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  • musicOMH reviews Bozzwell - Bits & Pieces, released through Firm. Bits & Pieces does a good job of bridging the gap between emo-house mopiness and mesmerized head-trip danceability. — “Bozzwell - Bits & Pieces | album reviews | musicOMH”,
  • Eschewing the mopiness of Carissa's Wierd and the country-esque Southern sound of Band of Horses, Archives was envisioned as a more uplifting band, heavy on lush vocal harmonies -- four of the five members sing -- and a peaceful, easy vibe that. — “Mat Brooke Gets Upbeat with Grand Archives | Profiles”,
  • The Cure For Summer Mopiness The beginning of our summer is filled with a plethora of activity. No wonder the kids are always so excited for But perhaps you can relate to our end of summer mopiness when camp is over, the company has all gone home,. — “Sweet Surrender”,
  • oh, yeah I took out the "Mopiness" part, since that episode, along with several other season 2 episodes seemed pretty inconsistent with the rest of the series. The thing with "Mopiness" is that it felt particularly out of. — “Talk:Zim (Invader Zim) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Mopiness definition, languishing, listless, droopy, or glum. See more. — “Mopiness | Define Mopiness at ”,
  • Here, via EW, is the cover of the movie tie-in edition of New Moon, featuring young Taylor Lautner's arms, Kristen Stewart's mopiness and, like, OMG, check out Edward's guyliner! And, just in case, you're thinking, "who cares about a book. — “Stargazing blog by Malene Arpe”,
  • IZFAS (Invader Zim Fan Animated Series) was started by a group of talented people who wanted to bring Invader Zim back to its fans. No copyright laws Mopiness of Doom. Dib gives up on the paranormal to study real science like his father. Zim becomes bored with no arch nemesis, and Dib is unhappy. — “IZFAS - Scratchpad Wiki Labs - Free wikis from Wikia”,
  • Zim and Gir in the Voot Cruiser. Zim (Hands behind back) Zim (Plotting) Zim (Pondering) Mopiness of Doom. The Trial. PREMISES (MS Word needed) Backseat Drivers from Beyond the. — “The Amazing Invader Zim Website > Archives > Downloads”,
  • I'm in the same boat. Take a night class, maybe? See what summer classes are available at your local university. Too bad we didn't live closer, maybe we could chill. As far as your neediness and mopiness-I am in the same boat. I have some As far as your neediness and mopiness-I am in the same boat. — “I have been acting very needy and somewhat self-pitty like?”,
  • Your number one resource for Thailand travel and holiday videos. Daily updated video selection from all over Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Invader Zim: Mopiness of Doom Live-Action (Unaired Episode) A live-action version of the unreleased Invader Zim episode "Mopiness of Doom"! The voice. — “Thailand videos - Zim”,
  • Review: GroupSystems' solution provides tools for effectively managing discussions. Home Messaging & Online Collaboration News & Reviews ThinkTank Mitigates Meeting Mopiness. — “ThinkTank Mitigates Meeting Mopiness - Messaging and”,
  • This episode was recorded just before the show was cancled, there is no animation and it is just plain audio, the person who sound REALLY dodgy is gir, his v. — “YouTube - Unseen Invader Zim: Mopiness of Doom”,
  • Jack and Connie are two single people who on their own might continue to recede into the anonymous background "For every scene of heavily telegraphed mopiness, there is at least one that finds delicacy and humanity in the give-and-take of. — “Jack Goes Boating (2010) - Movie Info - Yahoo! Movies”,
  • But few formative experiences can have the impact that the first girlfriend has. It won't take you long to get bored of your required 10 minute mopiness, and that is going to wire your brain to always be bored of it. It won't take long before your heartache is expunged. — “How Your First Girlfriend Ruined You”,
  • Mopiness creeps up on me like boiling water cooks a crab. Things will be fine. I'll be exercising. I'll be eating well. I'll feel good about myself. Then, one day, I'll have no motivation. I'll stay in bed half the. — “Fighting Mopiness”,
