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  • The open source movement is growing rapidly and having a major impact on the way businesses model their IT strategies. TechCrunch Nov 28 Comment. Remember two years ago when Nokia open-sourced the Symbian mobile operating system?. — “Concept:Open Source”,
  • Developers tools and documentation for using OpenGL on Apple systems. Includes a list of OpenGL extensions supported by Apple, how OpenGL fits in their architectures, and performance tips. — “Graphics & Imaging - OpenGL”,
  • Open-Mesh creates ultra low-cost zero-config, plug & play wireless mesh network solutions that spread an Internet connection throughout a hotel, apartment, neighborhood, village, coffee shop, shopping mall, campground, marina and just about anywhere else you can imagine. — “Open Mesh”, open-
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  • The Khronos Group promotes the deployment and development of open standard APIs to enable authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and embedded devices. Current APIs are OpenGL ES, OpenML, OpenMAX, OpenSL ES, and. — “OpenGL”,
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  • OpenGL (Open Graphics Library)[2] is a standard specification defining a cross-language, cross-platform API for writing applications that produce 2D and 3D computer graphics. OpenGL was developed by Silicon Graphics Inc. ( SGI) in 1992[3] and is widely used in CAD, virtual reality, scientific. — “OpenGL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • OpenGL is the industry's foundation for high-performance graphics. This provides a perspective on how to license OpenGL, procedures and rules for using the OpenGL logo and the relationship between SGI and OpenGL. — “SGI - Products: Software: OpenGL”,
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  • 7.4 Libraries on top of OpenGL. 8 Related information. OpenGL. OpenGL is the de facto standard API for modern 3D graphics on GNU/Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, and most any other operating system that provides a way for folks to use 3D graphics on a computer. — “OpenGL - LQWiki”,
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  • OpenGL Developer Web Site VR Juggler version 3 released with OpenGL 3 support. Category: Developers • Applications • Comments. Nov 29, 2010. VR Juggler 3 is now available. VR Juggler 3.0 has a totally redesigned cluster infrastructure based on a formal client/server. — “OpenGL”,
  • OpenGL - Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. — “OpenGL - CodeProject”,
  • Home > Language reference > Functions > open. Please note: Many features of this site require JavaScript. You appear to have JavaScript disabled, or are running a non-JavaScript capable web (The following is a comprehensive reference to open(): for a gentler introduction you may consider perlopentut. — “open - ”,

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  • Optimizing OpenGL for iPhone (May 15, 2009) Tim Omernick from the popular gaming company, ngmoco, provides a broad overview of OpenGL on the iPhone. Stanford University: http://www.stanf...
  • ♠ How To: Fix The OpenGL 2.0 Support Error for Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8 ♠ Hello, everyone. I've originally made this video because a few people have messaged me saying how the 'OpenGL 2.0 Support Error keeps coming up every time th...
  • OpenGL Real-Time Procedural Planet Rendering Real-time procedural planets implemented in C++/OpenGL with GLFW and GLee for the course Procedural Methods for Images (TNM084), fall 2010 at Linköping Unive...
  • C++ OpenGL #1 - Some basic GLUT I have created a series that is meant to replace this series called "Beginners' OpenGL". Here is the first video: http:///watch?v=XMgfddy7S7Q ...
  • Android Application Development Tutorial - 168 - Introduction to OpenGL ES Check out the full series at http:/// Here is a link to the mybringback YouTube Channel. Go and subscribe now! http:///use...
  • Siggraph 2012 - The Khronos Group OpenGL BOF The latest news and features for OpenGL -- Barthold Lichtenbelt (NVIDIA) Play Trivia and win prizes! Cool things you never dreamed you could do with OpenGL -...
  • Unigine Heaven OpenGl 1080p HD Unigine Heaven Benchmark: API=OpenGL Shaders=High Tessellation=Disabled(DX11 Only) Anisotropy=16 Anti-aliasing=8x Resolution=1920x1080 System Specs: CPU: Cor...
