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  • A community about messages. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with messages experts. — “: messages”,
  • Federal Communications Chairman Julius Genachowski announced a series of updates to the emergency call service 911 on Tuesday that will allow dispatchers to receive text messages, pictures, video and automated calls. Speaking at a public safety. — “Next-generation 911 system will accept text messages, photos”,
  • The State Government will spend more than $11 million over the next three years rebranding its anti-obesity health campaigns, after concerns too many messages and logos are confusing people, particularly parents. — “Obesity messages get revamp - The West Australian”,
  • An internet memorial to the 29 lost Pike River miners has been defaced with offensive messages and images. — “Pike River: Mayor slams 'gutless' messages - National - NZ”,
  • At Open Channel we're following Sunday's release of the first of 251,287 diplomatic messages by WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing website, timed in concert with several news organizations that had early access to the documents so they could begin. — “Open Channel - Watching the WikiLeaks release of diplomatic”,
  • A message in its most general meaning is an object of communication. More precisely, in communications science, a message is information which is sent from a source to a receiver. — “Message - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Inspirational poems and Christian poems (1792), stories (699), messages (988), humor (1125), quotes, cartoons. NEW daily, 4639 Inspirational and Christian pages, submissions welcomed. — “Inspirational Messages, Poems, Stories, Humor, Quotes, Cartoons”,
  • Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya has sent messages to Arab and international parties in a bid to thwart Israeli attempts to justify new aggressions on the Gaza Strip. — “Haneyya sends messages to foil Israeli military escalation”, palestine-
  • Mixed messages on crisis response undermine EU rescue planning With Dublin heading towards finalizing the terms of an international bailout and other weak links in the eurozone chain trembling at sharply rising bond yields, the European Union has been sending out mixed messages. — “Mixed messages on crisis response undermine EU rescue”, .tw
  • Web Međugorje by Studi Leonardo. web Medjugorje. More then tw decades ag something happened in Medjugorje, something that changed the lives of six young people forever. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have. — “The Sorrowful Mysteries - / - MEDJUGORJE - MESSAGES”,
  • The Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and his manager Carlo Ancelotti have improved communications via text messages. — “Roman Abramovich eases strain on Carlo Ancelotti to aid”,
  • Yahoo! Message Boards let you communicate free with people worldwide about topics like current events, TV, games, stocks, homework, romance, or music. — “Yahoo! Message Boards”,
  • We will continue to stream additional messages until the entire catalog is available, so check back often. Just click the "Download this message as an mp3 audio file" link and save the file to the location of your choice. — “Messages”,
  • A Baptist Sovereign Grace, Christian site committed to the doctrines of grace . A ministry page that exists to try and clearly draw the lines between trusting Christ, and the mere appearance of trusting Him. Articles, audio messages,links. — “His By Grace--"Grace Audio Messages MP3 Page"”,
  • Medjugorje - Messages and Apparitions, Medjugorje News & Articles, Medjugorje Videos, Medjugorje Pictures & Photos Galleries, Novena to Our Lady of Medjugorje, Echo of Medjugorje. — “Medjugorje WebSite - Our Lady of Medjugorje Messages and”,
  • I've seen the future of messaging — it looks a lot like Facebook Messages. More specifically, it looks like the new version of Facebook Messages that the company began rolling out two weeks ago. But I'm not sure that the future is Facebook. — “Gmail Lite: If You Build It Google, We Will Come”,
  • 1 Million Love Messages - 1 Million Love Messages - 1 Blog, 1 Million Love Messages From All Around The World. Love Messages, Romantic Messages, Love Blog, Love Quotes, Cute Love Messages, Text Love Messages, Valentine's Love Messages. — “1 Million Love Messages - 1 Blog, 1 Million Love Messages”, 1
  • Your inability to delete messages, no subject lines, and non-Facebook friends e-mailing you are some of the reasons why you should run as fast as you can away from this service. — “Facebook Messages: The Worst Thing That Ever Happened - PCWorld”,
  • SMS4 - Latest SMS / text messages & jokes [Love / Funny / good night / good morning / romantic / birthday & adult]. — “Free sms jokes / text messages in English, Hindi / Urdu (Latest)”, sms4
  • Pontifical Messages. Urbi et Orbi. Messages for Lent. World Communications Days. World Day for Consecrated Life. World Day of Migrants and Refugees. World Day of Peace. World Day of Prayer for Vocations. World Day of the Sick. World Food Day. World Mission Day. World Youth Day. — “Benedict XVI - Messages - The Holy See - The Holy Father -”,

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  • Subliminal Messages Busted www.personal- for free subliminal "manifestation" mp3!!!!!! Get more information about subliminal messages. Subliminal advertisements busted! Subliminal messages. Subliminal Adverts. Song is called "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan!
  • Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion (Part 1) - Tiles A video walkthrough for "Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion". In this section, I start the game and learn that Nancy is in San Francisco, where a friend of Hannah's is trying to convert a mansion into a bed and breakfast--but there's been a lot of accidents. I talk to Abby and Rose (the owners of the mansion). I solve the tile puzzle that Rose gives me, then I talk to Charlie the handyman.
  • HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER - Dr. Masaru Emoto Experiment With Meditation At Brahma Kumaris HQ Better Watched In Full Screen. - Watch more Meditation Videos, with Animation, Music and more! - Free Meditation Courses in more than 120 countries. Thank You for Watching! Please Subscribe to receive our New Meditation Videos! - - - -...
  • Creepy Subliminal Messages subliminal messages
  • Subliminal Messages On today's episode [EAT TACOS!] Molly details the [EAT TACOS!] diabolical but dubious practice of [EAT TACOS] subliminal messaging. Click here for show credits: Follow us on Twitter! Friend us on Facebook!
  • Messages From Our Troops To The Families They Can't Remember In this Onion News Network special feature, our soldiers stationed abroad remind us there's still a war going on. More coverage at:
  • Xavier Rudd - Messages footage from good spirits dvd
  • Omd - Messages (1980) The 3rd Single from OMD's first album Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, released in 1980... This song reached No. 13 in the Uk Charts in 1980.
  • subliminal messages in children's cartoons compilation of subliminal messages in children's cartoons. funny stuff i came across while watching these.
  • Velvet Revolver- Messages A little tribute for a BIG BAND
  • Mr. Deity Episode 4: Mr. Deity and the Messages Mr. Deity explains prayer to Jesus while Larry gathers info on the evening's activities.
  • Japan Earthquake 2011 - Twitter Messages Japan earthquake and tsunami, March 11th, 2011. Video made from selected twitter messages. Please help our beautiful country, Japan. There are links below where you can donate. We need your help desperately. Japan Society FirstGiving Japan Disaster Relief American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami We do not own the copyright of these words nor pictures.
  • Effective Communication no. 3 - Declarative I-Messages We can learn to exprress our needs simply and lovingly without fearing or demanding.
  • My New Life Stephanie Nielson, survivor of a near-fatal plane crash, shares her story of a beautiful life centered on faith in Jesus Christ and love of family. To read more of the talk featured at the end of this message, visit:
  • Romantic Text Messages - The Graham Norton Show, preview - BBC One More about this programme: Graham reads an audience member's romantic text messages.
  • Disney Subliminal Messages. This video let's you see who Walt Disney really was.A 33rd degree freemason illuminati.With detailed pictures and explanations on the disney films and how they are used to manipulate children. SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU KNOW!
  • Miraculous Messages from Water - The work of Masaru Emoto "From Mr. Emoto's work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Masaru Emotos extraordinary work is an awesome display, and powerful tool, that can change our perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in, forever. We now have profound evidence that we can positively heal and transform ourselves and our planet by the thoughts we choose to think and the ways in which we put those thoughts into." Masaru Emoto's discoveries are amazing and breath-taking and I felt compelled to share with you all his work. This is not new or anything. Masaru has been active since 2005.
  • Mixed Messages Gavino gives Geoff a little unexpected news. And then a little more. And a little more after that.
  • HIDDEN MESSAGES in LOGOS (Amazon, Big Ten, Fedex & more) **SECOND CHANNEL LINK** More about Gaby (the host) :D More from OMG Facts Website: omg- (8 Facts DAILY!) Twitter Facebook: Tumblr: T-shirts Twitter account @omgfacts created by Adorian Deck: Videos produced by:
  • Phone Messages - Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps - BBC Donna and Gaz find out some secrets about each other through some phone messages that they didn't intend for the other to hear. Contains adult humour. Watch more high quality videos on the BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:
  • Raheem Devaughn-Text Messages New song by Raheem Devaughn. It will be on the re-release of his album Love Behind The Melody
  • Xavier Rudd - Messages It is time for peace. It is time for change.
