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  • 1-Wikcup Stove, 1-Fuel measuring cup (1oz) 1 Measuring Syringe, 1-Instruction sheet Copyright © 2007 2008 2009 2010 Oaky Creek Design & Engineering. — “Oaky Creek Design & Engineering”,
  • Many wine drinkers disdain oaky flavors in the glass. But F&W's Kristin Donnelly, a contrarian, argues that a nicely toasty red or white wine is sometimes the perfect match for a beautifully grilled dish. — “Oak Meets Smoke: Wine Pairings for Grilled Foods | Food & Wine”,
  • Oaky is having a SOUL IN A JAR SALE!! Its a Halloween special! $1 OFF all soul in the jar items until November 1st! (Items already reduced). — “Pinback buttons and jewelry by oaky on Etsy”,
  • Enter your e-mail address below to receive important updates from Save Oaky Woods Oaky Woods is a beautiful 19,200 acre tract of beautiful wilderness near the town of Kathleen in Houston County, Georgia. — “Save Oaky Woods - We Need Your Help To Save Oaky Woods!”,
  • It is my privilege to serve as Pastor of Oaky Grove Church. Our heart-felt prayer is for people to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and become actively involved in a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing and preaching church that cares for them. — “Oaky Grove Church Homepage”,
  • Oaky definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Oaky | Define Oaky at ”,
  • Discount Department Store, low prices, high quality products, secure site, encrypted payment processing, protection of private information, member of better business bureau, on/off site shopping items. — “Oaky-Doaky-, online department store, high”, oaky-doaky-
  • Reviews, lists and profiles for Oaky. — “Oaky reviews, lists and profiles”,
  • Oaky use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with Oaky. Oaky in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. If an oaky flavor is desired then the wine can be matured in oak barrels. — “Oaky - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Oak·y n. ( ō k' y̆ ) Resembling oak; strong. Bp. Hall. Related Videos: oaky. Top. Click to Play. An Introduction to Wagner Chardonnay. View more Literature & Language videos. Related topics: rioja. toast; toasted; toasted barrels (wine-related term). — “oaky: Information from ”,
  • How to Identify Oaky Flavors in Wine. Oak has long been used for wine storage during fermentation and aging. It was only during the previous century that oak began to be used in wine making as a means of imparting a sought after. — “How to Identify Oaky Flavors in Wine | ”,
  • Oaky Manufacturers & Oaky Suppliers Directory - Find a Oaky Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Oaky Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Oaky-Oaky Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • ecstatic, happy, excited, , a thing that is very cool. It can also be defined as being the exact opposite of the word salty. this word ha. — “Urban Dictionary: oaky”,
  • The mini-me of the Oak, The Oaky is a wallaby style shoe which features elastic lacing The mini-me of the Oak, The Oaky is a wallaby style shoe which features elastic lacing. — “Oaky | Terra Plana”,
  • A guy named Oaky Doaks may not have been quite as dashing and strong as Val (tho he did Oaky didn't start out as a prince, like Val did. He was just a farm boy, who fashioned a. — “Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Oaky Doaks”,
  • Used appropriately, an oaky wine can be very attractive; overdone, it blocks out the other components of a wine and is not enjoyed by everyone. If the wine is not rich and concentrated, the barrels can overwhelm the wine, making it taste overly oaky. — “: Oaky”,
  • Snooth has one of the largest inventories of Oaky wine available. Compare prices from stores and online merchants for mail order purchasing and delivery. — “Buy oaky wine online”,
  • oaky (comparative oakier, superlative oakiest) Describing the taste of wine that has been Retrieved from "http:///wiki/oaky" Categories: English words suffixed with -y | English. — “oaky - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of oaky in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of oaky. Pronunciation of oaky. Translations of oaky. oaky synonyms, oaky antonyms. Information about oaky in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “oaky - definition of oaky by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Discover, discuss & share the latest Oaky news, photos & videos. — “Oaky News, Photos and Videos | DECANT3R”, decant3
