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  • nick n. A shallow notch, cut, or indentation on an edge or a surface: nicks in the table; razor nicks on his chin. — “nick: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Nick Adams, Actor: Pillow Talk. Nick Adams, best known to audiences as Johnny Yuma of the TV series The Rebel, played leads and supporting parts in many films of the 1950s, often cast in the same "troubled young man" mold as his good friend, . He. — “Nick Adams - IMDb”,
  • Located near the area's famous attractions, this Orlando family resort includes two pool complexes, games, live-studio shows, and more. — “Nickelodeon Family Suites”,
  • Pre-school programming. Includes programme highlights, features and activities. Available on Sky, Telewest and NTL. — “Nick Jr UK”,
  • Play kids & family games, watch video from popular kids & family shows, play free online games for kids and families, & more at , Nickelodeon's online place for families!. — “ | Kids & Family Games, Videos, & Family Shows”,
  • Nick Paparoidamis is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Nick Paparoidamis and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Nick Paparoidamis has 387 friends on Facebook and. — “Nick Paparoidamis | Facebook”,
  • Preschool Online Games - Preschool Activities - Nick Jr. Boost. Play, learn, and grow with preschool online games from Nick Jr. Boost, the online service that makes learning an adventure by blending interesting topics with your preschooler's favorite characters in a variety of preschool. — “Preschool Online Games - Preschool Activities - Nick Jr. Boost”,
  • Play kids games, watch video from popular kids shows, play free online games for kids, & more at , Nickelodeon's online place for Kids!. — “Nickelodeon | Kids Games, Kids Celebrity Video, Kids Shows”,
  • Play kids games, find popular TV shows for kids, and play free online games at the official . Discover television shows for your kids entertainment on the Nickelodeon Asia TV show network. — “www.nick- - Nickelodeon | Kids Games, Kids TV Shows”, nick-
  • Website for Nick NZ. — “Nickelodeon Games”,
  • Nick Dragisic is a solo recording artist from New York City who just recently released his debut record. — “Nick Dragisic”,
  • Nick Swisher, 2009 World series champion, welcome to my website which has everything Swisher and Yankees. News, highlights, scores, and the latest on me Nick Swisher! Follow me on twitter http:///nickswisher. — “Nick Swisher”,
  • Find preschool activities & preschool kids games for your preschooler & children featuring Dora, Diego, & more. Check out our great family activities & crafts at Nick Jr. — “Nick Jr. | Preschool Kids Games, Preschool Activities”,
  • Nick Games - Discover loads of free Nickelodeon games! Including SpongeBob games, action games, puzzle games, strategy games and many more. — “Nickelodeon | Nick Games | Spongebob Games | iCarly Games”, .au
  • Play kids games, watch video from popular kids shows, play free online games for kids, & more at , Nickelodeon's online place for Kids!. — “Kids Games | Games for Kids, Online Video, & Kids Shows”,

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  • Nickelodeon President Song I'd like to start off apologizing because the video starts at 00:15. Other than that I liked this song so I recorded it and thought I'd put it on here for others like me to enjoy!
  • All That - S3 Episode 1 part 1 (Nickelodeon Classics) Amanda's Bynes First Episode
  • [EXCLUSIVE] Nickelodeon Slime Commercial in France - Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob getting slimed. Enjoy ;) NEW : Take a look of a french spongebob episode to hear the French voice of Spongebob and many !!! click here © TM Nickelodeon. A Viacom Company. All rights reserved. Nickelodeon, and all related stations are a part of MTV Networks & Viacom.
  • Nickelodeon Magazine Is DONE! OVER! THE END! The little boy in me is crying :/
  • dell inspiron mini 10 nickelodeon edition netbook unboxing this is my sons netbook and he loves it perfect for kids
  • Fred The Movie Coming Soon To Nickelodeon - Follow Us! Good news for Fred Figgelhorn fans. Our favorite youtube-er is making the big jump to TV. It's all next - keep watching. You're back at ClevverTV - Hey guys, I'm Joslyn Davis at our studio today in Beverly Hills. Last fall, ClevverTV went behind the scenes on the set of Fred: The Movie to chat with some of the films stars. After shooting of the movie wrapped though, it wasn't really clear where fans would be able to catch the flick. Well the answer is finally in - and it seems as though Fred will be coming to Nickelodeon in a series of TV movies. The first of which will be the movie that's already been shot. The movie version of Fred will just expand the socially awkward, fast-talking kid we already know. This time though, he's trying to win the affections of Judy, who is played by Pixie Lott. Lott, you'll remember, was in the limelight quite a bit recently also, after rumors that she and Joe Jonas were dating. The Nick channel has already signed up for the first movie and it's sequel. And if Fred's youtube history is any indication - he's had over 500 million hits on his channel - then we're guessing that he's gonna do pretty well on Nick. But what do you guys think? Plus Lucas, who plays Fred, has already been on iCarly, so it's not his first time with the Nickelodeon family. Also getting picked up by Nick for movie deal is Nick star Victoria Justice for a movie called "Boy Who Cried Werewolf." No big deets to speak on for this one, but we will ...
