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  • Welcome To NDA Online Application Portal. Posted Wed, 07/29/2009 - 09:46. This is to inform the general public that application for admission into the 63rd Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna will be available online from the 27th September, 2010 to 7th January, 2011. — “NDA |”,
  • NDA sells major appliance installation parts and accessories, trash compactor bags and warehouse supplies wholesale to other businesses.>. — “NDA Distributors - Appliance Installation Parts and Accessories”, nda.us
  • Our business is Nuclear Fuel Rod Scanners. Products and Services. Links. Studies. Downloads. Company Information ©2007 NDA Technologies Incorporated. — “NDA Technologies Inc. Home”,
  • Visiting NDA. Historical Background. The history of soldiering in India goes back to the medieval ages when India defended its western borders against attacks from the West. Cadets at NDA are also exposed to other facets of life through hobby. — “Inter-Services Institutions : NDA”, armedforces.nic.in
  • Independent agency established under the aegis of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform. The NDA provides a key focal point for disability in the mainstream. — “National Disability Authority”, nda.ie
  • Academy of Notre Dame de Namur (PA). — “Academy of Notre Dame de Namur (PA)”,
  • Translation of NDA in English. Translate NDA in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of NDA in English”,
  • Would you like to receive e-mail notification of classes, conferences or other activities of the NDA? NDA has developed several safety and training materials and other informational resources to benefit drilling industry. — “National Drilling Association”, nda4
  • What does NDA stand for? Definition of NDA in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “NDA - What does NDA stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by”,
  • Notre Dame Academy, a Catholic college preparatory high school, sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, promotes the holistic development of young women for leadership and service by providing an exceptional educational experience permeated with Christian values. sponsored by. — “Notre Dame Academy - Toledo Ohio”,
  • The NDA application is the vehicle through which drug sponsors formally propose that the FDA approve a new pharmaceutical for sale and marketing in the U.S. The data gathered during the animal studies and human clinical trials of an Investigational New Drug (IND) become part of the NDA. — “New Drug Application (NDA)”, fda.gov
  • The National Drug Authority (NDA)was established by Section 3(1) of the National Drug Policy and Authority Act Cap 206 as a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, and may sue or be sued in its corporate name. NDA Mission:. — “National Drug Authority (U)”, nda.or.ug
  • National Dental Association Website Call 1.800.266.9432 or https:///go/nda. First come first serve (with Convention Registration) Hotel Deadline: May 1, 2011. Click here to get additional 2011 Convention details! Click here to download. 2010 Dental Graduates Free. — “National Dental Association”,
  • Welcome message of the Commandant of National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune, History of NDA, NDA achievers, martyrs, award winners, NDA virtual tour, Aerial view of NDA, Search NDA site, NDA alumni, NDA pune alumni, re-union and home coming. — “National Defence Academy, NDA, Khadakwasla, Pune | index page”, nda.nic.in
  • The AMOA National Dart Association is an international trade association of coin-operated vending companies promoting soft-tip electronic dart leagues and hosting an International Team Dart competition. — “National Dart Association (AMOA)”,
  • NDA Entrance Exam 2011 National Defence Academy - Navel Academy Dates 2011, Eligibility, Important Dates, UPSC Notice and OTA, SSB, and Entrance Exam Alerts, NDA Test Preparation CD plus Previous Years Solved Question Papers. — “NDA Entrance Exam 2011 (I) National Defence Academy - Navel”,
  • NDA is a leading sponsor of dance competitions and dance camps throughout the country. Our website provides dancers information on the National Dance Alliance's special events, dance camps and championships that are taking place today. Check-out. — “ - National Dance Alliance:: Welcome”,
  • NDA ( N on D isclosure A greement) An agreement signed between two parties that have to disclose confidential information to each other in order to do. — “NDA: Information from ”,
  • Details for file extension: NDA - Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited) :: NDA - Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom). — “File Extension .NDA Details”,
  • A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement (PIA), or secrecy agreement, is a legal contract between at least two parties An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties to. — “Non-disclosure agreement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Winds of change threaten NDA's legacy The National Defence Academy (NDA), one of India's proudest military institutions now faces a threat to its most basic philosophy - teamwork between the Army, Navy and Air Force. For almost sixty years, the cadets from all three services have trained together and later, fought together.
