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  • Baker The Jacques Garcia Collection Urne (Black) - Hand poured and fired porcelain china is employed to create the sculptural Urne. Three vessels fuse together at the The vessels then narrow to form a sturdy tripod of spherical feet, designed to give an air of delicacy and otherworldliness. — “Baker Furniture : Urne (Black) - JG556-BLK : Jacques Garcia”,
  • Comments on: Podcast Episode 16: The Otherworldliness of Dogs. — “Comments on: Podcast Episode 16: The Otherworldliness of Dogs”,
  • Fantasy game delivers same compelling sense of otherworldliness as original; we give it five stars. — “Myst Sequel Is a Captivating Game - PCWorld”,
  • Illustrated glossary/dictionary of sacred symbols from all over the world including the ankh, pentagram, pentacle, triple moon goddess & many more. playfulness & dignity, curiousity & indifference, earthy sensuality and an otherworldliness that makes them often seem psychic. — “Ancient Sacred Symbols: Pagan, Wiccan, Celtic, Egyptian”,
  • Myspace profile for Otherworldliness with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “MySpace - Otherworldliness - 30 - Male - cheektowaga, New”,
  • Definition of fey in the Dictionary. Meaning of fey. What does fey mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word fey. Suggestive of an elf in strangeness and otherworldliness. — “What does fey mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • Wholeness and Otherworldliness. The Elder Heathens had more than one concept of what was holy and sacred; in truth, they had two separate concepts. It is one of separateness, otherworldliness, and is represented by Old English wíh (ON vé, OHG wíh) "religious site. — “The Sacred and the Holy”,
  • A discussion on Worldliness and Otherworldliness. A source of information for deeper understanding of religious subjects. — “Worldliness and Otherworldliness”, mb-
  • "Ní Chuilleanáin's narrative drive and ability to ground daily life in a sense of mystery or otherworldliness--to move between various realms of experience--are on full display." Women's Review of Books, Sept/Oct 2010 $ 12.95. Eilean Ni Chuilleanain - The Sun-fish (cloth). — “Eilean Ni Chuilleanain”, wfu.edu
  • Gorgeous Otherworldliness by Junko Shimada Gorgeous Otherworldliness by Junko Shimada. After finishing her studies at the Sujino Gajen Dressmaker (!) Institute of Tokyo, Shimada visited Paris in the 60s, and, like many an artist before her, simply never left. — “Gorgeous Otherworldliness by Junko Shimada - Fashion Blog”,
  • Definition of otherworldliness from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of otherworldliness. Pronunciation of otherworldliness. Definition of the word otherworldliness. Origin of the word otherworldliness. — “otherworldliness - Definition of otherworldliness at”,
  • From the Democratic Republic of Congo—where in the words of Spin writer Eric Pape, a 'culture of corruption, moral decay, and negligible resources has created a music scene that can best be described as Darwinian. Ecstatic Otherworldliness From the Kasai Allstars. — “Ecstatic Otherworldliness From the Kasai Allstars - Page 1”,
  • otherworldliness. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, This page was last modified on 18 December 2009, at 02:22. Text is available under the. — “otherworldliness - Wiktionary”,
  • Lovely though it was, his lineup lacked the sense of passion and otherworldliness that makes his best work transcend fashion and approach art. Lovely though it was, his lineup lacked the sense of passion and otherworldliness that makes his best work transcend fashion and approach art. — “Christian Lacroix Couture Spring 2009 - Fashion Shows - ”,
  • Bishops amazing trademark images show the beauty and otherworldliness of spiders. Simple, engaging text conveys basic information about spiders as well as cool and quirky facts. A double-gatefold opens to reveal a stop-action sequence showing a. — “Powell's Books - Nic Bishop Spiders by Nic Bishop”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun otherworldliness has one meaning: Meaning #1 : concern with. — “otherworldliness: Information from ”,
  • www.koreatimes.co.kr delivers the latest information on all events and stories taking place in Korea. Copper pipe sculptures bring otherworldliness ". — “Copper pipe sculptures bring otherworldliness”, koreatimes.co.kr
  • Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness - An eerie otherworldliness surrounds Bisti Badlands, especially when the moon casts shadows across the hoodoos, weird rock formations with mazelike pas. — “ - Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness”,
  • Definition of otherworldliness in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of otherworldliness. Pronunciation of otherworldliness. Translations of otherworldliness. otherworldliness synonyms, otherworldliness antonyms. Information about otherworldliness. — “otherworldliness - definition of otherworldliness by the Free”,
  • Definition of otherworldliness in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is otherworldliness? Meaning of otherworldliness as a legal term. What does otherworldliness mean in law?. — “otherworldliness legal definition of otherworldliness”, legal-
  • Mattila's voice may have lost a bit of power over the years, but the Finnish soprano retains a luminous quality in her upper register that matches the otherworldliness of Janacek's heroine, especially in the final renunciation scene. And the. — “SF Opera: Domingo, Mattila and eternal youth - NewsTimes”,
  • otherworldliness - The focus on an afterlife, and on the importance of another world over this one, denigrates this life, and life itself. We see then, that all four of these fundamental views - otherworldliness, determinism, faith and sacrifice - are integral not only to Islam but. — “Is Islam at Fault?”, csudh.edu
  • Giant Mushrooms and Otherworldliness. I need some help. Throughout D&D modules we see depictions of giant mushrooms. One of the earliest modules, B1 In Search of the Unknown, depicts them on both the monochrome and colour module Does anyone know where this signifier of otherworldliness came from?. — “Discourse and Dragons: Giant Mushrooms and Otherworldliness”,

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  • The VC mixtape is online! team- VC mix 1. Brendan James (another12inches) - Intencity in Ten Cities 2. A Man Called F (bigstar1000) - Unscripted Film Music 3. Audra (Bret Helm) - Life On This Planet 4. The Solar System (Chris Oliver) - Runner Moth 5. Jarboe and the Sweet Meat and Holy Cult (Henry Derek Bonner) - Jesus Camp 1968 6. Schematics for a Blank Stare (Jeffery Scott Greer) - Curse of the Mud Zombies 7. Standard Thompson (Aaron Winter) - Sad Girls 8. PRESCIENTist (Warren Ev) - Otherworldliness 9. Phono (Anders Ahlen) - Dead Man in New Orleans 10. Crash Mats (Daniel Barrett) - Get Me Off This Ride 11. Secret Flowers (The INfinite Groove)- Track 10 12. The Infinite Vortex (Sean Wg)- Desolate 13. Dereck Higgins - Bass Lament
  • NorthLink Ferries - Scenery Advert (2011) Since 2004, Muckle Hen have created the TV ads for NorthLink Ferries. We are delighted to again have been entrusted to write and produce a series of 30' and 10' ads for the company. This time the brief was to highlight the otherworldliness of the Northern Isles of Scotland; a brief we responded to with some stunning and dramatic landscape imagery and a beautiful, evocative and original piece of music from composer Chris Bradley. To see more of our commercials go to
  • Helen Gillet Cello at The Brick #1 Experience the otherworldliness.
  • Tori Amos - Almost Rosey (3 of 3) Live In New York City one of the posse's girls that has shown life in various forms. fleshed out and fully charged on the album and stripped down but more confrontational in its live and solo form. while taking the show in , i also tried to match some of the other-worldliness that i was feeling. This is the truest form. Open your eyes, and this is what you saw. Almost Rosey - Part 3 of 3. Live in New York City at Spotlight Live in Times Square, New York City and broadcast live on Sirius Satellite Radio during a performance for a small, but eager, crowd to celebrate the release of "Amercian Doll Posse", the ninth album by this most brilliant artist, which had been released that day. (that was one long sentence :] )
  • Nicholas Roerich painting - Sissu Another painting of the Himalayas by Nicholas Roerich set to Himalayan sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls by Frank Perry. Here the temple at Sissu seemingly hovers amongst the clouds and the sounds used reflect the other-worldliness of the painting. As the temple arises above the clouds so too the sound of struck singing bowls gradually rises above the ethereal-sounding stroked singing bowls. The image is courtesy of the Nicholas Roerich Museum New York and you can also visit their website to view hundreds more spiritual paintings by this Russian Master (1874 - 1947).
