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  • In 2010 hundreds of millions of people turned off their lights for Earth Hour. In 2011 we will continue to be a global call to take action on climate change. — “Earth Hour - Earth Hour Global Site”,
  • The org domain was one of the original top-level domains,[1], with It was originally intended for non-profit organizations or organizations of a non-commercial character that did not meet the requirements for other. — “.org - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 850 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the U.S. — “A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan”,
  • Organization definition, the act or process of organizing. See more. — “Organization | Define Organization at ”,
  • List of all international online classifieds sites. — “Craigslist > Cities”,
  • Directory of state Department of Motor Vehicle web sites. Quickly get the street address, hours, and numbers of your local DMV office and save time searching online! Compare Car Insurance. — “The Unofficial DMV Guide - DMV Info Made Simple - ”,
  • Promotes the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological. — “ISO - International Organization for Standardization”,
  • organization n. The act or process of organizing. The state or manner of being organized: a high degree of organization Bart hated the vomiting when he first took it, but he loved the org. — “organization: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full”,
  • Official site for NPR, the public radio network renowned for journalistic excellence and standard-setting news, information, and cultural programming. — “National Public Radio (NPR)”,
  • The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry leads and serves The United Methodist Church in educating, nurturing, and preparing leaders for the church and the world. — “Home | General Board of Higher Education and Ministry”,
  • is a global grassroots campaign to stop the climate crisis, and to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet. — “”,
  • is the official online ministry of The United Methodist Church. Affiliated Organizations. Camp & Retreat Centers. Campus Ministry. Child & Youth Services. Community Services. Council of Bishops. — “Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the”,
  • Because it's about interaction, not just transactions. As one of the original top-level the domain of choice for companies, organizations, and individuals – all of whom share. — “Why Register a .ORG? | .ORG, The Public Interest Registry”,
  • Offering forms, information and online filing. — “Division of Corporations - Florida Department of State”,
  • organization - definition of organization from : Non-random arrangement of components or parts interconnected in a manner as to constitute a system identifiable as a unit. — “organization definition”,
  • Clear the clutter with home organization tips from HGTV organizers. Organize your closet, kitchen, home office and more. — “Organization - Home Organization Tips & Ideas for Organized”,
  • Dedicated to helping everyone who faces cancer through research, patient services, early detection, treatment, and education. Delegates discussed the progress of the implementation of the World Health Organization's global tobacco control treaty. — “American Cancer Society”,
  • Definition of organization in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of organization. Pronunciation of organization. Translations of organization. organization synonyms, organization antonyms. Information about organization in the free online English. — “organization - definition of organization by the Free Online”,
  • Official Information about the Church. Scriptures, magazines, general conference talks, temples, events, stake/ward calendar. — “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”,

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  • Organization 101: My study guide is prettier than yours!! An indepth look into how I organize my notes for class and how I turn them into cute study guides and cheat sheets for exams. VERY COLLEGE AND HIGHSCHOOL APPROPRIATE.
  • Agenda and Desk Organization Follow me on twitter: /stephallijane23
  • Organization XIII Volume 3 PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING!!! UPDATE: I posted a link to Psycrowe's Page on . Many of you requested it and I finally made it. This is the third installation of Psycrowe's Organization XIII Comics. It is however missing a tiny portion of comics that have not been created by Psycrowe yet. This is the first video I've made in Vista, thus it gave me a lot of issues to make. Well anywayz, enjoy :) FAQ Q) Who is the guy in the first part of Episode 12? A) That's just the Melodious Nocturne, Demxy before he gets a trim lol Q) What songs from KH did you use? A) You'll find that answer in the credits. Q) What font did you use and how can I get it? A) Its the Kingdom Hearts font. Just follow these steps to get it: 1) Go to and search "Kingdom Hearts" 2) Click download and save it to your desktop. 3) Open up Control Panel and: a) If it appears as classic view, open up the FONTS folder b) If it appears as category view, click on APPEARANCE AND THEMES and then click FONTS on the left task bar c) If you have Windows Vista, click on APPEARANCE AND PERSONALIZATION and then click on FONTS d) If you have a Mac, I can't help you. 4) Drag the font from your desktop to this folder, which should contain various other fonts. 5) After dragging and dropping the font, if it still appears in your desktop, you may delete it (from your desktop of course). 6)Now you may use it in any application that allows multiple fonts such as Microsoft Word and ...
