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  • Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea, are unusual tusked whales who like icy ocean waters. See what else makes narwhals interesting whales indeed. — “Howstuffworks "How Narwhals Work"”,
  • The narwhal, an Arctic whale known for its unicorn-horn-like tusk, may be in trouble. Hunting, fisheries, and global warming may all be contributing to the species' decline, says one marine biologist. — “Narwhals: Photos Show Decline of "Unicorn" Whales”,
  • The Narwhal (Monodon monoceros) is an Arctic species of cetacean with a body similar to that of a dolphin. The conspicious characteristic of male Narwhals is their extraordinary long tusk which projects from the left side of their jaws and has a clockwise-oriented spiralled. — “Narwhals - Academic Kids”,
  • Natural Resource Sciences doctoral student Marianne Marcoux spent her summer perched on a cold rock shelf looking down on the frigid waters off of Baffin Island. Sleep-away camp gone horribly awry? No, just part of her research studying the. — “Finding narwhals”,
  • Field research examining the purpose and function of the narwhal tooth; legends, lore, and international history related to the tusk. — “Narwhal Tusk Discoveries”,
  • by http://www.weebls-Animated by WonchopSong By Weebl narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean causing a commotion cuz they are so awesome narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean pretty big and pretty white they beat a polar bear in a fight like and under water. — “YouTube - Narwhals”,
  • Narwhal range (in blue) The narwhal (Monodon monoceros) is a medium-sized toothed whale that lives year-round in the Arctic. One of two species of whale in the Monodontidae family, along with the Beluga whale, the narwhal males are distinguished. — “Narwhal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The narwhal, a whale with a long, twisted tooth, swims in Arctic waters. Narwhals can grow to be about 16 feet (4.5 m) long (not counting the tooth), and weigh about 1.8 tons. Females are slightly smaller, about 13 feet (4 m) long, weighing 1. — “Zoom Whales: Narwhal”,
  • The Narwhal (Monodon monoceros) is a medium-sized toothed whale of evil that lives year-round in the Arctic. One of two species of whale in the Monodontidae family, along with the wretched Beluga whale, the narwhal males are distinguished by a. — “Narwhals - Wikiality, the Truthiness Encyclopedia”,
  • A narwhal weighs about a ton (2,000 pounds). That's big, but the biggest whale in the world is the blue whale, which is 220 tons (440,000 pounds)! The biggest narwhal ever found was 3,500 pounds. Narwhals do not have ears. They have the ability to feel echolocation, sound waves to. — “Narwhals”,
  • Learn all you wanted to know about narwhals with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic. — “Narwhals, Narwhal Pictures, Narwhal Facts - National Geographic”,
  • Narwhals, whose name roughly translates into "whale corpse" in Norse, are related to bottlenose dolphins, belugas, harbor porpoises, and orcas. Found only in the icy waters of the arctic, these mysterious creatures rarely leave these waters and hence not much is known about these creatures. — “Narwhals: The Unicorn of the Sea”,
  • Narwhals have a cylindrical body, with a blunt head and small mouth. Males average about 16 ft. in length; females about 13 ft. The at-birth length of a calf is usually about 5 ft. Though measured in tons, Narwhals are far from whale heavweights. — “The Tales of the Whales - Whale Species - Narwhal”,
  • The narwhal (Monodon monoceros, "one tooth, one horn") is a medium-sized Arctic whale notable for having a spiral tusk projecting from its snout. Male narwhals can reach a length of 5 meters and weigh up to 1,800 kg. — “Narwhal - Conservapedia”,
  • narwhals on the east coast of Greenland has widened divisions between hunting and tourism interests. Narwhals are a small Arctic whale with a single long tusk, sought after by poachers because of its Over 200 narwhal trapped in Canadian ice. — “Learn more about narwhals | e! Science News”,
  • (Click to enlarge) narwhal male narwhal (Elizabeth Morales) narwhal also narwal or narwhale ( ) n. An Arctic whale (Monodon monoceros) that has a. — “narwhal: Definition from ”,
  • Narwhals Questions including "How big is a narwhal's head" and "Do narwhals hibernate" The Inuit culture of Canada and Greenland revolves around hunting and harvesting narwhals. — “ - Narwhals Questions including "How big is a”,
  • Narwhals by TheWeebl. 8-Bit Pwny Club ep.2 2nd episode of the 8-Bit Pwny Club. Cat Face ep.16 Cat Face has problems with a tom cat. Date for One A guy goes on a date with a cute girl. At least, that's what he thinks. Akira the Don - Hypocrite Akira the Don and Wonchop bring you a swell video. — “Narwhals”,
  • Definition of Narwhals in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Narwhals. Pronunciation of Narwhals. Translations of Narwhals. Narwhals synonyms, Narwhals antonyms. Information about Narwhals in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Narwhals - definition of Narwhals by the Free Online”,
  • The Narwhal, also known as the underwater unicorn has a kick-butt facial horn, and is a large mammal that evolved from Denzel Washington. Narwhals selectively eat potatoes and fruit off the island of madagascar They tend to live in grape farms. — “Narwhal - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Narwhal fact sheet - concise, scientifically reviewed basic information on the narwhal, including physical description, prey, range, and status, from the American Cetacean Society. — “Narwhal | Cetacean Fact Sheet | American Cetacean Society”,
  • Did you know the male narwhal has a hornlike tooth that can grow up to 3 m (10 ft.) long? Learn more narwhal facts at Animal Fact Guide!. — “Narwhals - Unicorn Whales - Monodon monoceros”,
  • What's the best mammal in the Ocean? The Narwhal of course. Animation by Wonchop Song by Weebl. — “Narwhals - Weebl's Stuff”, weebls-

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  • Freakazoid #5.5 - Conversational Norwegian [ Season 1 | Episode 5 ] A brief lesson in Norwegian with Freakazoid.