  • Life In NDA 1
  • New Battleground Conquest Point Change | SWTOR NDA Removal! Thumbs up to support Sacred! Couple news posts I thought I'd let you guys know about, in case you haven't seen them! Official Announcement links: Have video suggestions? Leave them in the comments! New Intro made by: Add Sacred on Facebook! Music: Feint - From Butterflies To Hurricanes found at: Permission to use was given. For More WoW Arena Videos:
  • XHELA - Kush Na Ka Nda Live 2012
  • Mentor Kurtishi - Jemi nda (Official Song) Facebook:
  • Interview with NDA leader.MPG This is Politician in the making....or he is already Made...hahaha..hope he wins election uncontested...
  • ★ SWTOR - Weekly News - NDA, Beta, Outlaw's Den, Legacy, Hammer, Directive 7 ft. Awall! - WAY➚ See the *full* show! ★ tgn.tv ★ WAY ★ Awall's SWTOR Playlist - What is WAY? - See way.tgn.tv This week's SWTOR News in a 15 minute video! Join the conversation at http Follow Me Facebook - tgn.tv Live Stream - tgn.tv Twitter - tgn.tv TGN.TV - tgn.tv G+ - tgn.tv G+ Group - tgn.tv Music licensed to TGN by FiXT - Get the music at The NDA Has Been Lifted! http Legacy System Officially Announced! Fan Site Summit: Hammer Station Flashpoint Fan Site Summit: Outlaw's Den Revealed! The Unofficial SWTOR Girl Gamers Thread- and Why it's Not for Me Fan Site Summit: Directive 7 Flashpoint Next Beta Weekend: November 25-28 -- As Open As It Gets Blue Milk & Cereal: When Did You Start Following TOR? Fan Site Summit: The Shiny, Yet Seedy Republic Capital Of Coruscant! Beta Weekend Clocks In At Over 1 Million Testing Hours Blue Milk & Cereal: Will You Take Time Off For The Launch Of TOR? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Click "Like" and "Add to... Favorites" if you like this video! =-=-=-= ★ TGN Social tgn.tv ★ What is TGN? http ★ TGN Times news.tgn.tv ★ TGN on Facebook http ★ TGN on Twitter ★ We Are YouTube - WAY! way.tgn.tv Star Wars The Old Republic [SWTOR] [TOR] - News, Updates, Guides, PvP, Strategy, Development, Commentary, Gameplay and More!
  • War Z My Likes and Complaints - Selling with an NDA? Free Dust 514 beta codes This site pays for these videos. Supporting EVE Online ETC, Linkrealms and World of Tanks! Like on FaceBook Find me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
  • NDA - Next Day Air NEXT DAY AIR - 2009 Two inept criminals are mistakenly delivered a package of cocaine and think they've hit the jackpot, triggering a series of events that changes ten people's lives forever. Director: Benny Boom Writer: Blair Cobbs Stars: Mos Def, Mike Epps and Donald Faison When a misguided delivery driver inadvertently delivers a package containing concealed bricks of cocaine to the wrong address, it sets in motion a desperate search and battle for the coke between the furious dealer that sent it, the fearful intended recipients that missed it, and the conniving accidental recipients that plan to flip it. Time is running out and everyone's trying to get their hands on the package that's been sent...Next Day Air! Written by Melee Entertainment
  • Fred Omondi Nda This is Fred Omomdi's debut in to the music world. the video was shot, scripted, locationed, casted, edited and put on youtube in threedays with an overall cost of 300 USD kind of a record for us.
