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  • For more information see their web site at Muin Mound Grove, ADF Muin Mound Grove, ADF near Syracuse, NY. For more information see their web site at Muin. — “2005 Schedule of Appearances for Skip Ellison”,
  • Using Genetic Information to Improve Health and Prevent Disease. Edited by Muin J. Khoury, Wylie Burke and Elizabeth J. Thomson Edited by Muin J. Khoury, M.D, Director, Office of Genetics and Disease Prevention, Centers for Disease. — “Oxford University Press: Genetics and Public Health in the”,
  • Retrieved from "http:///wiki/muin" Categories: Finnish pronouns | Finnish pronoun forms | sco:Old English derivations | sco:Proto-Germanic derivations | sco:Proto-Indo-European derivations | Scots nouns | gd:Old Irish derivations. — “muin - Wiktionary”,
  • Ali Kali Muin Kalandi Artist: Nirmala Chandra Harichandan Release Date: June 01, 2004 Type: Single Genre: World Tracks Track Title Composers. — “Ali Kali Muin Kalandi: Information from ”,
  • When I learned the teachings of traditional spirituality from Muin'iskw, they spoke to the Cree blood that I carry, and I knew that I had found I have to thank Muin'iskw for her many many teachings, and for her patience with her man's many questions as he ran to try to. — “About the Authors”,
  • Word: múin (MOO-ihn) [muːn′] Meaning: múin = teach, instruct. Usage: Múineann sé Gaeilge. (MOO-ihn-uhn shay GAY-ihl-gyuh) [muːn′ən s′eː geːl′g′ə] = He teaches Irish. múinteoir (MOO-ihn-cho-ihr) [muːn′t′oːr′] = teacher. múinte (MOO Scottish Gaelic: muin, but rarely used; "teagaisg" is the usual word. — “Focal an Lae #204”,
  • Muin Uddin is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Muin Uddin and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Muin Uddin has 13 friends on Facebook and is a fan of 2 Pages. — “Muin Uddin | Facebook”,
  • MUIN The meaning of MUIN. What MUIN stands for. The definition of MUIN. — “What does MUIN stand for? MUIN meaning and definition”,
  • The Muin. The Muin is the Yird's ae naitural satellite, an the fift lairgest muin in the Solar Seestem. The average centre-tae-centre distance frae the Yird til the Muin is 384,403 km (238,863 mile), aboot thirty times the diameter o the Yird. — “Muin - Wikipedia”,
  • People named Muin. Find the person you're looking for and related people. — “Muin - Pipl Profiles”,
  • M. A. Muin. Penang, Malaysia. A Zoology graduate from Universiti Sains Malaysia and now serving for the university as a Science Officer at Centre for Drug Research. Graduated in 2004 and since then he has continue to do what he love the most wildlife research.. View my complete profile. — “M. A. MUIN”,
  • Muin is the Irish name of the eleventh letter of the Ogham alphabet, Muin is the Irish name of the eleventh letter of the Ogham alphabet, , meaning "neck", which is related to Welsh mwn and Latin monile. Its phonetic value is [m]. More from " Encyclopedia Entries from Encyclopedia. — “Muin”,
  • Reference from Wikipedia. Muin. Muin is the Irish name of the eleventh letter of the Ogham alphabet, , meaning "neck", which is related to Welsh mwn and Latin monile. Its Muin is the Irish name of the eleventh letter of the Ogham alphabet,. — “Muin”,
  • Like CS Type, It's become stable more and more by Plate Spring made from the 15~20. 1. CS-2. 500. 60. 15~20. 2. Dimensional / Model. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. — “MUIN TECH CO., LTD”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “Kurai-Muin on deviantART”, kurai-
  • Contemporary Issues include: Legal Issues II (MUIN M420-001), Concert, Tour & Venue Management (MUIN M420), Radio Promotion and Management (MUIN M420-002). Other options include an advanced CoBA course, a Law School course, a Communications course. — “Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies - 2009-2010”,
  • MUIN-275B. Recording Arts Workshop. M. 4. Lec-Lab. 44215D. 18. 15. 0. 10:00-11:50. TTh. Garver MUIN-277x. Introduction to Music Technology. 4. Lec. 44222D. 80. 31. 0. 04:00. — “Schedule of Classes, Fall 2009: Music Industry (MUIN)”,
  • Welcome to Muin Mound Grove, ADF, (Ar nDraíocht Fein, Irish Gaelic for "Our Own Druidry"), a place to grow and learn, serving the pagan community of greater Central New York. We walk in the ways of the ancients, following the older Gods and Goddesses, as we worship by the wheel of the year. — “Muin Mound Grove, ADF”,
