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  • The business began in 1940, with a restaurant opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Kroc later purchased the McDonald brothers' equity in the company and. — “McDonald's - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • McDonald, PA From | Best Weather on the Web F° | C° Current Conditions 30°F -1°C as of 2:30 pm RealFeel® 37°F 2°C. — “McDonald: Weather from ”,
  • Learn all about McDonald's Corporation at . — “About McDonald's”,
  • ©2008 McDonald's Singapore Site Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy for use and our Privacy Policy apply. The Golden Arches Logo and "i'm lovin' it" are trademarks of McDonald's Corporation and its affiliates. — “McDonald's Singapore”, .sg
  • Under-fire referee Dougie McDonald last night delivered a withering blast at Scottish football as he finally bowed to mounting pressure and quit the game. — “Referee Dougie McDonald quits with a stinging blast at the”,
  • McDonald's in the USA: Food and nutrition info, franchise opportunities, job and career info, restaurant locations, promotional information, history, innovation and more. — “Home :: ”,
  • Website has a restaurant locator and menu lists for Breakfast, McValue Meal, Happy Meal and McSaver. Includes information on how to order food through McDelivery. — “McDonald's Malaysia”, .my
  • McDonald GMC Cadillac and McDonald Chevrolet will help you find your car, truck or SUV at your price. — “McDonald Auto Group - McDonald GMC Cadillac & McDonald Chevrolet”,
  • The crisis engulfing Scottish football's referees took a further dramatic twist on Sunday night when Dougie McDonald quit.McDonald announced in a statement tha. — “Football | McDonald quits as crisis deepens - ITV Sport”,
  • Controversial Scottish official Dougie McDonald has retired as a category one referee with immediate effect. — “Sky Sports | Home | News | Ref McDonald retires”,
  • Dougie McDonald has announced his retirement as a category one referee with immediate effect. McDonald misled Celtic manager Neil Lennon over his reasons for rescinding a spot-kick he initially awarded at Tannadice on 17 October. — “BBC Sport - Football - Referee Dougie McDonald opts to retire”,
  • ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- An Albuquerque woman said a local McDonald's completely showed disrespect to the country this weekend by flying a flag upside down for hours. Monday, November 29, 2010. — “Flag Flown Upside-Down At Local McDonald's - Albuquerque News”,
  • The crisis engulfing Scottish football's referees has taken a further dramatic twist tonight when leading official Dougie McDonald quit. — “Scottish referee Dougie McDonald stuns SFA with shock”,
  • McDonald's will return to Jakarta's Sarinah department store building in February to the same space it occupied before fast food competitor. — “McDonald's to be reopened in Sarinah next year | The Jakarta Post”,
  • McDonald's is a customer-oriented company that strives to offer Filipinos a combination of great tasting, quality food products at value prices with excellent service. — “McDonald's Philippines - Love ko 'to”, .ph
  • The latest news on McDonald's, from thousands of sources worldwide. High-quality photos, articles, blog posts, quotes, and more. — “McDonald's - News, photos, topics, and quotes”,
  • SFA chief executive Stewart Regan last night admitted culpability for Dougie McDonald's resignation and insisted his organisation let the whistler down. — “Ref Crisis: SFA boss Regan tells Dougie McDonald "We let you”,
  • McDonald's has launched a foundation degree for staff in an attempt to become "an educator just as much as an employer". — “McDonald's launches foundation degree for staff - Telegraph”,
  • Back in 1954, as a 52-year-old salesman, Ray Kroc was an exclusive distributor for "Multimixer" milkshake machines when he came across the small hamburger stand of Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. After the McDonald brothers explained that they didn't have the personal desire to. — “McDonald's :: Our Storys :: FAQ”,
  • MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) - It was Big Macs, chicken nuggets and fries at a wedding banquet in Northern Mexico on Friday. Fast-food fanatics Carlos Munoz and Marisela Matienzo tied the knot at a McDonald's. — “Hamburger lovers marry in Mexican McDonald's - Life and”,

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  • FULL VERSION: McDonald's Commercial with LeBron James and Dwight Howard Broadcast before the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIV, NBA stars Dwight Howard and LeBron James star in a remake of iconic 1993 Super Bowl commercial The Showdown, which featured hall-of-famers Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in trick-shot competition for a Big Mac and fries. The new commercial titled "Check This" pits James against Howard in their own unique take on the battle for a Big Mac. The TV ad also features the reappearance of Larry Bird. Joe Pytka, commercial director for McDonalds original 1993 Super Bowl spot, also filmed the remake. Check This was filmed in Indianapolis at Conseco Fieldhouse in early January, 2010.
