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  • odometry process have time varying coefficients and therefore may not be easy However, the odometry process exibits a property here called "commut. — “Some Useful Results for Closed-Form Prop- agation of Error in”, robotics.caltech.edu
  • for a use in a DSC or MCU based system. Once we have the information about the distance traveled by each wheel in a discrete-time update (odometry), we can estimate the position coordinates of the robot with the same periodicity without any external reference (dead reckoning). — “dsNavCon Odometry”,
  • O·dom·e·try n. Measurement of distances by the odometer. — “odometry: Information from ”,
  • Though odometry and mapping were mentioned in Applied Robotics, it is a topic worthy of a quick reprise here. As in all things mathematical, the odometry equations describe the behavior of an idealized robot (as shown to the right). — “Simulated Reality Systems, LLC - Odometry”,
  • A method of odometry calibration is proposed and validated The path dependent nature of odometry can be. exploited to reduce the amount of ground. — “Fast and Easy Systematic and Stochastic Odometry Calibration”, frc.ri.cmu.edu
  • odometry, using knowledge of your wheel's motion to estimate your vehicle's motion. Note that the odometry data is provided in units of ticks: the amount of forward (or. — “A Primer on Odometry and Motor Control”,
  • II. Odometry. The classical technique for a wheeled robot to calculate its position is to track its location through a series of measurements of the rotations of the robots' wheels, a method often termed "odometry. Odometry requires a method for accurately counting the rotation of the robot wheels. — “IMU Odometry, by David Anderson”, geology.heroy.smu.edu
  • The aim of this thesis is to perform robot positioning, based on an odometry which is continuously knows the geometry of the grid lines and its estimated position which is calculated by odometry. — “ROBOT POSITIONING BY SUPERVISED AND UNSUPERVISED ODOMETRY”, cs.cmu.edu
  • odometry. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 15 July 2008, at 14:28. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “odometry - Wiktionary”,
  • One way robots have of determining their position in their environment is odometry. Slow odometry processing (considering only cumulative counts, not the dynamic count differences). — “Robo”, groups.csail.mit.edu
  • Encyclopedia article about odometry. Information about odometry in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “odometry definition of odometry in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • call visual odometry, i.e. motion estimates from visual input The visual odometry can also be used in con- junction with information from other sources such as GPS,. — “Visual Odometry”, y.edu
  • Odometry definition, an instrument for measuring distance traveled, as by an automobile. See more. — “Odometry | Define Odometry at ”,
  • In this tutorial, you will learn how to calibrate the odometry of your robot. This procedure is commonly termed odometry (or position estimation with odometry), and implemented in the program odometry_track. — “Khepera III Toolbox/Examples/odometry calibration - Wikibooks”,
  • Definition of Odometry in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Odometry. Pronunciation of Odometry. Translations of Odometry. Odometry synonyms, Odometry antonyms. Information about Odometry in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Odometry - definition of Odometry by the Free Online”,
  • Odometry is used by some robots, whether they be legged or wheeled, to estimate (not determine) their position relative to a starting location. Rapid and accurate data collection, equipment calibration, and processing are required in most cases for odometry to be used effectively. — “Odometry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • read more about > biomimicry, idf, military news, mobility, odometry, research, robotics, robots, snakebots, Video, warbots Most Viewed. odometry. Most Commented. odometry. Most Emailed. odometry. Name. Address 1. City. — “odometry | Popular Science”,
  • Heuristics-enhanced Odometry (HEO) eliminates odometry heading errors when used indoors, in structured environments. Does not require any sensors other than wheel encoders for odometry. — “Personal Odometry”, engin.umich.edu
  • Inertial Sensors, GPS, and Odometry. Introduction. Introduction. Navigation is one of most imporatant. capabilities for any mobile (About 25 BC) Inertial Sensors, GPS, and Odometry. Odometry. Odometry. Meaning. travel or journey. History. Over 2000 years ago. While. — “Inertial Sensors, GPS, and Odometry”, courses.cse.tamu.edu
  • 3D Odometry data. 3D Odometry data. Todo: Find another way for unique ID to avoid potentially duplicated ID and/or undeclared ID const std::string marie::DataOdometry::ID = "ODOMETRY" [static] Unique ID. Must be implemented by all DataAbstract explicitely. — “MARIE: marie::DataOdometry class Reference”,
  • Odometry sensors. A final category will be given, which provides interesting examples of history-based sensor mappings, as defined for discrete state spaces in Section 11.1.1. Another way to model odometry is to have a sensor indicate the estimated distance traveled since the last stage. — “Odometry sensors”, msl.cs.uiuc.edu