  • Written by Dr. Mike Muin. November 20th, 2010 at 8:01 am. Posted in Dr. Mike Muin is a Medical Doctor and a Healthcare IT Professional in the Philippines. — “Beyond Medical Informatics”,
  • Muin is the Irish name of the eleventh letter of the Ogham alphabet, ᚋ, meaning "neck", which is related to Welsh mwn and Latin monile. Its phonetic value is [m]. This writing system-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. — “Muin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The MuIn is a versatile Multi Interface Board. It is useful in many applications: robotics, automation, control, development, etc. — “990005 XBee Multi Interface Board with PIC18F2520 - Dontronics”, dontronics-
  • gw itu orangnya pendiam, baik,(kt TmN gW lo!!!) N klo lo mo tau lg tentang gw add gw donk! [email protected] muin, gw gk bsa ngrm mpsn coz email gw blm di verifkkasi. — “Friendster - MUIN sELaLu”,

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  • Meet an Innovator: Muin J. Khoury Muin Khoury started out as a doctor, but soon realized he wanted to impact more people than he could through his practice alone. Muin is the founding director of CDC's Office of Public Health Genomics and has simultaneously served as the National Cancer Institute's senior consultant in public health genomics. He also spearheaded the Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention Network (GaPPNet).
  • Muin Sardashti ( 5 sala ) (talabai smail) Lasar mrdni Smail Sardashti bashi 2 yahalla
  • Coast Guard SIPU MUIN In's Town A Nice Uninsurable Disaster up River with Hundred of Lost Mobile Homes and Houses .Follow me on fb Rejean Reg Robichaud .
  • Muin Matnor-Tiada lagi cover version distracted by maisarah hemohemohemoh.....daddy+husband(muin matnor) try to give his 'best' performance but distracted by his daughter maisarah....nway nhow thiz iz me introducing myself to uols out there......hahahaha...HAMAHALEY!!!
  • The public health perspective on translating genomics into health benefits: More important than ever Advances in genomics and related fields are promising a new era of precision or personalised healthcare and disease prevention. The term P4 medicine has been used to denote a new era of medicine that uses systems biology approaches and information technologies. Its four components include predictive, preventive, personalised, and participatory medicine. Dr Muin Khoury argues that, in order to fulfil the promise of P4 medicine, a 'fifth P' must be integrated - the population perspective - into each of the other four components.
  • IPIT Seminar: Muin J. Khoury Muin J. Khoury, MD, PhD, founding director of the CDC's Office of Public Health Genomics, delivered a seminar titled "Genomic Medicine: Dealing with Insufficient Evidence" at UNC on Oct. 12, 2010. The seminar was part of an event at which the UNC Institute of Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy presented Khoury with its Award for Patient Service.
  • Sajani Re Mahanadi Muin - Classic Sambalpuri Bhajan [Jagannath Bhajan] A Tribute to the Legendary Kosali Music director Late Sri Saroj Nanda..... "Sajani Re.....Mahanadi Muin Hele" is one of the most popular of all the Kosli sambalpuri bhajan ..It is dedicated to Lord Jagannath....This song was sung by none other than Anuradha Poudwal and the music composer of this song was Legendary Kosali Music director Late Sri Saroj Nanda.....This song was from the audio album "Kala Kala Chaka Dula" which was one of the largest selling sambalpuri album in the eighties...
  • Muin Sardashti ( 5 sala ) (talabai smail) Lasar mrdni Smail Sardashti bashi 4 yahalla
  • Tribute to Khawaja Muin-ud-Din Chishti Ajmeri, by Amjad Sab Amjad Sabri sang a beautiful Qawali at Indian Cultural Center in Milpitas
  • Aye Mere Khwaja Muin [Full Song] Khwaja Ka Jalwa
  • Muin - Finis The story of Muin has been brought to life through the loving work of Mi'kmaq Elder Lillian Marshall of Potlotek First Nation (in Cape Breton, NS) and Mi'kmaq Elder Murdena Marshall of Eskasoni First Nation (in Cape Breton, NS), in conjunction with artist Sana Kavanagh of Cape Breton University in Sydney, NS. The production was made possible through the support of CBU's Canada Research Chair in Integrative Science, Dr. Cheryl Bartlett.
