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  • Buy Organic Raw Cacao Beans(raw chocolate nibs), food and cacao Your direct source for raw organic cacao nibs, cacao beans, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. — “Raw Cacao - Raw Organic Cacao Beans(raw chocolate nibs”,
  • NIBS is an assortment of truly outstanding individuals in 48 different fields(Business,Cultural,Government,Education,Services,Causes) who network with each other for business development purposes. — “Welcome To NIBS”,
  • About Nairobi Institute of Business Studies. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) is a private training institution. It was established and incorporated under companies Act (Cap 486, Laws of Kenya) and registered as a private limited company on 19th March 1999. — “Nairobi Institute of Business Studies - Welcome”,
  • Vera, you are a gleam of brilliant modernity in our dim old cave of antiques — and their nibs, our ancestors. You may also know that, during intermission, Paul and Linda were summoned to a room behind the royal box for a private chat with her nibs. — “nibs - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of nibs in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of nibs. Pronunciation of nibs. Translations of nibs. nibs synonyms, nibs antonyms. Information about nibs in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. nib, his nibs. — “nibs - definition of nibs by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • TCHO Roasted Nibs showcase the outstanding quality of our cacao beans — the same beans used in our amazing "Citrus" chocolate bar. then lower the heat and add the crushed cocoa nibs for 2-3 minutes; do not simmer. — “TCHO: Tchocolate - Nibs”,
  • Nibs products owe their success to the patented nibraprene coating, a It provides excellent resistance to abrasion and is the base of all nibs products. — “Home”,
  • Nibs, one of the Lost Boys in the Peter Pan universe. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/NIBS". — “NIBS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Northeast Insurance Broker Services (NIBS) is an independent brokerage agency serving financial and insurance professionals throughout New England since 1997. — “NIBS :: Home”,
  • TWIZZLER NIBS Candy. Try these smaller, bite size portions in Cherry and Licorice flavours. The company was established in 1845 as Young and Smylie and adopted Y&S as its trade-mark in 1870. National Licorice Company was. — “TWIZZLER Candy - HERSHEY'S”,
  • 45 Reviews of Nibs "I love this place so much I want to hug it everytime I come in. Not just hug the people in it, but the actual place. It's so warm and cozy and low key and grungy and always smells like a melange of warm freshly baked. — “Nibs - Outer Richmond - San Francisco, CA”,
  • Buy Cocoa nibs from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. More information about cocoa nibs. Best prices on Cocoa nibs in Chocolate online. Visit bizrate to find the best deals on Chocolate from Valrhona, Scharffen Berger and Endangered Species. — “Cocoa nibs Chocolate at Bizrate - Shop online for Gifts”,
  • The National Institute of Building Sciences is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that successfully brings together representatives of government, the professions, industry, labor and consumer interests, and regulatory agencies to focus. — “National Institute of Building Sciences”,
  • Cocoa nibs - 1,413 results from 393 stores, including Nibby Bar Cocoa bean pieces in 62% cocoa chocolate, 28g/1.0oz. sb-104-s1, Cocoa Nibs 8 Oz Bag, Cocoa Nib Chocolate Shortbread in Pure Dark Chocolate, Pralus Cocoa Nibs By ChefShop, Taza. — “Cocoa nibs - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Cacao nibs come from cacao beans, the base of all chocolate creations. Factories crack and shell the beans, and the pieces that remain are known as the nibs. — “Cacao Nibs - LoveToKnow Vegetarian”,
  • Vintage and Contemporary Fountain Pens, Nib Customization and Repair, Pen Ink and Accessories, all available at from Classic Fountain Pens, Inc. — “Classic Fountain Pens, Inc”,
  • Cacao Nibs Manufacturers & Cacao Nibs Suppliers Directory - Find a Cacao Nibs Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Cacao Nibs Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Cacao Nibs-Cacao Nibs Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters”,
  • NIBS 先正达友好实验室奖学金. NIBS 优秀学生奖. 设备采购招、投标. 法律顾问. 招聘信息. 在线申请. 图片新闻. 最新消息. 多张图片上传区 80726688 传真:80726689 电子邮箱:[email protected] CopyRight © 2003 National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing. — “NIBS 北京生命科学研究所”,
  • Buy nibs, Collectibles items on eBay. Find great deals on Health Beauty, Crafts items and get what you want now!. — “nibs items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Health Beauty”,

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  • Nakaya Dorsal Fin - Nakaya Dorsal Fin fountain pen with a soft medium nib
  • Quietfire Design Broad-Edged Calligraphy Nib Introduction Please watch in High Quality! Welcome to the Quietfire Design Video Tutorials! This tutorial is an introduction to broad-edged calligraphy nibs and a few of the different types of nibs you will encounter in your calligraphic journey. Happy lettering!