  • My Life As a Narwhal A hand-drawn film by Lana Klimuszko and Alex Carracino about finding happiness in the Arctic. (Yes, I know narwhals don't have horns. It is, indeed, a tusk that extends from the left side of their mouths. Thanks for your input, but there's no need to inform me :-P)
  • [ Viper-Pepe ] Margonem - Exp na Caneum [Narwhals] ...
  • the narwhal song; different pitches narwhale song with normal, high, and low pitches.
  • Narwhals Gregory Peck Narwhals. Unicorns Of The Sea. Gregory Peck. Unicorn Of The Screen.
  • Swimming with Narwhal and Beluga - Baffin Island Swimming with Narwhal and Beluga with snorkel or scuba gear on an Arctic Kingdom arctic trip to Baffin Island, Canada. This video highlights the arctic traveler who comes on a 1 week trip to the arctic to see the narwhal or beluga spring migration to the floe edge. See narwhal tusks high in the air, whales only feet from snorkelers. Footage shows swimming with whales topside and underwater. Arctic Kingdom is the world leader in arctic animal trips. Specializing in arctic whales such as the narwhal and beluga, Arctic Kingdom takes adventure travelers, professional photographers and film makers to the remotest regions of the arctic to get up close and personal with the animals. Providing dive trips, arctic trips and tours that is beyond extraordinary... it's downright cool!
  • Team Narwhal 2010 OFFICIAL VIDEO Team Narwhal hopes to compete in the 2010 Red Bull Flugtag to be held in the Twin Cities. Team member, Zach Nelson, wrote this song entitled THE MIGHTY FLYING NARWHAL. The song tells the story of a man and his obsession with the flying narwhal, the creature that Team Narwhal will model their flying machine after. Enjoy, and support Team Narwhal THIS SONG MAY NOT BE USED WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF ZACHARY NELSON, HE RESERVES ALL RIGHTS.
  • Narwhals In Canada?! Click to tweet this video :) » Side Channel » Twitter » Facebook » DailyBooth » Website »
  • Videohippos - Narwhals single taken from The Videohippos' new album "Unbeast the Leash" on Monitor Records. Video directed by Meredith Moore. links: http
  • Scary Narwhals You've watched the original Narwhals video before, whether it's on YT or NG, and you think you've seen everything from it. That is, until you see what comes on this video. O_o The G-majored audio is actually in Ogg Vorbis, but it got converted to MP3 during the rendering. Man, I should use Ogg Theora or something else open-source sometime. Not counting Xvid.
  • Unicorn vs. Narwhal A story of love, war, and triumph over adversity. Or is it? This is my CalArts junior film for the year 2006.
  • Elf - Goodbye Buddy Buddy leaves for New York
  • Narwhal Song Lyrics lyrics of the narwhal song by weebl
  • The Narwhal Song This was written at summer camp at the request of one William the Cameron. Narwhal Narwhal Narwhal Narwhal The unicorns of the sea Best friends for you and me Narwhals are really fun to be With But Eddie fed it pancakes His pancakes really suck The narwhal gored him in the side Narwhal Narwhal Narwhal Narwhal
  • Narwhals Ambah and Coreh set off on an educated adventure to tell people about the dangers of battling a narwhal in luxingtonburg without the correct strength from linnenshorg.
  • A Brief History of Narwhals . . . after orchestra one night, there was a giant argument as to whether narwhals were actually real. A surprising number contended that, like unicorns, the narwhal was in fact a mythical beast. So, I decided to create once-and-for-all truth that they existed. As I was marooned on campus for Thanksgiving, I substituted actual footage for some 400 drawings of narwhals (who apparently now live in the Caribbean). Back after being taken off facebook, here is the "Brief History of Narwhals."
  • Keps Lock 7 - Of Narwhals and Novels In which the topic of Narwhals blends in with that of novel writing and NaNoWriMo! I believe that I'm giving up on talking about any kind of continuing topic; what's wrong with being random on my vlog, though? Hopefully no one will mind. This episode was especially fun to create because, one, I got to wear my fedora and new corset (again, thanks, Mara!), and two, because narwhals are awesome, though not as cool as writing novels are. Believe me, though, this will not be the last time you'll all hear me ranting and raving about how much I adore NaNo; it's too great to not talk about as often as possible. Theopening credits song is "Chocobo-Chocobo" from Final Fantasy IV; I have it on the OSV soundtrack. It's by Nobuo Uematsu, who is basically my favorite composer ever. The song in the credits, "Re Your Brains", belongs completely to Jonathan Coulton, who is an awesome artist. I neither own nor have any actual rights to either of these songs.
