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  • The legal definition of Misrepresentation is A false and material statement which induces a party to enter into a contract. — “Misrepresentation Definition”,
  • False advertising may also constitute misrepresentation. Any contract that contains or constitutes a misrepresentation is usually rendered void, and the injured party may insist that the misrepresentation be made good. For more information on misrepresentation, visit . — “Misrepresentation: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full”,
  • Definition of misrepresentation in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is misrepresentation? Meaning of misrepresentation as a legal term. What does misrepresentation mean in law?. — “misrepresentation legal definition of misrepresentation”, legal-
  • An assertion or manifestation by words or conduct that is not in accord with the facts. Misrepresentation is a tort, or a civil wrong. This means that a misre. — “Misrepresentation - Definition, Court Cases, Articles”,
  • Misrepresentation is the giving of false information by one party (or her or his agent) to the other before the contract is made, which induces them to make the contract. If you make a contract. — “MISREPRESENTATION”, lawhandbook.sa.gov.au
  • misrepresentation - definition of misrepresentation from : Fraudulent, negligent, or innocent misstatement, or an incomplete statement, of a material fact. If a specific misrepresentation induces the other party to enter. — “misrepresentation definition”,
  • Misrepresentation Essays. A misrepresentation is a false statement of fact, inducing another to enter into a contract. Misrepresentation can take various forms, such as fraudulent or negligent, the latter falling under innocent misrepresentation. — “Misrepresentation | Free Law Essays | Law Teacher”,
  • Introducing fraud, silent fraud, and misrepresentation as civil causes of action. — “Fraud, Silent Fraud, and Innocent Misrepresentation”,
  • Misrepresentation is a type of tort that a defendant can be charged with in a civil action. Misrepresentation commonly happens in cases involving false advertising, insurance claims, and real estate contract suits. — “What Is Misrepresentation?”,
  • The law of misrepresentation is an amalgam of common law and statute. The remedy in this instance will be an action for misrepresentation and not an action for breach of contract. — “insitelaw - Law of Contract: Misrepresentation”,
  • Misrepresentation definition, to represent incorrectly, improperly, or falsely. See more. — “Misrepresentation | Define Misrepresentation at ”,
  • You will recall that a fraudulent misrepresentation generates a right to damages for deceit; a negligent misrepresentation may generate a right to damages in negligence under the Shaddock and San Sebastian cases, going back to the Hedley Byrne decision of the House of Lords. — “Lecture Notes”, law.anu.edu.au
  • For the sociological one, see Misrepresentation (sociology) A finding of misrepresentation allows for a remedy of rescission and sometimes damages depending on the type of misrepresentation. — “Misrepresentation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Legal Term * Misrepresentation * Defined & Explained The misrepresentation must be both false and fraudulent, in order to make the party making it, responsible to the other for damages. — “Legal Definition of Misrepresentation”,
  • Background: The proposal strengthens current regulations around misrepresentation to misrepresentation," including limiting the school's participation in student aid programs. — “NAICU Summary Information Misrepresentation”, naicu.edu
  • Top questions and answers about Misrepresentation. Find 1264 questions and answers about Misrepresentation at Read more. — “Misrepresentation - ”,
  • The affect of a finding of misrepresentation is the contract is voidable ie the contract Under s.2(1) Misrepresentation Act 1967, a negligent misrepresentation is a statement made without reasonable grounds for belief in its truth. — “Misrepresentation”, e-
  • Definition of misrepresentation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of misrepresentation. Pronunciation of misrepresentation. Translations of misrepresentation. misrepresentation synonyms, misrepresentation antonyms. Information about. — “misrepresentation - definition of misrepresentation by the”,
  • The importance of the term 'misrepresentation' can be inferred from the fact that "free consent" which is inevitable for an agreement to be enforceable under Section 14 of Indian Contract Act, 1872 is rendered negative if misrepresentation is. — “Law Embracing 'Misrepresentation' In Contracts”,
  • In contract law, a misrepresentation is when a party to a contract makes a representation by words or conduct that conveys a false or misleading understanding that has the effect of inducing a party in entering the contract. To seek a remedy under misrepresentation it must first be determined that the. — “Contracts Law: Misrepresentation”, 4
  • Find Negligent Misrepresentation Lawyers and Attorneys in your area. Misrepresentation in general is a legal term that means "a false statement of fact that has the effect of inducing someone into a contract. — “Negligent Misrepresentation Lawyers | LegalMatch Law Library”,

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  • Damsels in Distress: Disney's Misrepresentation of Women A brief overview of some of the ways Disney represents women in his films, primarily concerning the Disney princesses. The clips from the following films do not belong to me, but to Disney: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Enchanted The Little Mermaid The Princess and the Frog Cinderella Background music by the Vitamin String Quartet, covering Arcade Fire songs.