  • buling iyakan muin kamanakan video uploaded from my mobile phone
  • Muin ta lal pan biwi One of the earliest sambalpuri Music video..Great rhythm...good voice...sung by Anita panda of the ekda ekda fame...NjoYY
  • Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Muin Khoury, MD, PhD Multilevel Interventions in Health Care: Building the Foundation for Future Research Goals Multilevel Research and the Challenges of Implementing Genomic Medicine Lead author: Muin Khoury, MD, PhD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Advances in genomics and related fields, promise a new era of personalized medicine in the cancer care continuum. Nevertheless, there are fundamental challenges in integrating genomics into current cancer practice. This paper explores how multilevel research can contribute to evaluation, implementation and dissemination of genomic medicine. The paper synthesizes existing information in a framework of multilevel intervention methodology and makes recommendations for future research on the integration of genomic medicine into the cancer care continuum. Conference Description The research conference sponsored by the National Cancer Institute assembled health care researchers, clinicians, and administrators to discuss the importance of multilevel approaches to improving health care quality in the United States. It occurred over two days and was associated with the American Society for Preventive Oncology's (ASPO) annual meeting in March of 2011. This presentation is one of 13 research papers. The conference offered platforms for participant discussion and engagement regarding the opportunities and challenges of multilevel intervention research. Recorded sessions, presentation slides, and additional resources are available at cancercontrol ...
  • Muin - Story Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters is a traditional sky story which has been handed down from generation to generation as part of the rich oral history of the Mi'kmaq First Nation. The story links the annual cycle of the seasons as observed by the Mi'kmaq with the movement of stars about the North Celestial pole. This is the first time this story has been transferred from the realm of oral tradition into video and made accessible to such a large audience.
  • Muin Welfare Trust 1 Our aim is to help families in extreme poverty to educate their children as a means for success in this world and Hereafter (Inshaallah).
  • BAHANA Kalungan Sanca voc Eti R Muin
  • Muin Asfahani - 2012 ([email protected])
  • An Nabi Sallu alaih , beautiful Naat recited by muin qadiri at childish age of 7 years An Nabi Sallu alaih
  • Hacking the "cybot" driver card with MuIn 900.005 I've just tested to use an old driver card from "cybot" with a MuIn 900.005 card and the PWM support
  • Maa Lo Maa Radha Ku Muin Rani karibi Nice Song from the Odia Bhajana album "Radha ra NandaLaLa" by the artists Anjali Mishra and Pankaj Jal
  • Dekhuchhe Muin [Full Song] Badal Talu Luki Kari
  • yakan song kaupe ru masi inesseb kun by muin kamanakan video uploaded from my mobile phone
  • Dr. Muin Fedah - Medicsindex Member - IVF & Genetics Center - Amman - Jordan - IVF -Story Of Success Dr. Muin Fedah Medical Profile Clinic Live Medical Media Page - Patient Support Info Join Medics Index Network and Create your Free Medical Media Pages
  • Muin - Intro A traditional Mi'kmaq sky story has been brought to life in a celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, blending modern technology with the oral teachings of First Nations Elders.
  • Part 1 Ramz-Azadi TV Interview with Dr Muin Afnani ToIranians in general any knowledge about The Bahai Faith has come from its enemies, the Muslim Shia Clergy, who have never given Bahais the opportunity to proclaim, teach or defend themselves in face of more than a century of brurtal persecution. This is a Unique Interview In Persian with Dr Muin Afnani, who is able to give accurate information to a world wide Persian speaking audience about the true nature of the Bahai Religion, its aims, Its purpose and achievements.
  • Sambalpuri Rock Band - Dekhuchen Muin Tate Sapne First real Kosali [Sambalpuri] rock song ...superhit sambalpuri video from the album "Badal talu luki kari".Composed by the first boys band of koshal "The Emperor".
