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  • Orania maestratii Houart & Tröndlé, 2008. Taxon recognized by World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Orania maestratii Houart & Tröndlé, 2008. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at http:///aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=408200 on 2010-10-20. Please wait,. — “Orania maestratii Houart & Tröndlé, 2008 - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • From ghost town to dream town .that is the story of Orania! The original Orania was designed with large plots, wide sidewalks, a community hall, swimming pool, tennis and squash courts and many other facilities which made it the. — “History | Orania”, orania.co.za
  • Orania is a private tow for the white descendants of the "Great Trek pioneers". It's an enclave about 700 inhabitants and would extend over some 8000 hectares of mainly agricultural land. — “Orania - Images | Alan Aubry”,
  • Orania was created 2 seconds after the fall of the 4th Reich (Apartheid South Africa) . Those that did not relocate to the Bantustan of Orania, either fled to Hell,Azeroth,Australia,Antartica, Europe or Chile. Those unfortunate souls that did. — “Orania - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Orania is a South African town located along the Orange River in the arid Karoo region of Orania is unique in that the entire population is made up of Afrikaners. — “Orania, Northern Cape - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • ORANIA. The small Northern Cape community of Orania has unveiled designs for the world's first koeksister-fuelled nuclear reactor, to be built as part of the. — “Orania to build koeksister-fuelled nuclear reactor | Hayibo”,
  • South Africa's population is 80 percent black, but the small town of Orania is 100 percent white. — “South Africa | Orania | Afrikaner town”,
  • Orania name meaning and dictionary definition. Meaning of Orania. What does Orania mean? Orania origin. How popular is Orania? Information about Orania. Girl baby names. Orania is an uncommon first name for women and an equally uncommon last name for both men and women. — “Orania - meaning of Orania name”,
  • Orania macrocladus Mart. CHINESE : Sen lin ao lan zong. ENGLISH : Available: www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/taxdump.pl?orania (02 April 2003). — “M.M.P.N.D. - Sorting Orania names”, plantnames.unimelb.edu.au
  • The best Flickr photos and Youtube videos from Orania on Google Maps. The easiest way to travel before booking your flight or hotel. The WorldFlicks community selects the best Flickr photos and Youtube videos of Orania and puts them on aerial. — “Discover Orania: Photos and hotspots on Google Maps, no need”,
  • ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema and some 14 other ANCYL delegates visited the white-Afrikaaner-only enclave Orania Saturday, posting ANC campaign posters there on posts inside the Northern Cape town and meeting with offiicals. — “ANCYL Visits Orania”,
  • Pedigree for Orania, photos and offspring from the All Breed Horse Pedigree Database. — “Orania Trakehner”,
  • Nearly twenty years ago, deep in the heart of South Africa, a group of hardy Afrikaners constructed Orania, a whites-only town that they hope to make. — “VQR " In Whitest Africa”,
  • Die webwerf wil graag u nuuskierigheid oor Orania verder prikkel en Die Afsaal Kafee doen vir langer as 10 jaar reeds sake op Orania en wil met sy eiendom-, restourant-, oornag- en geriefsfasiliteite 'n blik op 'n. — “Afsaal op Orania”, afsaal-op-orania.co.za
  • He's not against the Orania whites, you dunce, he thinks their endeavor is built on poor intentions, doomed to failure, and If these Orania peeps are so wrong, then you're not going to tell me that the Rothschild's, Hilton's or even Oppenheimers of this. — “THE TOWN THAT RACISM BUILT - Viceland Today”,
  • Complete, objective information on Orania travel, including photos and reviews. Add your own wiki-style contributions. — “Orania travel guide”, world66.com
  • Orania Orania is a small town located on the edge of the Karoo desert in South Africa, which is populated exclusively by white Afrikaners. — “Orania: Information from ”,
  • Orania (2004 - ) A new flag for Orania was adopted in 2004 which is in the former South African national colours of orange, white and blue. According to the Orania Beweging, the colours are indicative of their ancestors and history, which are also to be found in the Prinzenvlag of the. — “Orania (South Africa)”,
  • Open source travel guide to Orania, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Free and reliable advice written by Wikitravellers from around the globe. — “Orania travel guide - Wikitravel”,
  • *If you visit the South African country of Orania and you're black, you might wanna back up and go the other way. Because surely you are lost. The. — “South African Country Still Committed to Apartheid | EURweb”,
  • Orania. 18 species. This is a geographically widespread genus found in Madagascar, southeast Asia, and New Guinea. Most species The genus is uncommon in cultivation, but Orania palindan grows very well in South Florida with adequate irrigation. — “Fairchild Guide to Palms: Orania”,
  • Orania Travel Guide: Real travel reviews, tips, and photos from real travelers and locals in Orania, South Africa at VirtualTourist. — “Orania Travel Guide - VirtualTourist”,
  • Ancyl Visits Orania. ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president Julius Malema and some 14 other ANCYL delegates visited the white-Afrikaaner-only enclave Orania Saturday, posting ANC campaign posters there on posts inside the Northern Orania is a South African town located along the Orange River in the. — “Orania”,

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  • Orania - Director Interview Raindance TV interviews Director Tobias Lindner about his film Orania. Find out more at ow.ly
  • Orania, nêrens anders nie_mpeg2video.mpg
  • Life for the Afrikaners ( farm-murders / Orania ) Part 1 (2) Short documentary in 2 parts about the Afrikaners in South-Africa and their quest for a safe future; you are looking at Part 1. - Please, look at Part 2 also!
