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  • Open is an independent design studio that creates rewarding experiences for people who look, read, and think. Open is an independent design studio that creates rewarding experiences for people who look, read, and think. — “Open”,
  • Search the Web with Microsoft's search engine, Bing (formerly Windows Live Search and MSN Search). Bing offers Web search and image search as well as videos, shopping, news, maps, and travel. — “Bing”,
  • Domain registration, hosting services, and do-it-yourself web site design and development tools. — “”,
  • Specifically, all of Open MPI's components will be included in its libraries -- none will be discovered and opened at run-time. Note that this option only changes the location of Open MPI's default set of plugins (i.e., they are included. — “FAQ: Building Open MPI”, open-
  • Searchable Web directory compiled by volunteer editors. — “Open Directory Project”,
  • is your source for Java and Open Source information, how-tos, news, and reports. is the place for the latest programming techniques, need-to-know details on Java and Open Source releases, forward-looking introductions. — “: Your Home for Java and Open Source Development”,
  • Learn more about the many benefits of using American Express small business credit cards to help manage your unique business needs. — “Small Business Credit Cards, Charge Cards From American”,
  • Definition of open in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of open. Pronunciation of open. Translations of open. open synonyms, open antonyms. Information about open in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. open water, open door, open. — “open - definition of open by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Open Source Matters. Open Source Matters, Inc. ( OSM) is a not-for-profit formed under United States and New York state law that provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the open-source project. OSM has been incorporated as a New York not-for-profit to ensure the Joomla project and. — “Open Source Matters”,
  • If three or more arguments are specified then the mode of opening and the filename are separate. opens the UTF-8 encoded file containing Unicode characters; see. — “open - ”,
  • Open problem, a well-defined problem with no known solution in science and mathematics Open (film), 2010 film by Jake Yuzna, awarded with the Teddy jury award at the 60th Berlinale. In language and literature: Open vowel, vowel sound of a type used in most spoken languages. — “Open - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Open Government allows for great governmental efficiency, transparency and citizen participation. Registration is now open. Here's a quick overview of the speakers and organizations who will be. — “Code - Open Blog - ”,
  • This page describes the term open architecture and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. The great advantage of open architectures is that anyone can design add-on products for it. — “What is open architecture? - A Word Definition From the”,
  • Open definition, not closed or barred at the time, as a doorway by a door, a window by a sash, or a gateway by a gate: See more. — “Open | Define Open at ”,
  • open adj. Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed. Affording unobstructed passage or view: open waters; the open countryside. — “open: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article) from”,
  • From open-source software to Web-based applications, the software market is flooded with free alternatives to the expensive Microsoft Office. to open source the Java technology for Mac OS X. OpenJDK is a free and open source. — “Concept:Open Source”,
  • Our efforts emphasize portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and OpenBSD is freely available from our FTP sites, and also available in an inexpensive 3-CD. — “OpenBSD”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. having been opened by a first ante, bet, or bid 16. of punctuation : characterized by sparing use especially of the comma. 17. — “Open - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • This past weekend, I wrote a post wondering if Android was surging in the U.S. market because Apple was letting it? The main thought was that by remaining exclusively tied to AT&T, Apple was driving some users to choose Android, which is. — “Android Is As Open As The Clenched Fist I'd Like To Punch The”,
  • Directory of open source projects, applications, and software. SourceForge is your location to download and develop free open source software. — “SourceForge”,
  • When opening a block special or character special file that supports non-blocking opens: Opening a File Using an Existence Check. The following example uses the open() function to try to create the. — “open”,

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  • Open Happiness - Studio Session Performed by Cee-lo Green, Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, and Janelle Monae! More at The "Open Happiness" single is available on Itunes today! Lyrics- VERSE ONE ahhh..ohhh Well hello is this thing on Is anybody listening A brand new day has begun The first thing that I want do Make sure that you feel it too So Im not the only one CHORUS Cmon lift me up (its a brand new day) Open up a lil happiness today So I can be someone new Cmon and lift me up (to a better way) Open up a smile on another face So I can (feel something new) Open up some happiness Open up some happiness Open up some happiness VERSE TWO Ahem*Ahem* let me clear my throat So you can hear clearly every word spoke Today I woke feeling lovely Happiness overflowin knowin somebody loves me Just think yesterday I was down and out Now there's not a single thing for me to frown about And the same thing can happen to you Smiling so hard my mouth look like a capital U VERSE THREE I want the sun to shine All the time Is that too much to ask Oh, I want to have some fun I want all my friends to come Cause its now or never Learn the words and sing together CHORUS REPEAT Cmon lift me up (its a brand new day) Open up a lil happiness today So I can be someone new Cmon and lift me up (to a better way) Open up a smile on another face So I can (feel something new) Open up some happiness Open up some happiness Open up some happiness BRIDGE Your heart deserves your trust A ...
