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  • Although Katy Perry’s new fragrance is inspired by her cat, it doesn’t smell like cat-box filler. Encased in a cat-shaped bottle with jeweled eyes, metallic accents and lavender shading, Purr contains notes of peach nectar,. — “People in the news | The Columbus Dispatch”,
  • Nectar - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Nectar”,
  • NECTAR, Natural Organic Bliss by Estelle Carraz-Bernabei, handmade body mind & spirit products At Nectar, we believe in making products using the earth's finest nectars. — “NECTAR Natural Organic Bliss”,
  • Common nectar-consuming pollinators include bees, butterflies and Nectar is derived from Latin nectar "drink of the gods," which in turn has its origins in the Greek word νέκταρ (néktar,) presumed to be a compound of the elements nek- "death" and -tar "overcoming", possibly a reference to. — “Nectar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Over the next few months the eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the pollen and nectar. When the fly larvae hatch they feed on the nectar and pollen before pupating – starving their bee larva cellmates in the process. — “Zoologger: Houdini fly inflates head to break walls”,
  • nectar n. A sweet liquid secreted by flowers of various plants, consumed by pollinators, such as hummingbirds and insects, and gathered by bees for. — “nectar: Definition from ”,
  • Collect and spend Nectar points online and on-the-go. Then spend them on the treats you deserve!. — “Nectar”,
  • Upcoming Shows at Nectar Nectar. 206-632-2020. 412 N 36th St. Seattle (Fremont) See music calendar for details. However the bar is open 4-7 pm daily for happy hour. map. Are we missing something? Need to correct our info about Nectar?. — “Upcoming Shows at Nectar - Seattle Music Calendar - The”,
  • Nectar Hosted Telephony Service provides any size business with the. features, flexibility and high availability of high end enterprise systems. Nectar CMP is an intelligent platform that converges monitoring and. — “Home - Nectar”,
  • A page to collect all wines that users have tagged with Nectar. Share images and conversation about Nectar wines. — “Wines Tagged with Nectar”,
  • Recorded since 1555, from Latin nectar from Ancient Greek νέκταρ (nektar, "nourishment of nectar (plural nectars) (mythology) The sweet drink of the Ancient. — “nectar - Wiktionary”,
  • Welcome to Nectar. We are situated in the southern part of India in a village called Somasipadi in the state of Tamil Nadu. The main centre – Tiruvannamalai - is about 8-kilometres away from our home, the same road taking you to Gingee. We are about a 3-hour drive from Chennai. — “Nectar Online”,
  • After reading the exciting cover story, "In Search of the Cowabunga Nectar," I believe Travers Adler and his friends are to be commended for all the gasoline they use running up and down the coast in search of the "nectar. — “The Santa Barbara Independent Water and Gas”,
  • eBay: Find Nectar - Complete Vocal Suite Mastering Software in the Musical Instruments , Guitar , Electric category on eBay. — “Nectar - Complete Vocal Suite Mastering Software - eBay (item”,
  • welcome to seattle's nectar lounge. Nectar is a live music venue located in the heart of Seattle's Fremont Renowned for our unique 2-level interior space, private booth-seating, covered outdoor patio, and three full bars, Nectar's atmosphere is ideal for the diverse range of artists we host here. — “Nectar | Live Music | Seattle, WA | 412 N 36th St. 98107”,
  • Nectar Associates was established on 17th February 1995, in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Inspired from, each honeybee, working towards forming every drop of nectar'. — “:: Nectar :: Home”,
  • Southern California industrial design and engineering firm for medical devices, industrial and consumer Nectar is an award winning product development firm helping clients create products that connect to their users and expand their markets. — “Nectar”,
  • The beers of Nectar Ales blaze trails with award winning quality, extraordinary flavor and strong personality. — “Nectar Ales”,
  • Portal of Trinidad and Tobago with always fresh news on sport, business, culture and entertainment Drop by to see Shalini's "Nectar" in Y's Art and Framing Gallery before the exhibition closes on Thursday, December 2. — “Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : :”,
  • A community about nectar. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with nectar experts. — “: nectar”,

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  • Grupo Nectar - Muchachita Celosa (KARAOKE 2) KARAOKE DE LA REPUBLICA 2
  • iZotope Nectar Nectar is a full-feature vocal strip, including pitch correction, EQ, delay, dynamics control, and presets tailored for specific genres...very cool, and very editable.
