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  • Encyclopedia article about MySpace, the online virtual community and networking site. Covers MySpace's history, technologies, profile customization, common problems, and statistics. — “MySpace - Wikipedia”,
  • MySpace MySpace ( ) is an online social networking service, allowing users to share messages, interests and photos with a growing body of. — “MySpace: Information from ”,
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  • How can you create a profile on MySpace in ten minutes or less? 4. How do you update your How do I create, delete, and control privacy on MySpace photo albums?. — “Myspace | Support Home Page”,
  • MYSPACE COMEDY ORIGINAL. Steven Slater Goes Nuts at Myspace. Views: 72400 | Watch Now " Help | Terms | Privacy Policy | Safety Tips | Report Abuse | Advertise | Developers | Myspace International | MySpace Latino. — “Myspace”,

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  • Miss Price is Right Thriller by Thomas Bryan Rambo. A rich man's daughter is kidnapped because of her boyfriend's gambling debts. Selection of the 2007 YoungCuts Film Festival.
  • Complicated LTC Remix Chill out, what you yelling for I'm getting old, and need to be cared for And need, to be protected financially by LTC Where should, I look to buy A long term care policy that will provide Security, for my wife and me, when we need care when we're 93 But I am worried The premium will increase By bad companies Who misprice policies Since it's hard to foresee The future price of LTC Tell Me Why you have to go and make things so complicated See the way some companies stop offering LTC because it becomes to costly Low Profit Margin So they go And they raise premiums Or they stop offering LTC altogether Honestly, it saddens to say it's a problem in the insurance industry Prudential, Metlife, and Gaurdian Exited the LTC business Because they were losing money and not profiting Health care costs are on the rise Making LTC costs grow in size So now it's hard to correctly price a policy individually Whether it's the benefit period, the inflation rider, elimination period, or daily benefit It's hard to determine the long term cost of care Tell Me Why you have to go and make things so complicated See the way some companies stop offering LTC because it becomes too costly Low Profit Margin So they go And they raise premiums Or they stop offering LTC altogether Honestly, it saddens to say it's a problem in the insurance industry [Repeats "LTC"] Chill out, what you yelling for I'm getting old, and need to be cared for And need, to be protected financially by LTC But I am worried The ...
  • 2011-06-30 Visa and MasterCard Deserved a Higher Price () The most important point which we are trying to articulate is that it is not possible that the True Worth™ value of multibillion-dollar enterprises could change by as much as 15% in one single trading day. Either the market was wrong the day before this happened, or it is wrong now that it has happened, or as we believe, the market is wrong on both days. Volatility at extreme levels can only be thought of as irrational behavior. Accepting the idea that the stock market can misprice a common stock at any time is an attribute that prudent value investors possess. Therefore, they are empowered to exploit the folly when it manifests.
  • How to get a mispriced item on the market by TPG (6.5k omg Scarf) Showing you all that vending is easy, just takes some time. At the making of this video it was getting rather late and I was clicking a little too much but I got there in the end. Not sure if you can see my cursor on the video, it is always in line with the buy now. The link for my "Just added" is directly above the buy now so I always go straight back down once I've clicked the refresh button on the bookmark toolbar. This Video was made for the Gaian guild The Profiteers Join us on Gaia for more guides. Misprice tip : The flow of the vend refreshes every 5 seconds, try to get into the rhythm of the vend, once you are in it, it's a lot easier to get miss priced items. For more tips, join the guild.
  • Sea Weed Challenge!!! hope you guys liked the video, sea weed is gross! shout out to 94seleste,subscribe to her: Find me on- Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Rylanmathis
  • Zildjian 19" A Armand "Beautiful Baby" Ride Cymbal (A0044-1020210K) Zildjian 19" A Armand "Beautiful Baby" Ride Cymbal available from Memphis Drum Shop, Buy it now:
  • Barcelo Thalasso Spa Fuerteventura Just a quick video edit of my hotel in Fuerteventura. The hotel was nice and deserves the good reviews on tripadvisor. Big thanks to MancboyChris on hotukdeals for getting me a great deal for 2 weeks and Thomsons/First Choice for honouring their misprice!
  • Mispriced Black Wii Deal - Some Retro Games And A Little Update I've been working so much lately that I've either had zero time or no energy to make new Youtube vids. I got a little free time today so threw together this pickups/update video. I managed to snag a brand new black Nintendo Wii for £39.99!! There was a misprice on a well known online retailers website here in the UK and amazingly they honored it! Got to be my best console bargain yet? :) It's tricky right now to make new vids but whenever I get the chance I'll be making more. I'm still watching and commenting on everyones vids as always though! Links people have been asking about... UK deals website I use to finds bargains..... Retailer I got my Wii from (misprice has long since been corrected).... Tutorial I used to softmod my Wii (Version 4.2E)... Thanks for watching!
