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  • Home page of The Grey Muzzle Organization - helping homeless senior dogs Rather, Grey Muzzle funds programs such as hospice care, senior dog adoption, medical screening, and other special programs to help old dogs at animal welfare organizations across the country. — “The Grey Muzzle Organization - Home”,
  • We have the biggest and best selection of wire basket dog muzzles, leather, nylon, Italian basket dog muzzles and training muzzles for all size dogs at . — “Wire Basket Dog Muzzle - Leather - Plastic Basket Dog Muzzles”,
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  • Muzzle Manufacturers & Muzzle Suppliers Directory - Find a Muzzle Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Muzzle Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Muzzle-Muzzle Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • The easy misconception is that only dogs who bite wear muzzles. While preventing bites is one appropriate use for a muzzle, there are plenty of other reasons to put a little safety barrier between her teeth and the outside world. — “Dog Muzzles | Dog Time - Getting a muzzle for your dog or puppy”,
  • Looking for dog muzzles,wire basket dog muzzle,leather dog muzzle,wire dog muzzle. — “Dog muzzle, Leather dog muzzles, Wire dog muzzle, dog muzzle”, dog-muzzle-
  • Compare Muzzle Pets good Products & read Reviews before you buy. The best online Deals are at Australia. — “Muzzle Pets | Compare Pets Products & Prices in our Pets”,
  • Buy protective training muzzles for dogs and cats at our online store. Featuring the best selection in leather, nylon, plastic basket, sosft and wire basket muzzles for cats and dogs at guaranteed everyday low prices. — “Muzzle Pet Store - Featuring The Best Selection In Leather”,
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  • Definition of muzzle from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of muzzle. Pronunciation of muzzle. Definition of the word muzzle. Origin of the word muzzle. — “muzzle - Definition of muzzle at ”,
  • muzzle n. The forward, projecting part of the head of certain animals, such as dogs, including the mouth, nose, and jaws; the snout. — “muzzle: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • I have used Muzzles to train dogs since 1974 and sold them for 20 years. This article is an overview of the different kinds of muzzles and how they work. — “Leerburg | How to Select a Muzzle for your Dog”,
  • Muzzle (band), a musical group based in Seattle. Muzzle (Gmail_Labs_feature), a retired Gmail labs feature. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. — “Muzzle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Muzzle definition, the mouth, or end for discharge, of the barrel of a gun, pistol, etc. See more. — “Muzzle | Define Muzzle at ”,
  • Buy Cheap Price Dog Muzzle sales price ,Dog Muzzle Products & Super Save Shipping. — “#1: Dog Muzzle Sales Price Store | Dog Muzzle for sale: Cheap”,
  • Buy muzzle, Pet Supplies items on eBay. Find great deals on Sporting Goods, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items and get what you want now!. — “muzzle items - Get great deals on Pet Supplies, Sporting”,
  • Shop for Muzzle. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Muzzle - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Learn about Muzzle on . Find info and videos including: How to Muzzle a Dog, What Is a Muzzle Brake?, About Dog Muzzles and much more. — “Muzzle - ”,
  • muzzle (plural muzzles) the protruding part of many animal's head which includes nose, mouth and jaws; snout. the mouth or the end for entrance or discharge of a gun, pistol etc., that the bullet emerges from as opposed to the breech. a device. — “muzzle - Wiktionary”,
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  • Smashing Pumpkins the smashing pumpkins playing "muzzle" (acoustic) live @ LA in 2000
  • Smashing Pumpkins - Muzzle video clip for the song Muzzle.
  • Muzzle Loader Cleaning and Preparation This is my .50 Cal. Connecticut Valley Arms muzzle loading rifle. I have another short vid of it I made earlier. Here I am focusing on cleaning it and preparing it for long term storage. I will discuss my possibles bag and the tools that I take with me for use in the field, as well as powder, powder charge and projectile.