  • pecadora- karaoke nectar
  • Nectar From A Wolves Paw - Yosemite Mudflap on Garmrozo Live Yosemite Mudflap played a few songs for us last week on Garmrozeo Live. Join us every Sunday @ 10 am EST (check your local listings) :) To see the whole show, click below!
  • iZotope Nectar Pitch Correction Nectar is a complete set of 11 vocal production effects combined in one plug-in that's designed to give you immediate results. Built-in Styles get the grunt work out of the way so you can focus on the creative finishing touches. Pitch Correction: iZotope has leveraged years of research into pitch shifting to develop high quality automatic and graphical pitch correction. The result is natural sounding correction with simple user controls for making subtle adjustments to tuning or reworking a melody. Automatic Pitch Correction: Select the key and correction speed and Nectar will automatically tune those out of tune notes. For creative uses, set the speed to 0 for the robotic pitch effect made popular by Cher, T-Pain and Kanye West. For more control, use the manual pitch correction. Manual Pitch Correction: Graphically edit the melody and correction amount on individual notes. Control individual note transitions and even recompose the song by simply dragging the notes. Download a free 10-day trial of Nectar today:
  • Haze - Nectar Trailer Is it in you?
  • "Gaia Nectar" - Masood Ali Khan~ Hang Drum-Yoga Organix™ "Gaia Nectar" by Masood Ali Khan. From his release, "The Yoga Sessions", on Yoga Organix™ Records. Masood plays the Hang Drum, a healing new instrument of tonal resonance.
  • "Sipping on the Sweet Nectar" by Jens Lekman Video for "Sipping on the Sweet Nectar" by Jens Lekman from his Secretly Canadian album Night Falls Over Kortedala. Directed by Marcus Soderlund For more info on Jens Lekman:
  • Nectar de Venus Saturation Point playlist: This is the first vid of Saturation point, its a major turning point in the story, Travels of a Lost. As you might know at this point Sid has killed his girlfriend and his friends girlfriend and now has an unusual crush on his male friend. In this video the mysterious Venus decides to talk to Sid for the first time. Nectar de Venus features Sound Garden's "Black Hole Sun".
  • iZotope Nectar Overview Complete Vocal Suite Nectar is a complete set of 11 vocal production effects combined in one plug-in that's designed to give you immediate results. Built-in Styles get the grunt work out of the way so you can focus on the creative finishing touches. Features include automatic pitch correction, manual note editor, breath control, gate, compressors, saturation, EQ, de-esser, doubler, limiter, reverb, delay and tons of built-in Style presets. Quickly get the 60s Motown sound, the early 90s grunge rock sound, a radio-ready podcasting sound, a subtle jazz vocal or a modern pop sound -- everything from delicate improvements to highly-produced robotic pitch effects. Start by selecting one of Nectar's dozens of Styles. Unlike typical presets, Styles configure a professionally-designed effect chain with producer-level controls like Clarity, Warmth and Sparkle. From there, narrow in on the vocal sound you want or experiment with the advanced modules to create a new sound. Either way, Nectar is designed with both the beginner and professional in mind -- you choose the level of detail you want to control. Download Nectar and get the perfect vocal sound today:
  • Enlightenment - The Nectar of the Gods? Enlightenment - The Nectar of the Gods? Anu, continuing my previous interview that I did yesterday. So, I kind of gave an overview of my experience within existence and toward existence, and the purpose I gave to myself to exist; and that I basically investigated and explored the means and ways within which existence and beings exist and experience themselves, and how I could use that against themselves towards my own benefit. I had no particular skills in design or creation. I had the knowledge--much knowledge, much understanding, much insight into how existence operated and how beings operated. I found an interesting essence within beings that existed within them all, and that was the desire to serve. Fascinating. Thats the only way how manipulation can operate, if a being desire to serve, because in the very desire to serve, you say, "I will be anyone and anythings slave." So, Id say that I was merely answering beings call, with a very specific tactic: manipulation. Manipulation is quite easy, you just have to know the being in and out. Know their weak points, their strong points, their desires, their fears, their entire opinion about themselves. Then, it looks like these strings that come out of them toward you, and you grasp them, and you play the being like a puppet on a string. I enjoyed deriving pleasure from punishment, punishing beings. That was quite an interesting, exhilarating force inside yourself when you punish someone--or even, you destroy them ...