  • Muin Sardashti ( 5 sala ) (talabai smail) Lasar mrdni Smail Sardashti bashi 5 chawmana
  • Muin Sardashti ( 5 sala ) (talabai smail) Lasar mrdni Smail Sardashti bashi 1 yahalla smail sardashti karwan sharewani nury germiany sarkawt qurbani goran inzibat qashqa hawler chayxana hawler faxir hariri fachir hariri zahir omer kosrati kak kosrat shalaw kosrati shakew kosrati darbaz kosrati Ismail Sardeshti - Gorani Helperke & Shaiy Gorani ku... Ismail Sardeshti...
  • Murcof - Muin (Colleen Mix) Album: Utopia
  • Bhala muin pauchi - Prema Ra Pruthibi Odia Album By Prema Ra Pruthibi is a Romantic Odia Modern Album, Odia Romantic Songs, Oriya Songs, New Romantic Odia Songs
  • Too Muhammad Ka Dulara Hey Muin by Ustad Ghulam Abbas and Ustad Irshad Muneer.mp4 Ustad Hajji Ghulam Abbas and Ustad Irshad Muneer Qalandari Qawwal Recorded in 02-12-2006. MP4 Video.
  • nassnasuha: muin tak suka aku pggl dia mooinn...ok what? cute kan...hahaha..sape suruh pggl aku dh kene balik
  • muin_97: Knape asjad nie? Blum mlm Annual Dinner agi.. Dah siap siap dpan crmin pkai sluar ktat dye tu.. -,-
  • Elifgveyler: YA MUİN YA ALLAH!
  • muhajir_muin: @artistawwah huhhh,,ada org tdi sombong skali di kondangan *okebye
  • ayhu_muin: @wahyu_aryadi @astikadiandra @Sray99 @irfyjedida AreaDEWASA Alasan Mengapa Anda Harus Menikah dulu Artikelnya disini =>
  • ErikBangor: @abdul muin,,,,☆ †h♌nk γ☺u ☆ ЎªCħ pak Ɓooƻ,,,,
  • boecahlawu: @uqbah_aziz sudah je, dah di masjid depan rumah ustadz muin. pas di mau ke ibbas itu dah sampai pakis. :p
  • Jieghaaaaaa: Garang sangat Muin pundek nihhh ! Hahar
  • JasmineBiib: temen sebanyak itu di muin -_- RT @Rio_wsw: @JasmineBiib gaada e ka
  • aziz_muin: Today stats: 2 new followers and 5 new unfollowers via
  • muin_muhaini: Delapan tahun anakku tdk pernah merasakn kasih sayang ayahnya.... Aku tau dia sgt merindukannya ....
  • muhajir_muin: Bknji,,tp karna mmg tdi sdikitji kumakan -_- RT @idharasma: Penggemukan om? RT muhajir_muin: Plg kondangan tp lapar
  • muin_muhaini: Tak terasa air mata menetes .... Hr ini aku tak berada disamping anakku .... Maaf ya sayang ....
  • muin_muhaini: Rindu keluargaku di Pemangkat ..... Pengen balik kampong.....
  • moonin94: @NuyaNuaa btol2....muin kjut dgr bena....
  • ferra_aina: @muin Rilex lhaa muin, nme pun kehidupan.. Chill lhaa, cool sudaa...
  • muin_muhaini: DILEMA .......
  • me_arieq: @Herman_Muin bener itu ..
  • camileeya: still ade annual dinner lhaa ... RT @muin_97: Sdeyh.. Last jamuan kt mktb.. :'(
  • Herman_Muin: Lebih baik jujur jika kata2x seseorg itu menyakitkn anda drpd and bpura-pura kerana kata2x yg lebih mnyakitkn akn muncul. Woot2x. ^0^
  • muin_97: Sdeyh.. Last jamuan kt mktb.. :'(
  • IkhaNgacir: Hahhha "@DyanHoney: @artistawwah @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin astagfirullaaaaaaaah Zumpaaah kerren Gellaaaaak kaka hahahhha "liatka dulee" LOL"
  • AmirullahJamil: Lepak with Muin <3
  • Herman_Muin: I have no picture to upload. :(
  • DyanHoney: @artistawwah @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin astagfirullaaaaaaaah Zumpaaah kerren Gellaaaaak kaka hahahhha "liatka dulee" LOL
  • muhajir_muin: Teh hangat tmbh madu,,pisang goreng nugget,,kombinasi yg pas
  • muhajir_muin: Plg kondangan tp lapar
  • NCthongBana: =_=什么purple桶这样难听 “ @AbbyAT: Purple桶和我在Muin Oppa补习上网 哈哈哈 "
  • Nadya_lnie18: @CatrinaPascalia dasar org kaya,sma bb sma uud ga inget.beda bgt sma pa muin...tuh isi uud inget semua......
