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  • Definition of object from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of object. Pronunciation of object. Definition of the word object. Origin of the word object. — “object - Definition of object at ”,
  • The copy constructor takes an existing Product object and creates a new object with a copy of the data from the existing one. One is the implicit object, and the other is the RHS parameter (short for right-hand side). Note that the parameter is a constant reference parameter for efficiency. — “CIS Department > Tutorials > Software Design Using C++ > More”, cis.stvincent.edu
  • The OBJECT element aims to replace and absorb the many methods in use to include multi-media and embedded content in HTML documents. This element can replace all of the functionality in the existing APPLET, EMBED, BGSOUND, SOUND and IMG elements. — “Object”,
  • Causes the current thread to wait until another thread invokes the notify() method or the notifyAll() method for this object. the notifyAll() method for this object, or a specified amount of time. — “Object (Java Platform SE 6)”,
  • The OBJECT element allows authors to insert content that is supported by external applications. Required Referenced in. A ABBR ACRONYM ADDRESS B BDO BIG BUTTON CAPTION CITE CODE DD DEL DFN DIV DT EM FIELDSET H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 HEAD I INS KBD LABEL LEGEND LI OBJECT P PRE Q SAMP. — “OBJECT generic embedded object HTML 4.01 Strict”,
  • Object. First published Tue Oct 1, 2002; substantive revision Wed Aug 4, 2010. It is standard practice to introduce the entries in a work of reference However, the concept of object—that concept of object which is of fundamental interest. — “Object (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”, plato.stanford.edu
  • All other JavaScript objects inherit from Object, so this page will discuss objects in JavaScript in general. In essence, an object is a container of members (properties, methods, sub-objects) indexed by name, whereas an array is a container of things indexed by number. — “Object by George Hernandez”,
  • a : something material that may be perceived by the senses b : something that when viewed stirs a particular emotion (as pity) 2. — “Object - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The tag is used to include objects such as images, audio, videos, Java applets, The object element was intended to replace the img and applet elements. — “HTML object tag”, w3
  • Object definition, anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form. See more. — “Object | Define Object at ”,
  • Another reason to declare an associative array using the Object data type is that you can then use an object literal to populate your associative array (but only at the time you declare it) Every class definition is now represented by a special class object that stores information about the class. — “Object - ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform”,
  • Supports all classes in the .NET Framework class hierarchy and provides low-level services to derived classes. This is the ultimate base class of all classes in the .NET Framework; it is the root of the type hierarchy. — “Object Class (System)”,
  • Object (abstract), an object which does not exist at any particular time or place Group object, a generalization of a group built on more complicated structures than sets. Goal, an aim, target or objective. Physical body or object, in physics, a collection of masses. — “Object - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A description of HTML 4's OBJECT element for embedded objects such as images, videos, and Java applets. — “OBJECT - Embedded Object”,
  • Object mixes in the Kernel module, making the built-in kernel functions globally accessible. In the descriptions of Object s methods, the parameter symbol refers to a symbol, which is either a quoted string or a Symbol (such as :name). — “Class: Object”, ruby-
  • o The object from which to extract the property value. path A path array, specifying the object traversal path from which to obtain the sub value. Returns: Any. The value stored in the path, undefined if not found, undefined if the source is not an object. — “API: yui Object (YUI Library)”,
  • OBJECT> Previous versions of HTML allowed authors to include images (via IMG) and applets (via APPLET). These elements have several limitations: They fail to solve the more general problem of how to include new and future media types. — “Objects, Images, and Applets in HTML documents”, w3.org
  • Definition of object in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of object. Pronunciation of object. Translations of object. object synonyms, object antonyms. Information about object in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. the object of. — “object - definition of object by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Evaluates a string of JavaScript code in the context of the specified object. Returns an object literal representing the specified object; you can use this value to create a new object. — “Client-Side JavaScript Reference”,

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  • Kanchivaram Kanchivaram Tamil movie - Kanchivaram is a Tamil film directed and written by Priyadarshan. The movie stars Prakash Raj and Shriya Reddy in lead roles and has the musical score by MG Sreekumar, and art direction by Sabu Cyril. Film's story is set in the silk weavers' town of Kanchipuram, in post-independence India, though the film was shot mainly in Mysore. The film was premiered and released at the Toronto International Film Festival on 12 September 2008.[2] It was also shown at the Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival in Pittsburgh. The film eventually went on to receive the Best Film Award while and film's lead actor Prakash Raj won the Best Actor Award, both at the National Film Awards.