  • Social Business - rethinking innovation, organization and leadership A more open and transparent world challenge us to rethink the way we do business, the way we organize and the way we lead. Globalization, Tranparency, Social Media, Collaborative software - all part of a social revolution that forces companies to engage in Social Business Innovation and Open Business Leadership. What can we learn from LEGO, Google, Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble and Nike?
  • Home Office Organization Better TV has some fast easy fixes to organize everything from your CDs to your pens.
  • Nail Polish Collection, Organization, and Storage subscribe to me on my vlog channel!! follow me on twitter!! SHOP! www.glitzy- (glitzy-glam holiday coupon code is HOLIDAY10 for 10% off orders up to $100, and HOLIDAY15 for 15% off orders over $100! type it in all caps with no spaces in the coupon code box at checkout. go get your friends, and yourself, some holiday gifts!) how to give yourself a manicure video comment and let me know your favorite OPI nail polish. drawer 1: opi nail polish and drip dry drawer 2: nail polishes that aren't opi, fake nails from broadway and nailene, black tip nailene pen, nail stickers, ect. drawer 3: hand lotions and creams, cuticle oil, buffers, files, clippers, scissors, toothpicks, ect.
  • Closet Organization Tips/ My set up Much requested! Hope you all enjoy! To see my makeup organization/collection video click here: Follow me on twitter for more updates:
  • Dorm Room Organization: Storage This is a highly requested video! Basically just tips and tricks that I use to organize my small apartment room. Shows different types of storage options and techniques. Enjoy :). 1. Command Hooks 2. Over/Behind the door storage 3. Closet shelves and hangers 4. Baskets and glass vases 5. Plastic drawers, bins, and containers 6. Under-the-bed containers 7. Simple furniture My Official Sites: ♡ Beauty Blog: ‪‬ ♡ Personal Channel: ♡ Follow me on Twitter: _________________________________________________________ ♡ Shop Online; Great companies, even better deals: High Quality, Affordable Makeup Brushes & Accessories Get a free gift with $30 purchase Sigma Beauty: For Everything Hair Related, Go to the Experts! Flat Iron Experts: Practical & Stylish Must-Have Accessories; It's A Pink Thing! ;) Free shipping when buying 2 or more items Promo code: "Think Pink!" The Pink Company: _________________________________________________________ FTC All items were purchased with my own money. I'm not affiliated with any companies mentioned nor am I getting paid for this video. As always, this is my honest opinion. Thank you for watching, rating, commenting & subscribing! Love Always, ♡ Nikki To contact me regarding sponsorship, product reviews or other business inquiries please email me at: [email protected]
  • In Search of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Clueless health care executive tries to learn about accountable care organizations in the age of health care reform.
