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  • meatus (plural meatus or meatuses) (anatomy) A tubular opening or passage in the body. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/meatus" Categories: Latin derivations | English nouns | Anatomy | Latin nouns | la:. — “meatus - Wiktionary”,
  • [VIEW] You see a statistical output for "nasal meatus", with related words that are connected in this word [VIEW] The number below that words indicates the max. amount of logical connections to "nasal meatus", that are available. — “nasal meatus”, w9
  • A condition in which the meatus points upward rather than forward. The membrane attaching the foreskin to the glans and shaft of the penis (at the ventral midline, just proximal to the meatus). — “Glossary of the Foreskin”,
  • Meatus. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Meatus. Abnormalities in the Urethra, How Is a Urinary Catheter Inserted?, Reasons for Continuing Bladder Infections, Causes of Bell's Palsy. — “Meatus | ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of MEATUS : a natural body passage. Origin of MEATUS. Late Latin, from Latin, going, passage, from meare to go — more at permeate. First. — “Meatus - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Meatus: An opening or passageway. For example, the female urethral meatus. The urethra is the transport tube from the bladder to the outside of the body. In females the urethra is shorter than in the male. The meatus of the female urethra is just above the vaginal opening, as shown here:. — “Meatus definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular”,
  • Hypospadias and chordee repair info for children who have the meatus (opening of the urethra) in an abnormal position on their penis. It is defined as a congenital defect of the penis, in which the urethral meatus (opening of the urethra) is incompletely developed. — “Hypospadias in Children - Keep Kids Healthy”,
  • Definition of meatus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of meatus. Pronunciation of meatus. Translations of meatus. meatus synonyms, meatus antonyms. Information about meatus in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. urinary meatus. — “meatus - definition of meatus by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A selection of articles related to Meatus Meatus: Encyclopedia - Urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection of the urinary. — “Meatus”,
  • Definition of meatus in the Medical Dictionary. meatus explanation. Information about meatus in Free online English dictionary. What is meatus? Meaning of meatus medical term. What does meatus mean?. — “meatus - definition of meatus in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • This peculiar lesion consists of a superficial ulcer affecting the periphery of the meatus and cracking its labia to a width up to 3mm. and its depth to about the same extent. The ulcer always remains superficial and localized and never involves the deeper parts of the urethra. — “The Ulcerated Urethral Meatus in [Circumcised] Male Children”,
  • Definition of meatus from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of meatus. Pronunciation of meatus. Definition of the word meatus. Origin of the word meatus. — “meatus - Definition of meatus at ”,
  • Meatus information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Meatus - ”,
  • The tip of my penis, i believe it's called the meatus, one side of it is a lighter pinkish color and more risen than the other side. I was wondering if this is normal? Hey- as I have gone through puberty I noticed that my meatus (hole in penis) is horizontal not vertical. — “Meatus”,

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  • Draining Mucopus along Middle Meatus towards The Nasopharynx in Ethmoids Sinusitis Anterior group of ethmoid sinus air cells drain into middle meatus while the posterior group into superior meatus. This video shows thick draining mucopus from right ethmoid infundibulum towards inferior part of hiatus semilunaris and heading posteriorly into the nasopharynx. Maxillary sinusitis also drains into middle meatus and follows similar path. Patient usually complaints of excessive phlegms (from postnasal drips), unexplained coughs, and bad breath smells (cacosmia). The presentations can be in acute or chronic forms depending on its onset and durations.
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  • dee_fab: Shawn sounds like Meatus @ItsDeanBlundell @iamToddyTickles @BlindDerek
  • KatelynWestern: @annabomb23 Depressions are meatus, fossa, foramen, fissure, sinus, and sulcus/groove/ whatever that last one says that's the same thing.
  • JesseLeeCalvert: Zygomatic process, external acoustic meatus, mastoid process, mandibular ramus... I absolutely hate labeling tests. Im screwed.
  • jodebradley: @LaurenMort1 @paris_olivia MEATUS DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER THOUGH
  • LaurenMort1: @paris_olivia @jodebradley want a meatus and a corona?
  • jen_leslie2: @DanniGreene i can see your MEATUS
  • EwanWilson21: RT @woodhugs: @EwanWilson21 gooch is meatus actually
  • woodhugs: @EwanWilson21 gooch is meatus actually
  • EwanWilson21: The end of a penis is called a meatus.. Apparently #ewansfactoftoday
  • ozo_AlHusaini: Contraindication of Foley's catheter in pt presentent in ED: 1-Blood at the meatus, 2-Ecchymotic scrotum, 3-"High-riding" prostate on DRE
  • OGbenya: You know what's a fun word? Meatus.