  • Eastern Color published an Oaky Doaks comic book in July, 1942. Neither a prince nor a knight, Oaky Doaks was merely a muscle-headed farm boy who constructed his suit of armor from the tin roof of a shed. — “Oaky Doaks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • No Q&A pair has been posted. Ask oaky: Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Real-time Chat @ oaky. oaky has chosen not to enable this feature. — “oaky: i hate to type but i happen to love pokemon and i live”,

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  • Oaky's Justice League Abridged Episode 2 A global conference has been called about nuclear disarmament, maybe speculate whether that is false publicising and it is really about underwear shortages world wide...the worlds biggest accident waiting to happen has been called in to quell the madness...with disastrous results I DO NOT OWN JUSTICE LEAGUE OR ANY OF THE USED MATERIAL TO MAKE THIS POOR ATTEMPT AT AN ABRIDGED SERIES. ALL RIGHTS AN COPYRIGHTS ARE RESERVED BY DC COMICS , CARTOON NETWORK AND THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS OF THE TV SHOW AND THE RESPECTED CHARACTERS. THIS IS A NON-PROFIT PRODUCTION AND MADE PURELY FOR ENJOYMENT AND FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF OTHERS. PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE AND ENJOY
  • Oaky On My Bench Rich "Oaky" O'Connor. Monson Massachusetts July 3 2011
  • That's So Raven- On Top Of Old Oaky Part 3 That's So Raven
  • ROAD 13 VINEYARDS - MR. OAKY From a collection of video shorts produced by Road 13 Vineyards located on the Golden Mile Bench in the South Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Winemaker Michael Bartier and wine consultant David Scholefield have a visit with "Mr. Oaky". Visit www.road13 to learn more.
  • That's so Raven - On Top of Old Oaky. S03E16 - (Part 2 of 3) That's so Raven - On Top of Old Oaky. Season 03, Episode 16 - (Part 2 of 3) Chelsea has a new boyfriend Jake. He tells her that he's a vegetarian and he cares for the enviroment. Then Raven has a vision that Jake is eating ribs. That proves that he isn't telling the truth. Raven and Eddie try to prove it to chelsea but she wont listen. Meanwhile, Cory's band needs a lead singer. Francesca, one of the singers, is pretty but can't sing. Cory is blinded by love. And thinks she sings like and Angel. Later Chelsea gets in a tree and Raven and Eddie prove to her that Jake is a fake. Then William and Larry prove to Cory that Francesca is a horrible singer. SEE AND ENJOY!
  • Mighty Boosh Remix Mojo Filter presents Oaky Timbre An A/V remix of Mighty Boosh sketch Howards note. Audio: Mojo Filter. Video: PreciousRGB. The tune is available at and all over blog-land with killer remixes by The Loose Cannons. /benzavencrane
  • Oaky Silver yodels Yet another Hijitus AMV, based on the episode "Oaky Enamorado"! Maybe now Oaky Silver will finally manage to surprise his beloved girl... even despite the fact he´s merely a baby. :) Starring: Oaky, Hijitus, Pichichus, Larguiruchitus ( :D ) Cameos: El Comisario, Professor Neurus, Pucho Characters (C) Manuel Garcia Ferre Music: Tyrolea Band - "Jodlowanie"
  • An Oaky Minute Edited by: Chris Leon Filming:Chris Leon & Leo Contreras & everyone Dancer: Chris Leon Special appearance: Bongies
  • Goldeneye - Team Conflict: &.Tabor and &.Aggro vs. Cyber, Dooms[SD], Oaky[SD] and Exiled Wolf. Out leveled, out grouped and out gunned, Aggro and I took on four of the best players in Goldeneye. After about 1:50, our idiot teammate named WEEBLES started following me and shooting at me repeatedly to give away my position (I have a silenced Strata in this video). After it got me killed a few times, I got fed up and quit.
  • Oaky the Pug Playing with the Sprinkler Our 12 week old pug Oaky playing with the sprinkler.
  • Iulia Caraiman - Oaky Club Iulia Caraiman la Oaky Club Campina, 06.03.2009.