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  • Saudagar Synopsis: Two close childhood friends, Veeru Singh and Rajeshwar Singh, become bitter enemies over misunderstandings created by Chuniya. So much so that they have divided their territories and will not permit anyone from one's to cross over to the other's without getting killed. In this background, Vashu and Radha, who belong to different families', the grandchildren of Veeru and Rajeshwar, fall in love and meet secretly. Old wounds, rivalries, and accusations surface when their love is discovered, and both are told not to see each other ever again, or else they will face certain death.
  • The Cure - Object You know you turn me on Eyes so white and legs so long But don't try to talk to me I won't listen to your lies You're just an object in my eyes You're just an object in my eyes Sophisticated smile You seduce in such fine style But don't try to fool me 'cause I can see through your disguise You're just an object in my eyes You're just an object in my eyes But I don't mind I just don't care I've got no objection To you touching me there Object object Object object Object object Object object You know just what to do Lick your lips And I want you But don't try to hold me 'cause I don't want any ties You're just an object in my eyes You're just an object in my eyes But I don't mind I just don't care I've got no objections To you touching me there You're just an object object Object object You're just an object
  • GOP "I Object" Mashup Video As Democrats try to expand access to quality health care coverage, House Republicans routinely object. Learn more at
  • I OBJECT I Object. Grarage show in San Antonio.
  • Adhurs Narsimha (NTR) is the son of Major Chandra Kanth. He works hard to continue his studies as his father dies in an accident. His ambition is to become a police officer. On assurance of Inspector Naik (Shayaji Shinde) to get him the job, he actively involves in recovering the ransom money from the kidnappers in the city. Nandu (Sheela), Naik's daughter, falls in love with him. Gangsters Rasool and Pandu intend to end Narsimha's life as they are not able to draw ransom money anymore. On the other hand Chary is the disciple of the pujari Bhattacharya (Brahmanandam) who falls in love with Chandu (Nayanatara). Bhattacharya seeks Chary's help to make Chandu fall in love with him. Surprisingly Narsimha and Chary look alike. Confused Rasool and Pandu capture Chary thinking him to be Narsimha. Dhanraj (Ashish Vidyarthi) saves him from the goons. He takes Narsimha to Baba (Sanjay Manjrekar), a don in Kolkata. Narsimha comes to know that his father is alive and in the custody of Baba. Why Baba captured Major Chandra Kant... why did he make Narsimha know the truth and how Narsimha saves his father forms the rest of the story.
  • Online Fishing TV - Salmon For Starters Part Two Champion match angler Emma Pickering is guides to her first salmon catch Many believe that salmon fishing is just for the wealthy few, but in this show Rae Borras tries to show that you don't need to be privileged or a champion Spey caster to catch them in the UK. Rae joins up with Emma...
  • What Is Object Permanence? (Baby Health Guru) Object permanence is the knowledge that something put out of sight still exists. Watch for more!
  • Ween - Object Obviously unofficial music video for the Ween song Object (from the album La Cucaracha). Featuring a variety of cinematic serial killers.
  • Starpoint - Object Of My Desire
  • Money No Object MacLeod and Amanda are reunited with Cory Raines, the charming, smooth-talking "Clyde" to Amanda's "Bonnie" during their crime spree in the 1920s.
  • Online Fishing TV - Sea Watch UK (European Beach open 2009) Highlights from the biggest sea fishing match of the year In the only TV series made exclusively for the UK's sea angling community, Andy Ford heads to the Bridlington coastline to get a flavour of the European Open, a match that attracts in incredible 1300 competitors, making it one of...
