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  • We handle the Motec Dash Logger System that is a fully featured, self contained, programmable data logger, device controller and dash display unit for use in all types of race cars. — “Motec Race Car Dash Logger System”,
  • Motec Manufacturers & Motec Suppliers Directory - Find a Motec Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Motec Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Motec-Motec Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • MoTeC has just posted a new release that fixes some issue with the ADL3. We have also been meticulously tracking setup changes and tire management parameters in the MoTeC software. — “MoTeC | Gorman Motorsports”,
  • enter here. — “MOTEC - Marine and offshore”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of MOTEC Life-UK. Get exclusive content and interact with MOTEC Life-UK right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “MOTEC Life-UK | Facebook”,
  • HOME. ABOUT US. CONTACT US. MY ACCOUNT. ORDER HISTORY. VIEW CART. Select your vehicle/ parts and packages. — “GTM Motorsports :: ENGINE MANAGEMENT :: MoTeC”,
  • Italy. Design and manufacture of single and double cylinder hosiery knitting machinery. Technical information and machine specifications. Also, programming and monitoring systems. Part of the Lonati Group. English and Italian. — “Sangiacomo/Matec”,
  • Default Meta Description Authorised MoTeC Dealers. Find the dealer closest to you or choose a dealer in your area that specialises in your application. PC Specifications. — “Motec - Professional Motorsport Electronics”,
  • MOTEC Auto Care Clinics understands that no one looks forward to car repairs and maintenance. We at MOTEC give you our personal assurance that we will do the job right the first time, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price. — “San Diego Auto Repair Shop | Motec Auto Care”,
  • Home / Titan Motorsports / Products by Brand Name / Motec Motec. Mr Gasket. Nitrous Express. NGK. Ny-Trex. Oakley. Omni Power. Perin. PWR. Race Ramps. RPS. — “Motec”,
  • Home > Engine Management Systems > Motec. Motec. MoTeC offer a range of high quality electronic systems suitable for all forms of motor racing. Specialising in Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems, we also offer a range of complementary products. — “Motec”, yhst-43541471360993
  • Welcome to the new website for Motec Entreprise, Motec Pte Ltd and Motec Accessories. LATEST NEWS! Motec has shifted to a new AIRCONDITIONED premise! Copyrights 2010 - 2012 Motec Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. — “MOTEC”, .sg
  • pipeline contractor engaged in pipeline construction, gathering systems, compressor stations, and rehabilitation & integrity. — “Motec, LTD. - Pipeline Contractor in pipeline construction”,
  • Since 1992 Motec has been developing camera systems for commercial vehicles, construction vehicles and agricultural machines as well as cranes, industrial trucks and specialist systems. — “Home”,
  • Home • About Us • Products • Contact Us ©2009 Motec, Inc. — “MOTEC Inc. - Welcome”, motec-
  • MOTEC ENGINEERING. 7342 W State Road 28. Tipton, IN 46072. We provide high-quality replacement and custom tractor parts. Whether you need service on your worn-out governor or you want to maximize your competition pulling tractor, we have the experience to get it right!. — “Motec Engineering”,
  • Using computer controlled engine management to control the engine dynamics of race cars. — “MoTec Systems”,
  • Buy and sell motec, Parts Accessories, ecu, aim items on eBay Motors online auction. — “motec items - Get great deals on Parts Accessories, ecu items”,
  • Home - MOTEC :: Race and Performance Wheels / MOTEC light alloy wheels with innovative technologie and Design: ANTARES, PANETRA, NITRO, COOL and STREAM. — “Home - MOTEC :: Race and Performance Wheels”, motec-
  • We've been working on a Motec PNP solution for the Porsche 996tt since we purchased our Starting off with a base jump harness Darin was able to wire the Motec into the jump harness without cutting a wire on the factory harness. — “Titan Motorsports Blog " motec”,