  • Venison Stew Barbecue Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys Nothing better than an Open-Fire Stew whether it's venison, beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, squirrel, or roadkill. The BBQ Pit Boys show how easy it is to do using some old-time techniques.
  • 21 - Show me Tell me - Open Bonnet - Park Driving School Cheltenham - UK Driving test questions DSA Show me Tell me questions. Show me how to check the oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, windscreen washer reservoir . Video graphic guide to help your preparation for the UK driving test, the tips in this tutorial is to recap on your lessons by Simon Phipps, park driving school Gloucestershire a former bsm instructor, covering Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Bishops Cleeve, Evesham, Broadway, Winchcombe.
  • US Open 2009 Final Del Potro vs Federer highlights Part 1/2 (HD)
  • Open-mindedness A look at some of the flawed thinking that prompts people who believe in certain non-scientific concepts to advise others who don't to be more open-minded. music © QualiaSoup . A note on spelling: A number of people have commented that 'close-minded' should be spelt 'closeD-minded'. This is incorrect. It's one of those cases in English where what you might suspect to be the case, isn't. The term is 'close-minded', in the same way that when one is reticent, one is said to be 'close-mouthed', not 'closeD-mouthed'.
  • Snow Patrol - Open your eyes A music video i had to do for my video 1 class. it's to the song "open your eyes" by Snow Patrol. it's my first MV and i've wanted to do one for quite some time.
  • 2010 US Open Press Conferences: Ana Ivanovic (Second Round) 9-1-2010 Ana Ivanovic (SRB) d. Jie Zheng (CHN); 6-3, 6-0 WATCH THE 2010 US OPEN! For live streaming, previews, results, recaps & more, go to Broadcasted also on CBS, ESPN2 & The Tennis Channel © United States Tennis Association 2010. All Rights Reserved.
  • open the eyes of my heart lord mercy me-open the eyes of my heart lord
  • Darksiders - Open Air Parking Gus shows you how to get the Open Air Parking achievement in Darksiders
  • RUSE Open Beta Improvements More videos on . Discover the improvements that have been implemented in the new version or Ruse for the open beta. Based on community feedbacks, we integrated several new features and fixed gameplay issues! RUSE will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on June 3rd 2010.
  • Open E Tuning Part 1 A basic explanation of this common tuning. Part 1 of 3. Videos here are in parts - for free downloads of the full, uncut, high quality videos, go to
  • How To Peel A Banana Like A Monkey I'm posting this video in the hopes that it will help other people discover the joys of peeling a banana. I had never known about this method until recently.
  • Elevator - Open Mic Night Harold puts together an open mic in the Elevator. Chris tries to get over his stage fright. Follow Woody on Twitter!
  • Exclusive: The Open To Sunday's Destination X PPV Watch the opening video for Sunday's TNA Wrestling "Destination X" Pay-Per-View event, featuring the return of The Ultimate X Match
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup - South Africa-Mexico Open With 1-1 Draw South Africa and Mexico open the World Cup splitting the points with a 1-1 draw
  • Medina & Tina Dickow - Open Wide & Ensom (Live Zulu Awards 2010) Medina & Tina Dickow i en fantastisk duet til zulu awards 2010..
  • Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes Music video by Snow Patrol performing Open Your Eyes. (C) 2006 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
  • SithLord229's Haul Video Plus How to open your Star Wars figures A little Haul video showcasing some of the figures I have picked up from my local Supermarket, Sainsburys.
  • The Package is in the Open for more! Donut returns from the store with a surprise. Originally released at in summer 2003.
  • Maher Zain - Open Your Eye with Lyrics This is one of the amazing songs by Maher Zain: Open Your Eyes. I added the subtitles for those who wish to read the lyrics anlongside the video. :) Enjoy..! and yeah, please subscribe, rate and comment! ^_^ v
  • How to open a bottle of beer with a piece of paper It´sa party trick! Don't think I haven't used lighters, coins, tables and other hard objects. Paper is not exactly the first step in the art of alternative beer opening. The beer is european - no twist off. It's an easy two-step manual on how to open a bottle with a piece of paper. Watch and make easy money betting with you non-youtube friends who thinks you can't.
