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  • English Translation for Necking - German-English Dictionary. — “ | Necking | English Dictionary”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define necking as NNecking \Neck'ing\, n.Same as {Neckmold}.Neck \Neck\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Necked}; p. pr. & vb. — “Definition of Necking from ”,
  • I graduated in 1973 and went to lots of those kinds of parties. Some parents just let their children get away with it. The one party I was allowed to have (in our basement) was looked in on A LOT! After that, I knew we couldn't do anything and. — “If you grew up in the 60's or 70's - were parties supervised”,
  • Top questions and answers about Necking. Find 91 questions and answers about Necking at Read more. — “Necking - ”,
  • Necking definition, the act of embracing, kissing, and caressing amorously; petting. See more. — “Necking | Define Necking at ”,
  • Straightening a bowed guitar neck keeps your instrument from sounding buzzy. The sight of two giraffes necking would normally bring romantic thoughts to the casual observer but this conclusion would be. — “necking - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Necking - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Translation of necking in English. Translate necking in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of Necking in English”,
  • to caress your clothed partner on and above the neck. necking. buy necking mugs, tshirts and magnets. The term old people (over 40) use to describe the art of macking out. mostly because they are still caught in the olden dayes and they are not all up with the new trends. mom: "ok you kids have fun and. — “Urban Dictionary: necking”,
  • Alibris has 1439172943: Necking and other books by Chris Salvatore, New & used copies, rare, out-of-print signed editions, and more. — “1439172943: Necking (Used, New, Out-of-Print) - Alibris”,
  • necking n. Architecture . A molding between the upper part of a column and the projecting part of the capital. — “necking: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of necking from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of necking. Pronunciation of necking. Definition of the word necking. Origin of the word necking. — “necking - Definition of necking at ”,
  • Find, shop, and buy computers, laptops, books, dvd, videos, games, video games, music, sporting goods, software, electronics, digital cameras, camcorders, toys, luggage, and dvd players at . — “ - Necking Salvatore, Chris : ISBN 47582”,
  • necking. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 21 October 2010, at 23:35. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “necking - Wiktionary”,
  • Encyclopedia article about necking. Information about necking in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “necking definition of necking in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable necking bags from - Choose your favorite necking canvas tote bag from thousands of available designs. — “Necking Bags, Necking Tote Bags, Necking Canvas Bags”,
  • Necking. A little library in the back corner of Steinlechner Hotel was called the Stüberl. Tickling her neck with his fingers, he reached over and grabbed her damp hand with his equally slick one. — “TravelinOma: Necking”,
  • Definition of necking in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of necking. Pronunciation of necking. Translations of necking. necking synonyms, necking antonyms. Information about necking in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “necking - definition of necking by the Free Online Dictionary”,
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  • Contact info {at} neckandtongue com for booking of any Neck & Tongue groups. Necking - live CD. UPCOMING RELEASES. Nick Lesley. MATTER FORMING (solo. — “Neck & Tongue”,
  • Necking (engineering), the process by which a ductile material deforms under tension forming a thin neck. A behavior of giraffes. Slang for suicide by hanging "I'm going to neck myself." This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. — “Necking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Rubbernecking Hilarious urban Ford TVC
  • Vlog - Rubber-necking, McDonalds, & Driving... One of my new Vlog Style videos...Enjoy!
  • Drunk Rubber Neck This guy needs to give his pillow some head!!! This is the funniest four mins of someone that needs to just go to bed. To many cherry bombs and this is what could happen to you. Check it out and laugh along with the rest of us.
  • NECKING Long Island City Todd P Show 200?crapIforget5? this show was so fun. necking played twice, lightning bolt played at around 3am then the coachwhips played some rooftop with free beer at around 4am somewhere else in brookland. every rad band from that area that year played this show it ruled and a bunch from not living in new york, like afrirampo and elmoe oleooe elmo, crap i forget everything.