  • Nursery Rhymes - Old McDonald Click to watch more nursery rhymes
  • McDonald's Piccadilly Circus McDonald's has recently launched a new interactive sign where passers-by can interact with images displayed on McDonald's giant LED screen, and visitors can take an interactive role at one of London's most photographed locations. Check it out! Photos of the McDonald's Piccadilly sign on Flickr:
  • T-SHIRT WAR 2!! (TV Commercial - Stop Motion) This is a TV commercial we made based on the original T-shirt War concept. If you haven't seen it on TV, here it is! Watch the Behind-the-Scenes video: Watch the Original T-SHIRT WAR !!: Thanks to Joe and Billy for working with us on this. Make sure to sub them: Joe: Billy: CREDITS: Executive Producers: Rhett & Link Director, DP, and Editor: Joe Penna Art Direction, Design, and Sound efx: Billy Reid Music: Rhett & Link Line Producer: John Gomez Technical Advisor: Todd Dressel Makeup: Kathy Wallace Production Assistants: Lynn Erhorn, Derrick Green and Karl Cross McDonalds Corporation Mark Carlson Senior Creative Director Steve Reiff Senior Director of Marketing The Coca-Cola Company Julie Lee Sr. Marketing Manager Valerie Kravitz Director, US Marketing Moroch Jim Sykora ECD/Copy Troy Scillian ECD/Art Rob Boswell President & COO Bruna Saavedra Account Director Kate Helbing Assistant Account Executive Kathleen Torres - Broadcast Director Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Nugget Woman vs. McDonalds Drive-Thru Manager-Epic Cat Fight Rampage Toledo, Ohio, an extremely chicken nugget craving and aggressive woman like her McNugget serve in the morning, however McDonalds drive thru manager explains to her that it is 6:30 am and they are only serving breakfast menu which doesn't include McNugget! The woman got real upset and I mean flaming psychotic dangerous that she got out of car and start pulling the window, throwing punches and at the end breaks the window...this is one of weirdest drive-thru raw security video caught on tape that I have ever witness! We witnessed the famous Jersey Shore fight, now Ohio Shore is on the map! lol For more vs.:
  • Billy Mays Orders Food From A McDonald's Drive Thru At a McDonald's drive thru, Billy Mays orders food for The MJ Morning Show.
  • The Chaser McDonalds Upsell How much do you have to order before they stop trying to upsell you? For instance, what's say you order every single item on the menu?
  • KEMAS: old mcDonald had a farm KEMAS
  • Drinking Girl At McDonalds (10.05.09 - Day 158) Who knew... McDonalds... beer? what?! More Super Duper Stuff: Download our iPhone/iPod App here:
  • McDonald's DOUBLE POUNDER / Unbelieveable Australian male successfully attempts to eat a McDonald's double pounder. This video was made in early 2005 making it the first video of its kind. This man was also probably the first to attempt such a feat. In light of recent publicity, I would like to express the following. (1) This should not be attempted at home (2) McDonald's Australia, and the store in which this video was taken, in no way supports the making of this clip. (3) Healthy eating and exercise are fundamental in good health. (4) Today I am not 160kg as one user has suggested, I am around 70kg, the same weight as I was when this video was created. (5) I am not an unhealthy person, I play football, go to the gym and am a volunteer firefighter. (6) I did not starve myself to eat this burger, my eating habits before and after this did not change. (7) Congratulations must be given to Zac White for successfully eating the triple pounder.. in time the 5 pounder will be attemped!(8) This video is now the property of Abhay Kanaka. Contact user (finnbe1988) for details.
  • Canoeing in McDonalds Milton McDonalds, Brisbane Flood Disaster 2011
  • FREE MEAL AT MC DONALD'S (REMI GAILLARD) Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi GAILLARD. The show continue on
  • Letterman at Mcdonald's David Letterman works at a Mcdonald's drive-thru.