  • Northwest Inspiration A story about the South African town of Orania. Perhaps the Northwest Front could learn from an already successful example of white separatism.
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  • Ash's Story [German] Part 9 - Orania City Pokemon Gelbe Edition [German] Part 9 - Orania City Pokemon Yellow Version [German] Ep. 9 - The Orange City
  • Hannah n Orania morning Reluctant friends Hannah and Orania with Jimmy this am.
  • Against The Flow - Episode 9 Moving on from Kimberly the team arrives in the small neighbouring Hopetown, the place where South Africa's first diamonds were discovered. They check out the window pain where the first stone was tested for authenticity and move on to the river to try some fishing. At the river they view a bridge bombed during the Anglo Boer war. Lightening and rain keep the boys off the river and away from any fishing. The next day they again meet up with Jacques Marais, this time to do some white water rafting. Sean and Clive have a nasty experience on a rapid know as hubbly-bubbly. At the suggestion of a local farmer they then check out a farm that was once a concentration camp during the Boer war. The area is generally stooped in South African history and is also home to the self proclaimed Afrikaner town, Orania. The visit here is tense yet interesting and the team are shown respect and hospitality. Moving on the last visit is to the Riet River, it is clear and the fish are sighted. It is of major significance as the first ever fly-fishing attempted in South Africa was on these waters.
  • Orania 08 - Garth Garth Mooney Aka Romeo. I Bet He Misses His Juliet Muchley. Recording Done By Sam.
  • Spa Orania - Heritage Lodge Spa of the Heritage Lodge, Daintree
  • Orania's 1st webshow! Der
  • Orania Ave, Hillsborough inspection
  • Orania Documentary Final project for completion of my honours degree in film production at North West University (Potchefstroom).
  • Apartheid - an investigation CLICK TO WATCH FULL DOCUMENTARY ONLINE: docsonline.tv In a confronting portrait of post-apartheid South African society, documentary filmmaker Rehad Desai seeks to answer a seemingly simple question; was does it mean to be white in a new democratic South Africa? His journey takes him from his hometown Johannesburg, where whites and blacks live together in an uncomfortable balance, to the white-separatist Afrikaner community of Orania. Along the way he interviews white Afrikaners on their views of the new multicultural society and their sense (if any) of an identity of whiteness.
  • Life for the Afrikaners ( farm-murders / Orania ) Part 2 (2) Short documentary in 2 parts about the Afrikaners in South-Africa and their quest for a safe future; you are looking at Part 2. Please, look at Part 1 also!
  • Orania Q&A with Director Tobias Lindner about his documentary at Raindance Film Festival 20th Raindance Film Festival. Check out his page- bit.ly ORANIA Synopsis: It's easy to come to Orania with a whole heap of preconceptions. A documentary about the eponymous town founded in 1991 only for Afrikaners - white South Africans descended from the original Dutch settlers - it's unsurprising that the place has garnered such a negative image within the post-Apartheid nation. It would be easy to play on the town's obvious eccentricities and portray it as a kind of South African Royston Vasey, but rather than ridicule his subjects Tobias Lindner's frankly stunning documentary sets out to get to know them better. Taking a Verite approach Lindner's camera quietly observes a broad selection of the town's inhabitants as they go about their business, and so intimate is our access to this unusual community that we almost feel a part of it by the end. The film ultimately reveals not so much a community of bigots (even the most traditional and right wing of inhabitants are shown to have a human side), but a people merely trying to keep their culture alive. It's refreshing to see a documentary that doesn't have an axe to grind, but even more so it's good to leave the cinema feeling as though your prejudices have been challenged in a very unexpected way. Surely that is the best result a documentary can hope for?