  • OpenGL tutorial 24 - VBO and vertex array Finally I made the tutorial about VBOs, because vertex arrays are so similar, I added them to here as well (altough vertex array is kinda old), sorry for the...
  • C++ OpenGL Lesson 1: A Simple OpenGL Project http:/// Download the project and code at http:///cpp/crs/opengl/lessons/Lesson1/ For this C++ video lesson, we demonstrate how to set up a s...
  • OpenGL Tutorial 1: Beginning the project! WARNING! These tutorials are hard, and probably will test your capacity, although if i, a 15 year old can handle it, so should you!:D YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO...
  • OpenGL Tutorial #1: Basic Shapes This is a video lesson explaining a little about the basics of 3D programming in OpenGL and GLUT. It explains the code of a simple OpenGL program. This lesso...
  • Particle System using compute shader in OpenGL When the Khronos Group released OpenGL 4.3 I got curious about this API and decided to port my old particle system which uses DirectX 11.
  • Online Graphics OpenGL1: Overview Online Graphics Course OpenGL 1: Overview Table of Contents: 00:43 - This Lecture 01:44 - Introduction to OpenGL 02:35 - Why OpenGL? 04:00 - Programmer's Vie...
  • Lecture - 40 Graphics Programming Using OpenGL Computer Graphics by Dr. Sukhendu das, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras.
  • QtDD12 - OpenGL with Qt 5 - Dr. Sean Harmer Recorded at the Qt Developer Days in Berlin in 2012. Slides available at http:///node/25 Qt5 introduces better support for OpenGL from t...
  • C++ first 3d Game (using OpenGL) Here it is .. my first ever made C++ OpenGL 3d game ...I've written it after 3 month since the time I made "Hello world" program ^) ... Feel free to ask me f...
  • Let's make a game in C++ (SDL,OpenGL) - Episode 1 - Setup I have decided to start a "Let's make a game" tutorial-like video series. In the series I will show you how to make a game from scratch in C++ using SDL and ...
  • OpenGL (SDL,c++) tutorial 0 - Introduction This is the first OpenGL tutorial. OpenGL is a 3D graphics library. I use OpenGL with SDL. http:/// Take a look, how to setup in Visual...
  • Real Time 3D Demo C++/OpenGL/GLSL Engine Real Time 3D Demo written in C++ using OpenGL and GLSL. More info (french) : Executable : Source :
  • Hitler Not Impressed With OpenGL 3.0 I tried to keep it simple so that anyone could understand... failed horribly. Aside from that there are some synching issues too, bah, sorry about that folks :(
  • How To Fix Minecraft OpenGL Error Windows 7/xp/vista So This is a Tutorial on how to fix openGL Error That should work for all operating systems!!! Code to Type in to Get device Manager: devmgmt.msc Bad video c...
  • Beginners' OpenGL 3+ - Starting Out Watch the next part: http:///watch?v=lmNYf8-WV7w This is a free online video course in which you will learn the basics of modern OpenGL. I wil...
  • How to fix Minecraft OpenGL error on Windows XP/7/Vista (interactive) Tutorial on fixing openGL and directX issues. This tutorial is also interactive by clicking annotations within the video. Be sure you have the annotations en...
  • 3d Studio Max - Tutorial - Understanding Direct 3D and OpenGL In this tutorial I going to talk about direct 3d and open GL. CONTENT: Basic topics about Direct 3D and OpenGL: - What is Direct 3D and OpenGL - Direct 3D ge...
  • C++ OpenGL Generating terrain realtime Generating Terrain using squares-and-diamonds algorithm.
  • Xcode Generated iOS OpenGL App Explore the Xcode generated iOS OpenGL App by changing four properties: Color, Position, Rotation Speed and Vertex Data. http://.
  • OpenGL Graphics Pipeline Overview What are different ways that we might consider doing rendering? Why did OpenGL make the decisions it did and what does the OpenGL pipeline look like?