  • Sensient - Nectar psygressive
  • Halo 3 Forges - "Nectar" Halo 3 Forges (Ep. 45) Nectar Game Over Studios proudly presents Nectar! A slayer map made by Onetime83, also the creator of Dunescape! Very well designed map, magnificent architecture, we are sure you guys will enjoy this one. Map Creator: Onetime83 File Share Link: FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: Halo 3 Halo UPC 882224444477 Bungie Software Microsoft Game over Studios halo forge kenburn itz brujin dragon munday yt:quality=high
  • Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar & Butter Love Review I recieved these products from , courtesy of Karen's Body Beautiful, in exchange for a honest review. I was NOT paid for this review. Music Credit: "After The Rain" by Alex (feat. The3amAssociation) is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
  • Honey bees in close-up, collecting nectar from a flower Honey bees in close-up, as they collect nectar from a flower that they return with to their hive, and ultimately turn it into honey. Look carefully and you can actually see the bee using it's proboscis to suck up the nectar - you can even see the bee periodically stopping to clean itself. Whilst collecting nectar like this, the bee inadvertently also pollinates the flowers, a role which makes the honey bee crucial to our survival. From ...
  • Beer Review: Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar The website is: As some of you know I am into beer glasses. I couldn't help but notice the beer mug the guy on the bottle is holding. I looked on the Rogue website but couldn't find it, bummer.
  • Bernie's Chalisa / Gates of Sweet Nectar - Hanuman Chalisa / Krishna Das Montague, Massachusetts - May 2010 Krishna Das and Roshi Bernie Glassman talk a little (and sing) about this rendition of a portion of a Buddhist prayer Gates of Sweet Nectar and the Hanuman Chalisa, and how it came together. Full studio recordings of this melody are available on Krishna Das' Door of Faith and Flow of Grace CDs on . Film courtesy Jeremy Frindel
  • Beer Review: Nectar Ales Black Xantus Imperial Stout The website is: A very big thanks to Odeed for sending this beer. His website is: make sure to support him. A link to the youtube video from the brewery about this beer: And a recommended online beer store so you can order beer online: let them know you heard it here!!
  • totally nectar longboarding this is adam s. in a little promo video for loaded longboards. unfortunatly i do not know the name of this song. so please stop asking.
  • Cheb I Sabbah: Alkher Illa Doffor (The Nectar Remix) [HD:AO] (2006)
  • fosters beer advert 1980's check out paul hogan in this enjoy!
  • Opeth nectar
  • Is There Corn Syrup in Agave Nectar # 191 - The buzz about agave nectar has hit the web... There are rumors that food companies have been using corn syrup instead of agave to sweeten their foods. There are also rumors that it's just as bad for you as high fructose corn syrup. Is it true? After seeing the resurgence of doubt around agave, I've done some more research into it and have confirmed some interesting facts. We've never eaten too much of it, besides in some sweets and deserts, (yes, we've used it a few shows as well) but even then, is it too much? You'll want to catch this one and pass it along to a friend...