  • Orania Pecan nuts preperation facility
  • Blêrskêr Blêrskêr, a clever innovation for cutting sheep tails from Orania in the Bo-Karoo, Northern Cape province, South Africa. This innovation is patented in South Africa. The website for this great innovation is www.blersker.co.za
  • Visiting the wonderfull Orania 0001
  • Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Acapella cover) - Fall out boy by Orania Tilliris (first ever cover) My first video of a capella cover, its a bit sketchy and pitchy but okay for my first solo attempt.
  • L'Envol d'un Papillon Court métrage contre la violence conjuguale, réalisé par les étudiants du Programme Court de Production Audiovisuelle des Premières Nations du Québec, en 2010. Formation universitaire offerte par le Conseil en Éducations des Premières Nations et l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. Auteure et Réalisatrice: Orania Gros-Louis Acteurs: Christian Laveau, Rachel-Alouki Labbé, Martha-Karine Awashish, Isabelle Gros-Louis Michaud, Akienda Lainé, Thérèse Ottawa, Cynthia Chachai Assistant à la réalisation: Waubnasse Bobiwash Simon Scripte: Thérèse Ottawa Assistante de production: Anne-Claire Saint-Onge Directeur de la photographie: Luc Vincent-Savard Cadreur: Claudie Ottawa Preneur de son: Nicolas Ottawa Machinistes: Akienda Lainé et Sacha Dubé Costumières, Coiffeuses Maquilleuses: Isabelle Gros-louis Michaud et Martha-Karine Awashish Accessoiristes: Isabelle Gros-Louis Michaud, Martha-Karine Awashish, Orania Gros-louis Photographe de plateau: Shal Malekesh-Bacon Montage: Orania Gros-Louis Remerciements à: Lise Bastien, Denis Bellemare, Christiane Lecomte, André Dudomaine, Bogdan Stefan, Carl Morasse, Francois-Mathieu Hotte, Rachel-Alouki Labbé, Julie-Christine Lainé, Michel A. Gros-Louis, Julie Simard, Akienda Lainé, Rodrigue Fontaine, Pierre Jalbert, CESAM, UQAC, CEPN Musique: Ussiniun et Pierre Jalbert Short film against domestic violence, produced by First Nations of Quebec students in the Audiovisual Program for First Nations, in 2010. The First Nations Education Council and ...
  • Let's play Pokemon Green Part 11 : Orania City, so heißts Let's play Pokemon Green Part 11 [GERMAN] Orania City, so heißts
  • Orania Hamilton Cries of the Soul Poetry Collection Water Forest Press Water Forest Press poetry book release Cries of the Soul by romance poet Orania Hamilton, (Cally), creator of Platinum Poetry Online Reading Room. Three-time Pushcart Prize Nominee, Ms. Hamilton has had a prestigious poetry career which includes reading at the Morden Tower in England.
  • Black & White Intercourse "Live" from Soweto 01.mov Bheki & Cedric take their Black & White Intercourse live in Soweto. Kill the Boer and Racism is put on the table and we survive. We talk culture, superior mindsets, inferior mindsets, we talk Steven Biko and Black Conscientious Movement, we talk pretend, we all pretend. Cedric challenges the politically correct status that we should not see clolour, maybe the world should stop pretending. Cedric claims links to Eugene Terre Blanche and Orania.
  • Eugene Terre Blanche & Orania, Not heckled.mov This insert must be linked to the main videos that show the audience involved and the fact that this comment was not heckled.
  • All for the Afrikaners Tribute (al vir die Boere Tribute) "Highlighting The Suffering Of WHITE South Africans and Exposing BLACK RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Scroll down for important links and please show your support by checking them out. Please check out the video links below: www.news24.com
  • ORANIA WHIP MY HAIR orania whip my hair
  • Anti-White Apartheid in South Africa - part 10 of 13 Interview with Dan Roodt. (Orania experiment, an example to follow?)
  • Let's Play Pokémon Blau - Part 38 Let's Play Pokémon Blau [German/HD] Part 38: Steil herab
  • Northwest American Republic Northwest Front: / This video celebrates our European American History and some, but not all of our most iconic racial leaders over the decades. It celebrates the hundreds of years we have lived in America, Colubus'es re-discovery of the continents - the landing of the Mayflower - the revolutionary war - westward migration - civil war - WWII - & NOW it's our turn. This video is also a call to all of those who refuse to do what is needed to save our people. You need to get involved and start DOING things. We must work together to achieve our goals & we all know that nothing can get done unless we DO IT OURSELVES! bear that in mind the next time you post a blog about how everything is terrible and "oh this is the answer" and "someone else" should do something about it. YOU are the one who needs to do something about it. This should go without saying but... don't be stupid, work within the law. Don't worry, we are not alone. -THE IMMORTALS: & -ORANIA: www.orania.co.za
  • Orania, how the Afrikaners educate their children / South-Africa Short docu on the town of Orania (South-Africa) and the manner in which Afrikaners educate their youth. In the town of Orania (South-Africa) Afrikaners seek a kind of self-governing status in order to escape discrimination, crime, poverty and eventually extinction as a people.