  • Oaky The Random Ass Tony had an appointment so Cody took him out. No one was there but dont worry. We had substitution. Lol.....It's Oak (Cody's little brother). He's annoying sometime but you know wat.......He's a cool little boy. The Cool thing about this is that we don't have any scripts or plan for this video and everything was recorded in 1 shot. Let's see how he entertain you guys. Please share this vid to support us. Enjoy and remember........Chicks dig you
  • Ice Racing Oaky Rides XR100 Kodak ZX1 I put camera in ziplock bag and hung it around my neck for a new prospective
  • Oaky Doaky Rabbit Hunter Oaky Doaky The Rabbit Hunter, takes his friends Les and Bill on a backwoods Maine hunting trip. watch Oaky chse and Les and Bill psychoanylize the hip new sport of Rabbit Hunting.
  • Sonny Perdue Takes Oaky Woods Away Fox 5 in Atlanta covers Sonny taking away Oaky Woods
  • What Really Happened to Oaky Woods Sonny Did It
  • Oaky- Youtubes next best horse? Entry 4 BexaEquestrian4s contest! *JUDGES PLEASE READ!* Ok so about a ago my house burnt down. My family lost everything. So we moved to a different town about 50miles away. I had rode horse for about 7 years and rode an Arab that was basically a push button horse. Once we started to get settled in I started going to a ranch where I helped out with riding horses and chores. One day they put my this big bay horse. They didn't tell me his name but they told me he was a handful and that he was probably gonna be naughty. So I warmed em up and ran him thru barrels, he was very hot, he jumped the barrels, ran up the fence, danced across the arena, he was basically a blown up barrel horse. I knocked my barrels that night then I ever had in my life! But for some reason I really liked him, and so we decided that we were gonna buy him. Oaky was a 1D barrel horse 2 years earlier and was posted for sale at $20000. Alot of people would buy him, ride him at home, he would scarethe crap out of them and then they would sell him again. Over and over again, he never really had a home. Then I got him, he was blown up, confused and he really didn't know what to think of me, well because I was probably just gonna sell him. But I didn't I worked with him and he got better with time. He started to trust me and I started to trust him. It wasn't easy. It took ALOT of work. Some days I got so frustrated that I was ready to sell em. But we been working reall hard and this past year we have gone from the 4D to running inthe 1D & 2D ...
  • Michael describing the flavor of a wine This is Michael Scott, wine aficionado describing the flavor of a particular wine.
  • OAKY SKATE THROWAWAY Extra Oaky footy
  • My Barrel Buddy *Oaky* - Fireflies Well I have ofically been riding Oaky for 8 months! He has go to be th biggest pain in the butt, but i love him with all my heart. I love the way he acts all silly and the way he looks at me and winnies when i come to the gate. Oaky is a great horse, he is teaching me soo much. Hes such a cutie, i could think of another horse that fits my personality any better! Hes such a good boy. -Oaky even helped me get up my 2D and 3D points in NBHA! I won two belt buckles for the end of the yr awars because I won the 2D and 3D! Oaky's fastest time is a 15.8 so far :) RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, ENJOY! PS I WORKED FOR EVER ON THIS VIDEO! I LOVE IT! ***********YOUTUBE************ I DONT OWN THE AUDIO! SO DONT BE STUPID AND TAKE IT AWAY!
  • Super Hijius-Capitulo:Oaky Silver
  • S-ASA-MI VINE CATEODATA - Oaky Club Campina Gogu ne incanta din nou!
  • That's so Raven - On Top of Old Oaky. S03E16 - (Part 3 of 3) That's so Raven - On Top of Old Oaky. Season 03, Episode 16 - (Part 3 of 3) Chelsea has a new boyfriend Jake. He tells her that he's a vegetarian and he cares for the enviroment. Then Raven has a vision that Jake is eating ribs. That proves that he isn't telling the truth. Raven and Eddie try to prove it to chelsea but she wont listen. Meanwhile, Cory's band needs a lead singer. Francesca, one of the singers, is pretty but can't sing. Cory is blinded by love. And thinks she sings like and Angel. Later Chelsea gets in a tree and Raven and Eddie prove to her that Jake is a fake. Then William and Larry prove to Cory that Francesca is a horrible singer. SEE AND ENJOY!
