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  • Chat about Ojaru-maru with other anime fans here at , theres always someone about the room. Ojaru-maru Message Board. Chat about Ojaru-maru with other anime fans on our online message boards. Help us build the Ojaru-maru information database,. — “Anime: Ojaru-maru”,
  • This site contains almost every single cartoon that has ever aired on globally. It contains thousands of pictures, info, and much more. It also has some holiday specials, childrens shows, clipart, and activities. — “Ojaru-maru II Pictures @ Toonarific Cartoons”,
  • We do not have enough information to provide a highly accurate traffic estimate. When Quantified, this report will provide detailed, accurate audience information. — “ojaru.jp - Quantcast Audience Profile”,
  • Purse Priest (ガマグチ法師, Gamaguchi Hōshi) (2, Movie): A Gorma in the service of Major Zydos. He liked basketball and takes on the form of a tall athlete. He was brought back in the movie by Duke of Trumps to battle the Dairangers and was absorbed by Duke of Trumps to become the Great King Ojaru. — “Gorma Minions - The Morphing Grid: A Power Rangers Wiki”,
  • Ojaru.jp is ranked #29,373 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Search engines refer roughly 51% of visits to Ojaru.jp. Compared with internet averages, it appeals more to users who are between the ages of 35 and. — “Ojaru.jp Site Info”,
  • GBA " Ojaru Maru - Tsuki Hikari Machi Tour de Ojaru Details / Reviews / Screenshots / Download. You have already clicked the download link. If you need to download again, please click here to reset the link. Ojaru Maru - Tsuki Hikari Machi Tour de Ojaru: Details. — “Ojaru Maru - Tsuki Hikari Machi Tour de Ojaru - Gameboy”,
  • Photos by Gurmeet Manku, Oct 16, 2007 - Modular origami models constructed since September 2007. "Dance of the Stars" by Mio Tsugawa at http://puupuu.ojaru.jp/zu/dance/donce1.html The Ninja starts on each face are from http:///2005/how-to-make-an-origami-ninja-star. — “Picasa Web Albums - Gurmeet Manku - Origami”,
  • IGN is the ultimate Ojaru Maru resource for trailers, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, release dates, previews, reviews, soundtracks and news. — “IGN: Ojaru Maru”,
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor tests ojaru.jp for adware, spam, scams, and e-mail practices. — “ojaru.jp | McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety”,
  • Watch the Ojaru-Maru DS: Ojaru to Okeiko Aiueo Japanese Trailer online at . Post comments online about Ojaru-Maru DS: Ojaru to Okeiko Aiueo on the Game Trailers website. — “Ojaru-Maru DS: Ojaru To Okeiko Aiueo Video Game, Japanese”,
  • Discover www.ojaru.jp SEO report: exclusive traffic estimation, Alexa traffic rank, indexed pages & backlinks on major search engines and much more!. — “www.ojaru.jp SEO report, by Yookeo”,
  • Ginzaya, La Mirada, CA: Find photos, descriptions, maps, and expert advice on things to do in La Mirada, CA on Yahoo! Travel. bkyugourmet.ojaru.jp /ginzaya.html. ginzaya0 jpg. 110x145. bkyugourmet.ojaru.jp /ginzaya.html. view 20080304220206129953 jpg. 145x96. — “Ginzaya, La Mirada, CA : Reviews of Ginzaya - Yahoo! Travel”,
  • He was brought back by Duke of Trumps to fight the Dairangers and then absorbed by him to become Great King Ojaru. He then absorbed them to become Great King Ojaru (オジャル大王, Ojaru Daiō?, Movie), only to be killed by Dairen'oh. — “Gorma Tribe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ojaru Candies. Product tie-ins are a big deal in Japan. We can find Crayon Shin-chan seaweed (nori) and Lupin III pachinko machines. Shown here are Tirol flavored chocolates (strawberry and peanut butter, among other flavors) with Ojaru-maru characters on the box and the plastic wrappers. — “Three Steps Over Japan: Ojaru Candies”,
  • Ojaru-Maru DS: Ojaru to Okeiko Aiueo cheats, codes, hints, FAQs, and help. — “Ojaru-Maru DS: Ojaru to Okeiko Aiueo cheat codes, hints, and help”,
