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/home/worddom/public_html/ssc-core/libraries/dbsimple/Mysql.php:71 Merani Definition. Crossword Dictionary.



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  • That's what she said. {user} blocked — Undo %{user} blocked and reported for spam — Undo. This person has protected their tweets. Name Shawn Merani. Location Santa Monica, CA. Bio That's what she said. 166 Following. — “Shawn Merani (smerani) on Twitter”,
  • Meet Team Sparkman, & Hewitt - Tarbell Realtors, Palm Desert, California real estate listings, homes for sale. Your Palm Desert California real estate resource center, find mls listings, condos and homes for sale in Palm Desert California. Raj Merani, Keith Sparkman & Barrie Hewitt. — “Desert Area ”,
  • View Salima Merani's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Salima Merani discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners. — “Salima Merani - LinkedIn”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “Merani on deviantART”,
  • Contatti Thank you for visiting our family's courtesy page. Phone +39 0733 773601. andrea@. monica@. AM Consulting contacts are: Tel. +39 0733 817662. Fax. + 39 0733 779814. — “Contatti”,
  • The latest Merani Martvili fixtures, betting odds, results, livescore and news, along with Merani Martvili form, trends and betting stats at , your home for football betting information!. — “Merani Martvili Streaming - Merani Martvili Fixtures, Betting”,
  • 11amKINDERGARTEN - Newman & Merani. 11:30amKINDERGARTEN - Newbill. 12pm2nd Grade Open 11amKINDERGARTEN - Newman & Merani. 12pm2nd Grade Open Checkout. 11amKindergarten - Newbill. — “Library Schedule”,
  • Watch merani shows and episodes on AOL Video. See the videos of all the merani shows from AOL and its partners. — “merani - AOL Video”,
  • The most comprehensive web site available for real estate in Silicon Valley, California. Susan Merani is an accomplished professional and a consistent top performer specializing in residential home sales. If you are looking to buy or sell a home. — “CUPERTINO CALIFORNIA - CUPERTINO Homes and Real Estate For”,
  • Facebook users with the last name "Merani". Search Facebook for more people that share the last name "Merani". — “Merani | Facebook”,
  • Natco Pharma lost 1.33% to Rs 278 at 12:18 IST on BSE, after Celgene Corporation filed a lawsuit in the US against Natco's application to the US Food & Drug Administration by NOORESH MERANI. — “ Natco Pharma slides after US law suit over”,
  • Merani Hospitality Receives Unusual Tax Break for. Development of Two Buffalo, New York The developer, Merani Hospitality, must meet certain levels of investment to receive the. — “Merani Hospitality Receives Unusual Tax Break for Development”, hotel-
  • Ashif S. Merani Doris E. Reimer George E. Craven Robert R. Worthington Meenu Ahluwalia Ryan C. Robertson Brent D. Cage. — “Welcome to Merani Reimer - Home Page”,
  • © Copyright MERANI SCHOOL All Rights Reserved. Powered by MANTIS digital art. — “Bienvenidos al Centro Educativo "MERANI SCHOOL"”,
  • Merani & Associati is a new administrative law firm set up by Carlo Merani, previously of Regoli Merani & Associati (which has merged with Jacobacci), together with Antonella Lauria and Antonella Borsero. Please choose another Merani & Associati office to view full details. — “The Legal 500 > Merani & Associati > Turin, ITALY > What we say”,
  • Merani - by Nikoloz Baratashvili .. It runs; it flies; it bears me on; it heeds no trail nor spoor; A raven black behind me croaks with ominous eyes of doom; Speed thee on and onward fly with a gallop that knoweth no bound, Fli. — “Merani by Nikoloz Baratashvili”,