  • SEO Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Bau M11
  • Orania, 4 May 2011
  • Killing Me Softly (Acapella Cover) - The Fugees by Orania Tilliris This is my second ever (public) video of me singing. PS I was out the back at work when I recorded this.
  • Orania, 4 May 2011
  • Lets Talk Possibility Episode 9: Demystifying the taboo of Orania wiki.letstalknetwork.tv =In this show= *Telana Simpson wiki.letstalknetwork.tv *Jacobus Malan wiki.letstalknetwork.tv =Guests= *Sonja Kruse wiki.letstalknetwork.tv *Portia Mahange wiki.letstalknetwork.tv =Contacts Us= *@LTPossibility ** *[email protected] **mailto:[email protected] *Leave us a voice mail on Skype at +27 11 083 7833 =Topics= *Our viewpoint: **We get conditioned by media, our family, our culture. In this show we try to re-condition us, open our filters. **With the aim of seeing people for who they are with their differences and sameness **Lets demystify the taboo of race *Sonja Kruse is known as the Ubuntu Girl - Why? **What is Ubuntu? *How Sonja met Portia **Sonjas experience of Orania *Portias story of meeting Steve Hofmeyr and why she went to meet him *Sonjas story of hugging the man who insulted her in the que *BOOK The Ubunt Girls book ** *MOVIE- Say Something Nice ** We hope we shared a wider perspective, a different reference point for when we think of race...
  • Orania 08 How To Waste 10 Mins Of Your Holiday.
  • Orania Se Mense.MPG Koot Brits plays a tune he composed called "Orania Se Mense" (Eng. translation: Folk from Orania or People from Orania. Orania is situated in the Cape Province. Brits plays on a Wheatstone Bb/F 40 key concertina. He also build concertinas and restores concertinas. Brits resides in Pretoria, South Africa. (Feb. 2011)
  • crazy orania.. cute videoo. live under the influence
  • Orania
  • IzweItsAt: In Orania RT @Mnik_Millz02: I wonder where Darren Scott is working now
  • 4afrikaansCom: Nasiebou, baklei is ontvlugting – Orania nie... http://t.co/iykzDAwp
  • Gif1: @Vryburger1, jou orania grappie het geloop!
  • OraniaBeweging: @mightystassen @OraniaBeweging @simonstewart Who determine what a normal society is? Orania is normal as a cultural community.
  • OraniaBeweging: @SebsTau You're welcome! View this as an invitation. There's lots of unfair propoganda against Orania. I'm at info office. Jaco Kleynhans
  • OraniaBeweging: @mightystassen @simonstewart We ae on Twitter! And violence is something were strongly opposed to. Orania stand for peacefull co-existence.
  • Aardskip: life in Orania & Potchefstroom: Aardskip vordering http://t.co/E1Zznp9Z
  • Aardskip: life in Orania & Potchefstroom: Ik heb niets te vrezen http://t.co/luU6Wjpb
  • JoevanHeerden: RT @pro_afrikaans: 'n Amerikaanse Orania? http://t.co/ZuuuAwTc
  • SebsTau: Passed a town called #Orania in Northern Cape & i was suprised to hear that they have their own currency. WOW!!!
  • LAAlciator: “@pro_afrikaans: 'n Amerikaanse Orania? http://t.co/b3L2bv2v” #nre
  • pro_afrikaans: 'n Amerikaanse Orania? http://t.co/ZuuuAwTc
  • CharleLombard: @chestermissing Azania, Orania and Narnia = dreams. Some nightmares.
  • CharleLombard: Haha kinda like the idea of Narnia - NOT Orania RT @chestermissing: There people out there thinking Azania is like Narnia for black people.
  • AsanteMaisha: Wait till the entire population of Orania catches on. Kunzima! RT @noksangoma: the comments section on @sboshmafu 's article. #yindelendlela
  • ThatoMajele: @kuliroberts What to do with it? Drive to Boksburg or Orania, stand in a public square and set it alight.
  • mightystassen: @simonstewart BTW- it is spelled Orania :) See if they are on the Twitter dude, go for it...
