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  • The website's parent company, NewsMax Media, also publishes a monthly magazine, NewsMax which claims 300,000 subscribers. On the weekend of October 30-31, NewsMax sponsored the movie "Stolen Honor" as a paid advertisment on some PAX network affiliates. — “NewsMax - dKosopedia”,
  • Contrarian investing insights and breaking financial news from America's financial news page, . — “Moneynews - America's Money News Page - Home”,
  • Newsmax. Newsmax.TV. Money. Health. Global Talk. The Americas. Europe. Asia. Middle East. Africa Newsmax.TV. Moneynews. NewsmaxHealth. Hot Topics. John McCain. Barack Obama. Sarah Palin. Joe Biden. Iraq. Nuclear Iran. George Bush. Middle. — “Breaking News, Politics, Commentary from around the world”,
  • is the #1 conservative news agency online. All over Americans concerned about fair and balanced news discovered that Newsmax was the place to go for fair and accurate news. — “About ”, w3
  • The company publishes alternative news and opinion content through its monthly 300,000-subscriber magazine NewsMax and corresponding Web site. Among early investors in NewsMax were Richard Mellon Scaife, Ruddy's former boss at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and Texas businessman Michael. — “ - SourceWatch”,
  • MySpace profile for NewsMax Networkers with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “MySpace - NewsMax Networkers - 23 - Female - WEST PALM BEACH”,
  • NewsMax Media Inc., the parent company of all things NewsMax, filed its intention with the Securites and Exchange Commission in March to issue 1 million shares of stock to the public with the intention of raising about $5.7 million assuming an proposed offering price of $7 a share. — “NewsMax By the Numbers | ConWebWatch”,
  • is America's leading online conservative place for news. — “Newsmax - Newsmax.TV - Newsmax.TV - Home”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Newsmax Media. Get exclusive content and interact with Newsmax Media right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Newsmax Media | Facebook”,
  • We are an Internet news site breaking stories on American politics and providing a digest of other top stories. NewsMax/Zogby Iowa Poll: Hillary Clinton Makes Big Move to Lead Democratic Pack. — “: America's News Page - News Archives”,
  • Home to well-known columnist Matt Drudge and his daily reports on breaking news worldwide. NEWSMAX. NEWSWEEK. N. KOREAN NEWS. PEOPLE. PHILLY INQUIRER. PHILLY DAILY NEWS. POLITICO. RADAR. REAL CLEAR POLITICS. REASON. RED STATE. ROLL CALL. ROLLING STONE. — “Drudge Report”,
  • Jetzt kostenlos Pressemeldungen und Pressemitteilungen einstellen Karriere design akademie berlin ist Gastgeber der internationalen EACA-Ausbildungskonferenz http:///tenqqs about 3 hours ago via newsmax Pressemeldungen Pressemitteilungen. — “ (newsmax) on Twitter”,
  • PLEASE NOTE: All information presented in and is for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed in and do not necessarily reflect those of Newsmax Media. — “Health, fitness and medical advice”,
  • Newsmax Magazine. Specials. View Category. Back Issues. Newsmax Magazine. Blaylock Wellness Newsmax Price: $29.95. List Price: $29.95. contact. help / FAQ © 2010 Newsmax Media Inc. — “New Products”,

