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  • Short for Obviously. 1 : in an obvious manner 2 : as is plainly evident Back in 1992 OBS and TEC (Tiny Eastside Criminals; another Asian-American gang) had a rival affair in which was fought over a female. — “Urban Dictionary: obs”,
  • OBS® supports the entire process, from initial concept to market release, while keeping you in control. ( OBS®) has pioneered e-publishing—identifying new business models, designing, programming, teaching, and training. — “Open Book Systems”, obs-
  • From concept through programming and hosting, OBS builds custom Internet Web sites for leading companies, with a focus on generated or database sites which can be remotely controlled by our client companies. — “Open Book Systems: Web hosting, publishing, education”,
  • BOB 2008. Vancouver 2010. London 2012. — “Olympic Broadcasting Services”, obs.es
  • What does OBS stand for? Definition of OBS in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “OBS - What does OBS stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by”,
  • There are many ways in which you can benefit from becoming part of the OBS family. OBS General Meeting. Saturday, November 6th; 10:00 am - 12:30 pm @ Golden State Mutual, 1999 W. Adams, Los. — “Organization of Black Screenwriters”,
  • OBS Logistics, an ERP/Logistics Software Development Company located in the United Kingdom Outward Bound Singapore, part of the network of Outward Bound centres. — “OBS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Description obs Graffiti Hamburg - Live Action Altona OBS DSU BK. Graffiti Live action at Hamburg Altona train yard. Worth to watch. Containing other videos of Train Bombings from the finest writers in. — “Vídeos de obs - ViuVideos - The best videos of Youtube!”,
  • Obs definition, observation. See more. Link To obs. World English Dictionary. obs. —abbreviation for. obsolete. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. 2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009. — “Obs | Define Obs at ”,
  • Offers training programs for parents as well as pre-school through secondary school programs for kids. — “Overbrook School For The Blind”,
  • Off Balance Sheet - OBS An asset or debt that does not appear on a company's balance sheet. Items that are considered off balance sheet are generally. — “OBS: Definition from ”,
  • Our Sugar Bear Stable's Gourmet Dinner took command of the $1,000,000 Delta Downs Jackpot Stakes (G3) after straightening away in the stretch, then drew off to a 2-1/4 length victory over fellow OBS graduate Decisive Moment (April '10) for his first graded stakes score. — “OBS Home”,
  • OBS INC. is a leading supplier of Blue Bird school buses and a custom designer and builder of high quality specialty vehicles for customers nationwide. As a Blue Bird school bus dealer, OBS provides nationally-acclaimed Blue Bird quality and superior post-sale support through our full service. — “OBS Specialty Vehicles”,
  • Definition of obs. in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of obs.. Pronunciation of obs.. Translations of obs.. obs. synonyms, obs. antonyms. Information about obs. in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “obs. - definition of obs. by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • O.B.'s BBQ Restaurant 725 Industrial Boulevard McDonough, GA 30253 (770) 954-1234. — “Obs-BBQ”, obs-
  • Business documents are critical to financial and strategic decision-making. They are essential information assets that play a vital role in the successful daily operation of an enterprise. — “Océ Business Services”, obs-
  • The Organization for Black Struggle (OBS) was founded by community activists, students, union organizers to fill a vacuum left by the assaults on the Black Power Movement. OBS is based out of St.Louis. — “The Organization for Black Struggle”, obs-
  • Every month, thousands of people are discovering a powerful alternative to working for If you've ever wished it was YOUR TURN to escape "the rat race" and align with a. — “23 People Needed Immediately | Work From Home Online”,
  • Team bonding, corporate, professional, education, training, Singapore, retreat, youth programmes, kids camps, outdoor adventure, kayaking, rock climbing. — “Teambuilding Camp Outdoor Adventure | Outward Bound Singapore”, obs.pa.gov.sg