  • Media misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims By Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher (Audio Only)
  • Media Misrepresentations In Gyaru~ Hey guys! I thought that this was definitely a topic that I needed to discuss. The media always manipulates our minds and allow us to think differently to what is actually reality. They force us into submission, especially on how we react to new trends and clothes. I hope you enjoy it! BLOG:: FACEBOOK
  • Misrepresentation of Shia on the Ch4 documentry; The Quran The misrepresentation of Shia in the Ch4 documentry; The Quran This video has been put together regarding the documentary that was broadcasted on channel 4 on Monday the 14th of July 2008 at 8:00pm. The documentary failed to meet its purpose of presenting actual information. This 10 minute documentary is documenting on the Channel 4 documentry; The Qur'an by highlighting only some of the major accusations and misrepresentations made during the documentary. It gave a total misrepresentation of the Shia faith. The documentary gave the impression that Shia's do not pray directly to Allah (swt) and take the Imams (as) as their lords. They did not ask one Shia scholar to give examples of where the concept of intercession is supported in the Qur'an, instead they had a Sunni professor say that it was incorrect. Some comments were not only not true but completely inaccurate and seriously allegations were made.
  • FarmVille Misrepresentation. Darlene is angry about how farming is portrayed in a particular Facebook application. This is part TWO of a series of personal message videos intended for your friends on Facebook. Click here for more messages from this set: Click here for the first set: ---------- Watch the previous video: A World Without Internet?!: Watch My YouTube Story: Subscribe to my other channel! Facebook Twitter MySpace
  • A response to Kretinkoopers lies and misrepresentation of the Quran My reading of the Quran has convinced me that the basis of Islam is not violence but is unadulterated Peace, affirmed Mahatma Gandhi. It regards forbearance as a superior to vengeance. The very word Islam means Peace, which is nonviolence. US president Thomas Jefferson's 6000-volume personal library was the largest in North America at the turn of the 19th century. He obtained his English translation of the Quran in 1765 as he was finishing his law studies at the College of William and Mary. The translation by British historian and solicitor George Sale first was published in 1734. In the Virginia statute, he wrote, "Our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions, any more than our opinions in physics or geometry." He went on to say that denying a person the ability to hold an office of trust or declaring him unworthy of public confidence based on his religious beliefs was a violation of natural rights. The document demanded "that all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinion in matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities." It is believed that Jefferson was inspired by the teaching of the Quran, prohibiting compulsion in religion and forcing religious doctrines. Also the foundation for "all men are created Equal" and "men are born free" are some of the The Qur'an is "definitely an important historical document in our national history and demonstrates that Jefferson ...
  • Paul Ryan and His Many Methods of Misrepresentation Share this: OFA.BO Tweet this: OFA.BO From the casual fib to the flat-out falsehood, these are the seven habits of highly misleading people. Will Paul Ryan display all these highly misleading habits in the debate? We'll find out tonight.
  • Richard Dawkins on The Art of Quote Mining - Part 2 Richard Dawkins provides an examples of a form of quote mining he calls the "Eddington" concession - where a concession made in order to highlight the veracity of another point by comparison, is used out of context. In the case Richard Dawkins was quote-minde by John Lennox, the Irish mathematician, to make it appear as though he had become a deist. In the full video (Look on Richard Dawkins channel), Richard Dawkins makes it clear that this cheap shot was first seized upon by a female journalist called Melanie Phillips, well known in the UK for her bigoted views. Quote mining is a deeply dishonest practice leading, as it does, to the repetition of the lie by the unwitting lay-person.
