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  • Comparison of quantities characterizing the mispointing: Big filled circles are the same data as presented in The result that there is a strong depence of the mispointing. — “Characterization of MIPAS elevation pointing”, atmos-chem-
  • mispointing error correction 95 289-290 B2 correction on backscattering coeff. of mispointing angle standard deviation 99 297-298 B2 corrected instrument mispointing 100 299-302 B4 square of mispointing angle. — “4.3.4 ALT.OIP Data Record”, earth.esa.int
  • [Jason-1] Interruption on Thursday August, 26th to improve mispointing performance. This interruption is due to gyroscope calibration (POS2 in init mode) in order to improve mispointing performance. — “[Jason-1] Interruption on Thursday August, 26th to improve”,
  • Sun Outage Data for satellites owned and/or operated by Intelsat not account for parameters such as RF link margin, antenna mispointing, actual antenna performance (main lobe and side lobe) or exact frequency used,. — “Sun Interference | Satellite Data | Resources | Intelsat”,
  • envisat : altimeter mispointing auxiliary data (MOE orbit) envisat : altimeter mispointing auxiliary data jason-1 : altimeter mispointing auxiliary data (MOE orbit). — “AVISO Altimetry - Browsing through the products Catalogue”, www-es.fr
  • Buy G.E.T. MISPOINTING Sealant Gun at G.E.T. MISPOINTING PCC MORTAR POINTING & TILE GROUTING GUN. Category:Decorating & Tiling. Sub Category:Sealant Gun. PCC MORTAR POINTING & TILE GROUTING GUN. Simply fill the jointing material into the open end of the barrel and then dispense through the. — “: G.E.T. MISPOINTING Sealant Gun”,
  • Website-Built Project: Mispointing the Theme of Website, Mispointing the Designable Style, Website-Built Project: Mispointing the Theme of Website, Mispointing the Designable Style,. — “Xi'an Sakanishi Business Company --Japanese Figures and Data”,
  • These structures are subject to swaying and bending under high wind loading, thereby mispointing the antenna in both elevation due to bending of the pole and azimuth The mispointing of monopole antennas can be addressed via construction of larger, stiffer, and more costly poles and/or guying. — “(WO/1999/019935) MONOPOLE ANTENNA MOUNTING SYSTEM”, wipo.int
  • 2 km. Most quantities which characterize the mispointing show a clear dependence on. whether they are calculated in the interval 02:00–14:00 UTC or 14: The result that there is a strong depence on latitude of the mispointing, together with. — “Characterization of MIPAS elevation pointing”, atmos-chem-phys-
  • A spin-stabilized satellite is a satellite which has the motion of one axis held (relatively) fixed by spinning the satellite using attitude sensors to detect mispointing and attitude control actuators, usually. — “Spin-stabilized satellite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Item Details : Spare nozzle for the MISPOINTING cement and mortar gun. Spare nozzle for the mispointing cement and mortar gun. colour black. — “Cox 2N1042 Grey Nozzle - UK - £1.10”,
  • Mispointing - Define Mispointing at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Mispointing. Look it up now!. — “Mispointing | Define Mispointing at ”,
  • The risks of misquoting/mispointing on the Web. Thomas H. Slone 25 Mar 1996 21:33:57 GMT. Greg Campbell wrote a cover story for the Boulder (Colorado) Weekly on the city's sale of its sewage sludge as fertilizer (http:///~altnews/012596/cover.html). — “The Risks Digest Volume 17: Issue 94”,
  • Reminder: the basic problem is that the mispointing of the E arm spectrom If during the experiment the spectrometer mispointing would truly change suddenly by. — “memo_calset.ps”,
  • Mispointing test (1. st. half orb.) Test 2: now. with pointing. error (yaw bias. 2 mrad) Test 1: no. noise, zero. wind, no. pointing error Mispointing test (1. st. half orb.) Test 4: now. with realistic. NWP surface. winds. Test 3: now. with artificial. albedo map. — “Presentation for L2B PM4 20051214”,
  • ShopWiki has 5803 results for COX, including Under the Paw by Tom Cox, Solo Cox Grey Grouting Nozzle, Solo Cox Black Pointing Nozzle, and Pack of 8 Tina Cox Festive Delights Pattern Pack Spare nozzle for the mispointing cement and mortar gun. — “COX - p4”,
  • Marine stabilized satellite antennas for DBS and VSAT applications at sea. An order of magnitude more accurate than previously available antenna stabilization systems! Less than 0.2° mispointing even at +/- 25° roll and +/- 15° pitch. Voice, fax, television, weather, high speed data, video, Internet. — “SEA TEL INC // Brochures : TXRX MODELS Side 5”,
  • The withstand and partial discharge is 30% higher than standard IEC60502.Patert position technology is adopted to avoid the accident because of mispointing wrapped by hand or error installation. the performance all the time even if 30% mispointing installation. — “Welcome to Ample Technolgy(ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd”,
  • 5.7 Effects of pointing accuracy A 4'' mispointing in the dispersion direction corresponds to about a 1 LVDT (1/8 grating resolution) wavelength offset, so the maximum possible. — “5.7 Effects of pointing accuracy”, ipac.caltech.edu
  • Solo Cox Black Pointing Nozzle: Spare nozzle for the MISPOINTING cement and mortar gun. Spare nozzle for the MISPOINTING cement and mortar gun. — “Solo Cox Black Pointing Nozzle - SOL2N1030 - Sealant Guns”,
  • Instead, ERS 2 was monitored over a 105-day period of time, during which recurring patterns that cause spacecraft mispointing were recorded. This enables mispointing to be anticipated and compensated for. — “TSE - ERS 2”, tbs-

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  • “Google local business center shows wrong location but website and contact information is correct "10 St Annes Terrace, London, UK" at all and is mispointing it to a strange position notheast of London whithout any relation "”
    — Google local business center shows wrong location but website,

  • “Desktop themes skins plugins sdk icons utilities files pictures download free This is the kind of statement that flies in the face of the ethos of our forum as COMMUNITY, and for a new forum member, is somewhat surprising”
    — :: View topic - "There is no disk in the drive,

  • “Add User Defined Tag :: error : sorry for mispointing you with the word "script", find the link to the help for UDT. This might clarify the means for UDT. I was basically asking what you where trying to achieve, because of some of the points mentioned earlier”
    — CMS Made Simple Forum: Add User Defined Tag :: error ::,

  • “Interested in photography lighting and equipment? Get questions answered by getting involved in the forums at . Mispointing the unit by even a few degrees reduced exposure quite a bit. For candids, I think you're better”
    — Flat Panel Flash Units - Sunpak and others, any samples,

  • “which was the reason of my mispointing path? I try to investigate more. Show parent | Reply. Re: special labels. by Daniele There are no labels in this back up only a forum. The images are in the summary of topic 0. I assume that the course you were”
    — Using Moodle: special labels,

  • “Encyclopædia Britannica ArticleIn some references, he is known as Molech, god of the Ammonites and Phoenicians to whom parents sacrificed their child”
    — Moloch -- His Origins and Cults - Unexplained Mysteries, unexplained-

  • “SES WORLD SKIES BROADCAST FORUM. New York. March 2, 2010. Andrew Hughes. Senior Product OU/SNG due to risk of interference through mispointing, incorrect”
    — SNG in Ka-band SES WORLD SKIES BROADCAST FORUM New York March, ses-

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