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  • When the film is developed it is a long strip of small negative images. A negative image is a total inversion of a positive image, in which light areas appear dark and vice versa. — “Negative (photography) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Preserve your 35mm, APS or medium format negatives onto digital DVDs. Professional quality resolution scans with color and density corrections to each image using Digital ICE. — “Professional 35mm, APS & medium format negative scanning service”,
  • Robert Moeller, one of Rick Norsigian's experts, recently stated to a New York Times Reporter that he found three prints in the possession of Marian Walton to be identical to some of the images from the Norsigian negatives. This is a point that Mr. Norsigian has never disputed. — “The Lost Negatives”,
  • Find the best and worst Scanners for Negatives. Wize has read thousands of Scanner reviews from sites like Amazon, Sears, and Walmart. Read reviews on the most popular Scanners for Negatives brands like Hewlett Packard, Canon, FUJITSU. — “Best Scanners for Negatives”,
  • Definition of negatives in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of negatives. Pronunciation of negatives. Translations of negatives. negatives synonyms, negatives antonyms. Information about negatives in the free online English dictionary and. — “negatives - definition of negatives by the Free Online”,
  • You need a transparency adapter to scan negatives. The transparency adapter, when used in place of the scanner's lid, shines light onto the negatives from above, and the sensors can pick up this light and capture a digital image of the print. — “" Tips for Scanning Negatives”,
  • Everyone I know has boxes and boxes of photo prints and their negatives - not stored well or even organized in most cases. The top photo was scanned from the negative. The bottom version is a scan of a print that was made from the negative at a photo center. Big difference! The color. — “Scanning Your Negatives”,
  • slide, negative, converter, How to use digital camera to copy scan, slides, negatives, prints that's easy, fast and cost effective. — “How to copy scan convert slides negatives photographs with a”,
  • Learn about Photo Negatives on . Find info and videos including: About Photo Negatives, About Photo Negatives, How to Organize Photo Negatives and much more. — “Photo Negatives - ”,
  • Negatives 1968, starring Peter McEnery, Diane Cilento. Plot: An unmarried London couple tries to interject some life into their romantic pursuits in this uneven mystery. Visit for Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary. — “Negatives: Information from ”,
  • California-based Ansel Adams is an icon of American photography for his landscape and nature photographs. His images portray the power of nature with One expert, Patrick Alt, proposes the negatives were taken to a photography class in Pasadena, California that Adams taught and were saved from the. — “Ansel Adams' Lost Negatives”,
  • With HP Scanjet scanners, it's easy to convert photo slides and negatives into digital image files. — “How to scan 35 mm photo slides and negatives - HP Digital”,
  • Negatives. Learn about Negatives on . Get information and videos on Negatives including articles on bought, drugs, view and more!. — “Negatives | Answerbag”,
  • BritePix offers a fresh slide and negative scanning articles, everything you need to know about the industry is right here. — “Brite Pix Photo Scanning, Slide Scanning, Negative Scanning”,
  • Detailed tutorials on how to make gum bichromate prints with digital inkjet negatives Gum prints are contact prints, requiring that the negative be the same size as the intended size of the final print. — “Basic Inkjet Negatives”,
  • เขียนแบบเทคนิคเบื้องต้น Technical Drawing การใช้งาน 1.สมัครสมาชิก..รอการยืนยัน 2.เข้าสู่ระบบ 3.เลือกวิชาที่ต้องการ negatives to digital filesherbst appliance negativesglobal warming negativesnegatives of the correctional systemnegatives and slidesnegatives of bluetoothand negatives ecommercethe. — “_negatives_|_negatives forensic pathologist_ - เขียนแบบเทคนิค”, elearning9
  • Transfer old photo into digital. Compare & choose quality slide negative scanner. Huge list. Fast shipping. Low prices and save. — “Slide Negative Scanner Deals”,
  • At True Silver Digital Negatives we use a medical film printer to produce a true silver film negative from your digital file. The resolution, grain and bit depth create a continuous tone silver negative of remarkable sharpness, detail and tone transition. — “True Silver Digital 2 Film Negatives - Home”,

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  • Sarah Palin--The Negatives Watch the entire show at
  • Forced Negative Reps For The Advanced Bodybuilder Months without progress? Cant even do one more rep than a month ago? Try forced reps to bust thru that plateau! If you have stopped making progress and can't even seem to work out hard enough to get sore the next day then perhaps its time to try forced negatives. Don't overuse these! These put a lot of strain on your joints and tendons so if you do these often you will probably suffer from overuse injuries. In forced negatives you use more weight than you can lift so either a workout partner or your other hand needs to help get the weight up then you lower the weight slowly under your own power. Here are some examples of how you can do forced negatives.Anyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of time, gyms are great but home workouts can save you time and money. A cheap dumbbell set from a garage sale or walmart is all it takes to get started with your home workouts. For more information on home workouts, please see my free website Limitation of Liability Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program! I am not a medical professional. It is your responsibility to critically evaluate this information and with the help of your physician decide if it is appropriate for you.
