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  • You all may be aware of the moronically stupid column by John Tierney that ran in the NY Times recently, an opinion piece disguised as reporting. I haven't had a chance yet to give my own response to this piece. — “Talking Back to Conservatives About Title IX and Science”,
  • Listen free to Powerman 5000 – Tonight The Stars Revolt (When Worlds Collide, Nobody's Real and more). 13 tracks (39:09). Tonight The Stars Revolt was released 2 Feb while some tracks do take hold, too many others employ moronically simple riffs and/or lyrics chanted (not rapped) in a monotone,. — “Tonight The Stars Revolt – Powerman 5000 – Listen and”,
  • I purchased a toshiba satellite- moronically, the default settings were open unprotected wireless reception. Needless to say, my computer was glutted with malware. — “laptop | CIO - Blogs and Discussion”,
  • Buy unique Hand Made Jewllery online! Naomi Levitin provides unique, top quality accessories for you. sounds moronically cliche. rose breasted grosbeak sounds. sounds in halion. sounds webrip. stoges sounds. sounds like 3oh 3. sounds of lonliness. it sounds moronically cliche. — “(troutman dx100 sounds) >> cs 1.6 sounds >> sounds of sfoglia”,
  • Definition of moronically in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is moronically? Meaning of moronically as a legal term. What does moronically mean in law?. — “moronically legal definition of moronically. moronically”, legal-
  • moronically (comparative more moronically, superlative most moronically) This page was last modified on 25 June 2007, at 08:29. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “moronically - Wiktionary”,
  • OSOYOU, the clever cats that they are, have seized upon this fascination with moronically impractical designerwear and have come up with a gallery of the 16 worst examples they could find. seized upon this fascination with moronically impractical designerwear and have come up. — “Look! Models Dressed Up Like Gigantic Numpties! | Hecklerspray”,
  • This game has evolved over the course of a week from a moronically simple game, to something that is now slightly too complex for us to handle after we have played for an hour. Rules have been worked in and removed with this factor in mind, until we have reached the final version. — “The Webtender: Drinking game: Ultimate Loser”,
  • For two weeks in August, cable customers in the Pacific Northwest can thank the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. for preserving our collective sanity. Back in 2000, when NBC moronically refused to air so much as a minute of live footage from Sydney,. — “The 2004 Olympics. - By June Thomas - Slate Magazine”,
  • Definition of moronically in the Medical Dictionary. moronically explanation. Information about moronically in Free online English dictionary. What is moronically? Meaning of moronically medical term. What does moronically mean?. — “moronically - definition of moronically in the Medical”, medical-
  • Dawdle Challenging GameStop with 'Moronically Easy' Online Marketplace for Gamers The whole goal of Dawdle is to make it "moronically easy" for people to list or buy items on the site, which processes all payments on the seller's. — “yowasuphomeboy: Dawdle Challenging GameStop with 'Moronically”,
  • is where you get comics and editorials on the web. Search results for "moronically" Site Search Search. Showing 1-2 of 2 for "moronically" Ink Pen by Phil Dunlap. — “: Comics, editorial cartoons, email comics, comic”,
  • allows expert writers/authors in hundreds of categories to get exposure in exchange for the submission of their quality articles. — “ - Share Your Expertise; Get Published; Find the”,
  • Dawdle Challenging GameStop with 'Moronically Easy' Online Marketplace for Gamers The whole goal of Dawdle is to make it "moronically easy" for people to list or buy items on the site, which processes all. — “Video Game News, Video Game Coverage, Video Game Updates, PC”,
  • Li K Ba Sr Ca Na Mg Al Mn Zn Cr Fe Cd Co Ni Sn Pb *H Sb As Bi Cu Ag Pd Hg Pt Au Most Reactive -to -Least Reactive. — “most to least chemically active elements? in a list from”,
  • Have you been keeping up with Mamaroneck's Attorneygate? (as I've moronically nicknamed it). First, village mayor Norm Rosenblum, prior to taking office, ( as I've moronically nicknamed it). First, village mayor Norm Rosenblum, prior to taking office, decided to fire full time village attorney Janet. — “Questions linger after Mam'k attorney firing | Politics on”,
  • The movie was childish, zany, gross and moronically hilarious. As the suitcase is opened, only to reveal scores of pieces of scrap paper upon which are written amounts and notations as IOU's for the money that was stupidly squandered by the two idiot protagonists, one, Jim Carey, seriously. — “Butler Research - Archive (free)”,
  • Definition of moronically from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of moronically. Pronunciation of moronically. Definition of the word moronically. Origin of the word moronically. — “moronically - Definition of moronically at ”,

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  • Mistress Reba Moronically Updates You Just A September 2009 Update From Me, Mistress Reba~ Hope all how follow me are well, and wish like hell I was! My back is still out people! Peace~ Mistress Reba
  • MAT HAS BAD IDEAS POOP I got bored.