  • SARAH PALIN Misrepresented In Doc About Misrepresentation Sarah Palin claims she was misrepresented and taken out of context by a right wing filmmaker who was making a documentary about how the liberal media misrepresented her and took her out of context
  • Weapon of reality misrepresentation Media controlled by powers that be work hard to portray the "controllers" in the most favourable light. But "what exactly are they doing? Smile on pictures, people fooling..."
  • Mound Cotton's Buckley on Misrepresentations in Insurance Applications Partner Kevin Buckley of Mound Cotton Wollan & Greengrass discusses misrepresentations in insurance policies, especially related to properties, and how courts view litigation related to those policies.
  • CWN ALERT: Sallie Mae Misrepresenting Status of Student Loan has the details Instead of helping people achieve their dreams of using education to better their lives, Sallie Mae, America's largest college student loan corporation, is apparently doing what it can to destroy those dreams through misrepresentation and manipulation. Students are seeing their FICO scores drop as much as 130 points when recent credit reports are pulled.
  • No Taxation by Misrepresentation: Rejecting the Dishonest Obamacare Tax In his brief, in-depth essay, "No Taxation by Misrepresentation: Rejecting the Dishonest Obamacare Tax," former Speaker of the House and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich examines whether President Obama has been honest with the American people about the tax at the heart of Obamacare. Gingrich considers what President Obama told the public when he was trying to pass the health care bill and contrasts it with the arguments his administration made before the Supreme Court to defend the law. He then reveals the stunning claims made by President Obama and his allies since the Supreme Court ruling -- asking whether an American president has the power to rewrite history and alter forever the bond between the people and their elected representatives. Gingrich follows his essay with three appendices cataloging statements made by President Obama, his lawyers, his staffers and surrogates about the Obama Tax. You can see the "evolution" of the Obama position play out in their own words. This book and its appendices are an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to understand the best case against the President this fall. To learn more visit: .
  • ChristianStudent's Misrepresentation of Transubstantiation . Deals with ChristianStudents misunderstanding of trasnubstantiation and the terms "accidents" and "substance" as defined by the Catholic Curch and all the ancient fathers (ie. Ignatius of Antioch 110 AD, Justin Martyer 155 AD ect.] This video also sows that the Council of Nicea (325 AD) which defined the doctriens of Trinity, Incarnation, Divinity of Christ, also refered to the Eucharist as a sacrifice offered by a priest.
  • Anarchism misrepresented in "Stranger Than Fiction" An example for the misrepresentation of anarchism in popular culture. Script writers of the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" tried to make a clever political joke, but failed: Will Ferrell is an IRS guy trying to audit Maggie Gyllenhaal for refusing to pay part of her taxes. "Are you a member of an anarchist group?" he asks. "Anarchists have a group? They assemble? Wouldn't that completely defy the purpose?" she replies. And Ferrell looks stupid. But the movie looks even more stupid. Yes, anarchists do in fact have a group. They assemble. Even the most individualist anarchist would not reject voluntary associations. However, anti-militarism, anti-imperialism, tax resistance and opposition to corporate bailouts are indeed common anarchist positions and practices.
  • Refuting Creationist dishonesty and misrepresentation Responding to: Sorry about the out of sync sound. I hurl some fairly serious insults, but nothing that I see as being unwarranted or undeserved. Chen is an evolutionist: (read the sources) What Ken Miller was really saying: Why the common design argument does not work:
  • Let's Play Majora's Mask #31 - Misrepresentation of Colorblindness in Video Games
  • Misrepresentation and lies about the Qur'an - "Lifting the Fog" with Yusuf Estes - Episode 14/14 The series deals with misconceptions, misunderstandings and falsehood attributed to Islam. "Lifting the Fog" with Sheikh Yusuf Estes on HudaTV.Episode 14/14
  • Innocent Misrepresentation (Business Contract Law) - What is the definition? - Finance Dictionary In contract law innocent misrepresentation occurs when a party of a contract or agreement makes a misrepresentation without knowledge of doing so but he or she did perform due care. If innocent misrepresentation occurs then the contract or agreement is voidable. Innocent misrepresentation is different than negligent misrepresentation which is when a party misrepresent a consideration without due care.
