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  • newspeak. buy newspeak mugs, tshirts and magnets. Language of Ingsoc, a fictional empire in the book 1984. The language was meant to eliminate all words deemed as nonsence, and was created to eliminate certain words, so dissent could not be expressed nor communicated. — “Urban Dictionary: Newspeak”,
  • Contemporary artists shown in The Saatchi Gallery. Artists in USA TODAY, Artists included in The Triumph of Painting exhibition and Artists in future exhibitions. — “NEWSPEAK: BRITISH ART NOW”, saatchi-
  • Still, if you are (or were, in some happier time) a Smalltalker and want to move into the future rather than dwelling on the glorious past, I assert that Newspeak is for you. If you are using an open source Smalltalk, it is likely you could do better using Newspeak. — “Room 101”,
  • Newspeak was the official language of Oceania and had been devised to meet the ideological needs of Ingsoc, or English Socialism. It was expected that Newspeak would have finally superseded Oldspeak (or Standard English) by about the year 2050. — “18. Newspeak”,
  • Translations of newspeak. newspeak synonyms, newspeak antonyms. Information about newspeak in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. newspeak - deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language use to mislead and manipulate the public; "the welfare state brought its own newspeak". — “newspeak - definition of newspeak by the Free Online”,
  • Newspeak is highly dynamic and reflective - but designed to support modularity and security. However, like Smalltalk, Newspeak uses classes rather than prototypes. — “Newspeak " The Newspeak Programming Language”,
  • Newspeak definition, an official or semiofficial style of writing or saying one thing in the guise of its opposite, esp. in order to serve a political or ideolog See more. — “Newspeak | Define Newspeak at ”,
  • Newspeak is highly dynamic and reflective - but designed to support modularity and security. Like Self, Newspeak is message-based; all names are dynamically bound. — “Newspeak”,
  • newspeak n. Deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language used to mislead and manipulate the public. — “newspeak: Definition from ”,
  • Newspeak works closely with Television Networks to provide graphic solutions to ideas, visions, brands, rebrands and shows. — “NewSpeak - Featured”,
  • The Newspeak Wiktionary in now open for editing. All across Oceania, loyal party members The Newspeak Wiktionary is almost ready to be unveiled! Soon, all of these tired old HTML pages with be replaced with dynamic prole-contributed. — “The Complete Newspeak Dictionary from George Orwell's 1984”,
  • From Newspeak, a language invented by George Orwell in the novel 1984 "Newspeak is the product of a totalitarian control over semantics, history and the media more ruthlessly complete than any which has yet emerged in the modern world. — “newspeak - definition and examples of newspeak”,
  • Angst-ridden, ecclectic, melodic, progressive. — “NewSpeak”,

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  • NewSpeak TV at Anime Expo 2008 Cosplay After months of delay, NewSpeak is back with an episode that's been long overdue. Here is one of two videos we did for Anime Expo 2008. Gina Lee interviews some of the interesting cosplayers at Anime Expo 2008. Apologies to all the fans out there who have been waiting for a new video. Our Editor for our videos has been extremely busy working on some TV shows for the past six months. He's recently had some free time and is trying to finish some of our backlogged stories over the past year.
  • Newspeak - 'sweet light crude' (Official Video) sweet light crude is the title track from Newspeak's debut album, due out on New Amsterdam Records on November 16, 2010. Written by bandleader David T. Little, it is a crooked love song to oil. The video, made by Satan's Pearl Horses, was funded in part through a new initiative of Beth Morrison Projects, 21c ClassCo Video, that supports the creation of contemporary classical music videos by post-classical composers. Newspeak is: Caleb Burhans, violin Mellissa Hughes, voice, electronics James Johnston, synthesizer Taylor Levine, electric guitar David T. Little, director, drums Eileen Mack, co-director, clarinets Brian Snow, cello Peter Wise, percussion
  • Threeve and The Newspeak Threeve, The Newspeak, at Elmwood Park. 3-10-07
  • Glenn Beck's 'Liberal Fascism Hour': The Newspeak version of history (Part 1) More at Orcinus:
  • Newspeak episode 5 - Homelessness in the City Newspeak episode 5
  • NewSpeak TV at the K-Town Reality Show Auditions Sue Chan interviews potential cast members at the audition session for the new Koreatown reality show.