  • How to Transfer Negatives to Computer I have a lot of old photographic negatives that are too large to fit in a 35mm negative scanner. These are genealogy photos and I'd like them on my computer hard drive and imported into my Family Tree software file. Here is a technique to import a photo negative image and turn it into a usable computer file. Please note: this video was an experiment. It was shot with a $90 Fujifilm still camera that also takes videos. I was the only person here, acting as the narrator as well as camera crew. It is shaky and very imperfect, but it demonstrates that a simple instructional video can be produced cheaply and easily.
  • Adding/Subtracting negative numbers Adding and subtracting negative numbers
  • Strikeforce Houston: King Mo Focusing on Negatives Download our iPhone app here For more check out
  • THE NEGATIVES- Stakeout uk punk from 1979
  • Top 5 Negative Scanner Top 5 negative scanner : 1. Kodak P811 8x10 Personal Photo and Negative Scanner 2. Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner 3. Epson Perfection V300 Photo Color Scanner 4. Imagelab FS9T 9 MP Slide and Negative Scanner with 2.4-Inch Tft LCD Screen 5. Wolverine Data SNaP100 Slides, Negatives and Photos to Digital Image Converter
  • Type O Negative - Love You To Death Love you to death with lyrics..
  • SGB- SS501's Postives & Negatives This is a part from an episode of "Star Golden Bell." This part is about SS501 talking about each other's postives and negatives. It's very funny. Here is the link if you were wondering why Jungmin said, "Then do I have to do this dirty?" and why the people were telling him to smile a little bit and stuff. xD Rate, comment, and subscribe!
  • How to scan film negatives using Silverfast and Photoshop - A tutorial on scanning film negatives using Silverfast and then editing using Photoshop
  • ManicAmerican Photo Lessons: How To Scan Your Negatives Dan shows you how, as a film photographer, you can scan your negatives into your computer for sorting, storage or posting.
  • Kendrick Lamar World Negatives /kdottde /Kendrick_Lamar
  • Will Dunniway making wet plate collodion glass negatives at Yosemite Will Dunniway is joined by his pards, Bob Szabo and Wayne Pierce in this video by David Marson © in the Fall of 2003 in the Yosemite Valley
  • Negative Film without Scanning Just want to show your negs photo to the net? but Can't afford a Flatbed Scanner? This is how I do to most of my negs if I just want to upload it to the net.. I only print my negs in darkroom If I like it. Hope it helps!!
  • Film negatives to jpegs without film scanner I have a scanner, but it's not capable of scanning film, so I searched around the internet looking for solutions. I came upon one site that mentioned getting jpgs from film negatives by using any digital camera. Intrigued and extremely skeptical, I decided to give it a shot. The results are shown in this video. For images that are difficult to color, I just use the "black & white" option and lower the blue tones. I also find messing with the color balance to help. More of these images can be found on my Flickr: User comment: Hello ~ I noticed that when you clicked the auto levels function the blue tint completely disappeared! However, when I tried it on photoshop the blue tint pretty much remained present... Then I realised my problem! ~ You cut your picture out, whereas I inverted my image that contained the film sprockets. The film sprockets turned black with the invertion which in turn prevented auto levels from removing the blue tint since it treated black as a major color balance source!