  • Japanese import video game retailer Ojaru Maru: Tsuki Hikari Machi Tour de Ojaru. MTO. GBA. Pearl Blue GBA SP. Nintendo. GBA. Pearl Pink GBA SP. Nintendo. GC. Mario Golf: Family Tour. Nintendo. GC. Zoids Versus 2. Tomy. GC. Zoids Versus 2 Limited Edition. Tomy. — “National Console Support, Inc | Welcome | Willkommen”,
  • Ojaru Maru: Tsuki Hikari Machi Tour de Ojaru. Price: $45.00. Item No as Ojarumaru: Gekkou Machi Sanpo de Ojaru. JAN Code: 4536478000526. Email this info to. — “National Console Support, Inc. | Ojaru Maru: Tsuki Hikari”,
  • Yahoo BB currently offers 5 types of ADSL services; 50M Revo, 50M, 26M, 12M and 8M. These numbers represent the maximum download speeds. However, the actual speed is influenced by a lot of factors. The most influential factor is the distance. — “Yahoo BB Guide in English / Japan 's No1 ADSL Internet”, yahoobb.ojaru.jp
  • The creator of "Ojaru Maru," a popular NHK cartoon aimed at young children, was found dead on the roof of a building next to her condominium in Musashino, western Tokyo, in an apparent suicide, police said Monday. — “Creator of 'Ojaru Maru' dies in fall | The Japan Times Online”, search.japantimes.co.jp
  • DS-Scene Forum Index Nintendo DS Roms 2143 - Ojaru Maru DS : Ojaru to Okeiko Aiueo (JPN) (256Mbit) (6rz) Comment on: 2143 - Ojaru Maru DS : Ojaru to Okeiko Aiueo (JPN) (256Mbit) (6rz). — “DS-Scene - View Topic: 2143 - Ojaru Maru DS : Ojaru to Okeiko”, ds-
  • Tazan's Art Show: A ceramist, Tazan, is very shy. He plans to have an exhibition of his own works, but because of shyness, he sets up the exhibition site deep in the mountain. — “Tazan's Art Show (Ojaru-Maru , Ojaru Maru) (2002) from the”,

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  • Synthestra ver. 1.0 - Monophonic Synthesizer by MARVIN PAVILION Synthestra ver. 1.0 - Monophonic Synthesizer by MARVIN VST / MARVIN PAVILION VA Monophonic Synthesizer FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT marvinpavilion.ojaru.jp marvinpavilion.ojaru.jp www.vst4 www.vst4 A VIDEO OF THE ORIGINAL VERSION CAN BE FOUND HERE
  • WATERFALL BY SYNTHEDIT LAB ( SLJ ) WATERFALL BY SYNTHEDIT LABO JAPAN Waterfall has 4 channels, each with its own filter, LFO and delay. The cut-off of all filters can be modulated by the LFO. for more information visit. synthedit.ojaru.jp synthedit.ojaru.jp
  • Ojaru
  • MUGEN: Godzilla VS Megalon Megalon is my works. Download link: kozenikan.ojaru.jp
  • Ojaru and friends intro duce new guys -- Visit for fun gogos games! --
  • Synthestra VA Monophonic Synthesizer by MARVIN VST / marvin pavilion Synthestra by MARVIN VST / marvin pavilion VA Monophonic Synthesizer FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT marvinpavilion.ojaru.jp marvinpavilion.ojaru.jp www.vst4 www.vst4 A MORE UP TODAY VERSION OF THIS PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND HERE youtu.be
  • MUGEN: Godzilla VS Hedorah Hedorah,the smog monster. download link: kozenikan.ojaru.jp
  • SOUNDTYPO BY SYNTHEDIT LAB JAPAN SOUNDTYPO BY SYNTHEDIT LAB JAPAN (sound typo) is a simple sound font player soundtypo. Can be treated as synthesizer and oscillator sound font because of the LFO group 2 can be selected destination assignment and pitch filter, filter, from volume to another part of the sound fonts when the waveform (S & H is the destination assignment is one ( please note that soundfont files are not provided with this vst plugin ) for more information visit. synthedit.ojaru.jp synthedit.ojaru.jp synthedit tutorials and modules synthedit.ojaru.jp for more information about synthedit visit synthedit se1 structure files can be found in folder for this vst plugin soundfont in this video are not provided with this plugin, but you can still find a huge selection of free soundfont on this internet. Copyright and disclaimer soundtypo is freeware. Suppose you that the author is not responsible for any damages due to use. Please use at your own risk is also possible commercial use. It should be noted, is also possible to create a new VST plug-in based on the se1 attachment.