  • How to change a Intuos 4 Nib Tip This just shows really quick how you change the nib tip with the nib extractor that comes with the Intuos 4 Pen. Nothing fancy, video isn't that great but does show quick and dirty how to do it.
  • Replacement Nibs Buy here: From the Bombing Science online store. The largest graffiti supplies store in North America.
  • Swan No. 4 Pen, Flex Nib Eyedrop-filling Swan, 1910s or '20s, in black hard rubber with filigree repousse gold filled band. Very flexible No. 4 Swan nib.
  • Raw Chocolate Cacao Nibs Orac Value http But before I reveal the astonishing facts about Raw Chocolate or Cacao — let me quickly simplify the rating scale the USDA has developed, called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Basically it's a high-tech way of measuring the ability of antioxidants to absorb cell damaging, wrinkle-causing, tissue-destructive free radicals. Many companies use different ORAC units in their product descriptions, creating some confusion when one is trying to compare one ORAC score to another. Here's an example to illustrate a common confusion: both dark cocoa powder and the goji berry (the goji berry is a superfood from China) are high on the ORAC scale. Roasted cocoa powder tops the list with a score of 26000. The goji berry rates strongly, with a score commonly found on the internet of 25300. But what is creating confusion amongst consumers is that the cocoa powder and the goji ORAC ratings are for 100 grams! That's much more than a typical serving. If you calculate the ORAC units per gram you quickly see that dark cocoa powder is at 260 and goji is 253. Not bad, but that's nothing compared to the whopping 955 ORAC Units found in each gram of raw organic Cacao Powder! This is a great validation of the superfood lifestyle we all get to enjoy. Check the math — the raw version contains 367% more antioxidants than the very best cooked version. (On the same 100 gram scale as above, Raw Organic Cacao Powder would have over 95500 ORAC units compared to the ...
  • Black Sabbath - Behind the Wall of Sleep + NIB Black Sabbath Behind the Wall of Sleep (4:17) NIB 1970 Vertigo
  • Xcode iPhone SDK Tutorial - Switching XIBs, Nib Views (Switching Views Method 2) This tutorial shows how to link XIB files and switch between them. *********** iPhone SDK 3.1.2
  • Quietfire Design How Nibs Work Tutorial Please watch in High Quality! Welcome to the Quietfire Design Video Tutorials! This tutorial is an introduction to preparing new nibs for writing and how nibs work. Happy lettering!
  • NIBS Trailer it is. The trailer for a story written over a year ago by myself and Jeni. It follows 9 Ninjas as they rescue the Fair Maiden from her basement prison. It's really a fun u should check it out. Let me kno if u want to read it and i'll send u the link. This is the first film I've really edited and I'm really pleased with how it came out. I had to slow down most of the clips...and the transitioning isn't that good...but it's good for a first-timer. The characters are actually me & my "crew", so it just adds to the story that these are real people. I used clips of movies because I didn't have any footage of my I improvised. :::Cast::: Maiden---Keira Knightley Prince---Orlando Bloom Evil Father---Michael Gamdon Afflictive Alex---Daniel Radcliffe Cool-As-Ice Casey---Jessica Alba Cruel Cody---Kirsten Dunst Deadly Devin---James Franco Jackpot Jeni---Helena Bonham Carter Lethal Liza---Kate Beckinsale Loaded Laura---Jennifer Garner Poisonous Parker---Thomas Jane Stealthy Stephy---Megan Fox :::Movies Used::: Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Pirates of the Caribbean Underworld Spiderman Fantastic Four X-Men Transformers Elektra I OWN NOTHING...ALL FOR FUN
  • NIBS VAN DER SPUY - Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley cover - FD Session) Acoustic session recorded in 'Le Grenier' @ the venue 'La Vapeur' in Dijon in May 2009. Thanks to Nibs for his huuuuuge kindness !
