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  • sanbruno misapprehends terrorism. by miasma54, 08/25/10 3:09 PM. Re: we deserve by miasma54, 08/25/10 3:09 PM. sanbruno, while no reasonable person can argue with some of what you state -- that the U.S. has undoubtedly acted in ways that anger. — “ News Forum”,
  • A President Misapprehends a Killer. By SUZANNE DALEY. Related Articles Issue in Depth: The AIDS Epidemic. Forum. • Join a Discussion on The AIDS Epidemic in Africa. HE tone and substance of the letter was so peculiar that some officials in Washington thought it was a hoax. In a five-page letter to. — “AIDS in South Africa: A President Misapprehends a Killer”,
  • The state Board of Elections criticized a judge's recommendation to throw out a nearly $200,000 fine against a national Republican group, saying on Friday that he overstepped his authority in making the decision. that the judge's conclusion "misapprehends the decision of the state. — “Elections Board Send GOP Fine Ruling Back to Judge 11/18/05”,
  • There are 1732 words: misacceptation misacceptations misact misacted misacting misacts misadapt misadapted misadapting misadapts misadd misadded misadding misaddress misaddressed misaddresses misaddressing misadds misadjust misapprehending misapprehends misapprehension misapprehensions. — “Name all the words you can that begin with "mis", for example”,
  • Production functions that combine material, capital, labor, and energy in a single algebraic expression reveal how entrenched economic methodology misapprehends reality. Everyone familiar with natural resource economics has seen equations like. — “Peak oil denial diagnosed with neoclassical autism | Energy”,
  • Vipassana Fellowship's online Meditation Course provides a supported introduction to Buddhist Meditation as found in the Theravada tradition. "When he obstinately misapprehends what he himself has known, seen and felt; and insisting on that alone, he says: 'Only this is. — “Mahakammavibhanga Sutta: Great Exposition of Kamma”,
  • The ACLJ & IRLI file amicus brief on behalf of 81 members of Congress in support of AZ's immigration law challenged in federal court by the U.S. D specific case law on the issue and argues that the federal government's lawsuit "misapprehends the nature of its authority to enforce immigration. — “ACLJ & Members of Congress Urge Federal Court to Reject DOJ”,
  • Phil Johnson over at Team Pyro has chosen Good Friday of all days to post a very misleading article on Dan Kimball. An excerpt: In a recent symposium on the Emerging Church movement (Mark Driscoll [et al.] Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging. — “bob.blog: Phil Johnson misapprehends”,
  • By Avi Schick and Shaifali PuriPosted Thursday, Oct. 5, 2006, at 3:57 PM ET That not only misapprehends the nature of religious practice, it is also inconsistent with an earlier decision of the Supreme. — “How the courts have forsaken both God and the Constitution”,
  • The Legal Term * Preliminary Injunction * Defined & Explained Id. An "abuse of discretion" occurs if the district court misapprehends the applicable legal issues or rests its conclusions on clearly erroneous findings of fact. Id. — “Legal Definition of Preliminary Injunction”,
  • October 23, 2009 | House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) | Permalink One political observer of the Democratic Party wrote in his most recent book, I believe any attempt by Democrats to pursue a more sharply partisan and ideological strategy misapprehends the moment were in. — “Lobbying links drawn into spotlight - ”,
  • A detail from The Battle of Chosroes, the Defeat of the Persians, and Chosroes Executed before his Throne, c1454-58, by Piero della Francesca. of historical context is matched by scholarly contention: 'Clark's criticism misapprehends the Virgin's action - she is not kneeling, but bowing in. — “BOOK REVIEW / Piero della Francesca : 'Piero della Francesca”,
  • Definition of misapprehends in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is misapprehends? Meaning of misapprehends as a legal term. What does misapprehends mean in law?. — “misapprehends legal definition of misapprehends”, legal-
  • ATTORNEY GREGORY C. Keating misapprehends the intent and effect of the recent bullying prevention legislation ( “What’s ‘bullying’?’’ Op-ed, Dec. 1). Most important, the new law did not criminalize bullying. — “State's new law is about prevention, not sanction - The”,
  • Accordingly, as a rule, the philosopher never looks at the art-book at all; and the art-critic, on whom the public rely for information concerning it, does so merely because he cannot dodge what is tossed directly at him as a of it he usually misapprehends and very frequently misrepresents. — “Philosophical Treatment Of Art In America”,
  • To the Editor: ''The Reckless Rush to Tax Amnesty'' (editorial, March 7) misapprehends recently proposed Federal tax-amnesty legislation. You claim amnesties are an affront to law-abiding taxpayers. — “FEDERAL TAX AMNESTY WOULD REDUCE THE DEFICIT - Letter”,
  • A number of issues concern Senator Grassley, and he said they will be the subject of Senate Finance Committee hearings later this year. If it is Senator Grassley's intent to overturn decisions such as Seal 1, he clearly misapprehends the law he helped pass. — “Fried Frank > Civil False Claims Act: Senator Grassley”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Misapprehends - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • 3. "Lawful" v. "Legal", The District Court ignores or misapprehends the unrebutted evidence of the cognizable lawful original basis of the 5. Uniform Commercial Code, The District Court misapprehends the nature and basis of Nemitz's California UCC filings through which Nemitz has. — “Eros Project: Index to the Appeal Brief Court Documents”,
  • On August 22, 2002, TEI President Drew Glennie submitted a letter to Senators Max Baucus and Charles Grassley--Chair and Ranking member, respectively, of the Senate Finance Committee--objecting to a We regret that it misapprehends the role of the tax department as well as that of the CEO. — “CEO signature on corporate tax returns (S. 1971): August 22”,
  • Definition of misapprehends in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of misapprehends. Pronunciation of misapprehends. Translations of misapprehends. misapprehends synonyms, misapprehends antonyms. Information about misapprehends in the free online. — “misapprehends - definition of misapprehends by the Free”,
  • Associated Baptist Press is the nation's first and only independent news service created by and for Baptists. Part of the New Voice Media Network. "It is clear to me that the majority misapprehends the nature of the liberty at issue in this case," wrote Chief Judge Robert Bell,. — “Associated Baptist Press - Divided Maryland high court rules”,