  • How to fold: Kusudama Meteoroid Origami by Mio Tsugawa I would love it if you thumbed this video up, commented and/or subscribed as it helps me bring you new content! *PLEASE CLICK TO EXPAND* Twitter: Facebook: My Etsy shop: Our Blog: Email: [email protected] Google+: Pinterest: Goodreads: READ FIRST: Sorry but my mic got off sync and funky. I could not make it with audio instructions also. YET it is simple and with patience you will get the hang of it :) DISCLAIMER: I do not own the photos in the video. They were taken from Mio's site so that you (fellow folding addicts) can see the Meteoroid variations. You can see the model in puupuu.ojaru.jp She made this diagramme available to all so it is not illegal to share it in a video tutorial.
  • MUGEN: BIONICLE Toa Mata VS Nui Rama Toa Mata kozenikan.ojaru.jp VS Nui Rama kozenikan.ojaru.jp
  • XTT01 WAVE SAMPLER BY SLJ SYNTHEDIT LABO JAPAN XTT01 WAVE SAMPLER BY SLJ SYNTHEDIT LABO JAPAN 16 bit wav sampler with filters, simple but cool to use. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT synthedit.ojaru.jp synthedit.ojaru.jp se1 files is available on website along with many synthedit tutorials.
  • Crazy Bones Super Skateboard Flip With Ojaru - Trick Shot Gogo's Crazy Bones Super Skateboard Trick Shot with Ojaru #42 - for Summer 2011 Contest
  • Schloder(09.12.17 The Street Fighters).avi schloder.ojaru.jp
  • Ojaru's Flight Ojaru's Freind, UFO, Dares Him to Jump And Land On The X. But Ojaru's Bother, Ogaru, Comes Just In Time To Try And Stop Him. Will Ojaru Jump Or Obey His Bother??? Watch To Find Out! Please Comment Rate And Sub Thanks!
  • Ojaru-Maru DS
  • the mosh and ojaru show -- Visit for fun gogos games! --
  • Mcdonalds Japan Happy Meal With Ojaru Anime Toy TVCM
  • Sham; how to make it A beatiful modular origami ball, designed bij Mio Tsugawa puupuu.ojaru.jp) I hope you enjoy to make it as much as I did!
  • comparing similar songs part2(Yoko Kanno) Yoko is a composer, arranger and musician.her work on the soundtracks for many anime films,Cowboy Bebop,GHOST IN THE SHELL, but in terms of style, Yoko Kanno's got some serious stealing going on. Please listen and compare it! Following links are lists of plagiarizing. All the sentences are written by Japanese, but you can click the links written in English. yokokanno.ojaru.jp
  • SDX v021 by Marvin VST SDX v021 by Marvin VST a good Snare Drum Synthesizer for more information visit marvinpavilion.ojaru.jp marvinpavilion.ojaru.jp
  • Kegashi-Tsukusu de Ojaru [Completely Taint de Ojaru] OST 1, Track 23. Disclaimer: Go-onger's music the property of Nippon Columbia Co. and I make no claims to own it.
  • Nepali Music in Japan "sanghuri bari dhun" Nepali Music & Dance performance in Japan sapana.ojaru.jp madal(drum):Nhuchhe Bahadur Dangol sarangy:Hari Saran Nepali directed by SAPANA(NGO)sapana.ojaru.jp
  • Ojaru meets Telephone Man -- Visit for fun gogos games! --
  • Its a crazy (bones) life ep.10 part two: night of the livin Part 2 of ep.10. When Jitty agrees to let a mad scientist turn him into a zombie, he becomes an Ojaru.
  • Sham A beautiful design by Mio Tsugawa. You can find the pattern on: puupuu.ojaru.jp
  • MUGEN: Toa Mata VS Super Mario Toa Mata(Kozeni) kozenikan.ojaru.jp VS Super Mario (ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH)
  • comparing similar songs part1(Yoko Kanno) Yoko is a composer, arranger and musician.her work on the soundtracks for many anime films,Cowboy Bebop,GHOST IN THE SHELL, but in terms of style, Yoko Kanno's got some serious stealing going on. Please listen and compare it! Following links are lists of plagiarizing. All the sentences are written by Japanese, but you can click the links written in English. yokokanno.ojaru.jp
  • PM MUGEN tepig(me) vs Generation V Pokémon tepig is a Spriteswap of Peter Griffin,and Sprite from my Oshawott! (ps.TheSlkMugen Should release tepig,Because I noticed tepig on TheSlkMugen Roster) Download: tepig by Mario11766: tabunne(Audino): Maggyo(Stunfisk): kozenikan.ojaru.jp Gigigear(Klinklang): zoroark: www.4 and tepig have new Sprite.
