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  • Nama creations are a fusion with American tastes. This is not sushi for sushi's sake. Alongside traditional sashami, sauces, tempura and local vegetables are introduced into many of the specialty rolls. Nama offers something—many somethings in. — “Nama Sushi Bar · Home”,
  • The North American Mycological Association promotes, pursues and advances the science of mycology. NAMA has 70 affiliated clubs and 2000 amateur mycologist members. We host the mushroom poison case registry. — “North American Mycological Association”,
  • Nama - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Nama”,
  • A selection of articles related to Nama Nama may mean: Nama (plant), a genus of plants in the family Hydrophyllaceae. Nama (folklore), a hero in Altaic folklore who built an ark to save his family from a flood. — “Nama”,
  • NAMA recognizes there are varied techniques and methods for NAMA is presently providing leadership through the development of it's Anger Management Specialist Certification program, the national anger management specialist directory, and various anger management research projects. — “National Anger Management Association - anger management”,
  • The National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery (NAMA Recovery) is an organization composed of medication assisted treatment patients and supporters of quality medication assisted treatment. We have thousands of supporters worldwide, and. — “National Alliance of Methadone Advocates”,
  • About NAMA. Our History. Our Purpose and Principles. Our Geographic Focus. Our Board of NAMA Weighs in. Sharing the Ocean. Reviews. About the Author & Photographer. Fish Friendly. — “NAMA: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance | thinking globally”,
  • NAMA delivers value in agri-marketing professional development by providing educational opportunities, leadership experience, and an information exchange, while fostering a positive image for agribusiness. — “NAMA”,
  • The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) (Irish: Gníomhaireacht Náisiúnta um Bainistíocht Sócmhainní) is a body created by the Government of Ireland in late 2009. It is in response to the Irish financial crisis and the deflation of the Irish property bubble. — “National Asset Management Agency - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Pilihlah nama yang dianjurkan oleh Islam atau sekurang-kurangnya nama yang membawa maksud yang baik. — “Nama Lelaki | Himpunan Nama-Nama Indah Dalam Islam”,
  • The deadline for submitting nominations for the Agribusiness Leader and NAMA Marketer of the Year awards is this Friday, January 15, 2010. The Agribusiness Leader of the Year is NAMA's highest honor. The award honors an outstanding leader in agribusiness, education,. — “NAMA e-News " 2010 " January”,
  • Sri Rama Nama Ramayanam: 102. Bhakti parayana muktida Rama Sri Rama Nama Ramayanam: 100. Samsmriti bandha vimochaka Rama. Sri Rama Nama Ramayanam: 99. — “Sri Rama Nama Ramayanam: 84. Kisakulanugraha kara Rama :Datta”,
  • by Nama Nama Islam on February 28, 2010 & pengetahuan, bijak & yang kacak lagi menawan by Nama Nama Islam on February 27, 2010. Remaja, muda & ketinggian. — “Nama Nama Islam — Lelaki dan Perempuan”,
  • The Government has announced plans for a National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), which will operate as an independent commercial entity under the aegis of the National Summary of Findings - Comptroller and Auditor General Special Report on NAMA Acquisition of Bank Assets October 2010. — “NAMA - Home page”,
  • Detailed, interactive and static maps of Nama and satellite images for Nama. Nama Maps. With comprehensive destination gazetteer, this page enables to explore Nama through detailed satellite photos — fast and easy as never before. — “Nama Maps”,
  • NAMA VENDING VICTORY IN U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES COIN VOTE! NAMA argued in part, that the industry should be allowed flexibility in how calories are disclosed, should receive legal. — “Welcome to NAMA”,
  • I spoke with Marvin, Sue and Scott about their award and how the theme for the NAMA Trends In Agriculture conference, "Agriculture In A Globally Local World" relates to their business. You can listen to my interview with Marvin here: Marvin Kokes Interview. — “AgWired " Blog Archives " NAMA Professional Development”,
  • NAMA is the trade association of the wheat, corn, oat and rye milling industry. The aggregate production capacity of NAMA milling members is more than 160 million pounds of product daily, which is about 95% of the total U.S. — “North American Millers' Association (NAMA)”,
  • Nama definition, a member of a Khoikhoi people of Namaqualand, in SW Africa. See more. usage Nama is the generally accepted noun and adjetive to refer to members of the Khoikhoi people. — “Nama | Define Nama at ”,

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  • Deputy Joan Burton speaking on the NAMA Bill Deputy Joan Burton speaking on the NAMA Bill, part 1, you can view part 2 here
  • Atmasfera - Przystanek Woodstock "Nama Om"(TV) Concert on folk stage of Przystanek Woodstock festival-2008.