  • IkhaNgacir: Hahahaha "@artistawwah: @DyanHoney @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin liatko tl ku kmrn sy upload..liat tato kerenny..hahahahaha"
  • artistawwah: @DyanHoney @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin liatko tl ku kmrn sy upload..liat tato kerenny..hahahahaha
  • DyanHoney: @IkhaNgacir @artistawwah @muhajir_muin tatto' apa ?! Gambar kalajengking kah ? Hahaha ato tatto' bertuliskan IKHA AJIR ALWAYS FOREVER ?!
  • aysekcaslan: Ey Rabbim beni goz acip kapayincaya kadar da olsa kendimle bas basa birakma vede beni Sen' den gayrisina da birakma!!! Amin Ya Muin...
  • NAdiilah97: RT @camileeya: woi , belikan aku aiskrim gak ... Dahaga nie .. RT @muin_97: Dah abis blum yg kt surau tuuu?? Sini tgah sdap mkn ice crea ...
  • muin_97: Sory laa.. Mkanan x leh tapau arw.. Haha..
  • Herman_Muin: X pyh unfollow, nnt dia tweet, buat2x x nmpk jakk. Just leave her alone.!
  • Arthamella: Ha emang kau nggk po dek?RT @ifan_muin: @Arthamella bsok libur ya kak ? enak bnget -_-
  • MohdShahsgr30: RT @helmifarhan7: @MohdShahsgr30 merajuk dengan muin @Fathulmouen sbb kau sembang lebih!!!
  • Herman_Muin: 30 minit lgi Chelsea lwn New Castle.
  • IkhaNgacir: Iah blm liad tattoku ini sm ajir "@artistawwah: @DyanHoney @muhajir_muin @IkhaNgacir hahahaha pasangan paling hot di perio skrg ni berdu
  • helmifarhan7: @MohdShahsgr30 merajuk dengan muin @Fathulmouen sbb kau sembang lebih!!!
  • Herman_Muin: Herman..!! Leave her alone...!!
  • camileeya: Aku terlupe , @muin_97 ade jamuan homeroom -,-
  • camileeya: woi , belikan aku aiskrim gak ... Dahaga nie .. RT @muin_97: Dah abis blum yg kt surau tuuu?? Sini tgah sdap mkn ice cream.. haha.. :D
  • AbdHadi97: Ciss . Jgn lupa bwak makanan utk aku [email protected]_97: #Drumstick homeroom.. :D
  • artistawwah: @uliekuning @unhaunhaunha @fatma_fathqyu @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin hahahaha..tdkji it..kaya ki senin ini..hahahaha..
  • uliekuning: @artistawwah @unhaunhaunha @fatma_fathqyu @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin dehhh.... Semacam meragu begitu... Gappa bayar pke barterji gang... Rugi
  • muin_97: Dah abis blum yg kt surau tuuu?? Sini tgah sdap mkn ice cream.. haha.. :D
  • artistawwah: @DyanHoney @muhajir_muin @IkhaNgacir hahahaha pasangan paling hot di perio skrg ni berdua egaa..
  • Herman_Muin: Uuuuiiii...!!!! Mcm len jgk bha kalau bchat d fb dgn GF org ne.. Wakakaka.. Trep hot lagi bha maw d chat oleh cewek org.. Woot2x. ^0^
  • artistawwah: @uliekuning @unhaunhaunha @fatma_fathqyu @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin udah ada ajir yg lembur..tante lagi istirahat..hahahaha..
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin iya wes manut :D
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin eh malah frontal ! Gak takut di bajak ?
