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  • Accompanied by daughters Sasha and Malia, Obama said by pardoning the birds he had stopped what he called a second 'shellacking' in one month. The president was referring to the drubbing his Democratic Party received at the hands of Republicans. — “Video: Obama pardons turkeys from dinner table - News”,
  • Taking part in an annual ritual, President Obama pardoned a pair of California turkeys at the White House Wednesday, sparing the birds from the Thanksgiving dinner table. — “Turkey pardon: Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys - ”,
  • The growing TSA groping scandal is another Obama political fiasco, almost a comical way for an American president to commit political suicide. Obama showed it when Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., himself a racial demagogue,. — “American Thinker: TSA Groping and Obama's Black Revenge Narrative”,
  • WASHINGTON (AP) -- Barack Obama performed an annual rite of presidents on Wednesday, pardoning a pair of turkeys on Thanksgiving eve and cracking jokes about the competition that brought them to his famous doorstep. "For the record, let me say. — “Barack Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey (PHOTOS)”,
  • WhiteHouse.gov is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House history, and. — “The White House”, whitehouse.gov
  • President Barack Obama has set the goal of eventually ridding the world of nuclear arms as a central theme of his presidency, but North Korea's defiance and other recent setbacks have raised fresh doubts about whether he can turn his vision into. — “N. Korea crisis latest blow to Obama's nuclear agenda”,
  • Obama spares turkeys 'shellacking' he got at polls President Barack Obama, center, works with members of his family as they pack food for Thanksgiving at. — “Obama Spares Turkeys 'Shellacking' He Got At Polls : NPR”,
  • US president Barack Obama says American support for South Korea in its confrontation with North Korea is "unshakeable". — “US support for S Korea unshakeable: Obama - ABC News”, .au
  • As you may recall, during the 2008 presidential campaign, Mr. Wurzelbacher was throwing a football with his son in the front yard of his home when then-candidate Barack Obama and his campaign entourage passed by. given the opportunity to ask Obama a question about his tax policies. — “" Obama - Big Government”,
  • President Barack Obama indicated he is not worried about a possible 2012 presidential contest against Sarah Palin, saying: "I don't think about her. — “Barack Obama reveals he doesn't view Palin as a threat”,
  • Sarah Palin's new book offers a look at the kinds of attacks she might use against President Obama in a campaign. — “New Palin Book Offers a Road Map for a Run Against Obama”,
  • President Obama touts the fruits of his bailout of the auto industry in Kokomo, Ind., but the same day the Federal Reserve darkens hopes for a robust recovery. — “Obama touts Chrysler success but remains hostage to a tepid”,
  • President Barack Obama stood by new controversial screening measures Saturday, calling methods such as pat-downs and body scans necessary to assure airline safety. — “Barack Obama: News & Videos about Barack Obama - ”,
  • U.S. President Barack Obama met Tuesday with his top advisers about the situation on the Korean peninsula, in the wake of North Korea's artillery attack on a South Korean island. — “VOA | Obama Meets with Top Advisers on Korea Situation | News”,
  • WASHINGTON — President Obama yesterday ordered a vast reviewto ensure that those who take part in US-backed research are treated ethically, a response to the revelation that US scientists intentionally infected people at a Guatemalan mental. — “Obama orders review of human studies - The Boston Globe”,
  • The very worst response to the Korean crisis is to do what President Obama did yesterday: that is to announce a joint US-South Korean military exercise on the border this weekend. The State Department then explained that the exercise had been. — “Adrian Hamilton: Obama risks making the Korean crisis worse”,
  • User-created biography of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. — “Barack Obama - Wikipedia”,
  • Official Website of Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign. — “Welcome to Obama for America”,
  • "For the record, let me say that it feels pretty good to stop at least one shellacking this November," Obama said in the White House Rose Garden, where he was flanked by daughters Malia and Sasha. Obama greeted patrons and their children with holiday wishes and high. — “Obama pardons pair of turkeys | The Salt Lake Tribune”,
  • President has now Pardoned Four Turkeys From Thanksgiving Slaughter but has Yet to Grant a Pardon to a Human Being Read more by Mark Knoller on CBS News' Political Hotsheet. — “Obama Pardons Turkeys - but Not People - Political Hotsheet”,

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  • Crush On Obama The song that changed the world! This video was named by Newsweek a top 10 meme of decade and the Webby's a top internet moment of all time. Obama Girl videos have been viewed over 120 million times... subscribe for more! Click here to subscribe! Created by: Ben Relles Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger Vocals: Leah Kauffman MORE BARELY POLITICAL: Follow us on Twitter Check out our websites http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202
  • President Obama Roasts Donald Trump At White House Correspondents' Dinner! President Obama mocks Donald Trump over birth certificate conspiracy, Celebrity Apprentice & his presidential ambitions!
  • Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video Congratulations, Mr. President. -Lyrics- It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation. Yes we can. It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom. Yes we can. It was sung by immigrants as...
  • President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address www.c- President Barack Obama took the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States and delivered an inaugural address focusing on the themes of sacrifice and renewal on January 20, 2009.
  • President Obama Meets with King Abdullah II of Jordan President Obama and King Abdullah II of Jordan speak to the media after meeting in the Oval Office. May 17, 2011.
  • BARACK OBAMA SPEECH OFFICIAL BREAKING NEWS OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD (Full HD) "Justice has been done," the president declared as crowds formed outside the White House to celebrate, singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "We Are the Champions," NBC News reported. Obama said bin Laden, whom he called a terrorist "responsible for the murder of thousands of American men, women and children," was killed in Pakistan earlier in the day after a firefight in an operation that was based on US intelligence. Officials long believed that bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world, was hiding a mountainous region along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. It is a major accomplishment for Obama and his national security team, having fulfilled the goal once voiced by Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, to bring to justice the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks. Obama declared that "the death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation's struggle to defeat al-Qaida," he stressed that the effort continues. "We must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad," he said, while emphasizing that "the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam." obama gives his speech on the killing of osama bin laden!! GO AMERICA!! ALL COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO THE WHITEHOUSE! I'M AM JUST SPREADING THE NEWS!! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE VIDEO SHOWN.
  • Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl Obama Song #2: Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl Vocals performed by: Leah Kauffman () Song produced by Rick Friedrich Directed and Edited by Kevin Arbouet and Larry Strong Director of Photography: Patryk Rebisz Created by Ben Relles Starring Amber Lee Ettinger () MORE BARELY: Subscribe! Follow us on Twitter Visit our arcade! /barelyarcade Check out our websites http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202 Watch Amber's channel
  • President Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, DC
  • Barack Obama's Downfall Barack Obama is in Berlin to give a speech. Watch Hitler freak out!
  • President Obama Surprises Booker T. Washington Graduates The President does a surprise drop-in on the graduating class at Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, TN before he speaks at their graduation ceremony. The school was the winner of the 2011 Commencement Challenge contest. May 16, 2011.
  • Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union' Barack Obama speaks in Philadelphia, PA at Constitution Center, on matters not just of race and recent remarks but of the fundamental path by which America can work together to pursue a better future.
  • President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4th, 2008 in Chicago.
  • Obama at Al Smith Dinner -Part 1- Part 2: To Al Smith IV: "I obviously never knew your grandfather, but from everything Sen. McCain has told me..."
  • President Obama Thanks the Intelligence Community The President travels to CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA to personally thank the members of the intelligence community for their role in the death of Osama bin Laden and their efforts in the fight against Al Qaeda . May 20, 2011.
  • TI- Whatever You Like SPOOF! (OBAMA- Whatever I Like) CLICK HERE TO WIN A VACATION TO JAMAICA & WIN A WATERPROOF CAMERA PLUS $3500!!!!!!! CLICK HERE AND VOTE FOR MY VIDEOS TO BE ENTERED TO WIN!!!! xacti- My original spoof of TI's "whatever you like" as BARACK OBAMA the first Black and 44th President of the United States of America CNN "SO WHAT" Video written, performed and edited by: Iman Audio Editing by: Lisa Lavie Background vocals: Iman & Lisa Lavie LYRICS!!!! First black prez Aint that nice, Im in the highest office thats right! Now I can do whatever I like Now I can do whatever I like yeahhhh So what Im half black and half white So what I fist bump with my wife Man, I can do whatever I like I can do whatever I like McCain I thought that you knew By debate number two That I was gonna win and there was nothing That you could do You got so upset by the third debate I swear to god I think I saw tear, LOOK I picked Joe Biden Now this ones riding Long as yall got me you wont need nobody You want it I got it Propose it, Ill sign it Tell them republicans BE QUIET First black prez Aint that nice, Im in the highest office thats right! Now I can do whatever I like So what Im half black and half white So what I fist bump with my wife Man I can do whatever I like Man I can do whatever I like Palin was the hottest MESS that ran for office She spoke so odd Couldve swore it was a comic skit. She got people excited But still she couldnt stop this I won all three debates If you got it Then you got it! Now im ...