  • Visual Studio Express 2010 OpenGL.avi A quick howto video for those folks wanting to get openGL to work with Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010.
  • DirectX 11 vs. OpenGL (Heaven Benchmark) DirectX 11 im vergleich zum Linux Kompatiblen Format OpenGL. !! http://www.Hardware- !! für mehr Infos. Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.5 bei einer Auflösun...
  • OpenGL game engine This is my first OpenGL application. It is a basic game engine made in C++ with collision detection and a level editor. Music taken from a PC demo called "Pl...
  • My OpenGL game engine My first game engine. Made with the openGL and openAL API, C++ and the Cg shading language.
  • 16 бит тому назад - Как появился OpenGL История OpenGL http://16- Наша группа ВКонтакте, которая обновляется каждый день: http:///gamesbusters Свежие новости, скидки на игры, пополняем...
  • OpenGL programming, simple FPS style walking scene (DOS) In this tool-assisted education video I create a simple FPS style walking and jumping scene for OpenGL, with DJGPP, in DOS. In a 256 colors 320x200 VGA mode....
  • 19. OpenGL ES (March 9, 2010) David Jacobs provides and introduction to OpenGL ES. Coordinate systems and tranformations, drawing geometry, textures, and other details. Pa...
  • Why Linus is Pissed - OpenGL vs. Direct X At a recent Linux Aalto University talk Linus Torvalds, on camera, dropped an f-bomb and flipped NVidia the bird. You can see that here along with my opinion...
  • Jungle - OpenGL 3D engine/viewer project - UTBM See the corresponding article on my website: http:///blog/3d/opengl-jungle-engine-project-utbm.html This video is about one of the imagery projects...
  • Make a Simple Game (iOS) with OpenGL ES Make a Simple Game (iOS) with OpenGL ES, Part 1 Included: •Intro •OpenGL ES 2.0 set up •Basic OpenGL ES 2.0 commands More information on OpenGL: • http://db-...
  • C++ OpenGL - Lightning/Electricity Tutorial A simple implementation of an OpenGL electricity-like effect. It can also be expanded upon to include full-blown lightning. There are some things that are di...
  • XDC2012 - OpenGL Future All Comments7 · Sign in now to post a comment. Remove; Report profile image; Flag for spam; Block User; Unblock User. carbonatedcube 1 day ago. It will probably improve the situation in general for Ubuntu Mobile because it makes opengl ESthe strippeddownfor phones version of opengl much more of a firstclass citizen in desktop Linux So it's a lot easier to develop phone apps on your desktop and that doesnt just help Ubuntu Mobile but Android and ios development as well. Reply ...
  • binceamnu: Скачать драйвер опенгл
  • maxfarnea: Video: OpenGL ES on Raspberry Pi #videoart #digitalart #programming #raspberrypi #experimental #diy #electronics
  • twittatuas: OpenGLで点を描画するアプリ、Nexus4だとバグるけどNexus7だと普通に動く。 なぜ?
  • EeVvEeLlYyYnN: скачать музыку из мультиков
  • damian0815: OpenGL, y u no manage transform stack for me anymore?
  • vybe30: драйвера opengl скачать
  • yasmineydrazo: Скачать драйвер опенгл
  • widget_101: Iluminación Local OpenGL
  • mouthwell: 逆におちえて。ライブラリはopenGL簡易版のGLUTなら低スペックマシンでOKらしい。/usr/includeにそのGLフォルダ出来てるんですがコンパイルエラー出て先に進めない @macse89: ライブラリーいいの無いの?多分スペックは今のマシン大概OKだよ。GPUは?
  • ncaq: Qt+OpenGLを使えるようにしとかないと.
