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  • Most obviously the coolest of pokemon as it has leaves growing out of its head. It is a round bulbous pokemon that doesnt really have a life. Is mu Oddish pokemon bellsprout kakuna gloom gastly rattata sandshrew nidorina magneton dugtrio cloyster brock pikachu blastoise seel mankey parasect. — “Urban Dictionary: Oddish”,
  • Oddish is a Grass/Poison type Pokémon that evolves into Gloom. — “Oddish (video game concept)”,
  • All the information you are looking for Oddish. Oddish evolution chain, damage ratios chart, stats, appear locations and moves. — “Oddish - Oddish Pokedex - Oddish Evolution Chain & Chart”,
  • Oddish (ナゾノクサ, Oddish Nazonokusa in original Japanese language versions), also known as Plimp, is one of 493 fictional species of Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise. — “Oddish - Wikia Gaming - Walkthroughs, games, guides, and more”,
  • 043 Oddish. General. Location. Attacks. Stats. Egg Moves. 5th Gen Dex. 3rd Oddish. Nazonokusa. ナゾノクサ. National: #043. Johto: #083. Male : 50% Female. — “ Pokédex - #043 Oddish”,
  • Psydex " Psydex Search " Unown Dex " Game Sprites " TechDex " TechDex Search 043 Oddish. Breeding Information. Egg Group. Plant. Approx Steps to Hatch. — “Psypoke's Psydex :: #043 - Oddish (Breeding Info)”,
  • Oddish Character Bio DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: It has leaves sprouting from its head. STATS IN POKÉMON (SCALE OF 1 TO 5) NUMBER: 43 HP: 3 AT: 1 DF: 1. — “Oddish: Biography from ”,
  • Buy Oddish from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. Use bizrate's latest online shopping features to compare prices for Oddish. — “Oddish Games & Puzzles at Bizrate - Black Friday 2010”,
  • Definition of oddish in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of oddish. Pronunciation of oddish. Translations of oddish. oddish synonyms, oddish antonyms. Information about oddish in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “oddish - definition of oddish by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Oddish (ナゾノクサ Nazonokusa in Japanese, Myrapla in German and Mystherbe in French) is a fictional character of the Pokémon Oddish is a nocturnal Pokémon, using moonlight rather than the sun's rays for photosynthesis. — “Games - Oddish”, listing-
  • Oddish grows by absorbing moonlight, and the more fertile the soil, the glossier its leaves become. Oddish are commonly found in the anime. Most of the time they play. — “Oddish (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon”,
  • Pokemon website with a Black and White Walkthrough and Pokedex, also for Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum; TCG spoilers, buddy icons and avatars, and other helpful resources. As long as the weather is Sunny, Oddish's Speed is doubled. — “ - Oddish - HGSS Pokedex”,
  • Oddish is the first in an evolution chain. It evolves into Gloom starting at level 21, and then into either Vileplume via a Leaf Stone or Bellossom via a Sun Stone. — “Oddish - The Pokémon Wiki - Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum”,
  • Oddish is a nocturnal Pokémon, using moonlight rather than the sun's rays for photosynthesis. Oddish has been known to use its leaves as hands, such as one who used this to climb a rope net and tried to fly like a Hoppip. — “List of Pokémon (1–51) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Oddish. Abilities. Chlorophyll. Doubles Speed during strong sunlight. Stage 2. Oddish. Gloom Level up, starting at level 21. Vileplume Use a Leaf Stone. Bellossom. — “Oddish - Pokémon #43 - veekun”,
  • , Search the web and find what you are looking for with OXiDE Search! Live Life Through OXiDE!. — “Welcome to ! Search Results Powered by OXiDE”,
  • Tips: Grass/Poison types may be weak against a lot of attacks, but Oddish and its family represent all their best qualities. Oddish's only real problem is its relatively low Attack power -- but. — “Pokemon Strategy Guide - IGNguides”,
  • While Oddish has subpar stats compared to many of the other sweepers in Little Cup, it does have something going for it: Chlorophyll. Sunny Day lets Oddish outpace most of the Little Cup metagame, and gives it a great STAB option in Solarbeam. — “Oddish (D/P) - Smogon University”,
  • Definition of oddish in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is oddish? Meaning of oddish as a legal term. What does oddish mean in law?. — “oddish legal definition of oddish. oddish synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Oddish definition, rather odd; queer. See more. — “Oddish | Define Oddish at ”,

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  • Oddish for Uber. I am truly bamboozled.
