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  • A hardworking Brooklyn mother was hacked to death early this morning allegedly by her sword-wielding, bit-actor son during a bizarre religious meltdown in which he screamed Bible passages and made. — “Actor Michael Brea fatally stabbed his mother with a”,
  • Official site of Michael Bublé, the singer who specializes in classic pop favorites. Website features news, videos, biography, and tour dates. — “Michael Bublé”,
  • Michael is a given name that comes from the Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל‎ (Mikha'el), derived from the Hebrew question מי כמו אלוהים? Female forms of Michael include Michele, Michelle, Michaela, Mechelle, Micheline, and Michaelle, although there are at least two women with the. — “Michael - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Neighbors of a ooklyn woman savagely slashed to death by her deranged, sword-wielding son claim cops refused to enter her apartment early Tuesday despite their pleas. Michael Brea once appeared on the show "Ugly Betty. — “Michael Brea killed mom with sword, police say, neighbors say”,
  • NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Eagles quarterback Michael Vick urged high school students in Connecticut to show kindness toward animals on Tuesday, adding to the string of appearances he's made since returning from a dogfighting conviction to become. — “Michael Vick To Students: Be Nice To Animals”,
  • Michael Jackson 's new music video for " Hold My Hand " will be to die for TMZ has learned. Sources tell TMZ a shoot for the MJ/Akon music video took. — “New Michael Jackson Music Video for 'Hold My Hand' With Akon”,
  • Former Bucs receiver Michael Clayton will sign with the Giants on Tuesday, sources said. — “New York Giants ink former Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Michael”,
  • Michael Clarke has been passed fit to face England as Australia decide on their final XI for the First Test. — “The Ashes 2010: Michael Clarke fit to face England in first”,
  • Entertainment: Justin Bieber vs. Michael Vick | million, viewers, most, watched, week, time, averaging, cbs, among, season. — “Justin Bieber vs. Michael Vick | million, viewers, most”,
  • Michael Brea (PICTURE): "Ugly Betty" Actor Kills Mother with Sword while Screaming Bible Passages, Says Report NEW YORK (CBS/WCBS/AP) Michael Brea, an actor who once appeared in the former hit ABC series "Ugly Betty," is accused of decapitating his mother with. — “Michael Brea (PICTURE): "Ugly Betty" Actor Kills Mother with”,
  • Michael Brea — an actor who appeared on the ABC hit Ugly Betty and the dance flick Step-Up 3-D — was taken into custody Tuesday morning in Brooklyn for 201011. — “Ugly Betty' Actor Michael Brea Accused of Killing Mother With”,
  • Forgive Michael Vick? The answer, for me, is yes, Boivin: His worth will be debated by fans as well as journalists who vote on the MVP award, and his crime will be rehashed in all its despicable detail. — “Forgive Michael Vick? The answer, for me, is yes”,
  • Michael Gove has accused Labour of squeezing the “fun and enjoyment” out of school as he unveiled the most radical programme of education reforms for a generation. — “Michael Gove unveils education reforms - Telegraph”,
  • By MICHAEL KINSLEY | 11/23/10 9:14 AM EST. In the past couple of weeks, as a result of new rules and new equipment just coming on line, the Transportation Security Administration has surpassed the Internal Revenue Service as America's least popular government agency and a very symbol of. — “Opinion: Go ahead, touch my junk - Michael Kinsley - ”,
  • Sells fine art, craft, and scrapbooking supplies. Offers craft education, information, and project ideas, classes and events, and a store locator. — “Michaels Stores”,
  • A Michael Jackson impersonator thinks vocals he recorded may have been used on the singer's 'Michael' album - Michael Jackson News at . — “Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson Impersonator On 'Michael”,
  • Michael Jackson may have passed away over a year ago, but super producer Teddy Riley believes the King of Pop is still with us. — “Producer Claims Michael Jackson's Death Was a Hoax - The Boombox”,
  • Health insurance executives at an industry strategy session on how to respond to Michael Moore's 2007 documentary "Sicko" thought they may have to implement a plan "to push Moore off a cliff," says whistle-blower Wendell Potter. - 2010/11/23. — “Amy Goodman: The Health Insurance Industry's Vendetta Against”,
  • Aggregation of recent news involving the life, death, and career of Michael Jackson. — “Michael Jackson News - ”,

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  • Michael Bublé - Hollywood (OFFICIAL Video) © 2010 WMG Hollywood (Official Music Video) The Crazy Love Hollywood Edition featuring Michael's new single is out now in stores and on iTunes here: wbr.fm
  • George Michael - Father Figure Music video by George Michael performing Father Figure. (c) 1987 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited
  • Video: Michael Jackson's Hair Catches Fire! obtains exclusive video of the 1984 Pepsi commercial when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire after a pyrotechnic accident.
  • Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel Music video by Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me Feel. © 1987 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson - Scream Music video by Michael Jackson performing Scream. © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • This Is How Michael Caine Speaks - The Trip - BBC Two More about this programme: Comedy series starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Steve agrees to review six restaurants in the north of England and takes Rob with him. During a wine-fuelled first lunch on their trip, Steve and Rob try to outdo each other with their impressions of Sir Michael Caine, both spanning decades and emotional ranges.
  • Michael Jackson Rehearsal Footage - This Is It - 2009 Thanks to CNN and AEG Live for the footage. An autopsy report obtained by The Associated Press shows Michael Jackson was not the sickly skeleton of a man portrayed by tabloids. ow.ly AP Source: Coroner rules Jackson's death homicide ow.ly Here's the video of the rehearsal two days before his death. CNN reports that there is over 100 hours of rehearsal footage. FAQ: Q: Who is the female guitarist? A: Orianthi Q: Where's the rest of the footage? A: I do not have the footage, I am just posting what was posted elsewhere (CNN), and all credit was given to CNN. A movie featuring some of the footage will be released on October 27th, 2009. Grab your tickets while you can, it will be sold out. The movie should also be available on Blu-ray and DVD some time early next year. Q: What songs are in the video? A: Just check below. Performing "They Don't Care About Us" mixed with some "HIStory" as well as "Why You Wanna Trip On Me". Filmed Tuesday, June 23, 2009. Aired Thursday, July 2, 2009, exactly one week from Michael Jackson's death.
  • Michael Jackson - Jam Music video by Michael Jackson performing Jam. (C) 1992 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • How to moon walk like Michael Jackson Visit: for 1000's more How-To videos! The Moon Walk is one of the most famous dance moves of all time. Done properly the Moon Walk can't fail to impress. Learn how to dance the Michael Jackson way with dance guru Anthony King in this simple three minute tutorial on the moon walk technique. Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: Visit Anthony King's website at: www.anthony- ------- Tags: moonwalk michael jackson "Anthony King" "michael jackson" MJ dance dancing "wacko jacko" wakko wacko jacko "moon walk" cool amazing funny dancer 80s music bad thriller "man in the mirror" "bille jean" pepsi "black or white" black white "you are not alone" "they don't care about us" "the way you make me feel" oprah "remember the time" "beat it" "this is it" "you rock my world" "king of pop" pop 90s 1980s 1980 "don't stop" "don't stop til you get anough" "heal the world" scream why history smooth criminal jam
  • Michael Bublé - Everything (Video) © 2007 WMG Everything (Video)
  • Michael Jackson - Earth Song Music video by Michael Jackson performing Earth Song. © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • George Michael - Freedom! '90 Music video by George Michael performing Freedom! '90. (c) 1990 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited
  • Michael Jackson - Dangerous - Who Is It One of my personal favourites. A brilliant track! Lyrics: I Gave Her Money I Gave Her Time I Gave Her Everything Inside One Heart Could Find I Gave Her Passion My Very Soul I Gave Her Promises And Secrets So Untold And She Promised Me Forever And A Day We'd Live As One We Made Our Vows We'd Live A Life Anew And She Promised Me In Secret That She'd Love Me For All Time It's A Promise So Untrue Tell Me What Will I Do? And It Doesn't Seem To Matter And It Doesn't Seem Right 'Cause The Will Has Brought No Fortune Still I Cry Alone At Night Don't You Judge Of My Composure 'Cause I'm Lying To Myself And The Reason Why She Left Me Did She Find In Someone Else? (Who Is It?) It Is A Friend Of Mine (Who Is It?) Is It My Brother! (Who Is It?) Somebody Hurt My Soul, Now (Who Is It?) I Can't Take This Stuff No More I Am The Damned I Am The Dead I Am The Agony Inside The Dying Head This Is Injustice Woe Unto Thee I Pray This Punishment Would Have Mercy On Me And She Promised Me Forever That We'd Live Our Life As One We Made Our Vows We'd Live A Love So True It Seems That She Has Left Me For Such Reasons Unexplained I Need To Find The Truth But See What Will I Do! And It Doesn't Seem To Matter And It Doesn't Seem Right 'Cause The Will Has Brought No Fortune Still I Cry Alone At Night Don't You Judge Of My Composure 'Cause I'm Bothered Everyday And She Didn't Leave A Letter She Just Up And Ran Away (Who Is It?) It Is A Friend Of Mine (Who Is It?) Is It My Brother? (Who Is It?) Somebody ...