  • CLICK HERE for details on MoTeC's SDC and MDC units. Professional Lambda Measurement. CLICK HERE for details on MoTeC's PLM. Accessories. CLICK HERE for details on MoTeC accessories. Precision AutoResearch. 901 Hillside Drive. Bensenville, IL 60106 USA (630) 766-4402. [email protected]“MoTec”,
  • Moteck is specialized in motorized system. With almost 20 years exportation experience, we have the strongest R & D team as well as the most competitive manufacturing abilities on the electric control boxes and DC/AC motor gear reducer mechanism. — “MOTORIZE YOUR WORLD -- 模帝科股份有限公司”, .tw

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  • Supercharged Shelby Cobra burnout YS Vortech, Motec, powerskid Burnouts in an 800hp Cobra. YS Vortech supercharger with cog pulleys, Motec M800, powerglide, Blown 351W
  • Bazzaz Motec Data Aquisition Comparo 2 Ammar Bazzaz of Bazzaz Performance runs through a common use for data acquisition at a AMA test at Infineon Raceway. Ammar is using the data to compare two riders to see where time can be made up. part 2
  • MoTeC M800 and BMW S1000RR Got it . The Combination of a free programmable ECU from Motec (here M800), and the Drive by wire Unit of the S1000RR. With all the benefits, that you do not have with a OEM or BMW race ECU: - Throttle Blip at downshifting - Adjustable Engine Brake Moment - fully individual TC, you van use all Tyres you like - individually adjustable Lauch Control - with "Key Lock Switch" you could adjust the Horsepower in a way that you could even let ride the Beamer by your Son... - Logging - Lambda Control .. well and Tons of other Stuff, only the restriction of your possible Ideas can restrict the MoTeC ECU.
  • WTCC Extreme GTR Evo Takatec (MoTeC add-on) WTCC Extreme with GTR Evo and Takatec (MoTeC add-on) on the Nürburgring. I was testing the Takatec that works with a Local Area Network (seperate computer).
  • MoTeC M84 JRR Supra PNP Startup Quick startup video of a Supra with the new MoTeC M84 and John Reed Racing plug and play kit. This is just running off our base map (supplied with each kit), and has not been custom tuned yet.
  • Yamaha SHO MoTec Yamaha SHO - MoTec ECU, RD C3 Supercharger Wheel, RD 13/24 Impeller, 7960 RPM, 80.1 MPH
  • Supra Oman Motec T88 Supra Test Motec T88 - Mabellah, Oman
  • Nissan vtc+ Motec AD nissan in ad + motec test
  • Wiremod GPU Motec Quick demonstration of wiremod's recent addition, the GPU screen using an in-game vehicle.
  • How to Get Custom Channels from MoTeC M800 to Racepak IQ3 Dash Shane Tecklenburg explains the method used to correctly transmit the M800 User 1 and User 2 (Custom 1 and Custom 2) channels from the M800 to the Racepak IQ3 dash. The custom channels require division by 10 in the Datalink II software and in some cases the Maximum channel value needs to be increased. See how to do this and verify that the channels came through onto the IQ3 dash.
  • Yamha R1 Motec RN22 first start Test
  • MoTeC-Display (USB) for Race07 / GTR Evolution / other Sims (5) Next version of my MoTeC-LCD-Display. Now supporting the display of current standings, including laptimes, split times, team names, name of the car and much more :-) GT Legends- and Race07-support is now completely implemented. More features to follow soon =)
  • Innovate LM1 VS MOTEC PLM Both sensors are in the pipe at the same spot, I hate using the tailpipe sniffers but for this test they do the job.. The motec display update rate is set at 4 on a scale of 0-10 on the first shot where I'm comparing them together and the filter value is .5 on a scale of 0-25.. The second vid of the motec by itself the update rate is set to 8 and the filter value set to 1.. The motec meter by far is superior. It reads much faster, the LM lags almost a full second behind and doesn't even catch some of the AFR transients that swing more than 1 point.. In a dynopull situation this lag could be a couple thousand RPMs worth of offset on your reading and could easily mask AFR variations that occur in narrow RPM regions..