  • Open Skies - David Crowder Band Praise Him under open skies Everything breathing praising God In the company of all who love the King I will dance, I will sing It could be heavenly Turn the music loud, Lift my voice and shout From where I am From where I've been He's been there with me He's built a monument His very people So let his people Sing, sing, sing And it's so wonderful Just to be here now Praise Him under open skies Everything breathing praising God In the company Of all who love the King Praise Him under open skies Everything breathing praising God In the company of all who love the King Let us dance, let us sing It could be heavenly Turn the music loud and sing Lift your voice to heaven Lift up your head and sing To the One who gave his love This is our offering Lift your voice to heaven Lift up your head and sing To the One who gave His son Here our lives we bring From wherever you are Wherever you've been He's been there So let his people sing And it's so wonderful to be here now Wherever you are wherever you've been He's been there
  • Guano Apes-open your eyes Music video to Open Your Eyes by the Guano apes and yes to anwser all your guys question,it is a woman singing lol
  • Creed - With Arms Wide Open (live)
  • How To Open An Xbox 360 Website: Twitter Facebook:
  • Pro Billiards US Open 9-Ball Championship: Mika Immonen vs. Nick Varner Please shop at the Billiard Club Pro Shop, All proceeds finance the BCn video production. Mika Immonen vs. Nick Varner
  • Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart Great Song By Yolanda Adams.
  • Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces More of the Chicks at their best
  • Market Open 6.10 - Bloomberg Cris Valerio is live in the New York Stock Exchange with the latest in the market. (Bloomberg News)
  • Richard Smallwood & Vision - Be Open Richard Smallwood & Vision minister with "Be Open" from their 1998 HIT project "Healing: Live in Detroit" This song was written by DC's own, Raymond Reeder---dynamic songwriter and background singer for Smallwood, Yolanda Adams and more... Lead Vocals: Darlene Simmons and Charrisse Nelson-McIntosh
  • The Open Happiness Music Video Sprinkle some happiness on your life today by watching the full version of the Open Happiness music video, directed by Alan Ferguson. For a smile, pass it on your friends! Im sure it will brighten up their day as well :)
  • 10 Golf Questions - Waste Management at the Phoenix Open In this episode of 10 Golf Questions we talk to Dave Aardsma from Waste Management, the title sponsors of the 2010 Phoenix Open.
  • Fan Favorite Mediate Ready for US Open Rocco Mediate was runner-up to Tiger Woods at last year's US Open. Mediate battled Woods, who eventually won on the 91st hole.Mediate's play endeared him to fans. (June 16)
  • Journey - Open Arms In my opinion, this is one of the greatest love songs ever written. Steve Perry did a fabulous job with this song. It was great to see them in concert in the early 80s. This song is timeless. Visit my blog:
  • Demi Lovato- Open lyrics These are the lyrics to Demi Lovato, Open. I will take request. Just mail them to me on here. I will also be making videos, not lyrics but pictures and songs. with some video clips. ha. that was confusing. you will see. comment and subscribe.
  • Picking Up Girls: Open Any Woman Without Canned Pick Up Lines Picking Up Girls Open Any Woman Without Canned Pick Up Lines. Do you desire to be able to approach and pick up any girl without using silly stupid pickup lines? Check out this one secret to picking up girls without using a single canned pick up line. For more FREE tips and advice on picking up girls in any situation, visit
  • BCn US Open 9-Ball Championship: Match 6: Niels Feijen v Lee Van Corteza Niels Feijen vs. Lee Van Corteza All the action takes place in the www.Chalk- Arena in at the Conference Center in Chesapeake, VA The US Open 9-Ball Championship is the longest running most prestigeous professional pool tournament. Billiard Club Network produced 13 feature matches for broadcast TV wolrdwide. Please SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT. And please support our Sponsors: www.Accu- Chameleon Rack = Thanks for watching!
  • Rain Suspends 1st Round of US Open Heavy rain forced the suspension of the opening round of the US Open and the forecast calls for more bad weather. (June 18)
  • IGN Daily Fix, 3-11: Sony Move & GT5 in 2010 Sony unveils their motion controller, Gran Turismo 5 out this year, Monkey Island 2 gets a remake.