  • Kitchen Organziation See all my tips for organizing a small kitchen space to make it useful, productive and a place where you actually WANT to spend time. For more tips and tricks for using food storage in every day ways, visit
  • Back-To-School Organization Tips Make me the happiest girl in the world and SUBSCRIBE! It means so much to me :) Be my friend on FACEBOOK Follow me on TWITTER Ask me a QUESTION! Follow my BLOG All music used with permission by Rebecca Horn (http
  • Demyx Time: Organization Slumber Party Enjoy |D Oh and MYX TIME 9 IS CURRENTLY BEING PLANNED XD
  • Demyx Time: Consign To Oblivion PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY! CREDITS- Song: Pompeii by ESPosthumus Edited by: Sora: Namine: xiii- Xemnas: www.tomoyo- Xigbar: www.byakuya-lee1 Xaldin: www.flames-of- Vexen: Lex: www.vampy-nicki- Zexion: Saix: www.sora1992 Axel: Demyx and Riku: Luxord: Marluxia: Larxene: Roxas: Xion: Big thanks to Silje () for helping film. Photographers: www.the-xiii- Programs used: Windows Movie Maker Sony Vegas 6 ParticleIllusion
  • MAC FAQ: Pro, B2M, Palettes, Prices, Organization Answers to some common questions I get frequently. MAC Pro info. and common misconceptions, my adventures at the Vegas Pro Store, how to order Pro products if you're not a member, how I organize my eye shadow palettes, where to buy palettes and refills, Back 2 MAC info and common misconceptions **For labeled pictures of the inside of my eye shadow palettes and how they're organized, visit my blog: (blush palettes will be posted on the blog soon!) Follow me on Twitter Just realized I left out the part on blush prices :( Refills are $15 In the pot- $18
  • Biology 1A - Lecture 3: Cell structure and organization -#1 General Biology Lecture
  • Office Organization Office organization is that task we all know we need to do but always put off. Well, you'll be buying office organization supplies once you see what Meghan Carter of discovered during her interview with the organization experts at White Space,a Chicago-area organization firm. Your desk will never be the same.
  • File Organization File organizaton isn't the most glamorous task, but with the right technique you can get your files organized and have more time for the things you love. And to get you the file organization tips you need, Meghan Carter of visited the organization expert at White Space.
  • The Importance of Learning in Organizations An interview with David Garvin and Amy Edmondson, Professors, Harvard Business School. Learning organizations generate and act on new knowledge. The ability to do this enables companies to stay ahead of change and the competition.
  • Cheap Makeup Storage/Organization Solutions For Under $1 SUBSCRIBE!!! Hey! This video shows everyone different makeup storage ideas that cost about a dollar each- all equating to about five dollars for a complete makeup storage solution!! No need to spend $10-$20+ on storage drawers to fit all your makeup anymore....
  • Noam Chomsky: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal 'Profound Hatred for Democracy' by US Govt Officials 1 of 3 In a national broadcast exclusive interview, Democracy Now! speaks with world-renowned political dissident and linguist Noam Chomsky about the release of more than 250000 secret US State Department cables by the whistleblower website, WikiLeaks. Watch Part 2: In 1971, Chomsky helped government whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg release the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret internal US account of the Vietnam War. Commenting on the revelations that several Arab leaders are urging the United States to attack Iran, Chomsky says, "latest polls show] Arab opinion holds that the major threat in the region is Israel, that's 80 percent; the second threat is the United States, that's 77 percent. Iran is listed as a threat by 10 percent," Chomsky says. "This may not be reported in the newspapers, but it's certainly familiar to the Israeli and US governments and the ambassadors. What this reveals is the profound hatred for democracy on the part of our political leadership." For the uninterrupted interview, the podcast, transcript, and for complete WikiLeaks coverage, visit . Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today, visit /donate
  • Home Organization: How to Set Up and Organize Your Desk and Office Learn the tips, techniques, and skills to organize your desk and set up your office. Home organization ideas for office and desk organization.