  • The Traps - Your Headland Download our debut track Your Headland for free via our website www.the-. Evocative of a David Lynch esq soundscape with its 'other worldliness' and cinematic feel the track fulfils that rather perfect, blissful, hazy summer day. Based on the capture story of Homer's Odyssey by Calypso. Recorded with producer Rob Jones (aka The Voluntary Butler Scheme). http www.the-
  • (Fake) Call of Cthulhu movie trailer A longtime request and movie that's been a long time in coming. Based on the story by HP Lovecraft, perhaps his most famous weird tale of terror. - The audio work is from a cassette version of the book read by Garrick Hagon. The song is called Romance by Apocalyptica. - The story concerns an expedition prompted by the discovery of an ugly little statuette, dogged by a bizarre series of ritualistic murders, and culminating in a battle to decide to fate of mankind. The atmosphere is at the same time horrifying and thrilling as only Lovecraft could manage, drawing you into a world ruled by ancient alien gods and peopled by murderous cultists and madmen. But here also are men of reason who battle the odds and the beasts who threaten the very existence of civilization even though their strength is limited to their pathetic human frame. In Call of Cthulhu defeat is inevitable, the bizarre alien dictators and Great Cthulhu himself destined to destroy all, but the heroes of this tale understand this and continue to fight regardless, buying just so much more time for their species to remain alive and sane. Its an adventure about period explorers and men of action, its a horror tale of encroaching doom and inexorable loss of sanity, its a travelogue of the arctic, its a science fiction story of extraterrestrial monarchs...this tale has it all! - There exists a black and white version of this story made as a fan film, but to me anyone reading the grand finale of this wholly ...
  • RAIN FOR MORGAN by Marisa Brown. Enjoy this FREE film on Free iPad App "Play Festival Films" Rain For Morgan - Enjoy this short film FREE on Free iPad App 'Play Festival Films"! Directed & Produced by Marisa Brown on.fb.me Released 2010 | 19 min | PG Drama, Australian, Historical Synopsis Set in drought-stricken, post-WWII country Australia, Rain for Morgan captures both the beauty and the eerie other-worldliness of love in a dying landscape. Forced from her home and trapped in the desolation of the outback, Morgan longs to return to the safety of her previous life. But unless she frees herself from Johnny's dark hold, his world will become forever hers. Film Festivals - WINNER Best Narrative Short, Festivus Film Festival -- January 2011 - WINNER Best International Short, Ireland International Film Festival -- September 2010 - Palm Springs International ShortFest Film Market 2010 - Ireland International Film Festival 2010 - Ohio Independent Film Festival 2010 - South African International Film Festival 2010 - International Youth Film Festival of Wales 2010 - International Film Festival of Thailand 2010 - Egypt International Film Festival 2011 - LA Femme Film Festival, LA 2010 - Festivus Film Festival, Denver, CO 2011 - Warrambeen Film Festival, Victoria, Australia 2011 - Shepparton Arts Festival, Victoria, Australia 2011 - Dungog Film Festival, NSW, Australia 2011 - ProjectorBike Festival, Darwin, NT 2011 - Los Angeles Womens International Film Festival 2011 Play Festival Films Stream plus download (own/access 'forever') the digital copy of the film for $1.99 ...
  • Japanese Shrine Wedding This is a brief clip of a wedding procession I happened to see while wandering around Yasaka Shrine, in Kyoto's Gion quarter. The eery Shinto music vied with the shrill cries of the karasu to give this moment a distinctly Japanese sense of otherworldliness. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough space left on my memory stick to capture more than this.