  • The Annoyed Objects LOL! Click to Retweet: My iPhone, iPod, iPad App: Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type "DeStorm" My Facebook: My Twitter: Get a Tee! Send me something cool! DeStorm Power PO Box 25583 Brooklyn, NY 11202-5583 The Annoyed Objects The Annoyed Objects The Annoyed Objects The Annoyed Objects I used the realannoyingorange effect on this video so ppl can get the idea better. Shout outs to daneboe for being so dope.
  • Online Fishing TV - Get Hooked On Fishing: Fishing The Waggler Dave Hooked of the Get Hooked On Fishing scheme shows how to fish the float on rod and line... The series is presented by Dave Smith of the Get Hooked On Fishing Border Fisheries project, and Dave is joined by group of budding young anglers, eager to find out how to floatfish effectively...
  • Object Permanence 1 year old child has almost mastered the concept.
  • Ayyaa Watch Full Length Hit Tamil Movie Ayyaa directed by Hari starring Sarath Kumar, Nepolean, Nayanthara, Prakash Raj, Lakshmi, Malavika, Vadivelu & Rohini. Music by Bharathwaj. Synopsis: Ayyaa is a kind hearted human being. The story opens in the year 1971 when the whole of Tamil Nadu is under the clutches of famine. Ayyaa and his friend Madasami go to the MLA of their constituency, however the MLA refuses to help them out and moreover he smuggles the load of foodgrains sent by the centre for the sake of the villagers. When the villagers come to know about it they attack the MLA's consignment and in the ensuing fight the MLA gets killed by Ayyaa. The villagers together take the blame on themselves and save Ayyaa, but Ayyaa being a good human being carries the guilt all along his life. In the following Assembly election they force Ayyaa to contest the election, Ayyaa wins and stays put as an independent MLA for the next 34 years. However the MLA's son Karupusami is out to avenge his fathers death. He keeps on contesting against Ayyaa in the elections and keeps on trying to kill him for 18 years unsuccessfully. Will Karupusami succeed in killing Ayyaa? Will Karupusami's evil intentions win over Ayyaa's goodness? Watch and find out. Click to watch more full length blockbuster Tamil movies absolutely FREE!
  • Sawal Maza Aika Sawal Maza Aika - Classic Marathi Movie Directed By Anant Mane, Featuring - Jayshree Gadkar, Arun Sarnaik, Dada Salvi, Vasant Shinde, Barchi Bahaddar, Usha Chavan, Maya Jadhav, Baby Manik. Produced by Anant Mane, Music by Vasant Pawar. Synopsis - A popular 'tamasha' troupe enters a competition in which it is decided that the the lead performer of the troupe which loses must wear a saree for the rest of his life! As fate would have it, it is the popular troupe which loses the contest and its leadman is forced to wear a saree. Not able to bear the shame, he dies soon. It is upto his daughter now to avenge the humiliation that her father suffered.
  • Online Fishing TV - Salmon Fishing For Starters Part One Rae Borras with advice for the tackle you need for getting into salmon fishing... Rae Borras runs through rod and reel advice for those new to salmon fishing, plus an interview with Total Fly Fisher editor Steve Cullen and clips from some of the fly fishing programmes available on OnlineFishing....
  • Meat Loaf - Objects in the rear view mirror may appear close Meat Loaf - Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are
  • Samay Ki Dhara Ajay who works as an engineer with a builder is an extremely ambitious man. His wife Madhavi is outspoken & devoted to principles. The delicate & emotional link between the two is their son Bunty. But the clashes between the two force them to separate legally & select different life partners for themselves. Bunty stays with his mother & her new husband Dr. Vinod. But he starts posing problems for both of them especially Dr. Vinod. Bunty is hapless| & he rushes back to his father Ajay one day.To see whether he gets his desired happiness with Ajay| see the film "Samay Ki Dhaara".