  • Thu_ways: Lmao you'd never RT @Bobo_TheBrand: @Thu_ways LOL and then I go out of my way to avoid you. Carrman Thu :""D this is not Orania
  • Bobo_TheBrand: @Thu_ways LOL and then I go out of my way to avoid you. Carrman Thu :""D this is not Orania
  • toxinews: Orania se huidige keuringsproses kan ideaal ontspoor - Ontspoor van 'n spoor wat nie bestaan nie? http://t.co/7M4KN7YU
  • iludiumphosdex: Die Volkstaat Orania must be envious: http://t.co/cB5TrT71 RT @glaad @hrc @moronwatch @hatewatch
  • chiefntshingila: @jamesstyan @MTshwete the world is bigger than Orania James *hides* hahahaha! Ok I will join Mayi and learn :)
  • MicaelaVellaz: Mi primo tenía 14 años y le decía: Orania en vez de Oriana AJAJJA no le salía al boludito
  • Kaloo5: Hey Orania, I think one of your clan elders escaped. This tannie just referred to my foreman as "These people".
  • msfried_chicken: :") kwaaa RT"@Super_Arch_Tech: Can we leave Pirates,Chiefs,Sundowns and whoever for some other time or fokof to Orania."
  • SBrukwe: RT @TRHumanist: If the FF+ want to celebrate Verwoerd they must go to Orania, there's a 'musuem' where all ... http://t.co/WlrPFNNI
  • CraigADavies: RT @TRHumanist: If the FF+ want to celebrate Verwoerd they must go to Orania, there's a 'musuem' where all unwanted Verwoerdian garbage got dumped. Ghha!
  • jeremy060: RT @TRHumanist: If the FF+ want to celebrate Verwoerd they must go to Orania, there's a 'musuem' where all unwanted Verwoerdian garbage got dumped. Ghha!
  • lynnOnCrime: RT @TRHumanist: If the FF+ want to celebrate Verwoerd they must go to Orania, there's a 'musuem' where all unwanted Verwoerdian garbage got dumped. Ghha!
  • TRHumanist: If the FF+ want to celebrate Verwoerd they must go to Orania, there's a 'musuem' where all unwanted Verwoerdian garbage got dumped. Ghha!
  • Mandlesil: @SABreakingNews They must go and stay in Orania
  • Hannatwiets: RT"@Aardskip: Earten floors used in our #Earthship house http://t.co/6z5B5xTy #orania"
  • AdrianaStuijt: RT @Aardskip Earten floors used in our #Earthship house http://t.co/0zVMeLjl #orania
  • Aardskip: Badkamer en kombuisvloer. - Aardskip-com - We use earthen floors in our earthship.: Ons is b... http://t.co/DcjNUXDk #earthship #orania
  • pzubowicz: a w tvn orania mózgów c.d.
  • _Von_Jay: RT @OfentseZA: VANS have this "Ous Agnes ek soek kos" thing about em, they belong in Orania, I'm sorry if I offend fans but they look like Phuza Mandla!!
  • BipzTefu: RT @OfentseZA: VANS have this "Ous Agnes ek soek kos" thing about em, they belong in Orania, I'm sorry if I offend fans but they look like Phuza Mandla!!
  • OfentseZA: VANS have this "Ous Agnes ek soek kos" thing about em, they belong in Orania, I'm sorry if I offend fans but they look like Phuza Mandla!!
  • Siphophendu76: Dear fellow Orania compatriots:Is Tanny Betsie Verwoed,the widow of apartheid architect HF Verwoed still alive over there? @OraniaBeweging
  • Aardskip: Humans use to live in caves - Aardskip-com - So lyk ons post-morderne grot.: You see here a ... http://t.co/zgmMy0Wf #earthship #orania
  • OraniaBeweging: @KoosKombuis Jy sal maar in Orania moet kom kuier! Laat ons lekker gesels. Oraniers het verskeidenheid van opinies.
  • pzubowicz: 74% Polaków przeciwnych związkom partnerskim,mimo orania mózgów przez tydzień
  • StasPilecki: Skoro po tym 2-tygodniowym HARDCORZE 74% Polakow nie chce zwiazkow partnerskich, to jaki byłby wynik bez tej piany i orania mózgu?
  • ninherself: hulle ontvang staatsfondse? wat van Orania? Werk hulle trust op dieselfde manier? ontvang hulle ook staatshulp?
  • JoziFilmFest: The South African premiere of the compelling documentary feature film Orania takes place at the Jozi Film Festival... http://t.co/UA4wHK3N
  • JoziFilmFest: The South African premiere of the compelling documentary feature film Orania takes place at the Jozi Film... http://t.co/NkUYkrBr

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