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  • Starting in May, students who have paid their deposit will begin receiving a Welcome Book in the mail with details about Summer Orientation, Housing, Dining, Student Health, Cavalier Advantage, the UVA Bookstores, Cavalier Computers, Information Technology Services, and more. — “University of Virginia | Summer Orientation”, virginia.edu
  • As a new student entering LSU, the Office of Orientation has designed a new student orientation program to give you an opportunity to learn more about LSU, take advanced standing exams, and schedule classes. We believe that success during your first semester will set the tone for your future. — “Freshman Orientation”, lsu.edu
  • Office of First Year Experience Programs at Indiana University Bloomington provides services to undergraduate freshmen and transfer students who are new to IUB. January New Student Orientation is your first experience as an IU student. — “First Year Experience Programs - Indiana University Bloomington”, indiana.edu
  • At Orientation, you participate in a variety of programs and sessions designed to help with your transition to USC. As a part of the orientation program, you have the opportunity to meet with USC faculty, staff and current students from a variety of areas on campus. — “Welcome to the USC Orientation Programs Website”, sait.usc.edu
  • Students who have not yet registered & paid for an Orientation session must register for the following: Students - The Student Orientation Program lasts one and a half days. — “New Student Orientation - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical”, famu.edu
  • Orientation information for new Wright State University students Unfortunately, there are no more Orientation sessions this summer for new students. — “Wright State University - Orientation Information”, wright.edu
  • Orientation of churches is the architectural feature of facing ("orienting") churches towards the east (Latin: oriens) Coin orientation and Medallic orientation, a description of the orientation of opposite faces of a coin with respect to one another. — “Orientation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • All new undergraduate students are required to attend an orientation session before enrolling in classes. A small number of academic programs and organizations, such as the Nursing Department or the Caribbean Students's Organization, host their own "orientation" programs. — “Student Activities : Midwestern State University - Wichita”, students.mwsu.edu
  • orientation n. The act of orienting or the state of being oriented. Location or position relative to the points of the compass. — “orientation: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • At New Student Orientation, you will schedule for classes, meet your fellow students, and learn what it takes to be a successful student at UA. Here's everything you need to know for your orientation session, including what to expect that day, preparing for academic advising, what to bring,. — “The University of Akron : New Student Orientation”, uakron.edu
  • Have fun, make new friends, add leadership experience to your résumé, and enjoy the following perks by becoming a Summer 2010 Orientation peer advisor! Receive a $2,200 stipend plus free room and board for the duration of the orientation program. Posted on 10/19/2009 5:16:34 PM. — “News: Programs - Orientation - IUP”, iup.edu
  • Central Michigan University's orientation program provides you with a comprehensive introduction to the university prior to your first registration for classes. will get answers to your questions and more at an orientation session. — “Academic Orientation Spring Semester | Central Michigan”, cmich.edu
  • Whether you are a freshman, transfer, or international student; orientation strives to connect students with the institution and promote the are REQUIRED to attend a freshman orientation program before their initial semester of. — “New Student Orientation”, uhd.edu
  • Orientation programs are required for all new degree-seeking and certificate students (including transfer students) Orientation is optional for post-baccalaureate students not pursuing another degree and. — “Clayton State University - Office of Orientation”, adminservices.clayton.edu
  • Come to an Orientation Session, and we'll take care of the rest! New Student Services (NSS) offers several orientation programs for all new undergraduate freshmen and transfer students. — “University of Texas at Austin - Office of the Dean of”, deanofstudents.utexas.edu
  • Thus, outreach initiatives, such as new student orientation programs, are critical to maximizing these students' opportunities for success. This outline is provided as a starting point for those charged with developing or revising an orientation program. — “Orientation”, nacada.ksu.edu
  • We're looking forward to meeting you during your orientation program. Your Michigan education begins at International Student Orientation and the program is designed for you to learn about academic expectations and requirements, locate and explore important. — “The Office of International Programs”, lsa.umich.edu
  • For Fresno City College students, successfully completing the orientation will clear the orientation hold within 48 hours, Monday - Friday. The purpose of the SCCCD online orientation will be to provide first time college students with an additional option to review. — “Fresno City College : Online Orientation”, fresnocitycollege.edu

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  • Lost Orientation Vocalize remix That island is strange, yo.