  • That's So Raven- On Top Of Old Oaky Part 1 That's So Raven
  • oaky dokey george and matt drunk and singing
  • oaky skate montage skate
  • Goldeneye 007 Oaky Team Conflict at Facility SD vs ECHO Game 1 vs ECHO
  • Oaky Woods chalk prairies DNR botanist Tom Patrick describes the ecological diversity of Atlantic Coastal Plain chalk prairies on Oaky Woods WMA. The prairies' limestone-rich clay -- left over from ancient seas and seashells -- favors a unique suite of plants, from yellow prairie coneflower and Dakota vervain in the openings to Durand and chinquapin oaks, Biltmore ash, redbud, Carolina buckthorn and other trees along the edges. Oaky Woods has some of the best examples of this globally rare habitat. Plans for the 13000-acre WMA near Warner Robins include restoring and expanding the prairies.
  • Squirrel Hunting on Oaky Woods WMA Squirrel hunting with the dogs on Oaky Woods Wildlife Management Area in Houston County, GA, 01/12/2008.
  • That's So Raven- On Top Of Old Oaky Part 2 That's So Raven
  • Oaky's No Jumping Runs Just some random MBG/MBP levels I attempted to do without jumping. A few of them proved to be quite tricky to pull off! Marbletris :: Pretty straightforward, easy path to pull off. A-Maze-Ing :: It was tough to get on the wall at the start, but from there it's pretty much straight forward. An awesome edge hit on the moving wall saves you a fair amount of time. Slope Madness :: A very tough, complex path to pull off. Even harder to figure out! Using the Super Bounce at the end cut about 10-15 seconds off my old time, yay for figuring it out! Points of the Compass :: Just some difficult edge hits, skillshotting the thin beams is also hard. Crash Couse :: ARGH! FRUSTRATING! It's so hard to go along the trim, because you can easily hit the side of something and either fall off or lose momentum. Only one stuff up here, trying to go up the triangle with no run up. So all in all, it's a pretty entertaining video. Thanks for watching! Music: I Told You I Was Freekie by Flight of the Conchords. Seriously a frickin' awesome song.
  • Sara O'Connor-Granpa Oaky Version I recorded this song with myself and Chris Glanville about 5 years ago. Oaky on Vocals and guitars, Chris on Drums and Bass.
  • chris leon oaky part s
  • [OAKY]-Glove Show- Breathe my lights ran out of batteries so heres a white glove show. please feel free to leave any comments and feedback.100%FREESTYLE Use coupon code: "OAKY" at for %5 off everything song name: Breathe-Telepopmusik i do not own the song
  • art rodriguez oaky part skate
  • i'm not oaky to all MCR fans
  • Oaky Woods Squirrel Hunt II Squirrel hunting on 01/20/2008 on Big Grocery Creek, Oaky Woods WMA, GA.
  • CANTEC PENTRU TINE - Oaky Club Campina cantare live
  • Oakie Doke Theme - Subtitled The Oakie Doke Title Theme From 1996, With Subtitles so you can sing along!
  • GLOBUL DE CRISTAL - Oaky Club Campina cantare live!
  • Sylfifouney: Sylfifouney: @KaneBurchell I was annoyed but now it's oaky man ; ) Night
  • NancyStika: NancyStika: @Bobbie7751 oaky thanks honey, sorry I get confused pretty easily in case you haven't noticed LOL
  • sherdonna08: sherdonna08: @MANGO_KittyKat oh oaky..who doesn't work on sat?
  • __Kage__: __Kage__: Ooh! I 2003 red something. Oh, I bet its very oaky and corky and full of fruity legs. #IKnowNothingAboutWine
  • willyswi: willyswi: RT @MeLlamo_TIANA: @willyswi Oaky i tld u dont be callin me an ode and yeah 3gals have tld u u always actin lyk a 13yr old on her period..are u dat silly
  • MeLlamo_TIANA: MeLlamo_TIANA: @willyswi Oaky i tld u dont be callin me an ode and yeah 3gals have tld u u always actin lyk a 13yr old on her period..are u dat silly
  • bellacullenTVD: bellacullenTVD: @PDubberishna ooohh... oaky hun!! no prob!!! ;))) i wish you dood luck!! ♥♥♥ just RT it....!! ;))
  • LoveYou_BbyMarv: LoveYou_BbyMarv: Oaky Juss Started Workinnn
  • _yazsminda: _yazsminda: RT @xCuteSmile: On top of Old Oaky all covered with leaves....oh Chelsea stop singing, I'm begging you please. #ThatsSoRaven #xCuteSmile
  • ahdictionary: ahdictionary: @lennthompson Just a reminder that you won a new American Heritage Dictionary for using the word "oaky" on 9/5. To claim or donate, DM us.