  • Cleaning Esterbrook Fountain Pen Nibs When I get an old Esterbrook fountain pen from an antique store or eBay, one of the first things I do is dismantle the pen and get it ready for restoration. Cleaning the nib (which unscrews in Esterbrook pens) is one step in this process. I usually clean the nibs one at a time, but I had a growing pile of nibs that needed to be cleaned, so I thought it would be fun to clean them all at once and make a little video. The major steps include: 1) Soak the nibs in water 2) Rinse the nibs in clean water 3) Soak again, change out water as needed, and let sit over night 4) Rinse again 5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until water starts to become clear after over night soaking 6) Use a little ammonia (about 10 parts water to 1 part ammonia) to help remove some more ink. Rinse. 7) Use ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove even more ink. 8) Rinse 9) At this point I inspect each nib individually and repeat steps 7 and 8 as needed for each one while also doing the following: 10) Brush the parts with a soft toothbrush 11) Run a thin guitar string through the feed channels if they seem clogged 12) Push water through the feed channels with an ear bulb. After all this, the nibs should be ready to test with ink! These steps should get most nibs clean and ready to use. Unfortunately, if the pen had been previously used with non-fountain pen ink, the nib and feed might still be clogged with ink. There are further steps to fix that, but if the nib isn't very valuable, it might be worth giving up at ...
  • Sailor Cross Music nib writing sample - This is the Sailor fountain pen with the Cross Music nib. Notice how the nib is cut the opposite way of a regular Music nib. It is broader on the cross stroke and the lower the positioning of the nib to the paper the juicier the line.
  • ELYAS KHAN / FM BELFAST / NIBS VAN DER SPUY - Smalltown boy (FD Collaborative session) Here's the story of the "cover" project: For this season acoustic sessions, we asked almost all artists to record the same cover : smalltown boy of Bronski beat. Why this song ? 1/ because it's only four chords 2/ because it's a well-known song 3/ because we love that song :). Only 3 artists accept to do it. Why only 3 ? Good question. We always record sessions very fast, in 20 minutes, and the cover was an extra request, so many bands didn't have time to prepare something, to record something, some didn't know the song (liars!).... Anyway. The first to accept the mission was Elyas khan. it was the guitar/vocal base. Then we asked FM belfst, 4 months after, to record the chorus line many times. Then we contacted Nibs van Der Spuy, that we recorded last year to do his tracks too. And we asked the rythm section of a local band to record some parts. Everybody recorded only one take (well... er... almost) and nobody heard what the others recorded. Suprise for all. And then, we cut, eq, mix all those tracks together to do the audio. After, we did the same thing for the video... Here's the result ! It's not perfect, but it was the deal. Hope you'll like it. It's too our present for the 600th show on Radio Dijon Campus. No commercial use ! Thanks to all artists. You did a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally great job !
  • Sailor Fude nib writing sample - This is the Sailor fountain pen with the Fude nib. Notice how the top side if finer than the bottom side. It is very smooth and juicy.
  • Grinding The Cocoa Nibs - Taza Chocolate Tour Part 3 (2008) Taza Chocolate gave tours of their chocolate making facility on December 6, 2008. This is part three of three videos I shot at the tour. In this video, co-founder Alex Whitmore describes how they grind the cocoa nibs. Learn more about Taza Chocolate at VIDEO BY SOOZ http
  • Denmark - NIBS 2010 Competition Denmark, March 4th - 13th 2010. Video of the NIBS 2010 Business Case Competition. Andrew Willis, Stefan Lemieux, Elliott Verreault and Vicky Schaefer for Bishop's University winning the NIBS trophy in Kolding, Denmark. - -
  • Sailor King Eagle nib writing sample - This is the Sailor fountain pen with the King Eagle nib. This nib is fine on the underside and broadens as the nib is lowered to the paper on the right side. There is a whole ranges of sizes available writing with this nib.
  • Nibs Van Der Spuy and Piers Faccini at the kwaSuka theater Nibs van der Spuy featuring Piers Faccini playing his new song "Shaded in Blue" live at the kwaSuka theater in Durban, KZN.