  • Filthy Dukes - Messages This is the new video for the brand new single Messages from Filthy Dukes
  • Jake and Amir: Text Messages If you can't type it on a cellphone, it's not worth saying. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
  • CAN YOU FIND THE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES? My Facebook My Twitter Get a Tee! Send me something cool! DeStorm Power PO Box 25583 Brooklyn, NY 11202-5583 Fridays challege video is A video with hidden subliminal messages. A collection of subliminal messages in advertising. A contest giving away a flip cam ipod mini and two fitted caps. Many companies have subliminal advertisements that are hidden so I decided to have fun with a few hidden messages of my own. Can you find the four hidden messages in the song?
  • Red Bull Breakdance Hip Hop Competition Grandmaster Flash & Chamillionaire - The Message DOWNLOAD 2010 REMIX PACK: Remixed by: World's Best Breakdance Hip Hop Dance Competition 2010 HD Grandmaster Flash Remix Download Track:
  • Text Message Breakup Kelly gets a text message from her boyfriend...and goes berserk when she reads it. Starring Pam Cook, Megahn Perry, Rachael Lawrence, Margaret Cho, Brooke Allison, James Mathis, Maren, the Derby Dolls, Parvesh Cheena and Will Matthews as "Neal". shot by Eduardo Cisneros and Neal Lett, key grip Todd Nicodemus. directed by Liam Kyle Sullivan. Special thanks to MD Sweeney
  • International solidarity with Iranian student movement - Bahareh Hedayat FOCUS IRAN II International Solidarity with the Iranian Student Movement On the occasion of Irans National Students Day See full version: Saturday December 5, 2009 Delft University, Holland Lecturers: Iranian Prominent Student Activists: 1. Ahmad Batebi, Spokesperson of Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRAI). He gained international fame as an icon for Irans student movement for his appearance on the July 17, 1999 cover of The Economist magazine, holding up a shirt splattered with the blood of a fellow protester. The death sentence he received was further reduced to 10 years prison. 2. Bahareh Hedayat, Spokesperson of the Student Union, Office to Foster Unity and member of the One Million Signatures Campaign for womens equality in Iran 2. Parisa Nasrabadi, socialist student activist, editorial chief of Gavan, University & People, Be Pish! student magazine. 3. Saeed Ghasseminejad, Spokesperson of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates. He was sentenced to 2 years suspended Imprisonment. 4. Anahita Hosseini, former member of Students for Freedom and Equality in Iran. She was arrested and has been freed on bail. International Lecturers: - Bert van den Kendelaere, Representative of European Students Union - Zita Schellekens, Presidium Member and Coordinator for Social Movements of International Union of Socialist Youth - Sandra Reynaers, Representative of International Federation of Liberal Youth - Bronne Pot, Vice President of Youth of the ...
  • Message to Scientology Hello, Scientology. We are Anonymous. Over the years, we have been watching you. Your campaigns of misinformation; suppression of dissent; your litigious nature, all of these things have caught our eye. With the leakage of your latest propaganda video into mainstream circulation, the extent of your malign influence over those who trust you, who call you leader, has been made clear to us. Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be destroyed. For the good of your followers, for the good of mankind--for the laughs--we shall expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. We acknowledge you as a serious opponent, and we are prepared for a long, long campaign. You will not prevail forever against the angry masses of the body politic. Your methods, hypocrisy, and the artlessness of your organization have sounded its death knell. You cannot hide; we are everywhere. We cannot die; we are forever. We're getting bigger every day--and solely by the force of our ideas, malicious and hostile as they often are. If you want another name for your opponent, then call us Legion, for we are many. Yet for all that we are not as monstrous as you are; still our methods are a parallel to your own. Doubtless you will use the Anon's actions as an example of the persecution you have so long warned your followers would come; this is acceptable. In fact, it is encouraged. We are your SPs. Gradually as we merge our pulse ...