  • ★ SWTOR - Weekly News - Void Star, Warzones, Pandaria, Crafting, NDA, Tanks, ft. Awall! - WAY➚ See the *full* show! ★ SWTOR-show.tgn.tv ★ WAY ★ Awall's SWTOR Playlist - http This Week's SWTOR Video News In About 15 Minutes! BOOM SUCKA! Join the conversation at tgn.tv Follow Me Facebook - tgn.tv Live Stream - tgn.tv Twitter - tgn.tv TGN.TV - tgn.tv Google + - Google + Page - Friday Update: Voidstar Video and Warzone Page! IGN: Story Matters In The Old Republic IGN: Combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic IGN: Setting A Scene -- The Worlds Of The Old Republic IGN Final Preview -- Shades of Grey Friday Update: Collector's Edition Item Details, Eurogamer Fan Video, and Fan Friday! Got Questions? R2-Db Has Answers! Massively: TOR Crafting Preview Blue Milk & Cereal: Should The Player NDA Be Dropped Before Launch? Yellow Posts: Darkside Disfigurement and Tanking Music licensed to TGN by FiXT - Get the music at Tell us what you think in the comments below. Click "Like" and "Add to... Favorites" if you like this video! =-=-=-= ★ TGN Social http ★ What is TGN? what.tgn.tv ★ TGN Times http ★ TGN on Facebook ★ TGN on Twitter ★ We Are YouTube - WAY! way.tgn.tv Star Wars The Old Republic [SWTOR] [TOR] - News, Updates, Guides, PvP, Strategy, Development, Commentary, Gameplay and More!
  • Indian army NDA training camp NDA training camp ***Join us on Facebook*** ***You can also like my other page***
  • MTV U - NDA, a place for boys to turn into men (Ep 2, 1/4) Check out for the interesting features of National Defence Academy, where training for all the three -- army, air force, and navy -- is provided.
  • Nda Zambe Done by the university of Buea choir in their first video compilation
  • Tales of Tyria - #19b: The Day the NDA Died Here we have part 2 of our Press Beta coverage. In this episode you can expect to find everything not related to World v. World. We discuss our initial reactions to the gameplay videos, as well as all the new systems we got some details on. Show Notes: goo.gl 00:40 - Roundtable: -Reactions -Traits -Mesmer -Guilds -New PvP map -Overflow Server System
  • Non-deterministic finite state automata from NDA to DFA hope it helps
  • NDA's strength show
  • National Defence Academy (NDA) Part 1 National Defence Academy, where the bravehearts of the Inidan Army are shaped up!!!
  • Bal Thackeray's demise a major loss to Maharashtra, the NDA, the country: BJP Mourning the death of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray who passed away on November 17, the BJP said that his demise is a major loss to Maharashtra, to the NDA and the country. Congress, too, expressed grief on Thackeray's death and said that he had an important role to play in Maharashtra politics. "Shiv Sena was known because after his name. We pray for his family and supporters. May the almighty give them power to pass through this tough phase," said Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi.
  • Life In NDA 8
  • Chymera ve Kitty Disco Krali'nda.. Mutlaka Izle !!!
  • Stephen & Chugga: Zombie Apocalypse NDA - Demo Fridays Special thanks to chuggaaconroy for appearing in this video: /chuggaaconroy Every Friday on StephenPlays we'll be trying out a new demo in addition to the LP for that day! What demo do you want me to do next? Leave your suggestions below! ==OTHER AWESOME STUFF== LP SCHEDULE DAILY VLOGS ASK A QUESTION formspring.me TWITTER FACEBOOK
  • Lamm'G ft miriL - MonoToN [Pa'NDA™] Lamm'G miriL - MonoToN 029RECORDS RAPZ Mc Qoppa muzik 2009 RaP HITT
  • The Newshour Debate 'UPA v/s NDA:The Economy' Part 1 TIMES NOW Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami discusses, 'Whether opposition accuses Congress of ingorning'AAM AADM' with Kapil Sibal (Senior Leader, Congress), Arun Jaitle (GeneralSecretary,BJP), Sitaram Yechury (Politburo Member, CPI M), Swaminathan Aiyar (Consulting Editor, ET), Rahul Bajaj (Chairman, Bajaj Auto).