  • Merani Tbilisi was merged with Bacho Tbilisi in July 1993 and formed Merani-Bacho Tbilisi. In 2002, Merani-91 Tbilisi merged again, this time to FC Olimpi Tbilisi, owned by Nikoloz. — “FC Merani Tbilisi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Friday, September 24th, 2010 - A festival with famous artists, dancers and Cyprus art and craft exhibitions. The programme includes amongst others Merani at 26/9, traditional music and dances, puppet theatre and exhibitions of Cypriot arts and crafts, painting, icon painting, mosaic and. — “Cyprus : 26th Agia Napa Festival with Michalis Hatzigiannis”,
  • Merani said renovations at the former Inn on the River – also known as the Red Jacket Inn – are just beginning. Merani said he and his family's company, Merani Hospitality Inc., eyed the hotel after they acquired the Holiday Inn on Rainbow. — “2 N.F. hotels to be revived - Business First of Buffalo”,
  • Law Office of Peter C. Merani, P.C. was founded in 1993 by Peter C. Merani. The firm has been providing top quality legal representation and advice to its clients for well over a decade. The Law Offices of Peter C. Merani, P.C. has conveniently located offices in Long Island and Manhattan, New York. — “Law Offices of Peter C. Merani, P.C”,
  • My ancestor 'Giacomo Merani' also spelt 'Jacomo Merani,' fled as a stowaway from Genoa, Italy, during late 1871. Inviato: Mar Mar 25, 2008 7:07 pm Oggetto: Re: Merani family from Genoa (Genova). — “ " Forums " Categories " Italian”,

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  • Bids for Michael Jackson s Moonwalker game soar on Ebay by Rangebar Merani on June 29 2009 Following the death of The King of Pop last thursday sales for Sega s Michael Jackson s Moonwalker video game have rised on Ebay Read more
  • and boundary structures Lepping et al 1995 Reidler et al 1986 An example of the data processing flow using two 80C86 Processors is that for the GGS POLAR magnetometer shown in Figure 17 The prime data is sampled at 500 samples per second filtered with a recursive filter and decimated to 100 samples per second The data is again filtered and decimated to 10
  • o a hlavne vymyslieť pútavú ponuku ktorá pani riaditeľku presvedčí aby si vybrala práve ich firmu Pri meraní neváhali nasadiť život a tiež oblečenie o Vyhľadávanie na internete ako i následné zapracovávanie nájdených údajov do projektu bolo pre nich úplne v pohode o
  • IAM
  • Ultimate Original Character Celebration
  • both the single cell and the twin cell Rubidium magnetometers have null zones Explorer 10 used two twin cell magnetometers with optical axes aligned 55o to one another as shown in Figure 7 This arrangement reduced the null area to 500 square degrees solid angle
  • Merani Hewitt Sparkman
  • exploration Rumbaugh and Alldredge 1949 The alternating drive current in the fluxgate sensor drive winding drives the permeable core material alternately deep into saturation See Figure 1 Because of the non linear coupling due to core saturation the induced voltage in the sense winding is rich in harmonics The amplitude of the even harmonics is proportional
  • chris and i2 jpg
  • Figure 15 Illustration of a portion of the total magnetometer range switching strategy for the Voyager 1 and 2 magnetometers Behannon et al 1977 Figure 16 depicts the dynamic range and the resolution i e least significant bit LSB of the telemetered data for several spacecraft Voyager 1 and 2 had magnetometers with 12 bit ADCs
  • earth orbit May 1958 aboard the Soviet artificial earth satellite Sputnik 3 The three axis fluxgate sensor was mounted in an assembly which could be rotated in two axes by servo motors Figure 9 The objective was to align the primary sensor with the ambient field This was achieved by driving the mechanism until the transverse magnetometer sensors outputs were nulled