  • Apparently it's a welcome antidote to the hormonal mopiness of modern emo (suggesting today's kids would rather whistle than Apparently it's a welcome antidote to the hormonal mopiness of modern emo (suggesting today's kids would rather whistle than. — “Never Shout Never at House Of Blues | Music | Events | The A”,
  • And yeah I love Smallville for the last nine years, maybe not so much now as was the case for the first 3-5 seasons, and yes its really dragging now for the last couple of seasons, but every once in a while it shows some damn kickass moments thats worth all the mopiness. — “No plans for Supes - ”,
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt is poised to blow away thinking moviegoers with his hugely appealing combination of Keanu Reeves' quirky good looks, Tobey Maguire's engaging mopiness, and a Johnny Depp-esque hunger for offbeat, demanding roles. — “The Lookout (review) | MaryAnn Johanson's ”,
  • Explains the Cause and Treatment of Cushing's Disease in Dogs They include loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, mopiness and incoordination. These side effects are usually due to an excessive or rapid drop in the pets cortisol levels (too much drug) and they can be fatal. — “Cushings Disease In Your Dog (Hyperadrenocorticism) What”, 2
  • Invader Zim episode review for Mopiness of Doom Mopiness of Doom was never made, but some audio recordings can be found with dialogue from this episode. — “Mopiness of Doom”,

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  • Invader Zim: Mopiness of Doom Live Action (Unaired Episode) A live-action version of the unreleased Invader Zim episode "Mopiness of Doom"! The voice are from the original recording with the original actors.
  • Invader Zim DBZ version The sound clip I used is called Mopiness of Doom. This clip is from a non aired Invader Zim episode
  • Gir IZFAS voice audition animated A quick and unpolished lip sync animation for IZFAS (Invader Zim Fan Animated Series) member G4P, aka penguinsrock1017, auditioning for the voice of Gir. Total animation time was about 4 hours using Toon Boom Animate's auto-lipsync feature with minor manual adjustments. I didn't put a lot of time into this so please be gentle with the comments. I had a fun time animating this, but in the end the voice actor didn't get the part.
  • Return Of Keef (With Subtitles) This is an unfinished episode of Invader Zim that had the lines recorded and script written but didn't get animated. I gave it subtitles. Please excuse any blips in the audio. You'll probably need to pause depending on how fast you can read. Keef is really freaking creepy, guys. Expect Simon Says Doom and Mopiness Of Doom, if anyone can give me audio for other episodes, I'd be very happy. :) Viacom owns Invader Zim. Danielle Koenig wrote the script, I do not claim to own either of these things.
  • Gid is Pathetic A sample of the morning's mopiness
  • Invader Zim-Mopiness of Doom This is one of the recordings for an episode that was never aired. Dib decides to give up all things paranormal and study "legitimate science". After this, Zim doesn't have a reason to take over Earth anymore. EDIT: If you want the script for this unaired episode, go to
  • Mopiness of Doom practice animation the beginning of greatness my friend, Sarah is creating comment plz =]
  • Soapy Waffles's Invader Zim Premiere Trailer Fan Revival of the Invader Zim series of animated cartoons. Visit us at More is soon to come, filthy humans...
  • Invader Zim Lost Episode: Top of the Line Please Note: This is NOT the full episode! This is a little thing we at Soapy Waffles did on the side of our main project "Mopiness of Doom". Top of the Line was an episode idea barely a concept in the noggins of the Invader Zim animators before the series's demise. Only a brief description of the episode exists. It's a shame audio didn't exist for this episode. Tak was voiced by a very amazing Invader Zim fan. Thanks Toto! We hope you enjoy this glimpse of what 'could've been', as much as we have! :D Credits: Backgrounds, animatic, concept art, video editing: Tallest Rose aka theREALemilyROSE Final animation and coloration: Tallest Sarah Sound effects: Bladez636 aka thebladezmanII Tak Voice: Squishable Toto aka GirEatsChewyMeatPies Fan Script excerpt: Rasputin Zero and GHP
  • Mopiness of Doom a Slideshow of the unfinished soon-to-be-IZFAS Episode.