  • Multiplying and dividing negative numbers
  • FN2: Developing Paper Negatives Technique for developing paper negatives in the darkroom using a film developer. For more detailed discussion, please visit:
  • Kendrick Lamar World Negatives
  • Understand and Learn the Rules of Positive and Negative Numbers John Zimmerman, , explains how to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers...also known as the integer rules. Positive and negative numbers along with integers are vital skills to master pre-algebra, algebra 1 and all middle and high school math courses.
  • Confrontations - Kit/Bette/Jenny + Tina finding the Film´s negative! From my personal blogger - my wonder woman! :D Kit nooooo! sucks cos the one time she's innocent... also Bette has admitted when she's cheated in the past and been caught... if she's saying she hasn't then shouldn´t they believe her... but then again she has a hell of a lot to lose...Hate watching JB scream, she does it excellently, don't like her having to strain her voice... Jenny - annoying as hell that she's perhaps interfering with tibette... but from her perspective.. she is looking out for her friend (total contradiction to stealing the negatives and getting her blamed.... ) Bette threatening Jenny - Jenny loves them... she's kind of screwing them up... ok im confuzzled... "preserve or protect them" it's kind of doing neither... oh and the emotion - wow... Bette's dress - yummy! omfg - the voice overs hehehehehehe nikki - Sergeant LL telling her that the others are really close... thats just not helpful... Thank you Al (ma petite pois! - right back at ya!) for making me smile every time you review an ep for me :)
  • RH-Negative Blood and the Ancient Astronaut Connection : by Donny Gillson (DON'T FORGET TO READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION) I would like to personally thank ZGBadBoyKittyo of YouTube for bringing this to my attention..and creating the research... This is my new LIKE page..Here you will find new information on "The Message" and other discussions. Are you RH negative blood then you need to WATCH THIS AMAZING VIDEO : brought to you by "The Message" BLOODOFTHEGODS Are you an Rh Negative blood type? If so you could be a decendent of the ancient astronauts themselves! In theory The Lord Jesus Christ would have probably been a O negative blood type because Type O Negative blood can be safely transfused to patients of all blood types. Donors who are TYPE O . NEGATIVE.. JESUS WOULD BE A UNIVERSAL DONOR FOR THE ALL Type O Negative are "universal" donors. Type O Positive blood can be safely received by patients with any positive blood type. Helps children, mothers, and fathers survive bad falls, terrible car accidents, chronic illness, and serious surgeries. Is given to premature babies to help them survive. What a more magical blood type this is; however, If earth was visited in the ancient past, are there any descendants of these visitors? If all mankind are not descendants of these visitors, which ones are? Who are the "Children of Israel?" Why was their seed blessed? Why were they told not to inter-marry with other people and to circumcise their sons for identification? Why were they told to preserve their geneology? Where did Adam ...
  • Kelly's Heroes Oddball - Negative Waves Oddball hates them negative waves.
  • Spoon - All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed Very rare Spoon video from 1998 removed from Launch in 2000. I think it was put out by Matador when they were still with them. Went through hell to dig it up. Album: Telephono Released: 23 Apr 1996 14 tracks Label: Matador
  • Dip Machine Negatives Slow heavy negatives on the dip machine - tricep destroyer!
  • 405 lbs x 2 Negative Reps - Bench Press (at 205 lbs) I was just fooling around doing some negatives with 4 plates...these 2 were done after I had already completed a few. I started to get weak by the 3rd rep on this set...but it is starting to feel do-able...that's for sure! It won't be long until I can get a positive rep with this...(not soon enough!!!)