  • DTNUSA: DTN USA: Mexico's Alfa says to open plant in India this year: MONTERREY, Mexico, March 31 (Reuters) - Mexican co...
  • HoonYai: Reuters ---> Mexico's Alfa says to open plant in India this year: MONTERREY, Mexico, March 31 (Reuters) - Mexica...
  • worldwidenews10: Mexico's Alfa says to open plant in India this year: MONTERREY, Mexico, March 31 (Reuters) - Mexican conglomerat...
  • FortisAnimus: Mexico's Alfa says to open plant in India this year: MONTERREY, Mexico, March 31 (Reuters) - Mexican conglomerat...
  • castrojeronimo: Mexico's Alfa says to open plant in India this year: MONTERREY, Mexico, March 31 (Reuters) - Mexican conglomerat...
  • Deaniebobeanie: I'm not mad about what you did at all, in fact if you wanted to talk i'd be open to talking to you. (:
  • WassupChristina: Dear Android phone, if i 2 open an internet page, dnt turn the screen off cuz its taking a LONG time. Dats ur fault. From, my mom >:(
  • HeathGideon: Fannie Mae short sale help desk open for business: He said it's taken a year since the federal government create...
  • Nekawayobb: They don't know what they're missing out, just wait until they open up their eyes and see our true potential
  • ShahrzadJavid: LOL! RT @DJDCUP @ShahrzadJavid you know I'm down. We can watch many different reality shows after we have @mcjavid open the futon for us.
  • DontTrustMyFace: RT @thedailycancer: In social settings, #Cancers may be a little shy in general -- but they are also very likeable and make friends easily if they can open up.
  • katsumi911: @AmbassadorRoos Hi Sir, I cant open your link. please check sir. thanks.
  • MizRereBaby: Am like so anxious for tomorrow I feel like a 5 year old kid on christmas cnt wait to open his gift
  • _emilyyanne: At my little brothers open house, his friend just asked if I was his mom. 
  • MyFuccnLipstix: @GoodLifewitLOU uh open that mouth, ill hold ur dreads!!!!!
  • KEYtiban: RT @FIRDHAMAURISL: RT @underUKNOWskin: RT @rindingdong: me RT @FollowKpopers: #FK RT @ZIFFA4: FollowKpopers OPEN FOLLOW Kpopers all fandom
  • alwaysBdesigns: Communication preference: I like it all. :) As long as open communication is happening, I'll do whatever it takes... #leadherchat
  • aigaseattle: Looking to get more involved? Come to the annual open board meeting 4/19, then apply to be considered for a director or committee spot!
  • _Lemmiiin: Does your mama like to reggae - [Spotify] J.J. Cale
  • BossTipz: How many chats do u have open on BBM?
  • yuie_taka: RT @musicJAPANplus: New items & #theGazettE fan club magazines soon to be available! GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB store pre-open! #PS_GFC
  • FZanaheimangels: Angels open with midseason form (MLB)
  • LocateMyAgent: Fannie Mae short sale help desk open for business: The Fannie Mae Short Sale Assistance Desk i...
  • gadailydeals: Entertainment | Ga. aquarium to open dolphin exhibit after delay ...: The 1.8 million gallon exhibit at the Geor...
  • nathania_liem: ATP World Tour: Gerry Weber Open 2011: Four Top 10 Players Confirmed For Halle #tennis
  • pheyKyu: RT @septinadwi: RT @KyunaChoi: RT @FollowKpopers: #FK RT @DONGWOONderful: FollowKpopers OPEN FOLLOW KPOPERS ,YG MAU...
  • Sly_McShwang15: @BabyGirl_Ty dang, this brotha is a beast! And congrats! Just talk to him more. Be open, but not too open you know
  • noyueibrahim: sleepy (yawn). i wish my eyes could open widely. =.=
  • sdotvenom: on the way to san mateo to open mic to promote the quik show
  • NewDayRemedies: Advice on how to prepare for an open house:
  • MissRoseAngel: RT @darrenhayes: Join Me & over 63,000 people and sign @FreedomToMarry’s open letter to @BarackObama in support of the freedom to marry
  • SMURFWORLD: RT @DoAtl: 2Nite: Open Mic Thur @ Scores (2425 Wesley Chapel Rd | 30034) Ladies FREE ALL NITE! #DoATL RT @smurfworld
  • DianaCriSchafer: RT @TokioHotel: It's time for ROUND #3: Get your keyboards ready because the polls won't be open for very long and this will be a...