  • mopines.mpg
  • invader zim the return of keef this is the sound from the cancelled episode with pictures of who is talking
  • Invader Zim DBZ version Part 2 Here's the second part that of Invader Zim DBZ Version
  • I'd Get A Fictional Facebook GF (277:03/29/11) Unless I had to pay for it--then I'd just do it myself. Except I'm too lazy to create my own fake girlfriend and I'm terrible at pretending to be a girl. I'd also probably make my fake girlfriend have an affair with a fake guy. It'd probably get to the point where I'd need to see a specialist. -------------------------------Links--------------------------------- New York Times iPhone App Mishap: Three Big Pigs: Invader Zim "Mopiness of Doom": Invader Zim "Day of da Spookies": Fake Facebook GF: --------------------------------------------------------------------- My Twitter:
  • Mopiness of Doom Skit READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING! Okay, the moment you guys have been waiting for...Mopiness of Doom: Theatre style! I am Zim! Here are some notes about watching this vid: 1.Don't flame it saying we're bad actors cause I think we did a pretty good job. We worked really hard on it. 2. It's a little hard to understand our GIR because of speaking problems, so I put subtitles for when he speaks 3. We had to change a couple of lines to make it easy for our GIR, to help it make sense in a play, and to do something at the end. Jhonen Vasquez and Viacom own Invader Zim and were both credited in the performance
  • Invader Poonchy The audio from Invader Poonchy, an unfinished episode of Invader Zim.
  • "Mopiness of Doom" script reading [ZADR] The cast of Invader ZIM do a live script reading of an unproduced episode at InvaderCON in Atlanta!
  • IZ Lost Episode, Mopiness Of Doom Once again, very lazy...andthat pause u hear wen he talks about the reservoir tahts a drip at zims feet!
  • InvaderCON - Mopiness of Doom Script Part 1 The cast and Eric read the script of the unaired episode Mopiness of Doom. There are also puppets. It is epic.
  • ZIM IS REDUNDANT I decided to animate a line from the unfinished episode Mopiness of Doom for lip-synch practice. I love this line. It's so charmingly stupid. Zim basically just said 'That cat sounds like a cat'. Parts of it aren't colored completely, but I feel done with it. Critique will be ignored this time UNLESS you are specifically critiquing the mouth movements. NO I AM NOT DOING ANY MORE OF THE EPISODE. THIS IS IT. YES, THAT'S ZIM'S ACTUAL VOICE. IT'S FROM THE UNFINISHED EPISODE MOPINESS OF DOOM. GOOGLE IT. NO I'M NOT WITH IZFAS ANYMORE. THIS IS UNRELATED. INVADER ZIM BELONGS TO VIACOM. I AM NOT MAKING MONEY OFF THIS VIDEO. Made with Paint Tool SAI and Vegas Movie Studio 10. If you proceed to ask what program I used, I'm not going to answer.
  • Invaders of the Caribbean This one I can't even begin to explain as to why I made it. ^^; Yeah...only a few episodes used on this one. It could've been done much better, but you get the idea. Pirates of the Caribbean(c) Disney, etc. Invader Zim(c) Jhonen Vasquez, Nickelodeon, etc., etc., blablabla. Enjoy! And while you're at it, watch this one: It puts mine to shame. :] I saw this one AFTER I made mine.