  • Working In EnergyXT I've been trying some electro-house stuff lately. Working in EnergyXT. All the drum sounds were created with VST Synths from here: marvinpavilion.ojaru.jp Little nintendo-y synth from here:
  • 【MUGEN】 BIONICLE: Toa Mata Part3 (Finish!) I completed this work at last ! DownLoad: kozenikan.ojaru.jp www.webfile.jp
  • MUGEN: Godzilla VS Army Tanks (Bonus game) Please Click "DownLoad" kozenikan.ojaru.jp Please Click "SDF.zip" www.webfile.jp
  • 【MUGEN】 King Of Fighters SKYSTAGE KOF shooting games! KUSANAGISAN VS SSenemy kozenikan.ojaru.jp
  • DragonBall Z Sparking Meteor! MR SaTan VS BABY OJARU DragonBall Z Sparking Meteor!
  • MUGEN: Pachimon Kaiju Dainessen Complete game with old fake kaiju. DownLoad; kozenikan.ojaru.jp
  • 【MUGEN】 BIONICLE:Toa Mata test2 DownLoad: kozenikan.ojaru.jp
  • mirumaenitobe: 神田モルタン http://t.co/kSf5PPvV
  • excellentinfo: 外出先でのバッテリー切れいやですよね これって良さげ? http://t.co/QGpwpJNY
  • Maro_de_ojaru: あ、乗り過ごした
  • Maro_de_ojaru: @t8810_lincoln 安定の虚構新聞
  • mkty_ojaru: @tcc510sb ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
  • tcc510sb: @mkty_ojaru なんと... みきてーと栗島さんは熊だったのか...
  • mkty_ojaru: またよくわかんない顔文字つかっちゃった、、
  • mkty_ojaru: でもからだに悪いだろうからこれからはできるだけ私がつくるのだ^_^
  • mkty_ojaru: @unkoMun ほんとそんな気しかしない(^q^)昨日家にごはんなかったから何食べてんのかのぞいたら、ハンバーグ弁当(けっこういい量)ととんかつ1枚とたくあんとお味噌汁のんでました
  • TOMOYUKI306: @nya_nicola @Perfume7777 @rei0310 @N_ojaru @tomoyuki306 @egutavivid まだまだぁ! ぬおおおおおぉぉぉ( *`ω´)w
  • unkoMun: あと500年は生きるよ RT @mkty_ojaru: なんかうちのじいちゃん男子大学生みたいなメニューと量たべるんだけど大丈夫なのかな
  • mkty_ojaru: @tcc510sb そうでぇす☆〜(ゝ。∂)
  • mkty_ojaru: なんかうちのじいちゃん男子大学生みたいなメニューと量たべるんだけど大丈夫なのかな
  • tcc510sb: @mkty_ojaru 熊の冬眠ですか? 栗島さんと同類ですか?
  • mkty_ojaru: @tcc510sb えへへ、15時間までぶっとおしでねれます(^q^)
  • tcc510sb: @mkty_ojaru ( ー̀ωー́).oO(早寝遅起きとか、なんて贅沢なんだ...)
  • mkty_ojaru: がちなやつ
  • mkty_ojaru: 誰か節分大会やろうぜ
  • mkty_ojaru: @tcc510sb やっぱあれですね、予定がないと早起きとかむりですね。。
  • tcc510sb: @mkty_ojaru ......(´_ゝ`)
  • mkty_ojaru: おきれませんでした
  • mkty_ojaru: 今日は時間を有効に使うために早起きしようとおもいました(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))おもいました。
  • nya_nicola: @Perfume7777 @TOMOYUKI306 @rei0310 @N_ojaru @tomoyuki306 @egutavivid もうこれ以上いらないよー(ノД`)
  • mkty_ojaru: @yuri_song おはよー!まじで?(笑)なんか昨日なんかいやっても送信できませんでしたってなってたからたくさん送ったんだけど送れてたのかな(^q^)(笑)でもほんとそんくらいたのしみ(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))w
  • miyukiohno: 今流行りの食べるラー油、私は好きです。 ラー油好きな方向けです。 http://t.co/PW5LSFtZ #biyou #diet #cosme #beauty #followme #followmeJP
  • excellentinfo: 【大人気】シリコンブレスレット専門店 http://t.co/cxk3mACw
  • ojaru_bot: 風呂や水は嫌いでおじゃるぅ
  • machi_nk0324: @yui_ojaru ようこそ(^ω^)
  • miyukiohno: 私もそうなんですが、夜の仕事をしている人は、お肌のケア注意しないといけません。特にビタミン不足はお肌の大敵。。。 http://t.co/zwZyVARU #biyou #diet #cosme #beauty #followme #followmeJP
  • TOMOYUKI306: @nya_nicola @rei0310 @N_ojaru @tomoyuki306 @egutavivid まだまだ増やしますよ ぬおおおおおぉぉぉ( *`ω´)
  • TOMOYUKI306: @tsuttchi0907 @takigawa_marika @egutavivid @tomoyuki306 @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru なんか新しい技みたいw
  • ojaru_kisuke: @ObnoxiousFinger 早く捕まえて表彰されろよ笑
  • ObnoxiousFinger: @ojaru_kisuke 車両変えやがったんすよ(笑)
  • ojaru_kisuke: @ObnoxiousFinger 昨日のやつ?笑
  • komemiii: @223_ojaru いーなあああ\(^o^)/おいしいものいっぱい食べてこなあかんで〜\(^o^)/♡でも体調には気をつけて!!
