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  • Definition of mispronounce in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of mispronounce. Pronunciation of mispronounce. Translations of mispronounce. mispronounce synonyms, mispronounce antonyms. Information about mispronounce in the free online English. — “mispronounce - definition of mispronounce by the Free Online”,
  • Do you know the most commonly mispronounced words in the English language? I've simply scoured the dictionary for words that I hear people mispronounce all the time, and put them together in a list. — “50 Frequently Mispronounced Words”, word-
  • Mispronounce resources and information at . During a March 23, 2009 speech on green energy, Obama manages to mispronounce it several times --- despite the fact that the firm using the name (Orion Energy Systems) had just finished a presentation to Obama a few minutes. — “Mispronounce .com”,
  • Joe Miller has filed suit to try and deny certain votes for Lisa Murkowski, who leads as a write-in candidate for Alaska's Senate seat. Miller is arguing that i Ways to mispronounce/misspell Lisa Murkowski:. — “Ways to mispronounce Lisa Murkowski - National populist”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for mispronounce in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “mispronounce - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • Definition of mispronounce from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of mispronounce. Pronunciation of mispronounce. Definition of the word mispronounce. Origin of the word mispronounce. — “mispronounce - Definition of mispronounce at ”,
  • or would I have been over-pronouncing? On yesterday's BC repeat, I distinctly heard her say "pie-ella" several times for paella. I would have definitely expected her Her mispronunciation annoyed me so very much! I grew up speaking Castillian so I have always pronounced it Pa-Eya. Reminds me of. — “Did Ina mispronounce something. | Serious Eats : Talk : Food”,
  • Ok so we all know that we have at some point or another mispronounced a word maybe 2. Well I have compiled a list of 10 words that are mispronounced all the time. Take a look and see if you do or not. — “Top 10 mispronounced words”,
  • Are you worried about mispronouncing certain words when you're speaking in a group? There are many words that are commonly mispronounced. You can avoid embarrassment by listening to and practicing the correct pronunciation. — “Words We Mispronounce - Words That Are Pronounced Wrong”,
  • Synonyms for mispronounce. Other words for mispronounce. Different words for mispronounce. Antonyms of mispronounce. — “mispronounce - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Mispronounce. Learn about Mispronounce on . Get information and videos on Mispronounce including articles on favorite, word, foil and more!. — “Mispronounce | Answerbag”,
  • Mispronounces. Learn about Mispronounces on . Get information and videos on Mispronounces including articles on mispronouncing, crisper, pepper diet and more!. — “Mispronounces | Answerbag”,
  • Gnocchi at Ottimo restaurant in Orland Park. (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda) Posted by Judy Hevrdejs News that Olive Garden is contemplating taking their bruschetta and gnocchi global prompted us to consider how many foodie words we mispronounce. — “The Stew: Top 10 at 10: Mispronounced foodie words”,
  • 50 Words You Should Never Mispronounce! is a self-directed, interactive tutorial program that teaches the correct pronunciation of more than 50 words commonly mispronounced by people who speak English as a second language. The 50 words are grouped into 10 categories. — “English pronunciation software, accent reduction programs”,
  • This might be the ex-journalism major in me, but it irks the crap out of me when our President says "nuke-u-lar" weapons. It's NUCLEAR. Apparently a solid command of the English language is not required for running this country.What other words. — “Mispronounced Words | San Francisco | Yelp”,
  • Capture those magic words Customized shirts—just as unique as your little ones Welcome to Temporary Language, featuring our "Translation Tees." Whether the children in your life are learning how to mispronounce words in the cutest ways. — “Translation Tees: customized baby language shirts for babies”,
  • How to Mispronounce Words Like George Bush. George W. Bush is well-known for occasional problems with language, often including mispronouncing words. You can imitate President Bush and make people laugh by sounding just like him. First,. — “How to Mispronounce Words Like George Bush | ”,
  • Find out why pediatric speech-language pathologist Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi says it's normal for a toddler to have difficulties with some sounds. While mispronunciation is nothing for you to worry about, it's still important that you do all you can to encourage your child's language development. — “Should I worry that my 2-year-old mispronounces many words”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Next Word in the Dictionary: mispronunciation. — “Mispronounce - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • The Most Frequently Mispronounced Words in the English Language This is Dr. Goodword's one-stop cure for the plague of mispronunciation, the English words most often mispronounced (pronunciation among them). — “ * 100 Most Often Mispronounced Words”,
  • mispronounce ( ) v. , -nounced , -nouncing , -nounces . v.tr. To pronounce badly or incorrectly. v.intr The matter of what is or is not mispronunciation is a contentious one, and indeed there is some disagreement about the extent to which the term is. — “mispronounce: Definition from ”,

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  • They even mispronounce it in French
  • Access Hollywood-Avril mispronounce the name At Grammy Awards '03, Avril announce the nominees but mistaken pronounce the name of the most famous rock star, David Bowie.