  • giraffes necking Sabi Sands Game Reserver - Kruger National Park, South Africa, May 2009
  • Frank Sinatra-Debbie Reynolds-Lets Neck :-) Movie - The Tender Trap (1955) Frank Sinatra is Charlie Reader and Debbie Reynolds is Julie Gillis in this movie. In this scene, Mr. Sinatra is making all sorts of moves on Debbie. He starts off by saying...Lets' neck But Sinatra's idea of necking and Debbie's idea of necking are a little far apart. And when Debbie finds out a bunch of notes with messages and numbers of other girls in Sinatra's coat's all downhill for Sinatra from that point on. In the last scene, Debbie goes out of the room in es back and says...this is my get out It reminds me of the scene in Titanic...where Kate Winslet says to Leonardo...this is my part of the leave.
  • Male Giraffes Fight Neck to Neck With a female watching close by, two male giraffes fight it out to win her respect, Lake Manyara, Tanzania.
  • NATURE | Tall Blondes | "Giraffe 'Necking'" | PBS Don¹t miss the "NATURE" episode "Tall Blondes," airing on PBS Sunday, December 17 at 8 pm (check local listings). Young giraffe males engage in a ritual called "necking" which you should not confuse with its human counterpart. This is play fighting, but it later progresses to full-scale dominance matches, probably to pick hardy breeders. For more information, visit /nature
  • 12/14 Tegan & Sara - Did you say necking? - Call It Off w/screw up - The Tivoli 14-Dec-10 Sara talks about her mom and their trip to India. She mentions that she has trouble connecting emotionally to her mom, but Tegan hears the word "necking"! ;p Sara also discusses both her and Tegan's run in with Delhi Belly and how she had to be reassured by her mom that she wasn't going to die - best part was when she stated that she didn't know which end was more important when they were sick! :D She thought she was stronger than that - but Delhi Belly won! :D Tegan & Sara then provide a couple of extra verses to CIO about their trip to India! :D Well worth listening to the last few minutes! :D
  • Necking Round Balloons All about inflating the necks on round balloons. Who knew round balloons weren't actually round? (One pop at 1:17.)
  • Giraffes 'necking' at Nkorho Two giraffes Sparring August 21, 2009
  • NAPA Canada Necking French
  • Tensile test on polyethylene: necking, drawing and fracture Tensile test of polyethylene, with a strain rate of 10mm/min, displaying necking, drawing and fracture. Video is at 48 times actual speed- actual fracture time is ~ 30 minutes. From TLP: Crystallinity in polymers, Courtesy of DoITPoMS, The University of Cambridge. Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike licence
  • Giraffe necking Two young males practising for future battles
  • Episode 27. Necking Short ant neck flexors can be a serious athletic problem
  • Canadian Geese Necking On a Smith Mountain Lake Canadian Geese Lovers Necking On a Mountain Lake!! Real Nice Sound Track, Too. Tons of photos and SML wallpaper at: http http
  • Two guys necking on CNN Two guys neck behind a CNN correspondent reporting on the collapse of Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers
  • tube necking-in and closing samples - Global Metal Spinning Solutions - DENN USA Metal Forming
  • Necking Rob and Ben teach RJ the ins and outs and ins and outs of drinking.
  • Necking a 39" video arcade crt monitor This was certainly the largest tube I ever had to destroy. If I could have gotten it regunned, I would have. It has an open heater so destruction was the best choice and saving the yoke for future chassis port.
  • Bluestone Company : Rubber Necking【2009.7.3】 Bluestone Company
  • brass tensile test and necking video brass tensile test necking
  • Giraffes Necking Nearly at sundown two majestic giraffes necking in the open area at Nkorho
  • Cape Gannets 'necking' Cape Gannets showing their affection at the huge colony at Lambert's Bay, South Africa.
  • Hot Necking Action The White History Project visits presidential birthplaces in Virginia's Northern Neck.
  • Necking Giraffes Near Elephant Watch Camp Samburu Keyna
  • Meccalland Necking Machine MEC24 Necking machine complete overhauled for aerosol cans.