  • Watch President Obama's Full Speech on Mideast Policy For more: In what was described as a major policy speech at the State Department, President Obama pledged aid to Arab nations that are shifting toward democracy and renewed calls for an Israeli-Palestinian two-state settlement. The president said "people of the Middle East and North Africa are casting off the burdens of the past" in what is now known as the Arab Spring.
  • Dear Mr. Obama An Iraq Veteran has a personal message for Barack Obama. The BBC Rated this video the #1 Political Ad of 2008.
  • Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama in the '08 election...
  • President Obama Nominates New Commerce Secretary The President announces that he will nominate energy executive John Bryson to be the next Secretary of Commerce. Bryson would replace Gary Locke, who has been appointed to be the next Ambassador to China. May 31, 2011.
  • FOX ATTACKS OBAMA Follow Robert Greenwald on Twitter to get the latest progressive buzz. Petition: Fox News Channel does it again. Their antics remain unfair and biased. Tell the media to stop spreading the FOX virus, the smears on Barack Obama.
  • President Obama Welcomes the UConn Huskies The President honors the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball champion Connecticut Huskies in a ceremony at the White House. May 16, 2011.
  • President Obama Makes Defense Personnel Announcements President Obama announces General Martin Dempsey as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral James Winnefeld as the Vice Chairman, and to succeed General Dempsey as Chief of Staff of the Army, General Ray Odierno. May 30, 2011.
  • President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner. View the complete program here: www.c-
  • [email protected]: Barack Obama Illinois Senator and 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama visits Google's Mountain View, CA, headquarters to deliver his innovation agenda, speak with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and take questions from Google employees. This event took place on November 14, 2007, as part of the [email protected] series.
  • Barack Obama: Yes We Can Barack Obama speaks in Nashua, New Hampshire on the night of the primary. Highlight footage from the past week in New Hampshire included.
  • President Obama: Memorial in Arizona The President speaks at a memorial event for the victims of the tragic shooting in Arizona, "Together We Thrive: Tucson and America."
  • President Obama Addresses the British Parliament In an address to Parliament, President Obama discusses how the special relationship between the United States and Great Britain can continue to help the two nations serve as catalysts for global action as the world faces a new series of threats and challenges. May 25, 2011.
  • Watch President Obama's Full Speech at Tucson Memorial President Obama traveled to Tucson Wednesday to help memorialize those who died in Saturday's shooting rampage, and to honor those who are still struggling with their wounds. Watch the entire speech here. For more coverage:
  • Barack Obama on Ellen As a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Barack shows off his dancing skills.
  • OBAMA SINGS REPLAY?!?! In a candid appeal to the American people, President Obama turns to the Top 40 for inspiration. Download the ringtone: The original Iyaz song follow us on facebook and/or twitter to keep up to date with accidental superstars: tell us who you want to be the next chart topper, shawties
  • Obama, Trump Together for Correspondents' Dinner President Barack Obama is shifting from consoler to comic for his appearance before the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC. And some of his most prominent would-be rivals are in attendance, including Donald Trump. (April 30)
  • American Stories, American Solutions: 30 Minute Special Visit for more information.