  • mouthwell: 3Dグラフィックやりたいけど、マシンスペック高く無いと厳しいのかな。2Dに専念か。でもopenGLのゲームが普通に動いてるわけだから、そんなにマシンスペックは要らないのではと思ったりする。ゲームは作れなくてもグラフィックはスピード遅くても描けるはずだよな~。
  • RForshaw89: Eventually I'll have to implement a 2D, OpenGL renderer. If I do, I'll hide the horrors of it from the developer. Leave it for the renderer.
  • kirakorn: RT @maniacdev: Series Of iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorials Covering Many Topics (Water, Bump Mapping, And More)
  • rob_rix: @halfliterate Geometry. Frames and possibly transforms. Like OpenGL matrices.
  • Presents612: 問題 : OpenGLのシェーディング機能を使わず、自力で頂点の色を計算してそれっぽいシェーディングにせよ
  • RickyAH: RT @maniacdev: Series Of iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorials Covering Many Topics (Water, Bump Mapping, And More)
  • rob_rix: @alexrozanski @secboffin I think @gte’s example of OpenGL matrices is better.
  • MJHanrahan: @ashthestampede probably making it OpenGL or something.
  • Peter_Workman: "Total FBO objects: 460" Leaking opengl objects? really?
  • full84: RT @maniacdev: Series Of iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorials Covering Many Topics (Water, Bump Mapping, And More)
  • AlexaInfo: Series Of iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorials Covering Many Topics (Water, Bump Mapping, And More) #iOSDev #Tools
  • Alexa_Movil: Series Of iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorials Covering Many Topics (Water, Bump Mapping, And More) #iOSDev #Tools
  • maniacdev: Series Of iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorials Covering Many Topics (Water, Bump Mapping, And More)
  • shinchanwigulu: OpenGL使っててシステムが日本語だからこけちゃうんかな
  • phi_jp: @h_doxas OpenGL はずっと使ってたのですが, WebGL に関しては初心者なので, や を参考に 勉強させて頂いています. 今後ともよろしくお願いします.
  • muromi_VM3001: 検索しても文献なし。しばらく7でやるか、OpenGLでやるか。
  • jckuri: sudo port install wxWidgets30 cabal install wx cabal install OpenGL sudo port install opencv cabal install HOpenCV
  • ZuQ9Nn: OpenGL ES 2.0の参考書を見ると、やっぱり、やたらと、いきなり3Dになるのやなぁ。そこまでいかれへんねんって。
  • unixlinux: Difference between opengl es and directfb: i dont know in which forum to ask this question ..... :( . pardon me...
  • book_experts: Game and Graphics Programming for iOS and Android with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Cadwallion: Tonight’s docket: fabricate a bottle filler stand and write ruby bindings to the Pi’s OpenGL ES code.
  • cavf88: RT @kwigbo: OpenGL ES demo cube in an Objective-C application on the Raspberry PI! -->
  • Roxiga: 今さらですが、Android2.2以降向けのOpenGL ES 2ラッパーライブラリ「AquaMotion3D」を公開しました。 入門書を出した頃はシェーダーを使ってなかったのですが、やっとShaderに対応できました。
  • ats: "Modern OpenGL Series « Tom Dalling "
  • g_truc: GLI 0.4.0 is know used by my OpenGL samples. Getting close to something to release. Target Sunday evening?