  • Dumbfoundead at 3rd Projekt Newspeak Dumbfoundead performing "Blue Ball Blues" at Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 18, for the 3rd annual Projekt Newspeak Slam. /dumbfoundead
  • Newspeak episode 1 - Educational Center of the North Newspeak episode 1
  • 1984: The Abridged Version - Part 2: Newspeak This was my AP English Literature assignment. In March, we had to pick a novel and film a video based on it, pretty much summarizing it up. Because I love dystopian novels, I chose George Orwell's "1984", played the main role, and got a few others to act as the supporting cast, and filmed four videos. This is my finished project. (Part 3 is the best.) All music used is from Half Life 2 and Portal.
  • NewSpeak TV at Power Morphicon 2010 - Tracy Lynn Cruz - Jason David Frank Correspondent Earl Baylon goes to Power Morphicon 2010 where he finds some interesting fans as well as some of the stars of the show. Earl also confesses his feelings to some of the Rangers. We interview: Karan Ashley - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Jessica Rey - Wild Force Jason Faunt - Time Force Tracy Lynn Cruz - Turbo, Power Rangers in Space Jason David Frank - Everything Ranger
  • NEWSPEAK in the 21st Century - David Cromwell part 8 21 March 2011 David Cromwell is the editor of Media Lens In 2007, Media Lens was awarded the Gandhi Foundation International Peace Prize. John Pilger has commented: "The creators and editors of Medialens, David Edwards and David Cromwell, have had such influence in a short time that, by holding to account those who, it is said, write history's draft, they may well have changed the course of modern historiography. They have certainly torn up the 'ethical blank cheque', which Richard Drayton referred to, and have exposed as morally corrupt 'the right to bomb, to maim, to imprison without trial...'. Without Media Lens during the attack on and occupation of Iraq, the full gravity of that debacle might have been consigned to oblivion, and to bad history." (John Pilger, foreword, David Edwards and David Cromwell, Guardians Of Power - The Myth Of The Liberal Media, Pluto Press, 2006, px) Books written by David Cromwell and David Edwards Guardians Of Power - The Myth of the Liberal Media (Pluto Press, 2006) Newspeak - In The 21st Century (Pluto Press, 2009)
  • Newspeak at Make Music New York Fest 2008 A snippet of new music ensemble, Newspeak performing on Cornelia Street, June 21, 2008
  • All Gone Dead - Newspeak Room 101 (Live La Gruta Madrid)
  • Newspeak episode 3 - A Baguio Local Achiever Newspeak episode 3
  • UK ruled by Orwellian newspeak: thinktank A respectable right-wing thinktank in Britain -- the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) -- says the UK government is increasingly using language to control people's lives. The CPS has put together Lexicon 2008 - a guide that decodes the language used by politicians to cover up their actions.
  • NewSpeak TV at Anime Expo 2010 - Cosplay - Hot Cosplayers - LAX 2010 Super Anime Fan Toyo visits Anime Expo 2010 at the LA Convention Center. During his first trip to the expo he finds the woman of his dreams, battles some enemies, and comments on the sights and sounds of this ever expanding annual event. Join Toyo's adventure as he interviews cosplayers and you just might see yourself along the way. Produced and Edited by Brian Corpuz Hosted by Jeremy Lalas as Toyo Ninjas: Earl Baylon and Justin Quizon Toyo is based on a character created by Kris Clemente
  • "To Be Free" at Projekt NewSpeak Slam 2010 This was my live performance of my original "To Be Free". This song was the reason I was asked to on the bill with amazing people such as Poetri, Beau Sia, Connie Lim, Ruby Ibarra, Kristina Wong, Million Dollar Babies, Sketch Comedy Show, and MC Dumbfoundead. Thank you for all the love and support! Much love to the "TonyT Orchestra" and Giana Nguyen :) Thank you to Connie Lim for taping this :)
  • Newspeak "The Illusionist" /newspeakcambridge Newspeak play live at Man on the Moon in Cambridge. 02/03/10 (filmed from the side of the stage - behind a massive speaker!)