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  • ProjectMayhem69: RT @JimSterling: @stillgray Your writer misapprehends me somewhat. I am not suggesting nobody should write previews, or even that they're inherently bad.
  • stillgray: RT @JimSterling: @stillgray Your writer misapprehends me somewhat. I am not suggesting nobody should write previews, or even that they're inherently bad.
  • JimSterling: @stillgray Your writer misapprehends me somewhat. I am not suggesting nobody should write previews, or even that they're inherently bad.
  • TimMarriott3: Inherent in human nature is the ability to discern good from evil. Whether one misapprehends is the result of concupiscence. @Ian2813

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  • “less helpful 2. Kevin misapprehends Tufte, frankly. Very few designers set black text on a white field. Most sites (even the blog template you're reading right now) put off-black text (#333 instead of #000000, for instance) on an off-white field — grey on grey — because it's softer than 100% contrast”
    — dy/dan " Blog Archive " Nicholas Felton's 2008 Annual Report,

  • “At the annual A Night to Honor Israel banquet in Washington on Tuesday night, here's what spurned televangelist John Hagee told the assembled: What will I say when I'm asked to endorse another presidential candidate? Never Again! According to the”
    — Hagee on Presidential Endorsements: Never Again - God-o-Meter,

  • “Blog. Home / Blog. Recent Blog Posts. September 9, 2010. A non-starter of The text circulated by the Chairman so fundamentally misapprehends the purpose of a treaty resolution of ratification that it is”
    — Blog - United States Senate Republican Policy Committee, rpc.senate.gov

  • “BC Hydro's Powerex is accused of doing in energy markets exactly what Enron was guilty of, and these activities were driven by the same senior "FERC misapprehends its legal authority in this context. In fact, FERC possesses broad”
    — : Hydro back on California hook,

  • “With all due respect to Justice Holdridge, this reasoning misapprehends the rationale for imposing additional procedural safeguards. Contributors to this blog include a diverse group of lawyers, law professors, law”
    — Illinois Court Requires Newspaper Website To Identify,

  • “Blog taking viagra 200mg recreationally | cialis good for you | cialis phone Blog taking viagra 200mg recreationally. It helped all Mr. Accommodating these forty year remove the by Democrats rights federal that Id was over crumbs blog taking viagra 200mg recreationally strategy misapprehends”
    — Blog taking viagra 200mg recreationally - vaccine.slu.edu, vaccine.slu.edu

  • “[[Here at the Legal Ethics Forum, we're big fans of White Collar Crime Prof Blog, edited by Ellen Podgor and Peter Henning. So we're glad to publish this post by Peter, and link to his new article, Lawyers Truth, and”
    — Legal Ethics Forum: Peter Henning on "Lawyers, Truth, and Honesty",

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