  • McDonalds FUNNY AD mcdonalds egypt
  • McDonald's interactive billboard
  • McDonald's FAIL Who ordered the McChicken Head? For more FAIL videos and pictures, visit
  • Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom Sweet Freedom 1986
  • Mcdonald's Rap Lmfao these guys go up to a Mcdonalds Drive-Thru and start rapping there order. Lyrics(So You Can Understand it): I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce Don't be frontin' son no seeds on a bun We be up in this drive thru Order for two I gots a craving for a number nine like my shoe We need some chicken up in here In this dizzle For rizzle my nizzle Extra salt on the frizzle Dr. Pepper my brother Another for your mother Double double super size And don't forget the FRIES... ---------------------------------
  • New McDonald's fish commercial 2/2009 Full
  • Gay McDonald's ad in France: More info and comments on Music by Mile Ends:
  • My Chevy Caprice on 24s and I, Ballin at MCDONALDS!! Yea. I had to post this video of me at Mcdonalds, buying everything off the Dollar Menu. I was just having a little fun. Its the realest shyt in the Chi. I have more videos
  • Dan Andersen - McDonalds Sangen :)
  • McDonald's: The Rap The best part of making this video was the fact I got to eat the props. Except the bottled water. I'm a Grimace cup kind of dude. Feel free to subscribe and/or check out the other videos! I'll go ahead and include the lyrics on here until I put them on the site. Sittin' on the couch with the morning post With a cold cup of coffee and some boring toast Thinkin' I'm-a change it up, yeah that's always fun What you reckon, Remz? A McDonald's run So we hit the couch cushions, need some dollars, friend Yo, I found a five. Man, that's Canadian. How 'bout a loonie? A twonie? A spoon or The Goonies? Oh, it's 10:25. Dude, you gotta move, G. Got the cash, got the car, got the pedal to the floor Speed limit's 25, but I'm doing 34 Going drive-thru style, man it's fast express You can call it trans fat, I call it happiness Roll up to the teller fella with a minute to spare Frenchy with a headset, "can I take your order?" A McGriddle with a little sweet and sour there, son A McMuffin, then be stuffin' muffins up in my trunk Then a tray or two of hotcakes, man I can't decide, uh... All's I know is hit them things with Aunt Jemimah How 'bout an egg fajita for some Texas flavor No drama but my momma wants a breakfast bagel Don't forget my #4, or there'll be hell to spend And I want them eggs poached like an elephant Frenchy back on the line, "is that all your order?" No it ain't, fool, I want a Coca-Cola! Get my cup of Coke and I'm-a start a riot Cuz on the cup lid, dude depressed the ...
  • Eddie Murphy On McDonalds comedy
  • Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life Music video by Amy Macdonald performing This Is The Life. (C) 2007 Melodramatic Records Limited Under Exclusive Licence to Mercury Records Limited
  • McDonalds Drive Thru Song by Todrick Hall Follow @toddyrockstar on Twitter! Singing the order at McDonald's. Repost this and let's make this McDonald's New Theme Song!!!
  • Mark Thomas Vs McDonalds
  • James Ingram & Michael McDonald - Yah Mo B There I uploaded this video once again, because it was not played for some reason. -------- It is a performance in Earth Voice Concert held in Japan in 1992.
  • 5boroNYC "Introducing Jimmy Mcdonald" New 5boroNYC spring promo 07 introducing the newest edition to our Am squad, Jimmy Mcdonald. Go to 5 for more info or visit 5
  • Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' - Soundstage 2003 Michael McDonald performing "I Keep Forgettin" on his PBS Soundstage performance in 2003. Band includes Bernie Chiaravalle - Guitar; Vince Denham - Sax; Pat Coil - Keyboards; Lanice Morrison - Bass; Yvette Preyer - Drums; Francine Smith, Simbryt Whittington, Yvonne Gage - Backup Vocals.
  • This Is The Life Full length video
  • Michael McDonald - What A Fool Believes - SoundStage 2003 Michael McDonald performing "What A Fool Believes" along with original Doobie Brothers members Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons. The performance was broadcast on PBS in July, 2003. Help support this great series by ordering SoundStage products at or 1-800-237-1100. Band includes Bernie Chiaravalle - Guitar; Vince Denham - Sax; Pat Coil - Keyboards; Lanice Morrison - Bass; Yvette Preyer - Drums; Francine Smith, Simbryt Whittington, Yvonne Gage - Backup Vocals.
  • Ronald McDonald insanity UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who told me about the download links. I'll put up new links shortly. Another wacky Ronald McDonald clip from nicovideo. No words can describe this. This is a remix of "UN Owen was her?" a BGM from a Japanese doujin shoot-em-up called 'The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil' (thanks UnicornFire, for the correction). The game was developed by ZUN No, I didn't make this. I just posted it here to share with those who don't have accounts. The original link is below: MCドナルドはダンスに夢中なのか?最終鬼畜道化師ドナルド・M
  • Japanese mcdonalds spongebob commercial Check out these kids as they go crazy to what is thought a spongebob toy with a mcdonalds meal.