  • Full Orchid Orientation Film Seen in the season finale of lost. It Explains alot about the island.
  • The Dharma Initiative Orientation Film 1 The Dharma Initiative Orientation Film 1 "The Lost Experience" Game
  • P3 Professionals Change Drivers Bronze Age Orientation Day P3 Professionals Ltd [email protected] Stone Age Man is told about the need to move into Bronze Age Demonstrates drivers and need for change and the various reactions according to perspective. Great for use in PRINCE2, MSP and other Change related training CONTACT P3 PROFESSIONALS LTD FOR PRINCE2, MSP & GENERAL PROJECT & PROGRAMME MGT TRAINING AND CONSULTING
  • The Temp Life - DIS-Orientation When new Commodity Staffing CEO, Nick "Trouble" Chiapetta assembles his crew of hapless temps for the first time, their true personalities are put on display...a bit too soon.
  • DNC Denver Orientation Follow Jesse and Clint as they take you around the ultimate EXTREME to the max RAD town of Denver in preparation for the 2008 Democratic National Convention
  • Polaroid SX-70 Orientation Film in HD (1972) - Polaroid Photography - Original Advertisement - PBS This is an original presentation of the Polaroid SX-70 camera, which includes the original film & sound. . . . . . . . . Polaroid was founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land, an American scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. Polaroid gained commercial success with the introduction of the first practical system of in-camera instant photography on February 21, 1947. Called the Land Camera, Polaroid originally manufactured sixty units, fifty-seven of which were put up for sale at Boston's Jordan Marsh department store for Christmas 1948. Polaroid marketers incorrectly guessed that the camera and film would remain in stock long enough to manufacture a second run based on customer demand. All fifty-seven cameras and associated fim were sold out within the first day. Edwin Land considered his leadership towards the development of integral instant color photography - the SX-70 film and camera - to be his crowning achievement. The SX-70 was a sales success and was embraced by photographers such as Ansel Adams. . . . . . . . . SX-70 DESIGN FEATURES The SX-70 included many sophisticated design elements. A collapsible SLR required a complex light path, with many mirrors (including one Fresnel reflector) of unusual, aspheric shapes and at odd angles. Many mechanical parts were precision plastic moldings. The body was glass-filled polysulfone, a very rigid plastic which could be plated with genuine copper-nickel-chromium. This plating looks and feels so much like solid metal that some users ...
  • The Freshman Library Orientation Video This is a video I filmed and edited for my advanced acting class. This is the video all freshman will see when the enter their new library for the first time. I am graduating this year, and I will be FOREVER alive through the Freshman Orientation Video. :)
  • Lost Orientation Guide - Blast door map - Update Orientation Guide update for the Blast door map special
  • LA Noire Gameplay Series: "Orientation" The first in our series of in-depth gameplay videos for LA Noire, "Orientation" is an overview of the game's core mechanics from searching for clues, to the fundamentals of witness interrogation, and classic action including brawling and shootouts. Using all in-game footage, this first gameplay video in the series explains how your detective skills, intuition and cunning have the power to make or break each case. /lanoire
  • Sebben & Sebben Employee Orientation (edited) Welcome to your new life at Sebben & Sebben.. a law firm of the future.
  • Zombie Squad Chapter Orientation Orientation video used for the training of new Zombie Squad chapter officers and staff. For more information:
  • LOST Brooks DNA Orientation Film Conspiracy theorists, rumor mongers, and industry insiders throughout the running world have speculated for sometime about the existence of a top-secret skunkworks within the walls of Brooks Running, but when this 16-millimeter film footage washed up on the Jersey Shore, fiction became reality. Now, for the first time, take a startling glimpse inside the shadowy world of the research unit known as BILBO, and see how they used an unwitting accomplice, the Central American Jesus Lizard, to create Brooks DNA, a non-Newtonian substance that allows all runners to get some SAC.