  • Lamm'G & miriL - Prej MengjesiT 2011 [Pa'NDA™] Lamm'G - miriL -
  • Nda | Playing For Change - We recorded this original song in a small studio in Cape Town, South Africa. Mermans Kenkosenki harmonized with Jason Tamba to give the song a beautifully rich feeling. And PFC Band anchor Louis Mhlanga tied the whole track together with a light and effortless guitar that made this track one of our all time favorites. We hope you enjoy it!
  • GAME FACE: Disney acquires Lucasarts, WarZ NDA drops, and GW2 announces new content WarZ: bit.ly LucasArts: bit.ly GW2: bit.ly Twitter: Facebook: TwitchTV Stream: www.twitch.tv Vlog channel: Game Face #6
  • 1st Place Open Stunt NCA NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship 2011 2011 NCA NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship
  • NDA CADETS nda cadets-------------------
  • life in nda - sumit my family n my frnds....................
  • Live Chat with Hugh Jackman and James Mangold from The Wolverine Set Hugh Jackman and James Mangold sat with Marvel's Ryan Penagos (aka Agent M) for a live chat on the set of The Wolverine. The Wolverine July 2013
  • Purani yaadein NDA Purani yaadein song...NDA passing out video clip
  • Firefall NDA Lifted Ripper X responds to you're calls and plays the new Firefall Beta. Firefall is scheduled to come out soon ans is an epic first person shooter mmo. DIRECTOR'S NETWORK: LIVESTREAM: www.twitch.tv GOOGLE+ gplus.to TWITTER: FACEBOOK:
  • Indian National Defence Academy (NDA) Passing Out Parade Summer and Winter Passing Out Parades of the National Defence Academy (NDA). Cadets from all three services. Footage by Kunal Verma.
  • iOS 4.2 for iPad in 10 minutes iOS 4.2 finally brings multitasking, folders, threaded email, unified inbox, AirPlay, AirPrint, Game Center, and more features to the iPad. And we've got it all for you right here in just 10 minutes!
  • NDA I'm sick, ok? I got the idea for this video in a fever-dream.
  • What is Covered in an NDA Matthew Neco, general legal counsel for Docstoc ( explains how an NDA or non-disclosure agreement is standard issue in many businesses where confidentiality is important. In this video, Matthew discusses what is covered in an NDA. No Legal Advice Given: Consult Your Own Attorney. FOR MORE EXPERT CONTENT VISIT: Docstoc is the largest online collection of business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life.
  • Nda Drua - BE YOUR MAN REMIX Awesome Remix
  • SPLA jurnior officers meeting with NDA leaders SPLA Veteran singing patrotic song during SPLA officiers' meeting with NDA leaders in Yei, South Sudan.
  • Passing out parade at NDA Passing out parade at NDA`
  • CheLangitan: RT @PataKaloPata: Jangan main-main dengan karakter tulisan, lantaran nda bisa di ucapkan secara langsung :)
  • indra_mangiwa: Trnsfer emplon bole nda? RT @hendihp: @Trulika @indra_mangiwa transfer doa aja dulu ya..belum sanggup kalo yang lain"nya..hehe
  • Rere_QueenZha: Lama sih!! "@panirahman: nda mau nunggu sih RT @Rere_QueenZha: Tak ad pilihan laen coal ee "@panirahman: kmren suke gak nntnnye :P RT
  • anggiadinip: *boyot "@nda_nindaa: @anggiadinip jangan iri iri ah. Ayooo semangat leeeee \(´▽`)/"
  • sucialfin: Sabar tatak wainande~"@winanda_nda: Banyak protes DP gak muncul2 (˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩)"
  • Wanty_syahfitri: Iyo nda usah jo bainga pa kt , nnty bru mo sdar klo kt so nda ada dingn pe smping bru ngn mo sadar:)
  • rezkaLnender: Lthn ngni sbntr jam 4! RT @Bianca_Mamengko: rezkaLnender qaqa eqa torang so nda mo latian2 dang?