  • Nussbaum EM-40 Necking Unit Contact National Machinery Exchange, Inc. for additional information Phone - +973-344-6100 Email - [email protected] Web -
  • Focus Interviews Author of Necking, Chris Salvatore This September's guest, Christ Salvatore, author of "Necking"
  • Founder Effect, Bottle Necking, and Genetic Drift Description to be added later.
  • Necking Zebras A pair of zebras horsing around, in Etosha National Park, Namibia
  • Necking - live at Dead Herring 08-01-08 Necking - live at Dead Herring on 08-01-08.
  • Rubber Necking and Negativity Kinda a dual topic vlog about Rubber Necking and negativity
  • Rubber-necking It was a wet wet day in cardiff, at the end of Newport road this poor soul ended up on his side...i hope their okay i'll check the news later
  • Tom Rye necking 3 pints of water Tom Rye necking a jug of water. Effort.
  • Necking - at the Woodser part 3 Necking - live improv set at the Woodser, in Brooklyn, NY - july 27, 2007
  • Rubber Necking Why do people slow down on the highway? Rubber necking. If you could get people to do that at your trade show booth, how great would that be?
  • Necking - at Death By Audio 08-22-08 pt 1 Necking live improv set at Death By Audio, in Brooklyn. August 22nd, 2008.
  • xHeyyGorgeous: for yall to be "doing yall" .. it sure does involve a lot of "necking me"
  • scullyknows: Rubber necking ass ppl
  • TRFC_si: Gotta love #Obama Great scenes of him necking a pint in Ireland.
  • Kowali3: There's a lady working on the train, on her phone, in her note book, on her laptop. She looks serious. She is necking a can of gin & tonic.
  • ncflo: That awk moment when someones rubber necking and you're with your dad... (he'll kill you, no really, he has a gun holstered on his belt.)
  • ModishNouns: I bet the Queen is kicking herself for not necking that Guinness #O'Bama
  • JamboTheJourno: I don't care if it's posturing for votes or not. Barack O'Bama necking Guinness and cracking jokes at the bar is classic.
  • colmoregan: Somewhere in the Midwest, Obama's 7th cousin is in a bar necking a Bud Light and watching NASCAR. #potusie #bobtheseventh #obamavisit
  • Anthillel: @alexzatman loved obama necking the Guinness, made me proud to be part Irish! :)
  • AdamManning: @LBCWiseCounsel yes and then people have RTAs rubber necking at other RTAs, seen it happen :(
  • CARAMELCMPLXION: RT @ShowOut_Smoove Neck wont hurt no one - so start necking.
  • kenok: RT @orlaithross: The Obama's necking it http:///gzngep #potusIE #obamavisit
  • orlaithross: The Obama's necking it http:///gzngep #potusIE #obamavisit
  • niamhmccoy2: RT @markbritton7: @Queen_UK Obama just made you look silly by necking that pint.... #justsaying
  • markbritton7: @Queen_UK Obama just made you look silly by necking that pint.... #justsaying
  • missmarienjose: @CharlySas I didn't know who I wanted to bonk harder--him or the necking couple!
  • __Ayanna: And the hoes start necking SMH. . .
  • LBCWiseCounsel: ...As a species we are not at our best when rubber necking road accidents. I don't like being caught in the queue much either...
  • rozicollier: Hahaha, just seen a picture of Obama necking a pint of Guinness with Michelle next to him, sipping her half-pint. #genderstereotypes
  • KINGFACTS: it all depends if she necking the team lol “@LaidBachJV: @KINGFACTS man if she let u hit it I bet u let her in free lol”.