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  • Godzilla: Unleashed - Obsidius vs Baragon This video was requested by ObsidiusFan and shows Obsidius fighting Baragon on Monster Island.
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  • Rain/BI OBS Interview Ⅰ- 1/2 080105 English Subtitles www.rain- Let's go high-definition full screen & down
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  • [091228] f(x) - OBS 2009 Icon Girl Group Talk (en) Guys, check out this site ^^ : lol i'm not sure what's the exact title TT___TT btw, whoever thinks he/she can translate korean. please do inform me rofl xD it's nice to see them in more interview shows :) lol @ the end. i have a strong instinct saying that the one who disturbed luna is sulli lmao :p cr:amberwa trans by GodheartsME
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  • Rain/BI OBS Interview Ⅰ- 2/2 080105 English Subtitles www.rain- Let's go high-definition full screen & down
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  • vital signs movie (obs group) REFRENCES Pulse and Respiration - Crisp, J., Taylor, C. (2009). Potter and Perry's Fundementals of nursing. Australie Lusia Cecolil. Blood Pressure and Temperature - Jarvis, C. (2008). Physical examination and health assessment (5th ed.) St. Louis: Saunders healthfieldmedicare.suite101.com Handwashing - World Health Organisation [WHO]. (2006). How to handwash? www.who.int
  • OBS 18th September part1
  • OBS Vol.5 @ poppin battle show Hozin vs 紀詠瀚aka Han what a great battle show both r superb!!! respect to both!!! OBS Vol.5 2011/01/08
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  • 2010 Taiwan OBS @ Poppin Judges Solo Jason aka KrazyBonez Snow FishBoy
  • Dirtmusic & Tamikrest " All Tomorrows Partys" OBS 2010
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  • Graffiti from Hamburg Germany, OBS Crew A making of a fine Mural in Hamburg Germany. Dezer and Emyr of the OBS Crew burnin down the hall.
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  • [ENG SUB] 091126 MBLAQ - OBS Interview
  • OBS - CON ROC all day happy soul happy soul super dope
  • OBS Vol.5 @ poppin judge solo Gucchon Snow Hozin really sorry about the gucchon's part... only has half part of his footage...... OBS Vol.5 2011/01/08
  • Graffiti Hamburg - Live Action Altona OBS DSU BK Graffiti Live action at Hamburg Altona train yard. Worth to watch. Containing other videos of Train Bombings from the finest writers in Hamburg. From 2004... Enjoy :)!
  • OBS 8th December Part1
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  • 110409 OBS ⓖyeongⓘn _ MBLAQ Interviews
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  • SS501 080509 OBS Music Star - A Song Calling For You SS501 on 080509 OBS Music Star Performing A Song Calling For You. Credit: hyunilub & SS601
  • 11.1.8 OBS Vol.5 Lockin audition 21~33
  • 11.1.8 OBS vol.5 特別賽WIN & YaoBai vs GoGo Brother (HD) 請愛用720P 高畫質WIN (TBC Taiwan) & YaoBai (So Funky Taiwan) vs Go Go Brother(Japan)
  • [HD] SS501 080330 OBS Music Star - Deja Vu SS501 on 080330 OBS Music Star Performing Deja Vu. Credit: hyunilub
  • Pandawa lvl 197 [obs-esca]
  • John Henry Gates - Orange Blossom Special - OBS Live on the Carnival Sensation 6/11/02
  • 110409 OBS ⓖyeongⓘn _ MBLAQ Again
  • HUSKY VS INTERNET - Multiple Games - 1v1 Obs Map Map name: 1 v 1 Obs Xel'naga Caverns This is me playing on the KOTH style map that pits the winner of the last game against a new challenger. Is very fun for practice and relaxing if you decide just to bet :).
  • Gab_L_D: Waiting for obs & nearly falling asleep. MW took my BP 120/80, yeah!! Lowest it's been for months.
  • CheniceAmeliaTW: Even though i love 1D, i hate the way they copy TW fans....Zayn just tweeted about trying to get MalikMonday to trend hes obs jelous :L lol
  • hillarygayle: @asthehosptuRNs @thejessone where y'all working? Jess, you in high obs?
  • Patrick079: I just ousted Jeroen V. as the mayor of OBS De Triangel on @foursquare! http://4/daQXno
  • rjdelafuente: @Obet_Singcuenco OBS!!! So weird bro...I didn't see your tweet to me until I actually went onto your page!
  • Kaaaaayleighhhh: Time to wake up obs
  • Bijlstransport: I just ousted @renehefti as the mayor of obs De Kubus on @foursquare! http://4/h6XCqW
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 06:00 BST: sunny. 9°C (48°F): Temp 9°C (48°F), Wind SE, 8mph, Hum 95%, Pres 1018mb, rising, Vis Good
  • charlottementz: Hey jy, sterkte daar ini koue, if all else fails OBS! RT @dieLam: Okay- who stole yesterday's weather? Hope its warmer 830m below surface!
  • cleber_rai: OBS: If #IaMmE winning the #AmericasBestDanceCrew,is great,I cheer for them too
