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  • Samarkandskiia drevnosti. Mechet Namazga. Plan, fasad, i razriez. Plan. Fasad po linii a-b. Profil' po linii N 1i Date Created/Published: [between 1868 and 1872] Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-14190 (digital file from original photo). — “Samarkandskiia drevnosti. Mechet Namazga. Plan, fasad, i”,
  • Some seals are directly associated with cult worship, and their discovery within "a tomb for priests" has been noted in the excavation at Altyn Tepe, another late Namazga V (or early Namazga VI) architectural complex.10. Fig. 7. Scorpion, bronze seal, northern Afghanistan, ca. — “Ancient Imprints”,
  • Namazga is a specific mosque usually built in the outskirts that serve for assemblies of The Namazga of Bagir/Nisa had been built probably in the end of XIII- beginning of XIV. — “Ayan: The ultimate Travel Agent for Turkmenistan and Central Asia”, ayan-
  • Though copper was known in the previous Namazga IV period, it is not until Namazga V, the beginning of the 'Early Bronze Age' for example, and the Namazga chronologies still remain contested,. — “ArchAtlas: Pathways and Highways”,
  • Namazga II period, (Central Asian) Namazga III period, (Afghan) Namazga III period, (Central Asian) Namazga (Central Asian) Namazga IV-V period, (Central Asian) Nambokucho period, (Japanese) Namgyal. — “Fisher Fine Arts Library Image Collection: Browse by Creator”,
  • The excavations of Namazga Tepe (Namāzgāh Tappa) (Namazga I-III) and Altyn Tepe (Figure 9), where fractional In complexes of the Namazga I type, ceramics typically display black paintings on a red and greenish-white background with large geometric. — “Encyclopædia Iranica | Articles”,
  • Anau I has (contemporary of Namazga I and II) corresponds at the end of the Neolithic era. Houses were put at the day, as well as objects in Silex and painted Céramique. level I B (correspondent with Namazga III), mark the passage of the Neolithic era to the Chalcolithique. — “Anau - SpeedyLook Encyclopedia”,
  • 213. TURKMENIA, Namazga V, c. 2500-2000 BC. A round carved alabaster stamp seal with drilled designs of seven clusters of drill points totaling 277. TURKMENIA, NAMAZGA V, c. 2000 BC. A lot of two stamp seals one round example in terra cotta with a four petal flower and tall handle, the. — “Malter Galleries Past Auctions”,
  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries. Words and phrases matching 25. namazga-tepe. 26. namazga tepe. 27. sabz tepe. 28. sarab tepe. 29. sialk tepe. 30. tell or. — “Words that match the pattern "**tepe**" - OneLook Dictionary”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Namazga. Information about Namazga in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Namazga definition of Namazga in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Turkmenistan travel tips _ Ashghabat - Bagyr village - Mausoleum of Shikh Alov Mausoleum and Khalimberdy Ishan and Namazga Mosque. Learn more what is worth to see in Turkmenistan. — “Ashghabat - Bagyr village - Mausoleum of Shikh Alov Mausoleum”,
  • The next sequence, Namazga was named after the largest known prehistoric site found on the Kopet Dagh and has been divided into five main periods, Namazga I-V. The two cities of the central Kopet Dagh, Namazga-depe and Altyn-depe functioned as centers for the surrounding villages,. — “Turkmenistan history :: All information about Turkmenistan”,
  • My journey to Nepal started as a very unexpected one. A good deal of controversy surrounds the origin of the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex, namely whether it was a local development from Namazga V or it was born out of an external impetus. — “B.B. Lal 19th Century Paradigms”,
  • Aspects of the topic Namazga-Tepe are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Annau, six miles (10 kilometres) southeast of Ashgabat and Namazga-Tepe, situated in the same region and occupying an area of some 145 acres (60 hectares), are important. — “Namazga-Tepe (archaeological site, Turkmenistan”,
  • Ancient Abiverd, Namazga-Depe, Altyn-Depe, Ak-Depe, Gara-Depe- these are the oldest places, where people lived in ancient times Namazga was the first place where the economic and cultural advancements came together. — “STANTOURS - Turkmenistan - Ahal - Kaakhka”,
  • Central and North Asia. East Asia. Central America. South America. Africa. West Asia. Oceania 6000–?3000/2500 b.c. Namazga I–III, ca. 5500–3000 b.c. Namazga IV–V, ca. 3000–2000/1900 b. — “Central and North Asia, 8000–2000 B.C. | Heilbrunn Timeline”,
  • Virtual Antiquities Gallery and resources for the collector and dealer specializing in Ancient Classical, Pre columbian, Ethnographic Art for sale, apprasial, auction and direct purchase. Middle Bronze Age, Namazga V-VI, from Western Central Asia. — “Howard Nowes - Ancient Near East”,
  • Namazga-Tepe or Namazga-depe, is a Bronze Age (BMAC) archaeological site in Turkmenistan, some 100 km from Aşgabat, near the border to Iran. Namazga V around 2000-1600 BCE is the period of "urban revolution" following the Anatolian model with little or no irrigation. — “Namazga-Tepe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Madrasah Hazrat e Imam Mosque Tashkent.
  • U'z u'zen belyan saqlanu, taeqaebberlaenu' tatar telenda (на татарском языке) Ilnar-xazrat Zinatullin. Gailya maechet Qazan. 19 Dhul-Qadah 1433 (5/10/12) Nicheq Iblis bezne shirqqa ali'p-bara. U'z u'zi'bez belyan maqtanu, u'z u'zi'bezga oshaw, u'zi'bezne yaratu. "Min" digyan su'z. Qi'lgan gamaellyar belyan saqlanu. Taq'wali'q haem izge xaerle niyat. ALlahnen rahmaetennae oemet izu' haem u'z u'zenne maqtanu. Namazga basi'rga mae'gnae qu'rmaegaen qeshelyar. Suvorov aeitqyan su'zlaere. Shaitan yulga basu.

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  • “Ancient Indian History: INDIAN CIVILIZATION Use of silver is mentioned by Parpola as a feature of the Namazga V culture which he claims to be Aryan and from where Rigvedic Aryanism was brought”
    — Ancient Indian History - India Forum Discussions - Page 2, india-

  • “[Archive] Jat history October 06 2003 Jat history 1600BC the proto-urban settlements from Tepe Hissar IIIC eastwards to Namazga and Altin Depe witness an almost total collapse and RESTRUCTURING”
    — Jat history October 06 2003 [Archive] - punjabi net forum,

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