  • LISA BUFANO - ONE BREATH IS AN OCEAN FOR A WOODEN HEART "One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart is an unusual modern dance duet for a disabled dancer and an able-bodied dancer that is informed by the relationship between physical transformation and identity. In this performance, the dancers wear 28" wooden stilts secured to their arms and legs. The stilts are constructed from familiar, every-day objects to create illusion and are a visually compelling tool of transformation. The queen-Anne style table legs enable the dancers to create a basic illusion of table and chair shape. Through the quality of their movement, the dancers are transformed through a wide range of imagery: animated furniture, magical toys, 8-legged insect, 4-legged gazelle, 2-legged birds. The affect is an eerie otherworldliness as two dramatically different bodies navigate a movement and sound landscape that is both enabled and constrained by their use of wooden stilts."
  • Nalepa - Durian Durian. Video by Thomas Williams. Music by Nalepa. Durian is the sweetest and funkiest tropical fruit of all, and its otherworldliness inspired the visions for this video. All of the animation for this music video was created by blending fractal flames with 3D animation. Available from 1320
  • Tori Amos - Almost Rosey (1 of 3) Live In New York City one of the posse's girls that has shown life in various forms. fleshed out and fully charged on the album and stripped down but more confrontational in its live and solo form. while taking the show in , i also tried to match some of the other-worldliness that i was feeling. this incarnation is a bit extreme in it's drasticity, but sometimes that's the way. (yeah, i said drasticity) Almost Rosey - Part 1 of 3. Live in New York City at Spotlight Live in Times Square, New York City and broadcast live on Sirius Satellite Radio during a performance for a small, but eager, crowd to celebrate the release of "Amercian Doll Posse", the ninth album by this most brilliant artist, which had been released that day. (that was one long sentence :] )_
  • Cursive - Vermont Lyrics: staring on the stars from the back seat of a station wagon carving the night trees keep marching by light poles blur into a stream blazing laser beams all... these... stars... my thoughts are trivial pursuits my heart's a bomb that's been defused what now? there's no more use for me i'm wasting energy muscles are weaklings thoughts just defeat me numbness is effortless i could get used to this driving through vermont overwhelmed by the insignifigance my consciouse was my crutch for a heightened existence this other worldliness these... schoolboy... lies... i've been deprived reality brought up by holy ghosts and saints what now? i'm the delinquent here i'm the constagious one this heart is hopeless i feel the numbness all hail the atheist i could get used to this i could get used to this i could get used to this i could get used to this
  • Transcendence, Brains, & Kinds of Information RE: SEE: Does human transcendence not lend itself to a kind of "other-worldliness"? What are the differences between the kinds of genetic information (basically indexical info) used by natural selection within evolutionary process & the kinds of information (largely iconic and symbolic info) used within "cultural change and development"? Oh, wait, let me guess, "memes," which just happens to rhyme with "genes," suggest that there are no significant differences. hmm...
  • Help Me Please - Sonic Boom Spectrum was the most high-profile and straightforward of the projects undertaken by Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember after the demise of the trance-rock avatars Spacemen 3. As his work as a member of the Experimental Audio Research coterie allowed Kember the opportunity to explore ambient textures and tonal constructs, Spectrum satisfied the singer/guitarist's more conventional pop leanings, while never losing sight of the hypnotic otherworldliness which became his music's trademark and legacy. The name Spectrum initially appeared as the title of the first Sonic Boom solo album, released in 1990 before the break-up of Spacemen 3; a collection of ethereal, nearly formless songs, Spectrum openly acknowledged Kember's debt to Suicide with its cover of the duo's "Rock 'n' Roll Is Killing My Life." Meanwhile, the Kember half of the Spacemen 3 swan song Recurring, with its tighter, more structured songs (like the gentle wash of "Just to See You Smile"), offered an even stronger indication of things to come.