  • Newspeak Episode 2: Tony Shawcross Tony Shawcross talks about how Denverites can produce their own videos, movies and television shows at Denver Open Media.
  • ATF Running Guns to Mexico? The story had first broke when a whistleblower from within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms revealed a program within the agency, called Project Gunrunner was purposefully letting guns walk. So instead of stopping these weapons from getting into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, the ATF purposefully let them get into their hands. How responsible is our government, for drug war deaths in Mexico? CAP's Andrea Nill weighs in.
  • Newspeak, lolz I am such a thought criminal.
  • Newspeak: A Principled Dynamic Language Google Tech Talk May 4, 2010 ABSTRACT In this talk, we present the main features of Newspeak, a dynamic programming language focused on software engineering. All names in Newspeak are late bound - including class names. Hence all classes in Newspeak are virtual, every class declaration defines a mixin, and class hierarchy inheritance comes for free. Newspeak has no global namespace and no static state. Top level classes act as module definitions. These have no external dependencies. Each instance of a top level class is a module that runs in its own sandbox in accordance with the object capability security model. Gilad Bracha is the creator of the Newspeak programming language. Previously, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Cadence, and a Computational Theologist and Distinguished Engineer at Sun. He is co-author of the Java Language Specification, and a researcher in the area of object-oriented programming languages. Prior to joining Sun, he worked on Strongtalk, the Animorphic Smalltalk System. He received his B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University in Israel and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah.
  • FLOSS Weekly 159: Newspeak Hosts:Randal Schwartz and Dan Lynch Newspeak is a new programming language in the tradition of Self and Smalltalk. Guest: Gilad Bracha Download or subscribe to this show at Weinvite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes. Here's what's coming up for FLOSS in the future. Think your open source project should be on FLOSS Weekly? Email Randal at [email protected] Thanks to Cachefly for providing the bandwidth for this podcast, and Lullabot's Jeff Robbins, web designer and musician, for our theme music. Running time: 1:07:40
  • NewSpeak TV at Anime Expo 2007 We're back at Anime Expo where Eddie tries to pick up on some girls, feeds his Yaoi addiction, encounters some old friends, and meets a NewSpeak TV fan. Keep an eye out later this week for our feature on Anime Expo Cosplayers with new correspondent Gina Lee
  • Threeve and The Newspeak go to Shamokin We drove about 200 miles (each way) to play one show. It was amazing, and totally worth it (hence why there's a video commemorating its glory).
  • Obama's 1984 Newspeak Obama attempts to alter the American vocabulary in Orwellian fashion
  • NewSpeak TV at Anime Expo 2007 - Cosplay Gina Lee returns as correspondent at Anime Expo 2007. She encounters zombies, tentacles, underage girls, and gets dry humped by Hard Gay.
  • Tournament of Roses Parade 2007 / Famous Roses In this episode of NewSpeak TV, we visit the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade. Here we play a game of Famous Roses. We also answer a viewer question in which we find Eddie Kim in his cosplay roots. Please visit our website at
  • NewSpeak TV at Power Morphicon 2007 We visit the first ever Power Rangers Convention at the Wilshire Grand. Gina Lee debuts as a new correspondent. We interview some of the original rangers, find a malfunctioning morpher, and get to the bottom of the yellow/asian and black/black ranger controversy.
  • Newspeak TV Comic Con 2006 We visit San Diego for Comic Con 2006 where we find celebrities, Klingons, and of course Lou Ferrigno.
  • All Gone Dead - Newspeak (Room 101) The video isn't much, but the song is f*cking beautiful!!!