  • 20/20 Investigates Timeshare Sales Misrepresentation & Fraud 20/20 Investigates Timeshare Sales Misrepresentation & Fraud Resort Resolution. Get Rid of Your Timeshare. Guaranteed.
  • Wolfdog Misrepresentation in HD I don't own any of the pictures. There have been so many arguements on Youtube about this, and I'm here to help the situation and wolfdogs.
  • Contracts: Misrepresentation
  • Misrepresented Affiliate Marketing Geno Prussakov talks about the common misrepresentation of affiliate marketing as a get-rich-quick scheme. Blog post at: bit.ly
  • Blatant Misrepresentation by NBC, ABC & CBS NBC, ABC & CBS are no longer valid news sources. This video clearly shows the bias towards two demonstrations, one in Arizona regarding the new immigration law and the other regarding the Health reform and the tea party. You can no longer trust the "mainstream" media. Mike Von Fremd is an ABC News correspondent based in the Network's Los Angeles bureau. Mike Von Fremd is the person describing the two demonstrations in this particular video.
  • Negligent Misrepresentation - (Business Contract Law) - What is this definition? In contract law Negligent misrepresentation is when misrepresentation is made by a party of an agreement or contract without due care in extracting the entire truthfulness of the agreement... Negligent misrepresentation can make an agreement voidable.
  • Miss Representation Trailer "Miss Representation is a 2011 American documentary film written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. It explores how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in influential positions by circulating limited and often disparaging portrayals of women." Reference:
  • Bishop Addresses Misrepresentation of the President's "Cuts" to NASA funding Congressman Bishop addresses the misinformation and misrepresentation of the President's cuts to NASA funding and specifically the Constellation program. The President's budget in NO WAY saves taxpayer dollar and only preserves NASA jobs while wiping out 30000 private-sector jobs across the country.
  • A Moot Exercise on Misrepresentation (Counsel: Chris Brawand)
  • "The Misrepresentation Of Our Laws" by George Hugh The Misrepresentation of Our Laws Through Differences in Language Common (Natural) Law ~ vs ~ Commercial (Contract) Law Based on Canon law ~ vs ~ Martime /Admiralty Law Language is Engish, Varnacular ~ vs ~ Language is Legalese (Looks like English) Based on truth & love ~ vs ~ Based on deception Based on truth ~ vs ~ Based on falsehoods dejure ~ vs ~ defacto person means human ~ vs ~ person means Legal Fiction common everyday ~ vs ~ language confusing justice ~ vs ~ appearance of justice Purpose is to protect our inalienable rights ~ vs ~ Purpose is to ensure the falsehood is never disproved full disclosure as req'd by UCC ~ vs ~ not full disclosure supreme ~ vs ~ dead entity justice ~ vs ~ quasi-legal reality ~ vs ~ a virtual reality leads to peaceful reconciliation ~ vs ~ leads to friction factual ~ vs ~ fiction Superior ~ vs ~ Inferior
  • Young Black fashion & The misrepresentation towards society pt.1
  • The misrepresentation of young people within the media Are young people misrepresented by the media? Discuss...
  • Misrepresentation & Misquotation The topic of each video is in the title. "You" is NEVER the topic.