  • Toyota Land Cruiser G stander with Motec m800 ECU unit donuts in Industrial Area(madkat sanaiya) in Doha,Qatar.Enjoy comment and rate. © this video is copyright of:
  • Uaq-Nissan Crash MOTEC-Speed4Ever Uaq-Nissan Crash MOTEC-Speed4Ever By Evil VTC4800
  • Anit-lag AIS testing there motec anti-lag system testing anti-lag before sso2008 scooby shootout
  • MoTeC Mini Dash Display - MDD
  • Motec IEX pt1
  • AMC HSR S4 with Motec (180ps) Pro stand up ski, AMC HSR S4 with Motec (180ps). This ski is great!!! :-)))
  • MoTeC Launch Control
  • Motec IEX pt2
  • MoTeC MKIII Dry Sump 2jzgte short drive start up and short drive. First drive.
  • MoTeC Sport Dash Logger - SDL
  • The Beauty of the Motec M800 Cavin's new Titan copper Supra takes 7 tries to stay running. Sweet. Good thing it was 70F outside and it can't even stay idling. $5000 Motec EMS at its finest.
  • DALLARA F3 with Dashware and Motec In race at Magny-Cours, the French F1 track with a Dallara 302/304 during an amateur championship. The video is made with Chasecam, the Motec Dash with Dashware and Photoshop.
  • Programmation MoTec Programmation MoTec for Renault Megane
  • 950+HP Toyota Landcruiser MoTeC by Kami GT47/88, Motec M600, built engine, 28psi boost in the Video, tuned by KAMI
  • MoTeC Yamaha Jet Ski : ECU Testing On 19th May 2009, MoTeC conducted ECU Testing on a Yamaha Wave Runner FX SHO at the Melbourne Water Sports Center. The FX SHO was equipped with a MoTeC M400 ECU as well as a R&D C3 Supercharger, R&D Intercooler and a R&D Ride Plate. The video footage was captured using a MoTeC VCS.
  • MoTec Telemetry Nordschleife - PCC Watch in full screen ... No Driving aids ... Visit F1...
  • silkroad: MoTeC Greece SoSuN +9
  • MoTeC m800 TEST I adjust it in Powerglide Transmission Transbrake.
  • YZF-R6(2C0) 2D bigdash & MoTeC MoTeC & 2D inside.
  • VAC Motorsports S54 Race Engine w/ MoTec BMW on dyno Naturally aspirated BMW S54 race engine built to spec and tuned by VAC Motorsports. 375whp (rear wheel horse power). Tuned in house using MoTec ECU @ VAC Motorsports state of the art facility in Philadelphia, USA. This engine was placed in one of our chassis for tuning with a complete dry sump system before being shipped to one of our many race team customers in Europe. [email protected] See this engine in our online store- http
  • Takatec Motec add-on GTR Evo 1.1.20 Takatec Motec add-on GTR Evo 1.1.20 Test
  • evo 4 motec race engine 500 hp: For Sale in Tipperary evo 4 raceengine,motec m800 oem ecu(anti lag,launch control)motec camsensor,apexi avc controller,bosch cdi unit,tomei cams,cam gears+timing belt,tomei valvesprings and retainers,track day performance head design,hks steel conrods,wosner pistons,cosworth headgasket,arp studs throughout,acl race bearings,removed balance shaft,track day performance bottomend design,hks 3037 turbo kit,screamer pipe ,wastegate,intercooler and hardpipe kit ,hks blowoffvalve,remote oil cooler,race radaitor,twin recirculating fuel pumps and swirlpot,hks 1000cc injectors,evo4 gearbox shortratio,rs reardiff,ralliart front transferbox,exedy twinplate clutch n flywheel,evo7 brembo brake calipers,drilled n grooved brakedisks,braided hoses,evo8 wheels,cusco front and back strut braces,cusco roll cage boltin,tien coilovers,edfc incar controller,polybushed throughout, ,carbon bonnet,bumper spoiler n sideskirts,1.7bar 500hp,1.5bar 480hp,fresh engine build by on 6/12/2010,nct 1 year left very clean car Read more on
  • Motec IEX pt3 (soultion) Motec Iex pt3 (soultion) questions or suggestion [email protected] /forum user audi4u user audi4u Thanks for watching!
