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  • [Osmussaar] Osmussaar. We have left port Dirhami in the morning. On the eve with alarm looked at the sky pending good weather. The wind rushes reached up to 12m/sec. 10 kilometres passage between island and continent was covered with 2-meter. — “Melkon”, melkon.lv
  • Lighthouse on the island of Osmussaar Other galleries: Birds | Flowers | Other wildlife | Watchingtowers | Tallinn | Saaremaa | Hiiumaa | Other places. — “Lighthouse, Osmussaar”,
  • Osmussaar (Swedish: Odensholm) is an Estonian island situated in the mouth of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea, 7.5 km off the Estonian mainland. Osmussaar is the 14th largest island in Estonia. The island is 4.6 km. — “Osmussaar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Osmussaar is in Noarootsi commune, Lääne county. The island is 4.7 km2, the nearest distance from the mainland is 7.5 km. There is no constant inhabitants on the island. On an August night, in 1914 German battleship "Magdeburg" got a ship aground nearby Osmussaar. — “ARCHIPELAGOES - Estonia - Osmussaar (Odensholm)”, archipelago.nu
  • PORT OF OSMUSSAAR, Estonia. HARBOR TYPE. Natural Coastal Harbor with Good Shelter. Pilotage Compulsory and Available. LOCATION MAP. Source: . — “PORT OF OSMUSSAAR, Estonia”,
  • The world's largest website about lighthouses, including a magazine, store, and lighthouse information on searchable databases Northeastern tip of island of Osmussaar, mouth of the Gulf of Finland. — “Osmussaar Light - Lighthouse Explorer Database - Lighthouses”,
  • From the northern coast of the island it extends under the sea to the Island of Osmussaar and continues on the Pakri Islands. Starting from the Island of Osmussaar and ending in the Ida-Viru County the evolution of the Cambrian and Ordovician sea and. — “Baltic Klint - UNESCO World Heritage Centre”,
  • Osmussaar is the most in quarter north-west situates island in Estonia, it situates in a One vascular plant from Habitats Directive's I appendix that grows on Osmussaar is Liparis loeselii. — “Life-Nature”, life.silma.ee
  • Media in category "Osmussaar" The following 43 files are in this category, out of 43 total. Bretšarahn Osmussaar .jpg. 183,774 bytes. Osmussaar 2001.jpg. 126,676 bytes. Osmussaar Rannakaits 891,561 bytes. — “Category:Osmussaar - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • [edit] Anagrams. mosasaurs [edit] Estonian. Estonian Wikipedia has an article on: Osmussaar. Wikipedia et [edit] Proper noun. Osmussaar. Osmussaar /wiki/Osmussaar" Categories: English proper nouns | Estonia | Islands | Estonian proper nouns. — “Osmussaar - Wiktionary”,
  • World-wide port list with ship traffic, port call schedule, ship arrivals and departures. Current ship traffic and ship arrivals in port of Osmussaar, Estonia ". — “Port View of Osmussaar - Digital-”, digital-
  • : Saaremaa: Books Islands of Estonia: Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Osmussaar, Pakri Islands, Ruhnu, List of Islands of Estonia, Kihnu, Muhu, Naissaar, Vormsi, Kesselaid (Paperback) 6 new from. — “: Saaremaa: Books”,
  • Osmussaar & Vaindloo. Presented by. Sven Ruin, ÅF-System AB, Sweden. Location of the sites Osmussaar. • Wind-diesel system rated. 30 kVA. • Total investment in power. system about 200. — “Wind-Diesel Systems on two Estonian Islands: Osmussaar and”, windpoweringamerica.gov
  • The most intriguing part of the Osmussaar. bedrock section is related to the 1.0-1.5 m At some distance from the Osmussaar Island (on the Suur-and Väike-Pakri islands ) the. — “3075.pdf”, lpi.usra.edu
  • EXPLORE OSMUSSAAR. Type. Summer events. Region. West Estonia. Price starting from. 41.00 EXPLORE OSMUSSAAR. Type. Nature observation. Region. West Estonia. Price starting from. 41.00. — “ESTONIAN NATURE TOURS. Turism.ee - Estonia. Tourism and”, turism.ee
  • Osmussaar lighthouse. — “Osmussaar lighthouse | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Sail S/Y Ellen in Estonia - Osmussaar Osmussaar. May 23 2010 19:25:34. This thread discusses the content article: Osmussaar nnOdsmussaar has got a jetty located in the SE Bay. The water depth at the jetty is said to be 1,8 m. — “Osmussaar”,
  • Osmussaar. Osmussaar Island is one of the most exciting islets in Estonia in terms of landscapes, geology, flora, birds and history. The island occupies the area of 5 km². The topography is characterized primarily by the heaps of pebbles that. — “Osmussaar - Eesti Maaturism”, maaturism.ee
  • The old name of Osmussaar is Odensholm and it alludes to the site of Odin's grave. According to folk tales among people on the coast the Russian military blew up a large granite rock somewhere on the southern shore of Osmussaar, to get building material for their fortresses. — “Looking for Odin's grave | looduskalender.ee”, looduskalender.ee
  • Osmussaar together with the area of Paldiski and Pakri Cape were the most important areas to guard the southern end of the so-called closure of Gulf of Finland. After Soviet Union occupied Estonia in 1940, the coastal gun positions were quickly built to the island. — “Osmussaar”, hangonrintama.fi
  • Osmussaar Area is 4.7 km² http://www.looduskalender.ee/klint/Pildid/650/63_0113a.jpg. — “Osmussaar”,
  • Osmussaar is home to its residents (people, plants and animals), therefore visitors should not disturb Sustainable way of life should be conducted on Osmussaar and the opposite must be avoided. — “Instructions for visitors”, osmussaar.ee
  • Osmussaar (Odensholm) is a marvellous little island in north-western Estonia. The last decade witnessed Osmussaar turning into a civil island again, but the crazy military past has left. — “NATURE TRIP TO OSMUSSAAR ISLAND”, tourism.ee

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  • “However, there is island named Osmussaar in Esthonian and Ormussaar in Russian. The D Osmussaar by the way, was the last place that German army conquered in Estonian area,”
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  • “Subject: Isen till havs i södra Stockholms skärgård - by: Mikael Branting Subject: Osmussaar - by: Mikael Branting. Subject: ELLENnet's harbours in Google Earth”
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  • “The people who live on the Eastern shore of the Baltic Sea are no strangers to adversity. Historically plagued by invading armies and oppressors, from the Teutonic Knights to the Czars of”
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  • “Goto: Forum List•Message List•New Topic•Search•Log In. Re: Russian sailingship's 1944 registered users may post in this forum. This forum powered by Phorum”
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  • “Astronomy Forum The location of the crater is submerged, but the nearby island of Osmussaar contain shock metamorphosed rocks and impact blanket debris from the explosion. The structure was only discovered”
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  • “Urban Exploration Resource: Featuring Urban Exploration stories and a huge database of locations and pictures from a variety of abandoned buildings and other unique places”
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  • “Bishop Hill blog RSS. Login. Login. Contact " Of droughts and flooding rains | Main | New ice from the Estonian mainland to Osmussaar, making it possible for only large ships”
    — - Bishop Hill blog - Breaking the ice, bishop-

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