  • Fox News Marijuana Ruling Misrepresentation? 140+ Fox News Bias videos at More Bill O'Reilly bias at When Fox News' so-called "No Spin Zone" reported on a recent Massachusetts court's ruling that police cannot order a passenger out of a parked car based just on the smell of burnt marijuana alone, Bill O'Reilly both last week and this week, heavily spun the ruling, falsely claiming it would apply to drivers and that it would impede investigation of drivers under the influence, as I show in this video. The clips I use of Bill O'Reilly, Wendy Murphy, and Geoffrey Nathan come from a segment of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" broadcast on April 21, 2011, available online under the erroneous title "Drivers Puffing Pot Get Pass in Massachusetts" at fxn.ws The clip I use of Bill O'Reilly and John Stossel comes from a segment of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" broadcast on April 26, 2011, currently available on YouTube at bit.ly The image I use of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court case of Commonwealth v Benjamin Cruz, 459 Mass. 459 (2011), comes from the webpage at bit.ly
  • The Purposeful Misrepresentation of the Pharisees in the New Testament An indepth study concerning the man who changed Christianity forever. Playlist Of the 22 times in the Bible where Paul is referred to as an "apostle", only twice is he referred to as an apostle by someone other than himself! These two instances came from the same person. Not from Yahshua, or any of the original apostles, but from Paul's close traveling companion and personal press secretary Luke. Both accounts are found in Luke's record of the Acts of the Apostles, (chapter 14:4,14). Here Paul is referred to as an apostle along with Barnabas. By this time in the story, Luke would have been very accustomed to Paul calling himself an apostle, and he would no doubt have been in agreement with Paul's assessment of himself. By these statistics alone, it is evident that Paul is by far his own biggest fan... and his side kick Luke was his number two fan. This leaves no one else anywhere in the Bible going on record recognizing his apostleship! Other than the twelve apostles who spent three and a half years with Yahshua, no one other than Paul can be identified as having claimed for themselves the title of "apostle". Barnabas was referred to as an apostle along with Paul by Luke in Acts 14:14, but there is no record of Barnabas claiming the title for himself. Paul's view of himself as an apostle didn't stop at only claiming to be an apostle. He also did what he could to communicate to his followers that he ...
  • Misrepresentation With your identity thieves can wipe out your bank account and destroy your credit. Denise Miller identifies some of the ways these thieves operate and what you can do to make sure you don't hand over your personal info to them.
  • Glenn Beck China Syndrome Misrepresentation? 140+ Fox News Bias videos at Although Glenn Beck's recent claim that earthquakes in Japan are a warning from God defies fact checking, when Beck purported to lecture his Fox News TV viewers on nuclear reactors and "The China Syndrome," he ended up misrepresenting both the...
  • Material misrepresentation- Troy Kelly at Nextage Captex Realty Meetup "Real Asset Protection" -- a Primer for Investor-Related Insurance An introductory 'Insurance 101' class related to investors that other classes can build on. Accurate overview of builder's risk, dwelling policies, personal liability, premises liability, loss settlement, insurance carriers, surplus lines, vacant homes, multi-family & Fourplexes, etc. Focused on residential insurance only. "Insuring Wrap-Around Mortgages: The Truth" A brief intro into the rules and nuances of insuring seller-financed wrap mortgages.The bad information that is often given, Trusts, claims, etc.
  • Patricia Williams: Misrepresentation, Framing, and Translation in the Biotech World - Tarrytown 2010 Patricia Williams, Professor of Law at Columbia University, discusses three general problems - misrepresentation, framing, and translation between cultures - for dealing with genetic and biological technologies the 2010 Tarrytown Meeting. The Tarrytown Meetings bring together people working to ensure that human biotechnologies and related emerging technologies support rather than undermine social justice, equality, human rights, ecological integrity and the common good. Find out more about the Tarrytown Meetings here: To find more videos, check out the Tarrytown YouTube channel: Presentation Excerpt: Through the lens of my discipline, which is law, I was struck by three general problems for takeaway and reflection: first, various forms of intentional and negligent misrepresentation; second, the "framing" or epistemic problem; and third, the problem of translation among languages, cultures and disciplines. First, there is the problem of misrepresentation, and by that I mean to include the subtlest forms of wrong-headed figuration, such as superstition, appeals to faith, and magical thinking. An anecdote to illustrate the scope of the problem: I began my career as a consumer advocate, specializing in health law, in particular the buying and selling of purported medicines that made false claims. My favorite was a supposed cancer cure that was a salve made from the ash of Mt. Helen's then-recent volcanic eruption. It was a rather ...
  • Dave Hunt - What Love Is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God Upload by permission of Dave Hunt - What Love Is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God. Is Hell Real? http Are you a good enough person to go to Heaven? Find out @ Gospel tracts @ http Join the Tract Club! 180 @ www.180
  • Warmongers who sold you the Iraq war are pushing for a war with Iran. SEE NEW VIDEO: See video: Apologize to the World Mr. Wallace and Return that Emmy See the other videos shown in this video here: This was BEFORE he took his postion: "Leon Panetta, said he believed Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons -- contrary to the opinion of the intelligence community he is about to lead" At least now he says they aren't. that is DANGEROUS! Please pass this video on to others, we need to expose their lies to millions of Americans, not just thousands:
  • Wuodabiero: @PiersTonight Great interview, Pierce. And she's right. Facts are facts. Fraudulent misrepresentation is a Republican thing. WMDs? Hello?