  • Demon Hunters: Brotherhood Orientation Video, Part 1 of 8 Greetings recruit! Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch. You've joined the war on horror, and you're ready to fight for heaven to track down demons, monsters, and prevent Hell on Earth. The information in this thrown-together piece of... uh, I mean, this high-quality, comprehensive training video just might save your pathetic hide out in the field. Maybe. So pay attention, meat sac. And go pick up a copy of the field training manual, aka the "Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game". Don't be fooled. It's not a game, although some idiots treat it as one. No, this manual contains the means to run tabletop simulations of what you will experience out in the field. The Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game includes the full Brotherhood Orientation Video on DVD, as well as some necessary information located on the DVD-ROM. It's more help than you'll ever get from HQ... they're still trying to file tax returns from 1957. I mean... They are very helpful and competent. Buy the damn book here: Part 2 of 8: Part 3 of 8: Part 4 of 8: Part 5 of 8: Part 6 of 8:
  • Girl Distribution Orientation Video gdov
  • The Noose: National University Orientation Game News parody program, making fun of NUS method of like becoming another extension of the SDU! The 'garang' auntie is there!
  • Survivor: Samoa - Tribal Council Orientation Jeff Probst takes us on a tour of the Survivor Samoa's Tribal Council
  • WSU Orientation This year, WSU is a dry campus. Are there any questions? Of course there are, and Pat Cashman is here to help answer them! First aired September 27, 1997 Copyright King 5 - Almost Live!
  • SFU Orientation Whether you are coming from high school, transferring in, or are a mature or graduate student, we have an Orientation program to help you succeed. students.sfu.ca
  • Orientation www.ailab.si The robot wakes up in an unknown environment. He is curious and would like to learn as much as possible about his new surroundings. There are several objects around him, so he takes a walk around and observes them. He learns how the distance and the angle from his orientation to each of the objects change in respect to his movements.
  • BC Freshmen Orientation Everything you need to know to succeed in your first year at Boston College
  • Unemployee Orientation Unemployment is fast becoming America's #1 career! Get things started right by viewing this video. Your future looks bright! Follow me on twitter @jimtews
  • MSM Orientation Rules of the profession.
  • US Navy SEAL BUD/S Basic Orientation The US Navy SEAL & SWCC Scout Team is the Official Recruiting Directorate for Naval Special Warfare. These videos are intended to provide a small glimpse into the training pipeline, preparing potential candidates for training. Please visit for more information. BUD/S Orientation is a three-week course that introduces students to Coronado, the Naval Special Warfare Center and the BUD/S lifestyle. During Orientation, Navy SEAL instructors introduce students to BUD/S physical training, the obstacle course, and other training aspects. This part of training is designed to prepare students for Day One of First Phase.
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer Orientation Video American Cancer Society Volunteer Orientation Video.
  • NEW!!! 2009 - THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT ORIENTATION PRESENTATION It is a public domain work, in a simple slide show style, intended to give a more specific overview of the tenets of The Movement. This should help clarify a lot of the misinformation and false assumptions out there. Please view and help spread the word far and wide!
  • Oregon State University START Program - new student orientation START gives new students at Oregon State University an opportunity to come to campus, attend academic presentations, meet other new and current students, stay in the residence halls and register for fall term classes. Music provided by Stateside.
  • Xbox Live Orientation - From G4TV Xbox Live can be a bit intimidating if you don't know your way around. Here's the basics for all you noobs.
  • Ruby Programming Tutorial 2 - Object Orientation Learn to program Ruby with videos, a free eBook and the source code of all the example programs. This tutorial introduces the fundamentals of object orientation including how to define classes with methods and instance variables; and how to construct new objects and initialize them with data. For more information, read Chapter Two of The Little Book Of Ruby which you can download from the SapphireSteel Software web site, the company behind the Ruby In Steel and Amethyst Flex IDEs for Visual Studio.
  • Henry's: Canon 7D Focus Point Orientation Technique In this quick tip, you'll discover how the Canon 7D DSLR allows you to specify which focus point to use based on the camera orientation.
  • Orientation 2009 Dont miss SFU Orientation 2009 September 1-6 students.sfu.ca Contact us for more information: [email protected] 778-782-4476
  • The Kemper Profiling Amplifier - Orientation Film #1 The Kemper Profiling Amplifier - Orientation Film #1 see the maker explain the Kemper Profiling Amplifier concept, watch out for more video coming! Feliz! Bon! Merry! God! Frohes!
  • Didgeridoo orientation Join Key West artist Madek, in his island home and learn basic and advanced techniques for playing the didgeridoo. Madek is self taught and makes didgeridoos and other exotic instruments. Visit him at Sunset Celebration, Mallory square in old town Key west. Namaste'...