  • The GOP Health Care Plan: "I Object!" - Feat. Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) As Democrats try to expand access to quality health care coverage, House Republicans routinely object. Learn more at
  • The Object of Beauty Jake (John Malkovich) and Tina (Andie MacDowell) appear to be a gorgeous jet-setting couple living the lush life in London. In reality, however, they're deeply in debt -- the result of a business deal gone sour and their own reluctance to give up the swank life. In a desperate bid for cash, the pair hatches a plan to "steal" Tina's Henry Moore bust and collect on the insurance ? but someone else steals the statue first!
  • The Object of My Affection Trailer Trailer for The Object of My Affection starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Alan Alda, Allison Janney, and Steve Zahn for more fun trailers and stuff subscribe to my channel!
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  • "Unstoppable" Film Review Welcome to Movie Night With Jonny Paula! YouTube's #1 weekly interactive movie-review show! New episodes every Friday! Tonight's Movie: - Unstoppable -- "Old-fashioned action nail-biter" - 8/10 Vote Your Rating For Next Week's Films: - The Expendables -- - Eat. Pray. Love. -- Seen a movie in theaters recently? Tweet about it with the #JPMN hashtag, and have it featured on the show! +++++++++++++++++++++++ DVD Releases -- bit.ly Twitter -------------- bit.ly Facebook --------- bit.ly 2nd Channel ----- bit.ly FAQ Video --------- bit.ly T-Shirts ------------ bit.ly Get Our App ------ ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Created by ------ Jonathan Paula Camera ---------- Panasonic HMC-150 Software --------- Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Computer ------- bit.ly An ideo Production - © 2010. ~
  • Object Oriented Programming An introduction to object-oriented programming by High School eLearning. Visit our website to learn Java, and create your own animations by learning Alice programming.
  • Peter, Bjorn & John - Objects Of My Affection Music video for Peter, Bjorn & John's single "Objects Of My Affection". www.wichita-
  • OSHO: I Don't Want to Be Respectable OSHO International Foundation -- . Osho, a contemporary mystic speaks on virtually every aspect of human consciousness. In these talks, the human condition, whether the mind, the heart, love or awareness is exposed with humor and insight, as never before. Excerpts from an interview with Pat Healy, KNBC TV, Los Angeles; from a series of OSHO TALKS titled The Last Testament In this interview with a US journalist Osho, in his unique way, answers questions related to how he is perceived in the world. He comments on spaghetti, religion and selling bliss. This video is available for translation as part of the 'OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project'. Join the project as a translator at:
  • Baashha Watch superstar Rajnikanth in this blockbuster Tamil movie Baashha starring Superstar Rajni, Nagma, Raghuvaran, Vijaykumar, Janakraj, Devan, Sasikumar & Anand Raj. Directed by Suresh Krishna, Music composed by Deva. Manickam (Rajnikanth) is an autorickshaw driver who lives with his step-mother, step sisters and brother. A very helpful and non-violent person by nature, he works hard to educate his younger siblings and to get his step-sister married. Kesavan is a local goon and his daughter Priya (Nagma) falls in love with Manickam. But Manickam refuses her love. Somehow, Manickam's gets entagled with Baashha, a name that has its roots in the underworld. Who is this Baashha and what is his connection with Manickam? Is there a murky past behind Manickan's non-violent and helpful nature. What is it? Who is he really? The truth gradually unfolds as the story progresses. Click to watch more full length blockbuster Tamil movies absolutely FREE!
  • Emma5656756: Emma5656756: Nikon Microscope Object Marker Refill - Red Ink MXK20009: We offer Nikon Microscope Object Marker Refill - Red ... http://t.co/QEyLZwgM
  • complotje: complotje: Complotje: Bemanning zes vliegtuigen ziet onbekend 'brandend' object boven Moskou Error Reported, We are sorry for that !