  • JDWard11: JDWard11: @truefashionista and you right you were 4hrs late but its oaky lol
  • FyremaneFoxx: FyremaneFoxx: @lynxdarkwynd okay oaky, you can use it.
  • IAmMaxLaine: IAmMaxLaine: Oaky. And your point? (As my child is sitting there listening to this)
  • onedirectionRSA: onedirectionRSA: @1Dinfection_GER i sent you my DM for the fanbook if that is oaky :) <3
  • winejames: winejames: Can you say "oaky"? Showed in the wine. http://t.co/1Bk0PlxV
  • VanessaJonesyy: VanessaJonesyy: fell over in netball today and bloodyhell my knee! but it was oaky i was just thinking of @HarrisonWebb97 and the pain went away:) LOVE him!
  • AbiCookie: AbiCookie: @EdSheeranTeam Hahah it's oaky i've read a LOT of books as well because If I don't read I stress too much it's weird it's like i have 2 read
  • Craigattack: Craigattack: @Hollygoes_Rawr OAKY HAHAHA
  • KoraKen: KoraKen: @misswnasteph oaky! but tomorrow it better be on coz need to talk to you. hope you good though?
  • DaRealGeloApuan: DaRealGeloApuan: @sheymercadoodle oaky alng yan :DD boblats siya ehhh =))
  • SaraHisBeloved: SaraHisBeloved: @BibleMemCoins oaky doaky. 1 John what on Friday? Will touch on 1 Peter bf tonight. Thanks godfather lol
  • FuqYaThoughts_: FuqYaThoughts_: dont hit me with tha oaky doke!!
  • emilysrsl: emilysrsl: @JevelleSee oaky!!!! (:
  • rockpaperlaser: rockpaperlaser: @Funkymonkey_1D aweeh :( hahah , oaky then ! X
  • RanbirAddict: RanbirAddict: @iheartranbir hahah oaky i know who that *someone* is :P hmm so tell me any plans for tomorrow? :D
  • eHarmony_: eHarmony_: I hate him, oaky ass hoe.
  • Shelby501: Shelby501: @abiejay501 oaky figure that out.
  • Twitflup: Twitflup: @richhale I am Oaky, how are you?
  • richhale: richhale: @Twitflup - bit too oaky?
  • imfkinspiderman: imfkinspiderman: @imbradies_webb im getting one friday. are you oaky?
  • heyitsazziz: heyitsazziz: Oaky #100daystoheaven na
  • BondiManc: BondiManc: @Rev962 Cinnamon or lilies, or fresh coffee, or a nice oaky chardy, or garlic breath (yes really!)
  • JordanVONGOLA: JordanVONGOLA: @gwiboonies ouhhhh HAHAHAHA, its oaky, ask eekie about it 8D
  • shereen21s: shereen21s: @DianaWeller haha don't work too hard lol, oaky doaky :)
  • Qijueeeeee_lim: Qijueeeeee_lim: @JunhongASDFG oaky thank you.
  • KENTMSAN: KENTMSAN: @jazzmeanjasmine oaky by cash ???
  • CPrincessUK: CPrincessUK: @Ro062121 haha. Just about to get in with Oaky. A good parent can't have favourites!
  • ToriVegaOnline: ToriVegaOnline: @CrazyCatV (ooc) he oaky now?
  • LocsiLovee: LocsiLovee: @This_Tall_Guy Lol oh it is what I want Big Oaky.