  • kwigbo: OpenGL ES demo cube in an Objective-C application on the Raspberry PI! -->
  • K027: RT @roy_banana: 会社のPC見積もり中、アフターエフェクト用という事ならOpenGLに特化したQuadorの導入を考えてるけど性能がようわからん(汗)価格的に4000が現実的だけど、GeForce6800ベースという事なら性能低そうな印象があるけど実際どうなんだろ?使った事のある人の意見が聞きたい
  • roy_banana: 会社のPC見積もり中、アフターエフェクト用という事ならOpenGLに特化したQuadorの導入を考えてるけど性能がようわからん(汗)価格的に4000が現実的だけど、GeForce6800ベースという事なら性能低そうな印象があるけど実際どうなんだろ?使った事のある人の意見が聞きたい
  • Kun03: OpenGLが必要な感じになってきた。
  • rqna: #Android #Opengl #Es Android - Logo Animation - Dont know where to begin
  • _Razveselaya_: android opengl ndk
  • korcoksana: драйвер opengl 1.3 И ВЫШЕ для windows 7
  • honekani: OpenGLもつかったホモじゅんさん
  • hisax23: RT @xxmiz0rexx: “PhotoshopのGPU/OpenGLって使ってる? 僕が使ってるお気に入り機能まとめ / Maka-Veli .com”
  • xxmiz0rexx: “PhotoshopのGPU/OpenGLって使ってる? 僕が使ってるお気に入り機能まとめ / Maka-Veli .com”
  • aaajjjtttajtajt: てかさ、OpenGLでわざわざ手入力でグラフィック作らなきゃいけないとか。 世の中にはCG作成のソフトがあるじゃないか←
  • option352: RT @maruru_h: 「ライブラリやフレームワーク作るな、あるもの使い回していけ」「とりあえずゲームを完成させろ」と言う人がいる一方、「fbx解析して自前のモデル構造作れ」「シェーダー書けて当然」「dx10やopengl使えるべき」と言う人がいて、私は「そんなん必要になったら覚えれば良い」と言う。
  • icegeo: ...이제 한 관문만 뚫으면 되는데.. 왜 opengl함수를 거부하니 NDK야..
  • nanaroku76: ただし回転動作だけはどんな解像度でも高速なので画像を回転させる専用のソフトとして…じゃなくて、ブラシが重たいのはOpenGLボード導入すれば解消するんだろうか【C83 】
  • raejohnston: RT @YugSTAR: Any OpenGL programmers with game experience looking for work in Sydney?
  • sakuei_fluck: @ngkz_tbar mallocは一夜氏がわざわざやんなくていいよって言ったんで使ってないので、ファイル系か、openGLの扱いでミスがあるかもって感じですかね。 テスト終わったら探してみます
  • ksndnmr: XperiaのCPUってOpenGLの表現弱すぎてAnTuTuのスコア下がる クアッドになったところで大差は出るのか。
  • MK_Dasher: He marcado como favorito un vídeo de @YouTube ( - Java Tutorial - OpenGL (3D) - Movement & FPS (Part 3)).
  • takuYSD: 趣味用のフレームワークを普通にC++とOpenGLで作るかDirectXで作るかPSMで作るかUnityで作るかWebGLで作るかXNAで作るか悩んでたら夜が明けてしまった。
  • jckuri: OpenGL ScreenShot -
  • yukichi_ototsu: RT @natsutan: ヤター!F#でOpenGLを動かすサンプル動いたよ!スクリーンクリップ - F# OpenTK Sample #fsharp #fromEvernote
  • voiceover_au: RT @YugSTAR: Any OpenGL programmers with game experience looking for work in Sydney?
  • casbitton: RT @YugSTAR: Any OpenGL programmers with game experience looking for work in Sydney?
  • you_and_i: RT @natsutan: ヤター!F#でOpenGLを動かすサンプル動いたよ!スクリーンクリップ - F# OpenTK Sample #fsharp #fromEvernote
  • mutomasa: @eaglesakura どうりで、びくともしないわけだwww OpenGL使ったアプリで、奴らにDoS攻撃を(ry
  • voitstarr: RT @YugSTAR: Any OpenGL programmers with game experience looking for work in Sydney?
  • naomi_h: RT @YugSTAR: Any OpenGL programmers with game experience looking for work in Sydney?
  • ryutorion: RT @natsutan: ヤター!F#でOpenGLを動かすサンプル動いたよ!スクリーンクリップ - F# OpenTK Sample #fsharp #fromEvernote
  • natsutan: ヤター!F#でOpenGLを動かすサンプル動いたよ!スクリーンクリップ - F# OpenTK Sample #fsharp #fromEvernote
  • EA_Jiggsy: RT @YugSTAR: Any OpenGL programmers with game experience looking for work in Sydney?