  • TUTORIAL: Muzzle Flashes (Includes Stock Footage!) Click to tweet! Share on facebook! Niko shares some tips and tricks for getting a perfect muzzle flash for any shot! Watch his fancy-finger moves across the keyboard! Don't forget to check out the free stock footage at the end. Instructions on how to use stock footage at end of vid: 1. Download this YT vid here: (doesnt work in chrome) 2. Open the video in your editing program, or After Effects 3. Set the In and Out points so that only the smoke puff is selected 4. Export the smoke puff. Now it's ready to be used! 5. For the muzzle flash, just take a screen capture. Windows 7 = snipping tool. Mac = Cmd-Shift-4 Any questions? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.
  • SureFire Muzzle Brake video This video features Michael Voigt, USPSA National Champion, discussing the many benefits of using a SureFire muzzle brake. It's all about increasing accuracy and speed.
  • Conditioning Your Dog to a wear a Muzzle This 10 minute training video will teach you how to condition, or desensitize, your dog to wearing a muzzle. This work is done with markers. It works on Police Service Dogs or the family pet that needs to wear a muzzle to the vet.
  • Smashing Pumpkins - Muzzle - Fan Video A personal interpretation of Muzzle. Intended more as a video for myself rather than a Smashing Pumpkins video, if that makes any sense! Made in November 2005. All the images and film are my own except the clip from Contact and the Battle Painting by George Gaynor. Muzzle: Written by Billy Corgan & performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Tutorial: Muzzle Flashes With Windows Movie Maker You don't have to follow the exact steps I used, as long as you get the basic idea. Tutorial for people who kept buggin' me about muzzle flashes. Bad video quality, sorry, but my computer isn't too great. There are also many other tutorials on youtube on how to make muzzle flashes in wmm, so if you find this one confusing, just search for another one Also, You don't have to follow the exact steps I used, as long as you get the basic idea. Also not mentioned in the tutorial, but your muzzle flash may look weird if you don't trim the clip right after it for the equal time of the picture. I did not have to do it for this video however. Most importantly Enjoy the tutorial and please comment.
  • THE WHIP - MUZZLE NO.1 Manchester's The Whip deliver 'Muzzle No.1' out soon on Southern Fried Records
  • How To Make a Muzzle Flash With Pinnacle Studio 12 PLEASE READ THIS FOR ANSWERS If anyone has a Pinnacle Watermark or logo covering the screen, that means you need to upgrade to Pinnacle Studio Plus or Ultimate. I used Camtasia Studio to record this video, but I recently got Snagit 9. To make an explosion, all you need to do is get a clip of an explosion with a white or black background, then do what you would do with a muzzle flash. I may make a tutorial on it later. I'm not very good at a lot of other effects, if I don't answer your comment, that means I can't answer your question until I figure out more effects. This is my 2nd tutorial and I am planning on some more. Please check out my channel and other videos and don't forget to subscribe!
  • Muzzle Training Charlotte Wagner of the Canine Paws Training Academy is teaching her Golden Retriever, Riley, how to accept a muzzle with the help of operant conditioning clicker training. This is a great way to introduce a muzzle and have your dog enjoy being around the object, and want to wear it. Using positive reinforcement and forming pleasant associations when wearing a muzzle also reduces the amount of stress a dog feels when confined by a muzzle.
  • G20 Toronto: Police fire rubber bullets (Taken from The Star) Riot police fired at least three shots of individual applications of tear gas and powder at protestors outside the temporary G20 jail on Eastern Ave. around noon on Sunday, where minutes earlier a peaceful demonstration by the Toronto Community Mobilization Network was broken up when plain-clothes police stormed the crowd to snatch at least two people in targeted arrests. After the arrests occurred, police ordered the crowd to move north, first surging forward with batons and then firing these "muzzle blasts." One man and one woman appeared to be injured after the blasts. (Brendan Kennedy, June 27, 2010) FIRE BILL BLAIR!!!! AmnestyInternational press release on Police misuse of powers during G20 Caring about a deaf man and a amputee isn't mainstream..lets worry about the property damage right..the police were given orders to stand down and not arrest "Black bloc" when they had the chance..16000 police couldn't apprehend 100 criminals and protect the public and property? In a past summit in montebello Quebec, Police were caught dressing up in black disguises as anarchists and were instigating violence..the term is known as "agent provocateurs" when you have violence, it justifies how much money spent.. it aired on CBC.. Innocent Deaf man arrested and not given a sign language translator while being detained.. A 57-year-old amputee was "brutalized" and ...