  • Sea Of Nectar - Ocean of the Moon This is a simple piece I made last week. It's part of my "Oceans Of the Moon". This is the "Sea of Nectar" [Mare Nectaris] 333 km. in diameter... :-) It's very easy to play so I hope many of my dear friends here will give it a try someday. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me! Keep playing and keep listening. Then there will be no time for war and hate. Peace and Love, Per-Olov For Marie with love. Sheet music and TAB can now be found at www.per-
  • The McLovins "Milktoast Man" Live at Nectar's Live From Nectar's in Burlington VT The McLovins are on iTunes!!! Become a fan on Facebook: and on Myspace: And Remember Conundrum is now on CD Baby:
  • nectar mix nectar
  • Jens Lekman - Sipping On The Sweet Nectar Jens Lekman - "Sipping On The Sweet Nectar." Track 2 from his 2007 album "Night Falls Over Kortedala."
  • Agave Nectar Is NOT Healthy, Other Options For Healthy Sweeteners, Ep278 Learn about healthy sweeteners-- what you can use to make healthy desserts and satisfy your sweet tooth without affecting your weight & health! To buy honey, lucuma powder, mesquite powder, dried fruit, stevia etc.. Go to USA: Canada: FREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook: Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: 7 Day Raw Food Challenge: Acne Program: Affiliate Program: Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Donations: To learn more about the Raw Food Diet, Weight Loss, Consultations/Coaching, Juice Fasting and the 7 Day Challenge, go to:
  • Why Agave Nectar is Worse than High Fructose Corn Syrup Order Your Guide to Sweeteners NOW to learn what sweeteners are safe to consume and which ones to avoid: Schedule Your Health Consultation Today! Agave nectar is sweetener that promotes in the health food field as a great natural sweetener. It is not really so natural though and its unnaturally high fructose content makes it more damaging than High Fructose Corn Syrup whose health risks have been well documented.
  • Pecadora - Nectar incakilller7
  • Agave Nectar Clinical Trials Stopped Due to Severe Side Eff - Apparently, they had to stop a clinical trial on agave nectar and diabetics because it was causing "severe side effects".
  • Golden Nectar A music video of time lapse images from Stinson beach for J Boogie's Dubtronic's Science song Golden Nectar
  • Dead Rising 2 Tutorial How To Make Nectar Juice Thought it would be usefull. Mix Whiskey + Orange Juice. When you drink it, a Queen Bee will appear. Press B to catch it, and then throw it on the ground to make every zombie in the area ad Rising 2 is an action/survival horror video game. It is being developed in partnership with Dead Rising developer Capcom by Blue Castle Games, and will be distributed by Capcom. The original Dead Rising team members have returned to create the game, including Keiji Inafune, head of Research & Development at Capcom. Originally set to be released in the beginning of 2010, the game's release was pushed back to September 28, 2010 in North America. The European and Australian releases are scheduled for September 24, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and 28 September for PC.
  • #1 of 11 Swami Dayananda - The Nectar of Adwaita 1983 West Coast Spiritual Camp offered by Swami Dayananda
  • Steve Roach - Palace of Nectar (part 1/2) Classic ambient from the mind of Steve Roach, not so much world music vibe to this which is actually a bit refreshing when most of Roach' works in the 90's were like that. That music is very good of course but it can tend to be boring after a while. This song is as most of Roach' work very long so I did split it in to two parts. And it can be found on his 5cd (!) album "Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces" on the disc with that name. That album is very good and I reccomend it for all fans of Roach and quality musc.
  • Opeth - Nectar "Nectar" by Opeth From the album "Morningrise" (1996)
  • shrinathdham: Vachanamrut is really amrut / nectar , flowing from Rushi mukh.
  • TheRealRellz_: lf l was a fly, l would stick my nose in the nectar of her white rose ;)
  • SierraNevarda: RT @Hunters17: @SierraNevarda OMG! Go down to Sainsburys NOW! We spent £180 &got the attached gift 2 enjoy! Yes 3p! A whole 3p! #nectar
  • NY_Places: Buzz for Nectar Wine Bar: - RT @ApolloTheater Tonight's HARLEM JAZZ SHRINES event is @ nectar wine bar. (Count) Basi...