  • Cruisin' with Nickelodeon's Hottest Stars Young Hollywood gets to spend the day at sea with iCarly stars Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress. The two consider this a day off even with all the amazing activities to keep them busy. We join them rock climbing, shootin' hoops and indulging in ice cream! Hosted by Jill Wilderman. Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • New Nickelodeon Official Promo Official Promo: New Nickelodeon Logo. Twitter: Facebook:
  • Nickelodeon Bumper
  • Old nickelodeon I do not own any of the music. sorry i dont come on here much if you want to talk to me add me on /rachaelxxtosstossxx or tweet me /rachyxx
  • Old School Nickelodeon Tribute I miss old school nickelodeon (1990s) and I'm sure many others do to. I wanted to pay a tribute to the shows that helped teach me how to act and behave and just have a great time. I really want there to be a new tv station with all of these shows on it, so hopefully there is a petition out there to sign or something. Enjoy.
  • Jennette McCurdy Nickelodeon cruise Hey I thought I would take you along for the ride on the first ever Nickelodeon cruise! I hope you enjoy it.
  • Wii Workouts - Nickelodeon Fit - Dora and Ni Hao Kai Lan Demo video for
  • Nickelodeon Family Suites Hotel New 4D Movie Experience The Nickelodeon Family Suites Hotel by Holiday Inn in Orlando, FL recently added a $3 million addition of a new 4D theater. This state-of-the-art theater held its grand opening on June 24th, 2008, premiering several 4D films including one featuring SpongeBob SquarePants. In-theater effects include seat vibration, neck & face air, leg ticklers, water mist, seat poke, and multiple scents (including a very accurate pickle smell!). Find out more about Nick Hotel at Video shot by Ricky Brigante.
  • Old Nickelodeon Bumpers (Late 80's to mid 90's) Nostalgic collection of Nick bumpers from around the late 80's to mid 90's.
  • A History of Nickelodeon This is a basic history of Nickelodeon, and the controversy behind why certain shows were cancelled.
  • old nickelodeon This is a video dedicated to the old nickelodeon in the 90's, these are some of the TV shows that were canceled, and few remain in the air. Some are transmitted in NICKHITS but now the Old GOOD Nickelodeon died (1990-2004) and Nick GaS too. So, you can put your coment in saying that put again this tv shows....
  • Big Time Rush!!!!!!!! Full Song HQ Nickelodeon.... With different Pics Full song from the new nickelodeon tv series Big Time Rush with diferent pics of the nick cuties!!!!!! YAY!!!! oh and btw I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG
  • Nickelodeon commercials - 1995 These were shown before and during a Looney Tunes broadcast. If you have old Nick tapes, please contact me to discuss a trade.
  • The Nickelodeon of the 1990s! This is a video of what Nickelodeon was like in the 90s!
  • Even Stevens - The Kiss 1/2 i found the episode its not the full episode but its most of it. They Are Going 2 Start Showing Re-Runs Of Even Stevens On DisneyXD Starting Feb.13
  • PROJECT: RESCUE CLASSIC NICKELODEON (TRAILER) SHOW YOUR SUPPORT and SPREAD THE WORD! SHARE THIS VIDEO GET BACK OUR NICKELODEON! AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (1994-1997) Adventures of the Little Koala (1987-1993) The Adventures of Tintin (1991-1996) Alvin and the Chipmunks The Alvin Show on Nickelodeon (1989-1992) The Angry Beavers (1997-2001) Bananaman (1983-1986) Belle and Sebastian (1984-1990) Beetlejuice (1989-1991) Bump in the Night (1993-1996) Cartoon Kablooey CatDog (1998-2000 only) Count Duckula (1988-1993) DangerMouse (1984-1987, 1991-1994) Doug (1991-1994) Eureeka's Castle (1989-1996) Freakazoid! (1995-1997) Garfield and Friends (1997-2000) Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics (1989-1995) Gumby Hey Arnold! (1996-2004) Heathcliff (1987-1991) Inspector Gadget (1987-1992) Jim Henson's Muppet Babies (1987-1999) KaBlam! (1996-2000) The Legend of Zelda (1989) The Littl' Bits (1991-1995) The Little Prince (1985-1990) Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon (1989-1999) Maple Town (1987-1990) Maya the Bee (1990-1992) Mysterious Cities of Gold (1986-1990) Noozles (1989-1993) Oh Yeah! Cartoons (1998-2000) Pinky and the Brain (1993-1996) The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991-1996) Rocko's Modern Life (1993-1997) Rocky and Bullwinkle Rugrats (Until the Movie) Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea (1986-1990) Sports Cartoon Star Trek: The Animated Series (1984) The Smurfs (1985-1989, 1991-1995) The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (1989) Tiny Toon Adventures (1989-1993) Underdog (1989) Voltron (1989-1996) The Wild Thornberrys (1998-2002) The World of David the ...