  • PiinarAksu: PiinarAksu: @sukisharawat16 hah oaky baby;) #bored #muchlove
  • Craigattack: Craigattack: @The_Gabatron HAH OAKY =]]]]
  • NYbound_12: NYbound_12: Oaky I really need to be sleep but I can't breath
  • NYbound_12: NYbound_12: Oaky I did change my personality I only hang with a few people if your not one of them than oh well
  • NYbound_12: NYbound_12: Oaky so I'm kinda pissed but it's what ever hoes gone be hoes so what can I do about that??..... Nothing at all lmao I'm a mean person
  • Little_ambs: Little_ambs: Oaky cowboys you had NO touchdowns. You seriously cannot brag right now.
  • paiiiiigen: paiiiiigen: @angelologan oaky, well let me know in advance cuz October is really busy for me,
  • Pink_Applehead: Pink_Applehead: @SoFarLIT0_o well Oaky dnt be a stranger, I still got the same # too lol
  • freakin_ladi: freakin_ladi: @dolcekb lol...lol... oaky...I can take you too!!!
  • ericmen: ericmen: Veggie Heaven on #Yelp: The owners are of a "strange religion." The food is oaky, but the restaurant is not. The res... http://t.co/8luTxcgt
  • CaitDog13: CaitDog13: The wine won. A little spicy, with an oaky finish. Much like my Monday, somehow.
  • BlackBarbi3_91: BlackBarbi3_91: @black_love25 lol oaky you gone see if not to TX..lol
  • MaxGreensBass: MaxGreensBass: Photo: Oaky here’s the real one. http://t.co/saCkZXOX
  • ocbrewerswife: ocbrewerswife: Oaky goodness — Drinking a Secret Stash @ The Artisan... — http://t.co/8ybv3eNB
  • conradflowers: conradflowers: @backboneshiver THE LIST IS COUNTLESS OAKY
  • Sir_Jubucks12: Sir_Jubucks12: @All_Your_Love it was oaky but it ended better. Wbu ?
  • LPSGilly: LPSGilly: @TwiligtGirl568 aw :( Datz oaky ^_^ i cancelled it anyways because i was bored, LOL
  • sakura_benafe: sakura_benafe: Helloo...my followers...nice too meet u oaky...welcome too sakura benafe twitter...I hope happy happy everyday oaky★_★
  • AquaMotail: AquaMotail: @OfficialKarHK :( you oaky though?
  • sakura_benafe: sakura_benafe: Gud morning...guess...have nice day oaky...don't u angry angry...
  • camyxaini: camyxaini: @msdimple10 YEAH :D heheh but i gotta help paul first SOOOOO COME TOO OAKY :O DONT LEAVE ME ALONE
  • alexmetcalfe1: alexmetcalfe1: @thejbone87 @JuanDaviz @1oaky1 Oaky represented the #malikboyz well tonight, whereas I was like Cal Steel at a spelling test #special
  • CupSandraCake: CupSandraCake: @TwiEclipseBR http://t.co/oeTz7HnR http://t.co/BRjaFMSx http://t.co/vTCc8OLj I mean its oaky if you take th… (cont) http://t.co/j5zmb0zW
  • pureclubclass: pureclubclass: Going for Oakey gold!: Featuring a sample from the well known Tears for Fears track - Shout, this tune was one ... http://t.co/it6fAsiF
  • WorldOfMeli: WorldOfMeli: @LiamYouBabe1D Naww oaky good that you didn't start it but babe I have to go to bed ;( Speak to you tomorrow and if you're bored I (c)
  • xoBritishBeauty: xoBritishBeauty: @WhoaDerrJuice oaky !
  • Beau2fulyHonest: Beau2fulyHonest: @boats_nHoes oaky just let me know!
  • guyawoodward: guyawoodward: Chateau de Beauregard 09: a touch oaky, but still a classy white Burg for the price. (Yep - we're on Pouilly-Fuisse version, not Pomerol)
  • CodySimpsonSure: CodySimpsonSure: @SimpsonizersRI oaky:D thats all?