  • Wilco - Muzzle of Bees (A Ghost is Born) Studio Version of the Song "Muzzle of Bees", taken from the album "A Ghost is Born" by Wilco
  • Wolfgang & Wotan Muzzle Grab at Wolf Park Wolfgang and Wotan compete for Monty's attention by growling and muzzle grabbing each other.
  • Advanced Muzzle Flash Tutorial - After Effects My thought son how to create a realistic muzzle flash in after effects. Things to keep in mind ... - Muzzle flashes rarley happen - the flash itself is a tad whiter at day, orangish by night! - motion blur = key to succes - RESAERCH YOUR GUN!!! - set smoke to "add"
  • Precision Muzzle Crowning by Dave Manson No-lathe high precision muzzle crowning with use of unique hand tools. For rifles, shotguns and handguns from .22 to .50 caliber, .17 and .20 caliber setups are available as a special option. Separate crowning tool for 12-20 gage shotguns is also offered. Delivers fast, accurate and chatter-free muzzle crowning for all barrels, including the ones with chrome-lined bores. Produces concentric flat and 11 degree target style muzzle crowns in less than 10 minutes on average. No firearm disassembly is required for muzzle crowning and no additional equipment and special skills are needed to use these tools. Crowning cutters use very long lasting serrated carbide inserts, which are also easily replaceable and, if needed, adjustable to fit barrel OD For more information, contact Dave Manson Precision Reamers (810-953-0732, ) or visit Borka Tools website ( http ). Video is produced in cooperation with Borka Tools, division of Borka Enterprises, Farmington Hills, Michigan.
  • TF2 Beta Muzzleflash Skin tf2 A FPSBanana user by the name of wwwaffles321 discovered how to restore the beta muzzleflashes. When he submitted his, it got trashed because people thought it was a sprite(and it also lacked decent screenshots). I didn't want the people who didn't get to download it to feel left out, so I decided to make it for the weapons wwwaffles321 didn't make it for and fixed it up a bit on the automatic weaponry. Currently, the muzzleflash will not work for Heavy's Minigun or the sentry due to some issues.
  • JF After Effects Tutorial: The Muzzle Flash send me a message for a future tutorial or if you need help! Be sure to check out my other vids! more tutorials coming!
  • Smashing Pumpkins - Muzzle - Live Germany 1996 MUZZLE! Awesome live song by the Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Film Riot - Head Shot, Blood Splatter, Muzzle Flash, and New York in June To answer a viewers email, in this episode we show you how to create a head shot, splatter some blood and make a convincing muzzle flash.
  • Teaching A Dog To Wear A Muzzle (Muzzle Training) A video guide to created to assist you in teaching your dog to enjoy wearing a muzzle.
  • Muzzle.Muzzle.Muzzle by Nightmare [(ナイトメア) Naitomea] Song: muzzle.muzzle.muzzle Track: Number 2 Album: Ultimate Circus Released: December 25, 2003 *LYRICS* MINUS shikou shoushou asu wo miru koto mo tsuraku mou YADA jikan no nagareru mama ni mi wo yudane tadoritsuku basho DOKO? nani ka wo oimotome samayoi kizutsuite kawaita kono kokoro modorenai boku wa asu wo iki isogu sama wa ushiro furikaerezu munashiku kegareteitta kore kara yatto hajimaru hontou no ibasho sagashi saa yukou jibun de irareru you ni zenryoku de hashiritsudzuke run run run nani ka wo oimotome samayoi kizutsuite kawaita kono kokoro modorenai boku wa asu wo iki isogu sama wa ushiro furikaerezu munashiku kagereteitta mou dare mo tomerarenai subete kuchihatete mo "kokoro" wa aru beki basho e...
  • QB78 Muzzle Velocity Increase Increase the muzzle velocity of your QB78 family air rifle by replacing the breech seal. This technique also applies to other QB78 family air rifles including the stock QB78, QB79, AR2078, AR2078A, AR2079 TF78 and TF79.