  • Coaches
  • Bratislava 2003 www fc up pt lic eg imagens gps const jpgw ww environmental studies de a TOC GPS 4 gif www products thalesnavigation com en solutions land
  • Jacopo Merani in posa nel suo giardino
  • sami z vlastnej iniciatívy ponuku na novú maľovku triedy pri meraní výšky sa museli vynájsť nakoľko som zamietol ich pôvodný nápad vyliezť na skrinky a tak to zmerať o Tak ak by náhodou niekto z vás potreboval novú podlahu alebo maľovku ozvite sa Osobne poznám konateľov firmy KKZB Vybavím zľavu o
  • Bueno Henao Jaime 1985 Alberto L Merani Nota biográfica Infancia Revista Latinoaméricana del niño 1 2 B Artículos y conferencias de Alberto L Merani
  • Ako nadstavbové simulačné moduly budú využívané DLL rozšírenia zbernica I2C LCD displej konečný automat jadra 8051 vhodný aj pre vypracovanie špecializovaných meraní v rámci predmetu Rádioelektronické meranie prostredia µVision3 firmy Keil súčasť Keil C51 Evaluation Tools
  • Looks like Wilbur was married twice 2nd wife Anna born in NY 1918 WWI Card Wilbur Elwood Fletcher 9 Oct 1883 policeman Saratoga Springs
  • Indigo von Hohenlohe Fichtenau Isy Merani von Hohenlohe Fichtenau
  • time slip
  • katawazai1 jpg
  • Merani Hewitt Sparkman
  • Dean Catic il diciassettenne assassinato a Varese
  • Рeжим paбoты офиса пoнeдeльник пятница 9 00 18 00 Рeжим paбoты cклaдa схема проезда до Склада Телефон 495 662 82 45 пoнeдeльник воскресенье 9 00 20 00
  • Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Mixtape and Video Premiere by Rangebar Merani on July 30 2009 Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was finally released yesterday on Xbox Live and will be hitting the PS3 in just a few weeks I know many of you are very excited about MvC2 so while you guys are enjoying
  • Contest Closed Results now in And the WINNER is drumroll MERANI With her Binki Muddlefoot x Doctor Slug entry She will be receiving a one month subscription to LiveJournal or DeviantART her choosing and one sketch of any character of her
  • a cell with Rubidium vapor The light is collected with a photoelectric cell It is then amplified phase shifted and then applied to a feedback coil around the Rubidium vapor cell see Figure 5 The circuit will oscillate at the Larmor frequency The frequency for Rb 87 is approximately 6 99 Hz nT 1 which for a field of 50 000 nT would be ~350 KHz The oscillation
  • instrument mass a single fluxgate sensor was mounted 2m from the spacecraft spin axis The sense axis of the fluxgate was tilted away from the spin axis by the angle 54o 45 as shown in Figure 10 The magnetometer was digitally sampled each 120o of spacecraft rotation Thus any three samples form an orthogonal measurement of the field The spacecraft spin period was one
  • Molotov nel giardino della casa di Jacopo Merani in via Duno
  • サイト Smiler 様より マインスイーパのメルのイラストを頂いてしまいました ていうか ナニ この伸びやかな
  • with this technique is that the offset fields add noise and must be very well calibrated as they add step function noise when they switch The system that was used on Sputnik 3 is shown in Figure 13 The magnetometer had a dynamic range of 2400 nT This was telemetered to the ground by two separate VCO s one for the positive voltage and another for the negative voltage
  • Halo 3 ODST Maps Revealed by Rangebar Merani on July 7 2009 Yes you read that right There is another set of multiplayer maps coming out for Halo 3 no joke When ODST launches this fall it will come packed with a Halo 3 multiplayer map disk
  • College of Medicine This data is used to complement the information provided by the AAMC