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  • Visual odometry Vs IMU Visual odometry from stereo vision (black) plotted against odometry from an IMU. This is for data set 2009_09_08_drive_0010. See and
  • Stereo Visual Odometry on 3D space Stereo visual odometry on 3D space demo. Use non-synchronized two cheap wide-view cameras as a stereo source. It scans 3D sparse space and tracking cameras' trajectory.
  • Lego NXT Taskbot Calibrated Using Odometry After making required measurements we have done the odometry calibration on the robot. After Odometry calibration the errors are reduced to 1/15 to its original values.
  • An experiment of a 3D Real-time Robust Visual Odometry
  • visual Odometry #2 At the August 2010 meeting of the Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC), Rainer talks about visual odometry for robot navigation.
  • The Amazing Cataglyphis Ant When foraging for food, the Cataglyphis Ant can embark on a seemingly random journey from its nest equivalent to an astonishing 40 miles, yet can run directly back to its nest using the shortest path possible once it finds food. How does it accomplish this feat of navigation??
  • LIBVISO: Visual Odometry for Intelligent Vehicles This video demonstrates a visual odometry algorithm on the vehicle Annieway (VW Passat). Visual odometry is the estimation of a video camera's 3D motion and orientation, which in the presented case is purely based on stereo vision. The blue trajectory is the motion estimated by visual odometry, the red trajectory is the ground truth by a high-precision OXTS RT3000 GPS+IMU system.
  • Monocular Visual Odometry in Urban Environments Using an Omnidirectional Camera, IROS2008 Jean-Philippe Tardif (Univesity of Pennsylvania), Yanis Pavlidis (University of Pennsylvania), Kostas Daniilidis (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Mouse used as encoder for odometry in a robotic car (with Arduino) This video shows how I managed to mechanically connect the motor of the Traxxas Emaxx to an old PS/2 ball-type (mechanical) mouse. The device is connected to an arduino to capture the data. The mouse encoder is modified so that it only counts two pulses per revolution because I prefer wider range than better precision. This is a cheap and easy way to build an odometry device for your robotic platform (if the motor does not provide those measures already). The sensor is part of the DreamBot project developed by Carlos Agell under the supervision of Professor Kane H. Kim and with the funding of Fundación Caja Madrid. This project is part of my MS thesis in the DREAM Lab of the EECS department at University of California, Irvine (USA). The autonomous vehicle will have a buch of other sensors. Some other videos of the Dreambot can be found at . For downloads please visit www.carlosagell.tk .
  • Arobot V3 : Wifi Robot : Automatic Navigation with odometry and compass Arobot V3 Project : My first automatic navigation tries using only odometry and compass. Personnal website : Project website Partnership
  • 914 docking by pure odometry phase 1 Research video to show 914 robot docking using only odometry
  • 1-point RANSAC based Structure from Motion (Monocular visual odometry at 400 Hz) Davide Scaramuzza, ETH Zurich. This video shows the estimation of the vehicle motion from image features. The video demonstrate the approach described in our paper which uses 1-point RANSAC algorithm to remove the outliers. Except for the features extraction process, the outlier removal and the motion estimation steps take less than 1mm on a normal laptop computer. For more info read my paper: Real-Time Monocular Visual Odometry for On-Road Vehicles with 1-Point RANSAC, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2009. The PDF can be found here: robotics.ethz.ch
  • Visual odometry in rough terrain Localization and mapping on autonomous robots typically requires a good pose estimate, which is hard to acquire if the vehicle is tracked. This video shows Dr. Alexander Kleiner's solution to the pose estimation problem by utilizing a consumer-quality camera and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). More information: rmatik.uni-
  • Stereo Visual Odometry with a hand-held camera Stereo Visual Odometry with a hand-held camera: Indoor Experiment. In this video, we show visual odometry results with a hand-held camera using multiscale feature descriptors. Egomotion estimation is 6DoF although visualization is done in 2D for clarity reasons.
  • Robot Drives in a Circle Using Odometry Robot uses BASIC Stamp, simple 2-speed motor control relays and optical wheel encoders to drive a circular path and stop after completing a full circle. Path programmed is for the outside wheel to go twice as far as the inside wheel. The only reference is odometry feedback from the wheel encoders, which watch how far each wheel has turned and adjust the motor speeds to maintain the proper path. OD of circlular path is 5'-4", so the outside wheel traveled 16.75 feet. Demo here is on carpet, which is more problematic than a hard flat floor, yet the robot stops in the proper orientation and has drifted sideways only about 1/4 inch. Good accuracy & repeatability for such a simple system.
  • Visual Odometry with a Handheld Camera (circular path) Estimation of a circular path followed with a handheld camera. The images are affected by some motion blur effect. On the left, the matches detected using the MOBIF features detection and description scheme (Motion Blur Invariant Features). On the right, the current path estimation obtained with MLESAC + 5points algorithm. The odometry is estimated in 3D (six degrees of freedom) but for convenience in the video is projected in 2D. Developed by A. Pretto (IASLab, Padua, Italy) in collaboration with the AIS-Lab (Freiburg, Germany). More info on: i.unipd.it
  • Visual Odometry using optical flow The source image is taken moving along a 1 meter tape. The optical flow needles are calculated between each frame and then the global optical flow vectors are found from by summing the components of the needles. There is some slight filtering on the minimum and maximum length of any needle. To find the distance the optical flow vectors are added in quadrature. The calibration is done based on a series of test frames from a variety of lighting conditions. Several other scenes give similar results. I should probably do some filtering on the global vectors. The routine requires about 30ms to process a frame on my laptop so runs at full frame rate. For more information see:
