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  • Mispunctuation from Anonymous in the album Anonymous Uploads that need votes to be shown Mispunctuation. This Demotivator is a remake of this poster. File information. Filename: demotiv_pic_592924.jpg. — “Anonymous Uploads that need votes to be shown”,
  • The View: reviews 5Rebbecca's by The View The misspelling and mispunctuation in the song title is matched by the flawed content. Hopefully there will be stronger material on the rest of the new album, but this track seems as redundant as the apostrophe. - Neil Dowden. — “The View - 5Rebbecca's | track reviews | ”,
  • The three-month odyssey ended with a whimper, though, when the guys returned to Deck's Somerville home to face a summons from the National Park Service: A sign they had corrected at the Grand Canyon was, it seemed, a 1932 hand-painted artifact, its mispunctuation protected by federal law. — “Road trip - The Boston Globe”,
  • THE ADVERTISEMENT for The Express on the back cover of the current issue of Private Eye makes a range of proud boasts (see above). While Pandora supports the Plain English Campaign, she was surprised to see the mispunctuation of the word. — “Pandora - Arts & Entertainment - The Independent”,
  • Ambiguity - Reference as does Magic: The Gathering's Unhinged © Ambiguity, which makes puns with homophones, mispunctuation, and run-ons: "Whenever a player plays a spell that counters a. — “Ambiguity - Reference”,
  • Grammar advocacy is a real trip from Deseret News (Salt Lake City) provided by Find Articles at BNET they had corrected at the Grand Canyon was, it seemed, a 1932 hand-painted artifact, its mispunctuation protected by federal law. — “Grammar advocacy is a real trip | Deseret News (Salt Lake”,
  • There is a discreet bourgeois fascism that used to murmur on the edges of British society, and is now stepping rather triumphantly into the middle. It always used to be the encrusted old fogey who would bark at the Times leader column: English gained more from mispunctuation than The Past admits. — “English gained more from mispunctuation than The Past admits”,
  • It is a misspelling and mispunctuation of a "classless society" The above is a Marxist term referring to the concept of all members of a society being of equal social class. There are not rich and poor, educated and uneducated etc. All members. — “what is a class-list society?”,
  • Mispunctuation definition, to punctuate incorrectly. See more. — “Mispunctuation | Define Mispunctuation at ”,
  • Words contain the term `pun` in English - Vietnamese dictionary mispunctuation. pun. puna. punch. punch press. punch-bowl. punch-drunk. puncheon. puncher. punchinello. punchy. puncta. punctate. punctated. punctilio. punctilious. punctiliousness. punctual. punctuality. punctually. punctuate. punctuation. — “Words contain the term `pun` in English - Vietnamese dictionary”,
  • 'Amphibology' is a figure of speech where ambiguous meaning is create through grammmar. Here's details. Amphibology is where there is ambiguity in the grammatical structure, often including mispunctuation. — “Amphibology”,
  • innaccurate or faulty translation from Putonghua or Chinese into English, frequently humorous engrish mistranslation improper grammar mispunctuation meaningless. — “Urban Dictionary: mispunctuation”,
  • Truss warns readers that it is reviews just like these that lead to the proliferatioin of mispunctuation. This book is an enjoyable read for anyone who has ever been confused over just where to place a comma, or the proper use of the semicolon. — “: TJR's review of Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero”,
  • Self Nomination (Neutrality orginally started the page for Dannys Contest but I added much of the content) expanded, e.g. "Lt." for "Lieutenant"; mispunctuation (mostly hyphens for dashes) etc etc. (2) Under "combatants" the article lists United Nations and also United States. — “Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Battle of Inchon”,
  • You wouldn't believe how many applications and correspondence we get with mispunctuation. ( Is mispunctuation even a word?) Anyway, now you know the Latin and the punctuation, so impress us on your application! back to top. How many students are admitted?. — “Loyola University Chicago | School of Law | LL.M. or Master”, luc.edu
  • Humors of Mispunctuation. Sign In to E-Mail. Permissions. From The London Globe. (); December 08, 1900, , Section SATURDAY REVIEW OF BOOKS AND ART, Page BR37, Column , words [ DISPLAYING ABSTRACT ] The first paragraph is not available for this article. Note: This article will open in PDF format. — “Humors of Mispunctuation. - Article - ”,
  • Christianity Today continues as a leader in providing informative editorial on current events, news from a Christian perspective, Christian doctrine, issues and trends. And you know how much mispunctuation attracts those church-goers. — “Weblog: The Story Behind the TV Networks' UCC Ad 'Ban”,
  • ambiguity n. , pl. , -ties . Doubtfulness or uncertainty as regards interpretation: 'leading a life of alleged moral ambiguity' (Anatole Broyard) Gathering's Unhinged © Ambiguity, which makes puns with homophones, mispunctuation, and run-ons: "Whenever a player plays a spell. — “ambiguity: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • is a dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms. Browse our listings, or submit your own slang words to our site. Symptoms include a propensity to use numbers and misspellings (as well as mispunctuation). — “ - The Slang Dictionary”,

