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  • Toward principles for the design of ontologies used for knowledge sharing. [1] Ontologies are often equated with taxonomic hierarchies of classes, but class definitions, and the subsumption relation, but ontologies need. — “What is an Ontology?”, www-ksl.stanford.edu
  • In the field of bioinformatics the work on biomedical ontologies is Applications may need to use ontologies from different areas or from different. — “Alignment of Biomedical Ontologies Using Life Science Literature”, ida.liu.se
  • This article attempts to give an account of what concept ontologies in the domain of biology and bioinformatics are; what they are not; how they can be constructed; how they can be used; and some fallacies and pitfalls creators and users should be aware of. — “Ontologies for molecular biology and bioinformatics”,
  • Domain ontologies. – Characterization of concepts and. relationships in an application area, Are ontologies purely conceptual? – Isn't the specification part of the ontology? – How. — “Ontologies”, stanford.edu
  • Mike Bergman's articles on the semantic Web, adaptive information, adaptive innovation and adaptive infrastructure Ontologies can provide guiding structure for browsing or discovery within a domain, and. — “Ontologies " AI3:::Adaptive Information”,
  • Ontologies. One of VIStology's core capabilities is the design and development of formal ontologies in RDF, DAML, OWL and SWRL. Some of these ontologies are published for use by the Data Fusion and Semantic Web user communities. — “Ontologies by VIStology, Inc”,
  • Ontologies are used in artificial intelligence, the Semantic Web, According to Gruber (1993) "ontologies are often equated with taxonomic hierarchies of classes, class definitions, and the subsumption relation, but ontologies need not be limited to these forms. Ontologies are also not limited. — “Ontology (information science) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Upper-Level Ontologies. Upper-level ontologies capture mostly concepts that are basic for the human understanding of the world. However, there exists a significant real difference between the two types of ontologies. — “OntoText Home”,
  • Ontologies cross over philosophy, natural language and computation. Most references to "ontologies" found on the web today describe ontologies from the narrow focus on machine-computation and first. — “Ontologies and Semantics”,
  • An important issue in the newborn discipline of ontological engineering is the construction of libraries of ontologies which are designed for maximum reusability. However, their specification of how these core ontologies should be constructed is highly pragmatical, and leaves many problems unresolved. — “Towards Principled Core Ontologies”, ksi.cpsc.ucalgary.ca
  • Ontologies are typically specified in languages that allow abstraction away from data structures and implementation strategies; in practice, the languages of ontologies are closer in expressive power to first-order logic than languages used to model databases. — “Ontology (Computer Science) - definition in Encyclopedia of”,
  • Definition of Ontologies in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Ontologies. Pronunciation of Ontologies. Translations of Ontologies. Ontologies synonyms, Ontologies antonyms. Information about Ontologies in the free online English dictionary and. — “Ontologies - definition of Ontologies by the Free Online”,
  • Ontologies therefore provide a vocabulary for representing and communicating knowledge about some topic and a set of relationships that hold among the terms in that Synopsis of bio-ontologies workshop help at EBI on Dec 5, 2001. — “MGED NETWORK :: Ontology Working Group (OWG)”,
  • Ontologies are the structural frameworks for organizing information on the semantic Web and within semantic enterprises. Ontologies can be layered on top of existing information assets, which means they are an enhancement and not a displacement for prior investments. — “Ontologies - Structured Dynamics”,
  • What are the primary research issues involved in enabling the effective creation and use of ontologies? We adopt the premise that it would be worthwhile for the KR&R community to converge on a formal definition of what it means by an "ontology". — “Ontologies”, ksl-web.stanford.edu
  • Definition of Ontologies in the Medical Dictionary. Ontologies explanation. Information about Ontologies in Free online English dictionary. What is Ontologies? Meaning of Ontologies medical term. What does Ontologies mean?. — “Ontologies - definition of Ontologies in the Medical”, medical-
  • Ontologies for personalisation. A software representation of an extensive computer science ontology may be used in a variety of roles in a teaching system. It enables a system to infer from a minimal knowledge base about a student to a quite extensive model of their knowledge. — “Ontologies for personalisation projects”, cs.usyd.edu.au
  • ontology n. The branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being. ontologist ontol ' ogist. — “ontology: Definition from ”,
  • Ontologies provide a similar role for the organization of data that is provided by relational data schema. Domain ontologies are the "world views" by which organizations, communities or enterprises describe the concepts in their domain, the relationships between those. — “Lightweight, Domain Ontologies Development Methodology - TechWiki”,
  • Ontologies. An ontology can be viewed as a model of a domain that defines the concepts existing in that domain, their attributes and the relationships between them and is typically represented as a knowledge base. Within health informatics, an. — “OpenClinical: Ontologies”,

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