  • Patti LaBelle - On My Own ft. Michael McDonald Music video by Patti LaBelle performing On My Own. (C) 1986 Geffen Records
  • McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger Video A 4-Year Old Cheeseburger - originally from Author and Obesity Activist Julia Havey has been aging a McDonalds cheeseburger for 4 years. Find out what happens to this old burger? Fast food cheeseburgers age better than most humans. The French Fries still look fresh. Check Out Video! : Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel - Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah's Blog- Twitter Facebook: iTunes: Sarah's YouTube Channel - Sarah's Fitness Blog -
  • McDonalds Food - The Truth This is the truth of McDonalds' food. It is absolutely disgusting. Caution to those with weak stomachs :)
  • Mr Rock & Roll Amy's new single Mr Rock & Roll is out July 16th
  • P vs McDonald's On a connecting flight home from Malaysia, we stopped in Paris. At 6am, Pharrell tries anything to get McDonald's to open up early. Maybe a little song and dance might do the trick. or maybe not... creative and want visibility? Go to: Stay tuned for more & Recorded on March 24, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • autumnfable: I miss McDonald's orange drink. We used to get it on elementary school track and field days.
  • DONTHURTEM_TY: Wtf y this nigga dressed like Ronald Mcdonald!! #literally
  • SupaDupaJizzle: RT @Alex_Abdullah I be feelin guilty when I go to Mcdonald s
  • Margoandhow: Diana's nice, Lady Amelia Spencer, ain't no lady. And at a McDonald's drive-thru, yet.
  • alcazarradio: PLAYING NOW: Michael Mcdonald - Sweet Freedom
  • reginarebello: RT @YahooNews: Mcdonald's opens a "Hamburger University" in China that's more exclusive than Harvard: #oddnews
  • paulzink: RT @TBWA: For an encore, TBWA\Brussels discovers the source of Mona Lisa's smile for McDonald's
  • followcars: 125 Years of Mercedes: Posted on 02.3.2011 08:30 by Matt McDonald Filed under: Mercedes | industr...
  • mehulmukati: Quick bite with yet another friend ... In yet another city ... Thanks Shahveer #FB (@ McDonald's) http://4/dEQdHA
  • Ranger_000: Going to give McDonald's new oatmeal a try...
  • aganation: This Sat @Mt. Brighton, AGA Cup Snowboard championship- $500 1st place, medal; also giveaways from McDonald's,vitaminwater,& Metro PCS
  • JammWill12: 1 in every 8 americans had worked for McDonald's.... WHAT!?? lol
  • appledingrachel: we decided to have McDonald's for lunch todaaay! ahaha, I know, so weird right? but we were all SO hungry on the way to my Granny's house.
  • claucarolina_81: @iTheCheryl bn bn y voj? shiiiii es ronald mcdonald en version femenina xd(?
  • kneeffit: When you are trying to eat better and your mom brings you McDonald's - lol every time !! http:///x211f1v8f9
  • belittlehazy: I'm at McDonald's (57/58 Queensgate Centre, Peterborough) http://4/ekRatn
  • B1Vang: I'm at McDonald's - Harrisburg International Airport (1 Terminal Dr, Middletown) http://4/ghnXMG
  • INvadin_Yo_TL: I jus found a random dollar on my dresser...McDonald's here I come homie!
  • venturedan: Catch author/entrepreneur Lawrence McDonald speaking at Harvard Monday
  • justinwwoo: my day peaked at mcdonald's, it's all downhill from here. heeeere comes the annoying stories.
  • JanessaMan: ☩ Click this link - get sent a 100% free $250 McDonald's coupon!
  • JayKingOFSoloz: @Red_Rubiez McDonald's lol Imma get u that new snack wrap
  • rmhcwny: Contest: Help With All Your Heart! | Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • venturedan: Catch author/entrepreneur Lawrence speaking at Harvard Monday
  • eBBB_: @_HandsomeRob #FALSE. The McDonald's on 42nd used to have mini doughnuts. However, I never had them lol!