  • Organization XIII - Members' Deaths (Least To Most Gruesome) Well, here's how it all ended with each of them. Every member of the Organization suffered different types of deaths, some MUCH more painful than others. In this video, you will witness each death in order from the least, to the most gruesome display. Watch at your own discretion. Clips from KH-
  • Room Storage & Organization! Products Mentioned: Bookshelf Cubby- Target Other Bookshelves- Target Bulletin Board- Office Max 10 Tier Organizer- Costco, Office Max, or eBay Bookshelf on wall- AC Moore Desk Organizers- Office Max Any questions? Leave a comment and I'll answer asap! WANT MORE?: FOLLOW ME: SECOND CHANNEL: ASK ME A QUESTION: READ MY BLOG: rubenesquexx3 BE MY FRIEND: ADD ME ON DAILYBOOTH:
  • ♡ Asian Beauty Tools & Bathroom Organization ♡ I'm now on LUUUX!! Don't forget to add me if you're on there or if you decide to join ;) Tweet me: Friend me: More of me: FYI: I'll probably do a vid on makeup organization in the near future with my makeup at home, too. (I have a lot more junk there lol) A friend purchase the magic hair tape and the strawberry sponge curlers for me from Taiwan, but they can also be purchased through ebay. Here are two links to the same kind of products. (You may want to shop around some more on ebay just to make sure they're decent sellers. I just did a quick search, so you can see examples of the listings) Watch how the strawberry sponge curlers work here (start from 5:15): Watch tut on how to use peco rolls here: Ebay Seller that I purchase the other items from: For some reason, the seller doesn't really have anything for sell anymore, but here are the names of the items purchased. All you have to do is search for them on ebay, and you'll find the products. I suggest buying from a power seller with mainly positive reviews. Good luck!! =D Bend Super Stick Epistick Facial Hair Remover Hair Free JAPAN Soft Hair Care Peco Rollers Curlers 10 roll DIY Nail Polish Protection Clipper Nail Art Tips 10pcs New 7 PCS Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brushes Set With Case Royalty Free Music Used: from "Clear Air" From www.music4 ...
  • Organization XIII: The 13th Order *UPDATE* A lot of people have been asking me to add Xion into the video but I did make this video when I was still in school; I'm now at University these days and I just don't have as much spare time as I used to; even though I retired from making KH videos last year I look at this video now and can think of loads of things that could be edited (like some English scenes from Re:Com, and adding #14 Xion) but right now I just don't have the time or the geekish motivation anymore to want to remake the entire video again from scratch. I would say give me some time until 358/2 Days comes out; when I hear what Xion has to say in words I can understand she might just be the cornerstone of light (lol) to get me ecstatic enough to make a new updated version of this video - afterall, this IS one of the most popular Organization tribute videos on YouTube; and a final definite cut could be the best way for me to thank everyone who's commented, rated and subscribed to my videos. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: A collection of clips from the Kingdom Hearts series based on the group of 13 powerful Nobodies, hoping to obtain Kingdom Hearts and become complete: #13: Roxas, #12: Larxene, #11: Marluxia, #10: Luxord, #9: Demyx, #8: Axel, #7: Saïx, #6: Zexion, #5: Lexaeus, #4: Vexen, #3: Xaldin, #2: Xigbar, & #1: Xemnas This video is an extended version of the one originally made by me here: If you'd like to download a copy of this vid, follow this link - Contains clips ...
  • Jewelry Organization Holiday Gift Ideas : Decor It Yourself Most people have a ton of jewelry and accessories; the trick is how to organize. This week we make a DIY earring screen and display it in vintage pieces. We also reveal who won the Tool Box Contest and show you a tutorial of their winning project. Links: Bust Magazine - Dirt Girl Pottery - Rabbits - Who Made It - Sara Schalliol - Website: Twitter Facebook:
  • Kingdom Hearts II Music - Organization XIII's Theme Music when Organization XIII appear in storyline events. Picture: Hooded Organization member
  • Updated (Again) Makeup Collection, Organization, and Storage subscribe to my vlog channel: follow me on twitter: SHOP! www.glitzy- brush holders glitzy- coupon codes for glitzy-glam HOLIDAY10 for 10% off orders up to $100 HOLIDAY15 for 10% off orders over $100 ** the back to mac program is where you take any 6 empty mac makeup containers back to mac you get a free lipstick (at counters) or a free lipstick, gloss, or shadow (at stores.)