  • Nickelodeon Magazine Commercial (1997) Disclaimer: I do not own this video. December 7th Update: 15k views & 100 comments, Holy Crap! Thanks guys for all the great comments & making this video popular! RIP Nickelodeon Magazine. This might be the most overplayed commercial that ever aired on Nickelodeon. This commercial aired for about 6 years or so.
  • Nickelodeon Promos See the newest exclusive CHTV videos at Our videos premiere there first and in widescreen. Watch the original and view credits at
  • Nickelodeon in the 90's A lot of cartoons that i love
  • Wii Workouts - Nickelodeon Fit - Everyone Together Demo video for
  • Nickelodeon Party Blast Intro Nickelodeon Party Blast is a party video game released in 2002 by Data Design.
  • John Cena guest stars on Nickelodeon's "Fred: The Movie"
  • TV Commercials from NICKELODEON in 1991 Part 1 of 2 Groovy collection of kid's commercials from 1991. Part 2 coming soon! Video compiled and edited by: Matt Giannini Brought to you courtesy of Impractical Production Moving Pictures!!
  • Nickelodeon Stars Welcome "Big Time Rush" Meet the new stars of Big Time Rush on their cool new set, as they are welcomed by stars like Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota, Victorious Justice, and Gage Golightly. Who are you a fan of? Tell us at !
  • Nickelodeon Gak Ad I couldn't find this on youtube so.. here it is.
  • Classic Nickelodeon Shows This is a new montage of every old school Nickelodeon show. Since you people prefer the Golden Age of Nickelodeon, I decided to make a montage with a new design and new music. The song is called "No Surprises" by The Wearies. The song ends towards the end of the video. So I hope you guys will like it, and don't forget to comment. Shows: Rugrats Doug Rocko's Modern Life Ren & Stimpy Aaah! Real Monsters! Kablam! Oh Yeah! Cartoons The Angry Beavers Hey Arnold The Wild Thornberrys Rocket Power CatDog Invader Zim As Told By Ginger The Adventures of Pete & Pete Are You Afraid Of The Dark Clarissa Explains It All Salute Your Shorts Hey Dude You Can't Do That On Television The Secret World of Alex Mack Legends Of The Hidden Temple My Brother and Me Roundhouse Space Cases Weinerville Wild & Crazy Kids All That Kenan & Kel The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo Figure It Out The Journey of Allen Strange Cousin Skeeter Taina The Nick Cannon Show Animorphs Caitlin's Way 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd The Brothers Garcia The Amanda Show
  • Classic Nickelodeon Shows a few of my favorite old nickleodeon shows
  • Nickelodeon's iCarly Stars Web Show Secrets What's it take to have a successful web show? We talk to the right people as we catch up with the stars of iCarly. Hosted by Jill Wilderman.
  • Old School Nickelodeon See how many classic Nick shows you remember.
  • Justin Sings "Baby" LIVE at Nickelodeon Upfront Presentation! Popstar! got up close and personal with Justin Bieber - he did a surprise performance at the Nickelodeon Upfront Presentation today in New York City! After he sang "One Time" (acoustic) and "Baby," he took pictures with fans! Check out this rockin' performance of "Baby!" Read more at http
  • Justin: One Time Live Acoustic at Nickelodeon Upfront Presentation! Popstar! got up close and personal with Justin Bieber - he did a surprise performance at the Nickelodeon Upfront Presentation today in New York City! After he sang One Time and Baby, he took pictures with fans! Here is his acoustic performance of One Time! Read more at http
  • Nickelodeon Time Capsule - Commercial 6 In this famous Nick commercial is a little girl and her dog playing with an orange bone adorned with the Nickelodeon logo. Funny, I don't remember getting quite so dizzy when I watched it as a child. A copy of this commercial is said to reside in the Nickelodeon Time Capsule, recently moved to the new home of Nickelodeon Studios, and set to be opened in 2042.