  • Glaciers ( for two pianos) In a world where any system of notes may well denote a colour, texture or mood, the whole-tone scale seemed to me to have within its openness and weightless other worldliness, the exact valency by which one could conjure up at any moment something frost-fired or flowing, frozen or flickering, transparent or like treacle. In my piano duo Glaciers, slowly moving sequential patterns, shrinking and expanding, are transferred from player to player, register to register, thus depicting the depth and well defined layers of ice, atop which a thick blanket of snowflakes consolidate into glistening crystals. Just as the moving mass scultpures and scours a land, so too does this body of sound sculpt and define silence. The pianists here are the late Aaron McMillan and Nathan Carruthers.
  • Tomoroh Hidari - Sirius Sirius (Video Edit) from the Album "Some Stars not yet Black Holes" RLR 27/28 out 4.15.2012 on Record Label Records. Get Vinyl, Digital and full prelistening: Or get Flac, mp3, etc. and support the artist directly: Some Stars not yet Black Holes is about space. It is about the celestial realms the way we explore and classify it, from the mythological beginnings, to modern astronomy, spaceflight and cosmology. the canon of science fiction, both, in film and literature, is revered here. "Some Stars Not Yet Black Holes is an absolutely brilliant, deeply cerebral and moving effort [...] The originality of this album remains in the considerable dialogue between programming, synthesized techno-ish sounds and psycho-acoustic intensity. Perfectly representative album of space ambient dub music with a subtle interest for avant-garde experiments. "Making occasional nods to 1970s Kosmische Musik, the album is conceptually concerned with outer space, and Hidari uses the otherworldliness inherent in this music to create pieces that sound foreboding and ominous, but never scary or isolating." get the free Remix Album Some Stars not yet Remixes with exclusive reworkings by th24seven, I AM APE, Automatic Tasty, Fluorescent Grey, Takeshi Muto, Photphob and Nommo Ogo (and other fine albums/eps by Tomoroh HIdari on: Video made by Tomoroh Hidari ...
  • Bharat Ek Khoj Episode 10 part 01 Nehru finds in India two streams of thought and action: the acceptance of life and the abstention from it developing side by side with the emphasis on the one or the other varying in different periods. Yet the basic background of that culture was not one of other-worldliness or world-worthlessness. Even when it discussed the world as Maya (illusion), it still took the world as it is and tried to live its life and enjoy its manifold beauty! In the Upanishad times, from around 800 BC, the ethics of 'individual perfection' grew, with the dictum: There is nothing higher than the person.
  • INFP Vlog - Si A little rambling, but I think a good amount of information. Love to read your comments. :) Si Definition: Si collects data in the present moment and compares it with past experiences, a process that sometimes evokes the feelings associated with memory, as if the subject were reliving it. Seeking to protect what is familiar, Si draws upon history to form goals and expectations about what will happen in the future.[21] This function gives INFPs a natural inclination toward "other-worldliness" and makes them more easily distracted.
  • i'm an alien, alright? a short film dedicated to the idea of other worldliness, right here on earth! photos by me, paintings by me, video by me, featuring me, Paragon/Janette/BlueDragonWoman, music by kybalion
  • Castlevania Judgment -- Story Mode, Death It's tough on me how this game has entirely uncredited (English) voice acting, but the whispers of the 'net suggest Death might actually be played by Travis Willingham, the flame colonel himself... oh, and the newer, non-4Kids Knuckles the Echidna and Portgas D. Ace as well. With Death, it's always so hard to tell, given that some technical voodoo to achieve the desired level of distortion and otherworldliness is pretty much a given. That said, between this and the redub of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night, I would consider the prospect of him joining the esteemed likes of Patrick Seitz as Dracula and Yuri Lowenthal as Alucard just a touch dreamier than I can perhaps be expected to handle... ... ... ... ...huh? Oh, the description! I'm sorry, it's just that I really like this Death. I even like the skeleton-wrapped, peg-legged, hook-handed robotic form after a fashion. It's weird, but it grows on you. If you're a weirdo. --- Stage 1: Aeon Okay, no. I can't accept this. We're too far in at this point to be going back to veiled pretense at understanding, and this time even Aeon is getting in on the act. Of course, leave it to the Dragon with a side of Large Ham and the Gary Stu to have a posture-off. So, Aeon has told us this is a series of trials in an inescapable alternate dimension where we can find what we desire in order to find the Soul Keys because this era is on the verge of collapse. So how much of that do you believe? At least he's admitted he's in it for ...