  • TheWOWExpert: "Love the sun, follow the moon, enhance your life with little pleasures like sweet nectar from flowers provided by floating bees." -TWX
  • tmy56: #win Spongeables Lavender Nectar for Home and to Go from @Spongeables & @BrokenTeepee @#giveaway
  • EvilGirlPaige: Omg, sauza tequila just posted a recipe that includes tequila, pear nectar, and champagne. Holy balls!
  • 409cope: Pls Rt~#WIN a @Spongeables Lavender Nectar 20+ For HOME and 5+ for On-The-Go pack (5/19) @Grannylove38 #MothersDay
  • MzFreakyBabii: the best champagne under 100 is that MOET Nectar Imperial Rose :)
  • icwhimsy: Spongeables Body Wash In A Sponge (Lavender Nectar) Review & Giveaway
  • healthvids: #Health #Wellness - Qigong – the nectar of immortality – der nektar der unsterblichkeit…
  • AnuKhaitan: Nevertheless....I am FREE-BEE... ready to FLY around... as of now in NECTAR-DREAMS.. :) :) :) :)
  • NelyCab: "Why else would I crave your lips, if I didn't already know the sweet nectar they posses?" #icantdothat can i? Ok I will! :p
  • I_LIVE_TO_LOVE: The downfall of a man is USUALLY the sweet nectar of a poisonous woman.
  • nectar: Collect DOUBLE points with until 20 May, plus get FREE delivery & returns on all Boden orders
  • IWMJosh: Cigar-infused Glenmorangie Nectar d'or at Angel Share. http:///h2r5jqdj
  • scyrene: To be fair to them, the Nectar people were very helpful.
  • richardmackney: Nectar @ Billy Budds
  • marodok: #nowlistening to Nectar by #Opeth from Morningrise.
  • I_am_Phan: Maybe so and maybe not (Maybe so and maybe not) "Stash/A Picture Of Nectar(1992)"【254】
  • crystalrhyno: I know it's only an hour into my weekend shift but I am having a great writing morning. The words are flowing like agave nectar.
  • jbmthill: RT #win a Spongeables Lavender Nectar for HOME & to GO 2 pack from @smtilton (Ends 5-22) #Giveaways
  • SylviasEvents: RT @ApolloTheater: Tonight's HARLEM JAZZ SHRINES event is @ nectar wine bar. (Count) Basie's Lounge Recreated at 7pm. Come on over #JazzShrines
  • leiriselipses: Mother's brand oat bran with milk, raspberries and agave nectar - delish! My fave breakfast lately.
  • ApolloTheater: Tonight's HARLEM JAZZ SHRINES event is @ nectar wine bar. (Count) Basie's Lounge Recreated at 7pm. Come on over #JazzShrines
  • skreenedfeed: T Shirts: Your tears are like nectar to me! - Show them how you savor their misery!
  • LoveMargaritas: @wealhtheow Can't say enough about Dos Banderas Margarita Mix. Corn Syrup free (unlike the others), and the agave nectar rocks! http...
  • GetArlington: Incredible skin care products from @kaylala. Our favorite is the Nectar Moisturizing Creme, mmmm
  • broaloha: RT @KTASuperStores MEADOW GOLD PASSION ORANGE NECTAR (128 oz.) $3.99 @all stores Fri. 5/13 & Sat. 5/14 while supplies last.
  • PolarKoala: @DavidGArnold I also take book tokens and unused Nectar Points.
  • losewieghtnow: -: The Best Protein Drink Ever - Syntrax Nectar Pr... http:///the-best-protein-drink-ever-syntrax-nectar-protein/
  • NewAgave: Gaia Organic Agave Nectar is a natural caloric sweetener with the lowest glycemic index obtained from the Agave plant Ne…http://
  • nharriss: @VicDarkwood I was thinking nectar; would it not fit in better with the whole fertility angle?