  • Newspeak Episode 3: Dr. John Douillard Dr. John Douillard on Ayurvedic medicine
  • All Gone Dead - Newspeak (Room 101). From the album: Fallen & Forgotten 2006
  • NewSpeak TV at Anime Expo 2009 Eddie Kim and guest co-host Earl Baylon visit Anime Expo 2009. Due to some audio issues we decided to put subtitles on the whole video. Sorry! It gives it that Anime feel. Eddie and Earl meet the real Chun-Li, get the finger from R2, and find the secret to getting a girl's number.
  • NewSpeak TV at Comic Con 2007 After much delay our video for Comic Con 2007 is here. Eddie comes to the convention thinking he's a big star and ends up finding some NewSpeak TV fans
  • NewSpeakers: Partying out buts off tonight on E Colfax again for 2nd Saturday, Newspeak, The Shoppe, Plastic Chappel, Big...
  • hnoii: This, that, and the other thing:: Newspeak – our Beloved Leader has an interesting new term for tax rate cuts:...
  • RalphSchiano: Growing illiteracy, inability to spell, twitter speak, terms like SecDef, POTUS, advance Newspeak. Double+ ungood. Hail Big Brother! #Orwell
  • hightechnocity1: Calling trash incineration a #renewable #energy source is the pinnacle of Orwellian newspeak. Not #sustainable; fuzzy thinking, #Maryland.
  • HardAspie: @ConwayShow Newspeak: greed is wanting to keep your earned money, generosity is wanting to share someone else'.
  • MrPointCook: @s_dog would that be the definition of a Ministry of Truth, staffed by Thought Police? #orwellian #newspeak
  • marydahl1000: Monster in the Bathtub Music CD by Peter Weatherall: Best of Penguin TV DVD and CD: the award-winning educationa...
  • NewSpeakers: TONIGHT! Friday the 13th Tattoo Party at Newspeak! Pick a piece from our flash and get it for as little as $21....
  • boysinbikinis: aaaaand to top it all off, I can't find my Crackberry. Doubleplusbad (S. is reading 1984 for the 1st time; I keep talking in newspeak LOL!)
  • yodasminion: Has anyone else noticed how much "unfollow" sounds like Newspeak? Just sayin'...
  • bmorgan83: Is limiting convo to 120 characters the beginning of #newspeak? Strange times. Fighting an unending war with a changing enemy. #thoughtcrime
  • Jimhacker: @alisonashford Oh no, things are very different now. They all have blackberries and talk in a derivative of newspeak
  • PainPhysiosCan: RT @wrtrohio: Today we're going to Orwell in order to understand a major problem. "The perils of Newspeak here:"
  • ThatCowboy: @monkeybood lol If you think that's bad you should see mine. It's the most inpenetrable pile of management newspeak imaginable. #1984
  • mintslice_: It would be an interesting experiment to start up a small community who only spoke Newspeak.
  • wrtrohio: Today we're going to Orwell in order to understand a major problem. "The perils of Newspeak here:"
  • jaytee1o4: #IWantToKnowWhy people txt so much.... I think its teaching the youth #Newspeak
  • news_from_1984: “@AboveTopSecret: WSJ Caught BLATANTLY Scrubbing..... (28 flags)” #IgnoranceIsStrength #MinistryOfTruth #newspeak
  • Mercetron: Could news outlets stop using the prefix "terrorist" for everything? It's obvious if something is good or bad, thank you. #newspeak
  • kulpreetsingh: @MattsMedia Big Brother takes our privacy while a bunch of kids on an island fight for control of the conch using Newspeak & Doublespeak.
  • NewSpeakers: FRIDAY NIGHT! Friday the 13th Tattoo Paty at Newspeak, come in and pick a piece from our Friday the 13th Flash...
  • DjBrazilia: I love good grammar, but twitter has forced me to adopt The Newspeak Dictionary.
  • weimdog: #WTF is "spending or reducing spending through the tax code"? Is this the regime's #newspeak?