  • Makeup Collection/Organization /My Setup **This is my personal makeup area and my own personal makeup. NOT my makeup I use professionally or any part of my kit-- I'll do a video on that eventually. My most requested video ever! (I think...) Hope this is helpful! Click here for my closet organization video: Follow me on twitter for more updates!: Ring: House of Harlow
  • Requests Video - Self Organization! So this is a new thing I'll be doing pretty regularly! Every Wednesday in my BlogTV show, we'll pick something for the Saturday video. I recognize that I might sound a bit crazy in this video... but it's honestly just how I am :P You can catch my BlogTV show here: ******************** IPHONE APPS: Calories: LoseIt! Weight: WeightBot Exercise: Fitness Plan Period: FMC (Menstrual Calendar) Budget: Spend Groceries: ShopShop Outdoor Exercises: iMapMyRun+ For quick capture: Use Your Handwriting, Notes, Done, and Recorder ******************** OTHER STUFF: For my calendar I sync my iCal (on my Mac) and Google Cal (online). On my iPhone I use the Google Calendar App, not the iCal app. To organize my 65468 emais, I use the Inbox Zero system: The bound daily diary books I use for work are by At-A-Glance and you can get them at Staples, et al.. ******************** Questions? Leave them in the comments! Follow me! Twitter Facebook: FAQ's: See you next week!
  • School Organization/Essentials + Win Supplies! Ths was requested SO much and I wanted to get it up early because some people said that they are already starting school. Thanks for watching. :) xoxo, Bethany Follow Me on Twitter!- Subscribe to my vlog channel!- Giveaway Info- Deadline- The contest will end August 10th!! **It is international** Rules: 1) If you are under the age of 18 make sure you ask your parents before you enter. (and that they say yes;)) 2) To enter, do NOT write "enter me" or you will not be entered. Just write a comment like you normally would and you will be entered. You can leave as many comments as you want. The more comments you leave, the better chance you have of winning ;) Disclaimer- The only thing I recieved for free was the Jc Penney bag. I am NOT getting paid to mention anything. I bought the contest prize and everything else myself. All opinions are my own. :)
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 - Organization XIII Theme Organization XIII Theme
  • Organization 12: Target - MaxBoison He's English He's Epic He's Emazing He's Maxboison And he's my next Target in this series :P Follow me on Twitter: Watch Max's Videos!
  • What's in my School Bag? + Organization Tips! Hello lovelies! My intention for this video was to provide tips on how to stay organized this school year! I also show you what I have in my backpack/tote bag and where to store! I hope you find this useful and pick up on some new tips that you can incorporate in your school bag! Have some tips that really help you stay organized? Share with everyone in the comments below! Want to know how I did my makeup in this video? Check out my tutorial for it in the link below! : Where else can you find me? Tweet, tweet! Dailyboooth! DISCLAIMER: 1) I am not affiliated with any company(or being sponsored) for any item shown in this video 2) I am not being paid for this video, and I purchased everything shown in this video with my own money 3) All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest as always, just wanted to share with everyone my organization tips!
  • Home Organization Home organization can be made much easier with the right techniques, and to discover the best home organization techniques, Meghan Carter of visited professional organizer and owner of White Space Cynthia Ivie.
  • Do It Yourself Closet Organization Do it yourself closet organization can be quite a journey, even with the best advice. Meghan Carter of discovered first-hand the trials and tribulations of closet organization as she put herself under the scrutiny of professional organizer Cynthia Ivie. But in the end, Meghan not only organized her closet, but found a great excuse to go shopping.
  • Organization LIX "Stickers" (Animated) An animated version of the OrgLIX audio soundtrack episode "Stickers". For those who don't know, OrgLIX is a parody of the Organization XIII characters from the Kingdom Hearts games. Orin Drake wrote the script and edited the audio, all the voice actors involved are credited (I voice Luxord) and all animation was done by myself. Please don't comment on the visual glitches as it's a technical issue during the uploading process and not an animation error. Click here to see the faultless swf version at Deviant Art: ( Please visit OrgLIX for more... Main OrgLIX site - Forums -
  • Closet Organization Closet organization can be easy with the right strategy, and to discover where to start when organizing a closet, Meghan Carter of visited professional organizer Cynthia Ivie.