  • Oddish The Hermit Crab Our first and awesome-est Hermit Crab. His name's Oddish, like the dumb Pokemon that looks like one of those Turnips from Mario 2. He doesn't do anything exciting in this video, just climbing about and generally being Hermit Crab like. There's a brief appearance by Isabelle too but she's just trying to hog the glory! Filmed by: Becky Music: More info on Hermit Crabs www.hermit- Stuff for your Hermit Crabs
  • Pokemon Fire red walkthrough part 13: I caught an Oddish! I figured that it would be good to have a grass-type Pokemon for when I have my rematch against Misty.
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  • PBR Legendary Wannabees Episode 6: Oddish The 6th Episode of Legendary Wannabees which features Shiny Oddish doing... odd moves!
  • Oddish - Time taken: 13 minutes If you liked this track feel free to add reputation here!
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  • Pokemon Crystal Part Six - The Oddish That Shouldn't Have Been Sent Out! I caught an off-screen Oddish, so if you were shocked by that, there you go. Also, it gets a bit off-sync at some parts... We get the Cut HM, fight trainers, a Growlithe that really shouldn't have done Roar, and arrive at Goldenrod City, all in one video! Next time, we take on Whitney, and hopefully not use Oddish... No special music this part, I'm afraid.
  • Shiny Oddish from Emerald's broken RNG I no longer hunt shinies this way as I see it as very cheap. So, please do not ask me about it.
  • Spore Pokemon #043-Oddish Yes my friends. Two uploads in one day. Congratulations are in order.
  • Shiny Oddish (Emerald) EDIT: I disabled the comments. I'm sick of people telling me all the time to get a life. Just to let you know, I didn't waste my time at all, I only got more done because I was SRing while I studied for a test or watched tv etc. I don't even play pokemon anymore, so it's no use to tell me to get a life. ~~~ Only a while after the shiny Swablu I found this shiny Oddish ^^ Same nature and IVs with Swablu, it was that RNG thing. I was pretty WTF when I saw this xD Also I was a bit disappointed when I saw it has the same nature as Swablu. But I'm still going to keep this, I didn't mean to use RNG trick to get it :d
  • pokemon LEGENDARY the only cool pokemon oddish tribute
  • 5000 Subscriber Special Part 1 - Oddish Only Run (Pkmn Yellow) :: Brock "On to the next one!" -- Recorded live on Justin.tv - www.justin.tv
  • Spore Creature Creator Pokémon - Fun with Oddish! My version of the spore oddish. I really like how this one turned out, especially the mouth. The reddish streak in the head-grass is actually there to make the eyes red, but unfortunately that didn't show up in the video. Oh, and it was made in the trial version, that's why it just has the grass on its head instead of leaves. ^^;
  • Oddish - Free de gastação
  • Pokemon Heart Gold - Shiny Oddish Encounter FlamingFlarez here with a Shiny Pokemon Video Casually playing through Heart Gold, I found myself a peculiar Green Oddish! Oddish found: July 4, 2010 FlamingFlarez I nicknamed it "Greenbush" in the video, but shortly after I didn't like it so it was renamed back to Oddish in Goldenrod! This video was taken by FlamingFlarez Pokemon is Copyright Nintendo and Gamefreak
  • The Making of... Pokemon Oddish.wmv Hey guys its been a while since I've been bored enough to do one of these so enjoy. join my facebook fan page:
  • Grass & Poison Pokemon - Oddish, Gloom & Vileplume Video Tribute A video tribute of my favorite grass and poison Pokemon family: Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume. Song is "Clouds from the East" by DJMeas. See my other videos for more Pokemon tributes!
