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  • In 1981, the system was moved to the outgas measurement room in the Electronic Equipment Test Building, which was completed in that year. A high-precision micro electronic force balance was installed for measurement of sample weights and full-scale measurement of outgas was started. — “Collection of Data on Outgas of Organic Materials for Space Use”, matdb.jaxa.jp
  • . — “ | Vinyl Outgas | PVC Outgas | Plastic Outgas | PVC”,
  • Some types of RTV sealants outgas the poison cyanide for weeks after application[citation needed] Note: VOCs don't outgas; they create a significant vapor pressure not because they have. — “Outgassing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of outgas from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of outgas. Pronunciation of outgas. Definition of the word outgas. Origin of the word outgas. — “outgas - Definition of outgas at ”,
  • outgas ( ) v. , -gassed , -gassing , -gasses . v.tr. To remove embedded gas from (a solid), as by heating or reducing the pressure. — “outgas: Definition from ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for outgas in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “outgas - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • RF. Copper oven, little decomposition. Preheat gently to outgas. n = 1.544. Sodium Cyanide Preheat gently to outgas. Films partially decompose. Sticking coefficient varies with. — “Kurt J. Lesker Company | Deposition Techniques: Material”,
  • Browse from our wide range of Poly Anti Tarnish Tabs, Corrosion Inhibitors & Silver Jewelry Storage Products. Our products are environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-abrasive, do not outgas or leave deposits on Silver Jewelry & Precipus Metals they. — “Patented Anti-Tarnish Strips, Anti Tarnish Poly Tabs and”,
  • For further information about the outgassing data, please contact Debbie Thomas: Debbie.L. Privacy Policy and Important Notices. NASA Official: Michael J. Viens. — “Outgassing Data for Selecting Spacecraft Materials System”, outgassing.nasa.gov
  • to outgas (third-person singular simple present outgases, present participle outgassing, simple past and past participle outgassed) To release gaseous substances into the air, especially of a polymer material as it is aged or heated. [edit] Translations. to release gas. German: ausgasen. — “outgas - Wiktionary”,
  • The need for a low outgas, thermally stable, high performance adhesive has initiated The development of an experimental low outgas silicone PSA, combining the low. — “Microsoft Word - Low Outgas Silicone Pressure Sensitive”, polytec-
  • Encyclopedia article about outgas. Information about outgas in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “outgas definition of outgas in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Hometime features step-by-step information to home improvement, remodeling, and repair. Projects include decks, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, landscaping, gardening, plumbing, electrical, flooring, home workshop, and more Nylon and natural fiber carpet like wool and cotton outgas less. — “HOMETIME HOW TO, Healthy Homes - Finishing Materials”,
  • Definition of outgas in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of outgas. Pronunciation of outgas. Translations of outgas. outgas synonyms, outgas antonyms. Information about outgas in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “outgas - definition of outgas by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Outgas Testing. Outgassing Test Chamber. To determine the total mass loss and volatile condensable material from outgassing in a vacuum environment (per ASTM E 595, NASA SP-R-0022A, ECSS Q-70-02, IPC-TM-650 Method 2.6.4), PTL designed and manufactured. — “Pacific Testing Laboratories - Outgas Testing”,
  • Manufacturer and online retailer of handmade, natural wool beddings, comforters, and pillows. Traditional mattresses, comforters and pillows commonly 'outgas' toxic chemicals from the components of their manufactured. — “Surround Ewe Sleep Systems”,
  • Outgas definition, to remove (adsorbed or occluded gases), usually by heat or reduced pressure. See more. — “Outgas | Define Outgas at ”,
  • For some sizes of VX grade motors, tests of condensable outgas products (COP) have been conducted. This specification requires that condensable outgas product, (COP) shall be 0.1% or less. — “FAQs - Vacuum Motors - Outgas - Empire Magnetics Inc”,
  • 05-06 Mustang GT/V6 Left Rear Brake Rotor - Excessive heat can cause resins in your brake pad to vaporize or outgas. As the brake pad wears, the used friction material turns into a fine dust. This. — “05-06 Mustang GT/V6 Left Rear Brake Rotor”,
  • Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "outgas" is defined. outgas: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] outgas: Merriam. — “Definitions of outgas - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Stop harmful offgassing of toxic chemcals into the air you breathe with AFM's SafeCoat sealers and outgas protection. — “Sealers & Outgas Protection, Environmental Paints, Stains”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of OUTGAS. transitive verb. 1 : to remove occluded gases from usually by heating; broadly : to remove gases from. 2 : to remove (gases) from a material or a. — “Outgas - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice (c) 1993 on In Utero Like most babies smell like butter His smell smelled like no other He was born scentless and senseless He was born a scentless apprentice Go away, go away, go away! Every wet nurse refused to feed him Electrolytes smell like semen I promise not to sell your perfumed secrets There are countless formulas for pressing flowers Go away, go away, go away! I lie in the soil and fertilize mushrooms Leaking out gas fumes are made into perfume You can't fire me because I quit Throw me in the fire and I won't throw a fit Go away, go away, go away,go away, go away...
  • Fukushima Radiation and Jet Stream UPDATE - USA, Canada, Asia - March 18, 2011 track the jet stream and cloud flow at these links: www.srh.noaa.gov www.zamg.ac.at track radiation here: www.ustream.tv www.ustream.tv watch a live shot webcam of the NON reported OTHER reactor in outgas mode: cs2.town.yanaizu.fukushima.jp FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: www.law.cornell.edu
  • Knock out gas grenade Two cloaked and masked women knock out a guard with a knock out gas grenade. From Acapulco HEAT 01x01 Checkmate.
  • ran out gas ran outa gas
  • Knock out gas Created on July 6, 2010 using FlipShare.
  • Cleaning out gas tank on rubicon Cleaning the gas tank out to put in a new gas pump on a 2004 Jeep Rubicon.
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  • Higher gas prices are bringing out gas thieves Siphoning is reported in one Valley community.
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  • Rebreather Incident 1 -Introduction This video made by SKY news shows real footage of an incident where a rebreather diver suffers from Carbon Dioxide poisoning. The video takes the viewer through the incident, explaining how it came about and the lessons that can be learnt. Whilst the video is primarily aimed at rebreather divers, there are issues such as bail-out gas consumption, team size and rescue that may be useful to all divers.
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  • Auto Repair: Remove Fuel Gas Tank Ford Mustang Mercury Capri 83-97 Part 1 - 1 www.1 1A Auto show you how to remove the gas tank on a 1992 Ford Mustang. This procedure is the same for 1983-1997 Ford Mustang and 1983-1986 Mercury Capri.
  • Coke Outgas and Menthos experiment 2 From 20 Aug DLG, here is Crazy Ted blowing the Methos into the Coke bottle
  • Crankin out gas Makin about 3.5 lpm and the cell is fairly cold (75 deg). Still workin on power supply...
  • Fuel Truck Wreck on Fire!!! Bad Deal! We were driving down the road in Nebraska and came across this truck that was in flames. We were stopped by the Highway patrol as the were making a safety zone around the fire. Pretty wild.
  • Hironori Takahashi - Outgas (Nax Acid edit) Hi-Fi Gaya's Archetype EP Aconito, AC005LTD get the vinyl here just a preview, contact for removal
  • My closet let out gas....=D In this video I tell of recent activities that has happened. Also, did anyone see that there's a new most viewed videoup? lol
  • Sacred Mother Tongue - Anger On Reflection 2nd Track From The Ruin Of Man. (BUY IT!) Lyrics: Now... Is the time... To answer why? All around I see the face Of the ones with broken hearts Why such despair in the world Where would you like me to start Earth is burning as it turns Global warming has occured Still we pump out gas and oil And blame it on the whipping boys We are running out of time I am not your whipping boy Of the words I could say i'll just state the facts We will no longer sit back Officials wearing suits and masks People dying for no gain Decisions made behind a desk Governments have got no shame Need the people to revolt Now the time to take a hold They will lead us to our death And put the blame on someone else We are running out of time I am not your whipping boy Of the words I could say i'll just state the facts We will no longer sit back Feel my words of rage My agony reflects On the years we've spent in Silence while we're sitting on the fence I'll put pen to paper, read! My words won't be ignored i'll be heard Like talking into the ears of the deaf So i'll issue a statement of war Now youcan take my anger, take my rage I'll force it in your face Feel my words of rage My agony reflects On ythe years we've spent in Sience while we're sitting on the fence
  • Myrna Braza Ft. Zoro ft Ermias360 - You Lit My Fire nightlife ragga dancehall fire reggae piece burn robin burning bob flame sean marley roots kingston out dub "bob marley" jamaica "sean kingston" sound sublime burnout "burn out" gas burns replay fireball flaming flames burnt thrower burned light hand torch heat dangerous danger candle "fire burning" lighting notice
  • Woman Drives Off and Rips Out Gas Hose