  • Invader Con Puppet Show - Day of the Spookis Another unfinished video. This time the camera ran out of memory altogether. Sad days, yes? Well, I'm sure you can find the rest online, but enjoy what you can of it here! Sorry for all the camera shaking. Amateur camera man has no stands, and arms give out easily. xD
  • NEW INVADER ZIM SERIES EPISODE 1: THE IRKEN PRINCESS i made my own invader zim episodes after the show was canceled. I decided i wasn't going to upload any other episodes on Youtube cause it's more time consuming to make a video than to just write it out. So, if you're interested, you can find my other episodes at this link: this is the first about zim's rebel "girlfriend" who's after revenge songs: face down(red jumpsuit apparatus) never too late and riot(3 days grace) and pas de chavel (panic at the disco) ^_^ ENJOY!
  • If Life Was Like Higurashi (Kim) Thanks for putting up with me and my mopiness (is that a word? whatever, I now created it mwahahaha). xD I will always love you mama :D Clip Explanation: What Rika was eating was something really spicy. What she drank afterwards was wine. (Rika loves spicy foods and alcohol, preferably wine.) First song: Fireflies by Owl City Second song: I love you to death by Family Force 5 DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS OR HIGURASHI AND IN NO WAY AM I ASSOCIATED WITH THEM. THEY BOTH BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS.
  • Unseen Invader Zim: Simon Says Doom This show was recorded just before the show was cancled so they never got round to animateing it, THIS IS 100% REAL. Before you coment going "Why is there no video?", just think and read other comments!
  • 10 Minutes to DOOM The audio for "10 Minutes to Doom," one of the unfinished episodes of Invader ZIM. You can find the script here:
  • Invader Con Puppet Show - Mopiness of Doom Mopiness of Doom! Or, well, most of it anyways. My camera stopped recording after exactly ten minutes, and we didn't notice until it was too late. Whoops. You should be able to find the end of it anywhere else, but for now, have some Zim fluff!!
  • Invader Zim Animation Test 3 for even more Zim My third and best animation so far. This one has music and a moving background. I am working my way up to doing a complete episode using the voice track from unanimated Mopiness of Doom. These 19 seconds took about 4 full days to animate. Please comment or leave a video response!
  • Invader ZIM lost Episode: Return of Keef Part 2 Taking the unedited sound from the unfinished invader zim episode return of keef, i remade it so now, its cool!! I fixed keef and gir's voices, so there sooooooo much better now (as in not earbleedee!!) Also, i added clips, synching them to the speech!! THEN, i sped up the theme song (dont ask why, its a long sytory and the same reason why i had to add a BUNCH of clips in for each peice of talkinggggg) and so yeah. thats how it happened!! btw, all the names and junk belong toooo... jhonen vasquez... and nick... and so duz the sound and stuff. BUT I DREW THE PIX AND EDITED IT!! SO YEAH!! FUN!!!
  • Avatar Tribute - Where'd You Go [BATTLE VIDEO] [This was a battle vid that a friend and I were having, but I won it (thank you! xD) and now there's no need to vote anymore, though I'll always apperciate the comments!] Go sad AMVs! Cause you all know you love em even if they make you cry. xD Ok, so, this has taken me AWHILE to finish but I hope it was worth it. :) STORY: Omgz Zuko/Katara/Aang/Azula/Sokka/and Toph all have ISSSSUUUUES! xD Ok, so the vid is pretty self-explanatory I think, but the basic idea I had in mind was that each character was kinda telling his/her own story through emotion and flashbacks (which are obviously the black n white scenes). The main problem each character has is: Zuko: Fathers abuse and mothers leaving. Katara: Mothers death. Aang: Missing Monk Gyasto and Avatar pressure thing. Azula: Wanting of Mothers and Fathers love. Sokka: Losing/missing Yue and dad leaving when he was little. Toph: Missing parents and the general mopiness of everyone else is making her depressed. just kidding on that last part. xD Sorry, theres no particular order! I tried, but I generally just went with the flow of things. Song: Where'd You Go by Fort Minor. CREDIT TO: My friend at the time that came up with this idea. ~ I OWN NOTHING except my Zutara fangirl craziness which no one can take away from me! ~
  • Invader Zim - Pilot episode Part 2
  • The return of keef One of the unfinished episodes of Invader Zim. I'm gonna put up Simon Sez doom and Nubs of doom very soon!!!=)
  • Unseen Invader Zim: Mopiness of Doom This episode was recorded just before the show was cancled, there is no animation and it is just plain audio, the person who sound REALLY dodgy is gir, his voice is usualy modified on computers NOTE:The picture on the video vanishes because i forgot to make it last the whole time, so this is purely for listening
  • Invader Zim Animation Test 1 ----------More Zim at ----My first animation test using Toon Boom Animate. Check out my other more impressive animations!