  • WPBRADIO: Too High - Michael McDonald & Four Play
  • JasonBoornFever: RT @GetBieberFacts: #BieberFacts - He love's Mcdonald's. RT If you love Mcdonalds' too
  • _BossMental: RT @ForeverThaaBoss: Ughh health is soo boring -__-< haha you have Mr.Mcdonald?
  • DNYCELocs: I'm bout to munch on these Cooler Ranch Doritos and Pepsi, it has about as much nutritional value as a cup of McDonald's "Oatmeal"
  • Meredith_MCD: RT @TheHilltop: Georgia Avenue McDonald's Supports Community
  • vihvasconceloss: McDonald's ou Giraffas? — Mc
  • Alexa_DosSantos: Mcdonald is getting rape by the News!!! Wow!!
  • 1hsfball: Conard's Esposito To Princeton; Avon's McDonald Chooses West Point: Conard-West Hartford High's Jonathan Esposit...
  • awshuhui: I'm at McDonald's (Shell) Jalan Cheras DT (Shell Petrol Station, Jalan Cheras, Cheras) http://4/esO90l
  • MarketReading: Another local group wants to retire Ronald McDonald. (Well, he is a clown)
  • itsTheresiaa: RT @GetBieberFacts: #BieberFacts - He love's Mcdonald's. RT If you love Mcdonalds' too
  • Shantice616: RT @MEbeinME812: This boy was tryna talk to me at my job and he cashing a $130 McDonald's check...#BOYPLEASE<< LMAO
  • _alkali_: #np "I Keep Forgettin'" by Michael McDonald #pandora :: #regulate
  • LadyQueenRee: "@NayNaturalle: && why did McDonald's feel the need to give me 3 bags ... smh". Uhh to send 1 to me? Duh. Lol. Morning!
  • NadzJustSayin: Lol brother @MrNickyInglis and me in the lift, we bought McDonald's! Will I ever grow fat? I wonder... :l http:///gy5l7zij
  • Kevin3001: I want McDonald's brkfast!
  • FAccordions: SALE!!! Merlin toy from Sword in the Stone - McDonald's Toy #YARDSELLR http:///G8PT
  • SamanthaChua_21: RT @GetBieberFacts: #BieberFacts - He love's Mcdonald's. RT If you love Mcdonalds' too
  • Conker_head: @SianieShu just the usual wednesday staff meeting at saddlers...i.e piss up. Ronald mcdonald has helped though, bless him
  • sulka: LOL, a group of guys are stole Ronald McDonald and keeping it hostage. They want answers from McD on food questions.
  • MEbeinME812: This boy was tryna talk to me at my job and he cashing a $130 McDonald's check...#BOYPLEASE
  • stijnhalfens: #trackoftheday Michael McDonald - I keep Forgettin' #inspiration #chill #music #mood
  • groakus: @amonrad I have not heard Mr. McDonald's Grizzly Bear cover, and I just heard Grizzly Bear for the first time early-mid 2010. Fagan rules.
  • Mark_from_NRN: Yum Brands says it has more restaurants in tier-3 or smaller cities in China than McDonald's has units in all of China.
  • JustManis: @Sanne_Lprophets WHAHA JE HEBT RONALD MCDONALD OP JE YOUTUBE ACCOUT xD ??????????
  • wannabe_BM: @bahar_bom um...i think it's the most difficult thing.....i can't choice........ㅜㅜ how about Mcdonald??ㅋㅋㅋ really sorry
  • Nikki_A_Babii: RT @Mz_YeaSheA_Boss: RT @Nikki_A_Babii The only thing tht could make this night better is some McDonald's breakfast! <<< #homecoming2010 ...Lol, #goodtimes
  • i_am_badnews: @PoodaBang its to early I quit damn can I get the crust out my eye mr.mcdonald
  • TheHilltop: Georgia Avenue McDonald's Supports Community
  • 1Radio: #nowplaying The Rippingtons, Aretha Franklin, Michael Mcdonald, Gladys Knight & The Pips and Al Green. Hear more at http://1
  • POOK_A_Boo: i really, really, really dislike these McDonald lines
  • Daddy_Jack: I haven't had McDonald's breakfast in a long while. I wonder what time the one on Sutphin stops serving breakfast? #SouthsideTweet
  • ksmm: Sitting at McDonald's near a guy who's really getting it on Angry Birds. All I hear from his direction is chirping, crashing, and cheering.
  • jennjennrotolo: @mitzyminton yeah girrrrl! I want McDonald's Hahahahaha everyone get home safely?