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  • On a Cross and Arrow (Dramatic Reading...Kinda!) Written By: Conner Cogwork (Terrichance) Read By: King Twilight and Her Friends thought they travel to another city but turns out they travel to another dimension and their shock its not the same ponyville, equestria. will twilight and the gang get back home safe? This is The Longest ALL-IN-ONE Dramatic Reading...Kinda i've done and i say i feel so damn proud and dedicated to it, i enjoyed it and very interesting to read. I did NOT read the entire thing in 1 Day, i did it in under 11 Days with each chapter in 1 day so don't think i'm crazy to sit through and read it in under 12 hours. XD (This Dramatic Reading...Kinda contains Lots of Suspense and Romance but also me talking throughout the story and at some parts may mis-pronounce, mis-spelled, and mis-punctuation so follow along as i read through.) in case if you happen to stop and wanna go back into later, here are the chapters i put with the time so you'll can come back anytime and finish where you left off: Chapters: Chapter 1: 0:59 Chapter 2: 01:12:09 Chapter 3: 01:52:41 Chapter 4: 02:33:27 Chapter 5: 03:50:06 Chapter 6: 05:11:02 Chapter 7: 06:29:12 Chapter 8: 07:19:34 Chapter 9: 08:38:11 Chapter 10: 09:34:12 Chapter 11: 10:57:29 Docs Sources: Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Chapter 9: Chapter ...
  • Funny Signs- A Public Information film A hilarious "public information" film, using road signs.
  • PartyInDaClubInTheTimeOfCholeraByTheCowardBrandonTartikoff sorry--character limits forced the above mispunctuation. party in da club in the time of cholera by the coward brandon tartikoff, by bambam friedel. for the s'not narrative video arts festival, 2008. winner: best in show
  • TanaButler: Part of my job description is to make the world a better place, one typo/mispunctuation at a time. Q&A never bores me!
  • austin_haas: @captain_smooth @clstromgren Well well well. What do we have here? A mispunctuation? Let's get those question marks in line.
  • jetlagrnr: You'd think @pitchforkmedia could afford a copy editor after all these years. Or maybe #mispunctuation is their "thing." Oh wait, "thing".

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  • “While the money that was spent is now wasted, and the pesky mispunctuation is still with us, I think maybe Arnold thought this was a message that Personalize your forum posts with your photo and hometown”
    — Schwarzenegger mocks Yucaipa lawmaker's bill - Topix,

  • “Having just returned home, people are criticizing me for having traveled to Thailand, mainly because they've watched Big Trouble in Thailand on YouTube. To thing is this was in Thailand and it's clearly touched a raw nerve with a lot of people over there and people associated with this blog”
    — Big Trouble in Thailand – Thoughts from a video editor | Big,

  • “Search this Blog. Subscribe. RSS feed Subscribe to [email protected] OR. Subscribe to RSS feed via email: Powered by FeedBlitz. Archives pioneered this judicial movement–click here for a guest blog post in which she talks about her experience as”
    [email protected] " Blog Archive " New ruling in the Siegel case,

  • “Husband and wife blog team on board with antifeminist backlash even though it's so 20 Husband and wife blog team on board with antifeminist backlash even though it's so 20”
    — Hugs, Twisty: jubjub birds et al " I Blame The Patriarchy,

  • “Membership Dues Re: Illegals anon, sorry about the mispunctuation. n/m. Reply by Winston_Tn on 4/11/06 4:37pm. Re: Playing soccer or picking lettuce? This is a diversionary and near-sighted question. I can only express regret for not being able to articulate my”
    — Membership Dues,

  • “See all threads in the Sports forum " Related Topix Forums: Sports Etc. How do you feel Personalize your forum posts with your photo and hometown. Apply to become an editor of”
    — St. Pat's boys claim league opener vs. Albany - Topix,

  • “Until that point, I had been using it as a place to write all the things that I didn't consider important enough to blog about. I hadn't yet accepted it's true influence. So now I'm trying to revise the way that I use the tool. I retweet other's posts more often”
    — The 5 Stages Of Twitter Acceptance. Where are YOU at? — Blog,

  • “Terri Frye is a single mother living in state-supported housing in Hickory, NC. In November 2005, she received a letter from the RIAA naming her as a”
    — Thousands for Prosecution, $300 for Tribute - Hit & Run,

  • “ presents the regular season debut of our weekly Browns show, Dawg Blog Live! sorry for mispunctuation and spelling errors earlier. go buckeyes, what is happening to”
    — Comments on Dawg Blog Live: Regular season debut! | Dawg Blog,

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