  • BadgerBlogger: @Packerpat They love it, they are nectar feeders, commercial oriel feeders use sugar water
  • saraiso: Eating Doritos + mango nectar  Ahh nothing intiristing in TV -__-!
  • imyourbassist: Currently reading Nectar in a Sieve. :) I fell in love with the book already. It's really touching.
  • missprofanity: @NaughtyJim Wrong kind of Amber nectar :o)
  • NYCAutoShow: are already a local hit! Saturday's & Sunday's 11a – 3p. Walk-ins, groups and families welcomed. Harlem Vintage and...
  • kasterborous: @STRMYLJ Yes, and yes. Fast dispatch and reliable, tho I don't use them as much as I used to as you can't get Nectar points with them.
  • nurseinsomnia: @mindsanctuary lived ur blog on flowers brought back. Lovely childhood memory. Of walking in my woods. Eating the nectar. From honey suckle
  • buddhro: true story, yesterday before graduation i purchased 4 things: 1 Bottle of Moet Rose Nectar Imperial, 2 bottle of Gatorade, 1 Gallon of Water
  • Raindawg: @softailrich ha! The Irish kind of "stuff". Dark, sweet nectar of the Gods stuff. #Guinness
  • Djeemon: Photo: › AKANISHI BROTHERS ON TWITTER! source: [Nectar_manna] http:///xfx2imv8uf
  • PatBAuthor: Coffeeeeee....nectar of the gods - only surpassed by chocolate!
  • KheKazeJin: Photo: › AKANISHI BROTHERS ON TWITTER! source: [Nectar_manna] http:///xdn2imomw6
  • xoCanadianAngel: #WIN a @ Spongeables Lavender Nectar 20+ For HOME & 5+ for On-The-Go pack (5 /19) @ Grannylove38 -- -#MothersDay
  • rosco_pk: Oh Guinness you beautiful nectar you....
  • bakanishigal: Photo: › AKANISHI BROTHERS ON TWITTER! source: [Nectar_manna] http:///xc72imneak
  • ceeboogie: And last but not least my partner in crime lol young nectar, Ms.Petty, Young Wave, La'Messy Son, lol lil Alber @LaFleauxahTre
  • HettyMae: now everything is rain-fresh and neighbor has hummingbirds at the feeder so I jumped out of bed to change the nectar in mine
  • devdc: Lemonade lighting set, soft cool breeze, nectar filled chanting of Ram Naam #bliss saturdays deffo love me
  • whatthebleep1: Let's talk about wine for a hot minute. What it is about the nectar of the gods that befuddles you?
  • misterperfekt: RT @E_POPE The Night of the Great Thirst is upon us<let us drink the nectar of the gods!!!
  • JerryPaulison: RT @BreakThruGuy: Money and things are important, but relationships are the real nectar of meaningful life.◥
  • viapress: I feel ya! RT @littleelfs: Oh God of Coffee, please bestow me with plentiful amounts of your delicious nectar! Now!
  • littleelfs: Oh God of Coffee, please bestow me with plentiful amounts of your delicious nectar! Now!
  • nectar: Got some DIY planned for this weekend? Collect 1,000 points on Black & Decker power tools in store at Homebase -
  • kalla_lily: centrum w/ iron x2, D3, cymbalta, B12, double Nectar choco prot w/ Click (lots of milk & water); #vitaminvictory #WLS #begonecarbcravings!
  • HummingbrdGuide: Hummingbird Nectar Recipe.Making Homemade Hummingbird Nectar.
  • davidrosscr8s: Yummm! RT @TAXICanada: "Obstacles are the nectar" for creatives ~ Paul Lavoie /via @mobileupfront #mu11
  • towp59: @Poulsie thank goodness another who needs the nectar of nature
  • beccawatts: @Manojie ps Amazingly good luck about your Nectar points. What you gonna blow the 6k on? (BUY DONUTS)
  • RJCBex: @TomScorza When you're drinking it, it's like nectar of the Gods. Next day, turns into something much more evil.