  • Nightlife in Davao City One full week is complete in Davao City. It's now day 8. I need to buy some cellphone load so I can reply to all my "friends." I head on over to the 7 Star Mini Mart which is right across the street. Reminds me of JJ in Angeles City. I head back to the hotel and the maids are in the room doing their thing. All three of them. They do a very good job at this hotel. I then teach you how to make breakfast in my room. The cousin of motorbike Manny and motorbike Manny are at the hotel to check on the bike. They want my passport to make sure I don't run off with the bike. I moronically give it to them. I then have a few Filipina dating stories for you guys. I still can't make sense out of anything with these girls. I then head out, get gas, and then off to the mall to meet the girl. I take some video of interesting desserts. We head to the grocery store so I can buy some food for my hotel room. After that she goes home and I head back to my hotel. I drop off the food and then head back out to try and meet a girl who I think is a real little player, probably running foreigners for everything they got. The girl I'm meeting is late (what a surprise) so I head to the food court and order some bangsilog. Gotta love fried fish in cheap oil. The girl never shows up and pulls a nice little lie about how she was texting me and I didn't reply. Of course. So I head back to the hotel and then text the girl and she wants to meet me again, but this time outside Victoria Mall. I'm a sucker and ...
  • [Viper Plays] inFAMOUS 2 - Episode 13 (The Storm) Yes, that's right people. Viper got himself an early copy of inFAMOUS 2, and he is playing it! We're on to Episode 13, in which the continuation of Episode 12 can be seen. I dub this one; The Storm. Here, I take on a side mission for some medical supplies, die moronically, come back, kick ass, throw the medical supplies around, charge up our new Blast Core, and get a new power. Please rate, comment, and subscribe. Donate to My Multiple Sclerosis Fund Here:
  • Duke of Douchebaggery Beck Moronically Claims Bush & McCain Were Progressives; & Won't Survive Obama (Via ) Beck claims Bush, McCain were "progressive," adds that "the country may not survive Barack Obama".
  • Rockband Party night Moronic morons being morons playing rockband moronically
  • The Retarded Baby Jesus Moronically Says CNN Using Kids to Push for Health Care "Indoctrination" (Via ) Hannity- CNN "using school-grade kids to do their bidding" in push for health bill, asks if it's "indoctrination".
  • moronically bored this is what happens when you get complewtly bored
  • I Dream That I Hold You As Mistress Reba Moronically Rambles Just a short piece of prose I wrote in the nineties. There is much I have to share so I figure the world may as well be my audience, why not I ask, why not. All the times, places, spaces, and years I have written and promised myself I would someday write a book, that has never happened yet in some profound way, I am writing, it is just my words that are black and white. And I dream that I hold you, I dream that I hold you. Scold you and mold you as well my ward! Dominantly Yours, Mistress Reba Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved
  • Ackjass Number One Ridiculous stunt video with plenty of moronically painful moments. Short film inspired by the films we all know and love. Avery Fisk, Dalton Thomas, Colton Northrop, Nathan Duersch, Adam Decker.
  • Goofy Hipster Faggot A stupid looking goofy hipster faggot dancing moronically and waiting for the G train. Why do I just wanna hit him? I don't know.
  • Just living. Moronically
  • Double Suicide Failure Beck, Moronically Tries to Tie Obama to Death of 70 Million by Mao (Via ) Beck tries to tie Obama to 70 million deaths by putting his words in Mao's mouth.
  • CNN's Ferré Moronically Claims Obama is "Joining Bolivia, Venezuela, & Nicaragua" on Honduras (Via ) CNN's Ines Ferré advanced the conservative claim that President Obama is siding with Latin American leaders in opposing Manuel Zelaya's ouster in Honduras, without noting that the European Union and the UN secretary-general have also condemned the ouster.