  • CCNLive: The Kyle McDonald interview
  • iiwaveAT_haterZ: @GROD_ROSS at McDonald's!
  • NayNaturalle: && why did McDonald's feel the need to give me 3 bags ... smh
  • kadedraB: Breakfast at McDonald's , hope I can eat it all
  • joshchee: I'm at McDonald's (Jurong Green Community Centre, 6A Jurong West Street 42, Singapore) http://4/gmqaCr
  • CionaThatFRoger: I'm starving. I wish I would've stopped at McDonald's this morning. :-( And I don't have any cash to get anything from the vending machine.
  • xophes: @franquiz55 He's probably going to teach kids how to read and eat healthily.. you know, at McDonald's.
  • Karl27th: RT @kevoc17: McDonald's chicken nuggets with Nando's sauce and a packet of Doritos. Lovely.
  • Mahoganytene: Sausage mcmuffin, don't mind if I do! (@ McDonald's) http://4/eYrULS
  • JeremyLundmark: Eating a breakfast burrito at the Apalachin Mcdonald's. And getting some work done. It's a beautiful thing.
  • lainalamb: Leaving LAX. Top off my great trip by seeing Norm McDonald in the security line. You'd recognize that voice anywhere.
  • leegadd: My mother in law just text me to ask who Jane McDonald goes out with. 1. How did she get my number? 2. Who is Jane McDonald?
  • kevoc17: McDonald's chicken nuggets with Nando's sauce and a packet of Doritos. Lovely.
  • itscierra: McDonald's oatmeal #FTW
  • v3ganiz3r: @NetXD is a poll asking whether you'd rather eat at McCartney's or McDonald's:
  • levimillerphoto: Food at last. Took all my will power to stop myself picking up those McDonald coupons in the staff room. What I just bought is just as bad.
  • Shantialc: @beautyfull1988 girl, cuz it looks like you swallowed McDonald's... llh #fatazz
  • StearnJordan: My driving instructor has just stopped off in Mcdonald's...she didn't even ask if I wanted something
  • itskimberleee: RT @GetBieberFacts: #BieberFacts - He love's Mcdonald's. RT If you love Mcdonalds' too
  • georgetalbot: In editorial board mtg with Mobile lawyers/lobbyists Beth Lyons and Matt McDonald to discuss new ethics law
  • amejean: If McDonald's served beer I'd be in a McWorld of trouble.
  • Lynseymorris: Looking forward to seeing @kennydalglish and @StevenBirrell this evening at McDonald's Grass Roots Awards
  • Mahoganydiva910: RT @Novella0125: McDonald's on Skibo "Temporarily Shut Down"!! Ahhhhh!! To Bragg I go bc I don't fool (cont)
  • sweet_tee05: GM, I'm feeling my age wit my stomach cuz it is not agreeing wit the McDonald's breakfast I just ate. :-/
  • ArthurDoyle828: My Wish List: 125 Years of Mercedes - Posted on 02.3.2011 08:30 by Matt McDonald Filed under: Mercedes ...
  • options76: My Wish List: 125 Years of Mercedes - Posted on 02.3.2011 08:30 by Matt McDonald Filed under: Mercedes ...
  • KaiStadler: My Wish List: 125 Years of Mercedes - Posted on 02.3.2011 08:30 by Matt McDonald Filed under: Mercedes ...
  • BrittMWalk322: Just saw sum steeler fans at McDonald's actin a fool wen they saw my car. I <3 it!
  • kay_marieee: I wish I liked breakfast food I'm starving , have nothing to eat , at McDonald with money but can't get anything cause it's breakfast time!
  • nanacksudarman: @noraemon iyaa tadi siang!That's too rihanna babe! But you said it was like ronald mcdonald.. Ckckck parah!
  • 1tiffanymonique: Plus I need to stop spending 30 bucks a week on McDonald's Oatmeal & Hot Chocolate when I can be making it at home for free
  • Pammyy91: McDonald's for supper. MJ round 2.
  • kvalkovic: @r_farthing Ironic that you say I'm reading your tweet I'm eating McDonald's b-fast..looks like an extra 30mins of cardio for me!
  • FFTN: Late updates from Tuesday 1st Feb: Cody McDonald scores again as Gillingham draw 2-2 at Stevenage....
  • News_Car: 125 Years of Mercedes: Posted on 02.3.2011 08:30 by Matt McDonald Filed under: Mercedes | indus...

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