  • Esterbrook 9128 nib This is my favorite drawing pen. It's an Esterbrook J with a 9128 nib. It seems the degree of flex varies with the 9128s. It may be hard to see here, but I've got a pretty good one, based on what I've read about these nibs. I'm no expert in flex nib handling, so this is just a quick writing sample. I've got to try and find a way to light videos like this so they're easier to see. I did this with the notebook sitting on my closed laptop. The lighting here is okay for computer use but not so great for shooting video.
  • NIBS VAN DER SPUY - Shaded in blue (FD Session) Acoustic session recorded in 'Le Grenier' @ the venue 'La Vapeur' in Dijon in May 2009. Thanks to Nibs for his huuuuuge kindness !
  • Sailor Cross Concord writing sample - This is the Sailor fountain pen with the Cross Concord nib. Notice how the line width is fine on one side of the nib and very broad when the nib is turned around.
  • His 'What's New' 7-22-07 -- supplement Viewing pen items from another angle
  • Woodturning: Scraping Cuts : Removing Nibs with a Scraper in Woodturning A nib is the bump that develops in the center of a bowl when you scrape from side-to-side. Learn how to remove a nib with a scraper from a woodturning expert in this free crafts video. Expert: Lou Zabohonski Jr. Bio: Lou was introduced to woodturning 25 years ago when he took an introductory class for a 5-in-1 machine. For the next 20 years, he experimented on his own, doing all types of turning. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • His Nibs. com 'What's New 9-12-2007' We introduce 'Pen Rolls by Lai Yee', talk about the USPS petition for fountain pen stamps and present Strauss' Blue Danube in an updated interpretation.
  • Pelikan Italic Writing Pen - The setup seen on this video is part of our usual nib preparation for customers and comes without charge. John Mottishaw test writes the new Pelikan Italic Writing pen out of the box and shows how the stock italic nib benefits from John's modifications here at . Our formal and cursive italic customizations cost $55. extra
  • Stub nib on a Sheaffer Stylist This is a pen that often gets bad comments on the boards. It is a flimpsy 60s pen but if you are kind to it, it is kind to you ;)
  • Nibs van der Spuy and Guy Buttery live at Society in Durban Nibs van der Spuy and Guy Buttery live at Society in Durban, South Africa. Performing at the Levi's Vintage Sundays gigs.
  • Wing Nibs - Montblanc fountain pen Normal nibs and wing nibs
  • guy buttery & nibs van der spuy - Sibanisezwe live track on 13th may 2008
  • Pelikan 1.7mm Cursive Italic Stub nib writing sample - This is a Pelikan fountain pen with a customized 1.7mm cursive italic stub nib from . It can be put on a range of Pelikan nibs from the M250 top the largest Pelikan M1000. Notice the difference between the narrow crossstroke and the broader downstroke.
  • Neil Cowley Trio on Later with Jools Holland Neil Cowley Trio play 'His Nibs' on BBC2's 'Later with Jools Holland' April 4th 2008. Also featuring on the programme were James Taylor, Adele, The Only Ones, Estelle and The Black Kids.
  • Nakaya Customized BB Cursive Italic - This is a Nakaya Portable Writer in Black Urushi with a Rhodium clip fountain pen. This has a single-tone 14K nib with a customized BB Cursive Italic from .
  • CHANGING BAMBOO PEN NIBS Wacom Customer Care gives you an overview to how and when to change the nib of your Bamboo or Bamboo Fun pen.
  • Removing replaceable nibs from your Copic Marker This short clip shows how to remove the nibs from your Copic Markers for replacement or refill.
  • hiranom20: I need calligraphy pen nibs...I'm really being made to suffer these days...
  • vt2pearis5313: If you can write letters with a pencil, #ThankATeacher. Thank you, Mrs. Denning, for teaching us how to do calligraphy--nibs, ink, and all.
  • mariabomar8: Staedtler #Calligraphy Pen Set, 33 Pieces Review #liquid #pens #nibs #ink #fountainpens
  • OhHi_Scarlett: @Nyviea oh nibs, dont be upset :(
  • thebravetart: @ScharffenBerger added crunch from nibs!