  • Bill O'Reilly Moronically claims Military isn't Government
  • Chunder chanting 'We Are The Army' moronically This lad embodies the die-hard nature of the Barmy Army and here he shows why...some have called him the new Jimmy and on this evidence that claim looks well-founded
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 BETA Create Mode Walkthrough, Part 6: Miscellaneous This is part 6 of a 6 part comprehensive tour of Create Mode in the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta, designed to show you all the new bells and whistles that you'll see in the upcoming title, from the microchips, to Sackbots, and everything in between. This final part covers the things I (moronically) missed in the previous 5 parts. This includes the waterfall material, the Advanced Glue Tool, the UV Tool, the Grabinators and level links. Part 1: New Materials, Global Controls and Movers Part 2: Rotators and New Sensors Part 3: Basic and Advanced Logic Part 4: World & Object Tweakers and Powerups Part 5: Sackbots, Controlinators and Music
  • Mistress Reba Moronically Rambles The Slant by Ani Difranco Mistress Reba as I moronically ramble the spoken word piece The Slat by Ani Difranco. Ani is filled with melodic beauty emanating from her very life force. I have followed here since her beginnings and watched her *grow* and hold only the highest adoration for her *in your face* candor, beauty and enlightenments. Mistress Reba
  • Raving Lunatic, Beck Moronically Tries to Compare Himself to Woodward & Bernstein (Via ) Beck- "Everything" being said about Fox News and me was said by Nixon admin. about Woodward and Bernstein.
  • Mistress Reba Moronically Sings Lionel Ritchie Sail On PLZ Mistress Reba Sings Sail On by Lionel Ritchie. This I hope will give some NO MORE than the idea I am trying to convey, move on, let it go, get over it, you can never, ever be me. Once you realize that is OK you will be so much better for it. Your own self is what you are, take it...
  • Alex being a douchebagatorium Alexander nancy frost moronically trying to jump to a table and completely misses it and hits his shin on full impact, he tries to laugh it off whilst i egg him on to do it again, was filmed off my phone, sorry it is on its side.
  • Windows 7 - Changing the Logon Screen Backgrounds This video is practically showing you how to change the background picture for screens such as the CTRL+ALT+DEL, Logon, Logoff, etc. Visit my website: MoronicallySmart - 2011
  • Ani Difranco My IQ Moronically Ramblings Of Mistress Reba Me, myself, and I moronically ramble from my ::minds eye:: the lyrics/spoken word of Ani Difranco, My IQ from her CD Puddle Dive. How I love that CD to this day and would could NOT hold Ani in highest adoration, such a beautiful creative Goddess! This song holds so much, ever giving, ever receiving like a sponge, as each time you listen to My IQ you may find there is more you relate to. Peace~ Mistress Reba All Rights Reserved
  • No Child Left Behind It has been a long held belief here at PANGEA that education is the key. A magical key with unearthly powers held just out of reach by the mind-sucking aliens who control our precious educational institutions. We here at PANGEA have begun the revolution to take back the minds of our moronically educated public school kids with our own primer. A primer tuned to provide the youth of today with the alien killing tools of tomorrow. It's our hope, nay -- our destiny, to provide every school going child who can afford $29.95 this PANGEA primer entitled Prim & Proper. Read it and weep alien overlords!
  • Halo Reach Fail - Cliff Hanging I was driving and I fell. tried to go backwards but that only kept me up. :P
  • Let's Play Sword of Hope 2: Part 2 - Into the Temple! We boldly venture into the temple, learn a little backstory, and moronically punch a splotch of blood. Equipped with our trusty CPR SWD and LETHR, Theo seems to be more than a match for the temple's less fantastic denizens.
  • Mistress Reba Moronicly LOVES Pee Wee, Jambi Grants A Wish Hey this one is self explanatory lol Mistress Reba~
  • Dog Fight My dogs, Truffles and Luigi (I didn't name them) are fighting,,,or at least playing around.
  • Rep Steve King Moronically Claims that "All Americans Have Health Care" (Via ) While speaking out against Democratic proposals to increase access to quality, affordable health care, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) claimed, "all Americans have health care, every single one."
  • Asymmetric Warfare Components (TvT Outakes & General Stupidity) Murphy's Law - Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Moronically dumb behavior, a Rambo complex, and not knowing what you're doing will get you nowhere in ACW. We did eventually switch out teams and attempt to kill/capture to emplacer's. Fail on both counts. Wanted to try to bring a little more realism to the game via the unknown. That unknown is of course IED's in all their dreadful forms. This is still a WIP. I understand the sensitive nature of this killer all too well. As a active duty member of the Armed Forces (Combat Engineer), I've deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq and have come face to face with them. So please, no hate mail. ACE is enabled though not necessary.