  • It Happened One Night...Car-Nama With Shahid - Genelia Part 1 A cool night. Two young-n-happening stars. A Maruti 800 car. Recipe for lots of masala. Cutting chai n vada pav. Lots of friendly banter. And hearty 'Chance Pe Dance'. Hearthrob Shahid Kapoor and vivacious Genelia Dsouza spent the night at Kamalistan studio in Mumbai with a huge media contingent promoting their film 'Chance Pe Dance'. Bollywood Hungama, the online partner in this activity covered the event live. In this first part, we bring you some exciting moments as Shahid spreads his charm while Genelia serenades with her winsome appeal. Gear up for lots of fun, masti and excitement. Chance Pe Dance Special Features • Features • Genelia Dsouza • Shahid Kapoor • Ken Ghosh • Chance Pe Dance •
  • Zamanay Kay Andaaz (Saqi Nama) - Junoon Zamanay Kay Andaaz by Junoon was originally a poem titled "Saqi Nama", written by the greatest poet of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal! This song is dedicated to everyone in's time to wake up everyone! Urdu Lyrics: Zamanay Kay Andaaz Badlay Gaey, Naya Raag Hai Saaz Badlay Gaey! (x2) Khirad Ko Ghulami Say Azaad Kar, Jawanon Ko Peeron Ka Ustad Kar! Zamanay Kay Andaaz Badlay Gaey, Naya Raag Hai Saaz Badlay Gaey! Jigar Say Wohi Teer Phir Par Kar, Tamanna Ko Seenon Main Bedar Kar! (x2) Jawanon Ko Sozi Jigar Bakhsh Dey, Mera Ishq Meri Nazar Bakhsh Dey! Zamanay Kay Andaaz Badlay Gaey, Naya Raag Hai Saaz Badlay Gaey! Khirad Ko Ghulami Say Azaad Kar, Jawanon Jo Peeron Ka Ustad Kar! Zamanay Kay Andaaz Badlay Gaey, Naya Raag Hai Saaz Badlay Gaey! Piladey Mujhay Woh May Pardah Soz, Keh Aati Nahin Fasl-e-Gul roz roz! (x2) Woh May Jis Say Roshan Hai Zameer-e-Hayat, Woh May Jis Say Hai Masti-e-Kainaat! Masti-e-Kainaat! Zamanay Kay Andaaz Badlay Gaey, Naya Raag Hai Saaz Badlay Gaey! (x2) Khirad Ko Ghulami Say Azaad Kar, Jawanon Ko Peeron Ka Ustad Kar! Zamanay Kay Andaaz Badlay Gaey, Naya Raag Hai Saaz Badlay Gaey! (fade till end) English Translated Lyrics: The ways of the world have been changed, the lyrics are new, (and the) melodies have been changed. Let all humanity be free from slavery, and let the young (generation) be the teachers of the old. Let the same-old arrow pierce my heart again, and let the wishes grow inside your heart. Bestow the heart-ache to the young, and ...