  • lp_purnama: nda nahan sakitx...
  • HEYNTR: rt“@ppyfbl Budak gosip ttg film india masa. Nda ngerti. Wooo aku nda ngerti-_-”
  • BintiSyahrudin: Nda boleh kahh?"@meycheche: @BintiSyahrudin (╥﹏╥) sakit* galau nah ?? Hehe"
  • MonseratBelieve: Que madres de novios ni nda YO SOLO AMO HA JUSTIN DREW BIEBER MALLETTE! @justinbieber te amo
  • Ilmi06: tapi ada rakons.. :D RT @ulfhysimtadegi: Hore.. Berarti nda ada kuliah ku sy ini hari :D RT @evhykumala: nda ji RT @ulfhysimtadegi: @Ilmi06
  • UlyyDarojah: Ati2 di jalan ya :p "@MuhamadFajrin76: [email protected] akuhh nda diundang ya ulang tahun Gresik (ʃ⌣ƪ) #nekatahberangkatsendiri# :D"
  • gumpleete: RACIST hha :p RT @PenniAprilia: Senyum bde bru nda keliatan :p "@gumpleete: Mana sya senyum2 truus :p RT @PenniAprilia: Memang haa "
  • nhoretha: Bner nda diskon 50%, klo hoax itu diskon 70% pdhl diskon'y cuma 50%, cek fav'y deh "@princess_mashaa: kt ny itu hoax no RT nhoretha:
  • RaraaStewart: @cuwa4 nda natanyako aswin kah? Harus bissa bdeee. Nah nah nah
  • dickyddrr: Bimbel ca hari ini ak bimbel, mantan sekolah ku bimbel kah? RT"@ichafitr: Sekolahmu nda ada bimbel kah dik?RT @dickyddrr: Minggu depan mingg
  • kimloekman: @mndamnda hahahahha, malas mah eamng udah bawaan dari lahir yahh nda..
  • RachmanAdunk: betapal loo ? RT @JoAfrizal Woo nda IPA broo! "@RachmanAdunk: maka nyawa IPS RT @JoAfrizal Woy serah ane dong . Ipa kdd pkn s
  • lino_unsulangi: Siap ato nda siap musti Siap Presentase..
  • pratiwikarim: RT @PataKaloPata: Jangan main-main dengan karakter tulisan, lantaran nda bisa di ucapkan secara langsung :)
  • jellalubis: @meNUNDUklah iya mbak breng kelas 12 juga kok :D lewat alternatif dong biar nda macet hihi
  • LoaMichael: RT @PataKaloPata: Jangan main-main dengan karakter tulisan, lantaran nda bisa di ucapkan secara langsung :)
  • Myrakytaro: Nda saya faham kamurang neh. Hahahaha!