  • trophypunch: @alanrdaly he'd give bonner a run for he's money, necking the pint of Guinness @kjpb11
  • CJOLars: EURUSD <> Neckline necking of price here <>
  • FXtradingMentor: EURUSD <> Neckline necking of price here <>
  • BorisWatch: RT @darryl1974: Obama's necking that Guinness. Feeling thirsty now. < Me too. Must be the prospect of meeting Dave'n'Nick later
  • mickkelcfc: #Obama is only after necking a pint of the black stuff in #moneygall Now hes running about looking a bag of the white stuff. #header
  • Meehan990: RT @HydrangeaGirI: Nothing beats seeing Barack and Michelle necking a pint of Guinness. They're my kind of people. "Failte Barack, enjoy the craic" #obamavisit
  • conjack76: RT @paulie_gr: Obama probably necking the pints knowing he'll soon have to put up with a gig involving jedward and the coronas among others...#ObamaVisit
  • TheBoy_yerra: RT @paulie_gr: Obama probably necking the pints knowing he'll soon have to put up with a gig involving jedward and the coronas among others...#ObamaVisit
  • paulie_gr: Obama probably necking the pints knowing he'll soon have to put up with a gig involving jedward and the coronas among others...#ObamaVisit
  • Andrewbear33: Just turned on the news to find Obama necking a pint of Guinness. Good lad!
  • Geoghegan11: Obama necking the pint! They are really having the craic!! Gonna take a while to get back to the lads at College Green! #obamavisit #irlday
  • darryl1974: Obama's necking that Guinness. Feeling thirsty now.
  • ConorLynch: @kenearlys he is necking it #DrinkAware
  • VonBarracuda: Good man Barack!!! One of our own necking the Black stuff!!!! #obamavisit
  • Darby1994: Obama is necking that pint :L
  • Ali_Lavin: Jaysus they're fairly necking the pints!! G'wan!! #obamavisit
  • shezness: @Sophia_Knight True Scottish girl necking the whiskey lol xx
  • bobhennigan: Ironic. In American eyes, Obama necking a whole pint would affect his re-election campaign. Here, we'd crown him King.#Moneygall #ObamaVisit
  • itssmeliissaa: everyones so mean about me necking them. die alisa die
  • espii_the_ghost: Mr. hahn is always necking
  • RobinDarcy: @Miss_Dewitt 'Power necking' always makes me think of DIY. The Black 'n Decker Power Necker. Actually that's quite good...x
  • PeterRamanand: Stay necking me everyday
  • clairescotland: I have 3 weeks to find a house. I'm now brass necking it on twitter. I need a wee house for me & my dog on Atlantic Seaboard. Please RT!
  • missmarienjose: The couple in front of us needs to stop necking!
  • astar0809: I feel sick after necking a carton of orange juice. Eww.
  • CennerHice: @comedyfish G'Day, mate. Shouldn't you be necking a stubby or summink (if you're practicing)
  • ShoeQueen09: Day 2 stuck in the flat keeping germs to myself. Man up - Can't wait for tonight literally going to roll around town necking gin. EXCITED
  • DickieT123: @DavidOwen10 big head i [email protected] saying "take a pic of me necking Rich" u could swear i was on a camera mission!!
  • pauljohnpena: @chockwit @ssowy @chieyu @joelle41 Neck time could also be shorthand for necking. Pwede. Bastush.
  • RiseYGrind: down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace. and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,. headed, I fear,...
  • immiford: Necking back a bottle of rescue remedy, hoping the small percentage of alcohol will get me intoxicated enough to relax
  • TheAstonShuffle: NO WAY! RT @hooknsling: Think of me when ur sick and necking some Duro-Tuss from the bottle...i designed that label back in my design days
  • hooknsling: Think of me when ur sick and necking some Duro-Tuss from the bottle...i designed that label back in my design days
  • colinstrickland: @armyofcaitlin because they spend hours staring into light boxes necking caffeine and sugar?
  • BlaineAndersHot: @KurtHummelHot cuddling and necking...*takes your shirt off and rubs your chest,still kissing you*
  • Jay_Newman2: @OJuicemann I ain't necking maddi I'm necking YOU!!!!!! Hhahah
  • msmoney68: I'm rubber necking with no support!!!
  • GQDanny: @Jermmm those weren't pity picks and its not necking, so you need to stop necking. I said I was running out, I didn't say I ran out.