  • Large Format Photo Negatives: The Story of a Platinum Print Watch how a legendary photographer and two top printmakers make the "Rolls Royce" of photo prints (platinum) using a new, free downloadable paper package and the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer.
  • Hood - The Negatives Video from the 2005 album Outside Closer.
  • Type O Negatives Wolf Moon i got so bored i made a new video, getting hit by a car is not fun, all i get to do now is sit in bed:), hope you guys enjoy. o plus gothic pics and wolf pics to go along with it. Artist: Type O Negative Song: Wolf Moon
  • Type O Negative - Life is Killing Me (Lyrics) This is Type O Negatives song Life is Killing me, Off of their 2003 album, Life is Killing me, other tracks on this album are, I Like Goils I Dont Wanna Be ME and angry Inch. enjoy your type O Negative. RIP Peter Steele 1962- 2010
  • How It's Made - Developing photographs from negatives A scene from Discovery's How It's Made. Showing how photographs are beeing developed from negatives.
  • Subtracting Negative Numbers The is a supplemental instruction video for my pre algebra class
  • One Arm Chin-up Negative Tutorial Hey guys, Jim from here. In this video I talk about the one arm negative. Check the One Arm Chin-up tutorial for full description of this exercise. - This video is to show you the actual speed I think you should try to achieve with the negative in order to get the most out of it. This is something that you were unable to see in the written tutorial. Hope it helps, good luck with your training!
  • Printing Film Negatives or Slides onto the Skin with the Sun Friend me on Facebook! PetaPixel link I don't suggest trying this. I ended up getting a slight sunburn. I did stay well hydrated, I consumed over a gallon of water while out in the heat.
  • Making & Printing A Wet Plate Collodion Negative This is a demonstration of making a wet plate collodion negative. Quinn makes two clear glass negatives of his National Resonator guitar.
  • The Negatives - Spirit Bar Punk Rock mayhem from the Spirit Bar, Glasgow.
  • Cross Fitness Upper Body Exercises : How to Do a Negative Pull Up Exercise Learn from our expert how to do what is called a negative pull up exercise in this free fitness video on cross fitness pulling upper body exercises. Expert: Garrett Smith Bio: Garrett Smith NMD CBP CSCS BS, has been interested in exploring, learning, and implementing fitness and nutrition (the proper combination of which he believes is the foundation to all health and welln Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
  • Negatives of shuffling? Talk to me about your negative experiences and views about the Melbourne Shuffle. Anything - whatever pops into your head. Go vote for LCK here: .au/50/2010/myvote/1605/ His name is already entered, and u can enter 2 other DJs you like :) Oh and I hope you guys like cats.... and the word "bonus"
  • Negatives (1968) complete; Glenda Jackson, Diane Cilento The almost forgotten British drama Negatives (1968) was the first feature film directed by Peter Medak, whose name was later made by the likes of The Ruling Class (1972) and A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (1972). It's one of those intense and wordy pieces, scripted by Peter Everett from his own novel, which have a respectable amount of visual flair as well. Theo (Peter McEnery) and Vivien (Glenda Jackson) are a bickering and dislikable couple who spend their evenings in bizarre role-playing games. He takes on the persona of notorious cellar murderer Dr. Crippen, while she alternates between playing his doomed wife Cora and his mistress Ethel Neave. A morbid state of affairs which is bound to end badly, the catalyst being the arrival of glamorous photographer Reingard (Diane Cilento). Eccentricity turns to outright insanity when Reingard suggests Theo finds himself a new hero - WW1 fighter ace Baron von Richtofen! The antics which follow suggest an influence on the later black comedy Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly (1970).
  • bestlex21: bestlex21: @COLD_HEARTED_91 i guess its like math... 2 negatives. Makes a positive lol
  • GiuseppeGuida: GiuseppeGuida: It's official: the temperature is in the negatives! :D
  • yatzerina: yatzerina: Life is like photography; you develop from the negatives.
  • RisaLovesBiebs: RisaLovesBiebs: @twilightdani Thankyou, yeah but I think its all you can really do. Focus on the positives not dwell on the negatives x
  • missbianca: missbianca: @KaleiLuvsHawaii I was in college. And hopefully the negatives were destroyed.