  • XITKJTerpaduFC: PBJ !"@Rckywhyuhrydi: Gosip -_- Jst Friend min "@XITKJTerpaduFC: Cie pcran . Pbj"@Rckywhyuhrydi: Iya beb, sorry ya :$ "@ndannysa: Ki nda b"
  • diannjustisia: Cieee yang berusaha lupakan dia tapi nda bisa Cieee cikiciww
  • Tahu__Tempe: @benvaart88 @mancaDarmansyah @dny89 @abdhiskyterror @indra_GM_One @AzHaDy eaaaa...ada yg mo'jo.. ais nda jadi mi d transfer ini
  • nda_frunk: I'm at Uniland Building (Medan, Sumatera Utara) w/ 4 others http://t.co/ST2K6bL0
  • michNV: Ya mañana de nuevo PFF ni dormi nda hoy :/
  • RomanRivas3: Estoy a full no pude hacer nda wn todo el dia por este pie de mierda la ...... de la lora
  • ZamronChoirin: Selamat apa nda? :D @vandakusuma @andininurislami @elysatyas @riskybudi666
  • LucaasIsidio: RT @BraulyTorres7: @LucaasIsidio kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk que nda
  • zakirefli: Apanya nda? Hahahaha..RT @Nandha_Pradhana: Haha,, ngemeng" dah brape lame jak?? Haha
  • HiLChia92: Pdahal nda siap =D
  • JoAfrizal: Maju satu-satu "@_TungauPelangi: Hantam kna nda mlawan akn ┻━┻ԅ( ◣﹏◢)-σ RT @RachmanAdunk: kasiangau ae PKN d sambati nya RT @_TungauPelangi
  • ameldhaivina: Yaa bisa -_-"@theanaaprilly: Kok bisa de?-,-"@ameldhaivina: Nda papa (:"@theanaaprilly: Kenapa de?"@ameldhaivina: Nangis sampe temuntahmunt
  • gatooot: Kenapana saya sede ? RT @Fummpuut: Nda tau itu [email protected]: Sebenarnya kita itu siapakah ? Kenapa ndada sekali mau jadi kita RT
  • El_FarFaan: @viquie_mnrY de nda y tu dnd vives?
  • chinta_thata: Pacarq dimn y??nda ada kabar lohhhhh,,cari dikolong achhhhh
  • tau_cilaka: Dan yang terakhir saya mo sapa yang lagi di dalam pesawat.. bemana kabarnya itu pesawat, nda bocor ji bannya ? cantik ji pramugarina ?? :)
  • lino_unsulangi: Siap ato nda siap musti Siap..
  • Tigabelas_isma: Nda ª∂a̲̅ q @ChuaBhawelL blaa...RT @ikkyeeqq: Yg pas dubbing mo deh.. "@Tigabelas_isma: boleh yg td mlm wktu dubbing ato ...!?
  • riita_p: @opioktavianii emgnya msh berantem km sm panji? nda baik tau marahan lama"....
  • nda_desta: @astin_errikudo congrats y hun :* traktir traktir :D hahahaha
  • nspmandagi: Ok;)RT"@ribkhayurhi: Oksip beb ;)"@nspmandagi: Bbm nda deliv syg @ribkhayurhi , nanti qta ba blg pa ng klo ta dng dia mo bkudapa ;)""
  • NasDa1202: susah jo ni #neneksihir,,,, materi nda ada yg perhatikan ..... #kepo
  • pretymeylani: hahahaaa, yaa dy nda kze qw nho.. Sdh jho qw org laen.. dy jho woon.. hahahaa 'Horas'.. hhahahaa RT @Elfa_Le:  Qt kirq arif so cri akg or...
  • nddaariesta: Ga knp2 ntan,cm sharing doang koo:) RT "@Kintan_Mutia: Kenapa gitu nda? RT @nddaariesta: Nyokap
  • UnUnnny: Nda ada orang di TL ku ?
