
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  • “Info About Toas & Matoran The Toas are bionicle who protect matoran If a Toa wants to lead a matoran village he/she must give up thier toa powers”
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