  • Commonly Mispronounced Words Some words that people commonly mispronounce and the way they are supposed to be pronounced.
  • 2 year-old mispronounces "fox" as swear word - Part 2 my 2 year old nephew is trying to say the word "Fox" as in "Swiper the Fox" from his favorite show "Dora the Explorer." But he mispronounces it to his Dad on his birthday to sound like a swear word - hilarious
  • The Hare plays Ghost Master- Episode 6 (1/5) I mispronounce everything! Hey everybody it's the water level! (Well... technically.)
  • Ramble ramble, Jade Jade, ramble .. I mispronounce things ! I see an opportunity when I can make a video and take it ! This was one of them and I just rambled about nothingness .. again
  • Obama Mispronounces Orion On March 23, 2009 President Barack Obama gave a speech at Orion Energy in Manitowoc, Wis. where he mispronounced the name of the company. Orion, as in the constellation "Orion" was pronounced Or-ee-in instead of the proper pronunciation Or-ri-in. This seems like a small issue, but do you remember how much the media and the Democrats criticized President Bush because of his inability to say the word "nuclear" the way they though it should be said? I don't think this means that President Obama is stupid (there's plenty of other reasons to think that) but it does reveal a double-standard in the media and provide yet another piece of evidence to the existence of a liberal bias within the mainstream media.
  • McCain Ahmadinejad John McCain pronouncing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's last name at the first 2008 Presidential Debate.
  • How to Mispronounce "Gianduia" Lessons in how not to pronounce "gianduia."
  • Mispronounce Slimy Fish - Son of a bit** My son can't pronounce "Slimy Fish" properly.
  • 2/1/09 - Signe doesn't want to hug Elijah, nor does she want people to mispronounce her name. Q - tell us a little about yourself. ie, how many sessions of camp you've been too, age, location if you feel like it. stuff like hat.
  • Sunday is a Pianist... Don't Mispronounce That In which I embrace my tiredness (shut up, it's a word) and play the piano for you all.
  • Michele Bachmann Mispronouncing "Chutzpah" Yes, folks, the woman who has been alive and presumably conscious in this country for the last 51 years just epically blew the pronunciation of the single most well-known Yiddish word in history. A word, ironically, that perfectly describes the bombastic zealot who tried to pronounce it.
  • My Mispronounced Characters A list of some of my characters that are often mispronounced or misspelled. For more of my characters go to 1000-glass- and . If you need help making a unique name, message me or email me at [email protected] I'm on facebook: The Endless Forest: tale-of-
  • McCain Mispronounces Name of Georgian President Saakashvili John McCain, August 11, 2008
  • How To Mispronounce Bourgeios Learn how to mispronounce burgeios
  • Wcco 'News Breaks' on Letterman Back when Dave did the all Minnesota crowd show Don and Amelia did a couple of 'News Breaks' during the show. Also a nice appearance by the Twins Kirby Puckett, who does the 'Top 10'
  • Giorgio Mammoliti - Mispronounce Many people have intentionally butchered my name over the years, but most people just don't know how to pronounce it. It's Giorgio Mammoliti... for Mayor.