  • Hey Bhakta Vatsala, Nama-e-shankar Sanskar TV Govind Bhargav
  • Once upon a Nama - A bad bank fairytale from Ireland A fairytale about NAMA (aka The Bad Bank act). Brought to you by and based on the comments at http on Join the No to Nama group on Facebook at
  • Nax nama Waflash tiieye-
  • Radwimps - Nama Harumaki - Spring Roll 2007 -04- nanchatte.m
  • Allegro band - Pesma o nama :(((((
  • Sri venkateshwara ashtothara shata nama stotram chants of venkateshwara
  • !Nama clicks clicks of !Nama dialect
  • Ecstatic Kirtan in Hari Nama Desh - Germany Ecstatic Kirtan led by Hemanga Prabhu
  • om nama shivaya reggae - arunachala shiva - mountain of grace arunachala is a mountain in the south of india. Shree Ramana Maharshi considered arunachala his guru an embodiment of grace and truth. When he arrived at the mountain at a young age, he never left after that. Arunachala is considered by many to be lord shiva himself. In the proximity of the mountain, ego identification looses its strenght and one is able to abide effortlessly in ones natural state, beyond mind identification.
  • Zikir 99 Nama Allah (Asmaul Husna)
  • Sleeq - Tanya Nama lyrics eyy People!!:)) thk u for watching!! i hope u enjoy, another video of mine.. do watch the rest!! if u wanna me to do another song from sleeq, do request it at the comments page.. i'll be soo happy to do it for you.. THANK YOU!! teehee:))
  • Corrigan Brothers ...The Nama Song Corrigan Brothers The Nama Song, Corrigan Brothers explain Nama as only they can.
  • NAMA-"TORA XERO KALA" NAMA- "Tora xero kala" CD - "To fos kai i arxi" - LYRA 2008
  • Atmasfera - Nama Om Only audio. Ukranian Folk-Rock band. Once at night....
  • 2010 NAMA Marketing Competition: Cal Poly State-Part 2 NAMA Marketing Competition The greatest highlight and learning experience for many student chapters is participating in the marketing competition at the annual Agri-Marketing Conference. Chapters prepare and present a total marketing plan from concept through execution.
  • Lakshmi Ashtotra satha nama stotram by Soolamangalam sisters (with Lyrics in English) Slogam :-Lakshmi Ashtotra Satha Nama Stotram Singer:-Soolamangalam Sisters. A Prayer dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Sathanamavali Stotram Lyrics:- Sri Devyauvasa:- Deva Deva Mahadeva thrikalagyya Maheswara | Karunakara devesa bhakthanugraha karaka || Ashtothra...
  • 99 Nama Allah
  • ❤☀CHANTING THE NAMES OF MANJUSHRI - Manjushri nama samgiti ❤☀CHANTING THE NAMES OF MANJUSHRI Manjushri nama samgiti Homage to Manjushri Kumarabhuta ! „With the help of different vehicles he creates the aim of the world. After explaining three vehicles, he stands on the fruit of one vehicle. VISUAL DHARMA Buddhist Teachings for third millenium are touching the Heart of mankind by inspiring introspection of innate Buddha nature inherent in every being. These are direct Dharma teachings speaking to everyone. Empovered with the Sound of Dharmata (Tib. Chönyid kyi rang dra) Visual Dharmas must be treated with respect. To EMBED & SPONSOR preparation of Visual Dharmas means to practice 1st enlightened activity as taught by the Buddhas (see: THE GIFT OF TRUTH). Wherever they are played there will be peace, positive energy & wisdom. Visual Dharmas are true HERITAGE OF MANKIND. This Visual Dharma is created with inspiration & blessings of Khenchen Pentse Rinpoche (born in Tibet 1931) who transmitted Lung of Manjushri nama samgiti to us at Shambhala center in Vienna 1997. (For the whole event see essay / description in part 1.) This Dharma work is dedicated for Long life of this accomplished Master of Nyingma Vajrayana Buddhism. MANJUSHRI NAMA SAMGITI is sacred Buddhist liturgy written in ancient India between 6-7 Century AD, in Sanskrit language. It was translated into Tibetan by famuous Rinchen Zangpo in 11th Century during second wave of translation of Buddhist texts into Tibetan. Liturgy begins with Bodhisattva Vajrapani´s request to ...
