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  • Definition of Montagnard in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Montagnard. Pronunciation of Montagnard. Translations of Montagnard. Montagnard synonyms, Montagnard antonyms. Information about Montagnard in the free online English dictionary and. — “Montagnard - definition of Montagnard by the Free Online”,
  • It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Montagnard. The Degar (referred to by French colonists as Montagnard) are the indigenous peoples of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. — “Degar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Montagnard is the most common term for a group of at least 20 tribal peoples, whose ancestral lands are in the highlands of Southeast Asia, principally in Vietnam but also in Laos and Cambodia. Montagnard members of Civilian Irregular Defense Groups (CIDG) rebelled at Buon Mi Ga,. — “Montagnard - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • Montagnard also montagnard ( ) n. A member of a people inhabiting the mountains and highlands of southern Vietnam near the border of Cambodia. — “Montagnard: Definition from ”,
  • U.S. Special Forces considered the Montagnard hill tribes one of America's most loyal allies during the Vietnam War. Today, these indigenous people suffer brutal persecution in Vietnam, creating a difficult situation for U.S./Vietnam relations. — “Montagnard " Peace and Freedom”,
  • . Related Searches: Search: Sponsored Listings. Associated Sites. — “ | Montagnard”,
  • any of the radical Jacobin deputies in the National Convention during the French Revolution. Noted for their democratic outlook, the Montagnards controlled the government during the climax of the Revolution in 1793–94. — “Montagnard — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts”,
  • The Montagnard Dega Association (MDA) was established in 1987 as a Non-Profit Corporation in North Carolina by Montagnard (French for mountain people) Leaders in the 1/ To preserve the rich history and culture of the Montagnard people. — “Montagnard Dega Association”,
  • Group of Australian lawyers and advocates dedicated to protecting the human rights of the indigenous Montagnard/Degar peoples of Vietnam's Central Highlands. — “Montagnard Foundation | The True Voice of Degar”, montagnard-
  • Montagnard people from Vietnam began crossing the border to Cambodia Additionally, the Vietnamese communists have been systematically implementing a policy of coerced sterilization of Montagnard women, a fact admitted to by Vietnamese Ambassador to the United Nations, Nguyen Quy Binh, at a. — “Montagnard action alert”,
  • Duo Montagnard was formed in 2002 and has performed over 140 concerts in 30 states, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Slovenia, Greece, and the United Kingdom. Recent performances include tours of the midwestern and northeastern U.S., a performance at the World Saxophone Congress in. — “home”,
  • Montagnard repression has been especially brutal since the U.S. government granted asylum to a group of more Other witnesses told Mr. Benge of seeing between 50 and 60 mutilated bodies along a riverbank in Montagnard territory earlier this month. — “Montagnards in the Central Highlands of Vietnam”,
  • Montagnard Asylum-Seekers. Copyright 2005 by The Cambodia Daily. All rights reserved. No part of the material from this periodical or site may be reproduced in print or electronically, or linked, without the consent of The Cambodia Daily. September 24, 2004. — “Montagnard Asylum-Seekers”, .kh
  • The Montagnard people were under French rule for 106 years, and the Therefore, the French government restricted the education of the Montagnards and never allowed the Montagnard students to attend college and to study abroad. Unfortunately, the French created the Montagnards. — “Conclusion”,
  • Montagnard definition, a member of a dark-skinned people of mixed ethnic origins inhabiting the highland areas of Vietnam. See more. — “Montagnard | Define Montagnard at ”,
  • Montagnard (French history), any of the radical Jacobin deputies in the National Convention during the French Revolution. Noted for their democratic outlook, the Montagnards controlled the government during the climax of the Revolution in 1793–94. — “Montagnard (French history) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Organization helping Montagnards of Vietnam's Central Highlands fight religious and political persecution and settle refugees. The Montagnard Farmland. 4836/4838 Waynick Meadows Road. Asheboro, North Carolina 27205. Click here for directions. Camping: As always, if you prefer to spend your evenings. — “Save the Montagnard People, Inc”,
  • The term Montagnard means "mountain people" in French and is a carryover from the French colonial period in Vietnam. Many of the first group of Montagnard refugees in the United States adopted the term Dega as their name instead of Montagnard because of the latter's colonial associations. — “MONTAGNARDS - Their History and Culture”,
  • The Degar people, or more commonly known as Montagnards, are a Southeast Asian tribal people native to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Their history go. — “Urban Dictionary: Montagnard”,
  • The Montagnard Health Care Assistance Project (MHCAP) is an all volunteer project of Save the Montagnard People. PURPOSE: To increase health care education and access in the US Montagnard Population through self sustaining projects. — “”,

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  • Death in the Highlands - Killings & Abuse of Degar Montagnards Ethnic cleansing and persecution of the Degar Montagnards by the communist government of Vietnam.