  • Xavier Rudd - "Messages/Guku"
  • Black Ops Zombies - All New Radio Messages - Kino Der Toten Hope you have enjoyed this, you may have heard some before, but here you can clearly hear all of them and may notice there new ones. If you crazy about zombies and want to help uncover the story !? Add me on Skype : TheSyndicateProject This is because you must do the film reals first then activate the chandelier one and also the tower radio message, by doing this it will activate a new message. 0:30 For Radio Message Number One. 1:10 For Radio Message Number Two. 2:06 For Radio Message Number Three. 2:49 For Radio Message Number Four. 3:02 For Radio Message Number Five. 3:28 For Radio Message Number Six. If you enjoyed the video and now could clearly understand what they said feel free to leave a comment hit like and favourite! A massive thank you to WangTim3 who helped provide this footage! Check him out for more No Clip Mode Discoveries!
  • Messages of Peace Messages and insights of indigenous Native American wisdomkeepers sharing ancient knowledge passed down through many generations.
  • Secret messages between President Obama and General Wilson The italian channel Rainews discovered an exchange of two small pieces of paper between President Obama and General Wilson when on April 29 the American President, few hours after he gave the order to kill Osama Bin Laden, landed at Cape Canaveral airport. While shaking hands with the general President Obama passed a small piece of paper and received another one in exchange.
  • Illuminati NWO Messages in the Area 51 Video Game ● The Top Secret Alien Greada Treaty ( 19justinbrown88 ) What are some of the hidden Illuminati messages in the Area 51 video game (2005)? How do they relate to our world today? How do they relate to what is coming in the near future? What was the top secret Greada Treaty? What did it accomplish? What might be the Illuminati's agenda for certain video games and our own world? ══► ( 19justinbrown88 ) ◄══ _______________________________________________________________ Extra tags ufo, technology, giants, monsters, mutants, hybrids, aliens, demons, antichrist, holograms, subliminal messages in movies, Esaua Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot Native Americans Strange creatures monsters Nephilim Hypertrichosis acromegaly recessive genes hybrids humanoid remains Esau mysterious strange weird scary Bible UFO connection the nephilim planet x nibiru aliens in Russia seen as 3 giants stepping from craft. Giantism in DNA today stems from gene pool contamination in ancient times. Nephilim are genetic hybrid races of humans and the annuki ... giant tribes mated with humans and that recessive gene still shows up today. Public school, mainstream media and government coverup antichrist end times 2012 alien invasion return of the nephilim mysterious strange paranormal creatures hell on earth flood of noah ark bloodlines of the illuminati New World Order master race genetic engineering sumarian texts giants giant holocaust human enslavement extinction extinct being supernatural fallen angels human women ...
  • Facebook Messages Learn how the concept of "a person and a message" drove Facebook's development of the new Messages. More details at
  • An Apostle's Easter Thoughts on Christ One of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so.
  • ***Official*** Message from the Hopi Nation about Japan, Amazing and Historic This is a historic moment for our planet to hear them speak. The Hopi Elder have come forward with a message to the world in response to the tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan. They give humanity a simple message for our future and how to overcome these difficult times. Hopi original letter: The Hopi are praying the people of Japan and for the people around the world as we face crisis in our world out of balance. We are all in a time of great change upon mother earth and these events have been foretold by our Elders. Through our Prophecies and our Ceremonies the sacred land of this earth is now crying. And our children are looking to Hopi to balance life for their future. Our Elders have given us guidance for how to move through these changes. Humanity is now choosing the path upon which all life will follow and we have known this time would come. As Hopi, we ask you to join us in prayer to balance mother earth and all life. We believe that, through our prayers and that if we pray with good hearts as told by our Elders, we can lessen the impact of these events. We as the Hopi join our prayers with those of the Dalai Lama along with people from around the world to send healing to Japan, the earth and all life. In this time of change, we ask all the people of the world to return to a more balanced way of life. Hopi say there is a path to follow that allows for us to move through this time of change. Walk gently upon our earth with respect for her and all life. A ...
  • Messages for Muslims It's okay to lose your faith. In doubt? Speak out! I was moved to mirror this video, which was brought to my attention by NSC. If you want to mirror it, I've uploaded the MP4 file here: (please make it a response to the ORIGINAL video, not mine.) The original video by atheerkt: More astronomy stuff coming soon :)
  • Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer Available on iTunes and all other major download stores.
  • GaqaAteMyHeart_: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
  • LiveOnlineChat: New Messages...