  • Beyoncé - Single Ladies SPOOF (Barack Obama) Lyrics: If you voted for me! (7x) Then get your hands up! In the white house, now watch your mouth Im doing my presidential thang. It's time for Bush to dip, People wanna trip, cause everybody voted for me. I'm on the news, I'm in magazines, don't pay me any attention. There's nothing to fear, Not with these ears, I can hear the thoughts of any enemy! If ya voted for me, change is on the way, know it (2x) If you didn't then get with it cause I'm staying, homie! If ya voted for me, change is on the way, know it Oh (a million times) If ya voted for me, change is on the way, know it (2x) If you didn't, get up with it cause I'm staying, homie. If ya voted for me, change is on the way, know it I got hope on my lips Blackberry on my hip Secret service we rollin deep! In the white house Take the bowling alley out I can care less what you think. I need no permission Did I mention I am the first black president I want a b-ball court With a little bling to sport, How's that for 'change you can believe'? If ya voted for me, change is on the way, know it (2x) If you didn't, get up with it cause I'm staying, homie. If ya voted for me, change is on the way, know it Don't threaten me Have you lost your mind?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?! You will be doing time (doing time) See heres the thing, I'll make sure they take you, And cuff you then put you In a prison so far Then make you a part Of a chain-gang that sings my song Then plead your case On Apollo with a Malcolm X t-shirt on. If ya ...
  • President Obama at 2011 AIPAC Policy Conference The President speaks on America's unbreakable bond with Israel at the AIPAC Policy Conference 2011 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. May 22, 2011.
  • President Obama on Death of Osama bin Laden (SPOOF) CLICK TO TWEET FREE FUN DOWNLOADS: Obama Does the CAT DADDY Obama Does The DOUGIE Behind the scenes: Business Inquiries ONLY: [email protected] Written and performed by: Iman Crosson Twitter Facebook Music produced by Team Green: Twitter @TeamGreenMusic Special Thanks to: www.20
  • He's Barack Obama Its a bird! Its a plane! No, he's Barack Obama and hes come to save the day! JibJab puts the rock in Barack with a new, over-the-top satire that debuted in front of the President himself this Friday at the Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner! Want more JibJab? Visit our site at ?cmpid=1033 Read our blog Follow us on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: Visit our YouTube Channel
  • President Obama: It Gets Better As part of the It Gets Better Project, President Obama shares his message of hope and support for LGBT youth who are struggling with being bullied.
  • President Obama Meets with Prime Minister Netanyahu President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak to the press after meeting in the Oval Office. May 20, 2011.
  • Barack Obama schwäbisch Eigentümervollversammlung Wilhelmstr.48
  • Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are The revelation that Obama's candidacy was the only thing that gave their lives any meaning has caused many supporters to wander aimlessly, unsure of what to do with themselves.
  • President Obama: US has killed Osama bin Laden The president announced to the nation that "justice has been done" in the death of Osama Bin Laden. A small team of Americans carried out the operation to kill bin Laden in Pakistan.
  • Jinettwsqp: But Obama's foresight and Netanyahu's obduracy : both upon full display this past week- have got won available
  • oxblossom: RT @greenhousenyt: Obama Admin prosecutes more employers for hiring illegal immigrants, while arresting fewer workers http://nyti.ms/kYEvkq #immigration
  • truthusadotcom: RT @townhallcom: Thomas Sowell: Seductive Beliefs: Part II: The only thing surprising about Barack Obama's latest blow agai... http:///3rqu4c8
  • PW4SP: Sure, photo galleries are posted for Hillary Clinton when she schleps through Pakistan, and for the Obama retinue... http://fb.me/GPJLBXdG
  • 150_Domains: Sarah Palin Versus Barack Obama - Who Would Win? McCain Weighs In http://bit.ly/lxK2I3
  • 154_Domains: Sarah Palin Versus Barack Obama - Who Would Win? McCain Weighs In http://bit.ly/lxK2I3
  • 183_Domains: Sarah Palin Versus Barack Obama - Who Would Win? McCain Weighs In http://bit.ly/lxK2I3
  • ElsieRocha9803: Barack Obama's BRITISH state see: day a pair of in pictures
  • davidavilasilva: On page 311 of 608 of The Hungry Years, by T.H. Watkins: Obama's enemies try to instill dou... http:///user_status/show/6493990
  • Adelmiratvgo: 5: Obama will make light with toast hiccup Enjoy
  • agent21: Limousine liberals? Number of gov't-owned limos soared 73% under Obama: http://bit.ly/jPi8RU via @iWatch
  • financeam: Obaore Appeals Court in Cincinnati - Bloomberg http:///obama-health-care-law-goes-before-appeals-court-in-cincinnati-bloomberg/
  • bafroio: B/C of Osama Bin Ladin we wont hear Trumps response to Obama's roast. http://tiny.ly/xWpI @realDonaldTrump
  • theabundantgift: RT @TexasRV: So many experts on the Right who didn't see who Obama really was are now experts on Sarah Palin and against her.