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  • Degar Montagnard Prisoners Tortured Degar Montagnard prisoners are tortured by the Vietnamese Government. Over 300 Degar montagnard prisoners remain in prison. The Christian woman named Puih Hbat was arrested in April 2008 for having prayer services in her home. Vietnam authorities refuse to let her family know which prison she is at. IS Puih Hbat dead???
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  • Check "Other Asian", Write "MONTAGNARD" Let's count all Montagnards! On Question 9, check "Other Asian" and write "MONTAGNARD". Bơ be phung drei bi yap ênum ênap phung mnuih buôn sang Đêga (Montagnards)! Hlǎm kdreč emuh mro 9, ksiêm bi nik phung djuê ana alǔ čar ngǒ (Asie), arǎng čih leh mnuih buôn sang MONTAGNARD. Ǎn He kơp le phung Montagnard! Ta nau lup mrô 9, he kach hě "Other Asian" jêh ri nchih "MONTAGNARD". Bol he kờp lǎ alǎ kon cau Montagnards! Tî sồ a crěh X anih Asian ndai Cǐh MONTAGNARD. The 2010 Census is an important opportunity to obtain accurate numbers of this refugee group, whose North Carolina numbers have been estimated between 6000 and 9000. On entry to the US, they are counted as ethnic Vietnamese or Cambodian although they constitute distinct tribes that speak their own native languages. Effective state and local policies can't be put into place without an accurate count. Produced by Montagnard Dega Association Information Service, Greensboro, NC. The above slogans in English, Rhade, Bunong, and Koho encouraging individuals to fill in "MONTAGNARD" for Question 9. Find out more about our census activities at
  • Death in the highlands - Montagnards were America's Allies The Montagnards or Degar People were loyal allies to the US during the Vietnam War. After taking over South Vietnam the communists implemented a brutal revenge against the indigenous Montagnards.Since 1975 Hanoi has waged ethnic cleansing against their indigenous peoples.
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  • Jan van der Roost - Poeme Montagnard PART 1 (Blaeserphil-OWL) First half of the piece Recording of Blaeserphilharmonie OWL at its yearly concert - live 28.02.2010 at Bad Lippspringe, Germany. For more, visit www-blaeserphil-
  • Christian Song Performed by the Koho Tribe (Montagnard) in Vietnam The Koho Tribe is one of many ethnic minorities in Vietnam. When the French occupied Vietnam, they called the mountain ethnic groups "Montagnard" which means mountain people. Most people of the Koho tribe are Christians (Missionary Alliance). I hope you enjoy watching and listening to the clip I put together. May God Bless You.
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  • Hlak Ai Charlotte (Montagnard) I was busy with video taping the people, i forgot to video tape myself! lolx. Well We went to greensboro to visit our special people Mr/s. Nay. yup.. They are my Inspirational. lolx. we look up to them alot. cause they are very faithful to God!
  • Save The Montagnard People, Montagnard Dega Association, Montagnard Health Care Assistance Project Save the Montagnard People and Montagnard Health Care Assistance Project
  • Montagnard Degar Torture Victims speak out The indigenous Degar Montagnard people suffer brutal persecution by the Vietnamese communist government. A child describes how Vietnamese police beat him, Christian man electric shock tortured, UNHCR supervises Cambodian police beating refugees, Woman shows forced sterilization scar.
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  • Montagnard-Bonneurb Alliance Church Christmas of 2007
  • Montagnard Weaving: Back Strap Loom A short video taken in 2009 showing the basic technique of the back strap loom, a traditional weaving method used by the Montagnard Dega people. This video is part of a project documenting the Montagnard Dega in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The Montagnard Dega community in North Carolina's Piedmont are the largest population in existence outside of their Central Highlands home in Vietnam.