  • SW Character Contest Visit to get to our forums for additional details! Or click this link: s4 This contest is open to everyone! If you'd rather enter this contest through deviantart, please visit this link:
  • Untold episodes of invader Zim 1, mopiness of doom! I found this of a web site THIS IS AWSOME!!! The weard voice that sounds like its saying something GIR would say, thats the voice of gir, WHITHOUT EDITING!!! The reason this is 1 is because i will be puplishing three more UNRELESED EPISODES OF INVADER ZIM!!!!! The othe three will be realesed on a saturday. The next one ( named return of keef) will be puplished on the 24 of may.
  • Invader Con "Mopiness of Doom" First Look Here is the Mopiness of Doom segment we showed at Invader Con! We hope you enjoy! :) Please note that this is no where near finished, and sound effects, background music, and most of the animation has not been completed yet. As for those who are wondering where the 'full episode' is, we're not done with it yet! We only started mid-January this year, and we're doing our best to get this episode complete. Thank you for your patience!
  • Invader Zim Voice Chat Original The Original Invader Zim Voice Chat Episode. It's called "All Attack Dib"
  • steelesm: @anneliejm Mopiness allowed! No real news... life been very chilled at the mo :) You?
  • Soapy_Waffles: So, are you entering our character contest for a chance to make an appearance in Mopiness of Doom? ;)
  • Soapy_Waffles: T.Rose is working on some more animation work for Mopiness of Doom, and then off to work on a cool new secret project... "REAL SCIENCE!"
  • Soapy_Waffles: Working on some Mopiness animation. "There's nothing wrong with changing your mind son!... unless you're me, cause I am a SCIENTIST!" ;D

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  • “Features Reviews Blog Film Clock Armond White. Features Blog. Theater Books Comedy minute set with new wave-y songs evoking some Robert Smith mopiness”
    — NYPress Does CMJ: Tina's Day Two,

  • “Now this one's going to be a tricky flick to review, and here's why: If I go into a lot of details about the plot But when Luke (Dorff) meets up with the stunningly beautiful Zahara (Sarai Givaty), his mopiness subsides for just a few minutes”
    — TIFF Review: The Passage - The Moviefone Blog,

  • “A great example of the general mopiness of society today is found on television. Mark/Richard | Consultancy Services | Speaking Engagements | The Manifesto | Article #15 | The Real Deal | Punk Blog”
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  • “Joseph Gordon-Levitt is poised to blow away thinking moviegoers with his hugely appealing combination of Keanu Reeves' quirky good looks, Tobey Maguire's engaging mopiness, and a Johnny Depp-esque hunger for offbeat, demanding roles”
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  • “Celebrity interviews, pop culture commentary and television, movie and music reviews for girls and women, from in NYC in finding me supportive AND pretty bras to make the girls happy) — it's the limitation in tops that we can wear that still invokes the mopiness from time to time”
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  • “Largehearted Boy is a music blog featuring daily free and legal music downloads as well as news from the worlds of music, to the college electricity that Jason and the Scorchers represent to Morrissey's mopiness”
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  • “The blog site of . Music news, reviews of new songs, information about upcoming releases and tours, highlighting forgotten treasures, rediscoveries, and all manners of interesting music culled from the AMG archive”
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