  • MIDKNIGHT6: Support Elizabeth Warren. Tell yr Rep. 2 co-sign a letter urging Obama 2 appoint her 2 the CFPB http://bit.ly/jEJFef #p2
  • rcchu: #Obama ’s Mental Bookkeeping by David Bromwich 27 May 2011 http://bit.ly/iUDyGl #Constitution #Liberty #Betrayal
  • sanjnapatel89: Barack Obama : Nod to business gets mixed reaction - Politico http://uxp.in/36772495
  • WEF12: @VFW91 @JoeTheMailman ;24%Strongly Approve of Obama:That's a lot of Gays,Abortionist,Union Thugs,Commies,Socialist,Corp&Indv Welfare Cheats.
  • jaypulliam: So what are we to make of the fact that Obama follows the lovely @leiaswift? #SinceWereSanitizingTwitterSheesh
  • therighttweets: Boehm: Obama's Brother Runs 'Fake' Charity | National Legal and Policy Center http://goo.gl/lTo6M #obama
  • burningcactus: Obama's pick for Commerce Secretary: John Bryson, co-founder of NRDC, an environmental action group. Is Obama’s choice good for job growth?
  • cafenetamerica: GOP: No Trade Pacts, No Commerce Nominee: Republicans say commerce nominee will be blockaded unless Obama sends ... http://bit.ly/j18Jwl
  • yourcashsystem: GOP: No Trade Pacts, No Commerce Nominee: Republicans say commerce nominee will be blockaded unless Obama sends ... http://bit.ly/jAvves
  • bpradioshow: GOP: No Trade Pacts, No Commerce Nominee: Republicans say commerce nominee will be blockaded unless Obama sends ... http://bit.ly/ixx6pp
  • Qinqin_Qoma: Yes!RT @LL_CoolK: ...wouldn't it be ultra cool if they put Obama's face on one of the American dollar bills? #blackPrez
  • s_ruch: RT @TexasRV: So many experts on the Right who didn't see who Obama really was are now experts on Sarah Palin and against her.
  • realUS232: @libradex who said anything about magic? President Obama has done great for the U.S.A and that is a demonstrable fact!
  • JohnnyStringz: McAfee president DeWalt joins Obama committee http:///4y97dwc
  • AntarianRani: RT @TheDailyEdge: Unpopular Governors in #Florida, #Wisconsin, #Michigan & #Ohio Giving Obama's 2012 Prospects Almost As Big a Boost as #GOP 2012 Candidates
  • horsesandroses: RT @CongJoeWilson: President Obama needs to show leadership and implement plans to help lower the cost of gas and reduce the burdens on the American people.
  • rogernyhus: Obama nominates John Bryson to be commerce chief - The Washington Post http://t.co/WZGe6Vo via @washingtonpost
  • PatriotAngel77: GOP: No Trade Pacts, No Commerce Nominee: Republicans say commerce nominee will be blockaded unless Obama sends ... http://bit.ly/ixx6pp
  • eel_deal: @danica_alfaro http://bit.ly/socialistic_rock is made mostly of images made by people who were paranoid about Obama's socialist tendencies:
  • bruthereli: #LetsBeHonest Presidet Obama should be elected to another term
  • AntiWacko: Just more Anti-Obama Hysteria & dishonesty. #tcot> RT @onesoldiersmom: RT @AMERICANLADY49: Obama is the mos… (cont) http://deck.ly/~gEP8W
  • mdp4202: Obama Plans Gutting Regulations for Corporate Favorites http://io.nq.sl.pt
  • BrandanMeister: @RajeshChowdhury China can hav Pak,we dont want it we want out! USA ppl & Obama want better IndiaRelations. India's theFuture n tht region
  • Elyn29: The first thing my teacher said to me when he saw me was,"I heard that @justinbieber is much more popular than President Obama !" #10million
  • Freedomwarrior: RT @BigBucksCo: Obama Secret Service Agent Retires, Will Now Run for MD Senate Seat as a Repub. http://t.co/mb3uJEu via @ Bet He Has Some Good Stories !