  • Lost Orientation Guide - Special - Blast door map A Blast door map special ;) Hope it helps to answer some questions
  • New Employee Orientation 101 Mar 25, 2010...New Employee Orientation 101: Building a World-Class Orientation program
  • DOWNLOAD "THE ORIENTATION" www.enliten.me DyMe-A-DuZiN New Mixtape THE NEW MIXTAPE IS HERE!! FREE DOWNLOAD HERE Thank you to everyone that made this possible and the fans who believe in me and stayed tuned. Much Love. =X
  • leaked scientology orientation video part 1 part 1 of orientation video scientology promo. part 1: Part 2: part 3: Part 4:
  • Don Draper's College Orientation See exclusive articles and pictures on ! The only ice he breaks is the ice he puts in his scotch. LIKE us on FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: WATCH exclusive videos we can't put on YouTube at: Buy Pat's Shirt:
  • The Kemper Profiling Amplifier - Orientation Film #2 Thomas Wendt of Integrative Concepts, Hamburg demonstrates the profiling of a 30 years old californian tube combo (courtesy of Mr. Thorsten Müller, Hamburg aka my neighbor) into the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. Special thanks to Mr. Marc Rohde (unrockbarfilm). We did this live, with flu and in one go! :-)
  • Sanyo Sell-A-Bration Orientation Tape Add Me On Twitter! Go to for more details or see more below: Get in on the Sanyo "Sell-A-Bration". Win fame, money and cameras. THE SANYO SELL-A-BRATION! Join your fellow YouTubers in the Sanyo Sell-A-Bration! Create your own infomercial about the Sanyo Xacti using at least two of the downloadable clips available at You can pitch the Xacti in the style you like the best. Watch the related videos for inspiration! Also, make sure to end your video with the phrase that pays, Available online at Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and in stores across America! There are two contests youll be able to enter once youve created your infomercial: Contest #1: Submit your infomercial as a video response to Lisa Nova, Shane Dawson, Shay Carl, or KassemGs example videos. One person from each channel will be selected and will receive $1000 at the end of the contest. The winning videos will be uploaded to the channel. Contest #2: Upload your response video to /sanyo where will votes determine who wins. The winner will be selected from the Top Five vote getters and will recieve $5000. The remaining four will each win $1000. Use the promote button and widget-maker to tell your friends and family to vote for you once a day, every day, to get you to the top. Once entered in the 2nd contest, youll automatically receive an affiliate link from that will display whenever your contest entry is playing. Put that link in your YouTube sidebar and tell all ...
  • rocapc: Orientation Island GB_001b - by rocapc - OpenSim on Koinup http://t.co/rFGeka2
  • WifeySnatcher: Orientation tomarrow at ten
  • newspringnow: NewSpring Starting Point Orientation - http:///dInIQ
  • PYT_LADYT: So I need to go take my Id pic for school. I think I missed that orientation too. Smh hope don't interfere with my classes
  • Bagnifacent: @Mr_SLY_ yea I got it but they hoed me on my orientation date so I gotta wait another week or two b4 I can start..
  • lookatyofaaace: Out of orientation a bit early. Waiting for the bus
  • ktwbmw: Just finished a week at the VB Orientation. It was truly a great time of encouragement and the Lord blessed greatly.
  • KoC_CutThroat: Bout to head in this orientation....
  • CampJoy: I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "Baptist World Mission Orientation" http://fb.me/WboDEyKN
  • JoshHouchin: I guess some cool stuff happened in that episode. Locke & Eko watched the missing piece of the DHARMA orientation film. That's pretty cool.
  • kismetician: @schutt @RebelCapitalist Wish though, covered individualistic-egalitarian political orientation more than they reported Nthe experiment(3/3)
  • Nuelsitanggang: RT @monraphita: Honestly, I think this campus needs to give anger management material in campus orientation.
  • Rider_Marshall: @AmandaBeadle I just found out that we have orientation starting at 5, so it's looking like I won't be able to make it.
