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  • Information about osteopathy, a medical practice which emphasises the inter-relationship of the body's nerves, muscles, bones, and organs. — “Osteopathic Medicine - Wikipedia”,
  • Osteopathy also is used as a general term to describe a disease of the Bone. Osteopathy is the body of Medicine that originally used strictly manipulative techniques for correcting Somatic abnormalities thought to cause disease and inhibit recovery. — “Osteopathy”,
  • Learn about Osteopathy on . Find info and videos including: About Osteopathy, About Osteopathy, What Is Osteopathy? and much more. Osteopathy is rooted in the belief that all diseases and disorders originate in, or are related to, problems in the musculoskeletal system. — “Osteopathy - ”,
  • osteopathy. Osteopathy is a medical practice based on the theory that diseases are due chiefly to loss of structural integrity which can be restored to harmony or equilibrium by manipulation. The manipulation allegedly allows the body to heal itself. — “osteopathy - The Skeptic's Dictionary - ”,
  • Osteopathy definition, a therapeutic system originally based upon the premise that manipulation of the muscles and bones to promote structural integrity could rest See more. — “Osteopathy | Define Osteopathy at ”,
  • Osteopathy, What is osteopathy?Osteopathy, or osteopathic medicine, is based on the belief that most diseases are related to problems in the musculoskeletal system and that structure and function of the body are related. The musculoskeletal. — “Osteopathy”, umm.edu
  • Dedicated to the advancement and enrichment of osteopathic medical education. Please note: AACOM's offices will be closed November 25 and 26 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. — “American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine”,
  • Andrew Taylor Still, MD (1828-1917) originally expressed the principles of osteopathy in 1874, when medical science was in its infancy. A medical Today, except for additional emphasis on musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment, the scope of osteopathy is identical to that of medicine. — “Dubious Aspects of Osteopathy”,
  • Describes the practice of traditional osteopathic medicine, including osteopathy in the cranial field. — “Osteopathic Page”,
  • Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine built on the link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Skilled evaluation, diagnosis and a wide range of techniques are used to identify dysfunction in the body. The body - as a holistic unit - is focused on. the skeleton,. — “Macarthur Osteopathy: Campbelltown, 42 Parkside Crescent”, macarthur-
  • Information for applicants including requirements for examination and certification in neuromusculoskeletal medicine and manipulative medicine. The American Academy of Osteopathy® is pleased to present. — “Welcome | American Academy of Osteopathy”,
  • The osteopathic movement and chiropractic movements both started out in the United States Midwest in the 1890s and had similar philosophies; however, osteopathy came to adopt the use of medicine and surgery, whereas chiropractors continue to strictly use manipulative techniques. — “Osteopathy - Definition”,
  • Belgium: Internatinal College for Research on Equine (Horse) Osteopathy French Handicap Children Osteopathy Hope Program Association Listing. — “Osteopathy Internet Resources”,
  • Definition of osteopathy in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of osteopathy. Pronunciation of osteopathy. Translations of osteopathy. osteopathy synonyms, osteopathy antonyms. Information about osteopathy in the free online English dictionary and. — “osteopathy - definition of osteopathy by the Free Online”,
  • Osteopathy is a form of drug-free non-invasive manual medicine that focuses on total body health by treating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework, which includes the joints, muscles and. — “What Is Osteopathy?”,
  • Features information about osteopathic medicine, physician finder, publications, local resources, and more. — “American Osteopathic Association”,
  • Osteopathy is a branch of the healthcare field which is concerned with the body as a whole, and the interaction of the structures within it, especially the musculoskeletal system. As the "osteo" in osteopathy suggests, the bones of the body are of particular interests to osteopaths. — “What is Osteopathy?”,
  • In much the same way but with a larger scope, a physician who practices traditional Osteopathy (or Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine) removes the impediments to normal body functions and corrects the physical abnormalities that cause disease and inhibit recovery. — “Osteopathy Overview”,
  • osteopathy n. A system of medicine based on the theory that disturbances in the musculoskeletal system affect other bodily parts, causing many. — “osteopathy: Definition from ”,
  • Osteopathy is a system and philosophy of health care that separated from traditional (allopathic) medical practice about a century ago. It places emphasis on the musculoskeletal system, hence the name—osteo refers to bone and path refers to disease. — “osteopathy - definition of osteopathy in the Medical”, medical-
  • What is traditional osteopathy?Osteopathy emphasizes overall health and the relation among the body's nerves, muscles, bones, and organs. Doctors of osteopathy (DOs) base diagnosis and treatment on the idea that the body's systems are. — “Osteopathy-Topic Overview”,
  • Osteopathy takes advantage of the body's natural tendency to strive toward a state of health. — “Osteopathy and osteopath online - Dig on”, hands-on-
  • Find everything you want to know about Osteopathy, What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is an essentially natural therapy, that seeks to solve a wide range of problems which result from imbalances in the. — “Osteopathy - Frequently Asked Questions”,

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