  • missmelony: Bases - 1st - kissing/necking 2nd - touching above the clothes, and kissing near those hot spots 3rd -... http:///xdj2n7pwsl
  • fa9times: Two homeless youths, necking with mouths filled of cheetos, one of them is locking eyes with me. #horrorofpublictransit
  • stellaphone: I have a mosquito bite on my neck AGAIN. If I'm going to look like I have a hickey, I at least want to have the fun of necking first!
  • matt_recneps: There's also him necking on Brad Pitt which...wait, did Tom Cruise play Tom Cruise in this? O.o
  • LovePoisonn: Scratch that. Lmao. Don't ever let someones mom catch you "necking"!
  • LovePoisonn: Lmao. Don't ever get caught "necking"!
  • _NECKiNMyROCKx3: People Just LOVE To Neck , Neck , Neck , Neck . Like Dont You Ever Get Tired Of NECKiNG ?
  • ChillMaImWavy: Anyways . Y'all be necking me . It's getting old
  • ashhhxbashh: Oh Traffic How i Despise You Ohh So Much, Stupid People Rubber Necking
  • rjleeeee: Kristyns grandma before entering the room: "if you're necking, I don't want to see it"
  • SilverPokeyGirl: @TotalSection28 *snort* emily just walked in on gran necking with the purple tracksuit guy XD
  • TheyScreamYAZ_: If it's one thing i hate, is nagging. Why are u necking me so hard? Take a seat & leave me alone.
  • tomgillespie70: @rajborks @mylesgrover ROJ, I've seen you necking manya sausage
  • stevemckevitt: @richieivory @aishlingmma pints of wine? You'll be necking it from a bottle covered in a brown paper bag next :)
  • mothleen: @TashyMcTashason mine are uber sweet but they have to be I suppose when your necking neat vodka x
  • TheyLoveTeeTee: Not too sure how "necking" means making out ..
  • Tamt1324: Red Necking it up.....laying out in the sun with Syd in the cul da sac..lmao! Cold beverage ...haha...we need to hook up the sprinkler!
  • becauseirule: What ever happened to necking?
  • CoogsLFC: @pmacca7 Nahh, closest thing I got to necking is the 20 nuggets I had on the way home!
  • semajgreen: @Julia_Freeman says you necking booze?
  • conroyt: RT @gokeeffe: @shanekelly22 Devastated I missed it, was to busy necking coronas with Strings!
  • iamtundeoki: Emm... WTF is necking??? Not kissing or smooching??? Necking??? WTF does it mean???
  • Angelam14: @charlotte357 Yeah went with Cidre, not that impressed so necking it and having a Kopparberg xx
  • TasteMe_ImTasty: whyyyy yuh necking ? ( tia voice )
  • sam_pincott: @Bencullen13 haha was no necking some may say #goodwingman
  • Bencullen13: @sam_pincott @jack_horwood not a problem mate..glad you enjoyed it. No necking my mrs next time ha
  • 666kush: RT @SwaggajukuKen: i dont love no hoe.. thats why they necking me.
  • Geini_MiYoshi: RT @SwaggajukuKen: i dont love no hoe.. thats why they necking me.
  • AntiSocialPsyKO: RT @SwaggajukuKen: i dont love no hoe.. thats why they necking me.
  • shobha69: Whoever called it necking was a poor judge of anatomy. ~Groucho Marx
  • SwaggajukuKen: i dont love no hoe.. thats why they necking me.
  • pete006_F1: @f1fanatic_co_uk you manage to get a pic of the top 3 necking the champagne on the poduim?
  • BRob_ThatGuy: Ms Denham Be Necking @_LoveAddy #sotough
  • CerberusArtiste: @shoxofficial I been necking pineapple juice since 3pm, the furriness refuses to subside, and I got curry for dinner. Wowsers

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  • “I have a 3.0 Ghz Athlon 64x2 6000+ along with a HD 5770. Is it bottle necking the GPU since my FPS has been lower with this card then other cards?”
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  • “One important consideration in the usage of such one-dimensional testing data is the phenomenon called necking which occurs in both Metals and Plastics. It is well known that post-necking stress state is no longer uni-axial but is a 3D state of stress”
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