  • MrsCeeeCeee: @Girlw0nder dunno. His nibs birthday. He chooses!
  • JewelleryGenie: @MummyCarlaMarie Thursday fine, meet his nibs at school?
  • raymondfinch: @HarryAldridge when can I have some yi stuff for his nibs when he does his college meetings? Especially membership forms.
  • EccentricOrbits: @anakronistical initally they are, but the sketch type are refillable. That keeps the costs down. also you can replace the nibs (brush tips)
  • RickTompkins: @_pinklove_ haha! My candy of choice is Super Nibs!!!
  • penfountainorg: Osmiroid Calligraphy Fountain pen w10 nibs- Vintage 65 | eBay: eBay: Find Osmiroid Calligraphy Fountain pen w10 ...
  • NIBSSpectrum: The NIBS Spectrum Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ebiz_online @gillgould @themarketingsoc @marketingjobs09
  • shopscribble: Nibs: Wedding Dresses With Sleeves: Off the shoulder, fitted textured knit sleeves with ruffled cuffs on a shee...
  • RealHealthFit: I just ate organic plain yogurt w/ agave syrup, raw cocoa nibs, unsulphured shredded coconut & gogi berries. Yum! Have a gr8 day, people :)
  • penfountainorg: PreOwned Vintage Other : Order the new Pelikan M101N Vintage Tortoise Shell fountain pen. ... Other Vint...
  • Canuki: Sirens a-go-go. Headed west with L-Nibs. And a secret address across county line www,
  • JaXplainstheAll: Sooo I usta think that almond milk, walnuts, raw cocoa nibs, and banana cereal was on hit until...I researched cocoa nibs further...
  • Canxas: anyone know where or if u can buy the little nibs or condoms for bluetooth earpiece somehow bot mine r gone Dont wanna buy new earpieces
  • MrCairney: @Chris_Mitten Hey chris, do you pick up your nibs by the box? I can't find anywhere online that sells by the box. Share the wealth?
  • thegerund: @joannanadin 'x' cues pleas, i can knot fined 'under the duvet' or 'TV watching'(nb gerund) on Amaze on. do you have NIBS 4 them purr haps?
  • NostalgiqueArt: 10 vintage pen nibs for altered jewelry books by CoolVintage via @Etsy
  • penfountainorg: Calligraphy Big Lot Nibs Fountain Ink Cartridges 61 pcs: US $9.99 (0 Bid) End Date: Thursday May-05-2011 17:21:3...
  • pogo616: @HILLontherun what has more nutrition, less sugar & better calories - bittersweet chocolate, cocao nibs or carrots?
  • Miss_Arrowette: I LOVE nibs... Damn bags almost gone /sad face/
  • textualdeviance: @MysteriousAliWz If it weren't for His Nibs being there, I probably never would have. But alas...
  • vkennedy61: Bacon curing: garlic, rosemary, thyme, cocoa nibs, salt, brown sugar, chili fakes, blck pepper, double shot of Stumptown espresso. #pdxeats
  • SportsfreakCass: Did my workouts and then ate some nibs. Yeup productive night
  • willterrell: @dcorsetto you have to use hooded nibs for straight lines, the ones with the rounded point. The pointed nibs are great for everything else.
  • Kiriska: Ahahahahaha. Comic kids, particularly those who ink with nibs! For you:
  • LilJennyButtons: Hmmm the cocoa nibs in my cookie have a nice nutty flavor ^^
  • Dizzlski: RT @TSpencerNairn: and who doesn't love NIBS!?!? RT @DeAngelisMark Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41
  • zeroblade: @Meruni oh, then you'd be looking for pens with flexible nibs; typically you'd have to get a vintage pen for that.
  • anna_plays: Lol! RT @nugglemama: LOL RT @MrsLoulou: Haha! “@DeAngelisMark: Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41”
  • alyssaweldon: Had a Fine and Raw Chocolate bar tonight with Cacao nibs in it :) now that chocolate bar is made with pure love.