  • RayDePena: RayDePena: #Laser light used to cool object to #quantum ground state http://t.co/XDAVgHsc
  • leannmlora: leannmlora: http://t.co/csbbBvCk escort taipeh I NEED to find a Muslim or Persian Escort? No sense in ... Distance is no object, althou
  • CaarlyLoves1D: CaarlyLoves1D: RT @1DNewseum: implying that they had something to do with harry loosing this important object :)
  • sharathinindia: sharathinindia: “Every object of creation is made of atoms, which in turn connect with each other, to form molecules.” - Acharya Kanad, 600 B.C.
  • 24FinancialNews: 24FinancialNews: RT @bankinformer: Pelosi: GOP didn’t object to tea party taunts (AP) http://t.co/bwPxnDzl
  • Blujay1524: Blujay1524: RT @RonPaul_2012: Pelosi: Why Didn't Republicans Object to the Tea Party? - Town Hall http://t.co/gkWJlzM5 #TeaParty #tlot
  • 1DNewseum: 1DNewseum: implying that they had something to do with harry loosing this important object :)
  • leroylamar: leroylamar: Faith alone is worth very little. It is the object of one's faith that matters most.
  • HIGHERGROUND_TG: HIGHERGROUND_TG: Birth control is much less expensive than kids... I'm fortunate enough to be in a situation where money is no object.
  • PoliticaCity: PoliticaCity: Pelosi: GOP didn't object to tea party taunts | The Associated Press ...: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi s... http://t.co/JM0sOHSD
  • JSensabaugh: JSensabaugh: I start yellin during movies when a object starts flyin towards a person and they stand there in amazement like..move bruh ,you bout to die!
  • Jailbait_Bby: Jailbait_Bby: #ThingsPeopleShouldNotDo Object at a wedding cos , the bride ugly . lmao but aye , #YouCAnDoBetterDoe
  • CaseyPruett: CaseyPruett: Somekind of object just flew at me and cracked my damn window #wtf http://t.co/ng228Zfs
  • pastorblake: pastorblake: Our Faith must be centered in Christ. Our faith is only as good as the object. My Faith is firmly grounded in the God who cannot fail!
  • SAHgoose: SAHgoose: Another bucket list object soon to be checked off....going to North Dakota
  • HiMYSYeD: HiMYSYeD: New found object Labyrinth-in-progress. Sunnyside Beach #Toronto. #Labyrinths --- http://t.co/xXw2jp9f
  • AllTimeHeroes: AllTimeHeroes: If it was legal to marry an inanimate object; I'd marry my camera.
  • vanessaandrad29: vanessaandrad29: RT @BishopJakes: RT @Alicianwbginins: Trying to get people to object to death of Iranian pastor #Nadarkhani.Less than 24 hrs.Help!> http://t.co/UMCiFKxl
  • littlehearts4u: littlehearts4u: Here are some great object lesson ideas to use with a Blessings Jar and an Uh-Oh Jar you make yourself! http://t.co/E88v1jBY
  • WomensHistMonth: WomensHistMonth: http://t.co/6iDFhbtz Berkertex bride or Berkertex bribe? The object unsoiled is packed ready... http://t.co/cjvWLF4Z
  • Moesha2: Moesha2: Dear Object of my affection: U hurt me today...and the fact u don't know that u hurt me...hurts me even more...Sincerely, Love of your life
  • clutchypooh: clutchypooh: c: orange-red glowing"fireball" type object that turned to solid black object http://t.co/ECaDFOT1
  • crazyoverleehom: crazyoverleehom: concave mirror magnifies object near it
  • NeilJEdmondson: NeilJEdmondson: #bcpoli #cdnpoli Schreck [shrek] verb (used with object) -ed, -ing The process by which a white male is viciously attacked for...
  • huckbloggers: huckbloggers: Red State Politics: Pelosi: Why Didn’t Republicans Object to… http://t.co/T87Uru52
  • mahermali: mahermali: #Qt using the default connection eliminates the need to store the db object withing every business logic class
  • pytperry: pytperry: so what happens when u reach the object of ur affection???