  • jasonmatyas: When the clergy addressed General Washington on his departure from the government, it was obs..-G.Washington #quote http:///fkS1P
  • woodsidevaulter: @22camillez I have not heard the full JR speech, just heard snippets on Twitter. Obs some valid points, others kinda (very) harsh.
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 05:00 BST: clear sky. 9°C (48°F): Temp 9°C (48°F), Wind SE, 8mph, Hum 93%, Pres 1018mb, rising, Vis Very good
  • DrSnit: @DrSarahJensen 2 year participant obs of dungeon/leather communities in south eastern US.
  • MasyitahCeralvo: @carolrawrrrr hahas! Not OBS ... For the total defence one.. Lol!
  • Gab_L_D: @MegsyT absolute latest is 37+1 but obs doesn't think I'll get that far. I said ages ago 35wks, we'll see!
  • MasyitahCeralvo: Hm.. Wonder if I should go for OBS?
  • WxCom: Mon: Calling all Aviators, check out our aviation weather site for latest obs and airfield fcsts at http:///flying
  • jonberrydesign: Obs. the jonberrydesign daily is out! http://bit.ly/hkSVLl
  • ScoobyNet_com: Just bought a used 2006 impreza, kinda dissapointed: I just purchased a 2006 impreza OBS special edition, 72K mi... http://bit.ly/jq4Hdo
  • Gab_L_D: Obs rescheduled for 3.45, he's delivering a bebe!
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 04:00 BST: clear sky. 8°C (46°F): Temp 8°C (46°F), Wind SE, 7mph, Hum 94%, Pres 1018mb, rising, Vis Very good
  • ReetKassak: RT @akadune @Ssippi That dang thing took me out! http://t.co/feWqjJ9 Its supposed to! Wanted to fix it, but it is deemed a challenging obs.
  • hairy_bananas: Whoots! :D 272 followers and it was just 260 when I came back from obs :D
  • lanamoosh: @lasseire supposed to say _I_ hadn't reiviewed autocorrects. Obs, still havent. And I can't type. #mightaswellbedrinking
  • Sanasou: Obs.: Bati meu recorde com posts hj no #twitter 160 = D
  • Gab_L_D: @designermamas girl is bigger. Obs is expecting them to be 2.2-2.5kg depending on gestation.
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 03:00 BST: clear sky. 9°C (48°F): Temp 9°C (48°F), Wind SE, 6mph, Hum 92%, Pres 1017mb, rising, Vis Very good
  • Viviih_sz: @Thatawsh obs. respondi dm
  • THALESDMT: [email protected] só para mulheres
  • MaisUmRockstar: alittle-pieceof-heaven asked: Gosteei do seu theme ! (obs: Cadê meu doce ? kkkk’) http:///xa12g1qpc1
  • biebertastic_: @_swagggg that time obs I couldn't sleep. Until now I'm super tired. Plus that day the election thing sleep super late Omg:(( tireddd. Haha
  • pepamobe: @ja_santana Obs: leia logo The Way It Should Be. Te mandei o link ontem. Vc viu, né?
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 02:00 BST: clear sky. 9°C (48°F): Temp 9°C (48°F), Wind SE, 7mph, Hum 90%, Pres 1017mb, rising, Vis Excellent
  • heinpacotador: obs: mfw = my face when
  • KiraMurphy10: @OliviaLauren34 OBs tn? i wanna see ya before i leave!
  • Gab_L_D: @jennunger that's ok! Meant to be having c-section early June @ 37wks but obs doesn't think I'll make it that far. I'm 34wks tomor @Sar_Wah
  • ju_radkl: quero ontemmmm..... (obs)thony
  • mrhodes: RT @GrumpyWookie: News of @laneyvb's #SharePoint MCM has hit the #OBS website - http://bit.ly/lL4I9E - one of only 20 in the world - truly awesome - A+
  • Gimenes88: GENTE, ME ADC NO MSN: [email protected] Obs: EU TO ~~ON~~
  • BlogMJJbeLiEve: RT @PleaseMusicNow: @_RosiMJ Touuu dentroooooooooooooooo WeNeedMJBack OBS sou o @matheusvictorst kkkkk fui blok
  • MorayMair: RT @rosamundmtaylor: Controversial (well, some of the names left me aghast) Obs list of Britain's top 300 intellectuals includes 9 lawyers http://t.co/kl3OPDZ
  • MilanistaSA: @ObsyLakeside Thanks Obs! :)
  • lee_glend: Press 1 for infuriation, Peter Beaumont in the Obs on call centre culture. We've all been there...http://bit.ly/jkW8Pi
  • _ch3llbOOgi3_: This might be a good obs
  • POPSNYC: You know what imma give away 2 tickets right now. Tell me what the 1st #PopsViZion viral on youtube and its yours http:///obs
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 00:00 BST: partly cloudy. 10°C (50°F): Temp 10°C (50°F), Wind SE, 8mph, Hum 89%, Pres 1017mb, rising, Vis Excellent
  • Mike_Red28: @TheOnlyHoff @Suckonmy_Mintz obs. Most succesfull business mans color of choice #fact
  • CodeJedi: @GrumpyWookie @laneyvb woot... love the write-up on Elaine's MCM well done... http://bit.ly/jadyhz
  • Flastar23: 70 miles from tallahassee. Ready to go #ham #obs
  • GrumpyWookie: News of @laneyvb's #SharePoint MCM has hit the #OBS website - http://bit.ly/lL4I9E - one of only 20 in the world - truly awesome - A+
  • lizecullen: Video: Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends I ♥ this video clip obs: A atriz Evan Rachel Wood tá no... http:///xpd2fz96i9