  • merani JPG
  • KhallaMerani 01 png
  • Colegio Alberto Merani Esta escuela ubicada en Veracruz acudió a nosotros para que le diseñemos un escudo
  • New ID by Merani png
  • 7633 Heh good times
  • that was used in the early years of space exploration was the parallel core design both in the Vacquier and the Förster configurations Primdahl 1979 These configurations are shown in Figure 2 The parallel core design requires high drive power They can be troubled by high offsets that have a tendency to vary with time

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  • fazel merani kurdsian tv sabarat ba kongre13 pdk w waz3e estae kurdistan ba gshty bache 4m kurdsian tv sabarat ba kongre13 pdk w waz3e estae kurdistan ba gshty bache 3m
  • 23.10.2010, Chokhosnebi vs Merani 0:0 Rugby Club Chokhosnebi, Tbilisi, Georgia [] 2 Misho Kavrelishvili 6 Nika Rapava 7 Temiko Chichinadze 8 Irakli Mogeladze 9 Mishiko Alania 10 Giviko Charkhalashvili
  • merani,qoreografi rafiel miqeladze . batumis nomer mexute sajaro skolis bavshvta qoreografiuli ansambli merani
  • merani
  • Dila - Merani 4-2 Championship Round (Matchday 5) 03/04/2012
  • FC Zestafoni - FC Merani (Martvili) 2-3 11.10.2011. Friendly match
  • DINAMO TBILISI 2-1 Merani Martvili DINAMO TBILISI 2-1 Merani Martvili 1:0 Aleksandre Koshkadze 2:0 DaviD Odikadze 2:1 Giorgi Rekhviashvili (OG)
  • FC Merani (Martvili) - FC Zestafoni 0-3 31.10.2012
  • shaman merani!!! shaman merani
  • FC Dinamo Tbilisi 2-2 FC Merani Martvili I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
  • Liceo merani pereira Liceo merani Pereira,risaralda,colombia
  • Merani Martvili 2-1 Dinamo Tbilisi
  • FC Merani Martvili 0:4 FC Dinamo Tbilisi
  • Djangir, Temur, Rostam. Merani 2012 Djangir Broyan, Temur Djavoyan, Rustam Mahmudyan 2011, 2012, 2013,
  • Merani Martvili Dila gori VI turi Umaglesi Liga 17 09 2011
  • Merani Martvili - Dinamo Tbilisi [Albert Yague Goal]
  • FC Merani Martvili 1:3 FC Dinamo Tbilisi FC Merani Martvili 1:3 FC Dinamo Tbilisi Goals: 0:1 Mikel Alvaro Salazar 1:1 Zhvania 1:2 Nika Kvekveskiri 1:3 Irakli Dzaria
  • tojinebi ansambli merani solistebi:tika migineishvili,gvantsa jiqia,nino kobeshavidze,mariam burdzenidze,eter fanchukidze,natia
  • FC Zestafoni - FC Merani (Martvili) 3-1 10.09.2011
  • FC Dinamo Tbilisi 2-2 FC Merani Martvili [Highlights]
  • Merani - Kolkheti-1913 0-1 Championship Round (Matchday 12) 16/05/2012
  • merani 3 null
  • Merani (Martvili) - FC Zestafoni 0-3 31.10.2012
  • MERANI AND SAGALOBELI Georgian dance and song
  • Georgian Dance Ensamble "MERANI" "MERANI" - Georgian Dance Ensemble of the Tbilisi State University
  • deewano nadeem merani Singer.Nadeem merani Poet.Javed Shabir jagirani uploaded by -Ahmed Faraz Jagirani
  • New Pashto nasheed 2012 [HD] ATAL YAM MERANI YAM.avi New Pashto nasheed 2012 [HD] ATAL YAM MERANI YAM
  • FC Merani Martvili 1:3 FC Dinamo Tbilisi FC Merani Martvili 1:3 FC Dinamo Tbilisi Goals: 0:1 Mikel Alvaro Salazar 1:1 Zhvania 1:2 Nika Kvekveskiri 1:3 Irakli Dzaria
  • 19.11.2010, Chokhosnebi vs Merani 1:1 Rugby Club Chokhosnebi, Tbilisi, Georgia [] 2 Misho Kavrelishvili 4 Dito Bakhutashvili 6 Nika Rapava 7 Temiko Chichinadze 8 Irakli Mogeladze 9 Mishiko Alania 10 Giviko Charkhalashvili
  • Dinamo Academy - FC Merani (5-0) Elitliga 1998
  • FC Dila Gori 3 - 0 FC Merani Martvili Umaglesi Liga
  • 06.06.2010, Chokhosnebi vs Merani 6:2 Rugby Club Chokhosnebi, Tbilisi, Georgia [] 2 Misho Kavrelishvili 4 Dito Bakhutashvili 6 Nika Rapava 7 Temiko Chichinadze 8 Irakli Mogeladze 9 Mishiko Alania 10 Giviko Charkhalashvili
  • BILAL_STSF: STSF J Markzi Agwan Ada Yameen Merani Khay Id Join Krn Ty Most Welcome Kyan Tho By Bilal Khan Malik 03138120152.