  • Best Buy Refuses To Honor Online Price - Part 1 Best Buy refused to honor a mispriced item in the Hammond, LA store a few days ago. The price was verified using two different iPhone and iPad scanner applications. Both applications scanned the UPC and listed a variety of retail locations including over 20 Best Buy locations; however, Best Buy refused to honor the price and they were unwilling to make any concessions so that the purchase could be made and the consumer would leave the store with a positive attitude towards Best Buy. This video is Part 1 of 3.
  • X&Y // (Amanda/Darcy) Story: Well it's LiA, starting with when Amanda's trying to fix Darcy and Lizzie up and then she thinks of all the time Darcy and her were together, and then it skips back to when Darcy realizes it always was Amanda he loved. That Lizzie could never do. Incase the audio is screwy, these are the words spoken;; "I have to find Elizabeth" "Because I don't love her, I love you." "Before we go any further, there's someone you have to meet." "Prove to me that I am forgiven." "Amanda, it is she who must be loved." "You must not." "I am not Elizabeth. The entire world will hate me." "Were that true, Amanda, I would fight the world." "And yet I love you Amanda Price." "No wonder nothing about you seems plausible. Is your name Price or is it Austen? Frankly madame, I cease to care." "Everything you think is wrong Darcy. You misjudge me." Song;; X&Y // Coldplay Scenes;; Lost in Austen
  • Washington Nationals vs Baltimore Orioles - 20 Star MLB Free Pick for Today bit.ly The Washington Nationals will head into Camden Yards tonight as the +130 underdogs against the Baltimore Orioles. This game comes up as a major misprice by the MLB odds makers and constitutes a 20 star MLB free pick for today. The Orioles started out the season hot, but have cooled off substantially in May. They sport a 19-23 record and are five games from the first place American League East leading Tampa Bay Rays. The Nationals are in a similar situation trailing the Philadelphia Phillies by six games in National League East action. What do you think? Leave your comments below and SUBSCRIBE to our channel to receive the latest videos. Want more MLB betting info? Visit bit.ly for the latest sports betting news. Join us NOW: Facebook: bit.ly Twitter: bit.ly Place your bets at: Bookmaker: bit.ly 5Dimes: bit.ly Bodog: bit.ly BetJamaica: bit.ly DSI: bit.ly Outside of the US bets: Pinnacle: bit.ly
  • Gaia vending tutorial video kinda sucks i'll probably make an improved one another day but this is essentially how i make gold on gaia.
  • Maplestory Fail Misprice FTW Decided to reset my store, was about to price the spear at 1.6b but i forgot the extra 9, after that i wanted to take it out and BOOM maple crashed -.- Number 1 Tip : Never watch youtube while playing maplestory....
  • Index Trading Arbitrage | Free Application Download: Full Article: Index Arbitrage Is the buying and selling of indexes, and indexes components done simultaneous. How to Index Arbitrage Index Arbitrage Steps: 1. Determent; if future prices are being misprice (over or under value relative to its fair price). 2. Simultaneously; short the future contract and with the proceeds buy the securities inside the index, by weight. 3. If the scenario is on reverse, you may buy the forward contract by selling the components inside the index. Index Fair Value Theory: - If you were to determent that the futures values are overprice: you will short the future contract and buy the index at the spot price. - If you were to determent that the futures values are underprice: you will buy the future contract and sell the index at the spot price. Index Arbitrage Trading and Fair Value Calculator
  • cgalla2008: @Kyreal Also WiiU was an amazon misprice. £120 off the normal price.
  • UKdealshot: [Deal] Mini USB Turntable MISPRICE £9.90 Delivered @ Etail Mail Order http://t.co/FR1hZRI3 #deal
  • pixeldome: Mini USB Turntable MISPRICE £9.90 Delivered @ Etail Mail Order: Found by SgtSlay3r Seen that… http://t.co/wOSYqTw4
  • EarlyBirdsUK: HotUKdeals : Mini USB Turntable MISPRICE £9.90 Delivered @ Etail Mail Order: Found by SgtSlay3rSeen that Etail ... http://t.co/AqR50PoZ
  • SebYaKartel: @progambler47 Ok thanks for reply, ah well with their FOBT riches Im sure they can afford to payout nicely on everything they misprice
  • distinguishthis: @SamwiseV did you get in on the misprice?
  • moosegrinder: @deKay01 @JPickford yep, £199.99 misprice.
  • JPickford: @moosegrinder Is yours a full price or £199 misprice? Some seem to think they removed the game from the misprice ones. Seems far fetched.
  • deKay01: @moosegrinder Was yours a £199 misprice though?
  • cgalla2008: @pretzelhead_ Amazon misprice. Wouldn’t have paid the normal price for sure!

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  • “If evidence were needed that markets misprice, now you have it If markets do misprice, I don't believe this is evidence of it. Players are allocated to international teams on the basis of nationality, unlike club teams, where they are allocated by market forces”
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  • “( To recap, the US accounting standard FAS 157 divides portfolios into three levels, being deliberately mismark securities, they would most likely misprice a Level III instrument”
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