  • Keka615: Keka615: @myyyleeen Yay, cause you don't need negatives bringing you down. <3
  • X_iS_NeX: X_iS_NeX: RT @HeyyyItsCHARLIE: Glad I've started to look at the positive instead of just focusing on the negatives!
  • KillaKristy: KillaKristy: i love spotting double negatives. why? i dont even know.
  • melissamiceli: melissamiceli: weather is going into the negatives tomorrow. #-1 #winterishere
  • letstwittitout: letstwittitout: RT @_TheProdigalSon: The past week I've lost more friends than I had to begin How did I go to the negatives ?? lmao
  • MR_London1: MR_London1: #YouCantHollaIf if yo bank account stays in the negatives like mines.. we both can't be having financial diffculties lmao
  • juliannechols: juliannechols: @hubbeylovey love it! "Life is like photography, you develop from the negatives #sufferingbringsperserverance @juliannechols"
  • CocoaLOVE_: CocoaLOVE_: Nah that's a line from kendrick lamar's song world's negatives RT @AirReeYell: Girl is this about (cont)
  • keitra51: keitra51: RT @ChanelleDiCroce: The negatives of having a muscular back are the daily pains.
  • ChanelleDiCroce: ChanelleDiCroce: The negatives of having a muscular back are the daily pains.
  • RyanCioffi: RyanCioffi: @RealSkipBayless skip stop looking for negatives. Great game, clutch hit. It's not Freezes fault your dad didn't hug you enough
  • HeyyyItsCHARLIE: HeyyyItsCHARLIE: Glad I've started to look at the positive instead of just focusing on the negatives!
  • Toe_Knee_Homo: Toe_Knee_Homo: im just gonna close my eyes tonight and forget about all the negatives
  • BluSkyBlackWolf: BluSkyBlackWolf: negatives.
  • lehrblogger: lehrblogger: @kgrien too many negatives! i'm not watching. i don't love baseball. does that work out??? :)
  • HipsterLink: HipsterLink: @KrystalClefairy since I found my friends on twitter there's been both positives and negatives.
  • OscarBurbujas: OscarBurbujas: Life is like photography, you develop from the negatives
  • CocoaLOVE_: CocoaLOVE_: Wondering how he lives with the world's negatives.
  • MachSoul: MachSoul: Double Negatives :(
  • MikeMagee: MikeMagee: @teririch wow, talk about getting it wrong. please stop with all the anonymous negatives.
  • karitruong: karitruong: @imakedwsp rmber when dat showed us his negatives? the one of me smiling/laughing? yeah. his teacher showed it to the class. :(
  • OhSoLushouz: OhSoLushouz: RT @FashionweekNYC: Quote of the Day: Life is like photography, You develop from the negatives!
  • HollywoodDebi: HollywoodDebi: @adamrivers I love double negatives.
  • TawizzySA: TawizzySA: RT @MaisakaRamoloto: I'd rather follow --->@phillipdewet, #ANCYL,cos --->@ewnreporter,is 1 sided only post negatives on the #ANCYLMarch *onesided*@702JohnRobbie
  • stockpulses: stockpulses: $EBAY Stop whining.....Many sellers get negatives for nothing more than the customer thought they should have re...
  • Ferdi217: Ferdi217: Double negatives<<<
  • camille_brutas: camille_brutas: RT @medschooladvice: My attendings would always say, "just present the pertinent positives and negatives". These take a long time to learn, its called residency
  • BadNews_Smooth: BadNews_Smooth: im thinking about all the negatives of starting my own business now.... but im focused on the positives....