  • Barbie Liberation Organization 1991 News Story
  • TorCannady: What Makes the Lakers Organization such a high achiever over time, despite this years performance?
  • postclickmktg: Do you know about the social buyer persona? #cro #smm
  • CapN_GownShawty: RT @Casanova1906: #collegerule if u have aspirations, only go to one organization's interest meeting!!!
  • douglasflynn: Interesting to see Rob Murray, relieved of his Providence coaching duties but remaining with organization, on ice working with Kampfer.
  • RedOchreUK: RT @YeahService: Protip: find a proofreader outside your organization to read your proposal #nonprofit #grantwriting
  • nevaatarheelfan: I needa get my organization game up next semester
  • TradingHalts: Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada - Trading Halt - Evolving Gold Corp. - EVG: TORONTO, M...
  • ejamboree: JOTA-JOTI 2011 - Logo Contest: The World Organization of the Scout Movement is hosting a contest to design the L...
  • Casanova1906: #collegerule if u have aspirations, only go to one organization's interest meeting!!!
  • Carola40684: Executives and Organization - Everyone Must Be Organized to Be Efficient MISSING_ARG_URI
  • MennyBMusic: [News] Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization…
  • luisrodri_guez: RT @mitsmr: Want to change a bad habit that you have — or that your organization has developed?
  • Collin_Gibson: @UWM I have a question. What student organization would be a good place to start with for bringing a live music act to your school?
  • mitsmr: Want to change a bad habit that you have — or that your organization has developed?
  • DJ_Bean: Interesting. Rob Murray is out there with the black aces. No longer P-Bruins coach, but still with organization.
  • CoCase: RT @HipHopDX: Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization
  • Slay_Phi_Slay: Is it wrong to think buddy #slayed or can #slay yal whole organization???
  • MISS_KNOCKOUT: Hip Hop News! [News] Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization Jay RT FF Me!
  • englishAMLO: Good #MORENA meeting in Campeche. There r 488 comitees being constituted in all the 11 municipalities. We're consolidating our organization
  • SeaLionllc: Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada - Trading Halt - Evolving Gold Corp. - EVG #gold
  • MarketingAZ: RT @FamilyDentistAZ: Your Mesa sedation dentist Dr. Guffey is an Arizona state-certified member of DOCS, the Dental Organization fo… (cont)
  • allflinsurance: Why Your Non Profit Organization Needs Insurance Coverage
  • shannonlalley: Overheard in government... "What terrorist organization did Osama Bin Laden create?" "PETA."
  • mentors360: Mentors360 is an organization of professional leaders committed to authentically imparting their lives and expertise to future leaders.
  • MBjunior: @gomerx Naturally. But they like to use GSoC and Android as its extenuatory excuses to pose as vanguard's socially responsible organization.
  • okuido: #nowplaying United Future Airlines - United Future Organization
  • Kenster_12: @C_Lizz I'm ctfu! I thought project reachout was like a community service organization, ya'll throw parties too? #dope
  • NonchalantNique: About to get some organization to my bathroom. My counter is looking like x_x lol bbl
  • peggyrossmanith: So let's examine my life: Currently, coupons, organization, our garden, and cleaning make me excited. Yep, I think I'm old.
  • susanjones21: Babson Venture Capital Private Equity - The Funded: Royalty ...: Hosted by: Babson Venture Capital Private Equit...
  • Acafool: Wadddup E'rebody I need you to go to this link and vote for CANCER ROCKSTAR. This is a very positive organization...