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  • Traditional Montagnard Dance. This is Montagnard dance....hope yall enjoy it ;]
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  • Montagnard rap- No promises- this is my good our real voice ..100% no effect..Lil DK sing is really awsome..anyway a rapper kinda good at it
  • Montagnard Introduction Video When beginning my research defining barriers to acceptance of Westernized medicine I asked two main questions: 1.What are the cultural barriers to displaced populations acceptance of Western medicine? 2.How can medical practitioners overcome such barriers to improve the health of these displaced populations? I found that refugee populations are at greater health risk than other segments of the population and are the most likely to experience conflict with Western medical culture. My research attempts to guide health care providers in offering acceptable interventions that will better the overall health of the target population. There are currently around 7000 Montagnard refugees living in North Carolina and because of their number and proximity to Elon University, these refugees from Vietnam became the targets of my study. Well start by watching a video that gives more background information about these people and some of the trials they faced in Vietnam and those they contend with now in the United States.
  • Operation Montagnard Against the Viet Cong: Vietnam War - US Army Special Forces Training DVD: More Vietnam War films: The Degar (referred to by French colonists as Montagnard) are the indigenous peoples of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The term Montagnard means "mountain people" in French and is a carryover from the French colonial period in Vietnam. In Vietnamese, they are known by the term thượng (highlanders) - this term can also be applied to other minority ethnic groups in Vietnam. Thượng is the Vietnamese adaptation of the Chinese "Shang" (上). Montagnard was the term, typically shortened to "Yard", used by US military personnel in the Central Highlands during the Vietnam War. However the term has been viewed as derogatory and the official term is now Người dân tộc thiếu số (literally means minority people). Before the Vietnam War, the population of the Central Highlands, estimated at between 3 and 3.5 million, was almost exclusively Degar. Today, the population is approximately 4 million, of whom about 1 million are Degars. The 30 or so Degar tribes in the Central Highlands comprise more than six different ethnic groups who speak languages drawn primarily from the Malayo-Polynesian, Tai, and Mon-Khmer language families. The main tribes, in order of population, are the Jarai, Rhade, Bahnar, Koho, Mnong, and Stieng. Originally inhabitants of the coastal areas of the region, they were driven to the uninhabited mountainous areas by invading Vietnamese and Cambodians beginning prior to the 9th century ...
  • Montagnard-Bonneur 'b Alliance Church Christmas of 2007
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  • Montagnard rap- Lil' Sukey this is is about my life i did not rap complete about me maybe my next is gonna be full story ..hope you like my .. for listening ..this song sing and rap about my life if you guy need my lyrics i'll give it to you not probably give you the rap part but i'll try ..the rap part is just freestyle plzzz commend and rate..if u do i'll appreciate you alot..and support
  • The Montagnard Cause Former Green Beret, George Clark, speaks on the culture and present plight of the DeGa/Montagnard people native to the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
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  • montagnard highschool musizz h' thi b'ya -thon buon pan -xa eayong - huyen krongpac -daklak
  • cyndityler: Greensboro celebrates immigrants & refugees at Annual Mosaic Festival - Montagnard Reporters via youngprojects
  • ayoBranda: @no_lovelost_ you've got a Dega-Montagnard doe [:<
  • ayoBranda: I miss my sister. Hope she had a good time in DC performing traditional Dega-Montagnard dance.
  • ojaddajo: I favorited a @YouTube video Poeme Montagnard (Jan Van der Roo

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  • “Vietnam jails six ethnic Montagnards for between seven and 17 years for "threatening national security". fic/4448262.stm”
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  • “Give your take on the News & Record's Letters to the Editor. In the Montagnard villages, many churches have been burned and many have been beaten, imprisoned and killed for holding services in their homes”
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  • “Global Translator has detected a problem with your filesystem permissions: f27e2cc53f48186ec194989e4cf73fd6/web/blog/wp-content/gt-cache/da/_blog_da_stitch-montagnard cannot be read”
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  • “Our Blog. Tuesday, July 13, 2010. Save The Montagnard People News Letter. July 2010 – THE PICNIC This year we had a gatehouse and a Montagnard Cause - STMP President at Ft. Bragg " Montagnard Health”
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  • “The Degar, referred to by French colonists as Montagnard or "mountain people", are the indigenous peoples of the Central Siu Kim, a Montagnard working for the government led the service and had invited 10,000 Montagnard Christians in the area to”
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  • “Who are the Montagnard Degar People? The indigenous Montagnard Degar People have suffered The Montagnard Foundation is asking the international community to”
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  • “A little over a week ago, Cree employees helped break ground on the world's first all-LED Habitat for Humanity house. The Cree-sponsored house in Durham, NC, Cree's Habitat for Humanity construction as part of documentary on Montagnard people | Cree LED Revolution Blog -- says:”
    — Filmmaker documents first day of Cree's Habitat for Humanity,

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