  • jcalebjohnson: Its amazing the sort of Orwellian newspeak Frank gets away with. 'undemocratic' http:///k3t1MS
  • theElginite: Comment on Elginites React To Osama Bin Laden’s Death by Craig: Ed, I see you are fluent in newspeak. What if th...
  • AllCasia: Feministic newspeak: Even feminists don't call it “feminism ...
  • Kurmudgin: Scrabble would suck in newspeak.
  • khalidaqattash: @TalahAG and what is bad, Tala, with NEWSPEAK? Be specific!
  • NewSpeakers: Friday the 13th tattoos at Newspeak this Friday. come see what Zez has cookin and get a fun irreverent tattoo!
  • WinstonSmith6: When Newspeak is perfect, so will the Revolution.
  • WinstonSmith6: He is a wordie...he loves working as part of the team building the 11th Edition of the Newspeak Dictionary,
  • deborahroberts: @mjt32 And cussing too!!! #newspeak
  • TalahAG: @khalidaqattash Bad.. Another way to encourage Newspeak.
  • proparations: Sêan Hånnity clownin on Common, repeating the same audio clips, newspeak insults for 3 hours. that coward would get ripped in a real debate.
  • Badgitator: @AnonyMissBadger Minitrue says #RepBewley in doubleplusungood. #1984 #newspeak
  • RocknRollinKat: @MarkTremonti Great News!!Happy For You.U re Prob Looking Forward To Germany As Well N Esp Our "Newspeak English" -As You ve Described It...
  • NewSpeakers: Peter Wulfing will be showing this Saturday night at Newspeak Tattoo, come down and check it out. 2907 E. Colfax.
  • djmogo: Dear @amtrak - was your policy on refunding lost tickets written by Orwell or the Three Stooges? I can't tell if it's Newspeak or slapstick.
  • slicedlime: RT @Echo: @BrekiT must be newspeak for "embezzling".
  • Echo: @BrekiT must be newspeak for "embezzling".
  • LeonBaloo: News speak = Newspeak RT @JenJenRobot: No Sleep 'Til Brooklands: Prison sentencing and the media
  • mattWwilde: The public sector events website is like a guided tour of neoliberal newspeak: http:/// #neolibendgame
  • mykology: My twitter experience: Type out a coherent thought. Realize I think in blurbs longer than 140 characters. Breathe sigh of relief. #newspeak
  • PG_Rule: @AGILEMinds Several questions spring to mind: What is a 'really good person'? What does 'competence' mean in ths case? Seems like Newspeak!
  • carlrigney: @barryeisler "Personalized Kinetic Response" in newspeak.
  • Ditlieb: RT @FreeTheInternet: RT @Ditlieb NOON CENSORSHIP SERMON: How Google manipulates and Newspeak its search engines in favor of ... #FreeWeb
  • NewSpeakers: Come down to Newspeak we have available artists today. 2907 E. Colfax, 303-355-2171.
  • NewSpeakers: This weekend at Newspeak.

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  • “These slogans are spoken in Newspeak, the fictional language of George Orwell's twisted state control over speech — and thought — Newspeak is designed to manipulate those who”
    — Sen. Aanastad on Abortion "NewSpeak" " California ProLife Blog,

  • “Newspeak 2010. 01/22/2010 by Jim Naureckas. The First Amendment confirms the freedom to Watermia, we shouldn't take this blog for our private conversation, but I do want to”
    — FAIR Blog " Blog Archive " Newspeak 2010,

  • “Kaufman Center, where arts education meets performance in New York City. Renowned concert hall, community arts school and innovative public school for musically gifted kids, Kaufman Center is an extraordinary resource for students, teachers,”
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  • “Journalist Russ Baker's 2002 article, Cracks in a Foundation: The Freedom Forum Narrows its Vision, reveals how the Freedom Forum made severe cuts to its well regarded journalism grants and programs, allowing it "to concentrate on its jewel, the Newseum”
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  • “American Thinker | by Janet Levy | Oct. 22, 2009 In George Orwell's novel, 1984, Newspeak refers to language designed by a totalitarian regime to control”
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