  • GabbyDarlingua: i musta had a paid orientation lol
  • auhh_chopp: @G2_ESQUIRE temple u. orientation/conduct office and bartend/serve at this catering joint
  • Hamshaveni: RT @amandaceelyn: Imagine 1st day of orientation,I act like me!The real me!Confirm the whole of 4-5 years I won't have friends.fml
  • inorionsweb: @GeekGibby That would be great! We fly out of CID at 7 am and my flight back to CID is 9:30ish.Orientation is at 1 :)
  • MesaChamber: Come to "New Member Orientation Luncheon" Friday, June 3 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Join us for a luncheon... http://fb.me/FYJk3kdl
  • Chowlo: Orientation today woke up early so any plans for weekend? How much was ticket? Kiss
  • McMannwich: Got to orientation thirty minutes early, traffic wasn't as bad as I anticipated. So tired.
  • ItsAppleJacks: @PurrfectFlaws Orientation: Yes, because I don't allow society to orient me. I identify as queer, which allows/requires interpretation.
  • DanToerek: Job orientation, then my head will be in books till next Thursday until finals are over. Then summer!
  • ThatMan_Dan: The schedule for orientation is odd...I have to do this stuff alone...or did they hire two of us??
  • ThePi_Piper: @SpaceJams11 Do u kno wat day u goin 2 orientation
  • monraphita: Honestly, I think this campus needs to give anger management material in campus orientation.
  • patporter815: Bout to go to transfer orientation for a school im not even going to. LOL.
  • LIENerschnitzel: @CatalepsicFox lol. I'm here tooo!!! For orientation! Meet and greet??
  • amazinq_lovee: @KT_2Up2Luv congrats boop!! I have orientation 2mrrw w/ dis agency to do private sitting;)
  • FourftEleven: Headed to orientation 
  • uflorida: @ashleautumn Welcome! Hope you enjoy orientation / Preview!
  • matthewpacific: Haha oh man, I just remembered when I was at orientation and this girl said she got hella drunk and put up hella stickers. BOMBIN'! Not.
  • DRiAkay: Got two females in this orientation that are speaking spanglish and working my nerves!! And I've only been here for 3 minutes
  • DarkAcreJack: @epicwinapp Begging you guys; please make an iPad version with landscape orientation support. I will pay again for this!
  • Lisette_deLapin: ...So, if Mom can get the money back we're going tu use it tu pay for my freshmen orientation fee & for the passport renewal...
  • charliestyr: Interesting iPad orientation in an email from the BBC... :P http://t.co/AFrwg3c
  • morgan0420: @EmilyHanes ahh have fun at orientation! let me know how it is!
  • KingJd34: @Zo_WrickTweets yea I went to orientation then they called me for interview n they wabt me e in today but Idk if I want to lol
  • dsmithification: Orientation soon. Excited, yet nervous.
  • bL_beats: Loll what a bodmon RT @nappyroutes: Got hired at Amazon yesterday and they said to come in for orientation at 10 ... http://tmi.me/9PtjF
  • karly414: Having breakfast before I head to school for my Puente Orientation :)
  • robynwvu: “@ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp have strong mental power and into emotional orientation.”
  • mrburnslady: Did @jdotfresh make it to her orientation??
  • pairof_DEEZ: Orientation at Lowes Foods in Knightdale on Monday :)
  • Purpleking21: At the new student orientation.
  • corporatestays: TRIEC’s Workshop: Orientation and Onboarding for Culturally Inclusive Workplaces: Register now for this TRIEC (T... http://bit.ly/jmPcJg
  • MarkSmbln: 6 hours of Kent Gomez.. I rather go to mills than be at this orientation
  • Kirbyvision: @alielle It was a fun night, but definitely not the best night ever! Give me a call when you're done with orientation lovelyyyyy!
  • VC_Canada: RT @weaverworks: In #Hamilton - at the orientation for the #Poverty Roundtable - new voices and great energy #gottabthere
  • haantje33: RT @CrethiPlethi: #Hamas’ Identification with Extremist Jihadist Islam and Al-Qaeda’s anti-Western Orientation | #jihad #alqaeda #Israel http://j.mp/jCKnGM
  • joconno23: why does egr think it's okay to close the bigger of the only two comp labs this close to finals? For orientation? #useyourhead
  • demdeez: @closethedoor 30 days would carry be through "orientation" i guess im behind
  • androiddevl: HTC Thunderbolt camera orientation http://bit.ly/j9RMIn
  • nicoleong: @_jgme haha at least you've a rough idea abt whats gonna happen. @amandaceelyn & i don't know a thing that's gonna happen during orientation
  • DouglasLamar: @K_Bell24 It wouldn't have worked, there's so much more stuff that I need to do besides go to my job orientation.