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  • ISLAM in AMERICA. DML hosts on Newsmax TV. A clip from Dennis Michael Lynch's interview with Brigitte Gabriel.
  • Kevin Sorbo -- film and TV actor best known for playing Hercules in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" joins Steve to discuss his latest movie, a Christian drama, "God's Not Dead;"
  • 36 CITIES DUMP US DOLLAR IN 20 STATES / NEWSMAX- (NO PROOF) PUSH FOR BITCOIN (GOLD) I cant validate this story is factual.It seems to be a ploy to push bitcoin (gold) coins.I dont think this is the beginning of the dollar crash.Attribution-n...
  • Malzberg | David Limbaugh, Newsmax contributor, discusses his new book Newsmax contributor, syndicated columnist, and author joins Steve to discuss his new book, "Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel"
  • Malzberg | Anjem Choudary asks Newsmax host Steve Malzberg if he is Jewish Islamic activist / Sharia law lecturer, Anjem Choudary, asks Steve Malzberg if he's Jewish, claims America & Israel are "the biggest terrorists in the world....
  • Newsmax: Famed Coach Bill Courtney: Character, Integrity Paramount http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. The United States can be a progressive society without abandoning "character, commitment and integri...
  • America's Forum | Dr. Ron Paul talks about the government’s handling of the Ebola crisis | Part 2 Former presidential candidate and former Congressman from Texas talks about the government's handling of the Ebola crisis and the upcoming midterm elections.
  • NewsMax: Mafia Hit Man Confesses to Killing President John F. Kennedy NewsMax: Mafia Hit Man Confesses to Killing President John F. Kennedy.
  • Bill O'Reilly's BJ Interview with Newsmax Vote for TYT Once A Day: http:/// (3/22/10 - 4/11/10)
  • The truth about cancer: Suzanne Somers on NewsMax TV .
  • Dick Morris -- political consultant and Newsmax contributor joins Ed to discuss his provocative piece on how Democrats are planning to "rig" the Electoral College for upcoming elections.
  • Newsmax: Trey Gowdy to Eric Holder: Prosecute Lerner, Prove You're a Real AG http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. Attorney General Eric Holder must take seriously congressional allegations against former IRS offici...
  • Newsmax: Afghan Filmmaker: Taliban Makes April Election 'a Joke' http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. The Taliban's efforts to discourage Afghans from voting for a new president in two weeks have turned...
  • Newsmax: Former Gov. John Sununu Says Romney Was Right On Russia in 2012 http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. Gov. John Sununu, former Governor of New Hampshire, Chief of Staff to President George H. W. Bush, a...
  • MK Moshe Feiglin on Newsmax TV: How to Achieve Peace for Israel Moshe Feiglin expounds on the the way for Israel to acheive true and lasting peace with its neighbors.
  • Malzberg Show | David Horowtiz founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and editor of FrontPage Magazine joins Steve and Mary to share his perspective on everything from ...
  • Donald Trump interviewed by Kathleen Walter (Part 3), Donald Trump interviewed by Kathleen Walter (Part 3), Donald Trump says he won't shoot The Apprentice in the White House Regards, Chandan Mundhra ...
  • Malzberg | Rep. Steve Stockman member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (R-TX) – member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee joins Steve fresh from his McAllen, TX border visit to share why he thinks President Obama is trying t...
  • Newsmax: Former Agent Bongino: Secret Service Scandal is 'Nonsense' http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. "The problems are being really overdramatized as some kind of a cultural epidemic issue in the Secre...
  • Pamela Geller on Newsmax TV Discussing Israel, Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre, and Islamic Jew hatred Stay on top of what's really happening. Pamela Geller on Facebook: https:///pamelageller Pamela Geller on Twitter: https:///Pamela...
  • Newsmax Now 05:29:14 More Related Videos: http:///video Survive the Obamacare Law-- Get the #1 Bestselling Guide Book‎ Now! Watch NewsmaxTV L...
  • Phyllis Chesler -- Author Phyllis Chesler, discusses her blockbuster book about being a young American bride in Afghanistan.
  • Jim Rogers Interview With Newsmax Part 2 For newest tips and predicition from Jim Rogers Don't Forget To subscribe http:///subscription_center?add_user=MrJimRogersChannel Part 1 http://yo...
  • Newsmax: Charles Hurt: MSNBC 'Racist' to Give Al Sharpton a Show http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. Tuesday's revelation by the Smoking Gun that Al Sharpton worked for years as a confidential informan...
  • JohanthanGentry on Newsmax 18August2014 http:// Follow me here: https:///johnathangentrydotcom https:///JGentry5.
  • Malzberg | Pat Buchanan talks about how Republicans should deal with Obama's amnesty bestselling author and former communications director for President Reagan joins Steve to share his take on the continued Ferguson discussion as well as how ...
  • Chadwick on Newsmax TV Watch the FULL interview here: http:///cmspages/newsmax/handlers/liveshow.ashx?operation=ShowPastVideo&embedCode=5mMHNjcTp04Q1o0ECkFuZuFQBSO...
  • Newsmax: Peter Pry: Electromagnetic Pulse Could Crash US Electric Grid http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. Dr. Peter Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, told J.D. Hay...
  • Condoleezza Rice 'No Higher Honor' interview for Newsmax Rice for President http:///group/rice-for-president (Yahoo) http:///groups/2204716695/ (Facebook) Condi videos - http://www.y...
  • Eleanor Clift -- contributing editor for Newsweek magazine columnist for The Daily Beast, and longtime panel member on "The McLaughlin Group" joins Steve to discuss Obama's power play and his recent controversial c...
  • Malzberg | Bill Donohue Newsmax contributor and president of the Catholic League Newsmax contributor and president of the Catholic League joins Steve to discuss the Catholic synod and how the issue of gay marriage and the pope "took over"...
  • Newsmax: Law Prof: Hobby Lobby Case a 'Maybe' for Future of Religious Liberty http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. The Supreme Court's decision exempting a family-owned business from Obamacare's birth-control covera...
  • Midpoint | Dr. Ron Paul: The Campaign for Liberty chairman | Pt. 2 and former U.S. Congressman joins MidPoint to discuss his view that America would benefit from more secessionist movements.
  • Donald Trump interviewed by Kathleen Walter (Part 2), Donald Trump interviewed by Kathleen Walter (Part 2), Regards, Chandan Mundhra Ultra Rich Organisation.
  • Donald Trump interviewed by Kathleen Walter (Part 1), Donald Trump interviewed by Kathleen Walter (Part 1), Regards, Chandan Mundhra Ultra Rich Organisation.
  • Newsmax: Larry Sabato: 'It's Going to Be a Good Republican Year' http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. There's no question the Republican Party will prosper at the polls this year, according to Dr. Larry...
  • Newsmax: John Fund: Radical Gays Persecuted Mozilla's Ex-CEO http:// - Newsmax. Independent. American. Brendan Eich, forced out as CEO of Mozilla after an uproar over his support for California's Proposi...
  • Newsmax TV: Pamela Geller Debates Dr. Sabri Samirah on Islamic Jew-hatred Like Pamela Geller on Facebook: https:///pamelageller?ref=hl Follow Pamela Geller on Twitter: https:///PamelaGeller/ We debate the...
  • NewsMax Ebola Update with Dr Sanjay Jain Dr Sanjay Jain provides an update on the Ebola Virus September 9, 2014 on NewsMax.