  • All odometry and gyroscope error effects
  • Arobot V3 : Wifi Robot : Automatic Navigation with odometry and compass Arobot V3 Project : Short path creation and automatic navigation. Personnal website : Project website Partnership
  • Visual Odometry - Indoor Researchers: Wen Lik Dennis Lui and Ray Jarvis Summary: This video shows selected 10 out of 59 runs (Speed 8X) of the proposed visual odometry which combines optical flow for distance traveled measurements and an appearance based technique (on omnidirectional images) for bearing measurements in an indoor lab environment. The robot is driven in a loop closing fashion and the results are compared against ground truth (trajectory with white nodes). Paper: WLD Lui and R. Jarvis, "A Pure Vision-based Approach to Topological SLAM", Proceedings of IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010.
  • Visual Odometry (Coupled Gaussian Process) Input images and corresponding localisation outputs for a visual odometry algorithm based on Multi-Task Gaussian processes.
  • All odometry error effects
  • Lego NXT Car With Fuzzy Logic Using Odometry The point of fuzzy logic is to map an input space to an output space, and the primary mechanism for doing this is a list of "if-then" statements called rules. All rules are evaluated in parallel, and the order of the rules is unimportant. The rules themselves are useful because they refer to variables and the adjectives that describe those variables. Odometry helps to know where is the car so it can reach targets, in this case, the blue dots. Secuence of targets: ((-20, -20), (0, 0), (20, 20), (-20, -20), (20, 20), (0, 0), (-20, 20), (0, 0))
  • Gyro vs odometry navigation
  • Jungle Project // Testing // Lion // Active search without Odometry Further information: This video show a lion trying to search a cebra with the new method active search but using a locomotion system without odometry
  • Arobot V3 : Wifi Robot : Automatic Navigation with odometry and compass Arobot V3 Project : My first automatic navigation tries using only odometry and compass. Personnal website : Project website
  • Omnidirectional Visual Odometry Extracted SIFT features and reconstructed trajectory. An appearance based method is used to estimate the rotation of the vehicle. The ground plane is tracked using SIFT features and RANSAC to estimate the translation of the vehicle in the heading direction. The loop is 400m long.
  • Stereo visual odometry stereo visual odometry system with two cheap cameras which is not synchronized.
  • robot charging by beaconing and odometry Programmed a whitebox 914 to locate its charger and automatically dock with it
  • Slam, Pid & Odometry in Qbo robot In the video you can see Qbo navigating in a completely autonomous way around the office. The blue arrow corresponds to the robot's position using only odometry and the yellow arrow represents the robot's position already corrected by the Kalman filter. The images are those captured by both webcams and each green circle corresponds to a found mark while the green line joins two marks associated which represent a spot in the three-dimensional space. These spots are added to the status matrix of the Kalman filter to create the environment map.
  • Visual odometry using scanline intensity profile algorithm Here visual odometry results obtained from scanline intensity profile algorithm are shown. The robot is program to make a square trajectory. Forward distance measurement is defined upto some scale. The focus is on the accurracy achieved in rotation estimation.
  • Visual Odometry Demo For more information, please see
  • LIBVISO: Feature Matching for Visual Odometry
  • Visual odometry based on scanline algorithm Here visual odometry results obtained from scanline intensity profile algorithm are shown. The robot is program to make a square trajectory on a carpet.
  • Arobot V3 : Wifi Robot : Navigation with odometry and compass Arobot V3 : Wifi robot. Manual control and navigation using odometry and compass. More informations : and
  • Robot localization with odometry and gyroscope
  • Robot Odometry Test on Rugs Simple robot platform runs a small square pattern to test its dead reckoning ability. Ideally, the robot should end up exactly where it started, marked by two post-it notes on the floor. It encounters several real-world bumps along the way, which tend to knock a dead-reckoning robot off course. One wheel drives on and off of two different carpet runners, and the corner of the robot scrapes along the wall on its final turn. Yet it ends up within a half-inch of its starting position. The only sensors are wheel encoders, so the robot is driving blind, simply going forward x units then turning left y units, and repeating that 4 times to make a square. First test making turns on carpet, more to come.
  • Visual Odometry #1 At the August 2010 meeting of the Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC), Rainer talks about visual odometry for robot navigation.
  • Omnidirectional visual odometry and mosaicing Extracted SIFT features and reconstructed mosaic of trajectory. An appearance based method is used to estimate the rotation of the vehicle. The ground plane is tracked using SIFT features and RANSAC to estimate the translation of the vehicle in the heading direction. The loop is 400m long.
  • 3D Visual Odometry for Car-like Vehicles The odometry in the plane is extracted from the ground looking camera and combined with the information from an on-board IMU to extend to 3D.
  • shubhamraj192: @finnsnow thats the odometry, i mean to ask how much can it travel in 1 Litre of petrol.
  • kylife: I'm reading about - Visual Odometry and Mapping for Autonomous Flight Using an RGB-D Camera.
  • amandacruise88: I want to experiment with differential odometry, and a '90 Eldorado is what I have. I need to tap the signals f... http://t.co/9M2NP3q4