  • takigawa_marika: @TOMOYUKI306 @egutavivid @tomoyuki306 @tsuttchi0907 @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru まじでかー(´Д` )ww
  • yui_ojaru: もーやだ…英語勉強できてないし遅刻だしとうとう再履か…せっかくぎりぎり出席足りてるのにな
  • NONSTYLEblog: お勧め!米鶴(よねづる) 純米大吟醸 自然流(じねんりゅう) 1800ml http://t.co/xVjpyMrP
  • nya_nicola: @rei0310 @N_ojaru @tomoyuki306 @egutavivid これ以上人を増やすなし(ノД`)
  • nhkjpn: NHK番組:おじゃる丸 http://t.co/nM2lcggk アマゾンで検索☞ http://t.co/GVBlUp46 #NHK #sougofollow
  • VG_d_projectbot: ジュン三和しあわせアンソロジー「路地裏デート」2012年6月24日COMIC CITY東京129発行 http://t.co/XaxdlXWY 通販→http://t.co/NnxAcHJ8
  • usagi20120125: 困ったどうする? 地震災害時のトイレ!! http://t.co/oKkyq4l6
  • Borovkovs: @DzintarsRasnacs O, Dzintar, paldies, ka atgādināji. Šovakar satiku Ojāru un Edvīnu, un .... neapsveicu....
  • ojaru_bot: 電ボ!はようプリンを持ってくるでおじゃる!
  • yuri_song: @mkty_ojaru みきてーどんだけ楽しみなんwwwww投稿されすぎwwwww
  • 223_ojaru: @komemiii すごく天気よくてキレイでした*\(^o^)/*イタリアさいこーですね♡♡ http://t.co/8LUCO6t8
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  • miyukiohno: 夏や冬など極端に温度が高い(低い)時は運動不足になりがちです。 適度な運動によって体調を整えましょう。 http://t.co/migJS13Z #biyou #diet #cosme #beauty #followme #followmeJP
  • konezumisan: 超小型ビデオカメラ通信販売専門店 http://t.co/VYlh1q06 #小型カメラ #スパイカメラ
  • rainbowwonder: @ojaru_bot 小町ちゃんか?乙女先生か?
  • ojaru_bot: オカメ姫は苦手じゃぁ〜;;
  • miyukiohno: 無添加の野菜ジュース 飲みやすいので外食が多い人にもお勧め  http://t.co/j82R5oP9 #biyou #diet #cosme #beauty #followme #followmeJP
  • rei0310: @N_ojaru @tomoyuki306 @nya_nicola @egutavivid すみません!修行がたりませんでした(>_<)
  • miyukiohno: 今流行りの食べるラー油、私は好きです。 ラー油好きな方向けです。 http://t.co/PW5LSFtZ #biyou #diet #cosme #beauty #followme #followmeJP
  • N_ojaru: @TOMOYUKI306 @nya_nicola @rei0310 @egutavivid 先生さすがです!!
  • N_ojaru: @nya_nicola @rei0310 @TOMOYUKI306 @egutavivid こんさまあああああああ!
