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  • In the village of Ocumicho, Michoacán, the party literally takes to the streets on January 2nd. Dancers don masks with ribbons and tinsel trailing behind, then lead the entire village on a merry journey to gather "treasures" from the households-of-honor on this day. — “Ocumicho”,
  • Village women pray for San Pedro and San Pablo in the remote village of Ocumicho, Michoacan. Venerated on June 29 and 30, the patron saints are honored with a special mass, processions, lavish food offerings and traditional dances during the 2. — “On Bended Knee | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • High in the hills of Michoacán, just south of Zamora, and a feasible, if somewhat difficult, day trip from Chapala, lies the Indian village of Ocumicho, a ceramic arts center. Whether by design or tradition or a combination of both, the devil is alive and well in Ocumicho. — “El Ojo del Lago Mexico's "September 1992"”,
  • Ocumicho is about 2 hours from Pátzcuaro near Cocucho. Though the town appears unassuming, and long tongues, the whimsical art of Ocumicho is truly amazing. — “EcoMexico - Patzcuaro Vacations - Visit Patzcuaro”,
  • The bus labored up the steep, deeply rutted dirt road to Ocumicho until our driver Antonio finally gave up, fearful of stranding a 40-foot-long motor coach hours away from the nearest paved. — “Crafting a Visit to the Mexico of Another Era : Folk-art”,
  • Find southern california's local news for San Bernardino including weather, real estate, announcements and San Bernardino resources from . Otilia Esteban, of Mecca, said that whenever she visits her native Ocumicho in the mountains of Michoacán, she can tell when young Purépecha are. — “Purépecha in Mecca balance three cultures | San Bernardino”,
  • Size: 4.5" x 9" Ocumicho Dragon $29.00. Size: 9" x 3" Ocumicho Dragon $34.00. Size: 9" x 9" 40 Item(s) Page 1 of 3 | 1 2 3 Next >> Aguilar Family. Guatemalan Wood Carvings. Masks. Oaxacan Carvings. Ortega Ceramics. Peruvian Retablos. Pottery. Tigua Art. TIn Art. Haiti. Guatemala. Peru. Mexico. — “MEXICAN FOLK ART CERAMIC CLAY TRADITIONAL POTTERY CRAFTS”,
  • The other two towns we visited the day before - San José de Gracias and Ocumicho - have long-established historic backgrounds. and pigs while the artisans of Ocumicho specialize in manufacturing impish devil figures. — “Journey to Patamban, Michoacan : Mexico Travel”,
  • Hand made and painted pottery nativity is a whimsical example of folk art by Teresa Raphael of the Purepecha village of Ocumicho. These pottery nativities are hand made by Joaquin Victor of the Purepecha village of Ocumicho. — “Native American Indian Cultures - Purepecha Indians”, indian-
  • In the Mexican state of Michoacan, the inhabitants of the small village of Ocumicho always painted terra cotta figurines. The legend tells that a young boy, come from one does not know where, would have been adopted by the women of the village who would have initiated it with this. — “Little devils of Ocumicho”,
  • Ocumicho sauvé par les diables on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. — “Ocumicho sauvé par les diables (2002) - IMDb user reviews”,
  • Toy, Car, Day of the Dead. Culture. Ocumicho, Michoacan State, Mexico. Source. Museum Expedition - Anthropology Division. Object Ocumicho, Michoacan State, Mexico. Credit. Leslie Grace Collection. — “Search Results - Ethnology - Burke Museum”, washington.edu
  • The other two towns we visited the day before - San José de Gracias and Ocumicho - have long-established historic backgrounds. pineapples and pigs while the artisans of Ocumicho specialize in manufacturing impish devil figures and masks. — “Welcome Mexico Travel”,
  • During my research before the trip I came across the story of Ocumicho and the little devil figures it is famous for, each figure depicts bizarre devil or hell characters in strange scenarios. Ocumicho is near Pátzcuaro, the center of Mexico's Day of the Dead festivities. — “KIOSK - Ocumicho Figures”,
  • Oeil-Sud est une association à but non lucratif, regroupant le travail de Julie Gilbert (théâtre, scénario et littérature), de Christophe Chammartin (photographe), de Frédéric Choffat (réalisateur-photographe) triptik 888, alban kakulya, ocumicho sauvé par les diables, corbière. — “OEIL-SUD”, lefilm.ch
  • Mexican clay figures of little devils, or diablitos, are some of the most interesting pottery creations from the town of Ocumicho, in Michoacán. — “Mexican Folk Art Devils from Ocumicho: Mexican Pottery”, suite101.com
  • Photos by Geni, Feb 3, 2007 - We went with Mike, Susan, Alfredo and Lupe to a park at Tangancicuaro, high in the mountains east of Guadalajara. We stopped at an artist's house in Ocumicho and bought bread in Chilchota, where a city park surrounds. — “Picasa Web Albums - Geni - A Trip to Tan”,
  • Location of Ocumicho, Michoacan de Ocamp, Mexico (Latitude: 19° 46' 60 N, Longitude: 102° 13' 0 W) displayed on world map, coordinates and short location facts. — “Ocumicho, Michoacan de Ocamp, Mexico on world map”,
  • Zenaida Rafael Julian - Famous Devil Figures of Ocumicho The devil figures and other whimsical ceramics made in Ocumicho have true Mexican folk art roots and are highly sought after by collectors. — “Zenaida Rafael Julian - Famous Devil Figures of Ocumicho”,

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  • Marcelino Vicente of Ocumicho Marcelino was the reputedly wild, cross dressing, mescal drinking sculptor of Ocumicho, Mexico who died in a bar room fight in the 60's. He began the Ocumicho school of pottery. Marcelino sculpted figures drawn from his cultural heritage and enriched by his imagination and dreams - dreams in which he actually saw devils who told him to stop fooling around and make figures of them as they actually were. Marcelino's departure from tradition produced grotesque devil and monster figures more varied and explicit than any previously produced in his village. Here, Reed's friend, Dick Schwarz, examines and talks about a ceramic sculpture by Marcelino Vicente at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute.
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  • “Blog. Free Spanish Lessons. Featured Artists. The Legacy of the Gracia's detailed ceramic pineapples and Ocumicho's diablitos, or little devils, that”
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  • “Hull Pottery Pink & Blue CORKY PIG Piggy Bank 1957 #2. 45.00. vintage adorable pig pottery MEXICAN OCUMICHO POTTERY DOLL MONEY BANK NR. 24.99. McCoy Pottery 1950s Eagle Bank Stephen”
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  • “Every year Politics and Prose sponsors a trip to Mexico. We started these annual trips museum: including, the devil makers in Ocumicho in Michoacán; the whimsical Irma Blanco”
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