  • LuciaBlancoo: Yo mañana iré al cole a no hacer nda xd
  • amelmelina1: Aku ki pgen o ,mlh peseen ngaaah"@tfox_arbiyan: Pesen siji nda "@amelmelina1: Pgen esrumpi""
  • khikyARA: @andiPii_ haha nda sdngar ji tpi nda seliatki krn diatas mobilki tpi teriak jeka juga:D marukka sekaliki:p
  • Tahull_Lebong: @Leniimarlianii biar ja ksian nya nda lwn inya mun kda di ucap akn,,dinsanak tuh ucapkan lenni ae,hhahaha bm nda pending:D
  • kiki_nolanda: Sayok kangkung~ "@Adeadriant: Hahaha sayok ape ki? :p RT @kiki_nolanda: Wkakaka :D abeen sayoook dahh :p "@Adeadriant: Bale preman nda BR "
  • aseanty6festi: Hahaa..nambah lu jg nda ini..haha RT @fadhilahnanda: Masyarakat condettt kumpul >>@NandoCHANIAGO @aseanty6festi @baso_unintended
  • prillyes: :: Јĭīά˚˚ªăăª˚˚άά♓ so nda dpa kenal so qta ? X_x Нªнªнªнªнªнª =))
  • AyuTiaHayu: Judulnya aj mau dekat lgi. Tapi nda ada bukti :''
  • tatatakino: pelik bila otak kata phy 'ok' brbanding math. pelik = nda normal by @zatiZONE
  • VenniM_: Nda bole kah? RT"@SarTisar: Apa ini retwwet'' ? :p RT @VenniM_: RT"SarTisar: IPS btumpuk bahh --'""
  • Nda_piddy: Yaahh benerr² ujan d dps ka ya ?? RT"@gusti_edi: Ganbatte, jalanin aja, pst bisa ;) RT @Nda_piddy: Iyyaa kka ,, besog dah terakhirr :)
  • ophymoet: @_ChristyKiciFC_ yg @InsomNISA_Ygkrt udh nda kepakai lgi y,??
  • destyfarah: Wkwk yaudah jgn dibakar puding nya ya nda ;;)wkwk "@dindanadaa: Masak puding , galak bener neek -,- "destyfarah: Mau masak apa sih nda!!!
  • Phussss: @anastasianancy yank,, jd nda tobeyi ??
  • Nda__OLV: @dahsyatnyaolga. Haloo meet siang
  • Hydra03: nda perlu ja d kasiani :p @dharmaGainaaaa Kasiankaa liatkii :D RT @Hydra03: *jgan ki menangis... :'(( @dharmaGainaaaa #eumsyalalalaaa
  • andinicy: Sama aja ditemenin :''RT @BestaryDinda: andinicy lalala. . .donnynya yang nemenin bukan nda yang minta
  • fauzydc: @indahZR untung kw bilang hampir sya nda bwa laptop
  • Ladewa: Sawah nda jelas :-) http://t.co/jxNht06a
  • AmitaSNingsih: Haha :p nda kuliahki? RT @ariefkcc: :) RT @AmitaSNingsih: Azeegggghhhhh RT @ariefkcc: Maksudnya tdk ada yg sempurna, perumpamaan jhe RT
  • nindiaadeliasin: GK..TERUS KM MW APA?!!"@widi_jhon2: @nindiaadeliasin @rinikenzie knp nin ? NDA TERIMA ??!! Hah !!!"
  • ilyaalya: @3SecondsKiller nda!omg bila??
  • tanintanputri: Pr apa bang ? RT @816926_hafiz: hahahaha berarti nda pernah ngerjakan PR tuh :D @tanintanputri
  • adhesunaryaR: Unfoll ma pae kalo nda mauko munculka di TLmu haha RT @dendistelk: ya deh RT @adhesunaryaR Kau juga knpa munculko di TL ku anu -_- RT
  • Chriestin_: Hhaha:D npa ASM da tnya pa nga :pRT"@MariskaUP: Iio say :D salam jo p brondong :* "@Chriestin_: Da cari2 pa @MariskaUP nda A̐ϑª.:/ di
  • Ilmi06: Oh iyah,, kamu kan nd' kuLyah IE :D RT @ulfhysimtadegi: Dalam rangka apa??? Nda' ada RPP ini hari tohh immi .. RT @Ilmi06: ke kampus jam ber
  • BurhanuddinAR: RT @IqiQhepoulMulya: Dex,,singkawang nda ad ikut "Open Tournament Bulutangkis PBSI Kalbar k?? @mulfi_jayatri
  • PenniAprilia: Senyum bde bru nda keliatan :p "@gumpleete: Mana sya senyum2 truus :p RT @PenniAprilia: Memang haa "@gumpleete: Bajiki ? Hha :p RT
  • Fudhita_354: enek mall jotos nda, jombang town square :-DRT @VynaDovin: Kota opo lakyo haha RT @Fudhita_354: gk (cont) http://t.co/steaMyjM
  • nonamanisbcrta: hal-hal yang nda (pernah) trg katakan trnyata bole mo se ancor org p perasaan jaoh lebe dalam
  • RealShanty_: Disekolah juga,nda belajarki kak?"@riaatidira: Disekolah,kau dek"@RealShanty_: Oh,dimaanaki kak?"@riaatidira: Adaaaa:("@RealShanty_:
  • yunotss: Kira2 jam berapa itu? Kesiniko haha @IrianaFA: Nda tentu pulangku,klo ndadami dikeja,bisa
  • maka_51097: RT @camii_ottolini: @maka_51097 Jajaja okk.. de todas maneras yo no tengo nda que ver!