  • LL_COOLK: ...wouldn't it be ultra cool if they put Obama's face on one of the American dollar bills? #blackPrez
  • thespoof: Manchester United's Entire Roster Traded to US for Obama and Congress http:///PbZ #barackobama #manchesterunited #congress
  • transgenderdate: RT @glbtworldnews: LGBT Pride Month | Barack Obama | Gay Rights | The Daily Caller http://bit.ly/kGE4xB
  • Ordos_: Dear pres obama. Please return America to it's 1959 borders so Hawaii isnt a state and you're not a citizen- what Netanyahu should have said
  • PrezFan: Sarah Palin Versus Barack Obama - Who Would Win? McCain Weighs In http://bit.ly/knegjN
  • butterkee: Obama Health-Care Law Goes Before Appeals Court in Cincinnati http://bit.ly/iXRIES
  • PubliusDB: @MichelleMumford and rep ryan's budget got 47 votes while Pres. Obama's got zero...starting to see a pattern here.
  • KhadafiBB: Why shouldn't he?? There are def more pressing matters! #POLITICO Carney: Obama is ignoring Palin http://politi.co/jHfNpG
  • HealthMMA: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Barack Obama - Fun Facts About Obama http://is.gd/LnoOuH #top 10 #obama 10
  • AmericnElephant: @gemimms Indeed, that was what Obama did as a "community organizer" was suing banks to make them give loans to people who didnt qualify
  • barack_election: Economy May Hurt Obama's Campaign - FrumForum http://bit.ly/l1RfFY
  • USBATips: Obama Health-Care Law Goes Before Appeals Court in Cincinnati http://bit.ly/jFVVZU
  • PaurushSingh: RT @thetecheye: Twitter CEO takes Obama advisory role - Joins McAfee and Microsoft as new faces at NSTAC http://bit.ly/kB1pQ2 #business #earlier
  • DiversityisCrap: Bibi and Barack: A reader sends photos of Bibi Netanyahu and Barack Obama as young men, with the implicati... http://bit.ly/kIW4Dq #tcot
  • jenau: Wife of Clarence Thomas releases details of income from last year ($150,000) from fighting Obama's health care plan. http://bit.ly/mUnhOW
  • Libnapcc: 9: Obama's laugh delights Parliament Check out
  • brianpiero: Unpopular Freshman GOP Governors Could Help Obama's Reelection Bid http://t.co/pc8ccGY via @tpm
  • horsesandroses: "@HeyTammyBruce: Obama the Weak--Netanyahu shows how to beat Obama http://bit.ly/ig0sNt"
  • glbtworldnews: LGBT Pride Month | Barack Obama | Gay Rights | The Daily Caller http://bit.ly/kGE4xB
  • NealnNYC: RT @thinkprogress: THE $7 TRILLION LIE: Palin falsely claims debt has grown more under Obama than "all other presidents combined" http://thkpr.gs/mDlfLX
  • craigspaulding: Obama Issues LGBT Pride Proclamation Without Mention Of Marriage Equality - http://pulsene.ws/1N8uR
  • GypsyAshleyMIX: @Money_Makers1 OMG why won't this let me follow u I did not no u was Barack obama I really didint no this .. Lmao
  • RebeccaHorning3: Britain's head, hosting some sort of news conference with Obama, said the 2 main major agreed on a must be turning in the heat within Libya
  • Urzulatrnm: 1: Obama helps make light from toast hiccup Keep an eye on
  • Dawn_com: Obama taps energy executive Bryson as Commerce chief | World | http://t.co/PhV7tPv via @dawn_com
  • 2LiveinLiberty: RT @New_federalists: Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record 'forged' http://ow.ly/57h2X doesn't matte… (cont) http://deck.ly/~dH4G3
  • debttsettlement: Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program | Debt Free Counselor: Obama does not do this work nor does he support it ... http://bit.ly/eAsaSw
  • forrest_family: RT @Salon: Very important for Obama to do him job
  • FatLossCookv: Is Obama Making Good on His Word? Is Obama Living Up to the Hype? - http://adf.ly/1a89D
  • StCyrlyMe2: @libradex Ask yourself, then do your homework What has Obama spent r money on? Then get off FixNews an join the rest of us n the fight #p2
  • SpenserVillwock: Obama proposes former electric firm head for Commerce post - Monsters and : Chicago TribuneObama prop... http://bit.ly/l62ftM
  • D2highFlyGuy: I need 2 get registered so i can vote obama next year
  • chi_deezy: @Mikey_El_Chavo lol, the girl in the video really looked like michelle obama
  • Mother_Rell: RT @JSamuelCook: @TheReidReport @jeffreznik This election? A battle for Indies. Mitt won't do well with the Tea Party. Obama won't do well with Greenwaldies.