  • MamaAsh77: @nugglemama @MrsLoulou @DeAngelisMark NIBS that's funny...never cared for the candy though....#needisaymore
  • Mr_Dudeman: @TSpencerNairn nibs eh? Well I think that would be better. I am not a fan of CONDP. Much respect to the NDP
  • nugglemama: LOL RT @MrsLoulou: Haha! “@DeAngelisMark: Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41”
  • MrsLoulou: Haha! “@DeAngelisMark: Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41”
  • Cory_King_: @Rencelas @mvemjsunp @justinlphillips I really liked it but I LOVE choc. Thing is nibs dont add swtnss no BB/hops & you taste more base beer
  • ChantalSaville: RT @DeAngelisMark: Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41
  • dwwright99: RT @TSpencerNairn: and who doesn't love NIBS!?!? RT @DeAngelisMark Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41
  • therozblog: RT @DeAngelisMark: Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41
  • Mr_Dudeman: RT @TSpencerNairn: and who doesn't love NIBS!?!? RT @DeAngelisMark Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41
  • mamamonkey: Better stop throwing my Nibs at Joy MacPhail or I'll be out of Nibs soon.
  • TSpencerNairn: and who doesn't love NIBS!?!? RT @DeAngelisMark Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41
  • DeAngelisMark: Libs merge with NDP to form... NIBS? #TastyLeft #elxn41
  • Choice_Uchehara: @iSpeakTWEETS_ @EveryDaiQ oh cheesey cheese nibs tell him again! So true!
  • lisadonald1: Wacom Bamboo Craft Tablet CTH461 + 5 Replacement Nibs Set: Wacom Bamboo Craft Tablet CTH461 + 5 Replacement N...
  • missmarissagap: @srussoGAP oo you had me at 'nibs.' no need to involve the karma jar w/them either, hehe
  • srussoGAP: Has already had half of a bag of nibs. Go #elxn41 ...
  • freelancing_job: Is Shane Warne Mr Write, Liz?: LIZ HURLEY smiles at boyfriend SHANE WARNE as His Nibs absent-mindedly taps his chin with a pen. Model...
  • Knittipina: The Omas 80th Anniversary Royal Blue Paragon is such a dream pen - love the celluloid! #fountainpen
  • srussoGAP: @globe_trottah I want icecream. I have dill pickle kernels popcorn, cool ranch doritos and nibs ... election party time!
  • Knittipina: RT @nibsdotcom: The new Omas Vintage Paragon Celluloid Limited Edition...http:///Omas80thAnniversaryLE.html
  • MiyasSushi: @EmrysTetu I didn't get my chlorella yet but I used the nibs with frozen broccoli, banana, kale, blueberries & water & it was really great!
  • knowing_now: What You Need To Know About A Fountain Pen Nib—–Poultry Basics——Parker Sanford Latitude Fountain Pen – Slate Blu...
  • EmrysTetu: @MiyasSushi Have you tried yr chlorella and cacao nibs yet? I had mine today! Yum!
  • MammothStrength: @JenComasKeck @CarbsRule About to Pop my Cacao Nibs cherry #BeGentleHurtsFirstTime
  • penfountainorg: Fountain Pen Nib Customizations: Most standard stock fountain pen nibs are designed to give a consistent, unvary...
  • knowing_now: What You Need To Know About A Fountain Pen Nib-----Poultry Basics------Parker Sanford Latitude Fountain Pen - Slate Blu
  • Rynozerus: I'm such an idiot. just found the pen nibs and holders. First place i looked. Still can't find the ink but I have plenty more. PHEW!
  • yousuckatkijiji: Fueled up on pizza and Nibs, gearing up for #elxn41 coverage. Hoping my innards cooperage. Gurglin' away due to sleep disruption.
  • nibsdotcom: The new Omas Vintage Paragon Celluloid Limited Edition...http:///Omas80thAnniversaryLE.html
  • _boycee: @nibss thanks nibs :)
  • Rynozerus: I'm not happy... I seem to have misplaced my travelling ink, 25 out of 30 dip pen nibs and 4 pen nib holders.
  • cyborgste: NIBS is trading at 20.80 on @EmpireAve. What's Your Price?
  • TallgrassBeer: Firkin party tonight in Witchita @ Vagabond Coffeeshop!! Tappin the keg at 7pm!! Buff Sweat w/Coco nibs & (cont)
  • TallgrassBeer: @LazyP51 Looks like it we're bringing Buff Sweat with Coco nibs & raspberries. Along with Halcyon dry hopped w/raspberries!!!