  • starzship: #Fukushima: up to 1,000 people killed in the quake and resulting tsunami are still lying out in the open, their
  • mluker: Open Chrome and type: about:flags
  • NayCay: I have an irrational fear of something crawling up underneath the toilet bowel and munching my bits. That's why I hover - with the door open
  • Alda3Ms: GT Challenge Open House. Thankful it's the last year! "Much Ado about Nothing
  • Mariahsthename: aight pandora i on and papers are to open up word and start working...
  • Tyt11206: Breaking NEW Ice Cream Store With the Name *Ice Cream House*By @KleinIceCream Will Open Doors SUNDAY April 10 On Bedford.
  • KristinaLenzi: I can't open #ch131 on any of my browsers. Im in complete denial it could have been shut down.
  • kimberlysinger: RT @WUSTL: The DUC will be giving donuts, coffee & info to passers by on the way to class, Fri, 9a. Open to the university community only.
  • Smackenna: @KimKardashian Come on in, I left the door open!
  • BossTipz: I got too many chats open man kmt
  • bernietb: @daranmurphy Quits all open windows of a program.
  • SuzieB302: Ha! RT @johnclarknbc10: "@jemelehill: anyone explain Pete Rose's Open Day attire? Is that Puddy's 8 ball jacket http:///p/88464854
  • donert: 1 in 4 U.S. Adults Have Attempted to Open Checking Accounts Online – But Fewer Than Half … @tomkerigan @martinjeff
  • bitcoininfo: (open) Giving witizens their own section on witcoin ? http:///p/904/Giving-witizens-their-own-section-on-witcoin #witcoin
  • chadspacey: @hanfordlemoore how long did it take for your bro to learn how to open a bag of chips? ;-) without scissors that is
  • jwarach: yWriter open, headphones on, about to start #amwriting, need to pick a station on either Slacker or Pandora. Recommendations?
  • fillanazzni: RT @nyonyamarcuscho: RT @Nandollee21: RT @0101siahtic: *m RT @FollowKpopers #FK RT @ZIFFA4: FollowKpopers OPEN FOL...
  • generalnew: Walker ties course record at Shell Houston Open
  • allieheart96: RT @pghpenguins: 2nd period ends. #Pens trailing 2-0. But will open 3rd on PP after Stamkos goes for goalie interference
  • gojeffcho: @rvidal Ahh. Ours was a battery/power problem as well as a faulty fan. They never even cracked the case open.
  • BrianAmlani: With my lil man at his open house 4 school. http:///p/88464965
  • bikinginla: RT @nprnews: White House Wins Open-Government Award; Keeps It Secret
  • imnotdudan: Can't open my freakin mail. :(
  • mrscrambler: Mind shuts its doors as the soul awaits with arms wide open for more n more love..arms wide open no longer, as they twirl around ur body, ju
  • brickhub: RT @LiberalOhioan: Ohio Gov. Kasich using collective bargaining bill as fundraising tool even before he signed it #SB5 #union
  • mercianaaa: @johnnylkm HAHAHA! not underwear terbalik. that rarely works. try "hey your fly is open" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • FoShizzl_MYizzl: @SuckDezNUTS_NOW I was .. or was I slobbing cause it was SO small that I was shocked& my mouth FELL open. Yo mini golf DICK.
  • realwmnreallive: RT @undergrndangel: Do Your Thing scholarship applications open today:
  • writerkiwi: RT @undergrndangel: Do Your Thing scholarship applications open today:
  • exposbabe: @Kfish_WTA I have Canadian senior nationals to train for during Cincy. Will probably be in Paris, Wimby, one Rogers Cup or both. U.S. Open.
  • EmilySimila: RT @benmcginnis: I'm at Jones Middle School today teaching about the open web. I love Upper Arlington
  • KenoNitro: wunderfull prof. video on freefly positions #zen #freefly - open your mind
  • AmandaLeigh0501: RT @alaindebotton: Marriage & self-control: have an open one and control your jealousy, or a closed one and control your lust.