  • jennagustyne: Mencari apa nyawa disana ;D ? Ngakak nda melihat nyawa tuh.
  • nda_nindaa: @anggiadinip jangan iri iri ah. Ayooo semangat leeeee \(´▽`)/
  • JeanWineini: Edeh nih "@IpinUyeee: bau RT @JeanWineini: Kantut "IpinUyeee: bisa tu , keluarga kam kah bawa ai , :p RT @JeanWineini: Santai nda bawa kame
  • Nda__OLV: @dahsyatnyaolga kau bgto luar bysa.
  • yoderi26: Jiah ga usah malu² gt lah, aneh (~__~!)RT @nda_yoichi: ahahaha okta masi malu2 k XD RT @Ferlucky: (cont) http://t.co/NSu5aVBW
  • fhiiantyvayruzz: Bae nn nda t tnggl "@shendySaggita: Hhaha itu nohh"@fhiiantyvayruzz: Bgtu no klo unklab,, :D "@shendySaggita: On time skali ini bus x_x bae
  • Bellaharindha: @ratuedwina1 nda ada apple gigit mbak. ('-' ) (._. ) ( ._.) ( '-')
  • nda_riztia: Jd kalo subuh, jd bobo subuh la ya. *ehh :pRT @Angel_ChiBi: Bobo lagi.. *krn udah siang, jd namanya bobo siang* (´Oƪ)
  • sriyunidatobe: Lobet hp ku kasar :("@akc_ayukurnia: @sriyunidatobe kenapa nda aktif nomermu?"
  • panirahman: nda mau nunggu sih RT @Rere_QueenZha: Tak ad pilihan laen coal ee "@panirahman: kmren suke gak nntnnye :P RT @ (...) http://t.co/SsF9rLcA
  • FhadelPutra: Ngantuk gara2 nda tidur tadi malam-____-
  • Rinda_Nda: @tiyoalibasjah huaaaa ada mas tyo... jd maluuu hhihi... bener gitu ya, mas ? *tetep nanya tapinya* hihihihi
  • 309Syafiq: @Khadijah309 nda juaa laa
  • JoAfrizal: Woo nda IPA broo! "@RachmanAdunk: maka nyawa IPS RT @JoAfrizal Woy serah ane dong . Ipa kdd pkn shrusnya "@RachmanAdunk: lulus akn sekolah d
  • yuliebadres: Iya tante RT @MangUcok: Nda lain paman RT @yuliebadres: Yoman RT @MangUcok: RT @yuliebadres: Ya RT @MangUcok: Oh RT @yuliebadres: Jarku tadi
  • anindiaaaa: Boy isih kuliah nda @playboykecil ?
  • nnethaa: masih bnyal krja leng... :'( hele.mo b uni gosip.s.nda d wktu....dmn nn? RT @OlhaRooroh: @nnethaa (cont) http://t.co/hulekjhF
  • tfox_arbiyan: Pesen siji nda "@amelmelina1: Pgen esrumpi"

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