  • BryentMicheal: New Student Orientation, yall remember that day lol
  • bigchell85: I sure hope its not cold n this orientation.O_o
  • rtaggart93: Do you do it for every orientation or do you have certain dates? Cause I def want to get oriented by @smuralidhara :)
  • cheryllsw: @cheeseburgerftw then our gym orientation zhe me ban?
  • cutesyA09: So happy about orientation for my new job!!!
  • xKocaiNxCandiix: I have orientation tomorrow at a new job though! So yay me. Lol
  • DouglasLamar: @K_Bell24 I have job orientation at 4. And since I live all the way out in Dexter, I wouldn't have been able to get out to A2 for it.
  • itismenikka: @eytolosa oo sa monday and tuesday ang orientation ko:)
  • marcwayshak: Three simple tips to find an excellent orientation speaker. Check it out! http://ow.ly/4NPPk
  • nicoleong: @_jgme you have an orientation schedule already?
  • mrnicholasmark: Once I was young and had so much more orientation and could talk with nervous intelligence about everything and with clarity... #kerouac
  • t_Nics819: @bryah_arleise girll u need to come to the salisbury one ! Parris works here and I just seen gioni today in orientation !
  • _jgme: printing orientation schedule. omg reality AHHHHHHHHH /runs
  • jennieambro: @Cddior91 they're making you go thru orientation again?
  • LLRicJ: @Lucky_Monroe they had the best orientation cuzzo and best dental benefits
  • OnlyLaila: I'm sad I can't go to #bbsummit11 next month. I have a new student orientation that day.
  • csledge89: Saw a guy with a prada backpack at orientation @UNT, and totally thought of @ryanlochte first thing. (It was a sweet bag, too!)
  • cityofpostfalls: Community Garden Orientation & Sign up begins May 12th. The meetings will be 10 - 11am & 6 - 7 pm at City Hall, Rm... http://fb.me/Qdgl2INv
  • Intl_Officer: After getting his hands on the mic, an int student serenaded the crowd with an inpromptu performane of hey there deliah at #orientation
  • gnoelnahc: @cucumberA oh you going ah. now i have second thoughts. HAHAHA.. i have cca orientation @ school so i'll only go for dinner!
  • Damsel197: "@LexoAkpevs: eya.... jux manage ehhRT @Damsel197: OMG!!!Dis orientation is d definition of boredom"I guess so
  • Zo_WrickTweets: @KingJd34 I went to an orientation there when i was a senior but I never went back
  • LexoAkpevs: eya.... jux manage ehhRT @Damsel197: OMG!!!Dis orientation is d definition of boredom
  • Matticus44: The best part of orientation so far? The fact that they use Twitter. Hey there @amandaMgrant @caracampbell04 and @wendiec. It's a pleasure.
  • chrismexx: Orientation day (@ Hult International Business School w/ @xachapuri_d) http://4/kwC4bV
  • gym_equipment: So You Just Joined a Gym...Now What?: Depending on the gym, the orientation could involve a quick tour of the eq... http://bit.ly/kddtXg
  • o_oline: RT @HugoYunho: Tomorrow 9 o'clock D:. Interview to get into the orientation week committee
  • HugoYunho: Tomorrow 9 o'clock D:. Interview to get into the orientation week committee
  • parezcoydigo: I mean, anything I read informs my "work" regardless of its content orientation. That, or I want to justify NOT reading same genre only. [-]
  • turtleberry: RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp have strong mental power and into emotional orientation.
  • baptistandopen: Andrew Marin will be presenting a one-day conference on his book "Love is an Orientation" at First Baptist Church on Wednesday, May 18.
  • supercoolbert: @GPBeMe got that police academy orientation on Tuesday, SON!
  • lindyjordan: Kanye West "Orientation" (@ Pioneer Pacific College) http://4/kCuVqB
  • MissionControl: It's the Weekend! Come to MC on SATURDAY for ESSENCE 10p-3a. Every gender/orientation welcome, just bring a PAL. http://bit.ly/dXiBzS
  • JosephSapia: RT @njhiking: RT @NYNJTrailConf: Sunday, May 22: Hike a Brand-new Trail at Jenny Jump State Forest, NJ http:///3trv5sv

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