  • Lord Rama - Nama Ramayana (Short Version) This video is a humble offering at the feet of our Lord Rama. Nama Ramayana - Short Version Shuddha Brahma Paratpara Rama (Lord Rama, Who is Pure and absolute Brahman) Kalathmaka Parameshwara Rama (Rama, the essence of Time, the Lord Supreme) Shesha Talpa Sukha Nidritha Rama (Rama, blissfully reposing on Shesha as his bed) Brahma Dhyamara Prarditha Rama (Rama, worshipped by all Gods, beginning from Brahma) Rama Rama Jaya Rajarama Rama Rama Jaya Sitarama Priya Guha Viniveditha Padha Rama (Rama, Who was worshipped by his friend Guha) Shabari Dhata Palashana Rama (Rama, Who ate the fruits given by Shabari) Hanumath Sevitha Nija Padha Rama (Rama, Who was served by Hanuman) Sita Prana Dharaka Rama (Rama, Who is the support of life of Sita) Rama Rama Jaya Rajarama Rama Rama Jaya Sitarama
  • Sri Nama-Kirtana Sri Nama-kirtana By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura yasomati-nandana, braja-baro-nagara gokula-ranjana kana gopi-parana-dhana, madana-manohara kaliya-damana-vidhana Lord Krsna is the beloved son of mother Yasoda; the transcendental lover in the land of Vraja; the delight of Gokula; Kana [a nickname of Krsna]; the wealth of the lives of the gopis. He steals the mind of even Cupid and punishes the Kaliya serpent. amala harinam amiya-vilasa vipina-purandara navina nagara-bora bamsi-badana suvasa These pure holy names of Lord Hari are full of sweet, nectarean pastimes. Krsna is the Lord of the twelve forests of Vraja, He is ever-youthful and is the best of lovers. He is always playing on a flute, and He is an excellent dresser. braja-jana-palana, asura-kula-nasana nanda-godhana-rakhowala govinda madhava, navanita-taskara sundara nanda-gopala Krsna is the protector of the inhabitants of Vraja; the destroyer of various demoniac dynasties; the keeper and tender of Nanda Maharaja's cows; the giver of pleasure to the cows, land, and spiritual senses; the husband of the goddess of fortune; the butter thief; and the beautiful cowherd boy of Nanda Maharaja. jamuna-tata-cara, gopi-basana-hara rasa-rasika, krpamoya sri-radha-vallabha, brndabana-natabara bhakativinod-asraya Krsna wanders along the banks of the River Yamuna. He stole the garments of the young damsels of Vraja who were bathing there. He delights in the mellows of the rasa dance; He is very merciful; the lover and beloved of ...
  • Nama - Mia kyriaki extremely feel good tune! Nama goes brit pop :P in fact when this video was released I found the resemblance with the style the group Oneiropagida had in the videos of their album "Mellontika" striking(ie "Kapou allou" , "Koitazoume sto idio simeio")... Oneiropagida are indeed a brit pop influenced group , so there you go... :D
  • NAMA - ZESTO KALOKAIRI The song is one of the best songs which Nama's last cd include.
  • A nama baraz je Pjesma za Baraž :)
  • Ireland's First Independent Banker to Criticise NAMA Peter Mathews is an Irish banking expert with a career in Irish banking dealing with NAMA type non-performing loans. He highlights in this video some of the many problems with NAMA.
  • Tabu - Nebo nad nama Space video from Slovene rock band.