  • Yamaha R1 Velocity stack control / MOTEC
  • Indianshorty_25: RT @_Team_Pink_26: Trying To Go To Motec...But With Who...
  • Hunger_und_Co: SIM-Adapter für Nano & Micro – SIM | moTec * The Power People - Händleranfragen willkommen!
  • _Team_Pink_26: Trying To Go To Motec...But With Who...
  • gooodgriefToni_: RT @theybelike_RAE: On the bright side , if you ain't got plans tonight Pajama Party @ Club Motec in Mebane from 9-1 ! Hosted & dj by @Wickedv_Boricuv
  • Drop_buckets20: @A_Baldwin12 right now I'm just at home ..the western house party got cancelled but its one in mebane at Club motec so I might hit that up
  • theybelike_RAE: RT @Wickedv_Boricuv: @theybelike_RAE Can we get this pajama party packed tonite at motec? 3$ with and 5$ without 9-1am lets tookin care by me :)
  • Wickedv_Boricuv: @theybelike_RAE Can we get this pajama party packed tonite at motec? 3$ with and 5$ without 9-1am lets tookin care by me :)
  • Wickedv_Boricuv: RT @theybelike_RAE: On the bright side , if you ain't got plans tonight Pajama Party @ Club Motec in Mebane from 9-1 ! Hosted & dj by @Wickedv_Boricuv
  • theybelike_RAE: On the bright side , if you ain't got plans tonight Pajama Party @ Club Motec in Mebane from 9-1 ! Hosted & dj by @Wickedv_Boricuv
  • a7medo_motec: لـو تـلف العالم حـته حــته مابتحصلش مـثلي (˘͈ᵕ˘͈)
  • Blackk_Barbiee9: @AimFor_TheBrain Motec?
  • MoTec_Z: RT @Mazroui_3: جمهور حولگ ما يهمہ غير عَلياگ - و انتہ دايم مضريہ على رفعة الرأس / زعيم و خصمگ يرتعب قبل ملفاگ - هيبتگ ترقلہ من هامتہ لآخر الساس #غرد_للعين
  • MoTec_Z: RT @M_Aljabri7: RT @ALz3Eem_07 @alain_soul1 @al_Ma6l3i @3inaawia23 @5aldinhoOo @HaMo0D_9 #عمووري ♥'
  • MAlshirani: Aljaaaaaaw Mal Motec w Turbo ♥.♥
  • motec_data: Interessanter Artikel RT @EncryptionNews MerlinCryption Releases <25KB Footprint In-Memory Encryption Solution ...
  • mr_motec: RT @iFatema_Saleh: وما زلنا نردد ..والدنا أطيب والد في قلوبنا عالي قدره .. في قلوبنا عالي قدره #زايد_في_قلوبنا #اﻻمارات #UAE
  • Mobile_Zukunft: Motec-Data Daily wurde gerade veröffentlicht! ▸ Topthemen heute von @stawi @motec_data
  • GCarrillo30: @MGarciaSoto RE #FF para johanita y stefania y motec en hooters para la proxima jajaa
  • motec_4800: @uae_fahal سولي فولو فديتك
  • MoTec_Z: RT @iTango0:
  • MoTec_Z: RT @fahadalnuaimi: المعنى الحقيقي .. للثرا والثريا ... #الامة_الفرقة
  • motec_1998: مسآء الخير
  • spoonvalley: Äntligen helg, Motec djupdykningar vankas.