  • TheShoppingMama: TheShoppingMama: RT @whatmommiesneed -> Nickelodeon Favorites: Merry Christmas! DVD: Review and Giveaway
  • JewComplains: JewComplains: Did you hear about the new Nickelodeon TV show created by Bruce Banner? Yo Gamma Gamma ;D #nerdpun #marvelous
  • TahniaKatherine: TahniaKatherine: @rachaeledlow and I have some exciting news too, I guess. Me & my sister are auditioning for a new nickelodeon show! ;D
  • jwall2309: jwall2309: RT @Himura_Buraian: #TheyNeedToBringBack all the 90's nickelodeon cartoons :)
  • JustBeliebing: JustBeliebing: #TheyNeedToBringBack the nickelodeon show "hey arnold" loll. I miss those shows
  • TPB_18: TPB_18: #TheyNeedToBringBack the good Disney movies/shows and the old nickelodeon shows!! #90'sflow
  • SweetaThanCandi: SweetaThanCandi: #TheyNeedToBringBack "GooseBUmps" on Nickelodeon
  • ImStillSassy: ImStillSassy: RT @_DreadsGoneHoe_: #TheyNeedToBringBack Rocket Power, Wild ThornBerry, Cousin Skeeter, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, CatDog etc.!! Whats good Nickelodeon..??
  • AxmaN7: AxmaN7: best part about being home watching 90's nickelodeon #90sAreAllThat
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  • worldofdance: worldofdance: On Nickelodeon movie set with @nickcannon @worldofdance @hermanflores Shot out to Nick 4 supporting WOD!
  • JWilsonGA: JWilsonGA: #TheyNeedToBringBack The orange couch and SNICK on Saturday nights. I miss those kick ass Nickelodeon shows of the 90's!
  • CardiacKid_: CardiacKid_: #TheyNeedToBringBack The old Nickelodeon
  • JoannaaChambers: JoannaaChambers: #TheyNeedToBringBack the 90's Nickelodeon shows. & not just at 1 in the morning...but ALL DAY.
  • Diego__SJ: Diego__SJ: RT @FredFigglehorn: me and @JohnCena in #Fred2 !!!!! It comes out on #Nickelodeon in October!!! wooo hooo
  • iRockLoud: iRockLoud: RT @_DreadsGoneHoe_: #TheyNeedToBringBack Rocket Power, Wild ThornBerry, Cousin Skeeter, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, CatDog etc.!! Whats good Nickelodeon..??
  • keshauna111: keshauna111: RT @Official4Count: We did a small cameo today in a new nickelodeon movie featuring the schoolgyrlz @NCredibleFAM
  • Himura_Buraian: Himura_Buraian: #TheyNeedToBringBack all the 90's nickelodeon cartoons :)
  • love_tay3: love_tay3: RT @BeautifalJayy: #TheyNeedToBringBack "My cousin Skeeter"-Nickelodeon
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  • PhilippeTouzFan: PhilippeTouzFan: RT @naatycuellar: #TheyNeedToBringBack Nickelodeon 90's shows. They were amazing!
  • Jord_Voldemort: Jord_Voldemort: @jamprincessjam the day it came to nickelodeon was one of the best days of my life
  • carmel_sundaee: carmel_sundaee: #Theyneedtobringback Cousin Skeeter on nickelodeon
  • BeautifalJayy: BeautifalJayy: #TheyNeedToBringBack "My cousin Skeeter"-Nickelodeon
  • kpopzz: kpopzz: @ArianaGrande Hi, I would LOVE a follow from my favorite Nickelodeon star. :]
  • KailorDaSailor: KailorDaSailor: Watching 90's nickelodeon shows whattttupppp #AllThat ballin
  • meggnee: meggnee: RT @BrasilianFatMan: #TheyNeedToBringBack the old Nickelodeon shows
  • naatycuellar: naatycuellar: #TheyNeedToBringBack Nickelodeon 90's shows. They were amazing!
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  • hermanflores: hermanflores: RT @RodJonas: On #nickelodeon movie set with @nickcannon @StreetKingdomCo @worldofdance @hermanflores #WODlife taking over. Shot out to Nick 4 the opp!!
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  • VeronicaWuster: VeronicaWuster: - I love how everyone is tweeting #TheyNeedToBringBack for nickelodeon cartoons. :D #mypeeps
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  • mfoxypenguin: mfoxypenguin: When BTR reaches 70 votes ill tweet 2 mini concert videos and 3 pics :) Vote BTR 4 Favorite New Nickelodeon Show RT
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  • cartooninside: cartooninside: Nickelodeon Slime Commercial REVERSED YouTube
  • cartooninside: cartooninside: Nickelodeon Slime Commercial REVERSED YouTube

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