  • michellemian: michellemian: #thewayiseeit without the negatives we wouldn't learn
  • OhGirlThts_Icon: OhGirlThts_Icon: Ion live my life like its my last, its pointless to say that u might die tomorrow Y look at the negatives about it? Yall just tryna be deep
  • articlecp: articlecp: Negatives of Saline Implants
  • VirgosVeryOwn: VirgosVeryOwn: Chase those negatives from ur mind and ull stand a great chance of getting what u want
  • ITS_TIZZLE: ITS_TIZZLE: Being a Good man has positives n negatives #Fact
  • iamtopakqueen: iamtopakqueen: RT @lovequotes: Life is like photography; you develop from the negatives.
  • michellemian: michellemian: #thewayiseeit negatives balance out the positive
  • _TheProdigalSon: _TheProdigalSon: The past week I've lost more friends than I had to begin How did I go to the negatives ?? lmao
  • jbradstr: jbradstr: Arsenal FC 2011/12 Season progress: Arsenal season Progress 2011/2012, the positives and negatives from the seas...
  • DalilaBermel817: DalilaBermel817: A long-forgotten loved one will appear soon. Buy the negatives at any price.
  • awhittingstall: awhittingstall: Winter is coming ! We're in the negatives ladies and gents ! #bringonthehoodies #woolsocksforlife
  • ashx3leey: ashx3leey: Chase the negatives from your mind, they're the only thing holding you back.
  • DanteePicante: DanteePicante: Take out the the negatives, take out the I can't, take out the impossible and the only thing left is the possible. #Amazing
  • Daynali_: Daynali_: @smdmartin lucky you! It's already in the negatives here. Hopefully there will be no snow this Halloween. Or hail.
  • ITS_TIZZLE: ITS_TIZZLE: Being a Good man has positives n negatives
  • boriken80: boriken80: @WeLove_ADELE People tend to focus on the negatives and forget about the positives but as long as you're happy with yourself,who cares? :)
  • MakeCash1: MakeCash1: Affiliate Marketing – The Negatives And The Positives: It is usually healthy for people to wish to dwell upon a ...
  • MaisakaRamoloto: MaisakaRamoloto: I'd rather follow --->@phillipdewet, #ANCYL,cos --->@ewnreporter,is 1 sided only post negatives on the #ANCYLMarch *onesided*@702JohnRobbie
  • ceciliavalineni: ceciliavalineni: mcleodnarzei: Fashionable Negatives Photography - The 'Glamour ...
  • kevinyoung90: kevinyoung90: @Jer4Strings Focusing on the negatives is Terry Murray's job.
  • _Rismoe: _Rismoe: #np world negatives
  • delacarisa: delacarisa: @ladyblue49 republicans just find a way to turn his successes into negatives. Political spin.
  • nevilskxpnj8: nevilskxpnj8: The pull-up negatives have really been paying off, 60% improvement in unassisted pull-ups in only 4 uaq2
  • Short_nd_Sassy: Short_nd_Sassy: Can't wait til next week to enlarge some prints from my negatives. I think I have some good shots from that photo shoot.
  • LittleAlivia: LittleAlivia: RT @lovequotes: Life is like photography; you develop from the negatives.
  • lotlwc: lotlwc: @itsladylondie fusion high up meant I didn't have issue with not being able to walk.Invasive surgery,but positives far out weighed negatives
  • bluebell1000: bluebell1000: @S2170 @philjackman perhaps but you have to accept the negatives to help make improvements
  • P3aNutFBaBii: P3aNutFBaBii: RT @iAMYungNicz: Don't worry about the negatives or get your hopes up for the positives... Just do wut u gotta do .
  • ivylovescupcake: ivylovescupcake: Keep away from negatives people and lazy people !
  • KissMy_WetsHoe: KissMy_WetsHoe: Positives for snowing: I get to cuddle ALL night&day (: Negatives for snowing: Im gonna look like Rudolph&have the sniffles ):
  • AaronBond: AaronBond: The degrees are in the negatives....
  • xo_kaitlinp: xo_kaitlinp: @x3_bee let's just say I'm still in the negatives
  • angelortegab: angelortegab: Life is like photography .. we develop from the negatives.
  • chenelworld: chenelworld: RT @FashionweekNYC: Quote of the Day: Life is like photography, You develop from the negatives!