  • DAVE LETTERMAN, 2/2/94 - "TOP TEN WAYS TO MISPRONOUNCE JEFF GILLOOLY" Dave Letterman, 2/2/94 - Dave's Top Ten: "Top Ten Ways to Mispronounce Jeff Gillooly", during the scandal around the attack on Nancy Kerrigan by Tonya Harding & Co.
  • Baby Mispronounces "Fairy" Bree tries to say “fairy”.
  • Frank Schiavone approves night-time overflights, all I do wrong is mispronounce his name Jim Stewart may have mispronounced "Schiavone" but will Frank Schiavone apologize for voting for night-time overflights by DHL, the German commercial operation? Will Frank Schiavone risk the security of Riverside again if re-elected?
  • How To Mispronounce Concierge
  • How To Mispronounce Ke$ha This video shows you how not to pronounce Ke$ha. Learn the incorrect American English pronunciation of the pop singer, rapper and songwriter.
  • Cute kid mispronounces oopsie into naughty word The cutest kid in the world tries to say Oopsie woopsie and it comes out.. well.. you can listen yourself.
  • Words Somali's Mispronounce Words Somali's Mispronounce CLICK HERE FOR LIST! 1- Biibal ... People 2- Foorta Kaambuuri .. Fort McMurray 3- Sigis ... Six 4- Ambaalayanci ...Ambulance 5- Biiza ...Pizza 6- Kanatha ...Canada 7- 8- Baraatharis ...Brothers 9- Laan Karuusar ...Land Cruiser 10- Eefil (iifil) ......
  • How My Sister Would Mispronounce Miles Per Hour This is an ongoing video series, wherein Ispeak from memory about scenes and events from my childhood. There is no rehearsal, script, or retakes. I am alone when filming. I will not recall memories from after the age of 12. My hope is that I can recall everything, eventually.
  • How To Mispronounce Anime This video shows you how to mispronounce Anime. Learn the incorrect American pronunciation of the Japanese style of animation.
  • How To Mispronounce Aeropostale Learn the incorrect pronunciation of Aeropostale.
  • Mispronounced words - Podcast .wmv learn and practice 6 words that we often mispronounce such as ERROR ,STYLE,COVER and so on.
  • Toddler Mispronouncing "Chip" We had nachos for lunch and she kept asking for a.... well, just watch. Too funny!!! Oh what a one and half year old will say!
  • Barack Obama mispronounces Orion How difficult is it to pronounce "Orion"? During a March 23, 2009 speech on green energy, Obama manages to mispronounce it several times --- despite the fact that the firm using the name (Orion Energy Systems) had just finished a presentation to Obama a few minutes earlier. Another Obamateurism!
  • How To Mispronounce Linux
  • Adventures in Southeast Asia, Chapter 19 - In Which I Mispronounce Nicole's Last Name
  • Mispronounce This super is mispronouncing some words. Sorry the about quality near the end.
  • The many ways to mispronounce a last name at workl July 27, 2010, 11:47 AM ThatKidWithTheFace's webcam video July 27, 2010, 11:47 AM
  • MISPRONOUNCE Giorgio Mammoliti 2010 Toronto Mayor Race - Vote for Giorgio Mammoliti on October 25 2010 as Mayor of Toronto in the upcoming municipal race.
  • 2 year-old mispronounces "fox" as swear word - part 1 my 2 year old nephew is trying to say the word "Fox" as in "Swipper the Fox" from his favorite show "Dora the Explorer." But he mispronounces it to his Dad as on his birthday to sound like a swear word - hilarious - part 2 is the best
  • How to mispronounce Irish Place names Some Irish place names are very difficult to pronounce for visitors. On a recent visit to Ireland I visited Glendalough with my friend Kathryn. Glendalough is pronounced Glen-daaw-lock... meaning the valley of the two lakes... Kathryn has a different pronunciation.

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  • “A better blog for the latest and greatest digital photography news, tips, and goings-on. Edited by Peter Franzen Camera-'s recommendation: Something with a German or European name that you can be sure others will mispronounce”
    — A Camera Blog, by Peter Franzen, camera-

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