  • KaplanGradPrep: CALUMNY (Noun) - a false and malicious accusation; misrepresentation
  • lynnetteholmes: RT @lynnetteonline: "The vacuum created by failure to communicate will quickly be filled with rumor, misrepresentation, doubt and poison."
  • KristinNoone: "I remember the bed, & the apartment door & weird misrepresentation of the people complimented." --http://thatcan.be/my/next/tweet
  • ToniMonero: @mandypabon lol thanx :) and all the ant beings thank u for misrepresentation of their people
  • existentialfish: @keithlaw that's actually a gross misrepresentation of the coffee case.
  • willgold22: RT @TOMMYSOCKSROCKS: That's really an irresponsible and hate fueled misrepresentation of a posted article, which was probably indeed (cont) http://tl.gd/9r1nk2
  • TOMMYSOCKSROCKS: That's really an irresponsible and hate fueled misrepresentation of a posted article, which was probably indeed (cont) http://tl.gd/9r1nk2
  • secular_oz: Double-think and misrepresentation by Peter Garrett over #NSCP http://bit.ly/gvVzl9 :(
  • mrchriswagner: Speaking of #stigma, here is your A-Typical misrepresentation of #mentalhealth danger for tabloid uses, and no helpline http://bit.ly/ftgn99
  • emma_in_edin: @ns_mehdihasan @sunny_hundal You're right Mehdi. When something is over reported it becomes misrepresentation.
  • AjithS: @BritishAirways & @Kulula Airlines deliberate misrepresentation or scam on the #SouthAfrican consumer | http://bit.ly/gBO1Z2 #SouthAfrica
  • pedr: @TheAngryDM (You could argue misrepresentation, but the IP nature of the product complicates. Been too long since I studied contract law)
  • cmknightauthor: @TonyAbbottMHR Today you lost credibility in your speech when you succumbed to hyperbole and misrepresentation of known facts.
  • mizz_tosin: Tunde!!! LoL "@Tunde_IO: Now UNFOLLOWING @FreakyFact for blatant misrepresentation, nothing freaky abt ur facts dude! Be lucky I dnt sue u!
  • Blaiserboy: #elxn41 all involved in misrepresentation of AG words should be prosecuted forthwith
  • SpartanVTyranny: It's fitting that @jacklayton's best line of the #db8 vs @M_Ignatieff (i.e. 70% missed vote) was both a misrepresentation and a lie. #elxn41
  • GloriaHornack: Again Lynch tweeted induced by misrepresentation
  • EWoelke: @kentrod It would be nice if they called him on his misrepresentation of R's policies. @politicallogic @keder @kesgardner
  • syjohngibbons: @iPoof so why is it on the HD channel that misrepresentation I'm sueing sky and bbc!
  • CinCrisis: Sad face @ Mintz's misrepresentation of #nenshi + cities: http://natpo.st/eiCM0x VS http://t.co/1ltyhSi & http://bit.ly/hAH4A8 #yyc #elxn41
  • lynnetteonline: "The vacuum created by failure to communicate will quickly be filled with rumor, misrepresentation, doubt and poison."
  • theSojmeister: Aka Gbagaun! RT @Olufems: Misrepresentation....looool @theSojmeister http:///p/92106300
  • DevonPharazyn: Mini's are getting bigger. At what point does the 'Mini' become misrepresentation?
  • BelAmiBot: RT @kenmooney - @damienmulley For fear of misrepresentation and discussing the wrong Bel Ami, I'm out of this one
  • olufems: Misrepresentation....looool @theSojmeister http:///p/92106300
  • kenmooney: @damienmulley For fear of misrepresentation and discussing the wrong Bel Ami, I'm out of this one
  • JudyTierce: Again Lynch tweeted induced by misrepresentation
  • gurudickstrong: RT @BarbaraLemaire: Contessa Brewer Thanks for calling the Senator on his misrepresentation of the taxes on the wealthiest people siting 35% made you my hero!