  • JamesSiriusP: JamesSiriusP: *will not object then, @EllaCarlottaZ*
  • taysmokesHAZE: taysmokesHAZE: Object okay RT @InMyZoneRiv: @taysmokesHAZE iPod correction killin it
  • SallyRussell: SallyRussell: new (to me) favorite art: Joseph Kosuth's "One and Three" series http://t.co/yrVJtMdF
  • TaylorTheDoll: TaylorTheDoll: Sorry for butting in but you're not an object Ethan. RT @EthanLukeBright @xDarrenfCrissx Well that would be his fault, As long as he wants
  • eldarbee: eldarbee: http://t.co/VpIcs6ex Today is duvet day. Pep doesn't object. #lazysunday
  • ediputra1: ediputra1: unidentify flying object (UFO)..., believe it or not...
  • GRATTENDARMODY: GRATTENDARMODY: RT @taznotes: Protesters march down California St. during - Media (23 of 25) Occupy movement aspires to be key political http://t.co/zs6zqzuH via @sfgate
  • Judypiatkus: Judypiatkus: 20 towns of the future - what could we do in the UK? http://t.co/CNSQsVHi
  • briICONic: briICONic: RT @HottQuotes: Yelling "STAY!" at a non-living object that keeps falling over as if it's going to listen to you. #HottQuotes
  • VisitTampaBay: VisitTampaBay: RT @GlazerMuseum: Tired of the rain? Come to the Museum for Aviation Weekend! Design and draw a flying object... http://t.co/Ees7JUeI
  • AnEscapedFish: AnEscapedFish: It's just an object. It doesn't mean what you think.
  • Sayo_Akn: Sayo_Akn: lool noooo :P RT @Purpl3_Duch3SS: Shut up! I want to see ur result :p "Sayo_Akn: @Purpl3_Duch3SS false accusation girl ...i object
  • Physicalissues: Physicalissues: - Supreme Court weighs right to object to Medicaid cuts http://j.mp/qkru0j via @AddToAny
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: replied to FarmFilmReport's comment: And what's your point? You mean that the Tea Party isn't literal?... http://t.co/jqclJy3G
  • EauxReally_JSP: EauxReally_JSP: Upcoming Projects ~ COMING SOON: LuckyFace Dollars - "LFD" Kniseburgh - "The Object" Ceno - "Alleyz N Cutz"
  • Terrell228boi: Terrell228boi: RT @Kamikaze601: Im just an advocate of every man/woman being able to have theyre own opinion despite how vehemently I or others may object
  • TheJadeMethod: TheJadeMethod: "It must be human. No inanimate object could be that perverse. -- DJ Byrne",
  • nacmartin: nacmartin: @couac m.. yes, thinking about "traversing across object relations" instead of "let's retrieve data" may help when doing complex queries.thx
  • trikitrok: trikitrok: RT @gdinwiddie: If you're an object-oriented programmer, or want to be, then http://t.co/Xe5x5rlc by @KevlinHenney is well worth an hour of your time.
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: gave a thumbs up to Centexan's comment: And your point is that we are peaceful? We clean up after our rallys? ... http://t.co/UsGPbdQc
  • lonestarjrs: lonestarjrs: @joelmchale @sportsguy33 @espn every woman in tge world will object to that, isn't it long enough?
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: replied to ZIP's comment: You can replace "republican" with "democratic," and your statemen... http://t.co/7NaF01AV
  • TWBC_Museum: TWBC_Museum: @Rubyluke - Best way is to consult The Conservation Register online - you can search by type of object & geographical area.