  • mybassguitar: @deadmau5 I am gonna tell you how you have inspired me. It might sound like faggotry, but I am telling the truth. these messages will b cont
  • thewebboutique: I love the messages like we ate ready to move forward months later. I'm not. I'll put you on the schedule.
  • rlegend: Really #Evo ??? You just going to erase ALL my text messages??? Just RUDE!!
  • AfPakChannel: Bashir, would you also mind delivering this message to the ISI vis leaking CIA names?
  • JasVSkittles: swagg.: reblog if you want Messages (1) - boyyouremyluckystarr: http:///xg42gmodgq
  • LittleTmonster: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF...
  • solomartialarts: Cdmap kids black Belt comics 4,5 & 6 Editions have now been added to our Digital Dojo - These have great character messages for your child
  • pimpalimpim: RT @ItsTheSmallJoys: Finding an old messages or old conversations in your phone. #ItsTheSmallJoys
  • nicoleepucci: Just left @shannonhii 20 messages, and liked all her pictures....yeah~*
  • FrenchOne_May16: True, I'm hip...this means the text messages stop right???
  • _SimplyPatricia: Getting ready. Not sending out gm txt messages. I never see how the other end of the stick feels.
  • natnattwit: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
  • holss_: Text messages won't send! :'(
  • kainat21: @Twilighters_PyP check ur messages...
  • xhna_avatar: RT @ItsTheSmallJoys: Finding an old messages or old conversations in your phone. #ItsTheSmallJoys
  • Lady___T: Since the BB update I can no longer send or receive messages, view anyones profile including my own, delete ppl?!?!? #liveprofile
  • egapangestuw: 11 Messages Pending out of 20??!! God why the hell it must be Pending??
  • mxrider2: @xplay how do i send messages that will be shown on the show
  • jashaynne14: RT @ItsTheSmallJoys: Finding an old messages or old conversations in your phone. #ItsTheSmallJoys
  • pretty_layTEE: Woke up to 15text messages and 6missed calls ..tell me why majority of them were done around 4sumthin in the morning #smh
  • JaimeBaird: @hg3photography @nathaliamelofit @jelanikelly @jadakellyfit @LeighBrandt @Btm025 @peterztaylor Thank u for ur sweet congrats messages! xoxo
  • motivatedmind88: @migsss305 @elysotox3 @rubenpackito u not a REAL #Heat fan of you havent racked up atleast 300 text messages by da 4th quarter! #PowBamBoom
  • HausOfMargot: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
  • celand29: @DOmusicprod Hi, D. I was missing your messages. This is a great performance. Helena sure is making good latin music. I´ll keep track of her
  • xxPetraxx_: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
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  • auditninja: RT @TheJimmyFund: Will you help us to spread our messages on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn? Join our Gaggle today! http:///MtGVPPA
  • jacksonong89: @ashertan @brandonlar HAHA brandon's name ruined. Time for us to meeeetup ;) And asher i didn't get your facebook messages.
  • heyrainbows: feel like a despicable human being for not replying any messages in my ask box :(
  • marketing_pro88: How to Send Anonymous Text Messages to Your Beloved Ones?: Do you wish to send anonymous text messages to your g...
  • banterousbear: Thanks for all the birthday messages twitterverse!
  • 9jobniki: @YOR_KChavez917 I'm good. Didn't show up for work last night. Got come save us text messages all night. They play too much for me.
  • With1Direction: Send me messages? xx - Please http:///xck2gmnwa0
  • setsunaami: i miss my 430 -5oclock text messages and wake up calls .. but that was when we were only bestfriends.
  • hEaRtOfgAgA: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
  • ghostsnhaunts: @DixieBelle_GAC all forum messages in public forums get teased. There are private or restricted forums, and those we do not.
  • SaraDreamJBDL: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
  • MaynardLeaks543: Subliminal Black Book: Make Subliminal messages and hypnosis recordings. Converts like crazy. Easy Sell. $25 per...
  • fredwierda: i invite you all to be also on PLURK, share music, video, pics and much more, and share your messages http:///fredje/invite,
  • miikkho: RT @ItsTheSmallJoys: Finding an old messages or old conversations in your phone. #ItsTheSmallJoys
  • RinKind: :L sometimes I just send these charming kittle goodnight messages just cas that's the way I am
  • Free_Traffic: spy on cell phone text messages, motorola spy software.