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  • “The Slam (Simultaneous localization and mapping) is a technique which allows to build up maps within an unknown environment thanks to sensors or artificial vision. Qbo generates Slam by using stereoscopic vision with the two high resolution”
    — SLAM, PID & ODOMETRY in Qbo robot |,

  • “For what concerns odometry, you can evaluate noise by comparing the reconstructed pose of could even perform your own calibration of odometry -if you so desire- instead of using”
    — Rawseeds Forum - Questions and opinions about Rawseeds,

  • “Uni Freiburg Rescue Robots: autonomous climbing and visual odometry. Posted on 18. August 2006 by kenn-blog. Alexander Kleiner from the AI working group at Uni Freiburg has posted some cool videos of their robots on their website. You can see them here”
    — Uni Freiburg Rescue Robots: autonomous climbing and visual,

  • “Any pointers on how to go about setting up odometry. The situation is a two wheeled robot, with separate I've yet to get to grips with odometry, but I do have a natty little program for designing & printing out the”
    — RobotBuilder - Odometry,

  • “The CityFlyer project at the CCNY Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab is using Ascending The data includes odometry, laser scan, and visual information. We have recently released”
    — CCNY Robotics Lab, robotics.ccny.cuny.edu

  • “NASA used visual odometry on Mars: Two Years of Visual Odometry on the Mars Exploration robotics; e.g. Outdoor Downward-facing Optical Flow Odometry with Commodity Sensors (pdf)”
    — Dr. Rainer Hessmer " Blog Archive " Monocular Visual Odometry,

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