  • cilaoucaribde: @_Aruki obs: nem escuto mais o ajfa, so o and justice for jason, procure no 4shared
  • beccasetz: @launchpat sweet! We are close enough for you to join us if you'd like. :) We meet in Mequon and have an obs up at Harrington Beach. :)
  • _RosiMJ: RT @PleaseMusicNow: @_RosiMJ Touuu dentroooooooooooooooo WeNeedMJBack OBS sou o @matheusvictorst kkkkk fui blok
  • bwilsonizhere: I'm watching OBS on DVR AND recording the current episode. It's OWN all night baby! #Oprahlivetweet
  • PleaseMusicNow: @_RosiMJ Touuu dentroooooooooooooooo WeNeedMJBack OBS sou o @matheusvictorst kkkkk fui blok
  • carollgoncalves: @Lary_Auletta td bem e vce? ( obs eu to no msn .-.)
  • Mehrino: Noel Malcolm - journo turned historian- is so valued by the Obs he appears on the 'Top 300 Intellectuals' list *twice* http://bit.ly/myTM0G
  • LarisLost: RT @Phe_Leal: Chegαndo Do Show Do @Kiara_Rocks αgorα ! ' OBS : α Bαixisttα Dα Mαgnuss α " @LarisLost " Ér Muitto Lindα ! :DDD
  • natanmack: Salvee twitter... (Obs) To muito cansando !
  • coyotecolored: busy busy day... visa office, first! later, I need to obs some classes x.x
  • 1Dphotoalbum: ill obs still replt to tweets and stuff but chat more on my other account
  • wee_soouza: @Hellen__Romao , Obs : voce nao sabe quem eah --'
  • 03lilupo03: @al__tee OBS i knew tht x
  • LoveliLadiiK: @naturallymoody i think i know a boy from OBS. him cute. lol
  • LuAlone_: @LuAlone Vc vai no show do McFly dia 20? .. Bjo .. OBS:DM ;)
  • JoiFulLee: @naturallymoody OBS? well we still could. it wouldn't take the whole time...
  • MickeyPhilip: I HATE OBS!!!
  • Shawty_gotCakes: i know im just soo obs wit u i cn;t stop talkin bout u @L0LAB3LLA away from your laptop ! damn -_- @Shawty_gotCakes
  • nah_nickgene: Photo: Nick, is drawing too good ! Congratulations, baby *.* ! OBS: Is this yourself ?? hahahahahaha’ http:///xap2fxmahr
  • theSmurse: @insomniacmedic1 so nothing new then? I need to check with allocations officer to find out what AL I get next yr to join you for Obs
  • LoveMyNickJ: @WorldNickLandia to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem :) obs : é amanha s2s2 KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
  • lospimenta: @radiojovempan Willow Smith Whip My Hair obs: tooca mtoo pouco , deveria toocar maais veezes
  • greenink211: @RealHumptyB @afneil Do you agree with Barbara Ellen OBS that the hate like this http:///fa88ec2915.pdf must stop? #McCann
  • CathyChesham: RT @MarkChesham: http://bit.ly/jXBBOF Obs article. Lib Dems say they'll be more assertive but after last wk are powerless. Election now would destroy them.
  • RickyOrr: @AmySwinbourne And me obs! x
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 22:00 BST: white cloud. 12°C (54°F): Temp 12°C (54°F), Wind S, 10mph, Hum 82%, Pres 1016mb, rising, Vis Very good
  • WeJBLove: Im addict to stories LOL and obs for you!
  • Jupr10_: @YayaAfonso taa, beem bb' OBS: vocês se pareceem :D
  • brendanogueiraa: @justibieber I'm a very severe disease can die at any moment if you do not send me a hi . OBS: This disease is called: love ♥
  • inkedupchef: Kickstarter - Notes from a Kitchen; A Journey Inside Culinary Obsession: http://kck.st/mzFFaI
  • lewistaylor19: @JakeWeekes obs but you flopped first half
  • unidospelobtr: resposta certa: "...shining now, brightin' somehow." OBS: ninguém ganhou.
  • Mileytswiftjb: Obs @mileycyrus you arer amazing and have awesome fans like them
  • raypcook: The videos of bin Laden reminded me of someone else. Eventually I realised who - #GeorgeGalloway - anyone seen him lately? #OBS
  • mimi_lizel: done wit stats,hello obs #goingstrong
  • trizspot:     #RT #TEAMFOLLOWBACK #instantfollowback #F4F #FOLLOW2GAIN #teamautofollow #1000ADAY #100ADAY #500ADAY Followers Obs.
  • katieOgrady_: @Slizzard14 i wish i was in obs too!!
  • tessanoble_: @elzclements haha im pretty sure you are doing better than matt! He's been painting solidly all weekend and still hasnt done several obs! ha
  • BBCWeatherBhm: Obs @ 21:00 BST: partly cloudy. 13°C (55°F): Temp 13°C (55°F), Wind S, 6mph, Hum 64%, Pres 1015mb, rising, Vis Excellent
  • therebecca: rave piece in The Obs about The Social Animal. If only Aaronovich had read the book properly, he might have got the point of Brooks' book
  • Caa_andradeee: obs: não é mais System of down, ée of Down só ok (y) -qq ' p. SUZY'
  • movinmeat: @grahamwalker can do 23hr obs here. Otherwise it's a short ambo ride to "parent" hospital.
  • freshports_org: mail/mailscanner - 4.83.4: - Pass maintainership to submitter - s/LOCALBASE/PREFIX/ where necessary - Remove obs... http://bit.ly/jnPOyH
  • Nin_Thendo: iight RT @TwiggzSoPhly: Nah, but I will be, so tired RT Yep , u ready? RT TwiggzSoPhly: Is Nin_Thendo writing OBS 2mrw?