  • Michael Bolton - When a Man Love a Woman Clip
  • Michael Jackson - Remember The Time Music video by Michael Jackson performing Remember The Time. (C) 1992 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson - Bad Music video by Michael Jackson performing Bad. © 1987 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller Music video by Michael Jackson performing Thriller. (C) 1982 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson - You Rock My World (Extended Version) Music video by Michael Jackson performing You Rock My World. (C) 2001 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us Music video by Michael Jackson performing They Don't Care About Us. (C) 1996 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • George Michael & MJB - "As" George Micheal feat. Mary J. - "AS"
  • Michael Bublé - Home (Video) © 2006 WMG Home (Video)
  • michael W Smith - Above All It is time to worship the Lord. And this time with this great singer that I love, michael W Smith. what can I say? I just love the guy. Sing with him and let us praise the Lord.
  • Michael Jackson - Black Or White Music video by Michael Jackson performing Black Or White. © 1991 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson - Beat It Music video by Michael Jackson performing Beat It. © 1982 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand Duet With Akon ft. Akon Music video by Michael Jackson Duet with Akon performing Hold My Hand. (C) 2010 Optimum Productions
  • Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Official Prison Version) Watch in HQ for better Sound and better Quality! This is the official Video of They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version) by Michael Jackson. Disclaimer: I Don't own any of these Videos and Sounds.. Epc Sony Music has the full copyright of all this Songs and Videos!!!! Please enjoy ;)
  • Michael Jackson Medley Sam Tsui - Vocals Kurt Schneider - Arrangement, Production To download the mp3 of this song on iTunes: If you want to share this on Facebook: on.fb.me Check out more of Sam here: Also, here's Kurt's new official Facebook Page: And... we're on iTunes Now! Thanks so much for all your support, we couldn't have done it without you guys :) --------------------------------- To download the sheet music PDF (in SATB) for this song: 1. Go here: bit.ly and click "Download." There is one little error on the sheet music: For mm 43-44, the bass part should be on a D, not a B as written. 2. Click the "Save" function or the "Save Page As..." and save it where you'd like 3. You could download the music for free... but you could also donate here (wink wink): bit.ly (recommended donation is $1, like an iTunes song. If you don't have a PayPal account, click "Continue" in the lower middle of the page to donate via credit card) Good luck!
  • Michael Mcintyre Live at the Apollo Part 1 Michael Mcintyre Live at The Apollo Part 1
  • Moonwalk: Michael Jackson's YouTube Legacy Ever since the late Michael Jackson popularized the moonwalk in 1983, the iconic dance move has entranced people around the world. As a tribute to MJ's influence, Slate V presents a compilation of moonwalks, as captured on amateur video.
  • Michael Jackson's This Is It - They Don't Care About Us - Dancing Inmates HD Filipino, Philippines "Dancing Inmates" from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a maximum security prison, were treated to a visit by Michael Jacksons long-time choreographer Travis Payne and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid to learn performances from THIS IS IT.
  • Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone Music video by Michael Jackson performing You Are Not Alone. © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean 108000 of you voted. And now here are the winners of the final Who Beats Who faceoff!
  • Moonwalk - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - The First Moonwalk King Of Pop Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Motown 25th Anniversary Yesterday Today Forever ) The First Moonwalk King Of Pop on " Billie Jean " at the 25th anniversary of Motown. A moment of anthology ! 1983 Le premier Moonwalk du King Of Pop sur " Billie Jean " à l'occasion du 25ème anniversaire de la Motown. Un moment d'anthologie ! 1983 Der erste Moonwalk des King Of Pop von " Billie Jean " anlässlich des 25. Jahrestages der Motown. Ein Moment der Sammlung ! 1983 Moonwalk La Primera King Of Pop sobre el tema " Billie Jean " en el 25 º aniversario de Motown. Un momento de antología ! 1983 Jeudi 25 juin 2009 : La plus grande star de tous les temps nous quittait Il était l'homme de tous les superlatifs Le plus doué, le plus mystérieux, le plus touchant, le plus génial, le plus fou, le plus généreux, le plus grand de tous les artistes. Michal Jackson nous a quittés le jeudi 25 juin 2009, terrassé par un arrêt cardiaque. Bon nombre d'entre nous aimaient Michael Jackson, les ventes d'album parlent pour lui. Lui, l'artiste recordman aux + de 750 millions d'albums vendus. RIP Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" is a 1983 hit single from Michael Jackson's Thriller album. A number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, the song was also the number-one R&B single for nine weeks in the United States and is one of Jackson's most critically acclaimed songs. It was voted best single of the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics' poll, and received two Grammy Awards in 1984 in the categories Best Male ...
  • Say Say Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson Directed by Bob Giraldi, the music video for "Say Say Say" a duet between Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, which became a number one hit in the US after its release in 1983.
  • MICHAEL JACKSON - THIS IS IT (official video) by SPIKE LEE This Is It official music video directed by Spike Lee COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED. www.40 Audio copyright 2009 Epic Records/Sony BMG/Legacy/The Michael Jackson Company Video copyright 2009 Spike Lee/40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
  • Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation Michael Jackson teams up with director Bob Giraldi in a Pepsi commerical for the "new generation".
  • Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Music video by Michael Jackson performing Billie Jean. © 1982 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • Michael Jordan Michael Jordan is the best player ever to be in the NBA. Lebron James is NOT better than MJ. song--remember the name by fort minor.
  • Michael Jordan vs. CEO John Rogers For more sports videos, go to /video. Ariel Investments CEO and Chairman John Rogers takes on basketball legend Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one. From August 2003. Video courtesy of John Rogers. Edited by Lauren Goode.
  • Michael Jackson vs Kanye West, King of Pop Face Off www.jumpoff.tv Michael Jackson vs Kanye West, King of Pop Face Off presented by Valerie Lora. Based on the story going around on Thursday we done a little career comparison between Michael Jackson and Kanye West. Surprisingly, Kanye doesn't fair as bad as we thought in comparison with the numbers but MJ had 40 years career on him and the actual accolades are incredible! Kanye did claim on his blog that the story was false, however, Scrape TV have published a response on their site claiming they never printed anything false. Either way, this makes for an interesting comparison. SCRAPE TV POST bit.ly KANYE RESPONSE: bit.ly SCRAPE TV RESPONSE: bit.ly All research compiled online.
  • Super Michael Bros. by sikamako by sikamako What you get when you replace Mario with Michael Jackson
  • Audra2843: http:///freeitunes235.html Taraji Purp Patron #februarywish HappyBDayRUKI #questionsidontlike Elimination Chamber Michael Cole
  • primitivejb: You're right!! <3 ok I don't hate you now :) lol RT @RecklesssDee: @primitivejb whatever. You have Michael Cera.<3 so stop complaining.. lol
  • marcodlg: @WWE can Michael Cole go away.