  • Ebyline: "What Twitter is not, is a news organization... for now it is a global bulletin board." via @jbflint #media #journalism
  • storewithcoupon: An elite organization of selected executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from arou http:///
  • FamilyDentistAZ: Your Mesa sedation dentist Dr. Guffey is an Arizona state-certified member of DOCS, the Dental Organization fo… (cont)
  • LovingMacei: Summer to do list party, work , my organization in baltimore opening event may 14, through a party ,trip to miami &alanta . Shop, my blog.
  • osoimaging: RT @HipHopDX: Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization
  • lifeobsmusus: News Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization #musique
  • luvmyaroma: @idance_Reko right...only weak people though...the strong change the organization not the other way around
  • Diztinctzealous: @dalisay_ivory the poetry organization
  • Azeiss: #collegerules don't kiss ass!!!! Your integrity is more important than any organization. You shouldn't have to
  • HCMPllc: RT @modrnhealthcr: The CDC or Intermountain Healthcare: Which organization had a bigger impact on healthcare? #mh35th
  • efabascal: El 6de marzo Weylandt retuiteaba a @tomasvaitkus Why race organization wanna see crashes,blood and people hurting them self? So dangerous...
  • CWVInc: What do I say to who? When? Managing your organization's stakeholders should follow clear & simple process #nonprofits
  • SFbayClassified: #SFbayWantedStuff Wanted: Scrapbook Supplies (santa rosa): We’re a 501c3 non profit organization that teaches life...
  • AtlantaHandsOn: VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Organization: MM Hope House, Inc.Dates: this is an Ongoing opportunityLocation: 1711 Cand...
  • randompages: #pdf BMW Motorrad CanadaFor use within the BMW Organization only. Andre Richard, BMW Motorrad Aftersales Divisi...
  • uh_MOY_uh: RT @1Stop_HipHop: Hip Hop DX: [News] Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship 2 Raise Funds 4 Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization
  • tradershelp: Traits that can make you a successful trader - organization, professional, and knowing when to say no.
  • 1faSHOEnista: #collegerules don't kiss ass!!!! Your integrity is more important than any organization. You shouldn't have to
  • SocialNewsCorp: A Social Media News Organization that Believes Social Media is the Future of News
  • UGAASB: UGA's finest organization is now on Twitter. Rejoice and be glad.
  • PabloRosales7: @GrassrootSoccer @bugaboo i love your organization i am supporting your organization in many ways. check out this page
  • keyesphoto: Reading “How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency” by @MichaelHyatt -, great article abt Evernote organization
  • hiphoptopews: [News] Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization
  • NiagraFallz: *hugz* RT @CoreDJDetroit: Made it home safe! @TheCoreModels and @thecoredjs are more than a organization...we family!! #classicretreat
  • J_Gooder: I don't feel sorry for none of the #Lakers organization cus they ALL millionaires
  • TwinSpin_PR: We are HAPPY to announce our NEWEST service to our clients: #CASESTUDYResearch 4 your #Firm #SmallBusiness #Organization! Ask us about it!
  • socialinvestorg: Canadian Responsible Investment Conference promotes the value of investing with principl http:///5vczpdz #cnw
  • EcksFromVA: Hood Rats are more dangerous than any terrorist organization in the entire world.
  • Antonio271: @TeamRadioShack Class organization and Team. As a cycling family, we all mourn today. Wouter Wayland RIP.
  • KBlalock: RT: 3 Ways to Ditch the “And” in “Sales and Marketing” - toward 1 unified organization @chidalgo @marketingprofs #b2b
  • SOLEMAG: RT @HipHopDX: Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization
  • DenverSalesJob: Advance Your Sales Career with an Organization Committed to YOU!, Accolo #Jobs #Sales/Retail/Bus #Western/Grand J
  • TheKernOrg: The Kern Organization has a multivariate methodology called ControlFinder. #marketing #video -
  • OnlineStrategyM: The Kern Organization has a multivariate methodology called ControlFinder. #marketing #video -
  • Darryl315: RT @Eazy_E13: “@Smile4MeJazzy: #collegerules if you don't belong to the organization don't throw up the sign or do the call” <--- #preach
  • Buffy_Fermino: File Organization! [email protected] The correct use of color can help keep your world an neat and tidy place..