  • Nascar 2009 Carfax 400 Brian Vickers Runs Out Gas During Victory Burnout The First Ever Carfax 400 At Michigan International Speedway Gives A Japanese Car (Toyota) The Red Bull #83 Brian Vickers Their First Win Ever At Michigan
  • USA Chants End With Pepper Spray (Halloween 2010 in Wilmington, NC) Just 20-30 minutes after closing time, a bunny costumed man began dancing in the middle of Front Street (which was barricaded, barring traffic) in Wilmington, NC. In just minutes, some 100-200 people joined in and began dancing en masse. During spirited chants of "USA! USA!" by the crowd, the police released pepper spray WITHOUT WARNING to disperse them. Many were just waiting on the corners for taxis or next to the popular all-night pizza shop and got more than they bargained for. Afterward, many locals and party-goers alike were angry about police bringing out gas before attempting to quell the crowd with megaphones or other peaceful means. Were you there? Join the Facebook Group:
  • Knock out gas cigarette lighter Two women knock out a guard with a knock out gas cigarette lighter and then dump him. From Acapulco HEAT 01x01 Checkmate.
  • Storm takes out gas station
  • Car Slams Into Retaining Wall, Takes Out Gas Meter An early-morning crash forced emergency crews to close Pierce Road in Lincoln Borough.
  • Detonation vs Deflagration - Smarter Every Day SMARTER EVERY DAY - 1st episode. More filmed already. Please Subscribe The Saiga 12 is basically an 12 guage in an AK-47 form factor. Usually when people see a fireball they are quick to call it an explosion or a detonation. In actuality, what they've witnessed is a type of explosion called a "Deflagration". Many things are deflagrations. Logs burning in a fireplace are Deflagrating. The primer inside the shotgun is actually detonating. Lead Styphenate or Mercury Fulmanide are used in cartridge primers to start the pyrotechnic train in a bullet/shell. The primer itself is detonating, which kicks off the gunpowder which burns in the shell. Any powder detonations occur in the chamber. As the powder burns and begins to push the projectile out (gas seals with the barrel with something called an "obteration seal"). The powder in the barrel is also deflagrating.
  • News Update: Volkswagen to roll out gas-electric hybrids, electric cars, Detroit News reports As part of a plan to become a leader int he battery-powered electric car sector, Volkswagen (VLKAY) is reportedly planning to launch gas-electric hybrids and fully-electric cars over the next few years, the Detroit News reports. CEO Martin Winterkorn believes his company will play a key role in "electrifying" the automotive world. The automaker has already started the production of a VW Touareg SUV hybrid and is planning to launch a Jetta hybrid in 2012, and Passat and Golf hybrids in 2013.
  • Do you live in a pressure cooker OSB, Particle Board, Hardboard, Causing poison fumes in our homes Many new homes have major indoor pollution caused by the wood building products that outgas. OSB and Hardboard can contain over six percent of phenol formaldehyde, glues, and binders that outgas poisonous fumes into our homes. Particle board, press wood, paneling, and other wood products additionally have urea formaldehyde also know as cow urine that also outgases into our homes.
  • SOCOJ Mobay Roll out gas stop Socoj Rolllll Out
  • Woman Drives Off and Rips Out Gas Hose Uploaded by Never let a woman pump gas without supervision. The guy's reaction at the pump next to hers is pretty classic, though.
  • ScatterShot Lights Out Gas Chamber.wmv Old 4 track of Scattershot doing Angry Samoans -Lights Out and Gas Chamber with applicable pics.
  • Modest Mouse - Out of Gas Opinions were like kittens I was givin' them away.
  • Go Gas Go After winning the division's Exclaim Cup...the Gas Station Islanders celebrate the only way they know how! Lyrics (Cam Collyer): "Lace up the skates! GO GAS GO! Strap on the pads! GO GAS GO! Stick on the ice! GO GAS GO! Puck in the net! GO GAS GO! Spread out gas! GO GAS GO! Spread out gas! GO GAS GO! Spread out gas! GO GAS GO! Light up the fire! GO GAS GO!"
  • Spring Creek, muddin with out gas 77 jeep 304 V8, bumper yanked off gas tank fell out.
  • knock-out gas for a superheroine A whiff of knock-out gas is all it takes to ko this poor superheroine in her pink boots and spandex leotard and pretty gloves. Is that a gag?!
  • Encaustic Wax Painting for Beginners : What Is Out Gassing in Encaustics? What is out gassing and how is it used in encaustic wax painting? Learn this and more in this free online art lesson about encaustic wax painting and its uses taught by expert John Vanderbrooke. Expert: John Vandebrooke Contact: www.fun-easy- Bio: John Vandebrooke was raised in Ashland, Wisconsin and moved to the West Coast in 1961. Filmmaker: randy primm
  • Chemicalallergy: I had a conversation with an expert in the HazMat industry over the weekend about "outgassing". Products can outgas for years...more to come
  • everettdu: Hummer to a Prius ill outgas em.
  • TheFireTracker2: Got some dog rain gear from @amazon as a gift. Vinyl is so smelly toxic had to hang it in the garage to outgas. Was making me sick indoors