  • YugSTAR: Any OpenGL programmers with game experience looking for work in Sydney?
  • nicolai_twi: 実際周りのレベルどの程度か知らんけどDx10とOpenGL使える新卒って時点で1割以下に絞られるんじゃないか…?高レベルすぎてついていけねぇ
  • __machia__: RT @maruru_h: 「ライブラリやフレームワーク作るな、あるもの使い回していけ」「とりあえずゲームを完成させろ」と言う人がいる一方、「fbx解析して自前のモデル構造作れ」「シェーダー書けて当然」「dx10やopengl使えるべき」と言う人がいて、私は「そんなん必要になったら覚えれば良い」と言う。
  • nicolai_twi: RT @maruru_h: 「ライブラリやフレームワーク作るな、あるもの使い回していけ」「とりあえずゲームを完成させろ」と言う人がいる一方、「fbx解析して自前のモデル構造作れ」「シェーダー書けて当然」「dx10やopengl使えるべき」と言う人がいて、私は「そんなん必要になったら覚えれば良い」と言う。
  • scooby_xd: скачать opengl драйвер для via
  • Erik_W_B: @AlexTrott_ @StreamComputing didn't help that Google "fixed" OpenCL to OpenGL in searches for ages... Luckily they stopped a year ago or so
  • FreddyBennet: OpenGL(R) Programming on Mac OS(R) X: Architecture, Performance, and Integration: The Mac has fully embraced Ope...
  • S_P_x: Pour mon projet secret, je dois maitriser parfaitement le C, le C++, et l'OpenGL. Vous savez de quoi je parle ?
  • rqna: #Opengl #Glfw # GLFW get screen height/width?
  • kapeli: @eridius Java, Python (and soon Qt) are the only ones I maintain, OpenGL was contributed by a user. There is no older version for Perl.
  • eridius: @kapeli I see multiple versions of Java, OpenGL, Perl, and Python. Why not Lua? 5.1 is still very widely-used.
  • yuki_B: opengl de のCgの項を一回りしたらこんな時間('-'
  • Sevki: Doing OpenGL
  • iridl: ingrid - bennoblumenthal - added useRequestedLayers to OpenGL
  • ZuQ9Nn: kEAGLDrawablePropertyRetainedBackingをYESにするとOpenGL ES 2.0のCAEAGLLayerからUIImageにはうまく残った。けど、写真の向きが変になる。これはGLの座標とiPhoneの座標の違いか。。ぐぬぬ
  • StreamComputing: RT @AlexTrott_: reading graphic card post on reddit, so many people don't know the different between OpenGL and OpenCL
  • Radical_Ed: @Zaraphiston_ @madmalkav Ah. MS suele tirar más al D3D mientras que PS3 y PSV van con OpenGL, si no recuerdo mal.
  • prime_31: @MattRix answered my own question. looks like the UI is OpenGL. much better than Java mess.
  • M4rtinK: Just sent an update for #Mieru, the #PySide based #BB10 manga reader to #AppWorld - it is now much faster thanks to #QBB_USE_OPENGL=1 !
  • the_haigo: @himrock922 OSCのはOpenGL動かしてるやつだと思うけど、WebkitつかえるのでHTML5でクロスプラットフォームアプリ作れる(canvasとvideoに改善の余地あり)
  • GameDevGigs: Lead Game Engineer – iOS, openGL ES, Backend – MinoMonsters, Inc. – San Francisco, CA: journe... #videogames #jobs
  • asbradbury: RT @anssik: WebKitNix: a WebKit2 port based on POSIX and OpenGL/ES:
  • baldand: RT @anssik: WebKitNix: a WebKit2 port based on POSIX and OpenGL/ES:
  • AlexTrott_: reading graphic card post on reddit, so many people don't know the different between OpenGL and OpenCL
  • ADAMATOMIC: @troygilbert native ObjC, UIKit, OpenGL, GLSL, etc... i gotta get @dej79 to write a blog post, its CRAZY
  • rqna: #Java #Android #Opengl How to convert an Open GL ES 2.0 application to a Live Wallpaper?