  • Prince of Persia (PS3) - Construction Yard teleportation route You can save some ten seconds or more on the puzzle by using teleport glitch. However, you are seemingly doomed to have Elika behave moronically and waste some time as you do this... otherwise this route would be even faster. It's possible to do the puzzle so that the long pole that leads to the fertile ground is already at its correct place, but this way the cutscene won't load. You'd need to rotate the pole twice anyway to have the game load it (or so I think), and so it would not be any faster.
  • Borderlands 2: Best Way To Play The Game [for me]. INFINITE ROCKETS [require NO MOD/GLITCH] Important Items: [fun begins at 6:34] - Shield: The Sham [90+% effect will do] - Pistol: Thunderball Fists [Lv15 or below, reduce damage when fail] - Skills & Relic: "anything that would make you reload faster." [I have a Moronically High Badass Rank, so i dont have to worry about reloading.] Details: When you fire a "Thunderball Fists" round on to the ground, it will create an effect that counted as Explosion Damage [aka Rocket Damage]. Your "The Sham" will be able to Absorb* this damage and Restock* your Rocket Ammo. The only thing you need to worry about is Pistol Ammo; I have a class mod for that as a Gunzerker. Rate & Comment HAVE FUN!
  • #85. After Kelly Goldsmith asks them to pick a number between 1 and 1000 and Kim Johnson moronically says 3, Ethan Zohn even more moronically says 888.
  • Fallout NV Old World Blues Walkthrough Part 18: Nightstalkers vs. Roboscorpions (Let's Play, 1080p) Part 18: Returning to Dr. Klein, the Old World Blues Quest (Fallout NV Gameplay) Click Here for Next Video: Welcome to my FNV: Old World Blues walkthrough in 1080p HD! For best viewing quality, click the fullscreen button in the YouTube player, then select 1080p, or "original" for even better than 1080p. I begin by evading a battle between nightstalkers and roboscorpions. Guess who won! I also show you how to traipse around a cliff edge to drop down on the X-13's roof to loot some mines, grenades, and another LAER weapon. Then I return to the Sink to do inventory crap, buy & sell a bunch of junk, and stick some new K9000 mod schematics into the Central Intelligence Unit. Finally, I report to Dr. Klein in the Think Tank that I now have all the technology he wanted. He moronically fumbles around with it, then gives me a new location to explore: The Forbidden Zone Dome. Oooh! Full FNV Old World Blues Playlist: Full FNV Raw Footage Playlist: Full Fallout New Vegas Playlist: Full Fallout 3 GOTY Playlist: Full FNV Dead Money Playlist: Full Crysis 2 Playlist:
  • thawaterboi: RT @dannyboi965: @thawaterboi @robdelaney Oh snap, is it time for people who moronically spell “Boy” as “Boi” to tweet Rob? My time to shine!
  • dannyboi965: @thawaterboi @robdelaney Oh snap, is it time for people who moronically spell “Boy” as “Boi” to tweet Rob? My time to shine!
  • Axelrod_EJ: Feinstein: Veterans cannot be trusted with firearms: Veterans tell @SenFeinstein how moronically wrong she is! moron
  • Death_SW: Hypocrites. Moronically still ask why I call them that. Not different from sinners.
  • petehuey: @djlowry unable to login to Plesk Control Panel through the link on the (now-working) domain. What moronically simple thing have I missed?
  • Nerf_Herder1980: What a Muppet!! RT:"@HDub02: Love this! "@msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license""
  • ZuulHouseRock: Lol surprised to hear that our former Vice President who moronically and cartoonishly shot a dude in the face apparently has "no regrets"
  • knuckle_head670: In Taylor Swifts latest interview where she moronically slams Fey & Poehler Anne Hathaway can be seen in the back egging her on. #Whew #p2
  • CG_1380: This team is flat out idiotic tonight when they get within a possession. Just moronically stupid. Can I be any clearer? #Bucks
  • backatone000: Eric Holder: Drone Strike To Kill U.S. Citizen On American Soil Legal, Hypothetically - Moronically thinking
  • savarlawyer: RT @msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license
  • MattCookesSkate: Finally home. Tv's are on. What's happening in the moronically titled "Battle of Ontario"? I see Hawks r winning. Where the hell's Hossa?
  • Noobian_Queen: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license via @msnNOW
  • 001ncis: RT @HDub02: Love this! "@msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license"
  • MauriYambo: RT @HDub02: Love this! "@msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license"
  • msnNOW: RT @HDub02: Love this! "@msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license"
  • HDub02: Love this! "@msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license"
  • Ghifarix: No matter how many times this slur is moronically or mendaciously repeated,ppl know d truth.Chavez d Greatest man among Politicians&leaders
  • 1wishonastar2: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license via @msnNOW (weed?)