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  • “Wood liquidators that sell cheap lumber usually obtain many species of lumber from Chinese sources. Buying VOC free hardwood flooring is a healthy choice. The VOC free flooring we produce won't outgas or cause the air you breathe to be contaminated. You Can Find Related Articles Here:”
    — Beware of Wood Liquidators | Ipe Decking,

  • “ive forgotten whether outgassing is due to ink or paper. however, have you tried the baryta and baryta like papers? they have a much nice Blog. Re: tired of outgas problems and about to switch to mat. User: Flat view. Navigation: ^ Forum |< First < Previous. Next > Next New >> Forum. Printers and Printing”
    — Re: tired of outgas problems and about to switch to mat,

  • “This blog is dedicated to mechanical components used in automation and the machine design It is meant to be a forum of knowledge that will help the engineer quickly and easily”
    — MISUMI USA, Inc,

  • “Welcome to Powder Coating your complete source for information on the powder coating process. To: General Forum. Post a Reply to: Zinc Diecast Outgas, UV Cure PC”
    — Powder Coating Online,

  • “Naturepedic " outgas. An Organic Crib Mattress is Great – But What About the Nursery Walls and Floors”
    — Naturepedic " outgas,

  • “Daniel Matthew Silvernail, Principal Architect shares tips and observations in his weekly blog. On topics ranging from best management practices to the intricacies of green building with straw, Dan tackles the mysteries with experience, knowledge”
    — One Sustainable Alternative To Polystyrene Underslab,

  • “Own or interested in a Nikon camera? Browse the forums and connect with other Nikon owners. Seems unlikely that a product used for food storage could 'outgas' but I'm no expert on polymer stability”
    — 500mm f/4 P lens cap - Nikon Forum,

  • “During and after painting, these VOC's outgas and can cause adverse health effects such Posted by E-Z Painting Blog at 7/25/2010 1:04 PM | Add Comment”
    — ,

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