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  • “AALL2008 announcement beer Blog camping closing banquet coffee daily rose dine-around dining downtown events Flickr hotels meeting OBS Portland 101 portland building portlandia program Register restaurants shopping things to do transportation TS video volunteer waterfront web2.0. Categories”
    — OBS, lawlib.lclark.edu

  • “Research Paper - External Blog - OBS Case Study - Sept09 - Publishing Version With it, new mediums appeared (website, electronic message or email, forum, file transfer platform ), they accelerated the information sharing without border”
    — Research Paper - External Blog - OBS Case Study - Sept09,

  • “oh..welcome to blog world. hehe. yeah yeah..i can't wait for the 2nd well you guys could do a 'the obs' version of a nice hippy indie song”
    — Dark Folke: welcome to the obs blog,

  • “Posts Tagged obs' PAULICK REPORT FORUM brought to you by Breeders' Cup: FLORIDA TRENDING obs, Ocala Breeers' Sales, Paulick Report, Paulick Report Forum,”
    — Paulick Report " obs,

  • “You will need to register (which is free of charge) to use the forum, and may wish to use a different id on the forum (from your real name or t+ login). Click here to visit the forum. Privacy Policy. Medical Disclaimer. Terms & Conditions. Accessibility © 2010 OBS Medical Ltd”
    — Forum " OBS Medical,

  • “HY - obs and gynae. Post Reply. 100/5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tags: highyields. Author. 16 Posts. drtanvir. Forum Senior. Topics: 23. Posts: 122. 06/28 Similar forum topics. Is BRS for Gynae Obs good? Gynae.- Question. obs-gynae in 6 days. Related resources”
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  • “News Blog About OBS TV/Movie Reviews Contests Forum Book Reviews Shop Affiliates Members CP Quizzes Contact Us the articles from the news blog will be posted here, for discussion. Child Boards: News”
    — Join Our Forum,

  • “An Orphan's Bright Star is a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing for the children in our sponsored orphanages throughout Ukraine. Tuesday, 21 September 2010 6:30 P GMT-05. Well OBS friends it looks like we have covered more soles in Ukraine”
    — orphansbrightstar.blog-

  • “News items of interest about OBS bookmobiles operating throughout the U. S. The new kidmobile from OBS INC. features colorful carpet, laminates, and bulletin board covering, all designed especially for young children”
    — " OBS Bookmobiles in Action,

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