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  • Definition of outjockeyed with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of outjockeyed”,
  • outjockey [ owt jóki ] (3rd person present singular outjockeys, present participle outjockeying, past and past participle outjockeyed) Encarta® World English Dictionary [World English Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. — “outjockey definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • Outjockeying definition, to outmaneuver: See more. to outmaneuver: We outjockeyed the competition and got our bid in first. Use outjockeying in a Sentence. See images of outjockeying. Search. — “Outjockeying | Define Outjockeying at ”,
  • Words containing TJ : words starting with TJ : words ending in TJ outjockeyed. outjockeying. outjockeys. outjump. outjumped. outjumping. outjumps. outjut. outjuts. outjutted. outjutting. outjuttings. straightjacket. straightjacketed. straightjacketing. more " Find words ending with tj. — “Words with TJ, TJ words”,
  • description of content here Each expresses fears which are partly religious: Kearney feels that his fellows would be outjockeyed and Flood that his would be outnumbered. — “Introduction to Lord Kilgobbin, part 2”,
  • BOOK 4 CHAPTER 3 [Irving's book: Knickerbocker's History of New York] Our worthy forefathers could scarcely stir abroad without danger of being outjockeyed in horseflesh, or taken in in bargaining; while, in their absence, some daring. — “BOOK 4 CHAPTER 3 [Irving's book: Knickerbocker's History of”,
  • The 1953 Pro Bowl Tunnel made a desperate lunging tackle to bring down Howton, but was left sprawling on the turf clutching thin air as the Green Bay end outjockeyed him in the dash for the goal line. — “The 1953 Pro Bowl”,
  • Words starting with o: oaf,oafish,oafishly,oafishness,oafishnesses,oafs,oak,oaken,oakenshaw,oakenshaws,oaker,oakers,oakier,oakiest,oakleaf,oakleaves,oaklike,oakling,oaklings,oakmoss,oakmosses,oaks,oakum,oakums,oaky,oar,oara outjockeyed. — “Words starting with o”,
  • Definition of Outjets with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. outjockeyed. outjockeying. outjockeys. outjuggle. outjuggled. outjuggles. — “Outjets: Definition with Outjets Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries 7. outjockeyed. 8. outjockeying. 9. outjuggle. 10. outjump. Search completed in 0.027 seconds. — “Words that match the pattern "outj*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • From Associated Press (AP) (2002-02-21):Health Minister Jose Serra, who made international headlines facing down pharmaceutical companies over the prices of AIDS (news After several months of internal disputes, Serra outjockeyed a state governor and a cabinet minister for the right to represent. — “Health Minister Jose Serra steps down to campaign for presidency”,
  • Definition of outjockeyed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of outjockeyed. Pronunciation of outjockeyed. Translations of outjockeyed. outjockeyed synonyms, outjockeyed antonyms. Information about outjockeyed in the free online English. — “outjockeyed - definition of outjockeyed by the Free Online”,
  • MPNnow - ALPINE SKIING: Naples junior Josh Pratt earns a sectional gold medal in the giant slalom. The Big Green outjockeyed runner-up Alfred-Almond in the small-school division by nearly 12 seconds to stake their claim to the. — “Class B title goes to Big Green - Canandaigua, NY - MPNnow”,
  • BuckeyeXtra - Ohio State football newsletter from Dispatch Interactive The Pacific-10 Conference, not wishing to be outjockeyed in the effort to save mankind, moved quickly to snap up the University of Colorado. — “Michael Arace commentary: Larger conferences a benefit to us”,
  • n a computer program for a major task. BES, BESES. n beth. CIG, CIGS. n a cigarette. CRU, CRUS OUTJOCKEYED. OUTJUGGLING. PREADJUSTED. REJUSTIFIED. REJUSTIFIES. RESUBJECTED. INTERJOINING. — “New Two-Letter Words and Their Inflections”,
  • Our worthy forefathers could scarcely stir abroad without danger of being outjockeyed in horseflesh, or taken in in bargaining; while, in their absence, some daring Yankee pedlar would penetrate to their household, and nearly ruin the good housewives with tinware and wooden bowls.[34]. — “Knickerbocker's History of New York by Washington Irving”, online-
  • SCOREBOARD 's Eugenio Castellotti and Luigi Musso, shuffling in and out of driver's seat, outjockeyed England's Stirling Moss, in Maserati, to win 621-mile City of Buenos Aires. — “Scoreboard - 01.28.57 - SI Vault”,

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