  • Neako "I Made It All" ("These Are The Times" In Stores November 27th) iHipHop Distribution is proud to announce its partnership with Neako for his new label, LVLYSL. "Neako is an extremely talented artist and producer, and our entire staff is excited to be working with him and his LVLYSL movement," says Ruddy Rock, Director of A&R at iHipHop Distribution. With a sound all his own and only in his early 20s, Neako has already worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Juicy J, Bun B, Curren$y, Harry Fraud and many more. Since 2009, Neako has released 11 mixtapes, consisting of nearly 200 songs. Upon the release of Neako's latest full-length mixtape, LVLZEBRA, Erin Duncan of XXL declared, "the style and varying levels of otherworldliness has become Neako's forte, as he's not shy about his penchant for smoke and staying fly." Most recently, Neako was featured in the coveted "Show & Prove" section of XXL Magazine, which asserted, "Neako shows he has a solid flow, tough punchlines and drawl that's sure to have listeners under his influence." He was also named a "Top Artist For 2012" by JENESIS Magazine, and has drawn an overwhelming amount of praise from fans and critics alike. As Ernest Estime of The Source states, "If you do not know him, get familiar with him." Neako is currently preparing the release of his debut album, These Are The Times (TATT) on November 27th. The album proves why Neako is in a lane of his own, with a unique balance of skillful production, lyricism and songwriting. The first single from These Are The Times is "I ...
  • Nic Bishop's Spiders - Book Trailer Book Trailer for Nic Bishop's Spiders, the 2008 Robert F. Sibert Informational Award - Honor Book and 2008 Orbis Pictus Outstanding Nonfiction for Children Award - Honor Book. Learn more at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For the first to third grade set, spiders are fascinating and suitably gruesome, especially when looked at in EXTREME close-up. Amazing images show the beauty and otherworldliness of spiders. Simple, engaging text conveys basic information about spiders as well as cool and quirky facts. One stop-action montage shows a spider leaping twenty times its body length!
  • ALL I'VE GOT TO DO By MODARTIST For The BeaTles MUZIK4 ☊s ONLY! If you don't use HEADPHONES, forget it! The first music I heard as a child. I was literally one year old. And as I grew, I crawled, walked, and then ran around the house, playing MEET THE BEATLES, and pretending I was one of The Fabs, being chased by the throngs. With Elvis, Dylan, and Hendrix, no other musicians have had as profound an effect on my life, art, and ability to access pure, unabashed bliss. This song, ALL I'VE GOT TO DO, which I've titled "ALL I'VE GOTTA DO," is among the many quick and leave-you-wanting-more numbers that shattered my world, and are still bending minds the globe over. There was an other-worldliness to those songs on MEET THE BEATLES and A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. As usual, I have given the song my own MOD twist. Very little pre-meditation as far as arrangements and "parts." I don't wish to copy, imitate, or re-create. I want to channel those feelings I had running through me as a child and young boy, and communicate to you what these songs, sounds, and grooves meant, and mean, to me. I hope I've done justice to these geniuses who changed my life forever. The pure bliss has been blended with a profound sadness as of the last few years, but those feelings always came rushing out of so much of their music. Thanks, fellas, for the material for me to interpret and play with. It's my pleasure! Fab & Gear!~E I wish to thank all the filmmakers, artists and photographers whose incredible work is displayed here. This film is not for ...