  • Narwhal Field Trip It was a sunny day, and the Narwhals went out to play. Hooray! for the day that was gay in many ways, but i have to say it was great and the time was great, and we had lots of fun, in the Narwhal sun. VIV IS TOUCHING ME!
  • Merkabah 2/2 Opener /merkabah
  • Uncovering the Mysteries of the Narwhal Whale Part 2 of 3 | SCIENCE CAFE What have scientists learned about the mysterious narwhal, or unicorn whale? Dr. Kristin Laidre, Research Scientest at the University of Washington Polar Science Center discusses narwhal biology, migrations, diving, feeding, how narwhals are studied and what mysteries remain. Airdate July. 6, 2010
  • Narwhals Unicorns of the Sea - the legend of the unicorn comes from the Narwhal. Vikings sold Narwhal tusks during the Middle Ages without adequately describing the animal it came from, giving rise to fantastic tales of unicorns.
  • Arctic Kingdom Expeditions - Narwhal and Beluga - Ice Diving - Ice Camping Arctic Kingdom operates land-based 2 week expeditions pr longer to the arctic regions. This video is a collection of scenes from previous expeditions to the Lancaster Sound floe edges. You'll see underwater narwhal, beluga, ice divers under arctic ice, and snowmobiles traveling over the ice to reach the land based camps. Come on in to see arctic travel when the arctic transitions from winter to spring to summer. Enjoy!
  • Merkabah/Narwhals/EP
  • Uncovering the Mysteries of the Narwhal Whale Part 1 of 3 | SCIENCE CAFE What have scientists learned about the mysterious narwhal, or unicorn whale? Dr. Kristin Laidre, Research Scientest at the University of Washington Polar Science Center discusses narwhal biology, migrations, diving, feeding, how narwhals are studied and what mysteries remain. Airdate July. 6, 2010
  • Narwhals Lego Style Piosenka pod tytułem "Narwhals" w Lego. The song "Narwhals" Lego style!!! Original version: made by "TheWeebl" from newgrounds. Special thanks to Sam
  • narwhals song in key of metal narwhals song in key of metal. sweet crazy foot peel narwhals narwhal song
  • Let's Play EO2:AotD - Part 55c [Narwhal that ends whal.] ...I have no idea...It's kind of a reference to a Colin Mochrie Whose Line is it Anyway quote: "Hello, and welcome to the six o'clock news, I'm your anchor, Oswald that ends wald. =P No more parts until after exams I'm afraid, I was just uploading these ones A) For the dolphin naming contest and B) To announce the 48-hour stream in a more interesting way than a voice and Skullkid Kirby. =)
  • narwhal song the original narwhal song ! YES, narwhals are a real species and they are endangered
  • Narwhals in Arctic Bay whale watch in the arctic
  • Narwhals by www.weebls- Animated by Wonchop Song By Weebl
  • Narwhals. A short video, meant to entertain. Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean. Please ENJOY! Thanks for watching! :D
  • Mr. Narwhal Buddy leaves home - aw mr. narwhal!
  • Narwhal Knees Narwhals - A suggestion by someone on Omegle :) Still image: [Music: The Birds and The Beans - Animalcule]
  • Narwhals Narwhals... What more can I say?
  • Narwhal Tooth One of science's greatest riddles is finally solved when Harvard dentist and National Geographic grantee Dr. Martin Nweeia discovers the function of the narwhal whale's unicorn-like tusk. Wild Chronicles follows this dental detective to the Arctic where the extraordinary powers of this mysterious tool of nature are revealed.
  • Narwhals This species of whale has an unusual and mysterious long horn, once harvested and sold as a unicorn horn for ten times its weight in gold! See all National Geographic videos:
  • Zach Gill - "Legend of the Narwhal" (Music Video) Zach Gill performs "Legend of the Narwhal"! Starring Zach Gill, some friendly Narwhals, and some friendly coffee shop folks! Directed by Matthew J. Powers | Powers Philms
  • Narwhal Song Piano Cover This is the Narwhal song by mrweebl
  • Mary Simon Interview On Narwhal Trapped In Pond Inlet (English) Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami President Mary Simon defends the Inuit right to hunt narwhals caught in the ice against allegations made by animal rights extremists.
  • Jedi Narwhal The epic adventures of the Jedi Narwhal!
  • Arctic Kingdom Expeditions - land based arctic expeditions - narwhal and beluga Arctic Kingdom operates land-based animal expeditions to the high arctic regions. We are asked many questions on what the camps are like, the food, the arctic weather and generally "what can I expect". Here is a little behind the scenes of a Floe edge, ice camp, land-based expedition that we run in Lancaster Sound to see primarily Beluga's and Narwhal. Come travel to the arctic with
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  • ih8itonline: Terrific TED talk about Antarctic Ice and the fearsome leopard seal (narwhals, too): Terrific TED talk about Ant...

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