  • Radwimps - Nama Harumaki - Spring Roll 2007 -06- 05410-(n).m Support Radwimps
  • Keo Nama part 1 Visit us at for more khmer songs, radios and videos
  • Nama Sankirtana PURPORT by Srila Prabhupada This song of Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura is very famous among devotees in Bengal and Orissa. When Lord Caitanya returned from Gaya, where He was initiated by Sri Isvara Puri, He was completely transformed into a God-intoxicated personality whom His students of grammar had never known before. Instead of teaching ordinary grammar studies, Lord Caitanya explained every sentence in such a way that every Sanskrit word and every letter was understood to indicate Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This form of grammar was later on developed by Srila Jiva Gosvami in a book called Hari-namamrta-vyakarana, The Grammar of the Nectar and Name of Sri Hari. But Lord Caitanya's students thought that their teacher had become mad, and they rubbed His head with Visnu oil, an oil that cools the brain. Finally they asked Him, "You say that everything means Krsna and we should ultimately always be chanting the names of Krsna. Just how should we do this?" Then Lord Caitanya began to sing the names of Krsna and clap His hands, and He began His nama-sankirtana movement. The names He sang are the first two lines of this song, and Narottama Dasa Thakura and others have placed these names in the beginning of their writings to immortalize these events in the memory of everyone. Narottama Dasa Thakura chants the names of Lord Caitanya, Nityananda, Sri Advaita and Sita (Lord Advaita's consort). Since Lord Hari, the spiritual master, and the Srimad Bhagavad-gita are ...
  • Alien Project Vs Space Cat - Om Nama Shiva Track from Alien Vs The Cat´s album, Space Jam.
  • Serbia and Russia (Nama Bog pomaze) Dedicated to all our Serbian brothers! Clip with videos and photos of different serbian and russia arms. You can download my videos from Dear Visitors and Friends, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Lets make military videos the most subscribed on YouTube. SUB 4 SUB is also allowed. Just sub me, i will sub you back.
  • Lakshmi Ashtottara Satha Nama Stotram - 108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi Visit for Lyrics of Lakshmi Ashtothra Satha Nama Stotram. Ashtothram of Goddess Mahalakshmi Devi. 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi Devi. Hindu Devotional Mantra
  • /Nama ma te by Raphael and Pele perf. by Gabes Thusnelda Dausas and Gabriel Khoeseb are both young teachers from our partner school in Baumgartsbrunn/Namibia. They spend two weeks in December 2006 visiting our school, Schillergymnasium/Münster in Germany. Most of their time they spend in the media workshop working with us on our internet communication project. The footage was taken by little LUMIX photo camera. I didn't even know by then I was going to use it for the clip so the situations are quite random. Gabes is a great fun of the Namibian Musicians Raphael and Pele. He introduced us to their music in a special radio program we produced together. The song he is singig comes from a CD by Pele and Raphael: Xai//na #Gomasen, the song title is: /Namma ma te. Raphael and Pele's record label is the WMP (Welwitschia Music Production base in Swakopmund, Mondesa (Namibia). Please visit their Website: I hope they don't mind us taking their song for our little remembrance clip.
  • NAMA - My Downfall NAMA - My Downfall - By B. Cowen Director's Cut version:
  • Santos Brothers Band - Pevaj sa nama
  • God Eater(ゴッドイーター) music - Nama (Inelegant) Full song from the official website All composed by Masaru Shiina. Thanks goes to TiagoSSJ3 for pointing me in the direction of a flash ripper. I decided to test it out on the God Eater site since I've been listening to the songs for awhile now anyway. Enjoy :D Download link:
  • candranawa: Haha, tidur dah, bsk baru mikirin nama advertaisingnya :D RT @hendradudul: thanks bgd chan 4,help,food,drink,snack, place.... and PSP : )
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  • Aldy_Lutviann: itu nama guru guru lo? Keren RT @dessskris: Reference.. probably Ms. Lia, Mr. Haoken, Mr. Tim and Pak Daniel
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  • MoonHae: Boyband Indonesia nama.nya WONDER BOY ? :O what the ?!