  • bowdie: During the argument about not taking a nectar card number from a photo or the iphone app, someone stole a television! Good man.
  • WanitaCole: Native Perennials For Connecticut Gardens: Pale pink flowers of wild geranium are a source of nectar for butterf...
  • Manojie: It's the wallet (cash card, driving license, college & NUS card, YP railcard, 6000+ NECTAR POINTS, etc.) I dropped doing marathon training.
  • ashleycrowe10: Native Perennials For Connecticut Gardens: Pale pink flowers of wild geranium are a source of nectar for butterf...
  • amyguth: RT @GStricharchuk: Will move of PBR, nectar of hipsters, to LA kill its following?
  • LadyDEversley: @FearThunderDuke ah, Earl Grey! The nectar of the Gods - and the aristocracy
  • GStricharchuk: Will move of PBR, nectar of hipsters, to LA kill its following?-
  • CarriesFlowers: Native Perennials For Connecticut Gardens: Pale pink flowers of wild geranium are a source of nectar for butterf...
  • maz196: @RAFBBMF who got the Sainsbury Nectar points?
  • marousia: @beezknez Good night - sweet dreams of flowers and nectar - hugz
  • SisWins: RT #win a Spongeables Lavender Nectar for HOME & to GO 2 pack from @smtilton (Ends 5-22) #Giveaways
  • bjlang68: Coffee - Nectar of the Gods
  • shiraabel: @ChrisSylvester you can stir all you want. Tsadi isn't on Twitter. And yes - crispy bacon is like nectar of the gods.
  • MyBabySpain: You can now use your Nectar points towards Easyjet flights. Result!
  • christhornett: Why Sainsburys? Planned to take the lovely Emma out to ASK with our Nectar points, but you can't use points at restaurants anymore.
  • Geffenbauer: sweet as pure nectar, the suffering of others nurtures me. It keeps me both alive and happy.
  • whiteheadandlow: Today, I have been mostly clearing out the garden! It is a lonely thankless task and without any incentives or offerings of the amber nectar
  • btocher: @MattJoeW Have a look at the Nectar website. There's lots of things you can buy with your £60 worth of points. @illegaljacks
  • glutenfreecook: glutenfreecook GFCF Banana Cupcakes: Gluten-free / dairy-free (GFCF) banana cupcakes with fruit nectar frosting ...
  • NaturallyStyled: Alba Passion Fruit Nectar, Coconut Cream & Pineapple Quench Lip Balms are 82% organic Thick/rich stays on hours w/o reapplying, I luv em!
  • stephenherdman: @McConways It's the nectar of the gods. The sleepy forgetful gods.
  • IAmSimonHarris: @sf4d74 Indeed it was. He asked me if I had a Nectar card.
  • jaybhikha: @Joydas @raggedtag arrrere alcohol is the nectar of life yaar missing out! In moderation of course & socially dont advocate drunkeness
  • sav_on_us: [$18.98] Ambrosia Nectar 5 Pack Deal ends at 8:00 AM ET by CigarMonster: Ambrosia cigars... #Deals #Daily
  • jitenvaja: @nectar Do you have any plans to make a BlackBerry app so that we can manage our account from a BlackBerry device?
  • bruceelrick: @MattJoeW anytime. They send you an e-voucher too - works pretty well in my exp
  • _eroteme_: RT @ondrethenee: The caterpillar is shocked to see the butterfly shun all leaves for a flower's nectar
  • MattJoeW: Nectar points are the biggest scam ever. I have thousands and don't know what to do with them!
  • createwine: @zinhead @cfwineedu @messer79 Excellent... god i've missed that sweet nectar of glory! why r u awake so early? is it #ginoclock ?
  • ZombiePirate: I asked a guy if he had a Nectar card and he burst out laughing. Aye, calm doon hen, it's no that funny.

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