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  • HuffingtonPost's Permanent Comment Page Kouroche, misreferred to as Cyrus the Great (a different name/guy), also invented the Human Bill of Rights. Check out my story below about the Mashad Gallery and the Ancient Torah being donated to it by Iran's chief Rabbi. — “sarabono: Maybe that Palestinian Official should study up a”,
  • Interserve Pvt. Ltd. is a regional Travel Management Company with Global reach based in India and still has some of its casing stones intact, it is frequently misreferred to as the Great Pyramid, something that would no doubt please Khephren. — “Interserve Travel Private Ltd is India's Fastest Growing”,
  • Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “misreferred definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Aalen is situated on the upper reaches of the river Kocher , at the foot of the Swabian Aalen was an Imperial City (often misreferred to as Imperial Free City ) from 1360 to. — “Aalen - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,
  • Austria Bryce Capital Reef Chile Egypt England Great Sand Dunes NM icebergs. Israel Monument Valley Nepal New England's autumn Egypt Home Page Egypt History Egyptian Dynasties. Egypt Photos: Abu Simbel Egyptian Museum. — “Pyramids of Giza”,
  • Footbag is the sport commonly misreferred to as "Hacky Sack" The generalization 'footbag' includes a collection of subgenres. There are many different forms of footbag in practice around the world. The two most. — “HACKRIFICE 6.0”,
  • Definition of Printer's devil with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. impeded, plastochromenol-8, pallet, cicatricial_horn, misreferred, dismantlements, cyanate_permease, distributaries, sedulous, robotic, fornicatress,. — “Printer's devil: Definition with Printer's devil Pictures and”, lexic.us
  • What I meant of the units being cramped up on the inside was misreferred to the EMD SD50S and SD40X, not the SD45's as I've been in one myself. What I meant of the units being cramped up on the inside was misreferred to the EMD SD50S and SD40X, not the SD45's as I've been in one myself. Â. — “EMD SD45X #4202 - Forums - Trains Magazine - Online Community”,
  • Giza, home of the Great Pyramids of Egypt near Cairo As it occupies the central point, has the illusion of greater size, and still has some of its casing stones intact, it is frequently misreferred to as the Great Pyramid, something that would no doubt please Khephren were he to know about it. — “Giza, home of the Great Pyramids of Egypt near Cairo”,
  • Remarkable cures of backache by a treatment no more complicated than correcting a case of constipation due to chronic colitis, intestinal stasis, or internal piles. In medical language we say that the signal or pain is misreferred. — “The Backache of Colitis – Oh! My Aching Back! | Colitis IQ”,
  • Why are they constantly misreferred this way?) their charm. What we're looking at is the whole package here. And the whole package is probably one of the finest classic metal albums ever recorded. Why are these guys not given the same credit as 'Sabbath and 'Priest as pioneers?. — “: were-rabbit's review of In Trance”,
  • I think the most problem lies on your use of datatypes and variables. There is an error assigning teman[0] to some value, as teman is not declared as array of objects. This is again about the teman object which is misreferred by you as a string object. — “Java Experts Please Come In? Below is my class code: public”,
  • A student who has been misreferred needs access to the education they Secondly, a student who is misreferred may be given unnecessary behavior or instructional services that could better serve. — “Minority representation in special education classrooms”,
  • This small article is about how to write in assembler for Windows 64-bit, it isn't ment for the IA64 but the new 64-bit version of x86 environment (also called x86-64 or x64 or AMD64/EM64T (EM64T is sometimes misreferred to as EMT64) or AA-64). — “Codegurus.be - 64-bit assembler programming (Win64 / x64”, codegurus.be
  • Velashape - Vela Shape for cellulite reduction is a non surgical procedure requiring just 4 treatments. Locate a Velashape provider . Vela Shape, Bellashape Sometimes misreferred to as BellaShape, Vella Shape or Vela Shape. — “Velashape - American Health and Beauty”,
  • The Ultimate Aalen - American History Online Reference Guide Aalen was an Imperial City (often misreferred to as Imperial Free City) from 1360 to 1802, when it was annexed to Württemberg. — “The Ultimate Aalen - American History Information Guide and”,
  • Misratah definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! misreferred. misreferring. misreflect. Did you know: What does the "X" stand for in x-ray? misratah - 1 dictionary result. Misratah. — “Misratah | Define Misratah at ”,
  • Samples per inch (SPI) is a measurement of the resolution of an image scanner, in particular the number of individual samples that are taken in the space of one linear inch. It is sometimes misreferred to as dots per inch, though that term more accurately refers to printing resolution. — “Samples per inch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • “You need to have JavaScript enabled to use all of MySpace's features. Sometimes also misreferred to as /wiki/Screamo. but I don't think we have those huge swoopy haircuts. We all”
    — MySpace,

  • “Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. Sometimes also misreferred to as Emo Violence which is a closely related but not identical genre, though each”
    — Official: Screamo v2.0 - I suggest you only ever tell lies,

  • “View related threads: (in this forum | in all forums) Logged in as Guest. Users viewing this topic: none. Search This Thread is so significant that PCM units will continue to operate under conditions that would render a ppm (often misreferred to as FM) system useless”
    — FM or PCM ?,

  • “Favourite Aircraft (Civilian and Military) history of their country and their aircraft, the plane is commonly misreferred to as the A-10 Thunderbolt, though it's more often simply referred to”
    — Favourite Aircraft (Civilian and Military),

  • “Fresno woman stabs toddler 20 times then pushes him down staircase Off-Topic Discussion Look up postpartum psychosis (commonly misreferred to as postpartum depression) people”
    — Fresno woman stabs toddler 20 times then pushes him down,

  • “Ebay Blow Molded Creature Just like the 'Clint Toys' Frankenstein head bucket it was misreferred to in print sometime in the past, and has been misquoted ever since, used as gospel. The maker of the head bucket was Clinton Plastics, not Clint Toys, which never existed”
    — Ebay Blow Molded Creature,

  • “I created this thread to talk about issues that we have with the unit and any fixes or tweaks that we can come up with to improve the performance of The black units like the one pictured above are often misreferred to as D900C's when in fact they are D901C's.) Where Can I buy a”
    — D901C / Sager 9260/9262 / Pro-Star 9191 Owners Thread,

  • “So Smackie, what do you think of Amazon's A9? Do you suggest clients to do keyword advertising with Google, through Overture, etc.? I expect that Blog List. Search Blogs. Viper Alley - Dodge Viper Forum Back Alley Anything Goes. Live Feed. War Room Graffiti Wall Chat Arcade Viper Blogs. Viper Tube. 1”
    — How many of you have income producing web sites? - Page 2,

  • “My quick take on the sRaw situation is as follows, based on a quick review of the paper by Levy (I guess) cited by Jerry Skrocki. Specific numbers are in terms of the EOS 50D. • The sRaw1 and sRaw2”
    — What is the sRAW in camera process - Page 2 - Pro Photo HOME,

  • “Official Loose Change Forums The other sources only confirm that it was Suqami's passport (often misreferred to as Atta's). From Mawn's account it's not clear how they obtained”
    — Loose Change Website - Version 2.0, z10

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