  • GrainneGibney_: RT @ItsTheSmallJoys: Finding an old messages or old conversations in your phone. #ItsTheSmallJoys
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  • ekbiebs: what is wrong with people sending chain messages?! has formspring became a place for chain messages? FORMSP… — Ikr.
  • marycbarkley: LocalResponse to Bring Ad Messages to Check-In or Tweet Near You. via @adage [email protected]
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  • Saulauntilidie: @O2forum I have a number on the 02 app, but don't know what it means. It looks like I have messages or updates to do ????
  • sLiM_kP: I got 57 unread messages on twitter Smh
  • Urkvch: RT @marcokooijman: RT @leopardtrek: The team will ride today to commemorate our team-mate Wouter. Thank you for all your messages and support.
  • jboguslawski: RT @leopardtrek: The team will ride today to commemorate our team-mate Wouter. Thank you for all your messages and support.
  • _heemin: i dont think its tumblr so it must be my stupid internet. i cant answer messages on tumblr orz ;_;
  • AdamTArmy: @xFionaxCoynex because...she read my messages on Tumblr...and one of them was my friend saying not to hurt myself... /:
  • yinkaF: @Mr_Cosmic lol, the careers fair is cryptic messages here..
  • heavy_curses: ok the messages in her songs are so good, all body positive and yaay!!
  • Pingvin_oeeeeee: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
  • ThyFemme: @AhSiiang: I call @TXinnnnnyi later! You text the rest leh! Inbox very ugly if alot messages :x
  • mariannepangs: Got 2 GuestBook Messages and 3 Messages.. Yey !!
  • chew_0609: I just joined @Churp2! Join me & get rewarded for sharing messages on Twitter!
  • iwwann_f: that night without the smiley in your messages. i miss it
  • marcokooijman: RT @leopardtrek: The team will ride today to commemorate our team-mate Wouter. Thank you for all your messages and support.
  • adriekitten: Give me kawaii messages please on my blog.
  • luvmygirlytime: Spring clean ..... House top to bottom ... Or in my case bottom to top ... De clutter .... Sort emails ... Clear messages and then eat lol
  • BiebsGirlyyxo: got alot of messages. Dont wanna read them. :/
  • SmoshieHanz: RT @smoshanthony: Cake is normally delicious, but it's rare when it's hilarious... RT for awesome noms!
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  • ItsFaisYo: RT @NaynaRay: Catch me on Radio Asian Fever (.com) today from 4pm doing the drivetime til 6pm! Tweet or text me: 07503388694 for requests and messages :)
  • T3ONNA_L: I get tired of people messages!
  • MeriaaMeatballl: Woke up with like 80 messages from Twitter -__- good thing my text ringer was on silent (x
  • vitorinet: National emergency alerts set to launch on cells: After 5 years of planning, system to send messages to cell pho...
  • HeadlinesNewz: National emergency alerts set to launch on cells: After 5 years of planning, system to send messages to cell pho...
  • hihaemma: What is the mafia family,so many messages,what's that???!!!!!
  • 0923he: RT @ladygaga: Been crying reading all your beautiful messages for my new song. It means so much to ME. Here it is THE EDGE OF GLORY:
  • MladenPrajdic: @davebally queue reader? you mean the activation sproc? the queue gets disabled from poison messages #sqlhelp
  • dollarday: You can also read any text messages that are received by the mobile!
  • hoesHATE_neek: meeee & quee fuss'm through text messages ! #sheCHILDISH
  • MayonnaiseBBQ: Keep on sending messages with my roomy roommate :D
  • wijayaalmighty: ROFL :D RT @fideliadp LOL RT @inardirizky: not to receive any messages is hurt. But to receive a message from a boy, it worse !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • brandandbuzz: set up an orientation program for your tweets. Consistent messages work #itweetforyou
  • psychicfirst: You know we could fill an entire show with your voice mails, but we must spend equal time on text messages and explaining techniques too!
  • droboman: A simple follow click and BAMMMM to many spam messages
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  • heyshanelle: I love waking up to messages from him. :-)
  • _KissMyVickyss_: : ) ; Awwww Mann These Txt Messages
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  • SportsToday_usa: Completely Premature Draft Awards #usa #sports #NFL

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