  • Pokemon black and white sprite test: Oddish + Gloom + Vileplume + Bellossom Oddish + Gloom + Vileplume + Bellossom sprite test
  • oddish vs Philo
  • PBR: Dialga and Palkia Ubers? Really? Oddish OWNS Kyogre and Deoxys D [Baby Sunny Day - Wi-Fi 44] First time I see deoxys defense form online. I was surprised by how much the Solar Beam did to it, and Kyogre's ice beam not bringing Oddish to its focus sash left me with my eyes wide open. I think this battle shows seedot's true power. Being able to 1HKO a Dialga even after the resistance is quite something. I should've fire blasted with Castform instead of solar beaming but it didn't change the outcome, just lengthened the battle a little.
  • Shiny Oddish (1 of 5) pokeradar chain 40 pokemon pearl This shiny Oddish was caught on July 3, 2008. At chain 40, route 229. It showed up after _ super repels. I caught a total of 5 shiny Oddish that day. The chain broke at 101.
  • Oddish vs Vuks Duelo de Mcs 2010 1º e 2ºRound
  • Oddish vs Vuks Duelo de Mcs 2010
  • Black Ops Emblem Tutorials: Oddish Edition I've had this one for awhile, and kinda just forgot I made him. I have finals for the next two weeks, so videos will be sparse. Oddish is pretty simple, so enjoy the music rate, comment, subscribe. Music: ViridianForest Pokemon by benoz11 - black ops, black ops emblems, black ops editor, black ops editor tutorials, black ops tutorials, black ops how to, cave story, pokemon, bellsprout, ghastly, poliwag, balrog, pokeball, superhero, domo, how to make domo, domo black ops,Watchman emblem, Comedians emblem, comedians pin, watchman black ops emblem, black ops watchman, black ops comedian, twitter bird, twitter bird black ops, twitter bird emblem, oddish
  • 5000 Subscriber Special Part 3 - Oddish Only Run (Pkmn Yellow) :: Lt. Surge "The lightning american" -- Recorded live on Justin.tv - www.justin.tv
  • best battle with a level 13 oddish in HISTORY ye mang
  • Random shiny oddish in HeartGold ! When I do a speedrun on my HG version for began to start the sudowoodo's hunt, I found that %)... Alors que je faisais un speedrun pour aller shasser simularbre sur ma HG, j'ai trouvé ceci...
  • Oddish Speed Painting! Me speed painting Oddish
  • Oddish Stacks Oddish (of Pokemon fame) earns a speed stacking trophy! What, Oddish can stack?
  • oddish - Nuvens
  • Spore - Oddish This video was created using the Spore Creature Creator. My version of Oddish. The color could take a little tweaking, and I need a better mouth
  • Pomeg Sub Glitch - Wailord absorbed by Oddish After performing the Pomeg glitch, the player must enter a battle using a Pokemon under its effect against another that knows one of the correct moves. The second step is letting a turn pass either by use of the Oran Berry on the glitched Pokémon, moves with little or no damage to the foe, or wait for it to use the effective move(this must be after the glitched pokemon has been damaged) Were this to happen, it is only required to be hit once by the effective move.
  • 092: Call me oddish. Please subscribe! 087 is lost in the void of the internet, but it may appear sometime in the near future, who knows.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops || Custom Emblem Tutorial || Oddish (Pokemon) Tutorial for a custom Oddish emblem that I made.
  • Random Shiny Oddish Appears in FireRed!:02/21/10 On my way to the Cerulean Cave I found this random shiny oddish! i475 i475
  • How to Draw Pokemon: Oddish Part 2 How to draw the Pokemon Oddish, x). Part 2 of 2.