  • nya_nicola: @rei0310 @TOMOYUKI306 @N_ojaru @egutavivid @makoxmorino お前らいつの間にwww
  • mkty_ojaru: @yuri_song その日だめだー。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。3/3たのしみにしてる。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
  • mkty_ojaru: @yuri_song その日だめだー。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。3/3たのしみにしてる。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
  • mkty_ojaru: @yuri_song その日だめだー。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。3/3たのしみにしてる。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
  • STOMPINSHO: @mkty_ojaru ちなみに9日は都内いるよ(^^)d
  • STOMPINSHO: @mkty_ojaru ちなみに9日は都内いるよ(^^)d
  • mkty_ojaru: @yuri_song わあああその日だめだざんねんんん。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。3/3たのしみにしてます。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 なんでですかねw …ノリ?←
  • TOMOYUKI306: @egutavivid @takigawa_marika @tomoyuki306 @tsuttchi0907 @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru お願いしますw
  • rukiya01: @tsuttchi0907 @n_ojaru つっちーエライ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 な~べ~
  • egutavivid: @takigawa_marika @tomoyuki306 @tsuttchi0907 @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru 何!ジャスの、シンクロ!( *`ω´)荒ぶっていいですか?
  • rukiya01: @fimell009 @n_ojaru やっと終わったか( ^ω^ )
  • yuri_ojaru: @whymmmm あやかゎ香川の応援お願いします(笑)
  • kenko_bi: そろそろ花粉症の方は、対策グッズの準備を始めませんか?グッスリ眠りたい方に。「加湿マスク」なら、花粉とともに喉の乾燥も防ぎます☆健康は、十分な睡眠から☆ #花粉症 #快眠 http://t.co/CYm4BInu http://t.co/tEC0PfGP
  • TOMOYUKI306: @N_ojaru @fimell009 ぬ〜べ〜懐かしいなぁー
  • ask_tsukiyama: @N_ojaru よっ座布団1枚っ(笑)
  • TOMOYUKI306: @takigawa_marika @tsuttchi0907 @makoXmorino @egutavivid @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru まこたんのリクエストだしw
  • N_ojaru: @TOMOYUKI306 @fimell009 観賞ありがとうございましたw
  • N_ojaru: @ask_tsukiyama 予約特典←
  • STOMPINSHO: @mkty_ojaru なかなか被らないなぁ(T_T)
  • takigawa_marika: @TOMOYUKI306 @tsuttchi0907 @makoXmorino @egutavivid @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru えwシンクロ歌うの⁈まじかー(´Д` )
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 まさか最後まで歌い切ることになるとはww
  • TOMOYUKI306: @N_ojaru @fimell009 あ、歌い終わったw
  • ask_tsukiyama: @N_ojaru あすぴょんだと5文字…!┌(┌^o^)┐
  • TOMOYUKI306: @tsuttchi0907 @takigawa_marika @makoXmorino @egutavivid @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru やったー!まこたんのエタブレとジャスのシンクロゲイザー楽しみ♪
  • N_ojaru: @tsuttchi0907 幸せには…ならないw
  • N_ojaru: まこたん #4文字で自分を幸せにしろ
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 い ち ば ん だ いちばんー!
  • N_ojaru: 森乃真琴 #4文字で自分を幸せにしろ
  • whymmmm: @yuri_ojaru いやいや、香川…!!!!
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 なるほどー!
  • takigawa_marika: @makoXmorino @tsuttchi0907 @TOMOYUKI306 @egutavivid @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru えwまこたんに言われたら…ねぇ?←
  • takigawa_marika: @egutavivid @tsuttchi0907 @makoxmorino @tomoyuki306 @fimell009 @n_ojaru もちろん‼
  • TOMOYUKI306: @makoXmorino @egutavivid @takigawa_marika @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru 15インチのUOを何本用意しようかな( ̄ー ̄)
  • egutavivid: @takigawa_marika @tsuttchi0907 @makoxmorino @tomoyuki306 @fimell009 @n_ojaru やっぱり! そっちか!
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 きょうーかーらーいーちーばーん、かっこーいーいーのだー
  • takigawa_marika: @tsuttchi0907 @makoXmorino @TOMOYUKI306 @egutavivid @makoxmorino @fimell009 @n_ojaru まこたんのオフ会で何故私が歌うのwwまこたん美声聞きに行くのが目的なので私は歌いませんよ。打ちますけども←
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 @makoXmorino そんなことないよ気のせいだよ(^ω^)
  • rei0310: @TOMOYUKI306 @N_ojaru @egutavivid @makoxmorino はい!すみません教祖さま(>_<)
  • N_ojaru: @fimell009 きょうーかーらーいーちーばーん たーくーまーしーいーのだー

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