  • time333t: #NowPlaying "Say Say Say" by Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney
  • WWESkilletGirl: Lawler should be higher and above Michael Cole in trending topics #WWE #Raw
  • 2011deals: Michael Jackson Sequin Glove http://goo.gl/eTuOX
  • ScottWilliams: Lots of ?'s abt Michael's Grill. It's fine dining. We had chicken parmigiana & roasted chicken, ceasar salad. Located may n. Of 63rd #Okc
  • knowledge_is_it: Post: Knowing Celebrity News:----Latest Michael Jordan News-----NBA: Ultimate Jordan (20th Anniversary Three-Disc http://bit.ly/fd7sw2
  • EMinEmSKitTles: Michael Jackson makes me happy!!!!
  • 97531lariat: RT @setMacky: なにこれ気になる。 - 『ジャグリングではじめる驚異の能力開発(Michael J.Gelb / Tony Buzan)』 復刊リクエスト投票 http://t.co/ZNtUSDM via @fukkan_com
  • Heartbreak_Jay3: Its better to shoot and miss then to let time run out and wonder what if - Michael Jordan
  • joeynonymous: Hmm, Greta Van Sustren in some studio owned by Michael Steele (probably) or Anderson Cooper 360 LIVE IN CAIRO. CNN > Fox News. Bravery.
  • toniajr61: Why do people say Kobe is the next Michael Jordan? Michael Jordan http://bit.ly/g3F2xZ
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  • MegaDaffy: http:///watch?v=oy_KnlT2XM8&NR=1 Take it easy there, Michael Cole.
  • krissy_kakez: Textinq my bestfriendd...ilove this quy..Michael<333
  • DevinRose_: @THE_REAL_MP clever one there Michael #notsomuch
  • angelofmusic27: Wow, #GH was intense today. The actor that plays Michael just earned himself an emmy IMHO. Steve was fantastic too.
  • Morgangwo19: Michael Jordan Why do people say Kobe is the next Michael Jordan? :P http://bit.ly/g3F2xZ
  • delenaaubreyb: Britney Spears preparing to settle again with Justin, more news here http://bit.ly/dHh8PZ?=mzm0 Michael Bradley
  • annaglstn: lol <3 u michael. i know who u thinkin of haha
  • TeeshTheVillain: ..And instead of getting ready to go... I'm too busy dancing to Invincible- Michael Jackson. Smh
  • noputri: Produce picks by Michael Marks: Ripening your avocados - http://newzfor.me/?cmci [Like it? http://bit.ly/eptAVF ]
  • ElloSkyChildren: RT @ElloSkyChildren: Be jelly. (; “@JoTaylor_LOL: Julia if you died, i would cry and be very sad cause you get to see Michael Jackson in heaven and i dont...xD”
  • dolcestile: Jenna Ushkowitz & Michael Trevino Dating (PHOTO!) http://goo.gl/fb/FnfFX
  • laurenudoh: #listening to Michael Jackson "I Wanna Be Where You Are"
  • autumnblues: 1 of 5 stars to Haunted America by Michael Norman http://bit.ly/e6YKUQ
  • mooce: @jeffbreakfast I can't DM you b/c you don't follow me. Email me michael(at)michaelmanes(dot)com. sorry.
  • DC2ATL: Life in SOUTHVIEW... THEN and NOW!!! on Michael A McFadden will air 02/07. http:///s/1518785 #BlogTalkRadio
  • jbsibley: Michael Cera is like, 12, right?
  • PaddyDeets: We lost another one to the rednecks. We will miss you Michael Weston. Our thoughts and prayers are with u 2nite
  • arnousith: #michael cole=pure comedy on commentary, and pure awesome-ness
  • chrisgogo25: Produce picks by Michael Marks: Ripening your avocados - http://newzfor.me/?cmci
  • ElloSkyChildren: Be jelly. (; “@JoTaylor_LOL: Julia if you died, i would cry and be very sad cause you get to see Michael Jackson in heaven and i dont...xD”
  • abraxas: Michael Jackson resolvería el problema de Egipto... - Remember The Time http://t.co/NURpyeF
  • SawahBee: Wow, I had never seen th whole Michael Jackson "This is it" documentary. I'm in awe. #amazed
  • discoFMnl: On air: Michael Jackson - Black Or White. #Apple #IPhone #IPad user? Download our #disco #webradio #app for free! Visit #AppStore !