  • dmusRicardo: Junk food retaurant aj pake nama family restaurant sgalaaa (¬.¬) RT @ckartika: I'm at McDonald's Family Restaurant (Canning Hwy, Berwich
  • dimzstarr: No the reason is because I'm a STAR..hehe RT @wildyss: Kirain gara2 bintangholic kak,hehe RT @dimzstarr: Nama dimzstarr pertama kali gw
  • Putripcp: Otm Confessions Of A Shoppaholic. Nama cowoknya siapa sih? Lupa deh gue...manis banget :/
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  • F5here: @ikingkafil Boss.. still our agricultural industry depends on urea & other stuff.. nama aware agala pa.. :(
  • Nedin: Last night in Egypt. Tomorrow Oslo and -15 C... — at Nama Bay Beach
  • NiukJayigtgrSjX: @BelgroveSGNS Tati_Bianche RT rattabill: Nama pemain Filipin : James Younghusband atau Jame's Young Husband? Lol :D
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  • abriabria: And abria her name - bread..ahak! Pas yah ama nama aku mba as *towel RT @anakciki: #np and Aubrey was the name...miss my papah deh
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  • BobbieNeace: Credits | Home Loan Call McKillen nama: It is in the fight against the loan of € 2100000000 (1.78bn) to the Repu...
  • USAGOLD1: Moody's expects Irish debt/GDP ratio to reach 140%, inclusive of NAMA debt, hence the downgrade with negative watch.
  • ecaxcruise: @IamPrincess_5 ohh u should try the ribs here , The Best Ribs in the world . !! haha :D murah lagi.. nama tempat nya Nuris
  • justteeka: slma ini srng liat vdeo CSW di Ucup dgn kreator'y b'nama LAILA CHA! I just know her FB! She told me alot about @aderinda
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  • BoluGulung: The Name Generator Generator | Rum and Monkey via @rumandmonkey nama gue Aleksandr Zakhaev
  • Sheilachen: @FareezaZaini tukar nama p nama Frank.took 1wk to complete
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  • karldeeter: @CeByrne NAMA IMF EU AshCloud Budget (if acronyms are out i'm bunched)
  • leylareylesesne: Bond, james bond. RT @ranggadjoned: @LeylareyLesesne lo pake nama lo sapa? Pls ping me.
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  • nurejahchan: @phat28shawty (cont) even nama kamu & emah pun aku delete. aku renew jdi more simple.
  • monatiur: Itu nama kelas dek . Velocity (lajureaksi) : vanguard loyalty of science two community ketok e heheRT @annanooy: velocity apadeh mbak? k...
  • Icalpetakiiil: gara2 lu fat... RT @alfuzz96:this soooo called indonesian boyband called SM*SH are soooo gay. ngerusak nama Indonesia deh
  • toophatz: (Y) RT @senzdee: Agak rebet liat nama di contact ‎​m pake sgala macem symbol.. Fixed alay! :p
  • elses_pels: @euonymblog or NAMA for that matter. The entire amount of the bailout was spent on this two things. Disgraceful.
  • namaireland: William Hill closes 20 of its Irish betting shops: The William Hill bookmaking chain is to close 20... NAMA Ireland
  • theoolicious: Iya deh wkwkwkw RT @xalielicious: .aku yg kasi nama ag ya :DRT @theoolicious: Hahahahahaha little slimmy kindy ...
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  • monatiur: Itu nama kelasku dek . VELOCITY (laju reaksi) : Vanguard Loyalty of Two Science Community ketok e hahaRT @annanooy: velocity apadeh mbak...
  • Azeeeen: wew , ada nama ane . kangen iee ? haha RT Hello @tatoth @rimooot @anggizeve @Azeeeen @Abong_Octaviano @hellonabilla @wigawidyaa @rahafy
  • selvm0rd: What's w/ his eyes? Is he that good? LOL @SweetGodzilla: huahahahaha.. Irfan Bachdim numpang nama Indo.. See his eyes?