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  • “Newsmax Email: U.S. Preparing A Military Response To Coming Social Chaos”
    Newsmax Email: U.S. Preparing A Military Response To Coming,

  • “The weblog of ConWebWatch, exposing crappy journalism in the conservative New Media since 2000. 30. Support Bloggers' Rights! Blog Tools. Edit your Blog. Build a Blog. RSS Feed. View Profile”
    — ConWebBlog: The Weblog of ConWebWatch,

  • “ is designed as European Forum for E-Health, Telemedicine, Emergency and Catastrophe Medicine”
    — newsmax® | Pressemitteilung | is designed as,

  • “Satirical views on interesting, bizarre and amusing stories, submitted by a community of millions of news junkies, with regular Photoshop contests”
    — : (129507) Newsmax Forum doesn't like Fark,

  • “In a blog posting to Newsmax John Perry wrote about a coup scenario After several reader complaints, Newsmax wanted to insure that this article was not”
    — Soup — In a blog posting to Newsmax John Perry wrote,

  • “Log in to view VIP content. Email Address. Password. Please check here to agree to the Terms of Service and Disclosure. This is required. Forget Your Password? Click Here”
    Newsmax Presents . . . 'A Call to Arms', w3

  • “Blog. Studios. myMediaMatters. Donate. Search Options. Share Print Email. Newsmax removes, runs away from coup-advocating column In a blog posting to Newsmax John Perry wrote about a coup scenario involving the U.S. military”
    Newsmax removes, runs away from coup-advocating column,

  • “Eliot Spitzer Speaks At Harvard Ethics Forum. Former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, who scandal, speaks during a forum on ethics at Harvard University”
    Newsmax - Eliot Spitzer Speaks At Harvard Ethics Forum,

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