  • merani_n: @Taco_sunday (°_°)
  • zeneconomicss: Buy CEBBCO, Tata Global, Arvind Mills: Merani
  • LatestNewzIndia: Buy CEBBCO, Tata Global, Arvind Mills: Merani #news #india #stock
  • SisportFiat: #lastampa 12/02 Atletica 12° Cross del Tecnoparco,vittoria di Umberto Merani cat Ragazzi #cross #ForzaSisport
  • Taco_sunday: @merani_n  ( ̄ ̄ー ̄ ̄)にやり
  • zaa_neza: Love u @jhon_merani
  • merani_n: 2013.2.12 長男くんに「ごま、買ってきてね。白い、炒りごまね。」と伝えたら、これ買ってきました。
  • Manish_Merani: @alijeesarwar thik hai aur aap bataye.w.salam
  • jhon_merani: hilang konsentrasi,
  • DhenPandi: nonton ftv yg merani #vino g bastian #marsya timoti gokil abis mreka .
  • rawandmerani: @imreebs @rangiesowavy Dr.HArper just said Merani just like ur two brothers lol
  • CLLReviews: RT @RW_Rivers: @shellieblum all I got from agents was 'not for me'. I've shelved my Albie Merani series to concentrate on my new horror/mystery book.
  • RW_Rivers: Pulling Albie Merani #book one from the internet. Shouldn't have bothered #writing it.
  • MargaretLynett1: RT @RW_Rivers: @shellieblum all I got from agents was 'not for me'. I've shelved my Albie Merani series to concentrate on my new horror/mystery book.
  • shellieblum: RT @RW_Rivers: @shellieblum all I got from agents was 'not for me'. I've shelved my Albie Merani series to concentrate on my new horror/mystery book.
  • RW_Rivers: @shellieblum all I got from agents was 'not for me'. I've shelved my Albie Merani series to concentrate on my new horror/mystery book.
  • RW_Rivers: I've removed chapters 4 to 7 and if you want to #read more? The please head over to #Amazon:
  • santideje: @EsterMerani merani, selamat ulang tahun! have a wonderful ahead =D
  • alexia_cas: @merani_alessie why?
  • alexia_cas: @merani_alessie we'll pick you up are 5:20/ 5:30
  • Anna_Whitaker_: @mirandapanda_4 @merani_alessie HA!! Okay!!!
  • Qesas: @dcotkar Wa weylo na bila mêrani jitêrebe
  • alexia_cas: @merani_alessie of course. Are you at your dads because we can pick you up?
  • mirandapanda_4: That moment when you realize you really do have a best friend. @merani_alessie 
  • Manish_Merani: @rgvzoomin outstanding song ramu ji...i think this movie wil ultimately turn out to b d block buster !!
  • zaa_neza: Gdnite @jhon_merani trimakasih buat hari ini, perlahan2 menjalani smua lama2 akan mengerti bahwa saling percaya itu ...
