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  • Patent Abstract: This invention relates to curable organopolysiloxane compositions which have self-adhering properties. The self-adhering properties eliminate the need of priming substrates with adhesives or coupling agents. These compositions. — “Curable organopolysiloxane compositions with improved”,
  • Peeling Force=a X+b, where a=61.62±3.98, and b=16.43±3.01, X=the content(%) of organopolysiloxane resin in the release coating composition. The invention pertains to a silicone release composition of which the peeling force can be. — “Silicone Release Compositions With Controlled Peeling Force”,
  • A one part heat curable organopolysiloxane composition is provided having an olefinically unsaturated organopolysiloxane, and an organohydrogenpolysiloxane, and a platinum catalyst encapsulated in. — “Patent 5,015,691 - One part heat curable organopolysiloxane”,
  • Because so little organopolysiloxane is used in the process of this invention, it is preferred that the organopolysiloxane be mixed with the The organopolysiloxane may be mixed with the aqueous slurry of fine. — “(WO/1981/003484) DEWATERING FINE COAL SLURRIES USING”,
  • Organopolysiloxane gels containing gel-bound hydrophillic groups are prepared by reacting a hydrosilylatable unsaturated organopolysiloxane resin, a crosslinker bearing Si--H bound hydrogen, and a hydrosilylatable unsaturated hydrophile, in. — “US Patent 6365670”,
  • 8. A semiconductive roll according to claim 1, wherein the organopolysiloxane contains alkenyl groups in an amount of 0.02 to 5 9. A semiconductive roll according to claim 1, wherein the degree of polymerization of the organopolysiloxane is at least 100. — “Shadaly :: Patent Search”,
  • A method for preparing silicone particles having an average particle size of 6 microns or less, said method comprising the following steps. group-containing organopolysiloxane with at least two alkenyl groups per polymer, an organopolysiloxane crosslinker containing at. — “Method for producing micron sized silicone rubber particles”,
  • An organopolysiloxane solution is introduced into this tank 1 and agitated under temperature conditions in which low-boiling liquid components can be evaporated by the revolution of the shaft 8 both on its axis and around and near the inside wall. — “PRODUCTION OF ORGANOPOLYSILOXANE POWDER (JP06001849A2)”,
  • An organopolysiloxane-containing graft copolymer composition comprises 100 parts by An organopolysiloxane-containing graft copolymer composition comprising 100 parts by. — “Organopolysiloxane-Containing Graft Copolymer Composition”,
  • A silicone gel composition comprising (A) a linear organopolysiloxane having a backbone consisting only of trifluoropropyl-substituted siloxane units and terminated with alkenyl group, (B) an organohy. — “Thixotropic fluorosilicone gel composition - Patent 5532294”,
  • The hydrogen-containing organopolysiloxane component is used in an Reactive organopolysiloxane fluids co-cure with the alkenyl-containing organopolysiloxane and organopolysiloxane having at least two silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms, and therefore can contain alkenyl groups or silicon-bonded. — “Apparatus and method for masking - US 1864720”,
  • The method comprises shaping an organopolysiloxane composition comprising an organopolysiloxane of a sufficiently high molecular (a) admixing an organopolysiloxane having at least two aliphatically unsaturated. — “Method for the preparation of a shaped article of cured”,
  • Solid polymer electrolyte of an organopolysiloxane crosslinked with polyalkylene oxide An ionically conductive material comprises crosslinked copolymer prepared by the reaction of (A) organopolysiloxane and polyoxyalkylene copolymer, which has at least 2 silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms in each. — “U.S. Patent: 5112512 - Solid polymer electrolyte of an”,
  • Soft, creamy translucent and transparent gels suitable for use in cosmetic applications may be prepared by hydrosilylating an unsaturated MQ resin or its equivalent with an SiH functional organopolysiloxane cross-linker having SiH functionality along its polysiloxane backbone, in the presence of. — “Organopolysiloxane gels for use in ... - Google Patent Search”,

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  • KAMIKAZE COATING SYSTEM not glass coating from Japan We have based on the weakness of the glass coating. It is a watermark. It is due to the inorganic coating. Such as a ceramic or glass. Polysilazane, siloxane...
  • w_pat_tc: WO2013069523A1 Organopolysiloxane Composition And A Cured Product Thereof #C08L #C08L83
  • w_pat_tc: WO2013070897A1 Organopolysiloxane Compositions And Surface Modification Of Cured Silicone ... #C08L #C08L83
  • w_pat_tc: WO2013071078A1 Moisture Curable Organopolysiloxane Composition #B01J #B01J31

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  • “ORTHOWORLD " Members Forum " Nation HealthCare. Forum List Search. Active Topics. Active a big word for you. crosslinked organopolysiloxane-polyoxyalkylene. Can you use it in a”
    — Nation HealthCare - ORTHOWORLD Forums,

  • “This is an organopolysiloxane mixture. Bulk Thermal Transfer 3.0 (W/m degree k) Viscosity HTML code is Off. Forum Rules. Forum Jump. All times are GMT -5. The time now is 12:16 PM”
    — Thermal past - The Corsair Support Forums,

  • “ of the organopolysiloxane resin blended is 0 to about 200 parts, more preferably about 5 to 100 parts by Jennifer Baker at Kindred Flames Glass and Clay: Work in Progress Only registered members are able to post messages to this forum”
    — MOTHER MOLD: ™,

  • “A resin composition suited for rapid prototype is provided comprising containing organopolysiloxane, and preferably an alkenyl-containing MQ resin is an”
    — Rapid Manufacturing | 3d Prototype,

  • “MAPP's plastic industry forum allows members to soundboard off of the entire plastics processing industry. Post your plastics questions, insights or feedback. with a compatibilizer, then adding a curable organopolysiloxane with a radical initiator, and vulcanizing the organopolysiloxane in the mixture”
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  • “Pligg Content Management System In a silicone elastic agreement absolute an organopolysiloxane as a abject polymer, 0.1-50 genitalia by weight of a adapted silicone aqueous accepting a melting point of up to 100° C. and a refractive index apprehend more "”
    — Mother mold | Blog,

  • “Have you looked into Dow-Corning Product Number 3-9161? Could perhaps be an alternative to the other product. Not sure how price compares. Its kinda organopolysiloxane having a viscosity of from 1,000 to 500,000 mm2 /s (25° C.) expressed by the formula: ##STR6## where R of said organopolysiloxane”
    — Closed knuckle grease - Page 2 - ,

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