  • poohtoo2: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license via @msnNOW
  • applam1: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license via @msnNOW
  • Phooj: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license via @msnNOW #stupid #dumb #crimedoesntpay
  • ChrisAtkins4GM: “@msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license” Haha!
  • msnNOW: Alleged thief moronically shows waitress her own driver's license
  • TheOneBowden: @Seb22 I know. Moronically put it to have over 2.5 goals. Only game that's going to screw me tonight.
  • Michael4473: RT @backatone000: Loony Democrats loving Chaves..moronically thinking
  • backatone000: Loony Democrats loving Chaves..moronically thinking
  • thereal_JLT: @Krustylicious I don't hate them I just think some behave moronically. I hate 2 people in my life so far and thankfully I don't see them
  • o0LexieKarev0o: Great! One of the many things I moronically deleted were all of my shazam tags. Ughh
  • arshadfilms: "No matter how many times this slur is moronically or mendaciously repeated, people know the truth. No less than...
  • ian_os: Oh groan... I named an iProduct in that last tweet :-\ Bracing myself for the usual crop of moronically ill-conceived spam follows...
  • Malagron: And Twitter kills another Twitter app. But still has a moronically designed web interface. This is reminiscent of Microsoft.
  • Garathon66: Why is it that college kids don't realise just how moronically stupid they are? They've all the wit & capability of armless drunken monkeys
  • NeverNotWright: I get so mad when people park moronically
  • CoatTales: @abcmarkscott are you so moronically social-media-unsavvy that you're calling the twitter community 'noise'? Arrogant prick much? #auspol
  • MoHoopsN5: I hope those that moronically dissed Alex Song almost weekly can now see the value he brought to the team.
  • vanillagalore: Tumblr is moronically amusing sometimes i just saw a cat scratches a watermelon with his paw and it cracks into two
  • insequential: @HowToDressWell no that's exactly what it moronically suggests; it's a rom-com that is only tangentially* 'about' mental illness
  • Jomianno: If you're American, you must be so proud! #epicfail
  • zsjb12: I feel like schooling someone on how moronically wrong their tweets are but ceebs for the arguments
  • InsafianJunooni: Shame on all moronically idiots who still vote n chant bhutto slogans. YOU ARE SICK.3/3
  • panich52: Moronically counterproductive f/ #antichoice to fight #contraceptives which are excellent f/ reducing abortion rates. #nerdland #PP #wow
  • 1998Rockefeller: ... is no excuse to start acting moronically, attacking a STATEMENT OF OPINION. Not an attack in itself, nor a defence, just a statement.
  • p15h: Just when you thought you couldn't possibly get a panelist as moronically illiberal as Melanie Phillips, up steps Anne McElvoy #moralmaze
  • SmegFirk: Saw a team in red earlier. They kept going on about Istanbul & moronically repeating their name over & over & over. Don't know who it was.
  • Ungoliantschild: @ErikJLarsen I'd like to see a whole book of that. Like the Tick: a city made up entirely of moronically bad heroes & unimpressive villains.
  • kmuffin88: @PurpleBrina17 just feeling moronically sad about twilight being over. lol.
  • HannahJMcGill: @DStraker90 Haven't; hear it's good. I am usually pretty pro-Soderbergh. (When not drunkenly + moronically confusing him with Cronenberg)
  • pqpolitics: @VanOlympics she has a mandate to be MLA but not to be premier. she's moronically spent most of her time campaigning vs governing #bcpoli

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  • “All graphics, photo images and text are property of Ruby Lane etc. Copyright 2009 with nothing but an addict's unsatisfied hunger, moronically humming "Constant Cravings"”
    — Vintage Jewelry Showcase: The Agony & The Ecstasy of Being,

  • “Eurogamer's computer and video game discussion forum I do get the impression the bb character would be genuinely happy to see Harry or others he moronically perceives as being Muslim murderers killed”
    — Prince Harry's been fighting in Afghanistan for 10 weeks,

  • “Forum Rules. Help Search Members Calendar. Search this forum only? Track this topic · Email this topic · Print this topic · Subscribe to this forum”
    — Chandra Levy - Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum, pilotsfor911

  • “* Anyone who is sighted can see the hydraulic stamping machine. You can't see a Web page until you've already opened it. By then, it's to”
    — Ridiculously, moronically, stupidly wrong: Canon EOS-1D / 1Ds,

  • “Solutions are almost always moronically simple. It's no surprise this one comes from a this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this”
    — American Nationalist Union Discussion Board: Solutions are,

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