  • BarbaraLemaire: Contessa Brewer Thanks for calling the Senator on his misrepresentation of the taxes on the wealthiest people siting 35% made you my hero!
  • mudmamba: @sbrezenoff That's a good example of the misrepresentation you asked about.
  • KathyTMR: Plover Science - Blatant misrepresentation of scientific facts in GGNRA dog management plan :: http://ow.ly/4zstx
  • woodjl68: John ky's misrepresentation of Plan'd parenthood abortion numbers 'was not intended to be a factual statement.'Like much of what Repubs say
  • davidadewumi: @eliglazier I read the Presidential Leadership Academy blogs for inspiration http://bit.ly/gRgszD. I commented on this: http://bit.ly/e5jAjF
  • JayStokesftw: Ha! Misrepresentation of words is a masss understatement right now :/ s'good being spoken for...
  • rolandparis: @dgardner Wilful misrepresentation of our system of gov't. Facts don't seem to matter. What's going on here?
  • niwijo: is typical #cpc misrepresentation of the truth. The Action Plan was a fiasco. Tell the cons to stop the lies #niagpoli
  • britesprite: Yes and No videos on #AV http://dld.bz/WpC6 misrepresentation in both so, er, vote for the one with the duck?
  • muttmutt: @whotnaught Ooo, the intentional misrepresentation tweet! Originality is not your strong suit, I see. Oh well. #wiunion #tcot
  • HB777777: PR will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of misrepresentation!
  • sigridirjablons: Misrepresentation Can Lead to Mis Sold Mortgages http:///5r7d4qx
  • ABrandNewDave: Oh Anonymous do we always have to play a game? A Brand New Dave: Mr. Misrepresentation http://t.co/rFC7hR8
  • KrayolaGidiGbao: @DejiAriyo That image of Africa on TV is Africa tho. A lot of Africa. Nor believing it doesn't make it a misrepresentation.
  • Der_Wanderfalke: @CarlRoney Misspelt, so also misrepresentation! :x
  • jeromytimmer: @LeanBlog I've seen that misrepresentation go both ways. #Lean #sixsigma
  • House_tweets: . . . Neuromania, darwinitis & the misrepresentation of mankind. July talk at the Royal Institution. RT @researchdigest | http://ow.ly/4yAXa
  • Mazzaphrenia: RT @Paris_David: @penbo Well deliberate misrepresentation is your skill set, not mine, so I'll defer to your wisdom on that one.
  • Paris_David: @penbo Well deliberate misrepresentation is your skill set, not mine, so I'll defer to your wisdom on that one.
  • fanboymike: @therealredfairy that's total misrepresentation. It's Marcus all the [email protected]_Black_Arrow @bookbag01
  • joanRussow: @acoyne Does "Prime Ministerial" which has been used to describe Harper entail skillful misrepresentation with a grin
  • mediasetfree: The Importance of Being Honest: Unfortunately, such misrepresentation in the sphere of social change and develop... http://bit.ly/fBMonA
  • jamesb: Looks interesting > The Royal Institution | Aping mankind: neuromania, darwinitis and the misrepresentation of mankind http://t.co/fsP41CZ
  • _4_Aces: @tokyorich Lol now there's a misrepresentation; the booing was because there was no encore.
  • peterlembert: RT @thevalueofpie: 99% of all negative thinking is a gross misrepresentation of reality. /via @DrChrisNorthrup
  • bjstockman: abortion is a serious matter, but @StephenAtHome shows the folly of misrepresentation to prove a point #intendedtobeafactualstatement
  • yfuturefighter: RT @australianlabor: Greg Combet: Tony Abbott will be exposed for his misrepresentation & misinformation. #auspol #npc #priceonpollution
  • proframa: Ethnic representation or misrepresentation is the old game of corrupt and decadent BN
  • plunger007: RT @australianlabor: Greg Combet: Tony Abbott will be exposed for his misrepresentation & misinformation. #auspol #npc #priceonpollution
  • drebbechi: RT @australianlabor: Greg Combet: Tony Abbott will be exposed for his misrepresentation & misinformation. #auspol #npc #priceonpollution
  • australianlabor: Greg Combet: Tony Abbott will be exposed for his misrepresentation & misinformation. #auspol #npc #priceonpollution
  • MyKindOfEvents: During the course of the night I decided on a new question 2 ask God, y allow so much open interpretation (& misrepresentation) of ur words?