  • Im_PsychoSam: Learning about meatus, in med lab
  • EMPRESSKAWAII: @astrayaway @PeroxideShot_ drag us by our meatus, gabita
  • sarahetsy: @hrh_margarita i meant what i said i can feel dis in my meatus which is iN mA EaRz!
  • sarahetsy: @hrh_margarita @mariaperica my heart says yes and so does my meatus
  • SarahSpizzie: I hear that @Oatsew is the #norfolkrebels goon! Good job meatus! #seanwilliamscott would be proud! #bruiser #ftb
  • bonniecwa: ANATOMY: What is a meatus? a formen? a fissure? a fossa?
  • michael_m4rs: @ADUMWAIK defs meatus or the shaft
  • ADUMWAIK: @michael_m4rs ye meatus is my fav part defs
  • Iamkadio: RT @pnctualgangsta: I know you aren't supposed to, but I love cleaning the meatus of my ears, when I accidentally hit the tympanic membrane, I want to die doe.
  • pnctualgangsta: I know you aren't supposed to, but I love cleaning the meatus of my ears, when I accidentally hit the tympanic membrane, I want to die doe.
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  • bonniecwa: Anatomy: What is a meatus? A condyle? A ramus? A foramen?
  • _renaenae: RT @_phantastisch: I swear we never learned about fossa or meatus..
  • iHuffandiPuff: RT @_phantastisch: I swear we never learned about fossa or meatus..
  • iLoveLarice: "@_phantastisch: I swear we never learned about fossa or meatus.."!
  • _phantastisch: I swear we never learned about fossa or meatus..
  • BrandonSperling: Fun fact of the day: Cerumen; a tacky substance secreted by oil glands in the external auditory meatus. Commonly known as ear wax. #CSD306K
  • thatschrissmith: @samisweetheartz wow I love you too meatus. MISS YOU :*
  • dontstartniall: Whereas meatus is just
  • CameronGarbutt: external acoustic meatus #anatomicalterm
  • aylinkndr: Each opens into the anterior part of the corresponding middle meatus of the nose through the frontonasal
  • dontstartniall: @chickababy3 meatus
  • rachelcoffeyy: i'm too immature for anatomy because i keep laughing at things like bone and shaft and meatus
  • D_Varnicus: I want your external auditory meatus in my foramen magnum #anatomypickuplines
  • The_Separatist_: RT @RykWeston: The vitriolic composite of my stagnant meatus is a vile display of retched postmortem lividity and overuse of camphor ointment.
  • geniTALIAs: @dontstartniall meatus sulcus shaft
  • SilverBadger: RT @RykWeston: The vitriolic composite of my stagnant meatus is a vile display of retched postmortem lividity and overuse of camphor ointment.
  • RykWeston: The vitriolic composite of my stagnant meatus is a vile display of retched postmortem lividity and overuse of camphor ointment.
  • dontstartniall: (8) MeAtUs (8)
  • TheProfessuh: @Sluga_23 we could have exchanged meatus lickings while the other was playing
  • geniTALIAs: meatus and a sulcus and a circumcision line
  • wizierahayu: Meatus acusticus externus
  • mike_cef: Girl I'm just Tryna see dat external auditory meatus
  • SincerelyKianna: My acoustic meatus hurts.
  • itsscoopydoo: RT @MazOrotti: The goal in the gym everyday is to go so hard that ppl start looking at you funny @itsscoopydoo #bangers #meathead #meatus
  • MazOrotti: The goal in the gym everyday is to go so hard that ppl start looking at you funny @itsscoopydoo #bangers #meathead #meatus
  • geniTALIAs: ░░░░░░▀█▀░▄██▄██▄░░dick░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░█░░▀█████▀░░░meatus░░░░░░ ░░░░░░▄█▄░░░▀█▀░░░░sulcus░░░░.
  • grace_adamss: "meatus. cause meat has holes" @gmccuen
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  • tomlinthong: RT @geniTALIAs: "suck my meatus jk my sulcus"
  • dontstartniall: RT @geniTALIAs: "suck my meatus jk my sulcus"
  • geniTALIAs: "suck my meatus jk my sulcus"
  • dontstartniall: @geniTALIAs i accidentally RTd meatus
  • DatAssssss: Meatus
  • geniTALIAs: @dontstartniall meatus
  • geniTALIAs: but mostly meatus
  • scottcarson1957: This #Petraeus thing is getting interesting. He may be the meatus of a tower of Babel with really entertaining consequences.

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