  • monavonchrome: @guanoman bloody artistic types. His nibs us the same
  • NSGIRL2: Have some cacao nibs! "@gypsygirl74: Trying really, really hard to avoid sugar for 2 weeks but I REALLY want chocolate!!!!!!!!!!"
  • KatelynTatti: @pspjonah Thanks so much! Maybe I can even get it delivered when our NIBS get theirs next semester.
  • songbirdjules: someone take the cacao nibs away from me #noselfcontrol
  • misskhst: @mauraashe so exciteddd! baking cookies & drawing a card, me u & nibs=) (as grapes) #firstgrade #iknewitwasu
  • NicollPR: RT @NIBSSpectrum: The NIBS Spectrum Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @nicollpr @rebeckawilson @charleswandrag5 @londonb2b_omj
  • Wythanie: @roon0 If Nibs ever gets hold of it, I'll have to censor this chapter.
  • YvonneSedition: His Nibs is questioning my work rate so you'll all be relieved to hear it's back to work tomorrow and an end to pontificating on t'nternet.
  • AdManMM: @MikeSHenderson Hey, some of us CHOOSE to ink with nibs. Jerk.
  • Salligator: I'm so glad Disney used primary colours for Club Penguin. Guess the theme of his nibs' birthday cake?
  • lovelaughshop: @steet I usually do. ;) I eat nibs now and still treat myself lots.
  • RonCarlosJeines: looks like I'm living at el Xi this summer anyone else gonna be in the hizzouse? @RawDawgNutawitz @kozemeisterchee? nibs? #summer09repeat
  • joellempark: going to walmart with my brother to get some super nibs and the like #EXCITED #ILOVECANDY #FATASS #LOSING30POUNDS
  • andy_lamb: That's right Nibs. You help me. http:///h7frvxjj ("bit blurry" edition)
  • Welshy_Rhys: @IronSunsetdrake *Nibs on*
  • mr_arse: @TheWidge I've just cooked tea and am *psychic linking* to his nibs for either a cuppa or vodka. Not fussed which :D
  • DandelionChoco: "Spiced Banana Bread with Cocoa Nibs" - Todd once mentioned that he makes banana bread with cocoa nibs. The... http:///xl42cxd5oa
  • sulineats: @VhatYouTalking Ooooh, which ones did you get? I love his choc covered cacao nibs and choc covered lemon fizzy things.
  • JustKaylz: Nibs candy and Reese's peanut butter bar for lunch.
  • TwoPeasandPod: @ScharffenBerger I love the idea of adding nibs! Mmmm!
  • ipb: Broken my 2nd running goal. 1st was a 10 k sub 70 nibs, 2nd goal 10k in sub 60 mins. Next goal 10k in 50 minutes.
  • SandyCoughlinRE: RT @scharffenberger: Great innovation here. Thinking could sprinkle w/nibs. RT @twopeasandpod: @LATimesfood Avocado Ice Cream: #weekendeats
  • scharffenberger: Great innovation here. Thinking could sprinkle w/nibs. RT @twopeasandpod: @LATimesfood Avocado Ice Cream: #weekendeats
  • bhavsingh: Nibs. Very important they are. RT @bbjsportguy: Dear Channel, no, there is no "other international news"
  • Tirial: @justenbennett Am I honestly the only Canadian who hates Nibs?
  • jordanelo74: organic yoghurt +acai berry powder+raw cacao nibs,try it
  • justenbennett: Also, The Canada Shop. Stocked up on Canadian chips and Nibs for Election Day! (@ The Australia Shop) http://4/lcmfam
  • NIBSSpectrum: The NIBS Spectrum Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @rcwebim @gero_b @heartnewmedia @jobsmcr @londonomj
  • shopscribble: Nibs: The Royal Wedding…: …In Two Minutes. Film in timelapse produced by Jim Powell. Note- Thanks for the link ...
  • TiernanDouieb: @shuflie they say now just vote for your top 3. Hate wasting pencil lead & keep all my nibs in a pot till Ive enough to make a giant pencil
  • regeener: @raitora does your tablet eat nibs like crazy? my old graphire never went through nibs but this one is nib hungry :/

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