  • NorthLink Ferries - History Advert (2011) Since 2004, Muckle Hen have created the TV ads for NorthLink Ferries. We are delighted to again have been entrusted to write and produce a series of 30' and 10' ads for the company. This time the brief was to highlight the otherworldliness of the Northern Isles of Scotland; a brief we responded to with some stunning and dramatic landscape imagery and a beautiful, evocative and original piece of music from composer Chris Bradley. To see our other commercials visit
  • Annex Theatre presents Sideshow by Jenna Bean Veatch Inspired by the tradition of the old-fashioned circus sideshow, this original dance-theater work by Jenna Bean Veatch features characters whose physical abnormalities bestow them with special powers. Rather than disabilities, they have super-abilities. Supported by a chorus of sideshow performers singing haunting Appalachian ballads, the work highlights the peculiar beauty that can be found only in the unusual and draws on the excitement that comes from catching a glimpse of otherworldliness. With displays that are at times odd and outrageously funny and at other times breathtakingly beautiful, Sideshow falls into the category of children's art made for adults. It's whimsical yet somber, with a tingling strangeness. Blending dance, theater, music, and elements of puppetry, it toes the line between being magical and haunting, simple and fantastical. For more information, or to buy tickets, see
  • Guillemots - The Basket The Basket is the first single from the forthcoming third Guillemots album 'Walk The River' due out on April 18th. Here are some words from Fyfe about the video "This is a song called "The Basket" which is the first single from our new album "Walk the River". We all got very excited about a fuzzy riff our guitarist Magrao started playing one day and the song came out of that. I think in some way it's about a mania within, caused by something external, and the conflict over whether to embrace this thing or just ignore it and crawl away into familiar comforts. It's the most full-on, lively song on our record, and we wanted the video to throw you around as you watched it, to be full of colour and movement and a sense of constant unexpectedness. Tom Kingsley's treatment, set in an alien woodland, really had the sense of other-worldliness that we kept feeling while making the whole album. Tom is also a Jedi, and taught us how to propel ourselves through the air at high speed for the opening scenes, using just a pack of 9V batteries and a mental technique called "croaking". " Official website: Facebook Twitter - Limited Free Download of Walk The River available at: Watch the video for album track Walk The River here: The third Guillemots album Walk The River is released on April 18th. iTunes: Play: HMV:
  • Michael W. Moses Pottery, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Vangelis music Michael W. Moses pottery is evocative of an otherworldliness or something drawn up from the ocean depths. There is a fusion of nature and the sculptural in his works along with a hint of whimsy. You may think of sponges or barnacle encrusted alien objects when you encounter them. The background music is by Vangelis, Dervish D, an old favorite of mine.
  • KRCC's The Big Something "Planet Alley: The Strange and Distant World Behind Your House" Ive had a thing for alleys since I was little. Most of my friends lived along four blocks in the old North End of Colorado Springs that were all connected by an alley through which we had a great deal of freedom to roam. Without the speeding cars on Nevada Avenue and most adults, it was a like secret passageway lined with lilacs, weeds, car carcasses and barking dogs that allowed us to move swiftly and stealthily between our respective homes to play and, later, drink our parents liquor and make out. Theres still an other-worldliness and anonymity about alleys thats yes, magical.
  • Aveda for Kimberly Ovitz FW13 Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global Creative Director created asymmetric corseted ponytails that bring a touch of otherworldliness to the collection.