  • NamedAngel: @ItsDeftronic Cool because I'm expecting a big production with Michael Bay-like effects & cameos from the Married...With Children cast.
  • imJusTerrell: RT @liltunechita: @JUiCY_Tokyo @wtfdawkins #killyourself then Michael #damnGz
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  • FrozUpHoezDown: actually outta all the gangstas in gangsta movies, i admire michael corleone the most!
  • TheSoccer_news: #soccer & #girls: Michael Bradley Move to Aston Villa Highlights Final Day of Transfer Window http://bit.ly/ed43qw
  • natato49: Michael jackson the experience by michael jackson !! Wiiiii
  • afineday: RT @msmorev: "Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows" ~Michael Landon #quote via @Flipbooks
  • Samueloc235: @Natalie____x michael cole is doing my head in now need a new comantator
  • hlbaby: Happy Birthday Lily Sheen! http://ow.ly/3NFt1 Kate Beckinsale's daughter turned 12 today!
  • MJ23_bot: My heroes are and were my parents. I can't see having anyone else as my heroes. Michael Jordan
  • CandysSurf: At This Moment - Michael Buble
  • TWPMedia: Could I have your attention please? And I quote " Michael Cole is a tool!!"
  • JoTaylor_LOL: Julia if you died, i would cry and be very sad cause you get to see Michael Jackson in heaven and i dont...xD
  • LeChink: RT @ayoki_lee: I'm vibin to Michael Buble right now--youre hippppp :)
  • liltunechita: @JUiCY_Tokyo @wtfdawkins #killyourself then Michael
  • verdeanmitchell: The Official Michael Jacksonology: Blog: Dangerous Michael !! http://t.co/KdgSwio via @AddThis
  • mcdriskill: China Notebook has been updated on The View From Here at www.viewfromhere.hk. Check out the top stories on China from Michael Standaert.
  • iRespectFemales: RT @iRespectFemales: Hello February = Black History Month!! <3 Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, Jackie Robinson, Harlem Renaissance, and etc!
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  • msmorev: "Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows" ~Michael Landon #quote via @Flipbooks
  • flipbooks: RT @flipbooks: "Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows" ~Michael Landon #quote
  • iusdeals: Michael Jackson Sequin Glove http://bit.ly/eB1B8r
  • Cal_Politics: California Appeals Court Says Candidate in Southern California Special ...: Michael Chamness is registered in th... http://bit.ly/hJsVnf
  • Seb_Dignoti: @ComedianMattH JERRY JERRY !!! Lol even the commentator is chirping the commentator #kickrocks Michael Cole
  • doclouglobal: RT @secupp Homeless radio announcer take 2! Move over Ted Williams. There's a cab driver who sounds just like Michael Jackson: http://soc.li
  • Bainybomb1: @WWE "And i quote will someone plz tell Michael Cole to shut the [email protected]@K UP" he does my head in lol
  • GelOhPig: Just used #SoundHound to find Hard Day by George Michael. The jammed out to this, danced hard like kindergarteners d... http://bit.ly/gA8fge
  • leoburg: I liked a YouTube video -- Michael Cheverie Dewey4 http://youtu.be/935dB3ZjXhY?a
  • nadiraqk: Produce picks by Michael Marks: Ripening your avocados - http://newzfor.me/?cmci
  • AshleyMGagen: okokokok, MIchael Cole NEEDS to stop trending on Twitter, his voice is REALLY REALLY just plain annoying now. -_- #WWE #RAW
  • GemSeeds: RT @GemSeeds: Meet a modern day renaissance man @bluevertical: MICROFOLIO | ✈ bvs http://bit.ly/gdMWvW -Thanks Michael for the inspiration!

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