  • ethzizzle: ethzizzle: Life is like photography use the negatives to develop positives. :)
  • Ranaebde: Ranaebde: Ion Audio USB Picture, Slide, and Film Scanner (PICS2PC): Turn all of your pictures, slides, and negatives into ...
  • BriTheHeroine: BriTheHeroine: RT @lovequotes: Life is like photography; you develop from the negatives.
  • paulapeachpits: paulapeachpits: RT @OamiSfria: The more you know about how the world works, it’s negatives, the brutal truth, facts, corruption etc. the more you hate everything.
  • SelfexplanaDory: SelfexplanaDory: There's TOO many positives for me to stunt the negatives in my life
  • glendaminor36: glendaminor36: The positives and negatives of television viewing: #tip
  • SweetRagsClothi: SweetRagsClothi: RT @FashionweekNYC: Quote of the Day: Life is like photography, You develop from the negatives!
  • DavidBlakeslee: DavidBlakeslee: Truth is, I see nothing but negatives stemming from either Rangers or Cardinals winning World Series. I'm done rooting, just let it happen.
  • Dradu: Dradu: Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room.
  • 99Roadie: 99Roadie: @hallaws but if we can open the door a bit we can let the sunlight of the spirit in to expose the negatives...
  • _Nikkilynn90: _Nikkilynn90: @Its_ShellyBaby u should! Don't look at the few negatives when you have sooooo many positives (: ily boo
  • MrNiceGuy_24: MrNiceGuy_24: RT @DearAshee: Goodbye to the negatives, hello to the posotives.
  • complexCASSiE: complexCASSiE: RT“@Tweetieee_Pieee: I love college...the positives & the negatives #TeamUL”
  • DianaNrdn: DianaNrdn: Should really talk about the positive things #InMalaysia . Mentioning the negatives big no no .
  • DontB_NAive: DontB_NAive: Living with nine other people has its negatives sometimes
  • DearAshee: DearAshee: Goodbye to the negatives, hello to the posotives.
  • cliffbalancio: cliffbalancio: Already into the negatives, owwww.
  • DaRealNOHEALANI: DaRealNOHEALANI: Ppl so quick to judge! How bout if a nigga start judgin you: Point out them negatives, them flaws, the nastiness of your attitude!! SMH
  • jenjen_nicole: jenjen_nicole: Omg the temp is going into the negatives tonight -.- #ihatewinter
  • Lookin4Aladdin: Lookin4Aladdin: @Kash_Dinero haha. I wish. Negatives of leaving from a small airport all the darn connecting flights though!!
  • El_Eye_Am_LTFU: El_Eye_Am_LTFU: @Shaq_N_Up two negatives dont make a positive...this isnt math class shaq
  • stushahlie: stushahlie: RT @De_Rich: Life is like photography; you develop from the negatives
  • teybulanday: teybulanday: RT @lovequotes: Life is like photography; you develop from the negatives.
  • iAMYungNicz: iAMYungNicz: Don't worry about the negatives or get your hopes up for the positives... Just do wut u gotta do .
  • JakeSmoove: JakeSmoove: Not effected by the negatives, u couldn't catch a nigga sleepn off sedatives, show luv to my (cont)

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  • “Young Guns drummer Ben Joliiffe gives Rock Sound his honest appraisal of the England football team during their second World Cup warm up game against Japan!”
    — The World Cup Blog: England v Japan, The Negatives - 1 June,

  • “I'm curious about whether scanning negatives, especially really old ones (20yrs), would damage them in any way? Scanning photos are fun, but they get blurry after a certain size. I'd really like to s”
    — Scanning negatives - Scanners - Computer-Peripherals,

  • “Declaring personal bankruptcy will eliminate your debt. But it's a move that comes with serious consequences. Blog. Do the Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy Outweigh the Negatives? View Comments. Share. If your debts are piling up, you might be debating the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy. Well,”
    — Do the Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy Outweigh the Negatives?,

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