  • Ayahuasca DMT Healing Trip - Refugio Altiplano, Iquitos Peru 2011 The medicine Ayahuasca is by many indigenous people and tribes called the mother of all medicines. It reaches deep down in the bodily systems, energizes and cleanses. It brings about a powerful self examination and insightful, internal journeys along with opening up pathways in your body, mind and soul that are relevant to your consciousness. Most come away with a life altering experience. Under respect and prayer to the plant soul, the shamans spend many hours in preparing the mystical brew consisting of banisteriopsis caapi vine, chakruna leaves, and other local medicinal plants. The intention of the prayer is carried into a ceremony full of plant spirits and protection. Refugio Altiplano prepares a consistent and powerful medicine which provokes a deep and enlightening ceremony. Ayahuasca Ceremonies provide an intensely enlightening experience; a magical one beyond description. The extraordinary effects that Ayahusca induces do not leave anyone indifferent. Generally, the effects can be divided into two clusters, that of positive and negative reactions. The cluster of negative reactions is dominated by fear. Encountering other worldliness and enchantments drinkers are likely to question wheather their normal standards of judgement still apply. They may wonder if they are losing their minds and going mad. Further the appreciation of the great powerful energy that embraces the world often lead people to drastically confront their own smallness and weakness. Whether this ...
  • 3D Printed Head of Hypnos, God of Sleep Hypnos, god of sleep. There's something surreal about the whole scan/edit/print process that's hard to describe. Like a dream, it needs to be experienced to be appreciated. But if there are sculptures that resonate with and might be able to communicate some of that weirdness, the bronze Head of Hypnos in the British Museum is one of them. The subject: the god of sleep, father to Morpheus, god of dreams—the design: the piece's odd asymmetry, the single wing, and the missing wing, the ambiguous gender. The whole package makes for a remarkable artifact of otherworldliness which has spoken to people across time. [Original bronze in the British Museum] In 1909, when he was on his way back from a tour of Syria, TE Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") passed through Naples and wrote a friend "The bronzes in the Naples museum are beyond words." Lawrence visited a Neapolitan bronze foundry and bought a cheap, flawed freehand copy of the bronze Hypnos head now in the British Museum. Lawrence loved his Hypnos. He wrote to a friend: "nothing, not even the dawn—can disturb me in my curtains: only the slow crumblings of the coals in the fire: they get so red & throw such splendid glimmerings on the Hypnos." He also wrote "I would rather possess a fine piece of sculpture than anything in the world." The whereabouts of Lawrence's Hypnos are unrecorded, but a friend of mine has good reason to believe he owns it (but that's another story), so I'm in a bit of a friendly ...
  • Tori Amos - Almost Rosey (2 of 3) Live In New York City one of the posse's girls that has shown life in various forms. fleshed out and fully charged on the album and stripped down but more confrontational in its live and solo form. while taking the show in , i also tried to match some of the other-worldliness that i was feeling. this take is a bit more subtle than the first, but still not close to realiity. Almost Rosey - Part 2 of 3. Live in New York City at Spotlight Live in Times Square, New York City and broadcast live on Sirius Satellite Radio during a performance for a small, but eager, crowd to celebrate the release of "Amercian Doll Posse", the ninth album by this most brilliant artist, which had been released that day. (that was one long sentence :] )
  • Marbleizing and Monoprinting Techniques with Cheng-Khee Chee, Vol 6 Learn more: bit.ly In this watermedia workshop, Cheng-Khee Chee demonstrates the most intuitive of his styles: marbleizing, and marbleizing plus monoprinting. Using water and free-flowing ink, Cheng-Khee Chee creates a dynamic ambiguity, an otherworldliness that reflects his dreams and aspirations. The technique looks deceptively simple, yet it soon becomes apparent that Chee's years of experience and communication with his inner voice, guide his work toward fine art. Learn more: bit.ly
  • Michael Grecco Hasselblad H4D-40 Shoot Documentary Michael Grecco was one of three seasoned shooters who were the first to get their hands on the new Hasselblad H4D-40. Check out the behind the scenes video about the making of this shoot. This international ad campaign will run in conjunction with the release of the new camera and a gallery show in 50 countries. Since Hasselblad was the first camera to go to the Moon, Grecco took the shoot to Death Valley, California as he wanted to create an other worldliness to the images.
  • AlternateDan: @VGisondi I don't believe in evil. There is human action, inaction. Good thing/ bad things. Evil implies otherworldliness.
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