  • MyEugene: TONIGHT: River Road Community Organization - Monthly Meeting >> 7-9 PM, River Road Park Annex, 1055 River Road #Eugene #AllWelcome
  • travelchanel162: Responsible Organization Makes Voluntourism A Complete and Successful Project
  • LATechEvent: May 9 - UNIX Users Association of Southern California (UUASC): Orange County: ORGANIZATION NAME... #la #tech #event
  • energy_project: RT @caliandjody: What industry, organization, manager, or customer would not benefit from employees focused on results? #ROWE
  • Diztinctzealous: RT @Smile4MeJazzy: #collegerules if you don't belong to the organization don't throw up the sign or do the call
  • maitlandnyla: A really great organization that I work with RT @amandafnd: Our Orphans Need Your Vote! via #constantcontact
  • Eazy_E13: “@Smile4MeJazzy: #collegerules if you don't belong to the organization don't throw up the sign or do the call” <--- #preach
  • shesPRETTYlegit: #Palstweet RT @DaKid_BabyW #collegerules be active. Its more 2 college den just class n tests. Don't be a bum, go out n join an organization
  • SocialNewsCorp: A Social Media News Organization that Believes Social Media is the Future of News! &
  • SocialNewsCorp: A Social Media News Organization that Believes Social Media is the Future of News! &
  • iviary: I just noticed something amusing about the organization of my bookshelf:
  • RayGillMusic: [News] Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization…
  • TheGod_X: Only nigga to make niggas pay to work for free RT @HipHopDX Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Charity
  • BIGG_TRELL: RT @Smile4MeJazzy: #collegerules if you don't belong to the organization don't throw up the sign or do the call
  • Cham33er: Happy birthday to @aldhoandrea our leader ! :D Hope u succeed in ur life, can lead #Cham33er into a greater organization. GBU
  • SilverGoldUSA: Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada - Trading Halt - Evolving Gold Corp. - EVG
  • d_wighty: RT @ISF_Canada: Feral Horses Sent for Slaughter Saved By Not For Profit Organization http://isf-/?p=79
  • Smile4MeJazzy: #collegerules if you don't belong to the organization don't throw up the sign or do the call
  • PointClearPD: 3 Ways to Ditch the “And” in “Sales and Marketing” - toward 1 unified organization @chidalgo @marketingprofs #b2b
  • neshanmahendra: There's no such organization as Chocoholics Anonymous because no one wants to quit.
  • josh_walker: RT @mbizchat: Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization #mbizchat #sfmusictech
  • Tmeyer4: @MARKroeger Do you mean the Ring of Red shirts with the organization's name in black athletic font? #pleasesayyes
  • BeccasCrazyBoys: RT @Ad2Tucson: Local organization is looking for an excellent event photographer who is available soon on a tight deadline....
  • CarmenLovelace: RT @HipHopDX: Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization
  • beatbuyers: [News] Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization http:///43wyltx
  • entertaintweets: [News] Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization http:///43wyltx
  • Weaver2World: RT @RevolutionistSY: #Freedom is to be able to visit your county without being arrested for the charge: "active in human rights organization" #Syria #Amnesty
  • EllieM72: I'm not part of any organization that has initials. ~ Signed, Ellie M., CPC
  • aygul: ...Absolutely awesome people, amazing atmosphere, great organization, excellent sessions, and wonderful dinner (and cute swag ;)) #gtugcamp
  • ohannaweb: Enterprise Web Portal Development: Why and When?: Does your organization/business need an E...
  • donholio: @dhkeller @CouchTarts Why is he saying anything? He's not with the organization, other people on the team had a worse game 5.
  • MTKANYUCHI: RT @HipHopDX: Jay-Z To Auction Off Internship To Raise Funds For Mary J. Blige's FFAWN Organization

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