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf bsok lagi mbak . udah malem __
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf namanya di ganti @ifan_soekamti aja
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin kirim di dm aja kalo gak chat di fb
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin ealah malah di tinggal off -_-
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf [email protected] pass : ninetyone
  • uliekuning: @artistawwah @unhaunhaunha @fatma_fathqyu @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin malam minggu loh... Kok sepi?? Hahhaaa... Banyak saingan yah?? :p
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf jadi mbak
  • ifan_muin: besok pagi ada fogging -_-
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin lah kok masih ragu dek ? Eh jadi gi gantiin nama gak ?
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf aku tak ext dlu yaa mbak
  • Nurulshafinahbr: Lepas habis tusyen cikgu Muin Gedik Mode ON!
  • Herman_Muin: @28akim_10 Code10
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf gpp mbak . aku masih ragu klw mbak ngmbil hp ku
  • artistawwah: @uliekuning @unhaunhaunha @fatma_fathqyu @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin bukan penasaran..sepi tanpamuu..
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin besok dek, knp ?
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf kapan balik ke jogja mbak ??
  • uliekuning: @artistawwah @unhaunhaunha @fatma_fathqyu @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin ada yg sangat penasaran banget tuh... Wait aja ya... Hahahaaaa
  • Nurulshafinahbr: Cikgu Muin kawen dak lagi??
  • DyanHoney: Ciyeee jadianmi kah kak ? RT @artistawwah: Mana kabarmu tawwa @muhajir_muin RT @IkhaNgacir: Tidak ada kabar darinya hari ini :(
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin samsung yg kuat baterai itu loh, hrgane 200 rbu kurang :D
  • artistawwah: @unhaunhaunha @uliekuning @fatma_fathqyu @IkhaNgacir @muhajir_muin cant wait for monday..
  • muin_97: #Drumstick homeroom.. :D
  • artistawwah: Mana kabarmu tawwa @muhajir_muin RT @IkhaNgacir: Tidak ada kabar darinya hari ini :(
  • ifan_muin: kanen bnget sma kamu
  • Nurulshafinahbr: Hello aku minat kat cikgu Muin since 2011okeyyy
  • Herman_Muin: hahahahaha.. Pontian.!
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf apa itu ?
  • Nurulshafinahbr: Weyh aku nak boyfriend / husband mcm cikgu Muin!!!!
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin mau di temenin ? Mau kyk hpnya mbak po ? Yg samsung sejuta umat :D
  • Herman_Muin: @ghadiskecik hahahaha..!!! Woot2x. ^0^
  • ghadiskecik: @Herman_Muin hmmmmmm!
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf aku pengen nyari hp murah. haha
  • Herman_Muin: @ghadiskecik hahahahhaha.. jahatnya macik
  • semihklnc: @emreeesahin nereye geleyim Muin hocam :)
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin tadi liat jadwalnya aku dek -_-
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf hapal bnget mbak -_-
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin besok april ada indie clothing dek
  • nassnasuha: muin pggl aku soohaaa...aku nk pggl dia mooinnnn......cute kan? hahaha
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf ya . cmn gg da kendaraan
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin hahaha, dek dek sama aja, eh jadi pengen ke distro gak ?
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf dan habis jumatan aku lngsung tepar di kasur mbak -_- haha
  • Julpi_assegaf: @ifan_muin ealah dek -_-
  • ifan_muin: @Julpi_assegaf nggak mbak . gag ada hp
  • ifan_muin: @Arthamella bsok libur ya kak ? enak bnget -_-
  • nailaalfi: Wahah iya nih :D acara apaan veen?RT @agustinvenna: Nasib LDR :D, muin ada acra kata tmenku pi, RT "@nailaalfi: Tumben nggak pending,mungkin
  • Raja_Muin: @farhahxoxo @amir_afiq Ok fine
  • farhahxoxo: @Raja_Muin @amir_afiq hahaha tgk kt rumah ah baru best

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  • “CIAN'S BLOG. BASEL - 'AR MUIN NA MUICE' ! Monday 18 January 2010. Hello everyone, just returned home from Basel, where I had a The headline, you may notice, is in Irish - 'ar muin na muice', which is something my grandmother Doreen would have said when”
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  • “muin arifah and lidia fibriana are now friends 4 weeks, 1 day ago muin arifah wrote a new blog post: makalah basa jawi kelas 5 SD 1 month ago”
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