  • justjhayes: RT @Buddy_Luv_: BET is a misrepresentation of black people as a whole
  • queene6ony: RT @Buddy_Luv_: BET is a misrepresentation of black people as a whole
  • playabydefault: Ladies If I follow u and u have 1 avi n change it 2 another which isnt as cute r better I'm unfollowing due 2 misrepresentation of ur looks
  • Mr_Shanks: “@Buddy_Luv_: BET is a misrepresentation of black people as a whole” <<--
  • Buddy_Luv_: BET is a misrepresentation of black people as a whole
  • birthwaysdoulas: Gonzalo Diaz Meneses: the 4 messes of commercial marketing Malevolence, Materialism, Manipulation, Misrepresentation #BirthGenius
  • tallbetch: foreploy: any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid. #guilty
  • 2Gogogirl: @FahmadP @Nick0rz Definitely needs to change because of the misrepresentation. I think it might change but not for a while. It helps CPC/LPC
  • inflewential: @spike_vee I didn't know you felt so strongly about savages, I'm sorry for the misrepresentation
  • m_krishna: @aktiwary Joking, of course. Only misrepresentation exists if you're absent.
  • BartSoroka: @SKPolitics That's what the multiple spaces were for! It looked reformated in my tweet deck #MIsrepresentation #Accidental #SorryBro
  • Classique_Chic: "I'm tired of the misrepresentation..." Representation of the black athlete through a white media lense can only lead to distortion
  • MaverickMBA: RT @thevalueofpie 99% of all negative thinking is a gross misrepresentation of reality. /via @DrChrisNorthrup
  • thevalueofpie: 99% of all negative thinking is a gross misrepresentation of reality. /via @DrChrisNorthrup
  • thejoyouknow: Misrepresentation of where the money is going again? Force them to settle in the north? It's a shell game in which only Muskoka wins?
  • Robyn_Knight: doesn't understand how a party representing only one province is allowed but a national party isnt. #misrepresentation #cdnpoli #db8 #elxn41
  • ilovemytroops: @damygeebo spreading mythical fear abt Sharia law in U.S. while ignoring own U.S. civil law:slander,misrepresentation,1st amendment stalking
  • mycatsheds: Wife just left, couldn't take anymore of Harper's misrepresentation of the facts.#db8
  • niwijo: A recession through no fault of our own? That's rich.. More #cpc spin and misrepresentation. #niagpoli #cdnpoli
  • gabbygreyem: @abcthedrum @ninafunnell your article is a bigoted misrepresentation of #betinaarndt's work and is completely misleading
  • princealbertnow: How so? RT @shalayka: E. May just flat out lied on twitter about media misrepresentation regarding her campaign intention flipflop
  • shalayka: @PADailyHerald @princealbertnow E. May just flat out lied on twitter about media misrepresentation regarding her campaign intention flipflop
  • MurphUdntNO_Rho: Never mind State Farm did not pay for my broken windows n stolen items. Misrepresentation of policy. Bout to take my business elsewhere.
  • Farandwide: @bigpicguy @marlawd Surely, there is some mechanism to find out how that misrepresentation ended up in a gov't doc?
  • mikechitty: RT @EnterpriseIain: #CandyCabs appears to be like #LooseWomen but not as intellectual. Shocking misrepresentation of women #entrepreneurs.
  • EnterpriseIain: #CandyCabs appears to be like #LooseWomen but not as intellectual. Shocking misrepresentation of women #entrepreneurs.
  • SommLeBeau: @Nickluvin4 Social networks, in my opinion causes an unnecessary misrepresentation sometimes, by the other partner. It gets tiring.
  • Kabale_Kid: @BtheMyth s'times i feel there is an element of intentional misrepresentation. we arent beyond basic dignities.it feeds the stereotype...
  • lyja: Seriously funny. Colbert clowns Sen. Jon Kyle on intentional misrepresentation of PP #abortion stats -Mediaite http://ow.ly/4yHAh
  • bnprime: @daroco I think that statement is debatable. also, all the lying and misrepresentation coming from his party. #NotGoodLeadership #cdnpoli

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