  • xxyurinn: ehem (?)RT @Malikidim: Cie RT @aghalicious: Napa lu? RT "@imameens: hm ? RT @aghalicious: Pik lah. RT @imameens: Nama Iman Harus sholat ...
  • dityowr: ada nama gue niccc?? RT @rasyona Ngeliat aqil jd inget wkt itu. IT CHANGED ME A LOT AND I FELT THERE'S NO JUSTICE.
  • MrFyhr: |AppBrain latestapp| Shamael Nama: Shamael Name Sharif and Naat sharif about Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him)...
  • ruricpradnya: @seeuonthursday , @_behindthewall_ nnti mention aja byr folback..RT @adhistyprema: Emg nama twit bandnya ap ?RT @ruricpradnya: Boleh", sk
  • Angga_93: wew, ne satu pake tweet long, tapi tweetnya, ngo ap woi? Tweet nama smw, wkwk RT @viioPiioon: @janettejesslyn @monmonxox
  • lanangedan: orang tua mana yang mau memberi anaknya nama ini ?( EQscreamousgromzombietormented Killingmeindsidedon'tlookback Foreverdropdeadeousiotic )
  • androidphonesss: Shamael Nama [V1.15] #snow-fellas #welcome-two #will-make
  • pipoistic: @shid_duh i gt no cntrl ar.. Nasib lar.. Haha.. Since nama d boys tk de, we just go there and EAT!!! Betul tk BOYS???
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  • karinandriani: Cieee wkwkwk RT @avildar: Oral... Mr: how did you do keep in touch w/ your relative? Gue: by facebook Mr: nama fb kamu apa? . Mpos gue
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  • michawijaya: The tickets are ready to print kawand! @Clarinetissimmo @marinapardede tapi semua jadi atas nama gue -_-
  • selkuss: Adaaaaaah con RT @ochachicu: Tau lu tak RT @selkuss: Itu swalow begauRT @ochachicu: Selow ity bukan nama sendal jepit RT @connyeah
  • disagree211: Smack their faceRT @dIwnsghek: nama boybandnya aja si sm*sh sampe ngikut2in SM☆SH korea lol
  • avildar: Oral... Mr: how did you do keep in touch w/ your relative? Gue: by facebook Mr: nama fb kamu apa? . Mpos gue
  • ratnawswari: jungle fish itu kayak nama game fb ya.. RT @_bluepills_: @ratnawswari nothing... just use Jiyeon's ID at Jungle Fish 2...
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  • AndrianoAlbert: @yeny_Uknow wew apa nama tweet e (¬_ ¬)
  • flaveey: @livinaaa it's alright, right? :)) Aduhh nama kita bgus, ya? Portia & Tracy Dreamcatcher. :))
  • randyoknelis: Nama ny aj dah mirip! Mang dah jodoh nee cuey RT @Sharie_Cuey: Slmt jojo & yoyo RT @randyoknelis: (cont)
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  • agungmahardika: Pas dicabut keluar nama tottenham, komentator ny blg “wow, this is a great path for tottenham“. Yeah, we will give you a big lesson.
  • MyBurningJ: @cheryl0592 nama fans nya coed, tp blm official sih hehe.
  • AndrianoAlbert: @yeny_Uknow nama e tweet e apa yen senk td ?
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  • ToOnAzSHE: @AzzahChan my old clasmate .. one of them said '' awk ingt tk kte ada nama kumpuln dlu '' hahaha kyaaaaa wiee
  • lulunatasyaaa: Welly Phobia Mathematic, bikin nama fb ko curhat :/
  • mira_saputri: Situ artis yes? Nama fansnya ape nih?! -___-RT @IrfanBachdim10: Dear fans/ supporters, sorry that i can not make ...
  • Sandi_Dara: Wkwk mirip sih http:///udy9n RT @aduthaja: Ini nama'a thung alias nying2 :)) RT @reardsyah: think suneo? :D RT @thunk_Szeo

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