  • motec_n: الشخص اللذي لا ياتي بہ الشوق بعد الليلہ الاولى للفراق لن ​​​​‏​‏تاتي بہ تسع و ​​​​‏​‏تسعون ليلہ اخرى ..!* ♡̷̷̷̷̷̷̷
  • motec_6: ثمــــــــآن سنيـــــــــن يــــآزآيــــد.. شعبـــــــــك بالـــــــوفآآ يبكيــــــــــــــــــــــك :( !
  • motec_n: تعلمت منك كيف آبتعد كيف يصبح حديثي بآردآ كيف تصبح كلمآتي قآتلة فلآ تلومني آلآن على مآصنعت يدآك :)"
  • 7mowdElsha3er: #MOTEC + #ТURBO
  • x3zS: RT "@ITs_Ska: #FF @x3zS @Riotinklebottom @MoTec_Z @ItZ_Aky"
  • MoTec_Z: RT @Scroop92: ستشاهدون غداً بعد مباراه العين و الوصل مباشرة الفلم السنوي المعتاد ضربني و بكى سبقني و اشتكى مقدمة من جمهور #الوسل #العين_بلنتي
  • MoTec_Z: وضع صور الميت #تعذيب له ذكرى وفاة الشيخ زايد في القلب; غيروا الصور ({})
  • 3loowsh11: @MOTEC__ #SFF
  • MoTec_Z: RT @ITs_Ska: #FF @x3zS @Riotinklebottom @MoTec_Z @ItZ_Aky
  • motec_gx1: @Shamma_Hamdan رد .. على الغياب إلي بلا عذر ينجيك (من هو المجنون إلي يحبج وعقب (يغيب عنج اسميه مختل عقلين
  • mr_motec: RT @khalid_almidfa: صورة تاريخية للشيخ زايد بن سلطان وهو يختار علم دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة.. رحمك الله ياوالدنا وأسكنك فسيح جناته.
  • mr_motec: RT @ElegAntYy: [2-11-2012 ] ذڱرى وفاة آبوﻧا زايد يعل مثواه آلجنہ♥ . . ثماان سنين يا زآيد و شعبك للوفا يبكيك♥. #زايد_في_قلوبنا
  • mr_motec: RT @ElegAntYy: #زايد_في_قلوبنا
  • mr_motec: ياطير لو مريت على قبر زايد قله ترى شعبك لين الحين يبكيك
  • ITs_Ska: #FF @x3zS @Riotinklebottom @MoTec_Z @ItZ_Aky
  • motec_1998:
  • motec_1998: RT @mis_f6o0om97: شكراً لكل من يحمل محبه لي في قلبه #عاد قولوا عفواً علشان أعرفكم <☺>! :$
  • motec_1998: RT @A7md_Almahmoud: لآ ﺻرت ﭠدري ﭑن زينگ مجنني لآ تلـۆم عين بگ تعلق نظرهآ♡
  • MoTeC_502: =̶̠ ﺟﻣﻣﻋﮪ ﻣﺑﺎرﮔﮪ O:)♥
  • mayootsu: TD05ブレード交換4G63フルバランス+MoTec、OStwinにOHLINSワンオフ車高調、フルスポット溶接にウレタン樹脂入りシャシーの6点式4G63よりおまえがどんだけ凄いのかといいたい。お前ただ雑誌オサレ&メイクに爪塗っただけちゃうんかと。
  • MGarciaSoto: Motec en Hooters
  • motec_n: @nwa_s : rmsene 3ad aba argd rde 3 al5a9

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  • “Motec 6.9 Hi just letting you know that im new to this forum i currently own 2 6.9's 1 that is going in to workshop this week to have motor re installed it is controled by a motec m48pro engine computer and has dual 3 inch exhaust with custom made extractors”
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  • “We've been working on a Motec PNP solution for the Porsche 996tt since we purchased our The Motec offers proven hardware, however as with any standalone it is up to the end user”
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