  • MUZZLE FLASH TUTORIAL in Windows Movie Maker - EASY METHOD! GUN PACKAGE DOWNLOAD: www.4 This tutorial is to help with making muzzle flashes in windows movie maker! It is very easy because I provide you with sound effects and photos in the link above. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. Don't forget to subscribe! I'm coming out with loads of effects ------------------------------------------ Tags: muzzle flash tutorial windows movie maker wmm gun sound sounds effect effects picture texture help how to special effects effect easy method
  • CVA .45 Caliber Black Powder Percussion Muzzle Loader More to come....This is just a little plinking with Mr. Sims' musket. A very nice vintage rifle produced by Conneticut Valley Arms.
  • Redwolf Airsoft - Muzzle Flash Silencer The new Madbull Tracer silencer; improved versions of older technology, these work with tracer BBs to create glow-in-the-dark Airsoft firepower. Madbull goes one step further with their "Flare" version which has additional flashing slots to add a bold flash at the silencer itself to create a sort of muzzle flash.
  • Gunsmith - Crowning the muzzle of a rifle barrel This GunTec video provides the information necessary for anyone to recrown the muzzle of their rifle using simple hand tools. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, repairs and crowns the muzzle of a Winchester model 60 to demonstrate the process. Start by removing all of the damaged material from the muzzle with a smooth, chalked file. Tool marks are eliminated by polishing with varying grits of sandpaper, using the file as a backer. Once the surface is square and smooth, the crown is cut using a round headed, brass wood screw and a bit of lapping compound. Simply apply the compound to the head of the screw, chuck the screw in a hand drill, and touch the head of the screw to the muzzle while turning it at a medium speed.
  • Day 1 - Muzzle Flares, Revisited (12 Days of VFXMas) Watch THE ROCKET JUMP: Our first tutorial is kind of required viewing so see this first! We reveal a couple of more techniques - basic masking, adding glow to blend flares into the environment better, and basic shells. MOTION BLUR SHUTTER ANGLE CONVERSION Frame rate is how many frames per second your camera records. Shutter speed is how long, in seconds, those individual frames are recorded at. So if you shoot 24 frames per second, the maximum your shutter speed could be is 1/24th of a second. Here's the shutter speed/degrees conversion for 24 frames/second (or 23.98 frames/second): 1/24 = 360 degrees 1/48 = 180 degrees 1/60 = 144 degrees 1/100 = 86 degrees 1/200 = 43 degrees 1/500 = 17 degrees Here's the shutter speed/degrees conversion for 30 frames/second: 1/30 = 360 egrees 1/60 = 180 degrees 1/100 = 108 degrees 1/200 = 54 degrees 1/500 = 22 degrees Or use this formula: (Shutter Speed) / (1/frame rate) * 360 So for above, if we're shooting 1/60th of a second at 24 frames per second, it would be: (1/60) / (1/24) * 360 = 144 degrees
  • Sony Vegas Tutorial - Best Muzzle Flash The links to those 2 websites: A lot of people always wonder how to make this effect so I decided to make a tutorial on it. Watching this tutorial will teach you how to add a muzzle flash/fire to your videos. For this tutorial I used the muzzle flash from the Action Movie Essentials package from VideoCoPilot Please take a comment to rate and comment. If you have any other Sony Vegas tutorial requests please mention them by commenting on the video. Thanks! :D
  • The WHIP - MUZZLE NO.1 OUT NOW! - The Whip "Muzzle No.1" You may have heard them on XFM or read about them in The NME. Check them out at their Myspace Page The new single "Muzzle No.1" is OUT NOW and features remixes from The Black Ghosts and Shadow Dancer Buy it here: ITUNES DOWNLOAD - HMV Single - JUNO DOWNLOAD -
  • Muzzle flash test UPDATE: Check out my new online blog Me messing around with Adobe After Effects, some time ago. Q&A: Sound effects? googled "gunsound", found a pack on Blowback? Tutorial from The gun itself? Bought a toy gun, and cut of the red tip Program: Told you, After Effects!
  • CVA Wolf 209 50 cal. Muzzle Loader Here is a demo of me loading and firing the CVA Wolf 209 50 cal. muzzle loader. It's a great introductory gun for muzzle loading, and, in spite of my efforts demonstrated here, is a very accurate rifle.