  • Kamikaze601: Kamikaze601: Im just an advocate of every man/woman being able to have theyre own opinion despite how vehemently I or others may object
  • luxuryyachting: luxuryyachting: Luxury: a material object, service, etc.,conducive to sumptuous living.Synonymous with sailing in Greece,book now http://t.co/dNK28lCk
  • tweetsfromnivi: tweetsfromnivi: #week: chetan bhagat says he's thinking woman's lust object(!), shahid kapoor unfollows #SRK on twitter(!!)papers report both #bemused
  • Kress_Lovers: Kress_Lovers: @MadisenHill do you have any object that you can't live without? #alieneyes
  • Purpl3_Duch3SS: Purpl3_Duch3SS: Shut up! I want to see ur result :p "@Sayo_Akn: @Purpl3_Duch3SS false accusation girl ...i object"
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: gave a thumbs up to stung4ever's comment: And Democrats didn't object to the anti-Bush crazies, but they ob... http://t.co/aIPsKJsP
  • Na9irAlGaith: Na9irAlGaith: It was never my object to someone get Killed / why I wanna destroy something I helped build ??
  • FuzzCookies: FuzzCookies: I just felt like naming an object and suggesting we all discuss.
  • PickMeJimmy: PickMeJimmy: @REALtesswilson so why aren't you cool? Object had to you set me up for that one. #SorryCoach
  • tweetsfromnivi: tweetsfromnivi: RT @RahulxC: "I'm a thinking woman's lust object" - @Chetan_Bhagat in an interview on Times Now yesterday. A sad day for thinking women the world over.
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: gave a thumbs up to G's comment: The protesters are protesting against evil corporations; while getting there w... http://t.co/4zMaSkdz
  • kae_lack: kae_lack: i wanna be your object,object, object, object of your passion but it's hopeless.won't you please stay with me?
  • favstar50celeb: favstar50celeb: RT @HottQuotes: Yelling "STAY!" at a non-living object that keeps falling over as if it's going to listen to you. #HottQuotes
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: gave a thumbs up to rob w's comment: Pelosi is a whack job. A serious whack job from the whimsical land of San ... http://t.co/rLK4bmao
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: gave a thumbs up to PittSki's comment: I support the Tea Party and the OWLS. Anyone that demands change of the ... http://t.co/MRXaPCvt
  • dangroveruk: dangroveruk: @Norfolkblogger You can object without censoring.It's like the existence of the BBC:Discussing the merits of Dr Who is missing the point
  • nataliemariee27: nataliemariee27: my brother just asked me what a object was....
  • LifeLaughAngelT: LifeLaughAngelT: RT @RelatableQuote: Yelling "STAY!" at a non-living object that keeps falling over as if it's going to listen to you.
  • taznotes: taznotes: Protesters march down California St. during - Media (23 of 25) Occupy movement aspires to be key political http://t.co/zs6zqzuH via @sfgate
  • SincerelyMeDuh: SincerelyMeDuh: RT @WhoGonStopB: Gosh I think I'm in love with an inanimate object... #twitter
  • Sayo_Akn: Sayo_Akn: @Purpl3_Duch3SS false accusation girl ...i object
  • bruce_hadley: bruce_hadley: gave a thumbs up to seeking justice's comment: We the people are not getting a fair shake from financial instit... http://t.co/q58WE3E8
  • EatMiiDaniish: EatMiiDaniish: The object of the game is to catch no feelings!
  • ChordO_: ChordO_: @ThisDemetriaL Maybe, maybe.. Im not gonna object.
  • GiselaChamp3454: GiselaChamp3454: Marquis de Sade~ One must do violence to the object of ones desire when it surrenders the pleasure is greater.
  • ebeltz23: ebeltz23: Collecting art should be an investment in an artist not just in an object that will increase in monetary value.
  • ciruelas_rojas: ciruelas_rojas: @efink Standing when a person comes into a room is different than standing bc of an inanimate object @mayerdaman
  • paeznyc: paeznyc: Pelosi: GOP didn't object to tea party taunts - http://t.co/JjdIEssv
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  • jayyeffjayy: jayyeffjayy: RT @Queannn: women arent an object but with some i feel the right to claim you as mine in a friendship/relationship cuz you matter that much #wontshare
  • SenaidaEberl541: SenaidaEberl541: Confucius~ The object of the superior man is truth.
  • lucy_simmonds: lucy_simmonds: @Bernhoft You are extremely talented. I'd ask to be a part of your band but that would probably defeat the whole object of what you do! : )

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