  • putrioktvni: @sitcha_icha kalo yg merani gue sih gapapa dah tu wkwk:p
  • merani_n: 明日から日記に移行
  • merani_n: 本音を話せる人がいたら、それは幸せだと思う。 おやすみなさい。
  • merani_n: @Taco_sunday はあいw またね。
  • Taco_sunday: @merani_n  そっ、それは、、、。 またあした~(笑) 
  • merani_n: @Taco_sunday なんでへなちゃこプー知ってるの?w
  • Taco_sunday: @merani_n  へなちょこぷー(笑) おやすみ~
  • merani_n: @Taco_sunday ありがとう。元たまの知久さんと石川さんの、タイでのライブのユーストリーム見ているので眠れないの。おやすみなさい。
  • jhon_merani: reunian,
  • Taco_sunday: @merani_n  zzzzzzzz
  • Taco_sunday: @merani_n  子守唄をうたってしんぜよう。 ゆーりかごーのーうーたーをーかーなりやーがーうーたうよー。ねーんねぇーこぉ、ねーんねぇこぉーねーんねぇこーよーっ 
  • merani_n: すごいですよね、、この曲 (live at
  • SisportFiat: Atletica #Cross: nuovo successo per Umberto Merani, 1° nel 12° Cross del Tecnoparco sui 1,2 Km ragazzi #ForzaSisport
  • merani_n: @Taco_sunday 非常にまずい…w 眠らなきゃまずいのだけど。
  • Taco_sunday: @merani_n  ピークは超えたのねん
  • Taco_sunday: @merani_n hoーhouっ
  • merani_n: 20時台にきた眠気はどこへやら。
  • merani_n: @Taco_sunday 一緒に鳴こうか
  • merani_n: 「世界はねむくなっちゃったから おしまい」 眠れぬ夜にも、眠れぬ人にも。
  • merani_n: 確かに。犬はどこへ行ったのかw (live at
  • merani_n: 贅沢な三連休最終日 (live at
  • merani_n: 知久さんの声聴いていると泣いてしまう (live at
  • HBHank_5: @merani_alessie thank you!
  • dxbmaven: RT @7DAYSUAE: 7DAYS' Megha Merani delves into the lavish world of 'glamorous baby-showers' | Read the full story here -
  • merani_n: 私は小さな頃は、私が眠っている間は社会は停止してると思ってた。生きてるんだね、みんな。もう一踏ん張り。
  • apanjabi: RT @7DAYSUAE: 7DAYS' Megha Merani delves into the lavish world of 'glamorous baby-showers' | Read the full story here -
  • 7DAYSUAE: 7DAYS' Megha Merani delves into the lavish world of 'glamorous baby-showers' | Read the full story here -
  • Manish_Merani: @peeahmed haha so true yaar
  • Manish_Merani: @peeahmed and do u know that i m tea addicted so i jst love it
  • zeneconomicss: Buy CEBBCO, Strides Arcolab, Tech Mahindra: Merani
  • Manish_Merani: @peeahmed @rgvzoomin my dear islam dusro ko amaan deta hai aatank nahi aur jo aatank de vo islam hi nahi....
  • EriiEdlp: que le pasa al merani ?
  • onkun1: @merani_n 単純に味が濃いから、ごはんがかっこめますね。貧しくても大丈夫だなと思いました笑
  • merani_n: 清らかな真っ直ぐな世界で頑張れるかなって思ってみたけれど、そういう人達は自分よりも遥か彼方に居る。やはり私は、怠惰な、搾取しては捨てていくような生き方が合う。
  • jhon_merani: @Noreensmqdvl9lk what is that?
  • jhon_merani: I love u .. More today than yesterday and only half as much as tomorrow, xaverin u always be mine thanks for love!!!!!! @zaa_neza
  • jhon_merani: RT @zaa_neza: Thanks my Jhoe, love u so much! 11032013 (with Jhoe_albertho) [pic] —
  • peeahmed: @Manish_Merani @RGVzoomin And I am really appreciate you that you think Islam has nothing to do with all this.
  • peeahmed: @Manish_Merani @RGVzoomin Of course not, I m muslim too but most of think here in Saudi Kasab hanged coz he was muslim.