  • MADinMelbourne: RT @DaleBowerman: 'Imitation the highest form of flattery' - Julia Gillard's new website mimics Barack Obama's: http://t.co/mnSLt6g #gov2au
  • archemarche: RT @Salon: Very important for Obama to do him job
  • medical_insuran: News4 new results for "insurance" "medical" Obama Health-Care Law Goes Before Appeals Court in CincinnatiBloombe... http://bit.ly/mEYAn3
  • emurancher92: @DrGarySchwarz Now Obama's stand and Tornado's appear throughout the midwest. What's next? Administration better wise up.
  • novapauzia: Right now listing Someday At Christmas by Stivie Wonder, again I always remember @justinbieber when he sang it in front of president OBAMA
  • HealthCareUS: Obama Health-Care Law Goes Before Appeals Court in Cincinnati: Opponents of the Patient Protection and Affordabl... http://bit.ly/mPa1D3
  • JerryHarte: the number of limos owned by Uncle Sam increased by 73 percent during the first two years of the Obama administration http://bit.ly/l63rn9
  • TheSidJoShow: Obama calls the Governor for Michael Vaughn devastation. @bryan_coleman
  • malasadasbooks: MT @Underdad Bachmann: 'I compare myself to Barack Obama' - http://pulsene.ws/1MXGc //she's the only one to compare-NOTHING there similar!
  • Uberglitterati: @jasunmark something about that dude with the wide mouth looked like Obama at 1st glance. Lol.
  • Kristyngytpv: President Obama, Massachusetts Election a Beacon of hope for your easily Achievable success and objectives http://is.gd/5Nv4wp
  • JDShapiro: RT @davidgoestyping: DVD Rack Obama #householditemspresident
  • sithvader91344: RT @AMERICANLADY49: Obama is the most thoroughly dishonest politician since,the last Democrat POTUS ! WOW..Lies of BHO http:///smoke.html#0 #TCOT
  • PrinceCam42: Hugh Hefner voted for Obama. That's victory right there, imagine all the people he only got to support Obama.. #hefvote
  • ashgracephil: Sam Wiseman commenting about Osama bin Ladens death: "Well at first i thought Obama died...but i guess Osama is good too"
  • davidgoestyping: DVD Rack Obama #householditemspresident
  • Ardorous: The $7 Trillion Lie: Palin Falsely Claims Debt Has Grown More Under Obama Than ‘All Other Presidents Combined’ http://pulsene.ws/1Nc0F

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  • “Official Web Site of The Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team Newsroom: Blog. Subscribe to the Blog RSS Feed. Monday, January 19, 2009 02:30pm EST / Posted by Kate Albright-Hanna. Inside the Transition: Technology, Innovation and Government Reform”
    — Newsroom: Blog | Change.gov: The Obama-Biden Transition Team, change.gov

  • “Bo Obama - New photos, breaking news, fun facts and tips about the Obama Dog. Fun Bo Obama games, puzzles and trivia too! Interesting tips and tricks that will help keep your dog healthy and happy like Bo Obama”
    Obama Dog Blog, obama-

  • “Slick Barry – Barack Obama Blog. News on Slick Barry, a.k.a President Barack Barry Obama. Obama's Democrats: Lame Duck Politics The midterm elections were effectively a referendum on the Obama presidency. And even if it was not an endorsement of a”
    — Slick Barry – Barack Obama Blog,

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