  • aperezdc: @pizte: It is a bug in the Intel OpenGL driver. I fixed it by building libdrm, xf86-video-intel from Git, Mesa 9.0.2 and kernel 3.7.1
  • aperezdc: @pizte: Check /var/log/Xorg.*.log and ~/.xsession-errors, and the kernel log. Anything that uses threaded OpenGL/VA-API can hung the GPU :/
  • tomy_kaira: opengl さんとひさしぶりにいちゃついたらデレられたかのように見えたが騙されてはいけない
  • InterabangEnt: For now on anything that is Gangster is OpenGL...#HustleTuff #MuscleBuff
  • phansch: Does anyone know of a program to record OpenGL games on ubuntu 64bit? #linux #gaming
  • spec_ops117: "@juanjhs: El día de hoy, tengo como 3-4 horas para acabar un Pong en OpenGL. Espero lograrlo..." Good luck
  • juanjhs: El día de hoy, tengo como 3-4 horas para acabar un Pong en OpenGL. Espero lograrlo...
  • lihlii: @simon_zsw opengl 的计算能力也可以用来做点什么网格化的视像处理啥的。
  • lihlii: RT @simon_zsw: @lihlii raspberry官网上已经有些人玩堆积木了…分布式计算…是很好玩,不过这款带opengl的东西这样玩有点浪费,我看看broadcom会不会有四核强化运算的芯片

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  • “Direct State Access does not get into the core yet (sorry Christophe ;-), and I am not sure we will get it before OpenGL 5.0 As usual, NVIDIA is very likely to announce the release of drivers supporting OpenGL 4.1 during the OpenGL BOF :-) forum official thread here”
    — Icare3D Blog: OpenGL 4.1 Specifications released + NVIDIA drivers, blog.icare3

  • “Oscar's GPU computing blog Up to date information on OpenCL, DirectCompute, CUDA, CAL and OpenGL Ananth's very own blog - All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress & the Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll. Discuss on our WP Forum”
    OpenGL " Ananth's very own blog,

  • “Often, when we meet other game developers and say that we use OpenGL for our game Overgrowth, we're met with stares of disbelief -- why would anyone use OpenGL? DirectX is the future. When we tell graphics card representatives that we use OpenGL”
    — Why you should use OpenGL and not DirectX - Wolfire Games Blog,

  • “salut a tous sur certain jeux j aimerai tourner en open gl plutot que direct3d,mais je n arrive pas a l activer fw81.95 sur 6800gt,rien vu sur régl”
    — activer open gl - Forum PC INpact,

  • “Introduction to OpenGL ES. From Forum Nokia Wiki. This article aims at ES for someone who is already experienced with desktop OpenGL, and shows how to use it”
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  • “UT2k3 Tip - Enable OpenGL! - forum topic to forum 2002-09-15 22:50:07. JRBlood. to forum 2002-09-15 23:05:52. b0. JRBlood. www.ina-/forums/sho···d=203400. to forum 2002-09-15 23:29:29. Thrashor. JRBlood. to forum 2002-09-16 02:05:32. Jord413. JRBlood. to forum 2002-09-17 07:17:32. arden625”
    — UT2k3 Tip - Enable OpenGL! - ,

  • “Michi's blog " read post. OpenGL programming in Haskell – a tutorial First of all, we'll want to load the OpenGL libraries, throw up a window, and generally get to grips with”
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  • “http:///2009/12/03/opengl-es-tutorial-for-android-part posted at: Jayway Team Blog by Per-Erik [ ] #10 murali on 04.20.10”
    OpenGL ES Tutorial for Android – Part I – Setting up the view,

  • “Forum dedicated to OpenGL game programming”
    OpenGL - Discussion Forums,

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