  • Muzzle Flashes - Sony Vegas Tutorial A long awaited tutorial. Having had a break from Youtube I have had a look and seen what effects viewers have asked for and a lot wanted a muzzle flash fx. Although there is no muzzle flash generator in Sony Vegas I have come up with a way to give a half realistic effect. I am also trying out effectslab pro from FXhome. They have fully customisable muzzle flashes and great masking tools as well as particle generators for smoke, fire, blood etc and easy to make light sabers/neon effects, colour grading and optic effects.
  • Blek from Lev Praee - muzzle attack Blek - one of the stud dogs from the kennel Lev Praee, Israel - performing muzzle attack work. This dog is IWGSDC registered, to know more about this organization go to : kennel Lev Praee go to :
  • Wilco - Muzzle of Bees 2005 ACL Here is a 2005 performance from Wilco on ACL with the great song Muzzle of Bees off the A Ghost is Born record. Nels Cline is a rock god. To fuel the Ryan Adams vs. Jeff Tweedy youtube controversy. Both awesome bands with strong willed, drug addicted lead singers. You decide "tubers"! Who's better: ryan or jeff?
  • Ultimate Circus - Muzzle Muzzle Muzzle Live - Nightmare Ultimate Circus tour clip The song is called Muzzle Muzzle Muzzle Sakito stage diving!!! :´D Tnx to anima_lism @LJ!!!
  • Mythbusters- Milk Muzzle Flash For more, visit Can milk alone stop a muzzle flash? See the experiment that didn't make the Gas Room Boom episode.
  • Realistic Muzzle Flare Tutorial I reveal the PRO TIPS for making realistic muzzle flares! For smoke and flares, you can spend money on: Video Copilot's Action Essentials 2 Pack: - $100 for 720p If you don't have that kind of cheddar, I recommend NCCinema's gun pack, which is only $20:
  • Muzzle Flashes and Lighting Rigs: Your FX Dil shares his knowledge of After Effects with you to show you how to make a toy gun look like it's shooting! And Zak shows you how to build a studio lighting rig so your shots will never get left in the dark!Indy Mogul's Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. 'Build' episodes on Mondays and 'Original Short' test films on Tuesdays featuring the build. Website: Submit Twitter: Facebook:
  • The Last Domino - Muzzle [Smashing Pumpkins cover] John Orr, aka The Last Domino's music video for "Muzzle" from his 2008 double LP, Diamond Days & Firenights. Directed by MAT, concept by John Orr. Song originally written by Billy Corgan/The Smashing Pumpkins, used with permission. Within a week of being uploaded, this video was promoted by The Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan personally via Twitter and Facebook. Diamond Days & Firenights on iTunes:
  • Wilco - Muzzle Of Bees
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  • mudd4goals: @marybethonline Suri has a great muzzle.
  • AgnesMadness: All I want from you is to wear a muzzle.
  • Hannibal_215: RT @doeserbodytweet: Just listened to half da bull @Hannibal_215 mixtape Put a Muzzle on Me thanx 2 @DatPiffMixtapes mobile #PhillyHipHop #allday
  • doeserbodytweet: Just listened to half da bull @Hannibal_215 mixtape Put a Muzzle on Me thanx 2 @DatPiffMixtapes mobile #PhillyHipHop #allday
  • lisacoelho: Jamie dukes says "if we could get a muzzle on TO's mouth, he'd rank higher in the top 100" #NFLNetwork remember: this is PLAYERS voting.
  • RonnieBaby101: @cest_la_V_ I need a muzzle when I'm drunk but that would decrease my chances of a radio show
  • Trena_Bean: I swear this nigga talk to f'n much....damn I need some duck tape or a muzzle. Either will do!
  • oosoobeautiful: We kno next time we go somewhere, we gotta get a muzzle 4 my nephew cuz he tlk entirely too much lol
  • 13CKG: There's one thing I hate more then babysitting an adult, and its babysitting a drunk adult. Can someone get her a muzzle.
  • Ike_TheMan: Haha I need a muzzle
  • IgorLanes: Check this video out -- Realistic Muzzle Flare Tutorial via @youtube
  • alexlince: "@jennnaobrien: "Would you like another pop? A lemonade? A muzzle for that kid?" LMFAO I love our waitress"

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