  • destuing: RT @FollowKpopers: #FK RT @ZIFFA4: FollowKpopers OPEN FOLLOW Kpopers all fandom tapi #jfb yaa
  • Tya_eLfHyunbin: RT @septinadwi: RT @KyunaChoi: RT @FollowKpopers: #FK RT @DONGWOONderful: FollowKpopers OPEN FOLLOW KPOPERS ,YG MAU RT! ALL FANDOM.... htt
  • milkman_JC: RT @alaindebotton: Marriage & self-control: have an open one and control your jealousy, or a closed one and control your lust.
  • MJSPIZZA: MJ's Pizzeria is now open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, so stop on by and keep us company late at night! :D
  • _SwaggMor: Damn bby you was cute until you open your mouth we couldve had some you know?
  • alexknowshtml: @aellislegal depends on the space & community needs. Most are primarily open office. It encourages serendipity. #lawjobchat
  • digitalmiss: RT @VisionaryAgenda: Checking out the Open Data Commons + Lifecycle Assessment tool piloted by @SeventhGen #SaaS #CPG #Sustainability @EarthsterUpdate
  • memphisroxx: #nowplaying [ Football (American) ] Open Question : 2+2 at penn state vs all four years at ole miss?
  • MsNYBL2011: @LissetteEstrada I agree there is a diff is someone betw personal gain n not. I was agreeing w response 2 open ques, what is activism
  • deehlovee: Haha my mom couldnt open a bagg of chips!
  • restalyd: RT @hanazahranh: RT @Ayu_2109: RT @septinadwi: RT @FollowKpopers: #FK RT @gieminnielf: FollowKpopers OPEN... (cont)
  • uvmer: @tnsturk No,no blocking my computer. I can open twitter, but I can't tweet. I can read everything & search...I just cant tweet...frustrating
  • _ireneandriyani: RT @Leony_Fadilaa: RT @ferferina30: RT @FollowKpopers: #FK RT @ZIFFA4: FollowKpopers OPEN FOLLOW Kpopers all fandom tapi #jfb yaa
  • Jebbaju: Leave it to me to leave my phone open with twitter, and my stepmom being able to see @Ryan_Tharp tweets. #badidea
  • KnuckTaylor: Open Mic, Sunday Night, Bring your talent, and feel alright.. Lol #SwagX10 #BigEasy
  • alicetaylor_: I'm in a vest top and a pair of tiny shorts, the windows open, the heatings off and I'm still boiling?!
  • charmainesdname: @[email protected] cant open my facebook ohyesh!!!!
  • stratfordremax: Noticing doing agent open houses in #Stratford missing stair railings to basement. Dangerous and first thing inspector will tell buyer.
  • wgtlfter: Pirates open tomorrow with not one quality starter! Are you believing this?
  • FIRDHAMAURISL: RT @underUKNOWskin: RT @rindingdong: me RT @FollowKpopers: #FK RT @ZIFFA4: FollowKpopers OPEN FOLLOW Kpopers all fandom tapi #jfb yaa
  • LatinaRose1: @CrystalSaysSo I hear a cell door squeaking open for you!
  • Onenamillion368: @ATruStarr @368hustlers THANKS. I took a pic with him. But I wasn't ready and my mouth was open. SMH. lol.
  • SonyiaG: RT @ExperienceNapa: Excited about the new visitor center that us about to open on #napa

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  • “Views menu. Blog. Videos. Open Forum. Meetings Center. Engage on ideas and issues during World Bank meetings and events. On October 7-8, View the Open Forum highlights video below and explore the session pages for full playback of the webcasts, liveblogging”
    — World Bank Open Forum | Join the Conversation,

  • “”

  • “Kick ass Blog application built using CodeIgniter PHP Framework”
    Open Blog - Welcome, open-

  • “Open Blog is very similar to a regular blog, but its built-in interface for submitting Original purpose of Open Blog is to offer any user of the internet an easy way to express”
    Open blog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

  • “Artifacts from my professional, personal, and virtual lives I've been doing some year-end maintenance on the blog and in doing so put together the following list of blog entries that are among my favorites on the topics of open source, standards, and cloud computing”
    — Archived Blog | Bob Sutor,

  • “ is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House history, and”
    Open Government Initiative Blog | The White House,

  • “Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is an Open Forum? The term "open forum" can refer to several things, depending on who is speaking and what the context is”
    — What is an Open Forum?,

  • “A wealth of resources for business owners — videos, articles, blogs, podcasts, and expert advice to boost your business, sponsored by American Express OPEN”
    OPEN Forum :: American Express OPEN Forum,

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