  • fishycloudpetal: fishycloudpetal: @__rilakkuma Yeah, okay. you can have kyuhyun until heenim comes back.. ~ that's oaky
  • amos1986: amos1986: @Sophie_Mais oaky dokey :) yey xciting xx
  • HoransNiallette: HoransNiallette: @lovedani101 oaky so basically Jack is cast on McHurties Hospital, both he and Dani are supposed to have an on-screen kiss! :P
  • aniamalnaarmad: aniamalnaarmad: @InJun0309_ keke,it's oaky~actully i'm quite lampi on taht maybe~LOL
  • simply_kmarie: simply_kmarie: On top of old oaky, all covered in leaves !
  • aleceatsalot: aleceatsalot: @kristinebritney HAHAHA Grabe. And i thought i was getting old =)) Hahaha oaky lang baby face tayo ;;))
  • attheofficemax: attheofficemax: @icaseymatney Oaky I got one too. :)
  • CatQuack: CatQuack: @BecklesCake I hope you are oaky -Hugs-
  • EdDrain_DB: EdDrain_DB: @MrsKSheeran Wooo! Im oaky, headache still-.- Guess what
  • Daviboypullin: Daviboypullin: @lostboys96 oaky bro and omg my American gel showed me a picture of her and Shea fking fit! I will show u her tomorrow
  • OMG_Universe: OMG_Universe: @preshusk its oaky.
  • AhmedZhaffran: AhmedZhaffran: oaky. enough for today :)
  • Jasmine_Will: Jasmine_Will: Finna break out in song its hella boring On top of old oaky...! Sing it wit me @Nemo_Wicks ! Lhh
  • FiresideWinery: FiresideWinery: NEW - our 2010 Seyval Blanc is amazing! A rich, velvety buttery and oaky goodness. Only available at the winery. Yum!
  • mikeyplewis: mikeyplewis: @RobLondon @moocowuk much too oaky, shirley?
  • Untamed_Vixen: Untamed_Vixen: @iTweetMason okay okay *laughs* it's oaky you can kee her *looks at you* i am not such a baby freak *looks at both* but yours are cute
  • _NotoriousBij: _NotoriousBij: @ShaqThaRipper what does oaky bul mean?

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  • “Oakwood's Blog poems news and reviews by Oaky Wood and friends good evening and welcome, to Oakwood's Blog my name is Oaky Wood and I'm here to welcome you to this humble site”
    — OAKWOOD'S : : BLOG : : ARTICLES : : & : : POEMS: :"Gift of,

  • “Oaky Homy tells Uncle Sam "Don't tread on us! PrisonPlanet Forum > ***THE MAIN BOARDS - Welcome to the Prison Planet Educational Forum and Library*** > General Discussion for the Prison Planet Educational Forum and Library > Oaky Homy tells Uncle Sam "Don't tread on us!”
    Oaky Homy tells Uncle Sam "Don't tread on us!",

  • “Wine Pictures! - Thursday, January 14, 2010. Wine Trend 2010 #5: Less oaky wines #2 France Vacation Wine Country Gastronomy Vineyards Wineries Wine Blog”
    — BKWine Brief Blog: Wine Trend 2010 #5: Less oaky wines #2,

  • “Oaky Woods trip”
    Oaky Woods trip,

  • “The Starbucks' blog on their Italian Roast expresses a contrasting opinion that I've the flavor of the fruit itself, a wine would be considered too "oaky”
    — Of Dark Roasts and Oaky Wines | Coffee Bean International,

  • “I've pretty much jumped ship a couple months ago, having been a pretty active member of this forum for the past couple years. But when I”
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  • “Find all posts by Oaky-GTI : - Topics - Posts. Birthday: 1986-05-28 Free forum | © phpBB | Free forum support | Report an abuse | Free forums”
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  • “Chardonnay is oaky. This oak can be a problem for some foods, but one thing that oaky flavors play with very well is grilling. Grilled meats and fish seem to really like oaky wines. Seared and roasted foods still do well with Chardonnay, but grilling and oak seem to love each other”
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  • “TastyBrew is an on-line homebrew recipe database and homebrewing resource. Subject: Re: way too oaky + tannic age out? Author: ASouth. Jan 23rd, 2008. 7:17 pm. Tannins break down with time. Don't throw it out! You'll love it in 18 - 24 months. " Back to Forum Index. This forum is for beer related topics”
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