  • merani_n: 今日も三人暮らしだから、子どもたちとの時間を楽しもうと午前中市民プールに。お昼を食べて眠くなり次男くんは私の膝で昼寝中。私は読書にしよう。長男くんのもとには友達がくるからね。
  • merani_n: 昨日言われた言葉が胸にグッサリ刺さっている。ずっと刺さったままにして忘れないように、って思ってる。刺した人も辛かったはずだから、と。
  • niji40: @merani_n んにゃぁ~  ヽ(・ˇ∀ˇ・ゞ) ちぃ~と、ここんとこ料理の神様の名残がねぇ。。。
  • Manish_Merani: @peeahmed @rgvzoomin i hope u r not targeting islam for al islam has nthing 2 do wid al dis
  • merani_n: @niji40 さすが!いつも料理頑張ってて、見習おうって思ってます。
  • merani_n: @onkun1 ですよね。わたしも漬け物と佃煮が一番ご飯に合うし美味しいと思います。
  • torisukiin: @merani_n おはようございます。遠い昔の出来事で最近気になりだして。金銭がらみなので、もう二人の間に引き合うものはないと思っています。親の遺言、他人の保証人にはなるな、貸した金はやったと思え。
  • ItsStephhyyy: @merani_alessie awwww I love you too:)
  • merani_n: @torisukiin おはようございます。一日考えてみました。他人を許すより、自分を許す方が難しいことではなかろうかと。悟り…とまではいかなくとも、親友というほどの方ならばきっと二人間には引力があると思います。肩や脚にかかった力を抜いてみてはいかがでしょうか?などと独り言。
  • Back2BasicsWoW: Magtheridon wurde von Merani und ihren tapferen 24 Helden besiegt!
  • Back2BasicsWoW: Gruul der Drachenschlächter wurde von Merani und ihren tapferen 24 Helden besiegt!
  • risazizuddin: Aju?? It suppose to be aku. X dak hal #MERANI !!! #MASKAN
  • ekaajulyytrii: Ikut gak ? =D "@Karizal10: Young island lah (y) "@ekaajulyytrii: Yok , kapan ? "@aang72: @ekaajulyytrii teluk merani yok"
  • ekaajulyytrii: Pulang hari kan ? Naik apa ? "@aang72: Besok, aku td diajak okta. RT @ekaajulyytrii: Yok , kapan ? "@aang72: @ekaajulyytrii teluk merani yok
  • Karizal10: Young island lah (y) "@ekaajulyytrii: Yok , kapan ? "@aang72: @ekaajulyytrii teluk merani yok""
  • aang72: Besok, aku td diajak okta. RT @ekaajulyytrii: Yok , kapan ? "@aang72: @ekaajulyytrii teluk merani yok"
  • ekaajulyytrii: Yok , kapan ? "@aang72: @ekaajulyytrii teluk merani yok"
  • aang72: @ekaajulyytrii teluk merani yok
  • JonasBrendan: @merani_alessie thanjs
  • sherlkop007: @chinisinghvi it shuld be merani chana
  • merani_n: 多くのことは望まない。 平日は辛くとも笑う。 休日は好きなことをし笑う。
  • zaa_neza: Yg lagi nongkrong itu enaak bangeetttt @jhon_merani
  • merani_n: 自分用にはデルレイ、ピエールマルコリーニ。ごめんね。
  • anggianggraeni3: cue galau!=)))) RT“@Adnanoo_: Aku yg selalu tersakiti, walau begitu tetap harus strong. Dan walau merani harus tetap terseyum”
  • RW_Rivers: At the moment I've been thinking it time for me to dump the Albie Merani series in the goddamn rubbish! http://www....
  • zaa_neza: Kota apa? Hahaha salah baruuu RT “@jhon_merani: @zaa_neza hahahaha tayang kota makan kahhhhh?”
  • jhon_merani: @zaa_neza hahahaha tayang kota makan kahhhhh?
  • zaa_neza: @jhon_merani yoo bsk bawa 1 coolbox e tayang hahahah! Bgt tuh senaaang smpeee
  • jhon_merani: @zaa_neza lebih enak anggur buah lahhhh, ap lg klo sdah di dinginkan,
  • zaa_neza: @jhon_merani wine k anggur buah? Eaaaaaa
  • jhon_merani: @zaa_neza benaran kahhh? tp harus dimakan samapai habis,
  • zaa_neza: Bawa anggur byk2 dr bandung e hahhaha RT “@jhon_merani: su apel skali, mau makan anggur colek my babe @zaa_neza”
  • jhon_merani: su apel skali, mau makan anggur colek my babe @zaa_neza
  • jhon_merani: berenang,,,

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