  • Exeggutor & Oddish
  • tika_uni: Photo: the most favorite capture..we had laughing..smiling and oddish http:///xoa1kp1sjx
  • mike0192: @Jimmaboy is een oddish
  • SimplyPromises: RT @JamieHaller: All this talk about #Pokemon makes me wanna catch an Oddish, defeat Team Rocket, and become a Pokemon Master. #itstannersfault #drams
  • JamieHaller: All this talk about #Pokemon makes me wanna catch an Oddish, defeat Team Rocket, and become a Pokemon Master. #itstannersfault #drams
  • Natsycakes: RT @Jitka19: I have decided after many years of deliberation that Oddish is the best pokemon
  • zackmast: @jitka19 Oddish has five leaves, you horrible excuse for a nerd!
  • Jitka19: I have decided after many years of deliberation that Oddish is the best pokemon
  • Jitka19: @stumblebee @ibkt @tfunktwits Oddish is objectively the best pokemon, gloom the second best, vileplume the third #nerd #killme
  • protoglyph: @tfunktwits stumblebee's av is a gloom, not an oddish. NERD
  • tfunktwits: @stumblebee well said, oddish
  • xjulieo0: @Juliechu ODDISH
  • Captain10Marva: I think I have more shoes now then I did back when I actually collected them. #Oddish
  • lyj_88: @minismonja yes. odd oddish.
  • lyj_88: @minismonja :O THE ODDISH TALKED
  • pauleto: corsola/oddish, like!
  • ZombieChameleon: Hello, Twitter! I slept until 2 in the afternoon. I had a dream about school and pokemon. I beat a snorlax with an oddish.
  • fknlee: @samanherp ew HAHA why would you "swear on oddish". brahhhhhhh omg orlando bloom is so yummy in the new hugo boss perfume ad @[email protected]
  • samanherp: @fknlee when i was in the shower, there was also a fly. i swear on oddish that it was trying to fly up my ... genital area lmao :(
  • veregna: @charmwitch WHJSHDGF FOR SOME REASON THAT MADE ME LAUGH AHAHA Edellll that is so cuteee Edel and his Oddish ;O;
  • tinlizzy: @paraselenic @snipy do you feel awkward, oddish and vaguely ill at ease?
  • DrnkDanHeineken: My Oddish just evolved into Gloom!
  • marrie1: Um that's not good I turn on my new hadr drive and it's not making its usual sounds. it is sounding a bit oddish. Oops?
  • xoxosickmuse: "The foe's Oddish used Acid!" Uh.. Is this what pokemon games are teaching the kids these days? XD
  • StottyStott: @JSwizzal Mate we need to sort out our Pokewalkers! @TweetWootton caught like, a Oddish and Paras today from walking around! ---
  • Freakpewpew: Oh no one wants to trade a bulbasaur for my oddish :C
  • hellomatthieu: @Christopop can I have one of your Oddish cards I can't find mine :(((
  • Lazza89: Havin a rather oddish day its been weird
  • ulrikahall: it still work to "go your own way" RT @AndersSporring: @UlrikaHall Yes, it's a bit... well maybe not surprising but still... oddish imho
  • AndersSporring: @UlrikaHall Yes, it's a bit... well maybe not surprising but still... oddish imho
  • LSNaNa_0118: Photo: epicprincess: CHANGJO AS ODDISH LMAO. http:///xdp1j76w4h
  • galaxy: tuffbee (bee's creations) - I finally caved and made a tumblr just for my own pictures and doodles. I’d love... http:///xjw1j32ump
  • leegeorg07: @CezzaCarey fine. I'll set the oddish free then.
  • CezzaCarey: @leegeorg07 oddish?!? I would much rather be a Meowth.
  • leegeorg07: @CezzaCarey you're an oddish though! :L
  • hellomatthieu: YAY JUST CAUGHT ODDISH :) my favourite

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